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Rutland Directory 1924 

The Prudential Insurance Co. w SSS?" 






* fi 
»r ° 

• £ 


C jj S 




C. B. Hinsman, President L. G. Bagley, Vice-President 

Edw. V. Ross, Treasurer 

The Howe Scale Co. 












Counter, Platform, 4g»#^J&l FC 
Wagon and Railroad gli^ff|LiL^ 

Automatic Scales for All Uses 
Trucks and Coal Handling Machinery 

Sanitary Refrigerators and Grocers' Coolers 






Rutland Directory 1924 

5 # 

g Of 

p i 




1924 -Rutland Directory— 1924 


Contractors', Engineers' and Builders' 



jj Cement and Lime 


' Roofing and Roofers' Materials 



Representing G- S. Holmes Construction Co., 

iff / 


Gryphon Building 



l'i:'l Rutland Directory -11)24 

Killington National Bank 


Iv P. GilsoNj Prestdenl S. Al. YYtllsox, Vice President 

\i,-imi im ' !h i.iei.-i I 'fishier 

Commercial Accounts Solicited 

Every Facility for u General Banking Business 


K. P. Gilsok H. 0. Carpenter W. ILSnrmiM; 

Geo. T. Ghaffei Walter A. Clark Frew S, Chaffee 


Rutland Trust Co. 


Incorporated 1882 

Killington National Rank Build i opposite Lin ion Station 

Interest for even calendar months on Deposits and Compounds 

Semi-Ann ually, 

DEPOSITS received on or before the fifth of any month will draw 
interest from the first day of the same month, 

IN FULL for even calendar months. 



Geo, T. Chaffee, Pres. \\_ [>. Hu.ett, Viri'-Pres. 

Arthur C. Hughes, Treas. 


E. 1\ CiLKox W. IK lit i.i , i rr. Edward Dyer 

George H. Yoi George T. Chaffee 1m»ui\ \V Lawrence 

Newman K, Cs iffbe 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Henry G, Cahpenter, Pres. Frederick H. Farrington, Vice-Pres. 
Charles A, Simpson, Treas. Lous E, i\\\ el.l s Assi Treas. 

Rutland Savings Bank 


DEPOSITS $10,000,000.00. 

Deposits made not later than the tenth business day of January 
and July, and not later than the fifth business day of other months, 
draw interest from the first day of the month in which the deposit 
is made. 

Henry CL Cabpentbr Frederick A. Fielb 

Frederick 1L Farrington Egbert G* Tuttle 

Newman K. Chaffee Harry B. Whittikh 

Edward Dana 

All taxes in the State are paid by the Bank on deposits. Persons 
IE vine out of the City may send deposits by Bank Draft, Check, 
P O Order, Express, and Deposit Book will be returned by mail- 

1U2 I Rutland Directory— 1924 

Rutland County 

National Bank 



Henry F. Field* President 
Eugene McIntyre, Vice-President 

Robi:ht I>. Smith* Cashier 


Henry F. Field 

EUG E X K M t I X T Ylt E 


R, L. Richmond 

Fred R* Patch 

Charles M- Smith 

B. L. Stafford 


RESOURCES OVER $1,500,000.00 

Direct your friends to this hank for any service a bank can 


T^IT^I ^lf^If^If^IT^n=lr^If^IT^Ir=3i^Ir=Ii=] 

Rutland Directory 1924 

: — ". 


1 92 I K I r TLAND D [ R E I'TO R Y — H )2 3 


Marble Savings Bank 

Rutland, Vermont 


Charles M. Smith, Pics. 

Charles E. Ross, Vjce-Ptes- 

Lathrof J J. Baldwin, Treas. 

EaRlS. Wrioht, AssL Treas, 


Gharles E. Ross 

William P. 


I Iks by L. < 'lark 


E. Wfl'EKiJSR 

1 Iowa hi) K. Woods'IK 

Charles M 

, Smith 

Bert L, Stafford 

Albert \V. 

( \- 

Fergus* \ 

Loans <>n Firsl Mbrtg 


■.:. fc05,415.67 



Colin Inal Loans, 

68,041. £S 

Real Estate, 


Uank Stock, 


Accrued Interest, 


Cash on Ihuul ami in 


:IM\,U\ .SI 

$ £,£84,783.94 


Due 9303 Depositors, 

$ 4,797,200.16 

Special Deposits, 


Surplus and Profits* 


£ 5,^84,783.94 

Bank Open !> A. M. to S P. AL 

Saturdays tn Vi Noon 

Saturday Evenings 7 to B 

Safe Deposit Boxes 


a! the rute of 4' V . Per Annum 


[92 1 RiTr.AMi Director? 1924 7 







Goodrich - - Firestone 

General Repairing 



I'll one 777- W 
Res. Phone 777-J 


14-16 Chaplin Ave. 

Rutland Directory 1924 



1924 Rutland Directory — 1(124 


Paints, Oils, and Varnishes 
Vehicles and Harness 

Builder's and Contractor's 




Implements and 
Farmer's Supplies 

Roofing, Blankets and Robes, Insecticides and Spraying 
Material, Machine and Cylinder Oils 



Phone 28 

Rutland, Vt. 


L924 -Rutland Directory- -1924 

- Distributors of- 
Buick Cars and G. M. C. Trucks 

You know what Buick Service is — there is no better. 
An owner of one of these makes can feel that his in- 
terests are our interests, the factory's interests- that he 
is assured of satisfaction in car performance and service. 

Why take chances on others when you can get the 
best and pay no more. 

Models for all wants and purses. 

Prestolite Storage . Battery 
and Service Station 

Tires Bumpers Oils 

Soaps and Accessories 


phone 48 - R Rutland, Vt. 

Rutland Directory 1924 




1924- -Rutland Directory— 1924 

11 . b\ Wciodkin, Mrcs. 
]\ \\\ Adams, Treas- 

II Bkinhoweh, Vice Pres. & Mgr, 
A. C, Marshall, Secy, 
Fraxk Pierce, Sup i. 

Lincoln Iron Works 

Stone Working Machinery 

Gang Saws, Circular Diamond Saws, Planing Machines, 

Carborundum Machines, Rubbing Beds, Polishing 

Machines, Traveling Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, etc. 


Plumbers', Steam Fitters' and 
Mill Supplies 

Pulleys, Shafting, Hangers, Engines, Boilers, Etc. 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1U24 


255 West Street RUTLAND, VT. 

Store House 
9 to 11 Baxter St. RUTLAND, VT. 

Rutland Directory 1924 






1924 — R l'tlaxj) Director v — 1924 

^•55*5 1*5 5*5 ?•? 5*55*55*55*5 5*55*55 , 55*5i*5i*55 , 55*55 , 5*^*5t , 55 , 55 , 55*5 


1 924 — Rutland Dirkctorv— 1924 


Geobge C. Robinson, Prcs. 
\V A. Tmhall, See* 

II* L, Richmond, Vice-Pres. 
Leon FT. Lavallev, Trcas. 

Clement National Bank 


Rutland, Vermont 




$ 100,000 
$ 225,000 
$ 2,450,000 


Commercial accounts received on the most favorable 



1 1 (i. Smith, President 

M.S. Sawyer* Vice-Presidenl 

('. H. Harrison, ('m shirr 

E. P Shaw, Assistant Cashier 



Hkmo (i. Smith 
Milks S. S.wyeh 
U i i.i. L. Davis 

O. J. Maicve 
W. II. Field 
Geo. T. Jauvih 
C. H. Harrison 


West Rutland 

Trust Company 

West Rutland, Vermont 

A. W« Kdsox 
R. L. Richmond 


Ci. C. Robinson 
C. H. Ross 
W . A. Thrall 

II. O. Carpek j i.i. 

A. S. l)i # no\ii-:j{ 


with the highest type of service; to welcome every savings and 
checking account regardless of its size, and to extend to each de- 
positor the utmost courtesy, is the aim of this institution. 

We Invite Your Account 

Interest Paid on Savings Accounts and All Taxes in the 
State are Paid by the Bank on Deposits 

Rutland Directory 1924 


, 4 1924 Rutland Dikkctory— 1024 

The Rutland Herald 




Progressive and Clean 

All the News While it is News 

Thoroughly Covers the State 

n fi«a the Herald fills all the requirements of a 

Advertisers will find trie neraio territory 

medium to set their goods before the readmg public in its territory. 

Southern and Central Vermont Thoroughly Ca*etsd 

by a corps of our own correspondents and agents. House to hou.e 
delivery in over 30 towns. 


Daily, By Carrier, $7.20 per year 

Daily, By Carrier, $.60 per month 

Daily, By Mail, $6.00 per year 

Daily, By Mail, $.50 per month 



for Rate Cards, Circulation Statements, or Sample Copies 









APRIL, 1924 


rw Q 




Containing a General Directory of the Citizens, Classified 
Business Directory, Street Directory, a Record of the 

City and Town Governments, County, State and 
U. S. Governments, Societies, Churches, Etc, 





Compiled and Published by 
. , n 38 Parker Bldg. 33 Lyman St. 

'HE HERALD Schenectady, N. Y. Springfield, Mass. 



Rutland Directory 1924 


Pages 1 6& 1 7 were not published 


Rutland Directory 1924 



1 924 — Rutla nd Directory — 1924 

Qflfje Jforbtoeli Jtotel 


JUanager: iSorman 3 ♦ 3?ufelatu 


One Hundred and Eighteen Rooms 
Thoroughly Renovated Fifty -Six Rooms with Bath 

New Electric Elevator Newly Furnished 

Every Room with Running Water 

American anto €uropean $Imt 

"The Hostelry at Which You will Eventually Tarry*' 

Private Telephone 200 - - Room Telephone 1200 

Merchants Row, cor. Washington RUTLAND, VT. 

Rutland Directory 1924 



Abbreviations 23 

Advertising Indexes 20 

Blocks, Buildings and Halls, 2S5 

Business Directories ; 296, 404, 43a 

Churches , ,,,..,,,., 28& 

Cemeteries, . , . , 289 

City Officers > . . . 2S7 

County Officers * _ , . . 294 

Courts ... t 294 

Fire Department. ^ ... 288 

Hospitals . . , . « 289 

Labor Organizations . 293 

Libraries . , . . , 289 

Miscellaneous Directories 287, 406, 434 

Police Department ,,,._,,,, . . . . . f ■« .„ 288 

Post Office ; 288 

Resident Directories .*-.... 23, 373, 408 

Schools 4 . , . . 2S9 

Societies, Clubs, Associations , 290 

Stage Lines . , 293 

Street Directories and House Guides . 236 

Town of Rutland Officers, , 288 

United States Government . * 294 

Vermont State Government, , 294 


(Rutland Proper) 

Old names checked in 9374 

New names added 1979 

Old names taken out 1442 

Changes in Resident Directory, . . . . 2680 

Total Changes 6001 



1924 — -Rutland Directory— 1924 

Index to Advertisers 


Abraham William Co The 350 

Adams & Noe front cover 

Anes & Braves under name 

Auto Specialty Co, of N, E. 342 

Badlam's Grocery under name 

Baird & Nichols under name 

Ball C F 3*50 

Bardwell Hotel The IS 

Barker D A 365 

Baxter Nat Bank 339 

Beauchamp & O r Rourke 

under name 
Berwick Hotel Newsstand 

under name 
Bingham E C 3-53 

Bixby & Stevens 371 

Botsford William H 3B3 

Brigham Furniture Exchange 

under name 
Brunelle's Grocery 355 

Brunswick Shop The top edge 

BurdickAJ 343 

Butler John 354 

Butler Tom under name 

Campbell & Tosi 366 

Canty 's Motorcycle Shop res dir 
Carbine Costello Co under name 
Cereghino Louis under name 

Clark W A 36€ 

Clement National Bank 12 

Combination Cash Store Co 349 
Conn Gen Life Ins Co 360 

Connoll v J am es 351 

Creed Eddy & Copps 358 

Crescent Place Sanitarium & 
Convalescent Home under name 
Davis Feed Co 354 

Day's Bottling Wks 348 

DeGree H E 344 

Dignan's Restaurant under name 
Dikeman's Geo F Garage 342 

Dorsey Agency S C 

front edge and front cover 
Dorsey & Kinney 363 

Duffy Bros* Market under name 
Duffy Hugh Coal Co 350 

Dunn Bros 353 

Earle & Merry 353 

Eddy Ice Co 358 

Eitapence & Co Inc under name 
Elite Baby Shop 348 

Farwell Gladys A back cover 

Fen ton Wing & Morse 364 

Field Fred A & Son 360 

Fineberg Samuel 348 

First Baptist Church 34$ 

Fish Guy W 351 

Flanders Motor Co front cover 

Foley Laundry under name 

FremerJH&Son 367 

Gage Winf red B under name 

Gleason M L back cover 

Goddard G M 362 

Gossclin fra L 342 

Grand Theatre 365 

Grimm G H Co 324 

Grover A C back cover 

Hamilton The 357 

Handley Baking Co under name 

HanleyWJ 358 

HanrahanHughH 370 

Hinds Edward E 370 

Holland House 356 

Holmes George A 2 

Holmes Iron Co 367 

Hortonia Power Co 350 

Hotel Berwick 22 

Hotel Saint James 357 

Howe Scale Co front cover 

Howley James B res dir 

Hulihan Bros under name 

Hunt George E under name 

Indian Motocycies under name 

Jangraw Ellas L under name 

Jasmin WE&Son 355 

Jones & Jones 364 

Keyes E D&Co under name 

Killington National Bank 3 

Kinsley Earl S 359 

Kinsman & Mills 366 

Lamb Chas E back cover 

LandonWC&Co 8-^9 

Lassor Geo E 371 
Lawrence Stafford & Bloomer 363 

Lenox The 356 

Lincoln Iron Works 10 

Mac's Filling Station 356 

Manning HA Co 371 

Marble City Bakery under name 

Marble Savings Bank 6 

Martin George R 370 

Matthews Charles A under name 

M e tropoli tan Life Ins Co 360 

Metzgcr Bros 367 

Miller Auto Sales Co back cover 

Mintzer Bros 354 


1924— -Rutland Directory—! 924 


Murray 's Used Car E xchang e 340 
Mutual Life Tns Co 361 

My Shoe Shop 348 

Nash Sales & Service 342 

Nason Clinton H 355 

National Life Ins Co of Vt 359 

Newman A 7 and 365 

N Y Clothing Co under name 

New York Ice Cream Parlor 

under name 
New York Life Ins Co* 

under name 
Nichols Barney & Daley 

under name 
Nichols- Chapman Hardware Co 

under name 
Northwestern Mutual Life 

Ins Co 360 

Norton Thomas A 369 

Novak A J Printing Co 3 72 

Novak Chas E 362 

NoyesCG 351 

Oakman Cyrus B 352 

Oriental, Restaurant 357 

Parker & Tossing res dir 

Patch FRMfg Co n 

Paul Dominick C & Co back cover 
People's Coal Co back cover 

People's Furniture Exchange 

under name 
Phillips Miss Hat & Gift Shop 

under name 
Pike Roger S 359 and back bone 
Pinney Harold A 364 

Pin ney *s No velt y Orchestra 364 

Pitcher Claude under name 

Pond William R 371 

Powers Bradford C 372 

Prouse's Lunch under name 

Prudential Ins Co 

under name and front cover 
Ragosta Guiseppe 364 

Reed's Electric Shop 352 

RenaudJE 339 

Richmond R L 360 

RidlonJE&HW 341 

Roberts Fred C 361 

Robinson Coal Co (Inc) 350 

Ross-Huntress Co 349 

Rutland Business College 

insert opp name 
Rutland City Automobile Co 341 
Rutland County National Bank 5 
Rutland Family Wet Wash 

Launtlrv 361 

Rutland Fire Clay Co 368 

Rutland Herald 14 

Rutland Hospital 361 

Rutland Machine & Auto Co 

under name 
Rutland Motor Sales Inc 340 

Rutland News Company 

back of Rut Bus College insert 

Directory 1924 

Rutland Rug Works 368 

Rutland Savings Bank 4 

Rutland Soda Spa under name 
Rutland Spring & Welding Wks 340 
Rutland Trust Co 3 

Salter C A & M Z under name 

Salvation Army 347 

Scott CW 361 

Self Service Shoe Store back cover 
Sherburne Hermon K 370 

Smith Lumber Co S^ 

Smith Ray E 3^9 

Spencer C W under name 

Squires Lindley S 363 

Standard Restaurant 350 

State M u tnal Fire Ins Co 359 

State Mutual Life Assurance Co 361 
Stearns John B under name 

Stickney W L ;] ; -. j 

St James Hotel 357 

St Paul's Universalist Church 345 
Strand Theatre 365 

Sullivan Specialty Shop 

under name 
Tauber Lipton & Co 368 

Tea Shop The under name 

Thomas George W 352 

Troy Shirt Store under name 

Tyrrell & Co under name 

Tuttle Co The back cover 

Vail Electric Co 352 

Vermont Garage Co 343 

Vermont Mutual Fire Ins Co 

on back of fire card and 360 

Vermont Oil & Gas Co 344 

Wales Street Lunch 358 

Walsh Edmund J 343 

Ward Motor Trucking 340 

Ward WW& Son bottom edge 
Watterlund Carl W 351 

Webber & Learoy 363 

West Street Market 355 

White Cupboard Food Shop 

under name 
Williams W H Inc 344 

William Battery Shop under name 
Williams Wm R 

front cover and res dir 
Wilson Clothing Co center lines 

Woods Carter R 369 

Young Fred A 343 

Young John S under name 

Gallien & Delahant 339 

New York State Audit Co 338 

Sampson&Murdock Co 


Mohawk Engraving Co 372 


1924—: Rutland Directory— 1924 

Hotel Berwick 

Rutland, Vermont 

KtVIendS?ts T se R v S w.ths.mpuc.ty 
yet with adequacy 



Rutland's Leading Hotel 



1924 — -Rutland Directory — 1924 



Vermont Mutual Fire Ins Co 

insert on back of nre cara 


Flanders Motor Co under name 

KndSoVspa undername 

ffian Specialty Shop undername 

Scovell Wellington Co *as 

West Side Structural Co 
^^ insert opp name 


Boot & Shoe Repair Shop 

under name 

Bowker B M & Son 
Flanders Motor Co 
Lamphere George W 
Levy S 

Pitcher Claude 
Rutland Soda Spa 
Smith S E Est 
Sullivan Specialty Shop 

under name 

West Rutland Trust Co 13 

Mower & Strong Co. t Inc 298 

under name 
under name 
under name 
under name 
under name 
under name 
under name 

Rutland Resident Directory 


Copyright 1924, by H. A. Manning Co. 


There are many ways of spelling some names with practically the same 


Abbreviations — In the following pages. assn f association; av, 
avenue; b t boards; blk, block; bldg, building; bkpr, bookkeeper; elk, clerk; 
cond, conductor; c, comer; ct, court; dom, domestic; do, ditto; E P East; 
emp, employed; eng, engineer; h P house; rnach, machinist; mgr, manager; 
mech, mechanic; mis, miles; n, near; N, North; opp, opposite; opr, oper- 
ative, operator; pi, place; rd, road; Ry, Railroad; sq, square; rem, removed; 
r, rooms; S t South; sten, stenographer; supt, superintendent; trav, traveler; 
treas, treasurer; ter, terrace; W, West; wid, widow; R. D„ Rural Delivery, 

Hall, Hartwell Co. H. H. Co, 

Howe Scale Co, H. S. Co. 

Rutland Machine 8c Automobile Co, 

EL M. & A. Co. 

Combination Cash Store Co. 

c. c. s. Co. 

Green Mountain Marble Co. 

G. M. Marble Co. 
Lincoln Iron Works L, L Wks. 
Marble City Mfe Co. 

M. City Mfg Co. 

Rutland Mfg, Co, R T Mfg. Co. 

Rutland R, R. Rut. R. R. 

F. R. Patch Mfg Co, P. Mfg. Co. 
Rutland Fire Clay Co. R. F, C. Co. 
Rutland Rail way , Light 8c Power 
Co. R. R., L. &P, Co. 

Tauber, Lipton & Co. T. L. & Co. 
Vermont Marble Co, V, M. Co. 

Quality Engraving Co 354 

w Rutland Directory 1924 

ABAIR LENA MRS., h 26 Elm 
Abare John (X, salesman, h 62 Baxter 
Abatiell James, shoe repairer, b 80 Strong av 

" Raffaele, prop Goodyear Electric Shoe Shop, 61 West, and 
American Shoe Repairing, h 80 Strongs av 
Abatiello Carmine, shoe repairing 33 Forest, h 74 Traverse 
Abbott Edward S>, principal High School, h 71 Woodstock ar 

? Francis K., emp 44 Merchants row, b 186" Crescent 

* Fred S., emp H S Co, h 33 Washington 

1 Lindell R, carpenter M Mfg Co, h 4 City Park 

" Roy, machinist, h 178 Baxter 
Abraham Carrie, b 49 Roberts av 

ABRAHAM E PAULINE (Mrs William), mgr William Abraham 
Coal Co, h 30 Washington 

" Esther (Mrs Lewis), Christian Science Practitioner 40 
Roberts av, h do 

'• Frederica,b 49 Roberts av 
ABRAHAM CUT RATE DRUG CO (Inc), druggists 102 Merchants 



1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 

ABRAHAM CUT RATE DRUG STORE Mrs Rachel EL Abraham prop, 
146 West 

" Harry H., trav salesman, b 48 Chestnut av 

>? Jack W-, mgr 146 West, h 37 William 

" Lewis, wholesale and retail tobacconist 9 Center, h 49 Rob- 
erts ay 

" Milton, peddler, h 88 Franklin 
ABRAHAM RACHEL H wid Abram H., sec Abraham Cut Rate 
Drug Co and prop Abraham A H Cut Rate Drug 
Store, h 48 Chestnut av 
ABRAHAM WILLIAM pres-treas Abraham Cut Rate Drug Co and 

prop William Abraham Co, h 30 Washington 
ABRAHAM WILLIAM CO William Abraham prop, coal yard Spruce 

and River, office 102 Merchants row, see p 350 
Abram Arthur, chef Depot Restaurant, r 126 State 
Aekerman Jennie Mrs,, b 17 Madison 
Ackley Clyde R„ b 42 Church 

" Edward, U S N, b 42 Church 

H George Mrs., emp Peoples Coal Co, b 10 High 

" George C, agt Ford, h 10 High 

? * Gordon E,, student, b 155 Alien 

" John R., cabinet mkr, b 38 E Center 

" Mabel M., teacher, b 33 N Main 

" Myron B M emp City, h 40 Church 

" Percy M., elk, b 50 Woodstock av 

" Vernon, elk C C S Co, b 42 Church 
Adams Albert P., farmer, b Mill Village 

" Ann, wid Anthony, h 46 Roberts av 

n Arthur L. (Adams & Densmore), h 45 Evergreen av 

M Arthur R, b Mill Village 

" Amelia W., wid Austin G, b 52 Nichols 
ADAMS BERT A (Adams & Noe), h 50 Roberts 

" Cecil H„ emp N S Co, r 66 Wales 

" Clarence H„ elk N E Tel Co, b 40 Elm 

" Clarence H. s mech eng, h 28 High 

" Chauncey A., farmer, b Mill Village 

" Clifford, "student, b 122 Crescent 

" Dorothy, phone opr, r 33 Summer 

" Elsie M., student, b Mill Village 

" George W., emp H S Co, h 6 Hopkins 
ADAMS HARRY J (Clark & Adams), h 97 Gibson 

" Henry, High Sheriff Rutland County, h 45 Roberts av 

" Howard A., auto radiator repairing 55 Wales, b 52 Roberts 

" Kirk W., conductor Rut R R, h 122 Crescent 

" Mattie M., sten C L Howe, b 46 Roberts av 

" Pearl, farmer, h N Main, Mill Village 
ADAMS PERCY W treas Lincoln Iron Works, h 45 Kingsley av 

" Rolland H., retired, h 188 S Main 

" Ruth M., sten Sheriff's office, b 45 Roberts av 


Rutland Directory 1924 

Adams Walter, farmer, h 228 N Main 
" William T., laborer, h 207 Church 

« & Densmore (Arthur L Adams and Fred W Densmore), 
concrete and asphalt paving, 45 Evergreen av 
ADAMS ft NOE (Bert A Adams and J. Harvey Noe), plumbing, 
heating, sheet metal work and kitchen furnishings 83 
State, see front cover 
Advent Christian Church West, R W Linnell, pastor, 58 West 
Aines Jesse P. , eng Rut R R, h 35 Kendall av 
Albano James, emp Rut R R, h 104 Franklin 
Alberico Antonia, h 86 Franklin 
" Prank C, b m Franklin 
*' Santow, pastry cook Hotel Berwick, b do 
Aldrich Allen C, retired, h 41 North 
ALDRICH DOROTHY L lawyer with Wing & Morse and elk Citv 

Court, h 23 E Center 
" Edgar E, h 41 Roberts av 
' Elva M., wid Emmett B t h ill Gibson av 
" George E., conductor Rut R R, h 55 Pine 
" Gertrude M., music teacher, b 22 Madison 
" Guy L., emp Tuttle Law Print, h 48 Morse pi 
n Lewis H., engineer Davis Feed Co, h Mansfield pi 
ALDRICH LLOYD E sec-treas Davis Feed Co, h 17A Kingsley av 
? Robert, teacher, b 111 Gibson av 
" Sarah S., wid Fred, b 55 Pine 
" Verna K, bkpr Baxter Nat Bank, b 9 Park 
" William D>, grocer 144 Strongs av, h 9 Park 
JJ Wilson E., cheese mfg, h 22 Madison 
Alexander Alexandras, wholesale fruit produce 71-75 Willow, 
h 59 Cleveland av 
" Carl S,, teamster, b 89 Willow 
" Charles F., laborer, h 11 Evelyn 
" Ester, student, b 100 Fairview av 
'* Frank E., carpenter, h 177 Woodstock av 
,? Frank G., emp D A Barker, h 89 Willow 
" Fred C, emp H S Co, h 118 Hopkins 
" Henrietta A., emp M City Mfg Co, b 117 S Main 
" Louis, driver, b 89 Willow 
n Louis, emp Rut R R, b 11 Evelyn 
? Mahlon P., dental laboratory 98 Merchants row (24), h 99 

w M, Preston, dentist Mead bldg (24), h 99 Maple 
" Orin T emp D A Barker, h 89 Willow 
,J Percival D,, emp H S Co, b 117 S Main 
" Ralph A., carpenter, b 177 Woodstock av 
" William, emp H S Co, h 117 S Main 
Alford Florence L., phone opr, b 64 Lincoln av 
^ George R, b 64 Lincoln av 

Kate L t , wid Edward, h 64 Lincoln av 
Allan Ava Mrs., elk C Sterns & Co, b 19 Crescent 


1924 — Rutland Directory — -1924 

AUard Earl M., prop Grove St Garage, h 125 Park av 

n Lillian E. Mrs,, emp T L & Co, b 62 Water 

77 Peter, barber shop 61 Merchants row, h 60 Baxter 
Allen Blanche, teacher, b 59 Lincoln av 

" Carleton E., emp Albany, N Y, h 19 Crescent 

» Charles, emp D A Barker, r 102 Willow 

" Charles H., emp Rut R R, h 40 Church 

n Clinton W., foreman freight house, h 17 Crescent 

" Daniel, boilermaker, r 33 Pine 

" Edward E., architect 245 West, h 3 Kingsley av 

" Lafayette, retired, h 59 Lincoln av 

" Mamie, emp Bardwell Hotel, h do 

" May E..H84N Main 

" Rose H. Mrs., h 10S Wales 

>J Ruth, phone opr N E T & T Co, b 19 Crescent 

" Thomas P., painter, h Chittenden, r 1 

" William H. Mrs,, b 158 State 
Alison Josephine, wid Carl, h 63 Forest 
Altabelle Lawrence, emp H S Co, h 34 Meadow 

" Louis, emp H S Co, h 32 Meadow 

" Tony, salesman, h 32 Meadow 

" Victor, b 32 Meadow 
Altrui Frank (Altrui & Menduni), h 79 Granger 

" Vincent, b 79 Granger 

" & Menduni (Frank Altrui and Armando Mendum), carp- 
enters, 38 Howe 
Alwill Arthur J. , mech eng V M Co, h 35 Evergreen av 

" Frances M,, elk, b 92 Crescent 

" James, retired, h 92 Crescent 

Jf Mary J. Mrs,, b 92 Crescent 
Amblo Charles W M train despatches h 202 N Main 

v William E., conductor Rut R R, h 21 N Main 
AMERICAN RAILWAY EXPRESS CO in depot, Frank Barker, agent. 
Merchants row 

n Shoe Repairing Co, Rarlaele Abatiell prop, SO Strongs av 
Amery Albert (Davis & Amery), r 134^ Strongs av 

n Harold, sawyer, b 134}/£ Strongs av 
Amidon L Lynford, eng Rut R R, h 100 Gibson av 

" Wallace A., painter, h Cold River rd 

" Walter F., chauffeur, h 253 S Main 
Amorillo Dorothy, opr, b 290 West 

" Joseph, emp H S Co, h 290 West 

" Mary, student, b 290 West 
Amsden Harrie A,, locksmith 59 Grove, h do 
Anderson Adolph, emp Center Rutland, b 38 Hazel 

w Albert E., student, b 46 Killington av 

" Augustave, emp V M Co, h 38 Hazel 

" Carl, machinist HSCo.hS Chaplin av 

n C. Arvid, elk 29 Merchants Row, r S Chaplin av 

" Charles R, emp H S Co, h 202 S Main 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Anderson Emile, emp H S Co, r 202 S Main 
» Ernest F + , clerk Stems & Co, h 46 Killington av 
" Esther E„ chief deputy U S Marshal's office, b 38 Hazel 
" Evald, emp 00 Center, b 202 S Main 
F Frederick H., student, b 46 Killington av 

* Gust, emp Boston, Mass, b 202 S Main 

JJ J. Alfred, foreman V M Co and steamship agency, b 50 

" John, stone \vkr T r 142 Strongs av 
» John C, emp P Mfg Co, h 33 Watkins av 
" Julia Mrs., b Old Ladies 1 Home 
'■ Leonard A., emp Standard Oil Co, h 37 Belle vue av 
" Marion C, teacher, b 50 S Main 
" Paul E. s student, b 46 Killington av 
" Signe A., bkpr Rutland Savings Bank, b 3S Hazel 
" Susan, wid Alexander, h 50 S Main 
» Wilfred W M student, b 38 Hazel 
Andrews A + Peter, window trimmer, h 2 Crescent 

* Hattie, b 15 High 

" Ralph A f , laborer, b 40 Strongs av 
Andrus Ernest S., emp W C Langdon & Co, b 57 Lincoln av 

" Frank C, janitor Rut Sav Bank, h 57 Lincoln av 
ANES LOUIS T (Anes & Braves), h 30 N Main 

" William, b 12 Cottage 
ANES & BRAVES (Chris Braves and Louis T Anes), conf and retail 
ice cream dealers and mfrs, 64 Merchants row, see un 






Angell Harriet L., linotype opr Rut Herald, b 50 S Main 
Angier William M,, retired, h IS Cottage 
Anoe Frederick L., elk C C S Co, h 112 Maple 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Anthony Dennis J., prop F Anthony &: Son, h 44 Wales 

" F & Son, Dennis J Anthony prop, confectionery, fruit, etc, 
59 Center 

" Nora B., teacher, b 21 East 
Antiseptic Bedding Co, Abraham Lash prop, 70 School 
Anilano Agnes, wid Philip, h 264 West 
Apollo Hall, 82 Merchants row 

Arehambault Catherine, wid Clovis A., emp C Sterns & Co, h 
86 Forest 

" Clovis, emp Rut R R, b 86 Forest 

" Katherine, b 86 Forest 
Archambeau Clovis R T , emp Bardwell, r 1 1 Cottage 

" Elizabeth, wid Clovis A., r 11 Cottage 
Archer Earl, student, r 98 Davis 

" Foster E,, retired, h 54 William 

?! Ida (Mrs Wesley L), h 9 N Main 

" Louise M st en N E Tel Co, b 9 N Main 

" Wesley L + , mgr Home Farm agency, 9 N Main, h do 
ARGO W LESLIE asst treas H S Co, r 50 Ringsley av 
Armstrong Gordon, emp S Elm, r 188 S Main 
Arnold Alvin, driver, h 166 N Main 

" John, emp Duffy Coal Co, b 6 Pine 

n Mary, wid E. W., b 16 Cramton av 
Arnoll Robert C, chief elk Rut R R, h 5 Spellman ter 
Aronson A, Gust, marble worker, h 98 Fairview, City Park 

" Charles W>, emp H S Co, h 81 Jackson av 

" Edward, b 98 Pairview, City Park 

" Hilga, nurse, b 9S Fairview, City Park 

" John W. f emp Forestdale, Vt, b 81 Jackson av 

" Rolland S,, student, b 81 Jackson av 
Arthur Frank, emp 190 West, h 24 Stratton rd 

" Harry, laborer, b 24 Stratton rd 

" Warren, b 125 Robbins 
Arzberger Earl P., emp Rut R R, b 37 Baxter 
Ashe Eugene, emp S Terrill & Sons, h 126 River 
Ashley Morgan Rev,, rector Trinity Episcopal Church, h 85 

85 West 
Ashton Onissa J., wid 0. C, r 38 Cottage 
Atherton Frederick C, assessor, h 28 Madison 

" George C. , com trav, b 28 Madison 
Atkinson Owen, emp Miller Auto Sales Co, b 34 N Main 
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co, The Great, George Ready, mgx 57 
Center and C G Blomberg.mgr 33 Merchants row, 
dist office Quinn bldg (8) Francis M Daley 50 
Atwater Harley E. f elk Rut R R, h lH Nickwackett 

" Hazel M., sten 2h l A Center, b l 1 ^ Nickwackett 

" Marion, farmer, h Pittsford rd above Mill Village 
Atwell Carlos H., elk P Mfg Co, h 55 Grove 
Atwood Ernest S, f Pittsford rd, above Mill Village, r 1 

Rutland Dire 

1924 Rutland Directory — 1924 


J and J E Poore) , 
rear 13 Pine, see p 

ory 1924 

Aurello Jerry, b 125 Post 

» Samuel, emp Rut R fch 125 Post 
Austin Elizabeth B. t wid Warren, h 21 Kendall 

» Flora W. f emp 15 Merchants Row, r 49 William 

» Florence L., b 21 Kendall av 

» George, emp H S Co, h 77 Jackson av 

" Harold W., watchmkr, h 232 State 

» Helen P., emp H S Ob 21 Kendall av 

» Hilda M., sten Temple Bros, r 21 Kendall av 

" Mildred, emp HSCo.bE Proctor rd, C Rutland 

» Parke H., laborer, b B Proctor rd, C Rutland 

» Wesley J., lab, h E proctor rd, C Rutland 

» Wilbur R, lab, b 142 Strongs av 
auto tires, tub^> accessories, etc. 
Avery Charles, retired, t> Brock House 

" Jerome M., chauffeur, h 12S Granger 

» Lewis, milkman 115 Library av, h do 

" Mary, wid George, b S3 Jackson av 

" Parker W,, engineer Rut RR f h 56 Edgerton 

" Regina, phone opr, f)S3 Jackson av 
Avey Claudia, elk, b 84 Brown 

» Fred L., carp, h 84 Brown 
Axelson Charles P., emp R R shop, h 65 Jackson av 

" Elizabeth, bkpr Rut Trust Co, b 65 Jackson av 

» Jennie K., bkpr Rut Trust Co, b 05 Jackson av 
Ayer Walter J,, elk, h 5& Grove 
Ayers Blanche, sten Rutland Grocery Co, b85 Brown 

" Henry W., emp G E Hunt, b 146 Library av 
Ayling Mary (Mrs William), cook Mill Village, b do 

BABBITT ANNA A., opr H H Co, b 158 State 

" Arthur L., emp Wallmgford, b 158 State 
BABBITT DONALD G pres R ut News Co and editor Rut News, n 
48 Prospect 

w Ethel Mrs., opr H H & Co, b 103 Granger 

" Maria S., wid Valors M, h 158 State 

" Nelson, emp H S Co, h 103 Granger 
Baccei Lillian, emp 12 Merchants row, r West, C Rutland 

" Oldridge, marble cutter, h West, C Rutland 
Bacceri Remo, emp The Tuttle Co, h P Box, Center Rutland 
Baccu Andrew, emp The Tuttle Co, b Center Rutland 
Bachand Adolphus, h 132 Robbins 

" Alphonse L„ meats 163 Wales, h 114 N Main 

" Arthur P., prop Bachand's Home Bakery, h 32 Wales 

" Levi, emp H S Co, 1 132 Robbins 

" Louis, baker, h Baxter 

* Margaret T., wid Arthur, b 32 Wales 
Nobert, emp Mintzer Bros, b 132 Rob bins 


1 024 — R u t l a n d Dire cto r y— 1924 

1 924 — Rutland Directory — -1 924 


Bachand Philemon Mrs., rooming house, h 63 Crescent 

" Robert, emp Proctor, b 63 Crescent 

" Rose, dressmaker 132 Robbins, b do 

'* — -see Bashaw 
Bachand's Home Bakery, Arthur F Bachand prop T 16 Wales 
Backon Isador, tailor 79 J^ Merchants row, r 12 Spellman ter 
Backus Charles W., emp P Mfg Co, h 61 Forest 
Bacon Arthur, prop Bacon Barber Shop, h 42 S Main 

" Barber Shop, Arthur Bacon prop, 67 l A Merchants row 

" Catherine M., clerk, b 108 S Main 

" Doris, student, r 42 S Main 

" Ellen, shirtmaken h 45 Pine 

w Ralph, elk, b 42 S Maine 

" Mary J. T b 45 Pine 

" Samuel N.. carpenter, h 108 S Main 
Badger James, emp H S Co, h 24 Baxter 

" Orley C, emp Masonic Temple, h 51 Summer 
Badlam Charlotte, wid William, b 92 Center 
BADLAM GEORGE E L prop Badlam's Grocery, h 92 Center 

" Maria Mrs,, elk R H Co, h 100 Park av 
BADLAM'S GROCERY Geo E L Badlam prop, 41 Center, 24 Cres- 
cent; 129 State, F G Raskins mgr; and 45 Madison, 
sec un name 





The City wit h a "Welcome" 

Baginski Stephen, emp V M Co, h 73 Simonds av, C Rutland 

" Stephen Jr., emp V M Co, b 73 Simonds av, C Rutland 
BAG LEY LEON G v-pres and gen agt H S Co and v-pres Rutland 
Mfg Co, h 50 Pleasant 

" Myra A., teacher, b 50 Pleasant 
Bailey Bessie, wid Edwin, b 51 Morse pi 

" FredR.,bkpr,b53Elm 

" Inez, emp The Tuttle Co, b 52 Killington av 

" Jessie E, Mrs., b 47 Jackson av 

" Julia, wid Charles, h 52 Killington av 

" Lincoln S +? emp Rut R R, h 91 Crescent 

" Marguerite R., b 97 Center 

" Ruth, student, b 52 Killington av 

" William C, emp H S Co, b 15 Dana 

Bain Alice, student, b 20 Engrem av 

J ' Margaret M. Mrs., emp Brock House, h 20 Engrem av 
Baird Clarence C, fireman Rut R R, h 71 School 

J1 Clarke F., emp Mill Village, b do 

" Edith, wid Vernon M,, h 62 Pine 

" Elwin, lab, b 19 Wales 
BAIRD EMERY F (Baird & Nichols), h 149 Adams 

" Howard H., furniture exchange, h 99 Willow 

" Leon J., laborer, b 21 Kendall av 

" Leslie G., rep I C Schools, h 168 Adams 

" William R., retired, h 41 Nichols 

BAIRD & NICHOLS (Emery F Baird and Ernest R Nichols) 
Strout Farm Agency and furniture, stoves, antiques, 
etc, 21 Wales, see un name 



21 Wales St, 


E* A* Strout Farm Agency 
Largest In the World 
Phones: Office, 487- J— Res., 145S-R 


Baker Anna E., sec Rutland County Farm Bureau, b 02 
n Arthur G + , pattern maker, h 175 Grove 
' B* Jennie, wid Richard, domestic, h 55 Allen 
" Clyde H., emp Rut R R, h 116 Robbins 
" Dana J., emp H S Co, h 17 Engrem av 
" DoraE.,h35Elm 

IJ Edwin C, foreman Kinsman & Mill, h 02 William 
" Gettie, b 57 Forest 
" Helen P., phone opr, b 62 Williams 
? Ima, clerk Baker's Flower Store, b 117 Park 
■ Jessie, emp Hotel Berwick b do 
" John, lab, h 99 Willow 

" Joseph C. ( auto salesman 74 River, h 149 Granger 
" Louis M,, emp V M Co, h 5G Barrett Hill, C Rutland 
" Mabel E.,b 104 Franklin 
" Mildred L., teacher, b 175 Grove 
7 Nicholas C, sealer H S Co, b 45 Prospect 

Oliver S., pattern mkr, h 104 Franklin 

Quincy M., policeman, h 34 High 

Sarah H,, wid George H t , prop Baker's Seed House and 
Baker's Flower Store, h 117 Park 

Sidney A., eng Rut R R, b 1 1 7 Park 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Baker William C, h 45 H Madison 

Baker's Flower Store, Mrs Sarah Baker prop, 55 Center 

" Seed House, Mrs Sarah Baker prop, 117 Park 
Balch Bertha M>, wid William, h S3 S Main 

" Thelma A + , governess Mill Village, b do 
Balcolm Arthur L t , laborer, b 46 Williams 

"' Adelaide J., wid George, h 46 Williams 
Baldwin Charles C, emp Rut R R, b 44 S Main 

" Frances G. t student , b 67 Ives av 

" Frank H., groceries, meats, etc, 44 S Main, h do 

99 George W M photographer 51 }4 Merchants row, h 36 S Main 
BALDWIN LATH BOP H treas The Marble Savings Bank and treas 
Rutland Chamber of Commerce, h 67 Ives av 

" Rollin D., elk 27 Center, h 25 Church 
Baljoni Alri, marble worker, h 16 Meadow 
Ball Alonzo E., retired, b 212 Grove 

BALL CLARENCE F surgeon, Gryphon Cor bldg, (222-224), h 
212 Grove. Office hrs 11 :00 a. m. to 3:30 p. m,> by 
appointment Monday to Friday; evening hrs 7-8:30 
p. m, f Mom, Wed and Sat. Office phone 16-R; res 
phone, 16-W, see p 369 

'* Frances L., student, b 212 Grove 

" Howard A., student, b 212 Grove 

" Olive M., student, b 212 Grove 
Ballard Elizabeth Mrs., b Loretto Home 
* Emma, b 51 E Washington 

" Jennie, b 13G South 

,? Judson T. T com trav J P Squire Co, h 119 State 

" Leslie, emp P Mfg Co, r 163 West 
Ballon Margaret, wid O C, h 41 S Main 

" Marion M,, teacher, b 41 S Main 

n Orris C, emp Rut R R, b 41 S Main 

" Sarah, wid John, b 37 Crescent 
Baltiello Carmine A., shoemkr, h 74 Traverse pi 
Baize Fred D., shirt cutter, h 22 Church 
Bandelloni Lorenzo, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 
Banister Rachel A., chief elk and cashier NET Co, h 158 Pearl 
Banks Nellie E„ wid Edgar, b 95 Granger 
Baraby Eva, wid Edward, h 275 West 
Barbagallo Alfeo, laborer, b 43 Union 

** John, emp H S Co, h 43 Union 
Barber Charles H. p mgr Brackets Shaw & Lunt Co r h 165 West 

" Euphemia, dressmaker 62 Elm, b do 

" Flora Mrs., h 41 Williams 

" Julia, wid Lemuel, b 121 Pearl 

" Lillian, wid John, emp 143 Grove, h 114^ Merchants row 

" Roy, U S N, b 7 Aiken pi 

" Thomas H, emp Rut R R, h 7 Aiken pi 
Bardwell Austin, watchmkr, h 11 Evelyn 
BARDWELL HOTEL THE (Inc), Norman J Nickkw mgr ( 132^142 

Merchants row, see p 18 Rutland Dirj 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Bardwell Hotel Barber Shop, Nicholas C Florey prop, 140 Mer- 
chants row 

** Hotel News Stand, C Archambault, books, cigars, tobacco 
etc, Bardwell Hotel 
Barker Albert, emp Rut R R, h 264 West 
BARKER DAVID A deputy sheriff, livery, sale and boarding stable 
102 Willow, h 15 Cottage, see p 365 

» Earle E., emp St Joseph's Convent, h 65 Meadow 
BARKER FRANK agt Am Ry Ex Co, h 10 Lincoln av 

» Hallard C, fireman, h 274 West 

» John, h 12 Pine 

" Julia M., wid Rolla, b 127 Woodstock av 

" Lillian M., hskpr, b 96 Willow 

" Raymond D,, emp 102 Willow, b 15 Cottage 
Barnes Albert H., emp Adams & Noe, h 51 E Washington 

"■ Flora L. Mrs*, h 27 Clinton av 

" Frank E. t emp R R L & P Co, h 13 East 

" George H,, emp H S Co, h 145 Strongs av 

" M. Leonard, mgr Co-operative Lyceum Bureau, h 30 Elm 

» W. Prank, student, b 13 East 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

BARNEY HERBERT R treas-mgr Herald and Globe Assn, h 13 E 

BARNEY JOHN A (Nichols, Barney & Daley), h 4S Prospect 
Barone Dominick, emp Rut R R, h 93 Granger 

" Joseph, emp Rut R R, h 93 Granger 
Barr Jane Mrs., elk Chas Sterns Co, b 87 Library av 
Barrett Adolphus, emp Gosselin Garage 38 Burnham av, r 27 

" Agnes M., bkpr 42 Center, b 272 West 

" Anna L t1 teacher, b 62 Killington av 

" Anna T„ student, b 7 Jackson av 

l? Bridget, wid John, h 62 Killington av 

" Catherine, hskpr, b SI Baxter 

l? Catherine, sten, b 7 Jackson av 

" Charles, laborer, b 81 Baxter 

,T Ella A., elk city elk office, r 217 Mussey 

" EUery J., emp P Mf& Co, h 217 Mussey 

" Francis C, emp N Y City, b 21 Evergreen 

J James E., electrician, b 272 West 

" James J., cond Rut R R, h 25 E Washington 

; John a, retired, h 272 West 

79 John E., emp city, h 41 Pine 

^ John J., marble worker, h 81 Baxter 

" J oh n J, Jr., emp Rutland News, b 81 Baxter 
Joseph, student, b 272 West 

jctory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


Barrett Joseph E t , emp H S Co, h 100 East 

" Julia, b 13 Evergreen av 

" Margaret M., bkpr Duffy Eros, b 21 Evergreen av 

* J Mary, sten, b 272 West 

" Mary A., b 62 Killington av 

" Michael, mach, h 167 West 

" Nellie F T , emp Hartford Ct, r 21 Evergreen av 

" Nellie G. t teller Rut Co Nat Bank, b 62 Killington av 

" Paul C.,clk,b 272 West 

99 Raymond W M moulder P Mfg Co T b 217 Mussey 

" Rena M t , emp 102 Merchants Row, r 67 H Grove 

" Reuben S,, lab, h 11 Evelyn 

H Sara, wid Burt A., h 51 E Washington 

" Teresa, wid John J + , h 21 Evergreen av 

" Walter J M painter Rut R R, h 7 Jackson av 

" Wayne, emp Berwick Hotel, b 217 Mussey 

" William J,, emp Rut R R, h 134 South 
Barringer Earl, boilermaker, h 14 Elm 
Barron Eileen, b 202 Columbian av 

" James K., foreman V M Co, h 202 Columbian av 

>J James P., emp V M Co, b 202 Columbian av 
Barrows Ernest, emp Rut R R, b 104 Franklin 
Barry Mary L., teacher, b 48 S Main 

" Mary Mrs., b Loretto Home 
Bartalena Dante, groceries and conf 27 Hopkins, h do 

'* Eris, nurse Rutland Hasp, b do 

" Hilda, elk, b 27 Hopkins 
Barter Alfred D., optometrist and antique books 90 Merchants 
row, h 52 West 

" Leroy W., musician, b 52 West 

" Olive, b 52 West 
BARTER WEBSTER Dmgr Clarkson Co, mgr Brunswick Shop and 

musical mdse 122 Merchants row, b 52 West 
Bartholomew Ella (Mrs Howard C), emp T L Co, h 238 S 

" Howard C. h 238 S Main 

" Wayne B., b 238 S Main 
Bartlett Arthur G. f ernp H S Co, h 138 State 

* 7 Eva M, (Mrs Lawrence), bkpr Clement Nat Bank, h 126 
Library av 

" Lawrence T., machinist, b 126 Library av 

M Lily, nurse Rutland Hospital, r do 

** Wilfred, eng, h 7 Killington av 
Barton Bernice, student Rut Hosp, b 121 Pearl 

" Carl, emp Royes, cont and builder, h 121 Pearl 

" Charles H + , mgr Central Tire Co, h 6 Royce 

** Erwin H., carpenter, h 131 State 

" Mary Mrs., b 116 S Main 

** Oscar M., machinist H S Co, h 17 Royce 

" Ralph A. S., emp Arthur Prouse, h 29 E Washington 

Bashaw Albert, student, b 12 Jackson 

» Amelia (Mrs Wm), h 95 State 

» Anna, wid Alphonse H., h 116 Library av 

" C Olin, electrician, b 210 Church 

» Frank, elk Howley & Co, h 188 State 

" Usebe, machinist, h 210 Church 

" William A +1 emp H S Co, h 12 Jackson av 

" —see Bachand 
Baskey Daniel, emp Rut R R, h 100 Granger 
B asset t Albert 1\, student, b 10 Terrill 

" Areola, wid W. G., b 44 Union 

" Edwin P., clerk P O, h 50 Nichols 

*' Hilda, dom 130 Lincoln av, b do 

5? Ida, wid Dwight, h 10 Terrill 

'* Mildred B + , sten H S Co, b 44 Union 

« Milo J ti laborer, h 25 Hopkins 
Batchelder Elvira P., b 90 Maple 

" George W + , grocer 363 West, h 21 1 State 

M Henrietta A., wid Theo, h 90 Maple 

" Katherine G., wid Arthur K, r 48 Elm 

" Mildred M., elk N E T & T Co, b 211 State 
Batease Byron, teamster, h 42 Allen 

" William, teaming 15 Highland av, h do 
Bates Edith B., b 75 Grove 

" Helen, student, b 10 East 

« John R., mgr J P Squire & Co, h 17 Church 

" Vernon D., auditor R R L & P Co, h 10 East 
Battles Anna, dressmaker, b 91 Center 

" Beatrice (Mrs William), sten L I Works, b 15 Kendall 

" Henry P„ chief elk Rutland R R, h 17 Hopkins 

M Thomas, emp Rut R R, h 105 South 

M William B., elk Rut R R, h 15 Kendall av 

w Winifred C, (Mrs Henry P), elk Mead bldg (27), h 17 Hop- 
Baxter H, H lt Memorial Library, Library av 

" Estate, Grove cor Library av 

" Mildred, tel opr, r 211 State 

BAXTER NATIONAL BANK Fred C Spencer cashier, 128 Mer- 
chants row, see p 339 
Beado John, laborer, h 107 Robbins 
Beale Florence M t , student, b 5 Kingsley av 

" Granville, emp R R L & P Co, b 5 Kingsley av 

" Otis G., emp The Tut tie Co T h 5 Kingsley av 

■ ? Ralph S. T salesman W W Ward & Son, r 37 Cottage 
Beals Margaret, b City Farm 

n Raymond D. r retired, h 10G Park av 
Bean Carl, emp Tuttle Co, b 4 Geno 

" Frank, emp H S Co, h 4 Geno t 

" Josie Mrs., domestic, h 3 West 

Linus F., mason, b 150 Woodstock av 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Bean Ruth, emp 21 Center, b 4 Geno 

?? Wilfred, milk peddler, h 84 East 
Beane Asa P., porter New Bard well, h 25 Crescent 

" Harriet F<, student, b 25 Crescent 

" Raymond R. (Norton-Beane Tire & Rubber Co), b 25 

w Roy E., emp Rut R R, b 73 S Main 

" Winifred M + (Mrs Roy E), phone opr, b 73 S Main 
Beardsley Doris, elk Tuttle Print Co, b 29 E Washington 

*' Edgar S., emp H S Co, h 29 E Washington 

tJ Mark L., trav salesman, h 74 Crescent 
Bear or Percy, auto mech, r 16 Church 
Beattie Marcus, emp P Mfg Co, h 50 Strongs av 
Beauchamp Arthur, boilennaker Holmes, h 14 Baxter 
BEAUCHAMP FRED (Beauchamp & CTRourke), h 148 Adams 

" Helen, elk R F, r 14 Baxter 

" Joseph, U S N, b 14 Baxter 

n Joseph, foreman H S Co, b 20 Royce 

" Nellie, sten F C Co, b 14 Baxter 

" Olvmpia, wid Joseph, b 148 Adams 

BEAUCHAMP & O'ROURKE (Fred Beauchamp and William 
O'Rourke), druggists 51 Merchants row, see un name 

Beauchamp & O'Rourke 



Patent Medicines at Cut Rate Prices 
Confectionery Cigars, etc* 

Cut Flowers and Funeral Designs 

TeL Conn. 
51 Merchants Row RUTLAND, VT. 

Beaudry Lawrence, chauffeur, h 4 Stratton rd 

" Robert C. f emp Abraham's Coal Co, h 52 Cherry 

" Thomas G., chauffeur, b 87 Willow 
Beaulac John, carp, h 28 Cottage 

" Lloyd K. , prop Rutland Typewriter Exchange t r 28 Cottage 
Beauregard Francis, elk, 45 ]4> Madison 

n Peter, emp W Rut, h 13 Ripley 
Beayon Edward A, T laborer, h 12 High 
Beckman H. + , baker, r 53 Morse pi 
Bed ore Charles E., laborer, h 184 Lincoln av 

n Jessie, emp R F C Co, b 250 Chase av 
Beebe Charles P., farmer 261 N Main, h do 

" Erwin, farmer, h McKinley av, Mill Village, r 1 

** Frank L., farmer, h McKinley av, Mill Village, r 1 

" Mary, sten 340 West, b Town of Rutland 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


Beebe Myron J., farmer, b McKinley av, Mill Village, r 1 

Beebee Florence, b 53 Morse pi 

Beedleson Charles, farmer, h 139 Killmgton av 

BEECH ER GEORGE sec-trcas Vermont Garage Co, res W Pawlet 

BEINHOWER 1RVIN I v-pres-mgr Lincoln Iron Works, h 25 N 

BELA1R OMEB prop My Shoe Shop, h 85 State 
Belden Gerald E., chauffeur, h 322 West , 

99 Henrietta, sten W H Williams, b 8 Deer 

** Mabel, student, b 24 Burnham av 

" Myrtle E., b 45 Washington 
Belding Walter, supt Hortonia Power Co, h 1SJ4 Crescent 
Belfore Christina, wid Luigi, h 288 West 

99 Dorothy, emp H H Co, b 288 West 
Belknap Claude, elk, b 12 E Washington 

" Lindsay E., dental mech, b 12 E Washington 

99 Sarah Mrs., h 12 E Washington 
Bell Agnes, emp rest, r 50 Williams 

" Edward J., laborer, h 184 Woodstock av 

'** Ethel M., elk, b 184 Woodstock ay 

" George W., emp H S Co> h 86 Plain 
BELL HYMEN W mgr Self-Service Shoe Store, h 16 N Main 
Bellend Beulah, student, b 24 Mansfield pi 
Bellrosc Alberle H., physician and surgeon, office 19 West, h do 

99 Albert H. Jr., student, h 19 West 

" Maurice fL, student, b 19 West 

» M, Dorothee, student, b 19 West 
Belleville Orvile, emp 8 E Center, r 91 S Main 
Belrmore Arthur C, emp M Mfg Co, h 183 Granger 
Bellomo Anthony, barber 36 Strongs av, h 50 Summer 

97 Joseph, grocer 31 Forest, h do 
Bellville Anna, b 9 West 

" Erne, nurse 23 Melrose av, b do 

" Robert H., lab, h 1SJ^ E Washington 
Benard Frank, b Poor Farm 
Benedict Charles J., emp H E Co, h 30 Lincoln av 

" Hildreth, chief opr N E Tel & Tel Co, b 139 Oak 

'* J t Sherman, mill hand, h 55 Cleveland av 

*' Ruth, nurse 30 Lincoln av, r do 
Benell Sanford, emp Davis Feed Co, h 270 S Main 
Benham Arthur, emp Barre, b 123 Oak 

" Enos, emp H S Co, b 123 Oak 

n Eugene, emp Rut R R, h 123 Oak 

" Fred E,, janitor Baxter Nat Bank, h 102 Killington av 
Bennett Charles W,, printer, h 13 Hopkins 
• Nettie L., wid Edward, h 16 Engrem av 
' Thomas L,, machinist H S Co, h 76 Jackson av 
Bennicasa Charles, emp Rut RR,h 307 West 
Benoit Genevieve, b 95 Crescent 
Benor Hulcy, emp 60 William, res Proctor 

Rutland Dire tory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Benson Ezra J,, mgr C C S Co market, h 24 Mansfield pi 

" Frank M., milk inspector, h 160 Porter pi 

" George W,, machinist, r 01 Pleasant 
Bentley Chester C +l emp city eng office, b 39 Crescent 

" Guy M + , mech, b 196 Columbian av 

" James T., emp New York City, h 39 Crescent 

n Royal E., teamster, h 196 Columbian av 

* ? Ruth R, j music teacher 39 Crescent, b do 
Berg Andrew C, h 16 Evelyn 

" Anna E., emp P Mfg Co, b 137 N Main 

" Ruby V., student, b 137 N Main 

" Wilfred, grocer, h 49 Forest 
Bergeron Ephraim, emp H S Co, b Glenwood Hotel 

JJ George, emp Rut R R, h 6 Freeman av 
Bergstrom Edwin E t , Co., Club agt Rutland Co Farm Bureau, 

h 1 Kingsley av 
BERGSTROM OSCAR S prop The Hamilton 160 West cor Evelyn, 

Bernadine Mary Rev Sister, matron Loretto Home, b do 
Bernell George W., ins agt, b 117 Forest 

" Nellie, nurse 117 Forest, h do 
Berry Roy Nelson, Scout Executive R C C Boy Scouts of 

America, r 9 S Main 
Berwick House Barber Shop, M J Toomey prop, 49 Center 
BERWICK HOTEL NEWS STAND H E Ingalls prop, Berwick Hotel, 
see un name 


Smokers' Supplies, Periodicals 

Ingalls' Cigar Store 


Imported Cigars — Fine Confectionery 
Magazines — Newspapers Berwick Hotel News Stand 

Bess Essie (Mrs Joseph 0), mach opr, h 45 Edgerton 

" Joseph 0,, h 45 Edgerton 
Bessette Howard, student, b 29 Woodstock av 

" Louis, bkpr, h 29 Woodstock av 
Bibby Robert P., emp Burditt Bros, h 35 Baxter 
Bigelow Bertrand, clerk Rut RR, h 38 Summer 

" Frank L., salesman, h 44 Kingsley av 

" LeRoy R., teacher, b 38 Summer 
Billado Albert W., lumber dealer, h 172 Church 

" Francis, student, b 65 Edgerton 

" Jason A., salesman Farwell & Hayes, h 65 Edgerton 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 


Wllado Reeina Pauline, student, b 172 Church 
I Sgs Bertha, h head oi : Watkins av 

'» Mmnie, wid Fred P + , h 14 Roberts av 

» Sour (Billings & Davis), h 19 Mansfield pi 

» Walter T- painter, h 84 Vernon 

P & Davis (Seymour Billings and Will L Davis), hardware, 
etc, 37 Center _ 

PSiiiErham Aba-ail E„ teacher Arlington b 136 Pearl 
B ,Ch moulder HSCo.h 139 Holly 
BINGHAM EDWARD C plumber 48 Center, h 139 Holly, see p 353 

" Reuben P., h 136 Pearl _ 
Bioty Stella, emp Hotel Berwick b do 
Bird lennie, wid Lewis S., n 112 btate 

» Leander, emp Smithes Lumber Co, b 51 Roberts av 

» Robert B., sec Manning Mfg Co, h 90 Baxter 
Bishop Almon B., parcel delivery 92 Harrington av h do 

" Eben W farmer, h 262 N Main, near Mill Village 

" Edward L, emp Rut R R, b 20 Church 

" Frances H>, wid John, h 137 Library av 

" Frank laborer, h 20 Church 

" Fred S , chauffeur 29 N Main, h 262 N Main 

" Hazel L., elk 33 Merchants row, b 92 Harrington av 

» Lucinda Mrs,, h 51^ Merchants row 

" Otis L., emp Rut R R, h 111 Crescent 
Bissell Aaron G., retired, b 52 Kingsley av 

" Albert J., h 52 Kingsley av 
Bissett May, emp 40 Grant av, b do 
Bisby Albert E„ emp Ripley Mill Co, h 457^ West 

" Alma, b 142 Bellevue av 

" Beatrice, teacher, r 256 S Mam _ 

" Charles M + , driver Eddy Ice Co, h 256 S Main 

" Dorothy, student, b 142 Bellevue av 

M Edith, teacher, r 256 S Main 

» Frank E., emp Rut R R, h 7 Sheldon pi 

Jt Hascall F., retired, b 7 Sheldon pi 

" May (Mrs Albert E), dressmkr 457J^ West, h do 

BIXBY WINFIELD L (Bixby & Stevens), h 144 Bellevue av, tel. 

U32-M i . * 

BIXBY & STEVENS (Winfield L Bixby and Murrell A Stevens), 
dentists 13H Center, office hrs 8.30 to 12m., 1-5 p. 
m., tel 975-J, see p 371 

Bizallion Eugene J + , h 3661 Pleasant 

Bizon Martin, marble worker, h 77 Simonds, C Rutland 

Bizzaro Antonio, emp H S Co, h 93 Meadow 

" Carlo, moulder, r 12 Meadow 

" Charles, emp Rut R R, h 129 Post 

" Jennie, opr H H & Co, b 93 Meadow 

" John, barber, r 12 Meadow 

" Philomena, hskpr 129 Post, b do 

Black John A., emp Rut R R, h 17 Baxter 

Rutland Dir ctory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


Black— see DeNerro 

Blair Andrew, emp Rut R R t b 64 Williams 

" David, laborer, b 165 West 

99 Etta Mrs., h 64 Williams 
Blaise Catherine, emp N Y City, r 9 Evergreen av 

" Frank, emp Rut RR,h9 Evergreen av 

" William, emp T L & Co, r 9 Evergreen av 
Blake Chester R<, salesman, h SO Baxter 

" Edmond, farmer, h Post rd T r 1 

* Jennie Mrs., prop Quality Feed Store, r 80 Baxter 

" Margaret, emp 36 S Main, b do 

" Robert F., supt Chas E Davis Foundry, h 9 North 
Blakely Earl R., emp Am Rv Ex Co, b 39 Grant av 

" Edmund E., lineman N E Tel & Tel Co, h 7 Deer 

99 Nellie, wid Carlos, h 39 Grant av 
Blanch Antonio, elk, b 116 South 
Blanchard Alfred, h 16 Pine 

'• Alice, teacher, b 16 Crescent 

79 Charles, carpenter, b 31 Field 

" David E., painter, h 121 Spruce 

" Eli G., chauffeur, h 141 Granger 

" Florence I., phone opr, b 197 N Main 

" Frank R., spec agt Nat Life Ins Co, h 16 Crescent 

" George E + , emp 44 Merchants row, h 74 Harrison av 

" Gladys E., student, b 197 N Main 

" Grace M. f bkpr Burditt Bros, h 159 State 
' Harriet, wid Burton, h 15 Lincoln av 

" Harry, auto mech T h 160 S Main 

" Harry L., clerk 39 Center, h 105 Gibson 

*? Howard C, student, b 15 Lincoln av 

n James A., emp 129 Church, h 31 Field av 

" John W., cattle dealer, h 197 N Main 

" John W. Jr + , lumber jack, b 197 N Main 

n Joseph, painter, h 131 Maple 

" Lillian, student, b 141 Granger 

99 Marion J,, student, b 141 Granger 

" Ovila, lab, b 16 Pine 

" Park J +J h 251 Lincoln 

n Rufus J M cattle dealer, b 212 Lincoln av 

'* Thomas, emp 35 Yi Center, b 15 Lincoln av 

" Walter M., chauffeur, h Stratton rd 

" Wilhelmina, b 15 Lincoln av 

99 William, farmer, b 286 N Main 

" William M., painter, h 74 School 

" Zana, wid William, b 105 Gibson av 

" — see Branchaud 
Blicharz Anthony S., emp Detroit. Mich, b 50 Watkins av 

" Henry C, emp G M Marble Co, h West, C Rutland 

" John, blacksmith, h 50 Watkins av 

" Paxil, emp Detroit, Mich, b 50 Watkins 

Blicharz Sophie, student, b 50 Watkins 

" William P., mach, b 50 Watkins av 
Bliss Byron C, carpenter V M Co, h West C Rutland 

" Percy P-, emp A J Novak Printing Co, r 11 4j^ Merchants 

Blodgett Peter, emp H S Co, r 142 Strongs av 
Blomberg Carl G., mgr A & P Co, r 40 Cottage 
BLOOMER ASA S (Lawrence, Stafford & Bloomer), res W Rut- 
Blongy Claude L. T emp SRR,b 73 Wood av 
Blossom Addie Mrs., h 8 Church 

» Emily A. Mrs., b 3 West 

" Eliza, wid Alonzo, h 19 Wales 

JJ Evelyn, wid William, r 72 Crescent 

" Josephine E. Mrs,, b 72 Crescent 

» Walter J., h 3 West 

Blow Pearl C„ emp Rut L & P Co, h 37 Cleveland av 
Blue Alice L., sten R Mfg Co, b 105 Fairview, City Park 

" Elwin K, student, b 105 Fairview, City Park 

* Rollin S., carp Smith Lumber Co, h 105 Fairview, City 

" Rollin S. Jr., emp R Mfg Co, b 105 Fairview, City Park 
B lumber g David, emp 131 Strongs av, b do 

1 Lena, emp New York, b 131 Strongs av 

J Nathan, junk, etc, 131 Strongs av, h do 

" Rose, b 131 Strongs av 
Boardman Grant, farmer, h Quarter line rd, C Rutland 
Boginski Steve, emp V M Co, h 74 Simonds, C Rutland 
Boland Mary, insp H H Co, b 41 Forest 
Bolduc Henry, wagoner and painter, Mill Village, h do 

" Henry Mrs., laundress, h Mill Village 
Bolin Elizabeth M. T bkpr S P Curtis, b 53 Ellington av 

) Elizabeth M., wid Martin, h 53 Ellington av 

" Florence, sten Rut R R, b 53 Ellington av 
Bolgin Riziere, emp Murphy Bros, h 16 Meadow 
Boloma Mary, b 290 West 

" Tony, emp H S Co, h 290 West 
Bolster Harriett, hskpr 56 West, b do 

" Marion A., student, b 19 Roberts 

' Ruth W. t student, b 19 Roberts 

" Richard W., emp H S Co, h 19 Roberts 
Bombarda Ida M<, b 264 West 

" Leah M.,b 264 West 
Eonczek Marie, emp 66 Wales, b do 
Bond Anna G. Mrs., b 21 Melrose av 

" Elmer, b City Farm 
Bonden Edward M., agt Rut Co Farm Bureau, b Sycamore 

Bonneau Harry, foreman, r I0S Wales 
Borah Delmer F., cant, h 32 Ellington av 

Rutland Dire tory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Borah Grace R., reporter Rut Herald, b 32 Killington av 

" S. Beatrice, student, b 32 Killington av 
Bordeaux Clayton W., emp Rut R R, b 122 N Main 
BORDEN HENRY L (H L Borden & Son), b 7 Cottage 
BORDEN HERBERT L (H L Borden & Son), h 60 Elm 
BORDEN H L & SON (Henry L and Herbert L Borden), props 
Rutland Family Wet Wash, 284 West 

" Thomas, janitor Church St School, r 66 Wales 
Boretos Constantine G., emp Rut Soda Spa, r 25 Church 

" Jennie G., r 25 Church 

" Thomas G., com trav, r 25 Church 
Borg John, retired, h E Proctor rd, C Rutland 
BOSCH SALES & SERVICE George P. Dikeman prop, 13 Evelyn 
Bossa Marion Mrs., h 20 Woodstock av 
Bossineau William, h St rat ton rd 

Boston Fruit Market, Frank Brussa prop, mfrs ice cream, con- 
fectionery, fruit, etc, 39 Merchants row 
Bostrom John J., emp city, h 157 Woodstock av 

" John E. emp 6 S Main, b 157 Woodstock av 

" Katherine, emp 6 S Main, b 157 Woodstock av 
Bosworth Grace L., dentist Mead bldg (24), r 44 S Main 
Botsford Clarence H., student, b 47 Kingsley av 

n Kathryn H., student b 47 Kingsley av 
BOTSFORD WILLIAM H lawyer 61 Merchants row, h 47 Kingsley 

av, see p 363 
Bottum Agnes C, b 48 E Center 
Bourdeau Alice, maid 13 Mansfield, b do 
Bourn Beatrice, phone opr, b 121 Park av 
Bourquin Frank R., emp Rut R R, h 52 Elm 
Bousquet Agnes, emp TL& Co, b 31 Killington av 

" Albert, core mkr, h 31 Killington av 

" Edmond, chauffeur, b 31 Killington av 

" Narcisse J., moulder H S Co, h 19 Killington av 

" Telesphore, h 31 Killington av 

" Wilfred J., emp H B Carpenter, h 9 Hopkins 
Bouton Harriette E., wid Henry, h 78 S Main 

" Louis E. f clerk Rut R R, b 78 S Main 
Bove John, emp 95 State, r 7 Pine 

u Louis, grocer 95 State, h 7 Pine 

99 Peter, lumber mfr 71 Williams, h do 

" Pellegrino, grocer 189 West, h 5 Pine 

n Robert J., student, b 7 River 

" Teresa F., student, b 5 Pine 
Bo wen Charlotte M., sten Rut R R, h 50 Summer 

" Edward A., emp Rut R R, h 50 Summer 

" Elizabeth, teacher H S, r 23 E Center 

" Frank C, mech, b Gleason rd 

" John W., emp V M Co, h 29 Williams 

" Mary, emp Berwick Hotel, b do 

" Raymond, painter 260 Horton, h 100 Curtis av 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Bowen Thomas, lab, r 130 Strongs av 
. " Waldo A., emp Rut R R, h 52 Summer 
" William, farmer, h S Main ext 
Bower Christine, nurse Rutland Hospital, r do 
Bowker Mary, emp The Tuttle Co, b West Rutland 
Bowley Ada, emp T L & Co, b 72 Baxter 

" Claude, machinist, h 72 Baxter 
Boyden Charles R., retired, h 19 E Washington 
Boyle Thomas A., mgr Playhouse 30-32 Center, b Bardwell 

B0YNT0N ALBERT J (Hotel Berwick), h 51 Church 
B0YNT0N EDWARD C REV pastor Congregational Church, h 23 

" Freda, student, b 74 Crescent 
" Mary, b Old Ladies' Home 
" Raymond, emp 71 Willow, r 120 Library av 
B0YNT0N ROBERT C (Hotel Berwick), h 38 West 

" Victor, emp H S Co, b 120 Library av 
Bracken B C & Co (Bina C and Mary L Bracken), millinery 
etc, 98 West 
" Bina C. (B C Bracken & Co), b 46J^ Kingsley av 
" Mary L. (B C Bracken & Co), b 46^ Kingsley av 
BRACKET, SHAW AND LUNT gas engines and water systems, 57 

Bradford Almarion, farmer, b 50 Kingsley av 
" Dorothy M., teacher, b 79 North 
" Mary C, b 79 North 
" Samuel P., emp L I Wks, h 79 North 
Bradley George M., emp 24 Center, h 82 Grove 
" Neile D., emp 24 Center, h 57 Bellevue av 
' Norns M., pianos 24 Center, h 33 Washington 
Bradshaw Margaret, h 122 Library av 
Bragg Bernice J., b 26 Williams 
" Otis, clerk, b 26 Williams 

" Raymond R., emp W C L & Co, h 59 Chestnut 
Braley Samuel T., mech eng H S Co, h 37 Washington 
Branch Edward, emp H S Co, h 47 Summer 
. Gladys, clerk 21 Center, b 27 West 
. Raymond, student, b 47 Summer 
William E., teamster, h 77 Plain 
Branchaud Addie Mrs., h 40 Elm 
11 Sf cile ' clerk Charles Stern & Cd, b 34 Elm 
?> Clara M (Mrs George W), milliner, h 1 Aiken pi 

George W..RR postal clerk, h 1 Aiken pi 
i9 Henry H..RR postal clerk, h 13 Elm 
^ Kenneth E., emp Boston, Mass, b 1 Aiken pi 
m Louis A., auto mech, r 13 Elm 
?> Louise A., teacher, b 34 Elm 
9y Marguerite, student, b 13 Elm 

Robert H., emp Clementwood, b 13 Elm 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Branchaud Vina, wid Edward, dressmaker 33 Lincoln av, r do 
" — see Blanchard 

BRAVES CHRBS (Anes & Braves), b 30 N Main 
Br ear Frederick, carp, h 109 Library av 
99 Joseph H., emp Williams Garage, b 33 Cottage 
" Mildred J., emp Tuttle Co, b 33 Cottage 
Breckemidge Carrie A., prop Breckenridge's Bakery, h 15 

Merchants row 
Breckenridge's Bakery, Carrie A Breckenridge prop, 15 Mer- 
chants row 
Brehmer Bertram A., prop Brehmer's Music Store, h 116 N 

" Carrie H. (Mrs Bertram A), music teacher 116 N Mam, b 

" Louis F., photographer, studio 90 Merchants row, h 9 

" Philip H., piano dealer and tuner 82^ Merchants row, h 
94 N Main 
Brehmer's Music Store, Bertram A Brehmer prop, %2y 2 Mer- 
chants row 
Brennan Harold P., elk Surprise, b 81 Baxter 

" Margaret, wid Thomas P., elk C C S Co, b 125 Maple 

" Margaret, dom 70 N Main, b do 

" Marie, dressmaker, r 12 N Main 
Breottio Nicholas, barber 138 West, b 262 do 

" Nobio, grocer 262 West, h do 
Bresee Susie, emp Old Ladies' Home, b do 
Bressor Elizabeth (Mrs Frederick), matron 167 State, h do 

" Frederick, emp 167 State, h do 
Brewer Fred E., clerk 27 Melrose av, h 78 Crescent 
Brewster John W., painter, h 165 West 
Bride Henry W., emp Rut R R, h 35 Madison 

" Julius, painter, h 42 Allen 
Bridge Jennie L. Mrs., domestic, h 19 Wales 
Bridges Raymond C, gen ins Quinn bldg (11), h 137 Holly 
BRIGGS ANNIE (Mrs Arthur A), mgr Postal Tel Co, h 107 Cres- 

" Arthur A., emp Rut R R, h 107 Crescent 

" Charles F.,b 94 Plain 

" Clara Mrs., b Old Ladies' Home 

9 Cornelia K., nurse, b 9 Clover 

" Edward J., elk, b 94 Plain 

" Frank E., emp H S Co, b 107 Crescent av 

" Frederick S., physician and surgeon Gryphon bldg (315-16), 
res Brandon 

" Nina, emp 63 Grove, b 50 Roberts av 
West, see next page 

" George, farmer, h Creek rd 
BEiGHAM LYNN B prop Brigham Furniture Exchange, h 7 High 

The Brigham Furniture Exchange 

Antique, New and Second-Hand Furniture, Stoves and 
Ranges, Bought and Sold. 

The Old Reliable Gonyea Stand, 

Phone 916- W 

178-180 West St. RUTLAND, VT. 

Where they come back again 

Brigham Sarah A., wid Charles O., b 7 High 
Brims John, timekeeper Rut R R, h 12 Crescent 

" Zereda M., b 12 Crescent 
Brink Arthur A., janitor R R L & P Co, h 299 West 
Brislin Catherine, wid James, h 48 Woodstock av 

" Charles H., emp Wilson Clothing Co, h 52 E Center 

" Henry C, station master Rut R R t h 134 Oak 

" John W., retired, h 104 South 

" John W. Jr., conductor Rut R R, h 14 Spellman ter 

" Loretta A., elk Rut RR,b 134 Oak 

" Tillie (Mrs Charles H), emp Ross-Huntress Co, r 52 E 

" William, emp Rut R R, r 30 West 
Bristol Railroad Co, Herbert B Barney supt, office 110 Merch- 
ants row 
Britelle Hayes, emp P Mfg Co, b 63 Forest 
Brittell William D., b 38 Williams 
Brock Frederick N., emp P Mfg Co, h 126 South 

" House, Henry S Parker prop, 76 S Main 

" Lucy A., wid Samuel A, b 28 E Center 
Brohan Thomas, emp city, h 100 S Main 
Bromley Howard H., emp Tuttle Printing Co, h 89 Park av 
Brooks Burton M., emp 340 West, h off 457*4 West 

" Emma J., wid Irving E, h 119 Pearl 

" Grace Mrs., saleswoman 4 S Main, b 157 Ivy 

!* Guy, farmer, h Gleason rd, R D 2 

" Mary E.,b 112 State 
"Brookside," Robert Clement pi, Ripley rd at city line, West 
Brothers Harold, emp H S Co, b 36 Pine 

' Matilda, wid Andrew, h 36 Pine 

' Ozro M., carpenter, b 27 Pine 
Ray, printer, b 36 Pine 

" Sabina T., teacher, b 26 Kendall av 
Brousseau Alice, wid Peter H., h 47 Pine 
Grace Mrs., h 28 Woodstock av 

» 72 Addie ' student > b 12 Watkins av 
Alfred H., emp Rut R R, b 16 Deer 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Brown Arthur N., clerk Am Ry Ex Co, h 38^ Center 
" Bros (Horace and Marshall Brown), grocers, 97 State 
" Burt C, cutter T L & Co, r 39 Pine 
" Catherine E. Mrs., h 52 Kendall av 
" Charles, emp Rut R R, r 19 Elm 

" Charles H., carpenter, h 16 Deer 

" Charles R., emp A J Novak Printing Co, h 63 Cherry 

" Charles T., optician 34 Center, h 88 Grove 

" Clarence A., prop Clauson Shoe Co, h 214 Grove 

" Cleo, mech, h 87 Library 

" Clifford, elk, r 195 Adams 

" Clifford M., emp Rutland Mfg Co, b 3 City Park 

" Conrad V., real estate and ins agt, 72 Library 

" Daniel J., fireman, station No. 2, r do 

" David, prop Brown's Cleaners & Dyers, h 241 Lincoln av 

" Eliott H., painter P Mfg Co, h 90 Plain 

" Erwin H., janitor, h 188 State 

BROWN EVA E (Mrs George A), prop Holland House, h 118^ 
Merchants row 

" Francis W., farmer, h S Main ext 

" Frank J. (Brown & Garrett), h 15 E Washington av 

n George A., mason, h 72 Stratton rd 

" G. Arthur (Rutland Confectionery Co), h 60 Pine 

" George A., prop Holland House, r do 

" George F., retired, h 9 S Main 

" George H., retired, b 60 Pine 

" George J., emp L S Wks, h 12 Watkins av 

" Harry C, emp Rut R R, h 143 Strongs av 

" Harry E., teacher, b 52 Kendall 

" Helen D., student, b 15 E Washington 

" Herbert, mach, h 37 Killington av 

" Horace E. Jr., grocer 45 Madison, res N Clarendon 

" Horace, retired, h 79 East 

" James, retired, h 23 West 

" Jay G., emp Rut R R, h 713^ Williams 

" John H., blacksmith 272 S Main, r 312 West 

" John J., clerk, b 11834 Merchants Row 

" John James, emp H S Co, h 30 Hopkins 

" John M. Rev., pastor St Peter's Church, h Convent av cor 

99 Joseph, marble cutter, h 234 Columbian av 

" Lillian F., student, r 11834 Merchants row 

" Lillian Mrs., opr H H & Co, b 113 Gibson av 

" Lucy, elk, r 97 State 

" Marshall, grocer 97 State, b 79 East 

" Martin E., b 18 Cottage 

* Mary A. Mrs., b 35 Summer 

" Oakley, emp G H Grimm Co, b 90 Plain 

" Patrick H., carpenter, h 209 State 

11 Ralph T., painter, h 14 Chaplin av 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Brown Russell E., emp Rut R R, h 143 Strong 

" Sarah C, elk Woolworth Store, b 184 Crescent - 

" Seward L., b 3 City Park 

» Walter W., laborer, h 3 City Park 

" William J., elk 38 Merchants Row, b 128 Library av 

» Winsor A., emp R R L & P Co, h 26 Williams 

" & Garrett (A J Garrett & FJ Brown), real estate, Mead 
Brown's Cleaners & Dyers, David Brown prop, 37 Wales' shop 

86 North 
Browne Thomas H., lawyer 5-6 Herald bldg, h 51 Prospect 
Bruce Avis C, asst Dr C R Woods, b 24 Williams 

" Charles P., emp H S Co, b 30 E Washington 

" Cora E., wid Herbert, h 14 Williams 

" Harry F., emp P Mfg Co, h 126 Maple 

" John E., emp C C S Co, h 126 Maple 

" Kenneth E., student, b 177 Lincoln av 

" Norman P., emp R R, b 24 Williams 
Brugmann Hugo F. . emp H S Co, h 69 Woodstock av 

" William H., emp R R L & P Co, h 37 Morris pi 
Brunelle C. Arthur, emp Rutland Herald, b 87 Baxter 
BRUNELLE CYRIL A prop Brunelle's Grocery and paperh anger, 
h 87 Baxter 

" Gladys N., sten Charles E Novak, b 87 Baxter 

" — see Burnell 
BRUNELLE'S GROCERY Cyril A Brunelle prop, 139 Library av, 

see p 355 
Bruno Ernest, emp 76 S Main, r do 
Brunsell Alma, b 122 Oak 

" Edith H., teacher, b 122 Oak 

" John P., machinist H S Co, h 122 Oak 
BRUNSWICK SHOP THE mgr W D Barter, 122 Merchants row, 

see top edge 
Bruski Martin, marble worker, h 15 Ripley 

99 Paul, emp V M Co, b 21 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 
Bruten Alice P., bkpr Rutland Herald, b 109 South 

" Anna E., emp Rut R R, b 109 South 

" Celestine, teacher, b 159 Spruce 

" Daniel J., electrician, h 159 Spruce 

" Edward J., retired, h 89 Willow 

" John A., emp Rut R R, b 109 South 

' John C, emp R R L & P Co, h 109 South 
Ludina, elk Surprise Store, b 109 South 
* Mary, sten, b 159 Spruce 

' William M., h 18 Merchants row 
Bruzza Prank, prop Boston Fruit Market, h 6 Pine 
Buck Raymond C, farmer, h Cold River rd 
Buckbee William, emp Rut R R, r 95 Crescent 
Buckey Sophie A. Mrs., h 112 Plain 
Bucklm Fred G., trav salesman, h 31 Crescent 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Bucklin Lena, wid George A., b 17 E Washington 

99 Lloyd G., student, b 31 Crescent 

99 Martha, wid Albert, h 18 North 

" Myra, wid Rufus D., b 31 Crescent 
Buczek Joe, emp V M Co, b 74 Simonds av, C Rutland 
BufEum Caleb P., butcher, h 150 S Main 

" Cecelia, r 150 S Main 

" Louis, farmer, b 150 S Main 

" Rose, wid Thomas, b 195 Woodstock av 
Bujak Thomas, emp foundry, h W Proctor rd, C Rutland 
Buldoc Henry, carriage mkr, h Mill village, R D 1 
Buley Edward P., baker, h 35 Kendall av 
Bullock Charles, lab, b Cold River rd 

99 Roy E., yard foreman Rut R R, h Cold River rd 
Bump Cecil E., U S N, b 31 Baxter 

99 Dennis, emp D A Barker, h 31 Baxter 

99 Floyd E., emp Rut R R, h 86 Vernon 

93 Lacy W., teacher High School, h 50 Bellevue av 
Bunch Charles E., emp Rut R R, h 79 Brown 
Bunker Delia L., trav saleslady, b 56 West 

99 Mabel K, sten Rut R R, h 56 West 
Bunnelle- — see Burnelle 

Burbank Walter P., salesman Landon & Co, h 48 Pleasant 
Burdeau Fred, emp R R, h 14 Church 

BURDICK ALMON J auto painter 9 Terrill, h 32 Nichols, see p 

99 Hazel M., student, b 44 Williams 

99 John N., auto salesman, h 44 Williams 

" John Nelson Jr., mech, b 44 Williams 

99 Roy G., painter, b 32 Nichols 
Burditt Aaron F., retired, b 8 Church 

99 Asher, retired, h 110 Crescent 
BUYOUT BROS (Dan D,Wilbert E and George N E Burditt), 
flour, grain, feed, coal, gas, oils, etc, 15 to 21 Evelyn 

99 Carlton M., student, b 110 Crescent 
BURDITT DAN D (Burditt Bros), res Pittsford 

" Edwin D., (Burditt Bros), h 63 Chestnut av 
BURDITT GEORGE N E (Burditt Bros), h 52 Nichols 

" Rollin A., emp Hortonia P Co, h 53 Bellevue av 
BURDITT WILBERT E (Burditt Bros), h 85 N Main 

" William F., retired, h 70 N Main 
Burgess Feltser, elk Tuttle Printing Co, b Elmore 

" Harriett, b 66 Grove 
Burke Arthur F M fireman Rut R R, h 101 Brown 

" Bridget C, teacher, b 132 Church 

79 Bros (Mathew B & Milo G Burke), grocers, 97 Crescent 

" Caroline E., sten Rut R R, b 143 Granger 

" Charles J., barber, h 37 Pine 

99 Charles P., emp N Y City, b 37 Pine 

99 Clara M., teacher, b 407 West 

Burke Edward J., emp 176 West, h 119 River 
." Edward J., yard foreman H S Co, h 143 Granger 
" Edward L., asst city treas office, h 2 Jackson av 
" Emily, b 132 Church 
" George A., emp 176 West, b 101 Brown 
" Hannah, wid William N., h 101 Brown 
" Howard J., emp Pittsburgh, Pa, b 407 West 
" Irene, hskpr, b 143 Granger 
» Jack, emp H S Co, b 122 N Main 
" John, emp V M Co, h 407 West 
" John J., baker, hill Library av 
» John R,b 407 West 
" John W., clerk Rut R R, b 143 Granger 
" Kathleen, r 68 Allen 
" Margaret K., bkpr, b 37 Pine 

" Marie, cashier Nichols, Barney & Daley, b 68 Allen 
" Matthew B. (Burke Bros), b 132 Church 
" Michael E. clerk Keyes & Co, h 31 Lincoln av 
99 Milo G. (Burke Bros), b 132 Church 
" Nora, wid Thomas, b 132 Church 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

Burke Olivette M., bkpr Handicraft Shop, b 52 Morse pi 

Raymond, chauffeur 161 West, h 13 Church 

Robert E., emp Adams & Noe, h 87 West 

Robert P., emp H S Co, h 68 Allen 

Sarah, nurse 68 Allen, b do 

Theresa, h Crescent off City Park 

Theresa Mrs., h 52 Morse pi 

Theresa M., sten P Mfg Co, b 37 Pine 

Thomas E., emp N E Tel & Tel Co, b 407 West 

Thomas J., barber, h 149 Granger 

Thomas J., emp Florence, Vt, h 37 Killington av 

William, h 36 East 

William P., emp Rut R R, h 76 Brown 
Burnes Grace, wid Fred, emp 23 Cottage, b do 
Burnham Emerson P., trucking 91 Stratton rd, h do 
BURNHAM FREDERICK H fire insurance agency Rut County 
Bank bldg 75 Merchants row, h 14 Kingsley av 

Myra Mrs., emp 170 N Main, b do 
Burns Arthur W., sawyer, h 97 Curtis av 
" Charles E., elk C C S Co, b 33 Meadow 

Edward A., emp Rut R R, h 33 Meadow 

Frank J., emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 

John J. b 33 Meadow 
" Milton B., painter, h 88 Vernon 

Octavia, wid Thomas, hskpr 70 Harrington av, b do 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Burns William P., emp Grimm's, b 33 Meadow 
Burnsky Joseph, emp RRL&P Co, h West, C Rutland 
Burr Albert A., grocer and wood dealer 159 S Main, h do 

" Malcolm M., clerk Wilson Clothing Co, b 96 State 

" Milton E., elk 159 S Main, h 218 Mussey 

" Napoleon M., sand dealer Cold River rd, cor S Main, h do 

" Nelson O., mach, h 13 Hopkins 

" Walter W., emp H S Co, h 77 S Main 
Burridge Wallace S., piano tuner, b 26 Lafayette 
Burroughs Hattie, wid Fred, h 52 Water 
Bursey Prank, emp H S Co, h 35 Forest 

" William, emp Rut R R, h 140 Grove 
Burtin William M., elk Idle Hour, h 18 Merchants Row 
Burton Charles A., mason, h 21 Crescent 

" Edward A., carpenter, h 10 Noyes av 

" Florence, student, h 10 Noyes av 

" Harriet M., wid Lewis W, h Spellman ter 

" Harrie E., sec Rutland Grocery Co, b 17 Madison 

" John, contractor, h Mill Village, r 1 

" Joseph, mason, r 142 Strongs av 

" Richard L., carpenter, r 10 Noyes av 

w Van Wyck, salesman, b 4 Spellman ter 
Bush George W., emp N E Tel Co, h 10 Nichols 
Bushell Patrick, chauffeur E E Keyes, h 138 Maple 
Bushey Arthur, emp Moquin's Bakery, r 21 Mansfield 
Buswell Charles W., com trav, h 85 Library 

" Harry G., elk W C Landon Co, 182 Crescent 
Butler Anna E., wid Edward C, h 120 Lincoln av 

" Bridget Mrs., b Loretto Home 

" Charles Reginald, b 38 Crescent 

" Donald P., salesman, r 76 S Main 

" Elizabeth, wid William B., h 170 Lincoln av 

" Fred M., Superior Judge, h 50 Prospect 
BUTLER JOHN painter and paperhanger 18 Merchants row, h do, 

" John J„ emp Rut R R, h 33 Pine 

" Martha M., teacher, b 38 Crescent 

" Mattie, wid Charles J., music teacher 38 Crescent, h do 

" Mary, wid Peter, b 33 Pine 

" Rita, shirt opr, b 72 School 

" Ruth S., teacher, b 170 Lincoln av 

" Thomas, auto repairman 34 Evelyn, r 34 Church 

" Thomas L., emp Rut Mfg Co, h 72 School 
BUTLER TOWMSE^D E (Tom), auto repairing 34 Evelyn, h 184 

State, see next page 
Butterfield Emma, wid Benjamin F., h 9 Elm 

" Hattie Mrs., nurse Rut Hospital, r do 

" Ross H., dentist 24^ Center, h 34 Woodstock av 

" Sidney P., b Mill Village, r 1 
Butterfly Charles A,, laborer, h 26 Killington av 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 



Expert Automobile Repairing 

Star and Durant Service 

Truck Repairing a Specialty 

Personal Attention Given to Every Job. 

34 Evelyn St. 


Butterfly Eugene F., emp Rut R R, h 16 Marble av 

" Frank J., emp Rut RR,h 102 Bellevue av 

" Frank T., motorman, h 18 Royce 

" George H., emp Rut R R, b 16 Marble av 

» Harold G., elk, b 16 Marble av 

" Hattie Mrs., hemstitcher, b 13 Clover 

" Hugh, b 26 Killington av 

" Roy, emp F C Co, h 241 S Main 
Button Frank H., h 3 Meadow 
Buxton Bernice, emp Standard Oil Co, h 188 S Main 

" Dwight H., machinist, h 99 Fairview, City Park 
Byrne Thomas J., auto salesman, h 25 Lincoln av 

" W. Leonard, student, b William F Byrne 

" William P., agt Met Life Ins Co, West, C Rutland, h do 
Byrus Clifford, emp Mac's Filling Station, r 17 Cottage 

CACCIATORE AMERIGO, grocer 64 Bath, h do 

Caceoappi Jasper, emp H S Co, h 84 Granger 

CADILLAC SALES AND SERVICE Miller Auto Sales Co, 27 Wales, 

see back cover 
Cady Harry V., emp H S Co, h 120 River 

" Ida M., wid George F, h 59 Jackson av 

" Oliver, emp Rut R R, h 35 Burnham av 

" Paul, student, b 59 Jackson av 

" William, marble wkr, b 78 Plain 
Caggegi Eago, b 83 Spruce 

" Guiseppe, emp Rut R R, h 83 Spruce 
Cagney Annie, domestic 68 Grove, b do 
Cahee Alt a, wid Albert, h 52 Crescent 

House Furnishing Co (Inc), furniture, ranges and under- 
takers, 44-46 Merchants row 
Cahill Patrick, retired, b 117 River 

" William J., emp P Mfg Co, h 161 Spruce 
Cahoon Alton, emp Depot Lunch, h 17 Ingraham 
Cain Charles L., emp H S Co, b 142 South 

^ Francis J., emp Rut R R, b 142 South 
Helen, b 124 Woodstock av 

Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Cain James M., emp H S Co, b 142 South 

" John P., b 124 Woodstock av 

* John, H S Co, h 142 South 

" Laurence R. Rev., ass't pastor St. Peter's Roman Catholic 
Church, b Convent c Meadow 

" Margaret M., sten H S Co, b 142 South 

" Michael J., emp Rut R R, h 124 Woodstock av 

" Patrick J., retired, b 62 Killington av 

" — see also Kane 
Cairns John G., com trav, b 2 S Main 

" John W., farmer, h 2 S Main 
Caligiuri Serrafmo, emp H S Co, h 36 Strongs av 
Calistro James, emp 4 Wales, h 30 Meadow 
Callahan Anna, opr H H & Co, r 31 Madison 

" Anna B., hairdresser, b 129 Oak 

" Anna F., sten R R L & P Co, b 82 Brown 

" Bridget, wid James, b 53 Evergreen av 

" Catherine, opr H H & Co, b 31 Madison 

" Charles F., emp V M Co, b 129 Oak 

" Daniel J., salesman Swift's, h 82 Brown 

" Daniel J. Jr., elk, b 82 Brown 

" Francis S., emp Rut R R, b 82 Brown 

" James, emp Brown Bros, b 31 Madison 

" James T., prop Jimmie's Lunch, r 129 Oak 

99 John B., elk, b 129 Oak 

n John H., h East Proctor rd to C Rutland 

" John J., b 3 Kissane pi 

" John R., butcher, b 31 Madison 

" Katherine B., teacher, b 129 Oak 

" Margaret, r 33 Lincoln av 

" Margaret A., b J H Callahan, C Rutland 

" Martin J., emp city, h 129 Oak 

" Mary, h 84 Brown 

" Mary, opr, b 31 Madison 

" Mary E., emp T L & Co, b 129 Oak 

" Mary Mrs., inspctor 129 Strongs av, b 31 Madison 

" Thomas J., lunch cart 88 Willow, r Creek rd 

" Thomas, b 82 Brown 

Calodonato Salvatore, emp H S Co, h 62 River 

Calvano John, emp L I Wks, h 42 Meadow 

Calvi James J., h 40 Baxter 

Cameron G. Howard, emp Rut R R, h 114 Park av 

Camp Frank, emp H S Co, b 158 River 

Campbell Ada C. Mrs., 113 Church 

" Cecil W., teller Rut Co Nat Bank, h 187 Lincoln av 

" Glenn A., b 32 Summer 

" Harriet, wid Charles E., h 32 Summer 

"* John, emp Manchester, Vt, r 34 N Main 

" John H., fireman Hotel Berwick, r 34 Woodstock av 

CAMPBELL LOUIS E asst treas Rut Savings Bank, h 28 E Center 

Rutland D 

Campbell Mattie E., clerk 18 Merchants row, h 31 Elm 
" Norma L., wid Mark, b 187 Lincoln av 
CAMPBELL THOMAS A (Campbell & Tosi), h 31 Forest 
CAMPBELL WILLIAM E prop Campbell's Garage and Filling 

Station, h 141 Lincoln av 

see un name 


Garage and Filling Station 

139-141 Lincoln Avenue ^Rutland, Vt. 

The Best of Everything at the Lowest Prices 

Tires, Tubes and Auto Accessories 

Free Battery Service Free Air and Water 

Free Oil Changing 
Special Attention Given to Ladies Driving Their Own Car 

Phone 1075-J Radio Sets & Parts 

CAMPBELL & TOSS (Thomas A Campbell and Oreste Tosi), mar- 
ble mfrs 11 Meadow, see p 366 
Camrada John, emp Davis Foundry, h 165 Spruce 
Canary Frank P., traffic mgr R F C Co, h 93 Baxter 

" James, emp Vt M Co, h 130 Maple 
Canavan A., emp Bardwell Hotel, r do 

" Herbert J., emp Bardwell Hotel, b 2 Emmett av 
Candlish Arthur K. , emp Carl S Swyer, h 53 Prospect 

" David R., carpenter, h 94 Stratton rd 

" Floyd K., student, b 53 Prospect 

" Harold, farmer, h Mendon Line rd, r 2 

" Hazel, b 94 Stratton rd 

I Mary (Mrs Arthur K), rooming 53 Prospect, b do 

" Mary E. Mrs., h 26 West 
Canney Alice, elk N E Tel Co, b 32 Baxter 

" John, emp L I Wks, h 26 Kendal 

" Loretta, nurse Rut Hospital, b do 

' Margaret E., emp The Tuttle Co, b 32 Baxter 

" Patrick, retired, h 32 Baxter 
Canning James, emp R R L & P Co, h 208 Columbian av 

" Olive M. Mrs., b 116 Crescent 
Cannon Bernard, emp Rut R R, b 103 River 

" Francis E., student, b 94 Forest 

I Henry, driver, b 94 Forest 

" James P., emp P Mfg Co, b 103 River 

" John C., engineer Rut R R, h 103 River 

" John F., emp Rut R R, h 50 Cleveland av 

" Mary E., teacher, b 94 Forest 

" Patrick, h 94 Forest 

rectory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Cannon Thomas S., emp P Mfg Co, b 94 Forest 

" William C, eng Rut RR,h 68 Pine 
Cantano Charles, h 78 Travers pi 

* Emma (Mrs Peter), grocer 19 Meadow, h 78 Travers pi 

" Patsy, barber, b 78 Travers pi 

" Peter, emp H S Co, h 78 Travers pi 

" Peter Jr., barber, b 78 Travers pi 
Canty Agnes G., phone opr, b 43 Morse pi 

" Anna, wid Patrick J., h 43 Morse pi 

" Dennis J., undertaker SS% Center, h 10 Engrem av 

" Eleanor A., bkpr Howley & Co, b 43 Morse pi 

" Harry T., emp H S Co, b 51 Woodstock av 

" Henry D., clerk Rut R R, h 40 Prospect 

" Jeremiah, emp G H Grimm Estate, b 31 Meadow 

" John J., monumental work 38 Lincoln av, h 36 do 

" Kathleen M., sten Hortonia Power Co, b 10 Engrem av 
CANTY LEO F prop Canty's Motorcycle Shop, h 138 Oak 

" Marguerite, sten Rut R R, b 43 Morse pi 

" Robert J., emp New York City, b 43 Morse pi 

" Thomas, farmer, h W Pittsford rd, r 1 

" Thomas C, policemen, h 51 Woodstock av 

" William R., teacher, b 36 Lincoln av 
CANTY'S MOTORCYCLE SHOP Leo F Canty prop, see un name 

Indian Motocycle, School 
Capeless Francis C, emp Vt Garage Co, h 13 Elm 

" John E., mach, h 25 Cramton av 

" J. Edward, emp 60 Center, h 94 River 

" Katherine R., bkpr Wilson Clothing Co, b 216 State 

" Margaret EL, elk C Sterns & Co, b 25 Cramton av 

" MaryE. b 5 Royce 

" Nellie, b 216 State 

" Patrick C, clerk, b 25 Cramton av 

" Patrick J., machinist, h 216 State 
CAPELESS RUTH A (Mrs Frank), sec-treas Rutland Motor Sales, 

h 13 Elm 
Cappabianca Pasquale, barber and billiards, 197 State, h do 
Capporonca — see Cappabianca 
Capron Claude R., b 109 N Main 

" Gladys M. (Mrs Claude R), nurse 109 N Main, b do 

" Mary, wid Edward W., b 109 N Main 
Carbine Catherine, wid James, h 6 Meadow 
CARBINE-COSTELLO CO (William C Carbine, Bartley J Costello 
and John H Dugan), clothiers 86 Merchants row, see 
next page 

" J. Frederick, emp Fitchburg, Mass, b 16 E Washington 

" John J., clerk The Tuttle Co, h 16 E Washington 

" Nellie G., clerk 19 Center, b 6 Meadow 
CARBSNE WILLIAM C (Carbine-Costello Co), b 182 State 
Carboneau Emile E., moulder, h 26 Lincoln av 
Cardelle Frances M., wid Charles E, h 85 Park av 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 



Carbine-Costello Company 

The Home of 
Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes 

Bostonian Shoes 

Dobbs Hats 


Cardelle Mildred Mrs., teacher, b 85 Park av 

" Paul, student, b 85 Park av 
Carey George E., emp Rut R R, h 128 River 
Carl Peter, emp Rut R R, r 38 Cottage 
Carle Louis H., emp S L Co, h 49 Summer 
Carley Louise J. Mrs., dressmaker 37 Morse pi, 
Carlos Thomas, sign painter, b 65 Pierpoint av 
Carlson Albert, emp V M Co, 58 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

" Ellen B., emp 137 Grove, b do 

" Herman, upholsterer, r 10 Church 

" Linea, emp The Tea Room, b Barrett Hill, C Rutland 
Carmody George M., b 207 State 

" John M., emp R R L & P Co, h 59 Prospect 

" Margaret L,, emp N Eng Tel & Tel Co, b 207 State 

" Martin, machinist, b 86 Brown 

" Patrick H,, barber West cor Evelyn, h 207 State 
Carnell Catherine Mrs., nurse, r 87 State 

" James, painter, b 16 Terrill 
Carney John P., emp Clar M Co, h 52 Hazel 

" — see Kearney 
Caron Genevieve M., student, b 38 Pine 

" Joseph, emp P Mfg Co, h 38 Pine 
Carol Anna C. Mrs., teacher, b 31 East 

" Ashley J., emp Fire Clay Co, h 42 Pine 

" Henry B., h 31 East 
CARPENTER HENRY pres Rutland Savings Bank, h 31 Wash- 

" Jennie, wid Charles, b 42 Pine 

" P. Luke, emp H S Co, h 210 S Main 

" Solomon, retired, h 48 East Center 
Carpentier Ella, wid Joseph, h 17 East 

" Frederick H., emp C H Grimm Co, b 17 East 
Carr Archie D., elk, b 204 S Main 

" Marcus, lab, h 17 Killington av 
Carrick Henry, h 90 Forest 

" Richard C, chiropodist 42 Center, h 90 Forest 
Carrier Joseph, b 5 Geno av, City Park 




1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Carrier Sarah, wid Horace, h 5 Geno av, City Park 

Carrigan Elizabeth M., bkpr Ward & Son, b 53 Killington av 

" Gertrude M. Mrs., emp Rut R R, b 19Engrem av 

" James E., foreman blacksmith Rut R R, h 10 Merchants 

" Margaret A., wid George, cook, b 53 Killington av 

" Margaret Mrs., hskpr Bretton Inn, b 71 Harrison av 

" Thomas H., conductor D & H, h 35 Lincoln av 

" — see Kerrigan 
Carroll Dennis J., physician 30 Church, h do 

" Francis, emp P Mfg Co, h 13 Evergreen 

" James E., trainman Rut R R, b 85 Forest 

" John E., painter, r 32 Summer 

" John J., elk, b 13 Evergreen av 

" Laura, waitress, r 33 Summer 

" Loretta, emp 22 Center, r 33 Pine 

" Mary K.,b 30 Church 

" Nellie, domestic 14 S Main, b do 

" Patrick R., emp Rut R R, h 85 Hazel 

" Patrick T., elk 72 River, b 85 Hazel 

" R. J. Mrs., b R D Temple, Creek rd 

" Raymond J., traveling salesman, h 120 Forest 

" Raymond W., ticket agt R R, r 70 Grove 

" Sarah Mrs., h 13 Evergreen av 

" William B., emp P Mfg Co, b 13 Evergreen av 
Carruth Alonzo E., em.p H S Co, h 15 Jackson av 

" Harry L., em.p H S Co, h 15 Jackson av 

" Hattie, teacher, b 15 Jackson av 

Carswell Lucille M., pianist Strand Theatre, r 70 Church 
Carter Charles, emp Providence R I, b 112 Franklin 

n Eleanor, phone opr, b 107 Robbins 

" Frances T., em.p Swift's, b 112 Franklin 

" Kathleen H., emp D & H Co, b 112 Franklin 

" Margaret, wid Frank, h 112 Franklin 

" Paul, truckman, r 33 Field av 

" William J., elk, b 112 Franklin 
Caruso Dominic, em.p Davis Foundry, h 78 Franklin 

" Joseph, emp Rut R R, b 78 Franklin 

" Joseph, emp R R Co, h West n Cemetery, C Rutland 
Casavaw Frank Jr., emp C H Grimm Co, b 43 East 

" George H., elk Am Ry Ex Co, h 15 Engrem av 

" Maude E., b 15 Engrem av 
Casey Alice, wid Patrick, emp Hotel Bardwell, r do 

" Louise sten b 98 Forest 
CASEY MARJ0RIE F sec The S C Dorsey Agency, b 98 Forest 

" Mark E., emp Rut R R, h 45 Pine 
Cash Louis, boots, shoes and shoe repairer 19 Grove, h 77 Bax- 

" Nathan, cutter, b 77 Baxter 
Cassidy Agnes, elk P Mfg Co, r 149 Granger 

Cassidy Eleanor, student, b 30 North 

" Elizabeth A., asst bkpr Rut F C Co, b 42 Water 

" George, asst gen freight agt Rut R R, h 30 North 

" Josie L. , emp Schenectady N Y, b 30 North 

" Leona N., sten Rut Fire Clay Co, b 42 Water 

" Madeline, emp N Y, b 30 North 

" Thomas C, blacksmith R R L & P Co, h 42 Water 

" Thomas P., student, b 42 Water 
Cassin Charles A., h 14 Engrem av 
Castle Arthur, emp Adams & Noe, b 57 Plerpoint av 

" William A., carp, h 57 Pierpoint av 

" William Jr., emp P Mfg Co, b 57 Pierpoint av 
Caten Daniel A., emp H S Co, b 168 Spruce 

" Edward J., emp H S Co, b 168 Spruce 

" Katherine M., b 168 Spruce 

" Nellie A., b 168 Spruce 

" Patrick A., emp H S Co, h 168 Spruce 
Cathlin George, laborer, r 66 Wales 
Catozzi Andrew, musician, h 35 Burnham av 

" Andrew Jr., sten, b 35 Burnham av 

n Alex, marble worker, h 217 State 

" Bertha M., student, b 217 State 
■" Fernando E., emp freight house, h 103 Bellevue 
Cavanaugh Herbert, emp Bardwell Hotel, r 4 Emmett 
Caverly Mabel, wid Charles S., h 9 Court 
Cawley Frances M., sten H A Sawyer & Co, b 47 East 

" Mary A., h 132 Convent av 

Ceccarelli Alturo, emp Proctor, h West rear, opp P O, C Rut- 
Celentano Emmanuel, barber, billiard room 68 Wales, h do 
Celley Iva, hairdresser, b 14 Crescent 
Center Cecelia, bkpr, b 61 School 

Charles H., barber 49 Center, h 61 School 
Edward, emp R F C Co, h 240 S Main 

"FL Co, Meyer Fishman prop, variety store, 17 Center 

" John, emp RFC Co, b 240 S Main 

" Rutland Athletic Club House, West, C Rutland 

" Street Dining Room, Anna S Kickham prop, 353^2 Center 
Central Creamery (Lillie & Edmunds), 137 West 

" Tire Co, mgr Chas H Barton, 108A Wales 
CEREGMN0 LOUIS confectionery 31 Center, h 95 State, see 

next page 
Ceregheni Rachael, h 95 State 

" Rose, b 95 State 
Chadburn Allen, farm hand, b 99 Park 
Chaffee Charles, farmer, h 121 S Main 
CHAFFEE FREDERICK S asst supt P Mfg Co, h 15 E Center 
CHAFFEE GEORGE T (F Chaffee's Sons), pres Rut Trust Co and 
v-pres F R Patch Mfg Co, h 16 S Main 

m Maggie, wid Eugene, h E Pittsford, r d 1 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Louis Cereghino 

Choice Fruits— Confectionery 

Ice Cream — Soda — Soft 


Fine Cigars and Tobacco 

Candy and Ice Cream 


31 Center St. RUTLAND, VT. 
Phone 454- W 

CHAFFEE NEWMAN K (F Chaffee's Sons), and treas F R Patch 

MfgCo t h 162 S Main 
Chaffee's F, Sons, 50 Howe 
Chalmers Alfa T., emp G E Chalmers, b 33 West 
CHALMERS EDWARD A (Geo E Chalmers), h 23 Burnham av 
CHALMERS GEORGE E books and stationery 79 Merchants row, 
h 33 West 

n Ruth A., emp Boston, b 33 West 
CHALMERS SALES & SERVICE Flanders Motor Co, S Elm 
Chamberlain Loretta, elk, b 106 Forest 

? * Henry, emp Freight House, r 10S Wales 
Chamberland Anna M,, student, b 110 Forest 

" Edmund, truckman 110 Forest, h do 

9> Edward H. (Lefrancois & Chamberland Auto Supply), b 
104 Forest 

" Emelda, teacher, b 110 Forest 

" Emile, emp 61 S Main, h S9 S Main 

" Harry, b 110 Forest 

9 Laura, clerk IS Merchants row, b 104 Forest 

" Leo, taxi service, b 104 Forest 

1 Mary, wid Adelard, h 106 Forest 

" Mary, dom 70 N Main, b do 

" Mary H., teacher, b 110 Forest 

" Octave G. E., clerk Ross-Huntress Co, h 63 Elm 

" Simeon, moulder, h 104 Forest 
Champlin Lillian Mrs., shirt opr, h 51 H Merchants row 
Chandler Alfred J,, elk R R, h 46 Roberts av 
Channel! Clarence R. (Hascall & Channell), h 37 Crescent 

w Edmund, flour, feed and grain 127 State, b 93 North 
Chapleau Albert J., student, b 95 Baxter 

" Bertha H., emp N E Tel Co, b 95 Baxter 

" Joseph A,, butcher cart, h 95 Baxter 
Chapman Elma M., student, h 45 Prospect 

" Frank W., track supervisor Rut R R, h 45 Prospect 

" George, express messenger, h 44 Woodstock av 

" Ruth, phone opr, b 45 Prospect 

1924— Rutland Directory — -1924 


CHAPMAN WALTER F (Nichols-Chapman Hardware Co), h 13 

N Main 
Charland George A. ( retired, h 38 Church 

" William G., com trav b 13S Church 
Charlebois Alexander, fanner, h 19 High 

" EvaE,,hl9High 
Charpentier— see Carpentier, Carpenter 
Charron Anita M., elk Chalmers, b 29 Terrill 

" Gelas, carpenter, h 29 Terrill 

" George L., emp H S Co, h 232 Columbian av 

>* Patricia J., emp Charles Sterns & Co, b 29 Terrill 
Chartre Ernest Mrs,, hskpr, b 61 Library 
Chase Guy B., ry mail elk, r 117 West 

'■ Jessie, student, r 117 West 

tf Johanna, wid Clinton M., h 117 West 

" Kenneth H + , cook, b 34 Baxter 

" Lee L<, furniture repairer 34 Baxter, h do 

" Lillian A., teacher, b 117 West 

" Mildred D., waitress, b 34 Baxter 

" Raymond C, painter, b 117 West 
Chatterton Harley M., real estate dealer 141 N Main, h do 

v E. Llewellyn, emp N Y City, b 141 N Main 
Cheedle Timothy, chauffeur, b 5 Meadow 
CHENEY CHARLES R v-pres S C Dorsey Agency, h 122 Oak 

JJ Harry E. T emp Rut R R, h 43 E Washington 

IJ Lucy D.. librarian Rut Free Library, b 97 Center 

P Marian, b 71 Wood av 

" Roy, chauffeur 27 Melrose av, b 71 Wood av 

" Walter G., emp 129 Church, h 71 Wood av 
Chevalier Elmira, wid John, h 37 Howe 

" — see Hostler 

Chief of Police Office, City Hall bldg (1) 
Childs Henry, farmei, h 49 Allen 

J> Josephine (Mrs Henry), emp Watkins Dining Room, h 49 

Christenson Paul A. T emp Whiting Milk Co, h 65 Allen 
Christian Science Reading Room, S Cottage 
Chris tiano Luigi, emp Rut R R, h 133 South 
Christiansen Niels W., emp Rut R R, h 67 Edgertou 
Church of the Holy Innocents, (Roman Catholic), Pastor 
Rev. Bernard Kelly, S Main c Killington av 

" Monty N., conductor D& H, b 90 Grove 
Churchhill Ozen, emp Rut R R, b 71 Pine 
Churchill Charles H. Jr., farmer, h E Pittsford, r 1 

" Katherine, b U North 
CHURCHILL PEARL A supt Rut Hosp, b do 
Ciccone Liberty, emp H S Co, h 61 Howe 

" Nicholo, emp Rut R R, h 131 Spruce 
Ciemiega John, emp V M Co, h 69 Simond av, C Rutland 

Rutland Directory 1924 


192 4 — R utla n d Director y — ■ 1 924 

Cillo Domenico, laborer, h 61 Howe 

* Lena, emp M City Mfg Co, b 61 Howe 
Cioffi Alphonso, emp Davis Foundry, h 77 School 

" Antonio, emp 190 West, h 296 West 

" Francesco J. T emp P Mfg Co, r 72 Granger 

" Giovanni, laborer, fa S2 Franklin 

n Isidore, barber, r 127 S Main 

99 Jennie, opr H H Co, b 296 West 

" Joseph, laborer, h 1 18 Park and 72 Granger 

*- Joseph, grocer 257 West, h do 

" Mariano, emp H S Co, h 5 Pine 

» Marv, opr H H & Co, b 296 West 

" Onofrio, emp H S Co, h 127 S Main 

" Peter, emp P Mfg Co, b 296 West 

" Raphael, laborer, h 92 River 

w Raphael, emp H S Co, h 49 Howe 

M Rocco, barber, r 260 West 

7 * Salvatore, emp Da\ds Foundry, h 260 West 
City — see Rutland City of 

Clarendon 8c Pittsford Railroad Co, Union sta, offices Proctor 
Clarino Roger, emp H S Co, h 55 Killington ay 

93 Rose, mill opr, b 55 Killington av 

99 Salvatore J M draftsman P Mfg Co, b 55 Killington av 
Clark Agnes, elk, b 7 Royce 

99 Anna L,, wid Frank L, h 58 East 

" Anna, wid Frank, h 7 Royce 

" Charles J . , upholsterer, h 79 Jackson av 

99 Charles J + , mech, h 7 Royce 

99 Dean W., emp V M Co, b West, C Rutland 

99 Douglass C. , elk, b 50 Williams 

" Edward H., cond Rut R R, h 122 Robbins 

" Fayette E., fanner, h 198 N Main 

99 Frank S., student, b West, C Rutland 

" Frederick F., farmer, h 2S6 N Main 

99 Hattie, wid Vernon P. , b 26 Chase av 

99 Herbert N M emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 

» Howard H., emp V M Co, West, C Rutland 

" Hyde L., emp Williams Garage, b 134 Church 

" John E., emp Prouse's Restaurant, depot, b 38 Bellevue 

99 John H„ chef, b 38 Bellevue av 

" Julia E,,h 62 East 

" Kitty W., wid Charles, h 63 Grove 

" Libbie A., wid Charles, b 40 East 

" L. Chester, student, b 157 Woodstock 

79 Lois, wid Charles M., b 98 Plain 

" Lucy P. Mrs., district nurse, h 38 Bellevue av 

99 Margaret D M sten Mead bldg (46), b Royce 

" Mary P + , wid William A, h 44 Washington 

*■ Moses T,« emp H S Co, h 122 Strongs av 

" Nellie E., wid Earle C, opr, h 40 East 

1 9 24 Ru T LA ND DlR E CTO R Y— 1924 


Clark Paul H,, clerk Rut R R, r 26 West 

* J Raymond, b 157 Woodstock 

" Ruth E + , b 95 Gibson av 

99 Sadie A., domestic, b 122 Strongs av 

99 Sarah E., b West, C Rutland 

CLARK WALTER A fire insurance, surety bonds and (Clark & 
Adams), Putnam & Sawyer blk (1), 79^ Merchants 
row, h 95 Gibson av, see p 360 

" William C, painter, h 73 Wood av 

" William L. , collector Int Revenue, h 43 Washington 
CLARK & ADAMS (Walter A Clark and Harry J Adams), real 

estate, 79 J/£ Merchants row 
CLARKS0N & CO E E The Brunswick Shop, mgr Webster D Bar- 
ter, 122 Merchants Row 
Clauson Shoe Co, Clarence A Brown prop, shoes 19 Center 
Clear y Henrv R, driver, h 92 Meadow 

" William, emp C C S Co, b 92 Meadow 
Cleaveland William J., retired, h 234 S Main 
Clement Albert, emp Duffy Coal Co, h 1 1 Evelyn 

" Cora, wid Charles, h 11 Evelyn 

'* Elizabeth W., h ' 'Clementwood " 
CLEMENT HENRY W acct Gryphon bldg (9), and sec R F C Co, 

h 35 Washington 
CLEMENT NATIONAL BANK Charles H Harrison, cashier, Clem- 
ent bldg, see p 12 
CLEMENT PERCIVAL W pres Herald and Globe Association, h 
''Clement wood JT 

" & Sons, bankers, Clement bldg, 85 Merchants row 
Clementi Alfred, emp V Co, b 182 Granger 

" Ralph, laborer, h 1S2 Granger 
Clemons Cora, wid Charles, b 11 Evelyn 

99 Roy, emp 194 S Main, r 202 do 
CLEVELAND COLA J optometrist and optician, 39 Center, h 136 

Lincoln av 
Clifford Agnes E>, b 73 S Main 

" Bridget M., h 73 S Main 

" Bros. (John P and George M Clifford), undertakers and 
funeral directors, 7 Evelyn 

" Catherine A., music teacher 9 E Washington, b do 

,J Cecelia M., b 9 E Washington 

" Charles J,, emp H S Co, b 9 E Washington 

" Earl, emp Swift & Co, r 57 H Grove 

" Etta Mrs., b 102 S Main 

" George M. (Clifford Bros), b 195 State 

99 James E., com trav, h 107 Park av 

" Jennie, wid Stephen C, h 21 Royce 

" John C< , opr Western Union, h 49 Pine 

" John J., planer, h W Proctor rd, C Rutland 

* John P + (Clifford Bros), h 195 State 

>J Joseph T\, emp Am Ry Ex Co, b 9 E Washington 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

1924 — -Rutland Directory — 1924 


Clifford Julia Mrs., b 45 Washington 

1 Katherine, wid Nicholas, b W Proctor rd, C Rutland 
J Lawrence, emp Rut R R, b 59 West 

" Louis A. p surveyor R R L & P Corp, h 195 State 

ff Michael J., retired, h 9 E Washington 

" Stephen A., musician and elk Rut R R, b 9 E Washington 

" Walton 0,, emp N E Tel & Tel Co, h 41 Park 
' William, conductor D & H R R, h 21 Royce 

" William, emp R M Co, h 163 State 

" William H., chief elk Rut R R, h 375 West 

n William M., clerk W S Smith Co, b 9 E Washington 
Cline Anna E., emp H H & Co, b 126 Granger 

n Daniel A,, retired, h 21 Mansfield pi 

** Daniel P., emp roundhouse Rut RR,h 126 Granger 

" Jennie, b 97 Wales 

" Joseph P., emp 210 West, h SB Forest 

" Thomas, machinist, h 97 Wales 

" — see Kline 
Cloverdale Co, The Harry Lowell mgr, 23 Center 
Coan Charles V, H t( supervisor of music, public schools, h 82 

Cobb Charles M., painter, h 130 State 

M Elizabeth, wid Albert H., h 75 Crescent 
COBB GEORGE C mgr G H Grimm Company, h 188 Grove 

n Orriri, laborer, h 4gJ^ Madison 

" Orrin W,, carp, h 74 Travers pi 
Cochinella Ablla, h 34 Meadow 

n Anna, emp H S Co, b 34 Meadow 

" Carie, b 34 Meadow 

JJ Daniel, blaclcsmith, b 34 Meadow 

w Mario, student, b 34 Meadow 
Cocklin Charles J., painter, h 16 Evelyn 

" Cornie G., wid Daniel, h 25 Boyce 

" James T., emp C S Co, h 118 South 

" John J,, clerk Marble Savings Bank, b 25 Royce 

" Raymond, dist mgr Braemore Coat Co, b 118 South 
Colburn David C,, retired, h 34 North 

" Horace A., purchasing agt P Mfg Co, h 176 Grove 

" Irving W., emp Rut R R, h 84 State 

' Leonard PL, emp Rut R R, h 11 Cramton 

" Mira, bkpr Davis Feed Co, r 457 % West 

" Willard L., laborer, b 34 North 
Cole — ,tailor, r 28 Cottage 

14 Agnes, phone opr Rut R R, b 5 Cramton av 

J> Clara G., wid James H., b 89 State 

l? Clarence J M emp Rut R R, h 34 Woodstock av 

" Delia, emp W E Grace, b 5 Cramton av 

" Eliza D„ clerk Rut R R, b 5 Cramton av 

M Louis W., clerk Rut R R, h 7 Cramton av 

" Mary, emp W E Grace, b 5 Cramton av 

Cole Mary Z>, wid Isaac, h 5 Cramton av 

" William A., retired, h 76 Cleveland av 
Colligan Margaret Mrs., clerk C C S Co, b 72 Lafayette 

" Mary F,, emp Hartford, Conn, b 72 Lafayette 
Collins Arthur, emp H S Co, b 70 Church 

%i Bridget, wid Michael, emp Foley Steam Laundry, h 21j^ 

" Cornelius A,, emp H S Co, b 21 Baxter 

» David C, h 13 Royce 
COLLINS EDWIN M emp S C Dorsey, b 70 Church 

" Emily D> Mrs., office mgr Rut Mach & Auto Co, b 254 
Lincoln av 

* - Frances, musician Grand Theatre, b 90 Franklin 

" Grace C, nurse 17 Cottage, r do 

19 James, emp D & H, h 90 Grove 

" Jessie, emp G E Hunt, b 128 Walnut 

" John G., trainman Rut R R, h 130 River 

" Joseph, emp H S Co, h 145 Strongs av 

" Kathleen P< , nurse 70 Church, b do 

" Laura, wid Edwin B., r 128 Walnut 

" Laurel, wid Edward, h 128 Walnut 

** Margaret, housekeeper, h 90 Franklin 

" Mary, b 12S Walnut 

" Mary E., elk Novak Printing Co, h 128 Walnut 

" Mary J., h 91 Center 

J Maurice H„ railway mail clerk, h 70 Church 

' Monica B., pianist Grand Theatre, b 90 Franklin 

" Pauline M., emp Rut R R, b 21 Baxter 
Colodonato Joseph, billiards and pool 130 Merchants row, b 7 

Sheldon pi 
Colomb James M., emp Am Ry Ex Co, h 63 Cleveland av 

M Mary W., h 114J^ Merchants row 

" Thomas W., tailor Nichols, Barney and Daley, r 63 Cleve- 
land av 
Coloutti Joseph, emp foundry, h 137 South 
Coltey Abraham, emp H S Co, b 399 West 

?? George, U S A, b 369 West 

n Joseph M., teamster, h 269 West 

w Joseph N>, farmer, h 399 West 

n Joseph P. Jr., emp F N Co, h 399 West 

51 Moses, emp H S Co, h 12 Stratton rd 
Colton Daisy R M nurse 11 East, h do 

M Hannah, wid Oscar, b 1 1 East 

" John R, emp Williams Garage, b 11 East 

bldg (15-16) 
Columbus Louis G., painter, h 15 Lafayette 
Colvin Carlos, mech, h 99 State 

" Charles H., retired, h 28 Pine 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1024 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


COMBINATION CASH STORE CO THE (Ine), wholesale and retail 
general merchandise, 8S Merchants row and Willow 
and Edson, see p 349 
Combs Harry, emp H S Co, r 41 Cottage 
Community House, 86 Center 
Compchna Nuzia, b 308 West 
Como Arthur, b 10 Meadow 
Conant Burton P., emp Rut R R, b 44 Water 
* Fred C., emp Rut R R p h 44 Water 
Congdon Albert, laborer, h 31 Elm 
w Charles A., emp Rut R R, h 94 Gibson av 
" Charles H. s emp Rut R R, h 109 Gibson av 
" Harold W., bkpr The Tuttle Co, h ISA Cottage 
Martha, dom S E Center, b do 
Congregational Church, Edward C Boynton pastor, Court 
ConifT John t livery, boarding and sales stable, 73 Willow, h do 

Thomas F., r 6 Spellman ter 
Conklin Timothy E t , retired, h 129 Maple 
Conlin Adelaide (Mrs George), bkpr A J Novak, r 104 East 

Anna, emp T L & Co, b 88 Meadow 
" Charles, trav salesman, r 102 S Main 
" Francis J., emp Rut R R, b SS Meadow 
" George T„ elk Rut RR,b 104 East 
" James L., emp Rut R R, b 8S Meadow 
" John P., shop hand, b SS Meadow 
" Louise M„ bkpr Surprise Store, b SS Meadow 
w Mary, h 102 S Main 
" Nellie, hskpr, h SS Meadow 
" Nellie Mrs., b 104 East 
" Patrck H., policemen, h 104 East 
J Ruth E., emp R F C Co, r 104 East 

Mead bldg (46) , phone 131, see p 360 
Connell Charles J. T emp M Mfg Co, h 230 Columbian av 

Daniel, emp Rut R R, b 25 Royce 
Conner Edward J., emp Rut R R, h 50 Killington av 
" Harry F., student, b 125 State 
" Hattie E., b 38 Cottage 
" Irene R t , wid Warren E t h 24 Bumham av 
John O., supt city const work, b 125 State 
Stephen E., emp Watertown, Mass, b 125 State 
Stephen J., foreman Rut RR,h 125 State 
— see Connor 
Conniff John F., carpenter, b 3S Evergreen av 
' Margaret M M b 3S Evergreen av 
" —see ConirT 

Cpnnolly Elizabeth A., cashier W U Tel Co, b 35 Washington 
CONNOLLY JAMES furnaces, plumbing and heating, 67 Wales, h 
35 Washington, see p 351 
J Martin L. f plumber 67 Wales, h 46 E Washington 

Connor Bridget, wid Daniel, h 79 Meadow 

" Hattie Mrs., r 3S Cottage 

J? Helen, hskpr, h 9 Royce 

'* Raymond E., overseer Green Mt Fish Hatchery, h 50 West 

" Timothy J., emp Rut R R, b 79 Meadow 

" —see O'Connor 
Connors Catherine, emp 17 Grove, b 117 Spruce 

» Frederick N., emp Rut R R, b 43 Cleveland av 

JI Helen, bkpr, b 141 Strongs av 

" John M., barber 49 Center, h 141 Strongs av 

" John P., student, b 141 Strongs av 

" Patrick J. , retired, h 117 Spruce 

" Patrick J., retired, h 43 Cleveland av 

" Raymond J., b 43 Cleveland av 

? William C, b 43 Cleveland av 
Conrad Kenneth, emp Rut News, b 135 Holly 
Conroy Mary A., wid Peter, h 96 S Main 

" Thomas, emp V M Co, r 102 West 
Considine Anna, wid Thomas, h 20 Nichols 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

Considine Charles J,, truckman 22 Ross, h do 

" Edna B. Mrs,, emp 22 Center, b 53 Prospect 

" John P., emp Rut fgt house, b 121 Harrington av 

" Mary F-, elk C C S Co, b 20 Nichols 

* Michael J,, truckman 121 Harrington av, b do 

" William J., truck driver, h 58 Edgerton 
Consolidated Auto Sales Co, Inc., G C Greene mgr, automobile 

dealers. 34 Evelyn 
CONTINENTAL CASUALTY CO Stephen C Dorsey, state mgr, 

Mead bldg (15-16) 
Conway Anna (Mrs Dennis), emp Pond Mfg Co, h 53 S Main 

,? Catherine, emp 2 Washington, b do 

' Dennis, carpenter, h 53 S Main 

" Edward, student, b 29 Cleveland av 

" James, mason, h 129 Library av 

" Mary, wid Patrick H., grocer 29 Cleveland av, h 161 State 
Cook Charles, emp Rut Mfg Co, b 12 Church 

" Charles A., bkpr E D Keyes & Co, h 44 Morse pi 

11 Charles E. Jr., elk 29 Merchants Row, r 31 Lincoln av 

■J Clayton A., fireman Rut R R, h 103 Plain 

" Emma S., h 46 Chestnut av 

" F. Herbert, emp V M Co, h 49 Kendall av 

" Martha E, Mrs., h 90 Grove 

" Merald W. r asst baggagemaster, h 84 N Main 

" Stella, dressmaker 49 Williams, b do 

" Willis O,, emp Swift & Co, b 53 S Main 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Cooke Margaret, wid Walter P., h 169 N Main 
Coole Ernest A,, emp 52 Center, h 32 Elm 

'* Velma (Mrs Ernest A) t emp T L & Co, h 32 Elm 
Cooley C. Eugene, moulder H S Co, h 2 Jackson av 
Coolidge Ashbel G,, lawyer court house, h 49 Kingsley av 

" Bruce, student, b 93 Maple 

" Clare A. s teacher, b 93 Maple 

" Cuba, emp The Tuttle Co, b 84 River 

" Guy 0., emp Geneva, N Y, b 93 Maple 

?} Harding 0,, h 46 Kingsley av 

" Lizzie E. Mrs,, b 84 River 

" Mary, wid Floyd R, h 12 Church 

"0H& Co, O H Coolidge mgr, sporting goods & variety 
store, 60 Merchants Row 

" Omeron H., mgr O H Coolidge & Co, h 93 Maple 
Coon Charles B + , emp VMCo.b Watkins av 
Cooney Edniond, retired, h 135 South 

" Edmond Jr., lab, b 135 South 

" John L., retired, h 35 Baxter 
Cooper Charles M., student, b49 Evergreen av 

JS Charles P. , mgr Creamery Package Mfg Co, h 49 Evergreen 

" Dorothy, student, b 49 Evergreen av 

" Esther H., emp T L & Co, b 112 Plain 

" Herbert G, emp W H Williams, b 140 N Main 

*' Jesse E lt repairman, h 69 Grove 

?s Walter F., emp H S Co, b 112 Plain 
Cootey Florence M., b 40 Washington 

» John L., U S A, b 40 Washington 

" Susie, wid Thomas, h 40 Washington 
Copley John M. r dist mgr Whiting Milk Co, h 69 Lincoln av 
Coppins Benjamin T. T h 32 Howe 
Copps Annie, wid Michael D., h 51 S Main 

" Edward D., blacksmith HS Co, h 13S S Main 
COPPS EDWARD M (Creed, Eddy & Copps) T b 51 S Main 

" Helen H., cashier F A Field & Son, b 51 S Main 

w John, bkpr, b 138 S Main 

9 Kathryn, wid Clarence, h 1]4 Merchants row 

" Mary J. , music teacher, b 138 S Main 

" Mary, hsfcpr, b 30S West 

?f Patrick, marble polisher, h 308 West 
Corcoran Cecelia M., sten, b 42 E Washington 

" Helen B-, sten Mead bldg (35), b 42 E Washington 

" Helen G + , teacher, b 47 East 

* f John B., emp Rut R R, h 42 E Washington 

'* John P., emp C H Grimm Estate, b 42 E Washington 

" Katherine B., emp Rut R R office, b 42 E Washington 

'* Margaret A lf emp Rut R R, b 42 E Washington 

" Margaret R , bkpr 77 Wales, b 4S Killington av 

" Mary A., emp 23 Washington, r do 

Corcoran Mary E., teacher, b 47 East 

" Mary E„ emp The Tuttle Co, b 48 Killington 

" Peter, retired, h 43 East 

" Thomas J., machinist, b 47 East 

M Thomas C, conductor Rut R R, h 48 Killington av 

w Winifred, wid Dominick, h 47 East 
Coredanato Sal va tore, lab, h 62 River 
Corey Benjamin E., emp P Mfg Co, h 30 Howe 

" Clarence J,, emp Rut Fire Clay Co, h 9 Pine 

" Hazel D + , hskpr 9 Pine, b do 

Corley J. Joseph, dentist 90 Merchants row, b B H of C Home 
Corliss Charles F., machinist, b 92 State 

" Eva, wid Edson S., h 92 State 
Cormey George, laborer, h 107 Temple 
Coro Frank E., emp H S Co, h 36^ Baxter 
Corpron Edward J., orchard man, h 31 Merchants Row 

w Pearl Mrs., fancy plaiting, hemstitching, ladies and gent's 
tailoring, 31 Merchants Row, b do 
Corso Generoso, laborer, h 140 Granger 

" Joseph, laborer, h 06 River 
Corsones Demosthenes, prop Rut Restaurant, h 12 Cottage 

" Gust, emp Rutland Restaurant, b 12 Cottage 

9 James, b 12 Cottage 

" Louis, chef Rutland Restaurant, b 12 Cottage 
Costa Ada M., emp 149 State, b do 

" Edith A., emp 149 State, b do 

' Ida, wid Armando, fruits 145 State, h do 

■' Nan F., emp 149 State, b do 
C0STELL0 BARTLEY J (Carbine^Costello Co), h 27 E Washing- 

IJ Charles B., confectioner, li 10 Mansfield pi 

" George M., fgt agt Rut R R and D & H, h 74 East 

" Julia E«, sten Rut R R, b 74 East 

w Walter E„ student, b 74 East 
Cot a Benjamin, carp, h 144 West 

" Louis, enrp P Mfg Co, h 2 Noyes av 

n Louis, emp M Mfg Co, b 2 Noyes av 
Cote Marcel, emp P Mfg Co, h 105 S Main 
County Court House, Center cor Court 
Courcelle Adolphus A,, emp Rut R R, h 112 S Main 

" Arthur, emp H S Co, h 20 Engrem av 

w Arthur J., florist 12 Evergreen av, h Columbian av c 

" Catherine, elk 118 Strongs av, b 114 S Main 

" Delia M., b 108 St John 

" Edmund, emp H S Co, h 17H Patk 

" George T + , machinist, h 16S St John 

Ignance G., emp Arthur J Courcelle, b Columbian av c 
Evergreen av 

M James, emp H S Co, r 1 14 S Main 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Courcelle Jerome J., marble cutter, h 10 Meadow 
" Joseph A M emp H S Co, h H4S Main 
" Lillian M., elk, b 112 S Main 
" Marie, dressmaker, b 112 S Main 
" Mary E + , teacher, b 54 Terrill 
" Oliver, elec, b 54 Terrill 
' Philomene, wid Damase, b 168 St John 
1 Thomas A., stone cutter, h 371 West 
11 Wilfred J., painter 54 Terrill, h do 
Cowee Jennie, wid Rawson H., nurse, h 54 Union 
Cowen George W., inspector N E Tel Co, h 21 Jackson av 
Cox Arthur C., student, b 37 Park 
Bertha, b 16 Meadow 
Eugene, h 16 Meadow 

George H. Jr., emp L I Wrks, h 134^ Strongs av 
George, h 1 Freeman av 
George N., driver, h 164 Grove 
Herbert W. , laborer, h 87 North 
John, retired, r 38 Church 
Joseph C + , musician, h 37 Park 
Mary Mrs., b 37 Park 
Mattie, wid William, h 85 North 
Merritt P., carp, h 129 Woodstock av 
Robert L., emp Davis Foundry, h 134^ Strongs av 
Sarah, b 61 Pine 
Coyne Edward E>, emp H S Co, h 18 Kendall av 
Crafts Mary H„ b 57 Church 

Cragin John P., janitor Strand Theatre, b 102 Wales 
" John J M bkpr 210 West, b 15 Pine 
" Stephen, h 15 Pine 
Crahan Henry Leo, physician Gryphon bldg (11-12), h 202 

Craig Edith, student, b 125 Lincoln av 
" John A., contractor and builder 105 Lincoln av, h do 
" Valoria, waitress Hotel Berwick, b do 
Cram ton Barker L., h 121 State 
" Ellen B., bill Park av 
" Henry A., painter, h 57 Summer 
" Laura B., wid A Smith, h 111 Park av 
" Walter, farmer, h S Main rd ext 
Crandall Ernest L,, emp Rut R R, b 36 Burnham 
> 7 Nellie, b 02 Meadow 
Crane Anna, b 61 Baxter 

" Leslie, chief draughtsman P Mfg Co, h 161 Holly 
' Margaret, opr H PI Co, h 61 Baxter 
» May, opr H H Co, b 01 Baxter 
Crapo Alice, emp Fire Clay Co, b 297 West 
'* Anna., operator, b 297 West 
J? Louise, emp Fire Clay Co, b 297 West . 
" Napoleon, emp Robinson Coal Co, h 297 West 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Rutland Di^ctory 1924 

Crawford Frank E., lab, h 20 Killington av 
a Merritt H., emp Rut R R, h 110 S Main 
Creamery Package Mfg Co The (Inc), C P Cooper mgr, maker 

Green Mountain Silos, office 340 West 
Creed Catherine, nurse, b 44 E Washington 
» James D.> emp J E Creed, b 35 East 

" James E., contracting, jobbing and teaming 35 East, h do 
J? Marguerite E,, emp N E Tel Co, b 35 East 
CREED MERRILL E mgr Eitapence & Co, h 44 E Washington 
" Nancy, wid William, h 74 Brown 
J1 Richard L., U S A, b 35 East 
CREED THOMAS J (Creed, Eddy & Copps), h 4 Sheldon pi 
CREED, EDDY & COPPS (Thomas J Creed, John Eddy and Ed- 
ward M Copps), ice dealers, Keenan rd and Stratton 
rd, see p 35S 
M Perkins prop, Crescent pi, see un name 

Crescent Place Sanitarium and 
Convalescent Home 

Elderly People, Medical, Surgical and Maternity 
Graduate Registered Nurses in Attendance 
Florence Russell Perkins, Superintendent 

Phone 384-W 
Crescent Place RUTLAND, VT. 

Crist Jerry, h 1 19 Gibson av 

Cristelli Emanuel, fruits and groceries 70 Strongs av, 

" Guditta, wid John, b 33 Royce 

f Santino, marble cutter , b 33 Royce 
Crittenden Burt A., h 110 Park av 
Cromer Agnes, shirtmkr, b 36 Pine 
Cronan Donald J>, emp Washington, D C, b 1 Royce 

" Joseph F. T emp H S Co, h 1 Royce 

" Lawrence H., clerk 9 Center, b 1 Royce 
Crosby Bridget, wid John, h 59 Howe 

JJ Christine M., emp 30 S Main, b 55 Union 

" Julia B + (Mrs William F), corsetiere 7 Cottage, h do 
I Leo E., emp Davis Foundry, h 136 Pearl 

£ Michael H., lab, h 15 Elm 

" Philip J., emp Foley Steam Laundry, h 55 Union 

f Philip T + , b 55 Union 

" William F., emp H S Co, h 49 Lincoln 
Cross Virginia Mrs., h 78 Harrison av 
Crossman Addie Mrs., h 133 Spruce 

h 33 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 


Grossman Anna, domestic, r 122 N Main 

" Bernice Mrs., h 122 N Main 

" Donald E T , dk, b 113 Park av 

n Dorothy E,, erap H S Co, b 113 Park av 

77 Gerald, mach, h 39 Forest 
5 Henrietta S. t student, b 260 Horton 

" Henry W., farmer, h Woodstock rd, r 2 

" James M., emp Rut RR ( b 133 Spruce 

t7 Julius M., trav salesman, h 260 Horton 
7 Lyman, carp, h 1 13 Park av 

77 Lyman H., b 133 Spruce 
7 Percy, farmer, b Woodstock rd, r 2 

n Robert, farmer, b Woodstock rd, r 2 

" Warren J., inspector Rut R R, h 22 Highland av 

" William, retired, h 102 Gibson av 

Crosta Dominick, prop Electric Shoe Repairing Co, h 26 Mea- 

" Philip, emp H S Co, h 2G Meadow 
Crowe Belle, wid William, h 164 Forest 
Crowley Agnes B., emp P O, b 62 Plain 

" Anna M., wid Cornelius, grocer Pine c Robbins, h 108 Rob - 

11 Annie, wid Dennis, r 35 Lafavette 

" Arthur E., clerk Rut R R, b 1~6 Watkins av 

" Arthur F., meat cutter C C S Co, h 20 Nichols 

" Frederick J., student, b 87 Brown 

99 Henry, prop Main Street Garage, b ISO State 
CROWLEY JACK A lawyer Grvphon bldg (6-7), h 51 S Main 

" M, Kittie, teacher, b 62 Plain 

77 Mary V. , emp P Mfg Co r b 87 Brown 

" Nellie t Mrs,, teacher, b 62 Plain 

" Nora E. r h 13 Evergreen av 

" Nora E,, asst post master, b 62 Plain 

77 Patrick Jr., emp Proctor, b 16 Watkins av 

" Patrick, emp L 1 Wks T h 16 Watkins av 

*' Ramona R«, teacher, b 62 Plain 

" T + Edward, mail carrier, h 87 Brown 

77 Vera E,, sten G H Grimm Co, b 62 Plain 

" William A., student, b 87 Brown 
Crowther Ernest S„ emp The Tuttle Co, h 13 Roberts 
CROWTHEB LEON A prop Rutland Rug Works, h 159 Grove 

" Mabel R, b 13 Roberts av 

77 M. Jessie, emp Gardner Mass, b 13 Roberts 

77 Mary E + , b 159 Grove 

" Nita, student, b 159 Grove 

Cull en Warren C, emp P Mfg Co, h 1$| Merchants Row 
Culiiney James L. (O'Grady, Culliney & Co) r h 37 Bellevue 

79 Katherine F., student, b 37 Bellevue av 

" Lawrence J., b 37 Bellevue av 
Culver Clara B., emp T L & Co, b 113 Park av 

Culver Jennie M, Mrs., h 113 Park av 
" Louis P., janitor, h 127 Convent av 
" Mildred!., b 113 Park a v 

Cummings Edwin, painter, h 19 Ripley 

" Frank A., chair caning 11 Noyes av, b do 

" John A. T car insp Rut R R, h 104 Park av 

" Leon W., laborer, h 62 Water 

" G. Leo, laborer 17 West, b do 

" Lilliam M.. nurse 17 West, h do 

" Margaret, b S6 Granger 

" Mary Mrs., b Loretto Home 

" Patrick E., barber, b 86 Granger 

M Thomas, mason, h SO Granger 

" Thomas M., brick layer, r S6 Granger 

" William E., emp V M Co, h 11 Noyes 

" William I., brakeman Rut R R, b 86 Granger 
Cunningham Jeremiah J. , lab, h 112 Strongs av 
Curley Harold, emp Adams & Noe, b 70 Grove 

Curran Mary S>, wid Michael, h 10 Lincoln av 

Currier Edwin P., linotype opr, h 181 Grove 
" Grace M., b 58 N Main 
" Mary, wid Otis W. ( h 58 N Main 

Curtis Albert, emp Rut RR,r rear 31 Elm 
" Albert E f , boilermkr, h 31 Elm 
" C. Mabel, b 28 Merchants row 

77 Edward S., carriage maker S Terrill fr Son, h 41 Edgerton 
" Edward W„ emp R M & A Co, h 42 Edgerton 
77 Fred M., emp Rut R R, h 66 Harrington av 
77 George D., student, b 50 Williams 
" Geraldine, elk Metro Life Ins Co, b 50 Williams 
" Harriet M + , elk Metro Life Ins Co, b 50 Williams 
n Herbert E + (S P Curtis & Son), h 39 Washington 
" James W., student, b 141 State 
77 Samuel P. (S P Curtis & Son), h 28 Merchants row 
" Samuel P & Son ( Samuel P and Herbert E Curtis), flour, 

feeds, grain, etc, 38 Evelyn 
" Walter K, musical director, h 50 Williams 
" William J., emp R F C Co, fa 141 State 

Curzio Orazio, emp H S Co, h 75 Granger 

Cutler Allen J., emp M Mfg Co, b 64 Grove 
77 Charles H., barber Mead bldg (9), h 57H Grove 
" Charlotte, emp Charlmers' Photography, b 61 Bellevue av 
" Gordon W., auto mech 38 Burnham av, b 61 Bellevue av 
77 Guy W., elk 46 Church, r 38 Cottage 
77 Irene, emp Brandon, b 41 Bellevue av 
" Ravmond R + , student, b Bellevue av 
" William O., supt tel Rut R R, h 61 Bellevue av 

Cutting Addison H., mason, h 189 Pearl 
w Arthur S., engineer Rut R R, h 52 Pine 
" Ethel, wid Deimis, r 184 Granger 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1024 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Cutting Irene, b 52 Pine 

*' Mary, emp R R L & P Co, b 52 Pine 

" Walter J., emp P Mfg Co, b 1S9 Pearl 
Cyrnengo John, emp V M Co, h Barrett Hill, C Rutland 
Czochur Adam, laborer, h 71 Simonds av, below C Rutland 

" John, laborer, h West C Rutland 

" Steve, marble cutter, h 27 Ripley 

DAGG CHARITY, dental asst Mead bldg (24), b 86 Davis 

" James C, emp Rut R R, b 86 Davis 

>5 Sarah, wid Thomas, h 86 Davis 
Dahlgren Andrew P., h 73 Baxter 

n George, emp P Mfg Co, b 73 Baxter 

" Helen E., bkpr, b 73 Baxter 

H Henry A,, elk Ellington Nat Bank, b 73 Baxter 
Daley Agnes, nurse 127 State, b do 

" Anna B., emp T L & Co, r 79 River 

M Anthony J., emp V M Co, h 5G Grove 

" Charles J., chauffeur, h 110 Granger 

JJ Etta M., clerk 12 Merchants row, b 127 State 

w Francis M M grocer 50 Cherry, b 79 River 

* Frank J , emp Rut R R , h 27' Engrem av 

? George A. , clerk D & H freight office, b 56 Grove 

" Henry F., printer, h 127 Ctate 

7 * John, emp Berwick Hotel, r 163 State 
DALEY JOHN M (Nichols, Barney & Daley), h 82 Forest 

" Joseph P. , emp Rut R R, r 56 Grove 

" Julia A., wid John W, h 31 Meadow 

Katherine, emp Rut Garment Factory, b 15 Church 

} Madeline R., student, b 110 Granger 

" Margaret A., elk, b 110 Granger 

" Margaret, wid James, b £2 Forest 

n Mary C, sten R R L & P Co, r 110 Granger 

" Nellie, wid Michael, b 79 River 

" Patrick J., fireman Rut R R, r 27 E Center 

" Thomas, laborer, r Kissane pi 

" William P., emp Rut R R, r 56 Grove 
Dalto Angelo, elk C C S Co, b 151 South 

" Anthony, emp Rut R R, b 151 South 

" Etrie, emp C C S Co, b 151 South 
" Peter, emp P Mfg Co, h 151 South 
Dalton Thomas, emp Wallmgford, Vt, h 80 Brown 
Dana Constance, sten, b 24 Madison 

' Edward, lawyer Quinn bldg (1-2), h 24 Madison 
' n Marion, teacher, b 24 Madison 
Danforth Frederick R„ bkpr R Mfg Co, b 162 Ash 

7 Harold H., grocer 12 Terrill, h do 

7 Montilla J + , real estate broker, b IS Church 
" Susie J., wid Henry, hskpr Terrill 
Daniels Aca J., b 8$ Vernon 

Daniels Blanch, sten, b 117 Church 

" Charles G., painter and paperhanger, h 16 Tremont 

" Edgar, painter, b 85 Vernon 

" Edward F t , elec Strand Theater, h 118 Crescent 

" Pearl Ed, electrician, h 57 Crescent 
Dansro Charles, emp Rut frt house, b 27 Cramton av 

?J John J,, gardener, h Curtis av ext 

" Joseph, marble worker, b 27 Cramton av 

" William, mach, h 27 Cramton av 
Darby Kate G., emp T L & Co, b 47 Columbian av 
Daslmer Philip S, T mach opr, h 124 Forest 
Davenport John H., agt Mut Benefit Co and ins broker, h 127 

Davidson Harold, emiJ Rnt R R, h 73 Park 
Davies Anna, tel opr, b 20b State 

" Elinor M„ student, b 205 State 

?? Harold J., emp Vt M Co, b 205 State 

" John W M emp D & H, h 205 State 

" Richard, emp Rut RR,b 205 State 
Davine Frank H. Mrs*, h 145 Adams 

* ? Cecelia T., elk Surprise Store, res W Rutland 
5 Edward F., emp Rut R R, h 24 Rovce 

" Mary, emp The Tut tie Co, r 19 Royce 

' Robert E., chief elk car acct Rut R R, h 87 Jackson av 

n William E., elk Am Ry Ex Co, b 145 Adams 
Davis Addie Mrs., b 63 Wood av 

* Adelaide, wid Henry S., h 30 E Washington 

* ? Albert L t , farmer, h 41 Belle vue av 

hS Arcena, wid Alec, dom 127 Holly, b do 

JI Charles E,, pres Chas E Davis Foundry Co, h 57 E Wash* 
ington ext 

" Charles E., Foundry Co (Inc), 123 Post, foundry 118 Spruce 

" Dorothy M., cashier, b 24 Lafayette 

" Dorothy A,, sten 103 Wales, b 30 E Washington 

" Eber H., student, b 63 Wood av 

,T Elaine L., student, b 63 Wood av 

DAVIS FEED COMPANY (Inc), dealer in flour and feed, River cor 
Post see p 354 

" Florence A., sten H S Co, b 30 E Washington 

" Guert A,, farmer and milk dealer Pittsford rd, Mill Village, 

Harold F., emp Power Station, h above Mill Village, r 1 

Henry W., retired, b 94 N Main 

Irene V„ b 63 Wood av 

John E., emp P Mfg Co, h 115 Robbins 

Joseph M,, retired, b db Church 

Louis £., emp V M Co, h tenement 88 West, C Rutland 

Madeleine E., student, b 35 Church 

Mattie A,, b S8 West, C Rutland 

May, teacher, b Mill Village, r 1 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Davis Minnie E M b 05 Crescent 

" Norman, emp Burditt Bros, b 163 West 

'■ Percy H., carp, b 92 Woodstock av 

" Perley C + , emp 129 Church, h 63 Wood 

" Ralph S +1 emp Rut R R, b 63 Wood av 

11 Richard H., draughtsman L I Wks; h 17 Lincoln av 

" Robert (Davis & Amery), h 134*4 Strongs av 

" Robert V. N., salesman Q C S Co, h 17 Woodstock av 

" Roy C, express messenger, h 24 Lafayette 

JJ Wayne &, structural eng, h 55 Bellevue av 

" Will L + (Billings & Davis), city treas, h 35 Church 

n Winthrop L,, emp Rut R R, h 24 N Main 

" & Amery (Robert Davis and Albert Amery), meats and 

provisions, 36 Strongs av 
Davison -Elizabeth A., student, b 41 Av C 

" Frank K, emp The Tuttle Co, h 254 Lincoln av 

" H. Milton, clerk The Tuttle Co T h Avenue C 

w Herbert M. Jr., student, b 41 Av C 
Dawson Amos D., emp H S Co, h 107 Gibson av 

" Fred, emp Rut R R, r 142 Strongs av 
DAY EDWARD C prop Day's Bottling Works, h 46 Temll 

p Leonard, mach P Mfg Co, h 20 Engrem av 

DAY'S BOTTLING WORKS Edward C Day prop, mfrs carbonated 
beverages 10 Evelyn, see p 34S 

Dean Charles, opr Grand Theatre, b 61 Elm 

" George EL, machinist P Mfg Co, h 42 Union 

" Lwintha, wid Andrew, hskpr 165 Grove, b do 

n Warren D„ carpenter, h 206 S Mam 

Dearborn Oscar , emp 46 Washington, b do 

DeBlasio Pasquale, emp H S Co, h 276 West 

Decker Albert, teamster, h 202 S Main 
" Frederick, teamster, h 138 Strongs av 
" Irene (Mrs Frederick), h 138 Strongs av - 

DeErico Nicolo, lab, h 71H Spruce 

DeForde Marie, b 82 N Main 

DeFrancisco John, barber 148 West, h 119 Spruce 

DE GREE HENRY E vulcanizing and agt Kelly-Spnngfield tires 
and tubes, 71 Wales, h 7 Kingsley av, see p 344 

DeL'auri Angelo, emp P Mfg Co, h 50 Cherry _ 

Delaware & Hudson Co, Stations, Rutland Union and Freight 
depot, Geo Costello agt, Strongs av, W Rutland and 
C Rutland ^ , 

Del Bianco Adele, wid Oreste T h West n Cemetery, C Rutland 
" Arnoldo, emp The Tuttle Co, h C Rutland 
JT Harry, marble cutter, h E Proctor rd, C Rutland 
" Renal to, emp Machine Composition Co, res C Rutland 

Delehanty Nicholas J..M.D, eye, ear, nose, and throat ,39 Hi 
Merchants Row, h 69 Church 

Delli Veneri Dominick, baker 310 West, h 307 West 

Delloliveo Giacomo, marble worker, h 11 Ripley 


1924 — -Rutland Directory— 1924 


Delloliveo Jennie, emp Springfield, Mass, b 1 1 Ripley 

"■ Mose, emp Springfield, Mass, b 11 Ripley 

JJ Paul, emp Detroit, M ch, b 11 Ripley 
Delorme Arthur, moulder , h 107 S Main 
Delphia Charles, emp P Mfg Co, h 57 Forest 

" Fred L t , teamster, h 144J^ Woodstock av t 

n John, emp Rut R R, h 39 Baxter 
Demasi John, h 22 Meadow 
Demeritt Homer, com trav, h 40 Prospect 

*" Mildred (Mrs Homer), milliner The Fashion Shop, h 40 
Dempsey Belle C, bkpr C C S Co, b 41 Burnham av 
" Charles J + , emp Rut R R, b 41 Burnham av 
" Charlotte A +T b 41 Burnham av 
" John, emp Rut RR, h 41 Burnham av 
J * Mary C, sten Grand Union Tea Co, b 41 Burnham av 
M Stephen A,, emp 1 1 4 West, b 41 4 Burnham av 

DeNerro — see Black 

Denico Nettie S., wid Carl, hskpr 179 Grove, b do 

Denning Carrie, elk 1 Strongs av b 86 Strongs av 
17 Julia, wid William, b 110 State 
JJ Letty A 1} emp 17 Grove, b 86 Strongs av 
" Patrick, auto storage 59 Wales, h do 
" Sarah J. , wid James, nurse 86 Strongs av, b do 

Dennis Agnes N., wid Frank, b 14 Pine 
" Edward J., foreman, h 15 Kingsley av 

DePalma Michael, emp Rut R R, b 83 Granger 

Depan Adolphe, h 77 Baxter 
n Albert, lab, h 252 West 

DEPOT LUNCH Arthur A Prounse, prop, Union Depot 

Deragon Anna (Mrs Fred), emp 37 N Main, h 7 Clover 

t" Fred E. 5 carpenter, h 7 Clover 
Derby Frank R., emp P Mfg Co, b 25 Hopkins 
M Fred, emp 75 Williams, h 47 Union 
J? John, emp H S Co T h 13S Strongs av 
DeRose Edward T., chauffeur, h 12 E Washington 
DeRosier Joseph IVL, carp, h 114 Franklin 
" Loretta A., student, b 114 Franklin 
" Mary Mrs., emp Foley's Laundry, b 114 Franlin 
Derrick Mary, emp Hotel Bar dwell, r do 
" William R., carp, h 57 Baxter 
Dervin Esther, wid John, h 21^ Center 
" James, marble worker, h 74 Brown 
* James J., bond salesman, h 143 Baxter 
" JohnE., grocer State cor Columbian av, b 74 Brown 
" Mary A, p wid John E, h 46 Summer 
' Michael P., farmer, h Mendon Line rd t r 2 
" Thomas, farmer, h Mendon Line rd, r 2 
Desjadon Joseph W., emp Rut RR,h 238 S Main 
Desmarais Adeloris, agt Grand Union Tea Co, h 97 Killington 
Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Desmarais Arthur, farmer, b Killington av 

w Elizabeth, elk 15 Center, bill Forest 
5 Francis, emp Berwick Hotel, bill Forest 

" Marc L tl chauffeur, h 11 Forest 
Deuell Ronald, elec, b 66 Allen 
De Vincent Fritz, chef, h 135 Spruce 
Devino Ralph, emp Rut R R, r 142 Strongs av 
Devlin Mary, public health nurse, r 167 State 
Dewey Patrick H., carp, b 16 Crescent 
DeWitt Michael C, gardener, h 181 Grove 
Dexter Alice L,, register of probate court, h 42 Jackson av 

" Ernest A t (Rutland Confectionery Co), h 21 Engrem av 

" Grace E t , b 42 Jackson av 

" Jennie M., b 42 Jackson av 
Dezero Edward, gardener, h Cold River rd 

" Madeline, student, b Cold River rd 
Dibble Helen C, b 53 East 

" Mazie D., elk, b 53 East 
Dick Abraham (Dick & Kazon), h 51 Roberts av 

" & Kazon (Abraham Dick and Louis Kazon), apron and 

house dress mfrs, 24 Wales 
Dickerman Edward M., foreman Rut R R, r 102 Wales 

" Henry L., emp Clement Nat Bank, b 85 Park av 

" Morris W., agt, h 152 Woodstock av 

" Nellie E + , wid Sylvanus, h 112 N Main 
Dickerson Hazel M M b 35 Forest 

" Lillian, emp T L & Co, b 128 State 

n Mildred, shirt opr, r 128 State 

" William E., painter, h 128 State 
Dickinson David, farmer, h E Proctor rd, C Rutland 
Dicklow Julia, wid Joseph, h 13 Hopkins 
DIGNAN FRANK W prop Dignan's Restaurant, h 86 Forest 
DIGNAN'S RESTAURANT Frank W Dignan prop, 12 Evelyn, see 
un name 


Frank W. Dignan* Prop. 

Good Food and Home Cooking 
at Reasonable Prices 

Courteous* Prompt Service 
You Can Dine Well and Be Satisfied, 
If You Eat Here 
IS Evelyn St. RUTLAND, VT. 

Dikeman Beatrice (Mrs George), bkpr, h 90 Cleveland av 
DIKEMAN GEORGE F prop George F Dikeman 's Garage, h 90 

Cleveland av 
DIKEMAN'S GEORGE F GARAGE George F Dikeman prop, 13 

Evelyn, see p 342 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 



Dilitoso Anthony, emp H S Co, h 129 Spruce 

" Mary, opr, b 129 Spruce 
Dillon Fred, policeman, b 87 Maple 
DiLorenzo John, laborer, h 78 Franklin 
Dinn James r b 120 Maple 

" John H., painter and paperhanger, b 120 Maple 

" Robert, emp Patch Mfg Co, b 149 Pierpoint av 
Dinsmore Milan, lab, h 6 Stratton rd 
Dodds Persis, nurse Rut Hospital, r do 
Dodge Bessie, wid Hiram, h 33 Pine 

" Eugene A., printer 27 Kendall av, h do 

" Roswell, mach, h 33}4 Pine 
Dodson Albert R +P com trav, r 57 Prospect 
Dolan Catherine, wid John, h 102 Wales 

JJ George, emp H S Co, h 38 Meadow 

" Harry P.*, b 113 South 

" John C, salesman, h 113 South 

" John P., mech, h 93 Wales 

" Margaret, b 38 Meadow 

** Patrick J., pres-treas Cahee House Furnishing Co, h 
Evergreen av 
Dole Avis I., office asst, b 76 Harrington av 

" Hermon E,, shipper RFC Co, h 70 Harrington av 

" Robert C, student, b 76 Harrington av 
Dominy Frank R. t emp Rut R R, h 146 Library av 

?? Harold R M emp Poultney, b 146 Library av 

" Howard, emp P Mfg Co, h 85 Baxter 
Donahue Alice, b 20 Washington 

" Edward, emp H S Co, h 102 Wales 

" George W T ., clerk P 0, h 20 Washington 

" Irene, emp T L & Co, b E Proctor rd, C Rutland 
Donaway Katherine T., elk, b 33 Lincoln av 
Doner John V*, laborer, h 124 Strongs av 

" Joseph, emp Rut R R, h 44 Strongs av 

" Lawrence, emp Rut R R, b 43 Kendall av 

" Louis, lab, b 124 Strongs av 

" Maud, hskpr, b 44 Strongs av 

n Samuel, laborer, b 39S West 
Don Leavy Francis J. T emp H S Co, h 41 Cleveland av 

" Frank J. Jr., emp Springfield, b 41 Cleveland av 

" James S,, emp Rut R R, b 41 Cleveland av 
DON LEAVY JOHN H mgr W U Tel Co, b 41 Cleveland av 

" Katherine, sten Rutland News, b 41 Cleveland av 

** Mary A. T sten Washington, D C, b 41 Cleveland av 
Donlon John B., com trav, h 27 Kendall av 
Donnelly Edward, emp 2S Evelyn, b 204 Columbian av 

" Hugh J,, clerk, b Lenox Hotel 

" John W. i emp Rut R R, b 25 Jackson av 

" Joseph W., insurance, h 191 State 

" Mary J. (Mrs John W), emp Rut R R, b 25 Jackson av 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Dr rectory— 1924 


Donnelly Sarah C, b 304 West 

Donohue Hugh, emp 5G Strongs av t r 66 Wales 

" Nicholas H., emp H S Co, h 35 Lincoln 

? Reynold, emp Smith Lumber Co, res Cold River rd, Claren- 

" William, emp H S Co, r 66 Wales 
DONOVAN NELLIE A sec H A Sawyer & Co, b S7 Forest 

,? Thomas J., laborer, h S7 Forest 

iJ Rena, phone opr, b S7 Forest 

" William K.,RD carrier, b S7 Forest 
Doody Arthur H., carp Rut R R, h 17 Jackson av 
Doolan Daniel EL, emp H S Co, h IS Nichols 

? John, emp H S Co, h 20 Jackson 

" Kate, emp Pond Mf g Co, b 20 Jackson 

n Maurice E., emp Brooklyn, b 18 Nichols 
Dooley Charles P., pressman The Tuttle Co, h 33 Killington av 

" Henry E„ emp Rut R R, r 19 Royce 

" Margaret, clerk IS Merchants row, b 16 E Washington 

M Mary, domestic 77 Grove av, b do 

" Martin, emp Foley Steam Laundry, b 33 Killington av 

" Thomas, retired, b 33 Killington av 
Dorion Anastasia, wid Clovis, b 3S Eurnham av 

M Harry, r 50 Elm 

" Harry J + , pres Rutland Garage Co, h 50 Elm 

" Margaret, wid William, emp 29 N Main, b do 
DORSEY JOHN S (Dorsey & Kinney), h 191 State 
D0RSEY STEPHEN C pres-treas S C Dorsey Agency, h 44 Roberts 

av, phone, office 145-W, res 444-W 
D0BSEY STEPHEN C AGENCY THE (Inc), general insurance Mead 
bldg (15-16), phone 145-W, see front cover and front 
DORSEY & KINNEY (John S Dorsey and Clayton H Kinney), 
lawyers Mead bldg (7-8), phone 809- W, see p 362 
Doty Ella M. Mrs., r SS Library 

?> Garry, emp H S Go, h 12 Stratton rd 

" Henry L., emp D A Barker, h 15 Lincoln av 
Doud Wilbur E,, h 1 12 State 

?J Wilbur E. Mrs., h 112 State 
Dougan Mary Mrs,, b 155 State 

n Mary, wid James B., h 75 School 
Dougherty Bridget, wid William H M h 61 River 

" Charles, b 61 River 

" George, emp N E Tel & Tel Co, h 27 Pine 
Douglas Charles, b 75 Jackson av 

n Charles, emp Mac's Filling Station, r 107 East 

" Irvin, emp Davis Foundry, b 17 Jackson av 

" Julia, dressmaker, r 50 S Main 

" Richard A., emp R R L & P Co, h 23 Park 

" Roy, carp, h 75 Jackson av 
Douglass Agnes I., emp 18 Merchants row, b 47 Cleveland nv 

Douglass Frank, emp 13 Jackson, h 4 Stratton pi 
Dow Frederick E., carp, h 71 Pine 

" Jay A., emp Rut R R, h 15 High 
Downs Edward W. s painter, h 36 Summer 

" Elizabeth E., b 85 Crescent 
' Raymond F t , moulder, h 55K Summer 

" Sadie M., nurse S5 Crescent, b do 
Doyle J., polisher Kinsman & Mills, b 3 Kissane pi 
Drake EH J., emp H S Co, r Si Park 
Drew George, elk Barney, Nichols & Daley, h 102 Forest 
Drinkwater Guy, emp Fire Clay Co, h 20 Curtis av 
Driscoll James W. T emp Everson & Co, b 107 East 

" Mary E + , emp N Y City, r 1 22 Baxter 

" William J., emp H S Co, h 107 East 
Drwinga Andrew, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 

" Willian, b West, C Rutland 
Dryden Horace H., emp Rut R R, r 50 Allen 
DuBois Mary F tt teacher, b Brock House 
DuBray George W + , emp Rut R R, h 21 Park 
Dubuc Angie, emp Eardwell Hotel, b do 

*' Ernest, emp Hotel Bardwell, r do 
Dubuque Everett, emp Hotel Bardwell, r do 

w Everett Mrs., emp Hotel Bardwell, r do 
Ducharme Andrew M. (Ducharme & Marks), h 100 South 

" Caroline, wid Magloire, b 100 South 

' Edith A. (Mrs Herbert G) T emp Rut R R, r 17 Crescent 

? Francis M emp 50 Merchants row, h 100 South 

h Herbert G,, electrician, h 17 Crescent 
DUCHARME NOEL L prop Wales Street Lunch, fa 100 South 

" & Marks (Andrew M Ducharme and Charles D Marks), 

lunch room, 4S Washington 
Ducleau Ruth, mach opr, b 99 Willow 
Duclo Abraham, carpenter, h 253 Church 

" Alfred F«, laborer, h Avenue B 

" Edward W>, emp V M Co, b 12 Church 

" Myrtle, b 253 Church 

" Sarah, clerk, b Avenue B 

Duffy Anna E,, sten 190 West, b 54 Woodstock av 
DUFFY ANNA wid Hugh, mgr Hugh Duffy Coal Co, h 175 West 

>! Bridget, wid Daniel, hskpr, h 142 Library 
DUFFY BROS MARKET Wm F Duffy prop, meats, provisions, 
groceries, 43 Merchants row, see next page 

" Charles, emp Miller Auto Sales Co, h 9SJ4 East 

' Francis S., emp Duffy Bros, b 54 Woodstock av 

' Frank H., real estate 172J^ Merchants row, h 3 Royce 

" Frank H., Jr., student, b 3 Rovce 
DUFFY HUGH (Hugh Duffy Coal Co), b 175 West 
DUFFY HUGH C0AI CO (Estate), Anna Duffy prop, coal, office 
190 West, phone 567-W, seep 350 

" James, retired, h 54 Woodstock 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Meats, Groceries and Vegetables 

Telephones 1090-1091 
Merchants Row RUTLAND, VT. 

Duffy Jennie J. (Mrs Frank H), ass't 72^ Merchants Row, 
h 3 Royce 

" John, b 108 Library av 

' Leo B., emp Duffy Bros, b 54 Woodstock av 

" Mary A., dom, b 142 Library av 

" Michael, sten, b 142 Library av 

" Raymond V., b 54 Woodstock av 
DUFFY WILLIAM F prop Duffy Bros, b 54 Woodstock av 
Dufort Henry, emp 66 Williams, r 47 do 
Dugan Edward L., elk Carbine-Costello Co, b 182 State 

" Elizabeth, wid William E., h 332 West 

" Frances sten b 332 West 

DUGAN JOHN H (Carbine-Costello Co), and deputy U S Marshal, 
h 182 State 

" Michael, h 180 State 

" William E., student, b 332 West 
Duggan Edward C, machinist, h 22 Hopkins 
Dumas Frank, farmer, h 40 Stratton rd 

" Joseph E., emp H S Co, b 23 Elm 

" Otis, contractor, h 26 Lafayette 

" Stephen, emp M Mfg Co, h 122 N Main 

" William H., b 122 N Main 

Dumouchel Joseph F., emp 48 Center, h 146 Library 
Dunbar Edward A., moulder, h 52 Water 
Dunely Nellie, hskpr 7 Mansfield pi, b do 
Dunham Virgil S., laborer, b City Farm 
Dunklee Charles R., emp A A Houston, b 186 N Main 

" Frank V., b 211 Pearl 

" Frank V. Mrs., h 186 N Main 

" Martha, wid Benjamin F., b 26 Woodstock av 
Dunlea Ellen, maid 9 Mansfield, b do 
Dunleavy — see Donleavy 
Dunn Anna, wid Fred, h 68 Elm 

" Anthony, elk, b 21 N Main 
DUNN BROS J C Dunn prop, plumbers and dealers in stoves, 
heaters, house furnishing goods, etc, 65 Merchants 
row and Evelyn, see p 353 

" Edward J., emp J H Dunn, b 43 S Main 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Rutland D 

Dunn Elizabeth C, wid John, h 3 Court 

" Florence Mrs., phone opr, b 43 S Main 

P Florence M., sten 14 Merchants row, b 68 Ives av 

" Francis, nurse, b 68 Ives av 

DUNN FRANK C pres-treas Miller Auto Sales Co, h 26 Washing- 

n Hall, fourth floor Dunn bldg, 673^ Merchants row 
DUNN JAMES C Mayor and prop Dunn Bros, h 68 Ives av 

n James H., billiard and bowling academy 22 Wales, h 43 S 

" John & Co (Inc), meats and groceries, John E Walsh mgr, 
27-29 Center 

" John M., emp James H Dunn, b 43 S Main 

" Paul A., emp J H Dunn, b 43 S Main 

» Thomas P., elk P O, b 43 S Main 

" William H M U S A, h 45 Grant av 
Dunning Walter S., laborer, h 258Ji S Main 
Dunton Andrew J., r 61 Merchants row 

» Edith K, b 15 Washington 

" Helen, wid Wilber, h 162 State 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

Dunton Miriam, wid Walter C, h 15 Washington 

" Miriam A., bkpr Rut Savings Bank, b Proctor rd, C Rut- 

p William, emp Albany, N Y, b E Proctor rd, C Rutland 

" William K., farmer, h E Proctor rd, C Rutland 
Dupaw Clarrisa, wid Charles, b 29 Burnham av 

" Wesley T., stock elk Miller Auto Sales Co, h 96 Davis 
Dupont John L., janitor Court house, h 42 Edgerton 

! - Rena, emp awning factory, r 51 Chestnut av 
Dupray Fred A., painter 92 Franklin av, h do 
Dupre Joseph E., paint er$ h 128 State 

" Ulric, com trav, h 23 Engrem av 
Duprey Rachael L., clleC C S Co, b 45 Baxter 
Dupuis Blanche, emp 54 Center, b 39 West 

" Frank, emp L & J A Stewart, h 45 Baxter 

" Rachel L., elk, b 45 Baxter 
Durant Flora, wid George, h 29 Hopkins 

" J. Hayden, eng, h 29 Hopkins 

" John H., emp H S Co, h 15 Park 
Durbin George W., auto salesman, r 55 Elm 
Durfey Kenneth S., b 84 Crescent 
Durgy Herbert A., printer, h 60 Lincoln av 
Durick Mary J., emp Bard well Hotel, h 31 Meadow 
Durivage Azilda, wid Joseph, h 31 Maple 

" Blanche, phone opr, b 23 Baxter 

rectory 1924 


1924— Rutland Director— 1924 

Durivage Cecelia E., manicurist Gryf* on bld £- b 2S Baxter 

" George L., boilermaker, h 35 TerriU „ T _. , Tlt „ 

1 Ida E„ agcy cashier Provident Mu* Lrfe Ins Co ot Phna, b 
26 Engrem av 

" 1 Louis A., machinist, h 23 Baxter 

' Madeline E. T manicurist Gryphon Wd £> b 23 Baxter 

J 1 Nellie A., ernp Washington D C, b 23 Baxter 

?J Prosper A„ caretaker, b Clernentw^° d 
Durkee Herbert C. (Murdick-Durkee Co ) h 50 Chestnut av 

' Leslie, emp H S Co, b 5 Kissanc p\ 

« Walter K., emp Kinsman & Mills, *1 43 Bellevue av 
Dusckett Michael J., elk Surprise, h 1 2 Engrem av 
Duval Augustus G., vet surgeon 37 Str atto ? rd i h do , 
DUVAL PLACEDE prop Marble City BaK er Y> h 4S Woodstock av 
Dwver Caroline A., emp Poultney Vt- b 435 West 

" Charles L., polisher 11 Meadow, b & Cleveland av 

' Daniel, marble polisher, h 1S4 State 

" Edward J„ emp C & P R R, b 435 West 

" Edward V., mach, b 82 Cleveland av 

* Henry G. P emp V M Co, b 435 West 

w James, emp V M Co, h 82 Cleve!&* d av 

" Jennie, wid Ernest S., nurse, h 35 F°. rest 

" Jennie Mrs,, mill opr, b 25 E Was^S 1 ^ 

f ' Katherine, asst Dr P M Williams, b 41 Temple 

" Lawrence, carp, b 35 Forest 

f \ Louise, dom, b 78 Harrison av 

■ Margaret, mach opr, b 35 Forest 

" Margaret A., bkpr, b 82 Cleveland av 

' Mary C, sten, b 435 West , „ 

?J Mary G. f ernp H H & Co, b 82 Cl* veland ^ 

J Oakley P., sawyer, b 35 Forest 

5 Patrick G., section foreman, h 435 West 

' Paul A., emp Washington DC.h 184 State 

" Robert F,,b 435 West 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


" Timothy, policeman, h 41 Temple 
Timothy F.> moulder, b 102 BroW* 

' William T., plumber, h 11G Sprue? 
" William P + , draughtsman, b 184 S^te 
Dye Clarence L + , letter carrier, h 123 >■ Main 
H Edward J., student, b 123 N Main ^ 
Dyer Charles PL, emp Rut Mfg Co, h m Prospect 
' Edward J., emp H S Co, b 70 Prc*P ect 
' Gerald, emp H S Co, r 70 Prospect 
• H. Edward, farmer, h N Main, M$ VlIla ge f R 1 
" Harry, boilermkr, h 49 E Center 
" John B., emp D & H, h 70 Prospe** 
,? Joseph B., student, b 70 Prospect ^ __ 
v Leah Q., emp The Tuttle Co, r 49 E Center 
!J Thomas A., emp H S Co, b 66 Prospect ■ 

Dsuba John, emp Davis Foundrv h £ Proctor rd, C Rutland 

EACHETTE PIETRI, emp H S Co, b 74 Travers pi 
Earcion Catherine, b 46 Pine 

" Peter, meat cutter, h 46 Pine 
Earle Edward L, auto mech, b 13 Lincoln av 

n Edw r ard L , engineer Rut R R, h 47 E Center 

?1 Ira L., emp Rut R R, h 13 Lincoln av 
EARLE TYLER W (Earle & Merry), h 44 Burnham 
EARLE & MERRY (Tyler W Earle and F Charles Merry), engi- 
neers and contractors 44 Burnham av, see p 353 
Barley William M t , b 67 Grove 
Eastman Addie, domestic, r 52 Summer 

" Francis, driver, b 99 Spruce 

" Fred A., h 52 Summer 

" George P + , marble producer W Rutland, b 57 Chestnut 

" Harry N., emp Natick Mass, h 90 River 

" Henry, emp P Mfg Co, b 99 Spruce 

" James A., restaurant, h 29 Elm 

" John E>, marble producer, h 57 Chestnut av 

" Mabel G., emp 27 Merchants row, b 99 Spruce 

" Milo F., retired, b US East 

"_ Thelma, elk City Clerk's office, r 118 East 

" Wallace L., emp Abraham Coal Co, h 99 Spruce 
Easton Walter F., emp H S & Co, h 42 East 
Eaton Eldridge H., painter, h 131 Lincoln av 

" Elmer D., emp Standard Oil Co, h 21 Killington av 

" Ella J. (Mrs Eldridge H), dressmaker 131 Lincoln av,h do 

,r George W. p electrician 42 Center, h 55 West 

" Mark J,, student, b 44 N Main 

*' Perlev R,, pres Manchester Marble Co, pres National Pulp 

Wood Co, h 44 N Main 
Eddy Arthur W,, driver, h 14 Dana av 

^ Beatrice G., phone opr, b 79 Plain 

" Daniel W., retired, h 216 Lincoln av 

EDDY EZEKiEL E emp The Bardwell Hotel and (Creed, Eddy, 
Copps Co), hllS Main 

" Florence M., emp 239 S Main, b 239 S Main 
EDDY FREEMAN shop foreman Vermont Garage Co, h 79 

" G. Harold, elk, b 47 Kendall av 

" Guy, emp Rut R R, r 66 Wales 

" Herbert M., elk, h 239 S Main 

EDDY ICE CO (Inc), ice dealers, Orra A Ferguson mgr, Cold Riv- 
er rd, see p 358 

JJ Irving, lab, h 100 Curtis av 

I John E., student, b 11 S Main 
EDDY JOHN F (Creed, Eddy & Copps), h Killington av beyond 
Stratton rd 

" Reita L., student, b 79 Plain 

| William W., painter Rut R R, b Lenox House 
Winslow, fanner, h Gold River rd 

Rutland Directory 1924 



1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Edgerton Emma M. Mrs., h 51}4 Merchants row 

" Harry, lab, h 42 Church 

" Louise A., student, b 17 Elm 

" Lucy A., h 52 Chestnut av 

" Marion G., student, b 17 Elm 
Edinger Charles, elk Rut R R, b 13 Kendall av 

" Louis, emp Troy, N Y, h 59 Forest 

" Margaret M., b 59 Forest 

" Walter, emp Rut R R, b 59 Forest 
Edmunds George, b 72 Library av 

" Linus D. (Lillie & Edmunds), h 83 Lafayette 

" Willis R., teller Rutland Savings Bank, h 100 Park av 
Edson Albert W., asst treas V M Co, Proctor, h 8 Madison 

" Otis A., emp Grand Theatre, h 50 Church 
Edwards Edward L. (Edwards & Edwards), r 52 Chestnut av 

" Harry J. (Edwards & Edwards), res Fair Haven 

" Robert L. (Edwards & Edwards, res Fair Haven 

" & Edwards (Edward L, Robert L and Harry J Edwards), 
cash registers and store fixtures, 19 Merchants Row 
EGELSTON LLEWELLYN J prin Rutland Business College, h 4 

" Mildred 0., teacher, b 4 East 

" Vera V., teacher, b 4 East 
Eggleston Alvin T., b 134 Crescent 

" Anna, wid Hiram, h 75 Crescent 

" Julia, wid Edward, hskpr 64 Pine, b do 

" Roscoe S., engineer Rut R R, h 94 River 
Eisen Harold J., elk, b 51 Roberts av 
Eitapence Doris, student, b 58 Prospect 
EITAPENCE JAMES H pres Eitapence & Co, h 58 Prospect 

" Paul, emp H S Co, h 173^ Park 

EITAPENCE & CO (Inc), plumbing, heating and dairy supplies, 
52 Center, see un name 


Plumbing, Heating, Dairy Supplies 
Sheet Metal Work and Contracting 

Honest Goods at Honest Prices 
52 Center St. RUTLAND, VT. 

Elder Dora E., phone opr, b 36 Woodstock av 

" Walter E., emp Rut R R, h 38 Woodstock av 
Electric Shoe Repairing Co, Dominic Crosta prop, 139 West 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


ELITE BABY SHOP Rosamond I Olney prop, infants' apparel 

children's hats, 55 Merchants row, see p 348 
Elkey Edmund, elk, h 50 Baxter 
» George, trucking, h 36 Church 
" Harry J. (Elkey's Taxi Service), b 308 West 
" Henry Mrs., h 86 Strongs av 
» Joseph, truckman, r 52 Cherry 
» Louis, prop Elkey's Taxi Service, h 308 West 
" Peter, emp 60 Center, h 4 Clover 
. " Wilfred, laborer, h 45 Grant av (7) 
» William, b 86 Strongs av 

Elkey's Taxi Service (Louis and Harry Elkey), 318 West 
Elks Club, rooms Savings Bank blk, 43 Merchants row 
Elliott George A., emp H S Co, h 197 Adams 
" Mae, waitress Hotel Berwick, r do 
» William H., emp H S Co, h 195 Adams 
Ellis Albert W., emp Rut R R, h 118 Strongs av 
" Ernest J., emp Rut R R shops, h 125 Convent av 
" Jack, emp Rut R R, b 118 Strongs av 
" Martha, wid George, b 118 Strongs av 
" Sarah, b 118 Strongs av 
Ellison Charles A., elk P O, h 18 Washington 
" Edward E„ elk C Sterns & Co, h 18 Washington 
Ellwood Charles E., foreman Rut R R, h 9 Kendall av 
" Elizabeth E., b 65 Temple 
" George R., emp Rut R R, h 164 State 
" George A., emp Part RR,h 65 Temple 
" Horace A., mech Miller Auto Sales Co, h 65 Temple 
" William S., emp Baker Seed House, h 121 Park 
Elmendorf Harry, organist Episcopal Church, r 12 bpellman 

Elmore Burney M., plumber, h Mill Village 
" The, Thomas F Morris prop, rooms and board 102 West 
Eisner Alfred, asst supt A & P Co, h 56 S Main 
Elworth Catherine E., sten R R L & P Co, b 84 Harrison av 
" Edward L., emp Burlington, b 84 Harrison av 
" Thomas M., emp Boston, Mass, b 84 Harrison av 
" Thomas C, police officer, h 84 Harrison av 
Emerson Arthur L., lab, h 65 Wales 
" Bessie B., h 164 Granger 
" Carl W., clerk Rut RR,b 125 River 
" Emma Mrs., housekeeper 6 Kissane pi, b do 
" Ralph P., emp H S Co, b 125 River 
Emery Ardin W., emp H S Co, h 136 Baxter 
" Earl, meter reader, b 136 Baxter 
" George H., photographer, h 81 Lincoln av 
" Mary (Mrs William), elk C C S Co, r 98 East 
» William, elk C C S Co, h 98 East 
Emrick William, elec 20 Merchants row, h 55 Forest 
Enfield Charles, emp 87 River, h 109 Granger 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

Enfield Charles Mrs., shirt opr, h 109 Granger 

Engrem Andrus B., retired, fit 148 N Main 

Eno Edward E<, pharmacist, h 33 Grant av 

" Francis M., elk, b 99 Franklin 

" Joseph, chauffeur, r 12 Elm 

H Kenneth, emp 22 Center, r 50 Williams 

" Leslie NL, emp P Mfg Co, b 99 Franklin 

" RurTus, h 99 Franklin 
Erickson Elmer, emp Rut R R, b 113 Fairview 

" Ida, emp 23 Court, b do 

H Karl J + , emp V M Co, h 1 13 Fairview, City Park 

" John W.. emp V M Co, b 113 Fairview 
Erwin John E., laborer, b 137 Library av 
ESSEX SALES & SERVICE Rutland Motor Sales, Inc, West c Wales 
Estabrook Gilman L., retired, h 115 Woodstock av 
Estes Isabell Johnson (Mrs William), h 38 Cottage 

" Margaret M. Mrs., grocer 46 Church, b 38 Cottage 

" Ruth, sten, b 3S Cottage 

" William, h 38 Cottage 
Ettori Lippi, emp Rut R R, h 61 Plain 

" Pauline, emp T L & P Co, b 61 Plain 
Euno Joseph E„ emp V M Co, h 50 Williams 

" Joseph, emp P Mfg Co, b 44 Lincoln 

" Kenneth G., emp 22 Center, b 50 Williams 
Eustace Mary, b 61 S Main 
Evans Ira, emp P M Co, r 102 West 

Eveleth Julius M., emp Fitchburg, Mass, h 16 Melrose av 
Everest Byron F + , Rut R R, 56 Grove, h do 
Everett Frank H., physician 102 Church, h do 
Evergreen Cemetery, Hollis I Loveland supt, C Rutland 
Ewing Walter C. Jr., emp Billings & Davis, b 12 E Washingtoa 
Eycleshimer Irving E., elevator opr, b 91 Stratton rd 
Eycleshymer Earl, b 91 Stratton rd 

FADDEN DAVID F., r S9 Davis 

FAGAN ALICE F asst treas Hortonia Power Co, b 21 N Main 

" Charles J., student, b 90 East 

" Clarence EL f physician 21 N Main, h do 

" Elizabeth, student, b 90 East 

" Emmet L., emp Metropolitan Life Ins Co, h 17 Washing- 

" Henry F M wholesale conf 124 Convent av, h do 

" James P., train despatcher Rut R R< h 90 East 

" John M., emp H S Co, h 62 Woodstock av 

" Margaret, h 116 Granger 

" Martin H. Mrs., h 21 N Main 

" William T., clerk Rut R R, h 90 East 
Fairbanks William H., emp F C Co, h 14 Stratton rd 
Fairehild Henry E., emp Gas Co, r 85 S Main 

11 Robert, student, r 31 North St ext 


1 924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Fairehild William W., supt of schools, h 49 Lincoln 

FALES CHARLES S prop The Lenox, h do 

Fallon Agnes, emp Hotel Berwick, b 49J4 Chaffee 

" Frances J., com trav, h 73 Pine 

» James F., b 49^ Chaffee 

» Margaret, emp T L S Co, b 49 H Chaffee 

" Mary A., hskpr, b 49 1 / 2 Chaffee 

" Thomas, laborer, h 49 H Chaffee 

Fanning Agnes P. (Mrs William E) ( mgr N E Tel & Tel Co, b 
' 34 West 

» William E„ emp H H & Co, b 34 West 
Farino Benedict, emp Boston, Mass, h 129 Spruce 
Farmer Benjamin, farmer, h McKinley av 

JJ Elizabeth D., director The Tea Room, b McKinley av 

" £L Benjamin, farmer, h McKinley av 

" Helen, wid Fred E, D., h 70 Elm 

" Jennie M., wid Charles G, b 37 Crescent 

JJ Jennie M., wid Benjamin F, b Old Ladies' Home 
Farnham Edwin J., lineman N E Tel Co, li 15 Park 
Famsworth Arthur W„ chiropractor 39M Center and prop 
Logansbrae Kennell, h 29 North 

" Lillian L., chiropractor, h 29 North 
Farr Burton V.. emp H S Co, h 40 Elm 

" Guv, insp S O Co, h 132H Walnut 

" Laura J., emp R R L & P Co, r 40 Elm 

w William R., emp 26 Center, h 45 North 
Farrar Henry C + , insurance Gryphon bldg (20-21) 
Farrell Anna E + , nurse 74 N Main, h do 

H Annie L., nurse, h 169 N Main 

" Edward M., prop Farrell & Co, b 21 Royce 

" James, engineer Rut R R, h 32 Nichols 

" James P., emp P Mfg Co, r 98 Granger 

" John £L, emp H S Co, b 2 Jackson av 

" John J., b 98 Granger 

" John J., elk, b 17 Baxter 

,J Mary, wid Patrick:, h 9S Granger 

" Michael A t , bkpr Squires, b 169 N Main 

" Patrick H., emp H S Co, b 2 Jackson av 

" Richard W., barber 49 Center, h 27 Royce 

" William 0., agt Metropolitan Life Ins Co, h 56 Forest 

" & Company, Edward M Farrell prop, tailors \h l A Center 
Farren Stephen C, tailor 51H Merchants row, h SS S Main 
Farwelll Frank S., emp R R L & P Co, h 131 Killington av 
FARWELL GLADYS A public stenographer Gryphon blk (11), b 
131 Killington av, see back cover 

" William H,, sec-treas and gen mgr Farwell & Hayes, r 48 
S Main 

" & Hayes Garage, William Farwell prop, 81-85 Willow 
Fashion Shop The, Blanche C James, millinery, 39 1 / 2 Center 
Fassett Bernard J, ? emp Hartford, Conn, b 301 West 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Fassett Edward, emp H S Co, r 108 Wales 

" Isabel, emp Chicago, 111, b 301 West 

" John A. t polisher, h 301 West 
Fast Louis, shoemaker 64 Strongs, h do 
Faucette Fred, emp The Eardwell Hotel, r do 
Fawcette Maude L. Mrs., h 63 Pine 
Fay Adele A. M„ b 7S Baxter 

" Bertha, emp 44 S Main, b do 

" J. J. Mrs,, bookbindery, h 7S Baxter 

M Mary, emp 44 S Main, b do 

>J Sidney, teamster, r Cottage 
Feather Milton J., mgr F W Wool worth Co b 66 Church 
Federal Prohibition Director, Bert S H viand, U S Court and 

P bklg 
Feeley Joseph P., city eng, h 73 Pine 
Fenson Sidney W., auto repairer, h 35 Cleveland av 
Fenstermaker Roy, emp H S Co, h 200 Horton 
Fenton Dora M., emp S C Dorsey Agency, r 113 Oak 

" James, engineer, h 48 S Main 

*' John a, mach H S Co, h 49 S Main 

J? John C. Jr., emp H S Co, b 49 S Main 

" Mary, b Loretto Home 

FENTON WALTER S (Fenton, Wing & Morse), h 177 Grove 
FENTON , WING & MOF.SE (Walter S Fenton, Leonard F Wing and 
George E Morse), lawvers, Mead Bldg (53-54-55- 
56-57) see p 364 
Ferguson A. W„ treas Chas E Davis Foundry, res Wallingford, 

" George J., emp 14S West, b 16 Evelyn 

H Henry A., sta agt D & H R R, C Rutland, h 26 Cottage 

" James, emp Langdon's Garage, b 16 Evelyn 

r ' Joseph, mill hand, h 16 Evelyn (1) 
FERGUSON MARGARET R (Mrs O A), treas Eddy Tee Co, h Cold 

River rd 
FERGUSON ORRA A mgr-sec Eddy Ice Co, h Cold River rd 

" Wendell L., emp Eddy Ice Co, b Cold River rd 
Fernandez George M., elk P O, h 122 Oak 

" William C., b 122 Oak 
Ferraro John, tailor Hotel Bardwell Blk, h 58 River 

" Louis, emp P Mfg Co, h 36 Strongs av 
Ferratto Mary, wid Joseph, b 119 Spruce 
Ferry Jennie E., elk H S Co, b Brock House 
Fersell Hannah, nurse Rutland Hospital, b do 
Fessler Ralph H., veterinarian, h 44 Elm 
Fewkes William, salesman, h 44 Woodstock av 

Inc, Mead Bldg (15-16) 
Savings Bank Bldg 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Field Bertram L., elec, b 45 Lincoln av 

FIELD FREDERICK A (Frederick A Field & Son), h 41 Prospect 

FIELD FREDERICK A JR (Frederick A Field & Son), h 24 E Cen- 

FIELD FREDERICK A & SON (Frederick A and Frederick A jr 
Field), fire insurance and real est Rutland Savings 
Bank Bldg, 106 Merchants row, see p 360 
FIELD HENRY F pres Rut Co Nat Bank and pres Rut Hospital 

and county treasurer, h 29 N Main 
Fifield Dorothy, student, b 14 Lafayette 
" Evelyn A + , sten, b 27 Clinton 
*■ Norman C* (Lorette & Fifield), h 14 Lafayette 
" Vernon E., emp S L Co, h 27 Clinton av 
Filiatrault Darius J., emp Ravenna, Ohio, h 135 Church 

" Maud E., bkpr 41 Center, b 135 Church 
Filie Casimero, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 
v Feruchio, laborer, b West, C Rutland 
Filippo Pasquale B., tailor Center, r 15 Church 
Fillmore Lucy H., emp G W Baldwin, b 36 S Main 
" William LL, plumber, h 33 Crescent 
Fineberg Bertha M„ student, b 123 Crescent 
FINEBERG SAMUEL The Shoe Man, furnishings, etc, 41 Mer- 
chants row, h 123 Crescent, see p 348 
Finn Nellie, dressmaker 20 Nichols, b do 
Finnegan Agnes, elk 18 Center, r 91 do 
Fintell — see Von Fintell 
Firkey May, bkpr 42 Center, r 101 Wales 
w Spencer, moulder, h 101 Wales 
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Rev Geo W Peck Jr-, pastor, Center n 

North, see p 34(5 
Fish Charles F., emp V M Co, h 13 Church 
" Edith, bkpr G W Fish, r 31 West 
9 Forest, auto mech, b 1 443/2 Woodstock av 
" Gladys, nurse Rut Hosp, r do 

FISH GUV W contractor, plumbing, heating & ventilating 52 
Washington, h 31 West, see p 351 
" Harvey H + , painter, h 114 Park av 
w Henry G., painter 114 Park av, b do 
" Herbert W. T prop Terrill Street Garage, h 25 East 
" Lionel E. s retired, h 49 Jackson av 
J Lloyd R., emp P Mfp; Co, b 45 Watkins av 
?I Marshall B>, farmer, h off Pittsford rd above Mill Village, 

" Wallace, milk dealer, h off Pittsford rd above Mill Village, 

Fisher Mary, wid William H. E, h 34 West 
* May E. r wid Edgar L. f dressmaker, h 191 Granger 
5t Raleigh A., press opr, h 41 Cottage 
Fishman Meyer, prop F L Center Co, h 79 Harrison av 
** Samuel, teacher, h 51 West 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1024— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Fisk Mary J., wid Hiram, h 11 Lincoln av 

? * Mial W. , linotype opr The Rutland Herald, b 1 1 Lincoln a v 
Fiske Charlotte, elk Tuttle Print Co, b 35 Williams 

>' Forest, emp 92 West, r 1443^ Woodstock 

" George W., physician 47 Roberts av, h do 
Fitzgerald Anna K, b 247 Grove 

rl Ellen J, Mrs., b Loretto Home 

M Frances, emp 26 Washington, b do 

» Irene D., elk 21 Center, b 132 Walnut 

" Iver W., marble worker 11 Meadow, h 132 Walnut 

" John R, Jr., farmer, h Stratton rd, n Killington av 

" John T., emp R R L & P Co, h 247 Grove 

" Maria C., wid Thomas, h 24 Cottage 

" Theodore, emp Holmes' Boiler Wks, b 132 Walnut 
Fit2simmons Frank T., b 96 Killington av 

" James, emp H S Co, r 96 Killington av 

" John C;, emp H S Co, b 06 Killington av 

" Helen A,, nurse, b 96 Killington av 

" Susan J + , emp Rut R R, b 96 Killington av 
Flagg Frank, blacksmith P Mfg Co, h 48 Elm 

" Ford T., special agt Standard Oil Co T h S Roberts av 

" Henry H., accountant, b 4S Elm 

" Russell D. f ins agt Prudential Life Ins Co, h 45 Crescent 
Flaherty Nellie, b Loretto Home 

" Thomas A., emp M Mfg Co, r 16 Evelyn 
Flanagan Dennis B,, emp P Mfg Co, h S3 Meadow 

" Frances B., student, b 83 Meadow 

" James T., emp R R L & P Co, h 132 River 
Flanders Bernard W., emp Rut R R, h E Proctor rd c West, C 

" Charles A M h 186 Adams 
FLANDERS CLAYTON E prop Flanders Motor Co, h 8 Elm 

" Cordelia A. S,, wid Austin, h 113 Library av 

" Earl A., emp Rut R R, b 186 Adams 

M Ervin W., mech Rut R R, b 168 Baxter 

" Ethel (Mrs Bernard), elk D E Martin, res C Rutland 

" Forest H., wood wkr H S Co, h 3 Freeman 

" George, wood cutter, h 12 Stratton rd 

" Harry E,, com trav, h 117 Crescent 

" James C, caretaker, h 1GS Baxter 

" Lawrence E., gardener, h 162 Baxter 
FLANDERS MOTOR CO Clayton E Flanders prop, Garage, dist 
Maxwell, Chalmers, Chrysler and White trucks, S 
Elm, see front cover 

» Reginald R., emp Rut R R, b 1S6 Adams 

" Seneca, emp H E Co, h 30 Lincoln av 
Flanigan William H + , sten H S Co and treas Rutland Mfg Co, 

h 235 S Main 
Flannery Katherine L„ dressmaker 22 Nichols, h do 
Fleischmann Yeast Co The, Daniel J Healy, mgr, Mead bldg 

1924 — -Rutland Directory — 1924 


Rutland Directory 1924 

Fleming Bernard T., emp V M Co, b 65 School 

" James P., emp V M Co, b 75 School 

" John W., emp Rut R R, h 23 Royce 
Fletcher Agnes M., teacher, r 23 Temple 

" Florence C, sten 39 Center, b 40 Pine 

" Guy A., emp Miller Auto Sales Co, h 40 Pine 

" Ruth G., nurse, b 40 Pine 
Flint Orel P., emp N E Tel Co, h 198 N Main 
Flood Bernice, reporter The Rutland News, h 24 S Main 
Flory Dominic, barber 140 Merchants Row, h 235 Columbian 
' Frank, emp V M Co, h 233 Columbian av 

" John, emp 29 Merchants row, b 243 Columbian av 
} Lazzaro, emp V M Co, h 243 Columbian av 

" Nicholas C, prop Bardwell Hotel Barber Shop, h 43 Kings- 
ley av 

" Rocky, emp V M Co, h 235 Columbian av 

" Vito, barber 140 Merchants Row, b 233 Columbian av 
Flynn Agnes V,, sten, b 91 Meadow 

JJ Bessie C, dressmaker, h SI Brown 

" Florence (Mrs William), elk R F C Co, r 12 Royce 

n Frank B., installer N E Tel & Tel Co, r 73 Center 

" Henry J., emp Rut R R, h 91 Meadow 

" Johanna M., sten Washington, D C, b 5S Cherry 

M John, emp Am Ry Ex Co, h 25 Elm 

" John C M sales mgr Rut F C Co, h 5 Royce 

" Joseph F„ emp Rut R R, b 91 Meadow 

" Margaret E., dressmaker 81 Brown, b do 

" Matthew, emp city, h 58 Cherry 

u Patrick, h 81 Brown 

" Raymond J., emp P Mfg Co, b 81 Brown 

" William, emp R F Co, r 12 Royce 
Fogg Claude J. T emp Rut R R, h 103 Maple 
Foley Ambrose, clerk Auditor Rut R R, b 1 41 Granger 

" Edward, emp T L & Co, b 95 Franklin 

" Edward J., ins agt, b 132 South 

" Edward H.,h 56 Allen 

" Frank D„ emp Kinsman & Mills, h 141 Granger 

'' Gertrude A,, emp Marble Savings Bank, b 132 South 

JS Helen, wid James, emp TL& Co, h 95 Franklin 

" Jane A., elk, b 33 Lincoln av 

" John A., b 110 River 

FOLEY LAUNDRY Michael J Foley prop, 35 Merchants row, see 
top next page 

" Margaret, b 56 Allen 

' Margaret J, p elk Surprise Store, h 132 South 

M Mary, elk R F C Co, r 95 Franklin 

" Mary, bkpr Foley Laundry t b 1 16 River 

3 Mary r wid Alexander P., second hand store 70 Wales, h 45 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

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FOLEY MICHAEL J prop Foley Laundry, h 116 River 

" Richard B„ emp T L & Co, b 95 Franklin 

" William J,, repairman, h 50 West 
Fondano Joseph, emp D & H, h 50 Union 
Forbush Abbie J, Mrs., b 25 Burnham av 

" Earle P., salesman 57 Merchants Row, b 25 Burnham av 

rt Preston D, ; RR mail clerk, h 25 Burnham 
Forcier Edward J., student, b 100 East 

" Joseph E., engineer Rut R R, h 100 East 

" Margaret, b 214 Mussey 

" Victor, h 214 Mussey 
Ford Blanche A„ wid Elba J., h 172 Lincoln av 

n J B & Co, E W Parker salesman, Grvphon bldg (12}4) 
F0RKAS EMERY prop White Cupboard Food Shop, h 40 Cottage 
Forquites Clayton, emp 284 West, h 19 Wales 

" Clyde H., blacksmith, h 91 Jackson av 
For tier Frank, laborer, h 57 Pierpoint av 

" George, mason, h 207 State 

" Joseph, laborer, r 142 Strongs av 
Fortin William G, foreman R R L & P Co, h 78 Plain 
Fosburgh Harvey N., engineer, h 80 Cleveland av 

" Leo, r 80 Cleveland av 
Foss Ella E., bkpr Landon Garage, b 96 Church 
Foster A, D. Mrs,, b 17 Jackson av 

" Anna, wid Lawrence W + , h 125 South 

" Arthur, laborer, h 5 Dana 

J * Edward C, janitor N E Tel & Tel Co, h 95 Crescent 

" Edward J., state insp, h 32 Summer 

" Fred C,, emp R Mfg Co, h 248 West 

" George, b 10 Stratton rd 

" George, baker 57 West, r 248 do 

" George, baker, b 30 Summer 

" George F + , hotel employee, 38 Church 

" James, moulder, b 57 Summer 

F James N., emp Rut R R, h 52 North 

'> John P., molder, h 19 Baxter 

J * Josephine L., wid Charles, b Old Ladies' Home 

1924 — Rutland Director y— 1 924 


Foster Julia (Mrs James), b 57 Summer 

» Hilda G., sten, b 38 Church 

" Lawrence, chauffeur, b 248 West 

" Mable, b 10 Stratton rd 

" Patrick J,, foreman H S Co, h 129 River 

" Roy J + , auto mech, h 35 Summer 

" Walter L., cond St Ry, b 125 South 

" William H., emp Davis Foundry, h 12 Stratton rd 
Fostman Andrew, emp V M Co, h 49 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

" Herbert B., emp V M Co, h 49 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 
Foti Joseph, grocer 35 Forest, h 43 do 
Fowler Harold B,, h 26 Madison 

" Laura A., wid Bud D., emp T L & Co, b 233 State 
Fox Anna, b Loretto Home 

,J Catherine, student, b Grove st rd above Mill Village, R 1 

" Charles L., emp Rut R R, h 77 River 

?? Earl, farmhand, r Grove st rd, R 1 

" Edward, emp Davis Foundry, b 78 South 

" Edward F + , auto salesman, h 142 Maple 

JJ Edward H., clerk Rut R R, b 09 Church 

?l Edward J., farmer, Grove st rd, R 1 

" Elisabeth, 29 S Main, b 78 South 

** George, conditctor, h 145 Granger 

" James, emp Davis Foundry, h 57 Summer 
FOX JOHN C (C H Grimm Co), h 201 Grove (Ivyholme) 

" Margaret J + , elk C Sterns & Co, b 59 Church 

" MattieP., b 191 Grove 

" Michael, laborer, h 78 South 

FOX NELLA (Mrs John C), (C H Grimm Co), h 201 Grove 

" Thomas P., emp Rut R R, h 100 N Main 

" William P., emp Davis Foundry, h 112 Granger 
Foy Agnes F„ elk, b 158 Pearl 

" Charles, emp H S Co, h 24 West 
Foye Allen C, emp H S Co, h 11 Deer 

" Charles W., elk H S Co, h 53H Prospect 

" Leonard W,. emp Rut R R, h 23 Engrem av 
Foyles Harriet B. S., wid John A M h 86 Crescent 

JS Robert, b 86 Crescent 
Frair William A., sewing machine agt, h 172 Adams 
Franceschi Alfredo, marble cutter, h 399 West 

" Leah, student, b 399 West 
Francis Henry C, eng, h 97 Forest 

JJ Charles, taxi service, h IIS South 
' Fred, taxi service, Depot, h 141 Library av 

» Gertrude A., bkpr N E Tel & Tel Co, b 97 Forest 

" Leroy, farmer, h Woodstock av, R 1 
Francisco Herbert A., retired, h 99 Center 

51 Rolo J., b 99 Center 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Fran co American Hygienic Co, toilet specialties, Mary Liv- 
ingston agt, 253^ Center 
Frank George Henry, emp H S Co, h 96 Gibson av 
FRANK SAMUEL mgr The Surprise Dept Store Co, h 79 Lincoln 

Frankiewicz Adolf, emp H S Co, h 87 Killington av 
" Steve, painter, h 113 Library 
" Steven, emp H S Co, b 87 Killington av 
5 Tekla, mill opr, b 87 Killington av 
" Thelma, sten C E Lamb, b 87 Killington av 
Franklin Ella, teacher, h 101 Grove av 

* Etta, b 101 Grove av 
" Gus, lab s b 16 Evelyn 

Fransen C, Edwin, marble worker, hill Fairview 
Franzoni Alba, b 194 City Park 

n Alexander Sr„ emp V M Co, h 446 West 

" Almo, h 137 Church 

n Aristide, marble worker, h 194 City Park 

" Attilio, plumber Adams & Noe, hi 94 City Park 

" Augusta, clerk 7 Center, b 446 West 

" Emelio, emp Clarendon, h 32 Water 

" Ernest P., clerk, b 32 Water 

" Geno, b 194 City Park 

" Ismene, teacher, b 446 West 

" John, contractor and builder 118 Forest, h do 
[ Lea L., clerk 9 Merchants row, b 32 Water 

" Louise, wid Alphonse, b US Forest 

,? Lucy L. (Mrs Joseph), phone opr, b 109 Robbins 

" Mamie, emp Hall, Hartwell Co, b 194 City Park 

" Mary, student, b 446 West 

* Osvilda, dentist asst Gryphon blk (5), b 446 West 

? P. Joseph (Machine Composition Co), h 109 Robbins 

" Raymond, b 137 Church 

" Raymond S,, student, b 137 Church 
Frappier Delphis, laborer, h 91 Adams 

" Edmund G,, emp U S Gov't, b 198 Pearl 

" George J., carpenter, h 198 Pearl 
Eraser John A., steamfltter 9 Evelyn, h 20 High 
Fratscher Alfred M, t polisher, h 123 Park av 
Frazier Ernest, emp P Mfg Co, b 42 Union 

f * William, emp city, h 49 Forest 
Frechette Emelie, wid Alfred, b 132 Crescent 

" J. Camille, mail carrier, h 132 Crescent 
Freddette John, teamster, h 19 Wales 

" Louis J., teamster, b 19 Wales 
Fredette Albert, retired, h 120 Maple 

" Birdie, wid Henry, h Proctor rd, C Rutland 

?? Ernest, emp V M Co, h Wells Hill, C Rutland 

" Frank Jr., emp H S Co, h 94 State 

" Fred, emp H S Co, h 26 Hopkins 

Rutland Directory 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Fredette Henry Z., emp V M Co, h 87 Maple 

" John, emp D A Barker, h 49 Pier point av 

" Louis E,, c1k D & H, b 20 Jackson 

» Maxon, emp H S Co, h 105 S Main 
1 Raymond, emp Cast! et on, b Proctor rd, C Rutland 

?? Rose, emp Mass, b 120 Maple 
Freeman Charles, emp Ross-Huntress, b 29 Church 

" Helen M. T sten 48 Center, b 11 Crescent 

JJ James, emp Rut R R, h 142 State 

" Janet E., sten R C Bridges, b 11 Crescent 

M Purley W„ painter contractor 1 1 Crescent, h do 
Fregosi Adolphus, emp V M Co, h 38 Water 

" Antonio, emp H S Co, b 38 Water 

57 Aspasia E., dressmaker, b 38 Water 

*' Hugo, emp Proctor, b 47 Baxter 

" Mario, emp M Mfg Co, b 38 Water 

" Nechie, emp Middletown, N Y, b 38 Water 

" Nellie A., b 38 Water 
French Allen, repairman, h 22 E Washington 

P George L, R., gen supt Rut R R, h 26 Court 

" Mary J., wid Stephen, h 53 Elm 

7J William F M emp Rut R R, h 106 S Main 
Frenier Supplv Co, W A Frenier prop, 100-104 Cleveland av 

" Clara, b 39 West 
FRENIER J H & SON mfrs sand pumps, 120 Cleveland av, see p 

FRENIER J HENRY (J H Frenier & Son), h 39 West 

" Wilfred A., prop Frenier Supply Co, h 53 Baxter 
Fressell George E., emp H S Co, h 28 Jackson av 

" Hannah, nurse Rut Hospital, r do 

Frier William A., emp Singer Sewing Machine Co, h Adams 
Frisbie Guy W., retired, b S5 S Main 
Frost Albro L-, janitor Federal bldg, h 46 Pine 

" Bert A., cutter, h 32 Church 

" Gladys, teacher, b 32 Church 

? Harper L., carpenter, h 51 Temple 

J! Irving M., h 50 Morse pi 

" Roy A., niech 24 Merchants row, b 46 Pine 
Fruitland The, prop Louis Pantas, 40 Center 
Frye Jed, emp Mac's Filling Station, r 17 Cottage 
Fucci Alexander, emp H S Co, b 165 Spruce 

" Antonio, emp H S Co, b 165 Spruce 

71 Christie, li 70 River 

" Louis, emp H S Co, h 165 Spruce 
Fucilo Benne, emp Rut R R, r 121 Spruce 
f j j FULLAM ERNEST L pres gen mgr People's Coal Co, h 54 Pleasant 
f W*wW Leighton G„ retired, b 54 Pleasant 

J Charles A. , retired, h 97 Park av 
Charles S., carp, h 151 Woodstock av 

" Clayton W., emp 12 Merchants Row, b 151 Woodstock av 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Follam Earle B., emp Rutland Conf Co, r 24 Engrem av 

" Edway W„ emp Rutland Herald, h 109 Robbins 

J Florence, nurse Albany, r 27 Jackson av 

■ Frank B t , mail carrier, h 27 Jackson av 

'* Frank W>, engineer Rut R R, h 24 Engrem av 

" Guy H., plumber, h S Roberts av 

w Harold, h Gleason rd, r 2 

" J. Fred, emp L I Wks, h 116 East 

,} Josephine, dressmaker 29 Jackson av, h do 

' Julia A,, wid Alden L, & 119 Park av 

" Louis W-, emp H S Co, b 50 Kendall av 

J> Robert, student, b 24 Engrem av 

" Ruth A., bkpr P Mfg Co, b 119 Park av 

■ J Sarah M . , teacher, b 24 Engrem av 

" Vivian C, emp N E Tel Co, h 88 Jackson av 
Fulton Adams R., mall clerk, h 34 Engrem av 
Fusco John, emp D & H, h 459 West, C Rutland 

w Joseph, mach, b 308 West 

* Lawrence, retired, h 461 West, C Rutland 

" Louis, emp V M Co, b 459 West, C Rutland 

" Patsy, b 461 West 

? Secondino, salesman P Mfg Co, b 461 West, C Rutland 
Gage Mabel, teacher, r 16 Woodstock av 

GAR HALL, 82 Merchants Row 

GAGE WIN FRED B chiropractor, Gryphon cor bik (324- 325- 

326), h 143 Lincoln av, office hrs 1-3 p m daily, see un 






Phone Office, 375-M 

Gagnon Louis F., emp H S Co, h 9 Tremont 
Galaise Ernest J., furrier Grace Fur Co, b 160 West 
Galarneau Alfred, painter, h 138 State 

w Fred J. s pattern mkr, h 141 State 

w Hector N<, steward LOO M Hall, h 39 Cleveland av 

" Marjorie, elk, b 39 Cleveland av 

M Mary (Mrs Fred), sten Rut R R, h 141 State 
Gale Alice, wid Charles A., h 43 West 
7 Benjamin H., farmer, h Mend on Line rd, R 2 

" Charles D., h W Proctor rd, C Rutland 

" Ethel M., phone opr, b 119 Church 

1924— Rutland Directory — d924 


Gallagher Edward M., emp city, h 10 Terrill 

** Elizabeth, waitress The Berwick, b do 

» George S M salesman L I Wks, h 51 Prospect 

'* Helen e E., elk 3 Merchants row, b 93 Library av 

" James D., emp W Rutland, h 93 Library av 

» Joseph, elk 2 S Main, r 10 Terrill 

" Mary, cook 17 E Center, b do 

w Mary A M advertising mgr Rut Herald > b 93 Library 

» Nellie, wid H. B>, h 109 Franklin 

» Norbert, elec 38 Grove, b 109 Franklin 

» Norbert J*, b 109 Franklin 
Gallipo John, machinist, h 1 City Park 
Gallo Pasquale, emp L I Wks, h 78 Travers pi 

» Salvatore, h 158 South 

Gallup Nathan, emp M Mfg Co, h West, C Rutland 
Gamarche — see Gibson 
Garafano Antonio, farmer, h 85 Temple 
GARDNER ALMER J v-pres Combination Cash Store Co, h 15 
Woodstock av 

» Harold P., auditor Rut R R, h 140 Holly 


Rutland Fair H aven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

Gardner Harriet M., R N, b 92 Crescent 

" Henry, mason contractor 92 Crescent, h do 

" Leland A., emp New York City, b 15 Woodstock av 

" Lewis, emp Rut R R, b S Pine 

" Moses J., emp 29 Park pi, r do 

" Rose, wid David, h 8 Pine 

27 Wales 
Gariano Guiseppe, h 88 Franklin 
Garofano Mary J., emp 63 Center, b 105 Temple 

" Pasquale, farmer, b 105 Temple 

" Sullivan J., tailor 63 Center, b 105 Temple 
Garolfano Carlo, h 8 Meadow 

'* Joseph, const foreman, b 269 West 

f Louis, lab, b 47 Howe 

" Pasquale, emp 15 Merchants Row, h 4v Union 

" Thomas, retired, b 269 West 

Garrett Arthur J. (Brown & Garrett), h 117 Park av 
Garrick Joseph, baker, h 88 Center 
Garrin Margaret Mrs., h 133 Library av- 
Garron Clarence L, emp Chas Stearns 8c Co, h 133 Holly 
Garrow Eugene, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 

" Frank, emp Rut R R, b 84 West, C Rutland 

" Joseph, USN.b S4 West, C Rutland 

" Julia, emp Proctor, b 84 West, C Rutland 

Rutland Din ctory 1924 

GS 1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Garrow Marie, emp Proctor, b S4 West, C Rutland 
Gary Marion, secYWCA f b 94 Grove 
Gash William, emp H S Co, b 6 Spellman ter 
Gates Emma, wid Frank, h 10 Church 

J1 George W,, emp Hotel Berwick, b do 

'- Horace J., retired, h 61 East 

M Owen S., com trav, h 57 Elm 

" Roscoe, marble worker, h 260 West 
Gauthier George, contractor 131 Maple, h do 

" Peter, b 55 Summer 
Gavin Anna, wid John, b 29 Royce 

" Margaret (Mrs Thomas), nurse, h 133 Library 
Gawat Joseph, headstones and monumental wks W Proctor 

rd, C Rutland, h do 
Gaynor Catherine R, teacher, b 22 Mansfield pi 

* Florence Mrs,, b 61 Lafayette 

t7 John H f , mail carrier, h 22 Mansfield pi 

" Mary A., sten, b 22 Mansfield pi 

" Norab, wid Patrick, b 22 Hopkins 
Gee Cyril H., clerk Rut R R, b S5 Lafayette 

' Edward, watchman, h 15 Engrem av 

" Frederick G, painter, h 85 Lafayette 

73 Mary Mrs., b 124 Gibson av 

w Kee laundry, 61 Center 
Geer Malvina, b 60 Elm 

Gelvan Nathan, rabbi and market, 37 Forest, h 267 West 
Gemo James E., emp C G Noyes, h 7 Meadow 
Gendrew Arthur, janitor Mead bldg, h 132 Maple 
Gennaro Migliore, b 75 Travers pi 
Gennet William, h 12 Nichols 
Gennette Agatha, teacher, b 23S State 

' Harold, emp Rutland Grocery Co, b 233 State 

" Henry, emp Rut R R, h 238 State 

n Raymond, emp Pittsfield, Mass, b 23S State 
Geno Del ore, cook, r 27 Cottage 

57 Delore A + , emp 22 Center, r Sycamore Inn 

1 Edward W., contractor, h 64 Bellevue av 

" Lisam, emp Rut R R, h 64 Temple 

fi Louis N. t contractor and builder 146 Maple, h do 

w Louise, wid Samuel, r 114 Maple 

1 Marjorie H., student, b 64 Bellevue av 

" Ruth, student, b 146 Maple 

" William, carp, b 64 Bellevue av 
George Annie, wid Fred J, h 19 Wales 
Germain Adolphus J., farmer, h Mendon, R 2 
German John B T , sealer H S Co, h 142 S Main 

" Walter J., emp H S Co, b 142 S Main 
Germon Adolphus, emp N E Tel & Tel Co, res Mendon, R 2 

" Earl J., b 40 Grant av 

" Joseph G M wire Chief N E Tel Co, h 40 Grant av 

1924— Rutland Directory- — 1924 


Rutland Directory 1924 

Germond Christine M., sec supt of schools, b 46 Williams 
Gero Edward, h 35 Kendall av 

JJ Henry EL, farmer, h 61 Field av 
Gerrick Joseph, baker, b SS Center 
Gerry Edna (Mrs Edward), sten, r 24 S Main 

,J Edward G., wholesale and retail lumber, 1 Baxter, h 24 S 
S Main 

" Marquis L iT cond Rut R R, r 29 Howe 
Ghio Adolphus, emp V M Co, b 411 West 

v Alfred, emp V M Co, h 411 West 

" Eugene, emp Rut frt house, b 411 West 

" Ferdinand, emp V M Co, b 411 West 

" Julius, emp Proctor, b 411 West 
Gibbs Agnes E., emp 177 Grove, b do 

" Arlene C, emp R F C Co, r 74 Grove 

' Laura, wid James W., h 260 S Main 

* Kenneth C* emp Albany, N Y, b 74 Grove 

*' Luvia C, wid Eugene, h 118 East 

M Mabel A. (Mrs Samuel), emp T L & Co, h 74 Grove 

yf Samuel J,, batteryman, h 74 Grove 
Gibson Catherine L +1 sten Rut R R, r 15 Cottage 

" Delia, wid Isaac, h 69 Grove 

" Ernest, emp Rut R R, b 12 Church 

" George L., gen agt Clyde River Co, h 53 S Main 

" Harriet N., matron Old Ladies' Home, b do 

" Milton I P( shipping clerk The Tuttle Co, b 69 Grove 
GifTord Frederick F., emp 39 Center, h 191 Lincoln av 

n Mary J., wid Frederick F. Sr., b 136 Lincoln av 
Gilbert William R,, retired, h 15 Madison 
Gilchrist Beth B<> b 79 Center 

" Oscar J., physician and surgeon, tel 857-M, 79 Cen- 

ter, h do 
Gilhooley Owen, blacksmith, h 91 South 
Gilioli Edyth C, clerk Troy Shirt Store, b 44 Cleveland av 

" Josephine, clerk Rut R R, b 44 Cleveland av 

" Mary Mrs., h 44 Cleveland av 

" Paul, emp Washington D C, b 44 Cleveland av 
Gill Charles, emp V M Co, h Wells Hill, C Rutland 

7> Emerson C, draughtsman, h 82 Grove 

" John, prop Waldorf Bakery, h 55 Strongs av 
Gillam Herbert A., mgr Country Club Golf Grounds, h do 

M Hugh P., mach P Mfg Co, b 64 River 

" Ina, wid Albert, b 65 Wales 

" Mary H. t elk, b 64 River 

" William L., cond Rut R R, h 64 Rivet- 
Gill espie James C, carpenter, h 217 Columbian av 

H Rita T,, sten L I Wks, b 217 Columbian av 
Gillette Flora Mrs., shirt opr, r IS Cottage av 
Gilligan Bessie, head waitress Hotel Berwick, r do 

" Marion C, sten Webber & Leamy, res W Rutland 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Gillioli Angeline K„ elk 4 Merchants row, h 44 Cleveland av 
Gillis Sarah N. Mrs., emp auditing dept N E Tel Co, h 152 

Gil Im ore Y t Oscar, brick layer, r 142 Crescent 
Gillson Leonard G, electrician, h IS Cottage 
Gilman George, carpenter, h 42 Cleveland av 
> George P., emp H S Co, h 32 Stratton rd 

w Margaret, wid John J. ( h 40 Cleveland av 

' Richard, emp Hotel Burns, b 32 Stratton rd 

" Walter, b 32 Stratton rd 

h William, b 40 Cleveland av 

? William E,, emp Davis Foundry, h S Stratton rd 

" William H., b 54 Strongs av 
Gilmore Robert, investments, sum res 93 Center 

" Robert C. Jr + , student, b 93 Center 
Gllmour Bertha M<, proof reader Herald, b 70 Prospect 

w Margaret, wid James C, h 70 Prospect 
Gilrain Francis, r 5 Hopkins 

* f Frank J., emp Rut R R, h 5 Hopkins 

" Gertrude A., b ST Meadow 

" James B., emp Bardwell Hotel, b 5 Hopkins 

" James P., emp H S Co, h 52 S Main 

" Michael, retired, h 1 Hopkins 

" Patrick, retired, h S7 Meadow 

*> Patiick, lab, b Cold River rd 

" Vincent, emp Boston, Mass, r 5 Hopkins 
Gil son Agnes E., sten P Mfg Co, h 85 Davis 
GILS0N EDS0N P pres Killington Nat Bank, h 5 Court 

" Helen, b S5 Davis 

w Mary H., teacher, b S5 Davis 

J? Thomas S>, trucking 37 Elm, h do 
Giori Catherine, wid Joseph, b 23 Pine 

*' Mary, elk 15 Merchants row, b 23 Pine 
Giroux Arthur J., emp H S Co, h 61 Library 
Girvan Evelyn, wid Frank, hskpr 61 Pierpoint av, b do 
Glanville Harry H,, crr.p Rut R R, h 115 Lincoln av 
Glass William P., linotype opr Tuttle Co, h 28 S Main 
Glayse Ernest, emp 16 Merchants row, r 160 West 
Gleason Catherine J., b 49 S Main 

" Clara, wid Charles M., h 17 Kendall av 

>J Cora A. b 00 North 

" Earl, mach, b 82 Crescent 

" Edith A., student, b 60 North 

" Edward, farmer, h Quarter line, C Rutland 

" Eleanor M., student, b GO North 

Fred A., carriage and auto painter 60 North, h do 

1 Harry M,, emp Geo E Hunt, h 60 North 

" James T., lab, b E Proctor rd, C Rutland 

'* Joanna, emp S7 Lafayette, b do 

" John, emp P MSg Co,"h 150 River 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Gleason John J., emp P Mfg Co, h S2 Crescent 

" John P. t emp 40 Center, h 230 Lincoln 

n Julia, dom Clementwood, b do 

" Mabel H<, teacher, b 16 Elm 
GLEASON MARTIN L motor truck service, garage and storage rear 
26 West, h 26 do, see back cover 

" Nettie Mrs., b 16 Elm 

51 Thomas J., emp Rut R R, b S2 Crescent 

" William, labor, h East Proctor rd, C Rutland 

" William 0,, clerk H S Co, h 16 Elm 
Glenn William L., emp Bardwell Hotel, b do 

Agency, Inc, Mead bldg (15-16) 
Glenwood The, Louise Fomeroy prop, boarding and rooms, 

restaurant service, 142 Strongs av 

Mead Bldg (15-16) 
GLOVER IRA A pres-mgr Vermont Garage Co, h 4 Norton pi 
Glynn Caroline Mrs., housekeeper 57 Chestnut av, b do 

" Lewis S. , rer airing, fa Coolidge av 

n Mary Mrs., b Loretto Home 
Goddard Eleanor M., sten, b 29 High 

J) Flovd E.. b 29 High 
GODDARD GEORGE M lawyer Gryphon cor bldg (319-320), h 29 
High, see p 362 

" William A., railwav mail clerk, h 12 Roberts av 
Godfrey Bradford G, dentist Gryphon blk (G), h 40 S Main 

" Charles, blacksmith H S Co, r 10S Wales 
Gokey Emery, farmer * 'Brookside, " b do 

" Mary, bkpr H E Degree, r 2 Stratton rd 

M William, boilermaker, h 2 Stratton rd 
GOLDBERG LOUIS mgr Tauber, Lipton & Co, h 49 E Washing* 

Gome?, John J., barber 44 Center, h 43 Lincoln av 
Gonyea Frank A., auto supplies 93 State, h 37 Summer 

-* Rose, wid Moses, h 31 Howe 

" Thomas, laundryman, h 34 Pine 
Goo dell Amy, wid Horatio, b 181 Grove 
Gooding Jennie L,, wid John J,, b 151 Church 

" M, Scott, clerk Rut R R, h 151 Church 
Goodrich Cecil, carpenter, r 30 Elm 

>} Cecil, farmer, b Post Road, R 1 

JJ Clair D., farmer, h Post rd, R 1 

" Rensselaer W., retired, h 21 E Center 
Goodspeed Raymond W., salesman, h 112 Library av 
Goodwin Edwin, emp H S Co, b 5 Kissane pi 

" Marcellns S +l clerk 73 Merchants row, h SS Church 
Goodyear Clifford S<, mach P Mfg Co, h 133 Library av 

" Electric Shoe Shop, Raffaele Abatiell, prop, shoe repairing 
61 West 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1024 

Goodyear Orange W., emp Rut Mfg Co, b 133 Library av 
Gooley Bridget J., b 194 Columbian av 
h Margaret fcl, sten Rut R R, b 122 Library av 

» Mary, emp TU Co, b 194 Columbian av 
Gordon Harold, b 02 Pine 

?J James, prop Gordon's Lunch Cart, h 16 Evelyn 

" Peter, emp 190 West, h 36 Stratton rd 
Gordon's Lunch Cart, James S Gordon prop, 41 Strongs av 
Gorley Margaret M„ sten, b 122 Library av 
Gorman Catherine, elk RFC Co, r 144 State 

" Helena C, student, b 216 State 

* John E„ steward K of C Rooms, b 216 State 
' Margaret, emp Hotel Berwick, b do 

" Mary M.,r 144 State 

M Michael J., emp Middlebury, h 144 State 
GORTON ALBERT W sec-treas Combination Cash Store Co, h 11 
Mansfield pi 

" C + Minnie, asst librarian, b 13 Elm 

" Minnie C, h 21 Melrose av 
Goss Ruth C. K., wid F A, r 44 S Main 
Gosselin Alberic W + , student Boston, b 3S Eurnham av 

" Eugene, grocer SI Cleveland av, h do 

*' Eugene A., mason, h 81 Cleveland a* 

n Jerome, mason, h 48 Williams 

" Louis, emp Bardwell Hotel, b do 

" Napoleon, retired, h 1G2 Granger 

" Victoria Mrs., h 60 Elm 

GOSSELIN WILLIAM L garage 38 Burnham av, h do, see p 342 
Gouchoe Adolphus, emp V M Co, h 141 Maple 

" Charles E., emp P Mfg Co, h 48 Pine 

J? Elizabeth, b 141 Maple 

" Hallie, milliner 141 Maple, b do 

** Lauren H„ emp Rut R R, b 141 Maple 

" Walter J,, R R Mail Clerk, h 98 Gibson av 
Gouett Joseph, emp V M Co, h W Proctor rd, C Rutland 
Gould Anna (Mrs Peter H), opr H H Co, h 155 State 

" Betsey I. Mrs., millinery 91 State, h do 

" Charles, emp 57 Jackson, h 18 Stratton rd 

" Peter H., letterer, h 155 State 
Gove Charles, h 77 North 
Gowen Carroll A., b 17 North 

" George B t , chief train despatcher Rut R R, h 17 North 
Goyette Augustin G., retired, h 29 Nichols 

" Edward A., emp P Mfg Co, h 27 Howe 

** Elzear M t , salesman 17 Wales, h 101 Grove 

M Hector A., barber shop and barber supplies 17 Wales, b 29 

* Marion, b 29 Nichols 
" — see Guyette 

Grabowski Paul, emp V M Co, h 17 Ripley 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Grace Arthur W., emp W E Grace, b 45 Kendall av 

* J Francis, emp W E Grace, r 45 Kendall av 
GRACE WILLIAM E furs and furrier 67 Merchants row, h *S Ken- 
dall av 
Grady G. Robert, elk M Mfg Co, b 96 Forest 

H Mary, hskpr, b 90 Forest 

" Michael J., moulder H S Co, h 96 Forest 
Graffigna Yittaria, elk 31 Center, b 95 State 
Gragen Raymond H,, engineer Rut R R, h 7S Kiilington av 
Graham Andy, foreman Rut R R, b St James Hotel 

" Ellen M. Mrs,, h West, C Rutland 

w Florence (Mrs Sydney), elk R R, r 110 Park av 

" Grace M, Mrs., r 49 Chestnut av 

" Harriet J., emp Proctor, b West, C Rutland 

" James K, foreman V M Co, h 119 Forest 
' Katherine, emp Rut R R, r 49 Chestnut av 

" Sydney R, machinist, r 110 Park av 

77 William A., mach, h 49 Chestnut av 

n William R., emp Rut RR,h3 Allen 
GRAND THEATRE THE Thomas W McKay mgr, Archie D Hay- 
ward, asst mgr, 112 West, see p 365 
* Union Tea Co, Patrick A Brohan mgr, Gryphon bldg, 114 
Grandey Cyiinda, wid John S., h 40 Forest 

" Harriet R, bkpr P Mfg Co, b 40 Forest 
Grandy Leo J. h emp R R, b 10 Pine 

" Margaret M„ elk b 10 Pine 

" Mary (Mrs William), emp T L & P Co, h 10 Pine 

n William C, emp Whitehall, b 10 Pine 

" William J,, moulder, h 10 Pine 
Granger Arthur, day editor Rutland Herald, h 7S Crescent 

" Charles H., pension attorney, h 126 Pearl 

" Julia (Mrs Arthur), elk Rut Trust Co, h 7S Crescent 

" Philineese, wid James, h 72 Baxter 

" Thomas J. (McKirryher & Granger), h 116 Crescent 
Grant Alexander, janitor Episcopal Church, 28 Cottage 
5 Annette S,, wid Alonzo B, h 73 Crescent 

" Margaret, b 2S Cottage 
Gravel Leotine G., dom b 72^ Merchants row 

99 Rebecca, nurse, b 72}^ Merchants row 

M Roderick E t , emp Rut R R shops, h 723^ Merchants row 
Gravelle Andrick C, emp Rut Conf Co, h 87 State 

" Margaret, h 38 Meadow 

" Nellie F. (Mrs Andrick), millinery 87 State, h do 
GRAVES ALVIN M paying-teller Rut Savings Bank, h 136 Church 

" Clarence L,, emp Whiting Milk Co, h 104 Strongs av 

** Earl C, st en Wing & Morse, b 104 Strongs av 

" Ira BL P emp Rut R R, h 131 West 

" Margaret E, Mrs,, dressmaker 9 Pine, h do 

" Manila, wid Alonzo, b 31 Cottage 

Rutland pirectory 1924 


1924 — -Rutland Directory— 1924 

Gray Edward, emp CCS Co, r 1 17 Crescent 
KS John J., foreman Rut Mfg Co, h 17 KIngsley av 
' Leslie G,, cement wkr, h 204 Adams 
GRAY SALES & SERVICE Rutland Motor Sales Inc, West c Wales 
3! — see Grey 
Greaves Abbie, teacher, b 29 Howe 
'■ James W + , retired, h 29 Howe 
Green Charles H., emp Rut R R, h 9S Plain 
' Darwin M, F emp Herald, r 4 Spellman ter 
" George W., clerk Berwick Hotel, r 38M Center 
" Herbert W. T mgr H H Ice cream plant, r 11 Cottage 
" Jane Mrs., h 12^ Elm 

" Marion E T , wid Benjamin C, h 40 Burnham av 
Greene Chauncey S., emp L I Wks, h ISO S Main 
,J Gaxt, mgr Consolidated Auto Sales Co, Inc., r 24 Church 
** Hannah, wkl Monroe, b 56 Church 
,? Sada T b lOTenill 
Greeno Anna Mrs,, cook, b 32 Williams 

J Iiene E, t bkpr 12 Merchants row, r 35 E]m 
Greenwood Arthur, lab, h 47 Allen 
Gregory Harry, emp Rut R R, h 15 Hopkins 
" John 0., fireman Rut R R, h 37 Lincoln av 
Grenier Edmond, emp Rut M Co, h IS Terrill 
Grey Arthur W,, emp R F C Co, b Clover 
" Charles R,, baker, b 6 Clover 
" Charles W., emp L I Wks, h C Clover 
n George P., retired, h 67 Pine 
" — see Gray 

Griffin Agnes, emp T L & Co, b 49 S Main 
w Bridget, dom, h 121 Granger 
' Harry H., emp Surprise, h 51 Roberts av 
" Helen, b 104 Granger 

" Margaret, wid Julian, nurse S5 Crescent, h do 
" Margaret, h 104 Granger 
" Nora, emp T L & Co, b 49 S Main 
Griffith Evan O., cond Rut R R, h 16 E Washington 
?J Katherine, phone opr, b 25 Elm 
" Mary, r 25 Elm 
" Mary E. Mrs., h 43 Lincoln av 
Griggs Berth a , emp Burlington, b 48 Vernon 
J7 Beulah F t , student, b 48 Vernon 
" Charles H<, emp H S Co, h 4S Vernon 
" Gardner, emp Cleveland, Ohio, b 48 Vernon 
" George E., farmer, h Pittsford rd, R 1 
?5 Hattie, hsl .pr, b 4S Vernon 
Grimes Elizabeth C. p wid Frank, h 85 Forest 
" John H., policeman, h 54 East 
GRIMM 6 H COMPANY mfrs evaporatois, sugar makers* supplies 
and Crirnxn's sap spout, Pine, see end of bus section, 
p 324 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


GRIMM GUSTAVE H MRS h 201 Grove (Ivyholme) 
Grinneh Alice M., student, b 64 Grove 

" Dorothy, sten Rut R R, b 64 Grove 

" Emmett R., froernan M Mfg Co, h 64 Grove 

" William R, physician and surgeon 92 Church, h do 
Griswold Carrie E., h 56 West 

" Elizabeth, emp 54 Crescent, b do 
Groonell Catherine C>, nurse, b 200 Columbian av 

M James J,, b 200 Columbian av 

" Thomas P. T b 200 Cokunbian av 

" Thomas S., polisher, h 200 Columbian av 
Groosner — ,r 50 Kinsley av 

Grove Street. Garage, Earl M Allard prop, 24 Merchants row 
GR0VER ARTHUR C civil engineer Gryphon, Bit, h 55 Ever- 
green av, see back cover 

" Doris E., student, b 55 Evergreen av 

" Frances W. Mrs., chiropodist 163 West, h do 

JJ Newell A., civil eng, b 55 Evergreen av 
Grower Herbert R>, en:p Rut R R, h 1 1 Kendall av 

M Mildred C, student, b 11 Kendall av 

w Muriel E., student, b 11 Kendall av 

" Priseilla E., student, b 11 Kendall av 
Grupe William, emp H S Co, b 51 Woodstock av 
Gryphon Building, Wright & Young props, A H Smith agt, 

office building, Merchants row, c West 
Gudreau Dineas E , mach opr, b 54 Union 

" Lawrence F., emp Rut R R, b 54 Union 
Guerry Marquis L,, cond Rut R R, h 29 Howe 
Guertin Louis T\, moulder, h 134 Bellevue av 

" Marjorie, sten Rut R R, b 134 Bellevue av 
Guglieline — see Williams 
Guild Angie, wid Willard, h 51 Morse pi 

" Forrest, emp Lake Placid, N Y, b 51 Morse pi 
Guinnis Cordelia M., hskpT 210 N Main, b 10 Vernon 
Guinness Jeremiah J., laborer, h Vernon cor Phillips av 
Gustavson August, foreman V M Co, b 66 Wales 
Gutzwiller Charles W., machinist P Mfg Co, b 113 Granger 

M Elizabeth, wid Joseph, h 113 Granger 

" Frank, mach, b 113 Granger 

JJ Frederick, mach L I Wks, b 113 Granger 

" Joseph F + , clerk Rut R R, h 13 East 
Guyette Arthur J., shirt opr, h 46 River 

" Raymond, lab, b 46 River 

n Robert, blacksmith, h 13 Chaplin av 

" Wilfred R, emp Rut R R, h 48 Williams 
Guynut Allen N., emp H S Co, b 9 Evergreen av 

" Leslie E + , emp PI S Co, h 9 Evergreen av 

HAEECKER FLORENCE, teacher, r Brock House 
Hack Eugene, h head of Baxter 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Hack Walter E. T emp West St Market, h head of Baxter 
Hackett Anna E., shirt opr, b 3S Strongs av 

" Gilbert J„ lab, h 38 Strongs av 
Hackets Jennie A., waitress Hotel Berwick, b do 

" William J. , brakeman Rut RR.l 04S Granger 

" William E M marble wkr, r 108 Wales 
Hadam John, emp V M Co, h 74 Simonds av, C Rutland 
Haddad Emily M t , bkpr 29 Merchants row, r 77 School 

" George H., com trav, h 77 School 

" Josephine, emp Boston, Mass, b 77 School 
1 Elias, student, b 77 School 

" Lazera, student, b 77 School 

M Miltin A., peddler, h 88 Franklin 

" Sadie Mrs., h 53 Union 
Hadley Bessie M., emp Tuttle Bros, r 54 Pleasant 

" Mildred, emp The Tea Room, b 54 Pleasant 
Hagan Joseph, student, b 141 Baxter 

" Thomas J. t M D, physician, b 141 Baxter 
Hakins Guy R., elk Rut R R, h 48 Prospect 
Hale Frank R., emp Rut R R, b 15 Elm 

" Merrill R., rep Fuller Brush Co, b 161 Holly 

n Nancy Mrs,, h 15 Elm 
Haley Ethel, r 15 Dana 

" Patrick P., fireman, h 15 Dana 

w — see Healey 
Hall Charles A,, student, b 7 Kendall av 

" Clyde, emp R F C Co, b 19 Curtis av 

M Eva B., bkpr Hotel Berwick, h 52 Kendall av 

" Flora E., wid Henry, li 55 Prospect 

w Floyd B., emp 57 Jackson, b 16 Royce 

,? Gordon R„ emp A S Reed Elec Co, b 108 East 

" Harry L., emp V M Co, h 7 Kendall av 

" Hartwell & Co, Frank W Williams supt, shirt mfr, 27 Forest 

" Hazel M., bkpr, b 108 East 

" Herbert R., emp Rut R R, b 41 Williams 

" Irene, teacher, b 108 East 

i? Jesse F<, div com supt N E Tel Co, b Brock House, 76 S 

" John M. } insp Rut R R, b 108 East 

" Percy F., b 52 Kendall av 

" S. Russell, emp A S Reed Elec Co, h 108 East 

n Walter C, emp Rut R R, h 100 Gibson av 
Halliday Almeta, elk C C S Co, b 145 Forest 

" John E,, trainman Rut R R, h 145 Forest 
Halpin Anna A,, bkpr Frenier Supply Co, b 120 Robbins 

" Edward T., student, b 110 East 

" John A., emp C C S Co, r 120 Robbins 

1 Martha, wid Thomas, emp Pond Mfg Co, h 110 East 

" Martha, sten R F C Co, b 110 East 

" Michael F, t emp Rut R R, h 120 Robbins 

1924- — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Rutland Dir 

Halpin Timothy, h 125 Maple 
Hamel Joseph, trucking 200 Lincoln av, h do 
HAMILTON J AS M physician 2 Merchants row, h do, office hrs 
1:00-3:00 pa daily and 6:30-800 Saturday 

" Ramon a, b 2 Merchants row 

" William J„ foreman V M Co, h 209 State 
HAMILTON THE Oscar S Bcrgstrom prop, 160 West, see p 357 
Hammond Olive NL, b 31 Cottage 

" Schuyler W., physician Gryphon blk (9-10), h 31 Cottage 

" Weston, student, b 31 Cottage 
Hancock John, Mutual Life Ins Co, Carl A Milton special agt 

Gryphon bldg (14) 
Handicraft Shop, Grace L McCammon & Co, props, art goods, 

90 Merchants row 
HANDLEY BAKING CO (Inc), bakery, 161 West, see un name 



161 West Street 


A PJace You Can Visit the Year Round 
(AH in White) 

All Kinds of the Best Bread and Pastries on Sale 

TeL 1218 

HANDLEY BROS Wilford H Handlcy prop of The Idle Hour 
Billiard Parlor, 100 Merchants row 

" Edward R„ h 69 Pine 

" Irene A., sten, b 13 Church 
HANDLEY JOHN H sec Handley Baking Co, b 69 Pine 

" Maud, wid Frank E., emp 161 West, h 13 Church 
HANDLEY WILFORD H (Handley Bros), andpres-gen mgr Hand- 
ley Baking Co, h 83 Crescent 
Handran Llewellyn, bkpr Swift & Co, h 77 Williams 
Haney Agnes, b 96 State 

" Delia M,, r 44 Washington 

*' John B., moulder, h 16 Jackson av* 

" M. Louise, nurse, b 90 Strongs av 

" Madeline, b 96 State 

" Michael B,, retired, h 90 Strongs av 

" Michael E., mach Rut R R, b 16 Jackson av 
Hanley Anna C, elk Met Life Ins Co, b 29 Meadow 

" Bridget F„ emp Dr E M Pond, h 24 E Washington 

" Clara M., clerk C Sterns & Co, h 61 Pine 

n Ellen C, phone opr, b 73 Forest 

" Helen, bkpr, b 108 Franklin 

H John B., mach, b 141 Granger 

ictory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Hanley John W., elevator opr IS Merchants row, h 73 Forest 

H Julia, elk N E Tel & Tel Co, b 61 Pine 

n Julia, wid James, h 108 Franklin 

" Katherine, teacher, b 73 Grove 

" Mary J., emp 48 Chestnut, b do 

J Mary K, elk, b 129 Holly 

1 Mary M., phone opr, b 108 Franklin 

" Robert, mach L I Wks, b 125 Robbins 
HANLEY WILLIAM J lunch room 20 Wales, b 73 Forest, see p 358 
Harmon Edward J., emp H S Co, h 105 South 

" Elizabeth, emp W Washington, b do 

" James, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 

1 Katherine, teacher, b 66 Forest 

" Ravmond, emp H S Co, b 105 South 

HAN BAH AN HUGH H physician 78 S Main, h do, office hrs 1-3, 
and 7-8 p. rm; Sunday 12-1 only. Tel 106-R, see p 

w James, b 48 Elm 

" James J., com trav R F C Co, b 12 Madison 
Hanson Edward J., b 177 Woodstock av 
Haradon Gardner, emp round house, h 1 10 Library av 
Harding Alice, wid Robert, nurse 49 Summer, b do 
Harman George N., county clerk Court House, h 1 Olmstead 


* 7 Jean, wid Henry A., h 137 Grove 
Harmon Katherine M., wid John H, b 62 Williams 
Harrington Charles G., U S N, b 26 Jackson ay 

" Dorothea V + , student, b 20 Jackson 

" Edgar, emp Rut R R, b 120 Maple 

" Elisha C, r h 139 Oak 

" Elva E t , nurse, b 26 Jackson av 

,? E, Lyman, emp Rut R R, b 20 Jackson av 

" Emma L., wid George, h 120 Maple 

" Ernest L., emp Rut R R, h 26 Jackson av 

" Harriett, bkpr 4 Merchants Row, r 139 Oak 

M Herbert H., teamster, h 30 Stratton rd 

" John C, retired, b 81 Park 

" John S., emp H S Co, h 81 Park 
Harris Charles P., h 43 Pleasant 

" John, emp Rut R R, h 393 West 

" Lucy A. f wid Levi C, h 46 Watkins av 

" Samuel L., ins agt, h 1 17 Church 
Harriott Mary, wid James C + , h 385 West 
Harrison Benjamin J. T mason, b 39 Engrem av 
HARRISON CHARLES H cashier Clement Nat Bank, h 72 Crescent 

" Edward C, plumber, h 124 State 

" Edward J., emp Rut R R, b 25 Marble av 

" Francis H., emp Rut R R, r 25 Marble av 

?J Harold C. Jr., student, b 72 Crescent 

" J, William, emp Rut R R t h 23 Marble av 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Harrison John S., mason, h 62 West 

" John J., mason , h 39 Engrem av 

" John W\, emp Rut R R, h 23 Marble av 
' Leo William, student and clerk, b 22 Engrem av 

" Mary, wid F., h 1 17 Church 

M Pauline E., b 39 Engrem av 
' Rachel A,, bkpr 57 Jackson, b 39 Engrem av 
' William E, , mason 22 Engrem av, h do 

" William T,, mason, b 39 Engrem av 

" Winnie, wid Edward, h 25 Marble av 
Hart Frank H., h 18 Kendall av 

" Grace M., wid James F, h 11 North 

" Harry R>, teller Clement Nat Bank, b 2}4 S Main 

" Henry, lab, b 1 1 Kllington av 

J> John, emp H S Co, h 19 Wales 

" Lucy Mrs., h 134 Woodstock av 

* Marshall, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 

" Sabria C Mrs-, b IS Kendall av 

M Tyler G., farmer and milk dealer, Cold River rd 
Harte Anna T., teacher, b 48 E Washington 
1 Lawrence, mach, b 48 E Washington 

,! Leonard T.. bkpr Rut Tallow Co, b 48 E Washington 

n Thomas W., painter, h 4S E Washington 
HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE CO F A Field & Son agts, Savings 

Bank Bldg 
Hartney Anna, opr H H Co, b 20 Royce 

p Mary E., dressmaking and designing school 21^ Center, b 

20 Royce 
Harty Ann , wid John, h 94 Franklin 

" James, emp Waterbiiry, Conn, b 94 Franklin 

1 Michael, emp Waterbury, Conn, b 94 Franklin 
Harvey A. W.. US Marshal, res Chester 

n George, lab, r 157 N Main 

" Jeremiah, emp Smith Lumber Co, h 157 N Main 
Harwood Emma, wid E V N, h 22 Washington 

" Mary E., b 22 Washington 

" Ruth, student, b 22 Washington 

Hascall George M. (Hascall & Channell), and crockery and 
wall paper S2 Merchants row, h 67 Crescent 

" M> Grace, sten Yt Accident Ins, b 37 Washington 

' Thomas H., elk 84 Merchants row, h 16 Lafayette 

" & Channell (George M Hascall and Clarence R Channell), 
jewelers, S4 Merchants row 
Haseltme Frank L,, cabinet maker, h 135 Holly 

? Mildred (Mrs Ray), h 72 Librarv 

" Newton E., emp H S Co, h 64 Grove 

" Ray P., emp Put R R, h 72 Library 

Haselton Fern D., emp Cahee House Furnishing Co, h 71 Cres- 
Haskins Edward H., emp 40 Merchants row, h 38 Elm 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Jutland Directory — 1924 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


Haskins Efhe L, elocutionist, b 71 Lincoln av 

" Emma, emp CCSCo ( b 33 N Main 
HASKINS FRED G mgr 129 State, h 71 Lincoln av 

" George M., eng Rut R R, h 118 Lincoln av 

J Hiram E., emp C C S Co, b 33 N Main 

?J Howard, student, b 38 Elm 

" McRae F,, music teacher and Reader First Church of 

Christ, b 71 Lincoln av 
Hassam Ainslcy, b Gleason rd 

" Harley B, h Gleason rd 

* T Neoma, student , b Gleason rd 
Hastings Chauncey W., elk 12 Merchants row, h 34 High 

" Frank S., retired, fa 13 High 

H Harold P., elk P Mfg Co, b 40 Cottage 

" M. Doris, student, b 13 High 

" Mildred F., student, b 13 High 
HAT AMD GIFT SHOP Lora B Phillips prop, 56 Center 
Hatch Anson B,, contractor 3 Pierpoint av, h do 

** Halsey R., lab, h S6 State 

w Harvey W., farmer, h 99 Park 
Hatborne Ella, wid B, C, emp William Lenox, r do 
Hattat August L,, mgr Star Lunch, r 67 School 

" William PL, emp 74 West, b 67 School 
Haugh Catherine, student, b 4 Jackson av 

" John D., conductor Rut R R, h 4 Jackson av 

" Margaret, student, b 4 Jackson av 
Hausman Marion, teacher, r 76 S Main 

Hawley Arthur W., farmer, h Mendon rd s east of Mill Village, 

" Edna G., emp 48 Crescent, b do 

" Fred S<, farmer, h Mendon rd, east of Mill Village, R 1 
Hayes A. Douglas, pres Farwell & Hayes, res Montpelier 

7 Nellie Mrs., cook * c Clementwood, JJ b do 
Hayles Charles A., electrician, h 113 Crescent 

" Ella, wid Geo J., b 28 High 

" George A., emp Manning Mfg Co, h 17 Lafayette 

" Helen G., emp F N Co, b 17 Lafayette 

" Mildred, emp Whitehall, N Y, b 17 Lafayette 
Haynes William. S., clerk, b 62 Ives 
HAYWARD ARCHIE D asst mgr Grand Theatre, b 61 Elm 

,? Arthur C, salesman Wilson Clothing Co, b 21 E Washing- 

5 Doris L>, emp N E Tel & Tel Co, b 204 Pearl 

" Ella, elk, h 54 Williams 

n Florence E., phone opr, b 61 Elm 

? Frank C, com trav, h 21 E Washington 

" Fred W,, slate roofer 176 S Main, h do 

,? Grace G, (Mrs Fred), sten State Mutual Fire Ins Co, h 176 
S Main 

" Irma F„ student, b 204 Pearl 

Hay ward James E., emp Rut R R, h 90 Belle vue av 

w Minnie Mrs., fa 92 Maple 

Ji Samuel G., machinist, h 204 Pearl 

" William H., retired, h 133 Maple 
Hazelton Anna M., wid Carl, elk Wilson Clothing Co, r 23 

Hazen Mildred, elk V S Prohibition Office, b 33 Pine 
Head Harry, mach, h 55 Prospect 
Headle David CX, b 217 Mussey 
Healy Daniel, mgr Fleischmann Yeast Co, h 70 Forest 

" Dennis J., machinist, h 72 Forest 
Heaphy Annie, domestic 59 Pleasant, b do 
Heath Albert V., grocer 74 N Main, h 82 Davis 

» Albert W + , b 42 Church 

J * Alvin A., carp, h 61 Pine 

" Beatrice, phone opr, b 91 North 

" George A*, emp 13 Jackson av, h 5 do 

n Harry, laborer, b 42 Church 

" Lester E., emp Rut R R, b 91 North 

?J M. Lillian, nurse, b 61 Pine 

" Noah D., cond Rut R R, h 91 North 

" Sara J., wid Ahira, b 61 Pine 

JJ William P., teamster, b 5 Jackson av 
Hebert Guy J., emp L I Wks, h 131 State 
Hector Albert, emp V M Co^ b 55 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

" Carl, marble worker 55 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

w Elsie, elk Proctor, b 55 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 
Hedin Hannah, maid 55 N Main, b do 
HefTerman Daniel, clerk 29 Center, h 108 Franklin 
Heidel Louis A,, physician 5 Cottage, h do 
Hendee Carleton A., agt Met Life Ins Co, b 12 Woodstock av 

3 Carleton L s salesman, h 12 Woodstock av 
Henderson Julia, wid William, b 21 Watkins av 
Hendrickson Alice E,, emp T L & Co, b 123^ Church 
Henri chon Emma, wid Benjamin, h 114 South 

" Eugene J,, emp P Mfg Co, b 124 Crescent 

n George N,, machinist, h 124 Crescent 

n Marie V., teacher, r 114 South 

" Victor A., emp V M Co, b 114 South 
Henry Catherine, b 64 Cherry 

'* Elizabeth, b Loretto Home 

" Hugh, laborer, b 64 Cherry 

?? John, laborer, h 64 Cherry 
Hepburn C. F., emp N E Tel & Tel Co, r 5 E Washington 

9i Fred G., cabinet mkr, h 121 Park av 

" Mabel B>, student, b 121 Park av 

HERALD AND GLOBE ASSOCIATION (Inc), publishers Daily and 
Weekly Rutland Herald, 110-112 Merchants row, see 
Hermann Richard H,, engineer, h 71 Jackson av 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Herrick Louisa M + , h 14 North 

Hess Sophia, dom 7S Church, b do 

Hesse Eunice, emp The Bardwell Hotel, b 138 Strongs av 

* Robert G., emp H S Co, h 98 Allen 
" Robert J., b 9S Allen 

" William, laborer, h 85 Vernon av 

" William Jr., painter, h 87 Vernon av 
Hevey Clovis, carpenter, h 107 Library av 

" Edward, emp Rut R R, b 107 Library av 

" William D>, emp IS Center, b 107 Library av 
Hewes Ruby, b 47 North 

" Samuel R., emp Rut R R, h 47 North 
Hewett Charles C, emp H S Co, h 20 Crescent 

" Hattie E., wid Charles, h 21 % Center 
Hewey Harry, h 93 Wales 
Hewitt Arthur G. T foreman construction work, h 2 East 

" Clifford E., emp Davis Feed Co, b 11 North 

w Cora, wid J. Qrmsby, r 47 Summer 

** Dana D„ retired, r 16 Crescent 

" Erwin L., h 63 Pierpoint av 

" Flora, wid Herman, h 256 N Main 

" Luther D., emp H S Co, h 12 Royce 

" Vivian R., student, b 2 East 
Hickey Frank O., h 111 Crescent 

% \ John J., overseer of poor, City Poor Farm, h do 

** Mary C. (Mrs John) , matron city farm, h do 

" Mary E., teacher, bill Crescent 
Hier Aimer J., mason, h 119 Library av 

" Frederick H„ fireman Rut R R, h 65 Wood av 

" George, chauffeur Rut Conf Co, h rear 14 Church 

" Herbert W., lab, b 65 Wood av 
Higgins Ambrose C>, emp 73 Merchants row, h 23 Cottage 

" Bernard W., emp Smith Lumber Co, h 215 Columbian av 

'* Catherine, wid Thomas, h Sd Brown 

" Cecilia A. (Higgins & Knight), b 215 Columbian av 

" Elizabeth K, wid Albert W, h 92 Grove 

,T George E., machinist, h 31 Terrill 

" Hazel A,, milliner, b 31 Terrill 

?p Paul B., painter, h 217 Columbian av 

" Robert M., bkpr 60 Center, h 40 Engrem av 

" Thomas E., emp F N Co, b 60 Grove 

" & Knight (Cecelia Higgins and Pauline Knight), props 
Marmello Beauty Parlor, 24J^ Center 
Higley Edna V. V., music teacher Larren Studio, 90 Merchants 

row, res Castleton 
Hill Carl, emp Rut R R, r 11 Lincoln av 

71 Charles P., machinist H S Co, h 3 Deer 

* Edith, hskpr 3 Deer 

" Janette. dressmaker 27 Cottage, r do 
" Lucy, wid Orlando, h 7S Plain 

Rutland Directory 1924 

1924 — -Rutland Directory — 1924 


Hill Ruth A +T dom 13 Kingsley av t h 3 Deer 

" Sarah E. Mrs., b Old Ladies' Home 
Hillary Estelle, emp Depot Lunch, r 99 Willow 
Hiilery Walter, lab, b 99 Willow 
Hilliard Emma J., b 93 Grove 

" Ethel C, b 93 Grove 

w Hattie, wid John F., h 226 Grove 

" Jeame M., nurse Rutland Hospital, b 226 Grove 

JJ John Read, b 22G Grove 

" Miner H., elk Surprise Store, h 93 Grove 

" Sarah E., b 226 Grove 
Himes A, Edward, draughtsman Rut R R, b 177 Adams 

'* George JV, st en Rut R R, b 177 Adams 

" Herbert Ck, student, b 177 Adams 

" Nellie, wid Herbert A., h 177 Adams 

" Ruth D. (Mrs George), elk Rut R R Co, b 177 Adams 

" Ysoult (Mrs Edward), violin teacher 177 Adams, b do 
Hinchey Charles J,, student U V M, b 52 Jackson av 

" Francis N., prin W Rut Vt High School, b 45 Park 

" Frederick C., mech eng, b 45 Park 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

Hinchey H. Minerva, sten Quinn bldg (3-4), b 45 Park 

" James, machinist H S Co, b 45 Park 

" James M t , machinist H S Co, h 52 Jackson av 

" John A., student, b 52 Jackson av 

" John P., machinist H S Co, h 45 Park 

" Mary C, sten Rut R R, b 52 Jackson av 

" William, emp H S Co, h 72 Plain 
Hinckley Alfred, emp Smith Lumber Co, h 81 Harrison av 

" Clarence N., emp Home Candy Co, b 62 East 

n Dorothy A., hskpr, b 14 Dana av 

" Earl M M emp Rut R R, b 14 Dana av 

* Edward C„ teamster, h 33 Crescent 

" Ervin, b 81 Harrison av 

,J Fred, emp D A Barker, r 11 Evelyn 

" Harry E., emp Howe's Ice Cream Co, h 81 Harrison av 

" Horace, retired, h 10 Chaplin av 

" Horace A. , b 14 Dana av 

" Jesse, emp H S Co, h 14 Dana av 

" Leon, elk, b 33 Crescent 

" Michael j M h 95 Granger 

" Newman R<, emp H S Co, b 14 Dana av 

" Percy, sten 125 North, h 20 Dana av 

" Rena, b 10 Chaplin av 

" Walter, painter, h 67H Center 

" Warren, emp 82 Baxter av, b 10 Chaplin av 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Hinckley William E tl machinist, h 11 Noyes av 
>J —see Hinkley 
KINDLEY HOWARD L editor in chief Rut Herald and sec Vermont 

Horticultural Societv, h 106 N Main 
" Howard L M h 33 Temple 

" Lister C, proof reader Rut Herald, b 106 N Main 
HINDS EDWARD E physician and surgeon 75 Merchants Row, h 
204 N Main, Office hrs K3 and 7-8:15 p. m. ^Sunday 
by appointment, office tel 145 1-M, res telf,395-R, 
see p 370 
HiNSMAN CARL B pres Howe Scale Co, pres Rutland Mfg Co, 
v-pres State Mutual Fire Inc Co and pres Baxter 
Nat Bank, h 37 Prospect 
Hitchcock Albert E., emp H S Co, h 39 Jackson av 
* ? Harriet, wid Orville O., h IS Woodstock av 
" John, b City Farm 
" Louisa A. T r 73 Pine 
* William G., emp H S Co, h SS^4 Center 

* William M., emp 31 Merchants row, h 39 Jackson av 
Hitt John C, painter, r S7 State 

HOADLEY JUSTUS R sec-treas State Mutual Fire Ins Co and 
general insurance agt Meadbldg (13-14), h 11 Robert 
" William, h Creek rd 
Hoag Florence M t , nurse 44 Bellevue av, b do 
,J Homer L M pres The Kin ox Co, h 20 Madison 
" John W., emp Am Ry Ex Co, h 44 Bellevue av 

* Josephine (Mrs John), nurse, b 44 Bellevue av 
* J Leslie F., student, b 20 Madison 

** Robert W., sec-treas The Kinox Co, b 20 Madison 
Hoar Oscar, emp Rut RR,b 122 Park av 
Hodsdon Madeline H., student, b 65 Grove 

" Reginald G. f student, b 65 Grove 
' Walter G + , physician and surgeon 65 Grove, h do 
Hoffman Carl F. H. f tel opr Postal Tel Co, r 90 Gibson av 
Hogan Alice, wid Malachie, h 144 River 

" Bridget, hskpr Hotel Berwick, b do 

J) Donald, elk, b 144 River 

?I Edward J. , emp Temple Bros, b 144 River 

'- Elizabeth P., dressmaker 107 Park av, b do 

T * Hilma Mrs., emp T L & Co, h 360 West 

" John W., emp 340 West, h 17 Evergreen av 

" Malachie A., salesman, b 33 Summer 

55 Patrick H., barber shop 176J^ West, h 108 River 

" Patrick J,, emp L I Wks, b 144 River 

" Thomas F., emp Rut R R, b 144 River 

" William C, emp Rut R R, h 1SG State 

" William J., emp N E T Co, b 33 Summer 
Hoggson Edwina, Salvation Army, b 32 Merchants row 
Holbrook Ellen Mrs., cutter, h 32 Williams 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Holbrook Ruth, emp Rutland Restaurant, b 32 Williams 
Holcomb Elmer, carp, b 73 Field av 

J * Eva A., b 73 Field av 

" George E., carp, h 73 Field av 

" Lulu, b 73 Field av 
I-Tolden Alma, wid Frank D., h 243 Church 

" Charles A t , retired, h 68 Crescent 

n Clarence F., emp Keyes & Co, b 243 Church 

" Ellen C, b 46 Chestnut av 

JJ Florence M„ teacher Bellows Falls, b 68 Crescent 

" Harry D., engineer Rut R R, h 138 Church 

" Jane S.,h 37 Kendall av 

* Katherine F. Mrs., dressmaker 146 Library av, b do 
' Maurice C, teamster, h 134 Strongs av 

:J Nellie, companion, b 46 Chestnut 
' Percy, painter, h 255 Lincoln av 

" Richard, b 68 Crescent 
Holland Alice, wid Clarence, b 23 Burnham av 
J C. Wesley, cond Rut R R, h 27 Burnham av 

" Dennis, cond Rut R R, h 7 Mansfield pi 
5 Florence D., elk L I Wks, b 7 Mansfield pi 

" Fred, emp H S Co, h 10 Mansfield 

JJ Hiram S., laborer, h 10 Jackson av 

HOLLAND HOUSE Mrs Eva E Brown prop, tlgj| Merchants 
row, see p 356 

" John R., emp Rut R R, h SO Brown 

n Katherine N., elk Rut R R, b 7 Mansfield pi 
? Mary E,, wid Albert, b 29 Burnham av 

? * Mildred L, bkpr 44 Merchants row, r 24 Burnham av 
HOLLAND PEARL M asst mgr Life Ins Co, h 64 Church 

" Thomas F M emp H S Co, h 135 Pearl 
Holleran Bridget E M hskpr 92 Grove, b do 

' Edward, repairman R M & A Co, h 112 N Main 

" Margaret M., hskpr, b 112 N Main 
Hollis John, emp Baker Seed Co, h 10S Gibson av 
Hollister Ella O., wid J. Burton, h 103 Center 
Homier Aseline J. Mrs., h 52 East 

" Lawrence E. 5 b 52 East 
Holmes Carroll S,, student, b 32 North 

" Clyde, emp S O Co, b 22 Cottage 
HOLMES GEORGE S contractor and eng Gryphon Bldgandrepr. 

G S Holmes Const Co, h 114 N Main, see p 2 
HOLMES HARRY B sec Holmes Iron Co, h 22 Cottage 
HOLMES IRON CO (Inc), steam boilers and structural work, 232 

West, see p 367 
HOLMES JOHN E v-pres and treas Holmes Iron Co, h 32 North 

" JohnL.,h 146 State 

" Joseph C, h 61 Merchants row 

" Marjorie A,, student, b 32 North 
Holmquist Axel, emp V M Co, h 51 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Holmquist Reinhold, emp Albany, N Y, b 51 Barrett Hill 

Holt Carrie Mrs., emp St James Hotel, b do 
Home Farm. Agency, W L Archer mgr, 9 N Main 
Honsinger Edna M., b 23 Woodstock av 

" M. Addie, clerk Rut R R, b 23 Woodstock av 
Hooker Earl C, plumber, h 99 Maple 
" Harry L., emp P Mfg Co, h 107 Gibson av 

Mae (Mrs Harry), dressmkr 107 Gibson av, h do 
Hope Florence C, dom 71 N Main, b 79 Plain 
" George E., carpenter Smith Lumber Co, h 79 Plain 

Margaret E., domestic, b 79 Plain 
" Mary E., wid Robert, h 8 Vernon 
" Robert, laborer, h 8 Vernon 
Hopkins Eames R., com trav, h 53 Morse pi 
" Edward C, emp Rut R R, h 41 Forest 
" Edward C. Mrs,, waitress, r 49 Williams 
" John, emp Rut R R, h 75 S Main 
" Mary, student, b 75 S Main 
Horan George P., chauffeur, b 12 Madison 
" Margaret J., supervisor N E Tel Co, b 118 Robbins 
Thomas, prop Horan's Steam Laundry, h 12 Madison 
Thomas J., emp Pittsfield, Mass, b 12 Madison 
" Timothy J., emp Rut R R, b St James Hotel 
Horan's Steam Laundry, Thomas Horan, prop, 176 Wet 
Horridge Joseph, mech engineer, h 135 Library av 
Horton Charles L., emp D A Barker, h 20 Terrill 
* Clarence N., emp Mfg Shop, b 79 Williams 
" Dana, h 79 Williams 

" Edgar H., prop Horton's Cash Market, h 24 Kendall av 
Nettie (Mrs Charles), emp Grand Theatre, h 20 Terrill 
Horton's Cash Market, Edgar H Horton prop, 138 West 
H0RT0NIA POWER CO (Inc), Gryphon blk (19), see p 350 
Horvath Anna M. f emp 17 Grove, b 77 Stratton rd 
" Ellen, emp 17 Grove, b 77 Stratton rd 
" Prank, emp Rut R R, h 77 Stratton rd 
" Frank Jr., emp Rut R R, b 77 Stratton rd 
* Gisela, emp 17 Grove, b 77 Stratton rd 
Hostler Henry J., janitor high school, h 38 Forest 
^ Patrick, emp 190 West, b 38 Forest 

— see Chevalier 
HOTEL BERWICK (A J and R C Boynton), 51 Center, see p 22 
HOTEL SAINT JAMES (Martin & Walker), 59 West, see p 357 
Houghton Lee S., em.p W C Landon & Co, h 40 S Main 

" Mary, b 40 S Main 
Houston Arthur A., milk dealer 212 N Main, h do 

Byron K, carpenter 177 Lincoln av, h do 
" Charles V., emp Rut R R, h 77 Harrison av 
" Daniel J., emp Rut R R, h 143 State 
" Dewey W., emp Rut R R, h 70 Baxter 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Houston Guy B., contractor and builder 91 Maple, h do 

" Minnie, wid Edward D, h 91 Maple 
Howard Charles Fred, emp Postal Tel Cable, h 5 Jackson av 

" Clarence A., mech, h 212 S Main 

" Elizabeth Mrs., b 6 Court 

" Eugenie M., elk Woolworth store, b 113 Church 
HOWARD FRANK B jeweler, victrolas and Victor records, 80 Mer- 
chants row, h 6 Court 

n Francis P., emp L I Wks, h 64 Bellevue av 

" George H., emp Rut R R, h West opp P O, C Rutland 

" Helen, wid Judson, b 27 West 

" John, lab, b 117 Spruce 

" Lawrence C, h 113 Church 

" Patrick, emp P Mfg Co, b 72 Allen 

" Patrick J., machinist, h 72 Allen 

" Richard, mech, r 212 S Main 

" Samuel A., v-pres V M Co, h Fern Cottage, opp Dorr's 

99 Samuel W., student, b 72 Allen 
Howe Charles E., chauffeur, b 130 Maple 

" Charles L., lawyer 21 y 2 Center, h 96 Church 

" Elizabeth, wid Joshua, r 116 Robbins 
HOWE H H & CO (Harold C and Mrs Lena M Howe), confection- 
ers, 21 Center 
HOWE HAROLD C (H H Howe & Co), and (Howe's Ice Cream 
Co), h 95 Maple 

" Jane, wid Henry S., h 51 Summer 

HOWE LENA M wid H H (H H Howe & Co), and (Howe's Ice 
Cream Co), h 95 Maple 

" Leroy S., emp A & P Tea Co, b 107 Gibson av 

" Louis H., emp Rut R R, b 130 Maple 

w Marjorie C, emp 23 Court, b do 

" Mary, wid William, h 130 Maple 
HOWE SCALE CO THE (Inc), scales, trucks, machinery and refri- 
gerator mfrs, Scale av, see front cover 

" William H., sawyer, h 126 Strongs av 
HOWE'S ICE CREAM CO (Harold C and Mrs Lena M Howe), ice 

cream mfrs, 90 Willow 
Howell Philip H. Mrs., b 81 Crescent 
Howland Charles, elk 43 Center, b 42 J^ do 

" Glenn M., emp P Mfg Co, h 113 Library 

" Mary, dom 79 Lincoln av, b do 

" Myron E., retired, r 42Y 2 Center 

" Winfred P., emp P Mfg Co, h 42^ Center 
Howley Bros (Nicholas J Howley prop), sporting goods and 
periodicals, 18 Center 

" Edna, student, b 41 Summer 

" Edward N., mail carrier, b 23 East 

" Frances, student, b 41 Summer 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

HOWLEY JAMES B spec rep N Y Life Ins Co, Mead Bldg (6), h 

41 Summer, see res dir 
" Johanna E., b 62 Pleasant 
" John D., machinist P Mfg Co, h 203 State 
" Mabelle A., teacher, b 23 East 
" Nicholas J., prop Howley Brps, h 59 Cherry 
" Patrick A., insurance agt, h 66 Forest 

Patrick F., pres-treas Howley & Co and pres Rutland 
Grocery Co, h 62 Pleasant 
" Timothy E„ machinist, h 23 East 
n Thomas H., com trav, h 6 Spellman ter 
" Thomas L., emp Schenectady, N Y, h 95 River 
" William B., elk Carbine-Costello Co, h 30 West 
" & Co (Inc), clothing 56 Merchants row 
Hoy Cornelius, retired, h 102 Granger 
" Josie A., prop Hoy Millinery, b 102 Granger 
" Millinery, Josie A Hoy prop, 38 Center 
Hoyle Alonzo T., emp Rut R R, r 80 Church 
H0YLE ROBERT J elk and treas Rutland City Automobile Co 

h 85 Park av 
HOYLE THOMAS H pres Rutland City Automobile Co, h 38 

Hoyt Margaret S., teacher, b 68 Cleveland av 
" S. Ann, b 68 Cleveland av 
Hubbard Austin J., jeweler 53 Merchants row, h 26 Burnham 
" Charles H., machinist, h 89 State 
" Erwin L., emp Smith Lumber Co, h 14A Royce 
" Florence M., canvasser, b 26 Burnham av 
n Gertrude L., bkpr, b 14A Royce 
* ? Reba (Mrs Erwin L), nurse, h 14A Royce 

Robert G., plumbing and steamfitting 14 Sheldon h do 
Hudson Kitt, emp Rut R R, h 72 Wood av 

" Luke A., eng Rut R R, h 55 Baxter 
HUDSON SALES & SERVICE Rutland Motor Sales, Inc, West c 
" Sylvia J., opr, b 55 Baxter 
Huffert Augustus V.,, clerk Rut R R, b 68 Grove ' 
Huffmire Frederick H., R carrier No. 1, h 17 Cottage 
" Samuel L., chauffeur, b 38 Strongs av 
Hughes Abbie, bkpr 27 Center, b 373 West 
HUGHES ARTHUR C cashier Ellington National Bank and treas 

Rutland Trust Co, h 78 N Main 
" Evan R., emp Dunn Bros, h 52 Chestnut 
" Hugh, emp V M Co, h 373 West 
" Hugh, emp H S Co, b 207 Church 
99 Irene D., elk Chas Sterns & Co, b 102 Brown 
" James C, tinsmith 9 Evelyn, h 102 Brown 
" James E., moulder, b 102 Brown 
" Margaret, b 373 West 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Hughes Raymond A., bkpr R R L & P Co, h 57 Church 
Hugny Leon, emp Rut R R, h 18 Elm 

" Rollin P., fireman Rut R R, h 143 Strongs av 
HULETT WILLIAM D pres Combination Cash Store and v-pres 

Rutland Trust Co, h 33 N Main 
HULIHAN BROS (Patrick C and Patrick W Hulihan), granite and 
marble dealers, West, C Rutland, see un name 

P. W. Hulihan P. C. Hulihan 

Phone 152-M Phone 641-R 


Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Altars, Monuments, Tablets, Headstones and every 

Description of Cemetery Work 

Orders by Mail Promptly Attended to 

Fine Monumental Work a Specialty 

Work Erected in any part of the Country 

Special Designs Furnished on Application 

West St. Office phone 232-W CENTER RUTLAND, VT. 

Hulihan Frances I., teacher, b West, C Rutland 

" Harry, student, b West, C Rutland 

" Margaret L, teacher, b 375 West 
HULIHAN PATRICK C (Hulihan Bros), h West, C Rutland 
HULIHAN PATRICK W (Hulihan Bros), h 375 West 
Humiston Alma, b 138 Strongs av 
Humphrey Dorothea, student, b 106 Bellevue av 

" Orison M., machinist P Mfg Co, h 106 Bellevue av 

" Owen M., retired, h 85 Crescent 

" Thelma, student, b 106 Bellevue 
Humphreys David, marble polisher, h 160 Granger 

" Francis D,USN,b 160 Granger 
Hunt Charles H., emp Philadelphia, Pa, h 93 Library 

" Eliza A., bkpr 129 Church, res Post Rd, r 1 
HUNT GEORGE E florist 127-131 Church, h 133 do, see un name 


The Leading Florist 



Choice assortment of flowers constantly on hand 

Wedding and funeral supplies a specialty 


Phone 571-M 

125 to 133 Church St. RUTLAND, VT. 

Hunt Irene, hskpr Post Road, r d 1 
" James S., student, b 40 Morse pi 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 

Hunt John A v emp Berwick Hotel, b 241 State 

" John J., chief despatcher Rut R R, h 40 Morse pi 

" Lawrence E., emp 129 Church, h 134 do 

" Leigh, farmer and milk dealer, h Post rd 

n Royal E<, student, r A3 Library 

n Sherman, student, Post Road, r d 1 
Hunter Dorothy M., student, b 103 Maple 

" Glen, carp, b 11 Highland av 

" William E., emp Rut R R, b 103 Maple 
Huntington Andrew %, emp P Mfg Co, h 172 Grove 

" Florence P., sec 29 S Main, b 172 Grove 
Huntoon Agnes (Mrs Hudson T) T opr H H & Co, b Bl Killings 
ton av 

" Eliza A., b 141 Grove 

" Emma, b 203 Lincoln av 

' Frances E., emp Albany N Y, b 141 Grove 

" Hiram, retired, h E Pittsford, R 1 

" Hudson T., cont and builder 71 Center, hOl Ellington av 

" Levi N., h 141 Grove 

1 May E„ emp Whitesboro N Y, b 141 Grove 

" Robert J,, farmer, h 268 N Main 

? Warren L, p meat cutter, h 203 Lincoln av 
HUNTRESS FRANK pres Ross-Huntress Co, res Keene, N H 
I-lnrley Bernard A., emp RRL&PCo t h79 Baxter 

5 Daniel C M emp 121 Liberty, b 79 Baxter 

" Edmund F,, elk Beauchamp & O^Roiurke, b 5S Pine 
;" Eillen C, emp N E Tel Co, b 39 West 
" Jennie, wid James R, dom nurse, b 39 West 
" John T. P auto tops, upholstering and antique furniture 

finishing 121 Library av, h do 
IJ J, Wynne, clerk 62 Merchants row, b 58 Pine 

* Margaret L, emp C C S Co, b 63 School 
" Mary C, b 79 Baxter 
" Mary K., elk, b 63 School 
" Myra M., sten 52 Center, b 58 Pine 
" Patrick T„ radial drill opr, h 63 School 
" Rose, b 143 Maple 

" Sarah W., wid John A, bkpr 340 West, h 58 Pine 
" Veronica A., student, b 63 School 
" William G., emp M Mfg Co, h 69 Baxter 
Hutchins C. Raymond, emp Bristol, Conn, b 22 Church 
n Charles, lab, h 132 State 
" Charles W., contractor V M Co, h 93 j^ State 
w Leo C„ emp Rut R R, b 933^ State 
". Mabel, emp Bristol, Conn, b 93 State 
Hyall John, lab, r 142 Strongs av 
Hyde Leroy E M moulder H S Co, h IS Killington av 
" RuthF„b IS Pine 
Hyland Arthur G., b 51 E Center 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


HYLAND BERT S prohibition dir for Vt, and gen ins, treas Hand- 
ley Baking Co, office Federal bldg, h 54 E Center 
" Frederick, student, b 25 Church 
" Ray E., h 51 E Center 

' Russell M., chauffeur 41 Center, h 25 Church 
" William G., auto mech, h 7 Porter 

IANNETTI CHARLES A., tailbr 67 Merchants row, h 33 

lanni Achille, emp V M Co, h 21 Ripley, C Rutland 
93 Emma, music teacher, 3S9 West 
" Luigi, stone cutter, h 3S9 West 
H Napoleon, musician, emp P Mfg Co, b 389 West 
J) Rosina, b 21 Ripley, C Rutland 
Icolari Angeline, emp 114 Merchants row, r 97 State 
" Guiseppe, confectionery 114 Merchants row, h 97}i State 

Merchants row 
INDIAN M0T0CYCLES Canty 's Motorcycle Shop dist, School, see 
un name 

Indian Motocycles 

Henderson Motorcyles 


Canty's Motorcycle Shop 

Phone 954-M 

70 School St. 


Ingalls Chester A., gen supt Hortonia Power Co, h 49 Cleve- 
land av 
INGALLS' CIGAR STORE Harold E Ingalls prop, 42 Merchants 

" Elsie B.> sten Rut R R P b 65 Crescent 

INGALLS HAROLD E prop IngahV Cigar Store and prop Berwick- 
Hotel Newstand, b 89 Harrison 

" Herbert A., carpenter, h 145 N Main 

n Rush H + , emp Rut Street Dept, r (>fi Wales 
Tntelisino Frank, barber, h 303 West 
Ippolito Catherine, opr H H & Co, b 298 West 

" Constantino, barber, b 29S West 

" Salvatore, emp L I Wks, h 29S West 
Ireland Elwood F., teacher, h 76 A Harrington av 
Isabelle Marie C. T office asst Dr Johnson, b 59 Williams 
Isolation Hospital, Stratton rd n Woodstock av 
Italian Aid Society, 415 West 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — 'Rutland Dire ctory— 1 924 


Ives Frederick C + , contractor and builder 61 Ives av, h do 

JACKSON ANNA MRS,, nurse 24 Pine, h do 

" Arthur, laborer, b 30 Baxter 

>J Bridget t wid Herman, h 30 Baxter 

" Elmer, emp Rut R R, h Wales 

" Frank, b 142 Strongs av 

" Frank, emp Rut R R, r 142 Strongs 

w George, emp Bristol, Conn, b 30 Baxter 

w Laura A., emp T L & Co, b 30 Baxter 
Jacobs Ella A., wid Elmer B, h 7 Vernon 

" Zenobia R. Mrs., teacher HS t b 23 E Center 
Jagodzinski Ignac, emp John Smith, h 420 West 
Jakowlow John Jr., emp H S Co, h 234 State 
James Anna S< , wid Cornelius W, h 23 N Main 

" Blanche C. Mrs., prop The Fashion Shop, b 26 Cottage 

" Isaac; emp H S Co, h Cold River rd 

" Myrtle A., b 23 N Main 

" Willis, h 34 Church 
Jangraw Eleanor, b 28 Elm 
JANGRAW ELLAS L plumber 28 Elm, h do, see un name 

Plumbing and Heating 

Ellas L. Jangraw 

Agt» for Meuller Boilers and Homer Furnaces 

TeL 326-X 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


28 Elm St. 


Jangraw Francis L. , emp Phila, b 28 Elm 
'* Marion R., b 28 Elm 
» Raymond, b 2S Elm 

Jarvis George T., v-pres-gen mgr Rut R R, h 25 Washington 

Jaskot Paul, emp V M Co, h 26 Ripley 

Jasmin Arthur, elk, b 164 Woodstock av 
" Fred, G„ trucking 9 East, h do 
w George M t , emp L I Wks, h 164 Woodstock av 
" Harriet D., wid Maxim, h 146 Woodstock av 
" Harriet M., payroll elk n E Tel Co, b 164 Woodstock av 
JJ Harrv B>, elk 144 Woodstock av, b 127 do 
" Harry C. t elk 27 Center, h 146 Woodstock av 
" Howard C. , truck driver Brown's Cleaning Co, b 127 Wood- 
stock av 

Jasmin Jennie (Mrs Walter E), emp 144 Woodstock av, h 127 

" Raymond, elk, b 164 Woodstock av 

" Robert E., emp 22 Center, b 164 Woodstock av 
JASMIN ROLLA M (W E Jasmin & Son), h 144 Woodstock av 

" Roy T,, emp R R L & P Co, h 19 Lafayette 
JASMIN WALTER E (W E Jasmin & Son), h 127 Woodstock av 
JASMIN W E & SON (Walter E and Rolla M Jasmin), grocers and 

trucking 144 Woodstock av, see p 355 
Javery Ernest H T , com trav, h 179 Granger 

" Mar j one, phone opr, b 35 Elm 
Jeannotte Edward, emp H S Co, h 14 Jackson av 
JefEo John E., emp Rutland Herald, b 49 Cleveland 
Jenks Freeman, auto mech, r 16 Church 
Jenne Delora Mrs*, b 45 Temple 

" Jerry O. , carpenter, h 1 14 Gibson av 
Jenney Edward E., dentist, Mead Bldg (51-52), b Brock 

Jennings Charles W., emp Rut F C Co, h 5 Chaplin av 

'* Clifton, auto mech, r 11 Clover 

" Daniels, trainman, b 11 Clover 

" George A,, section foreman Rut R R, h 11 Clover 

" Joseph, emp H S Co, h 30 Meadow 

" Wallace, emp Rut R R, r 11 Clover 
Jerome Nellie, wid Charles, h 91 S Main 
Jerry Antoine 0., emp City Cash Feed Store, h 165 Grove 

" Benjamin V«, emp Burlington, h 73 Crescent 

7 Malcolm D., b 73 Crescent 

w Robert C. ( auto mech, b 73 Crescent 
Jewett Julia H,, wid Wendell F + , b 44 N Main 
Jillson Clarence E 4 , emp H A Sawyer Co, b 1.15 Lincoln av 

" Edward R., emp H S Co, h 115 Lincoln av 

" Katherine (Mrs Leonard C), bkpr Rut R R, r 18 Cottage 

" Leonard C, electrician 57 Center, h 18 Cottage 
Johnson Abbie W. (Mrs Edward H), b 40 Elm 

"A. Bingham, general repairs &S Crescent, h do 

" Alfred, emp V M Co, h 70 Cleveland av 

J ' Alvin A + , emp Gleason's, h 25 Williams 

?J Amy, b 3 Hopkins 

" Arvid E., emp V M Co, h 48 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

" Betty, h fiO Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

" Charles M., retired, h 48 N Main 

" Charles S„ barber E Wallingford, h 11 Terrill 

" Clara, wid John R t , b 61 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

" Cyrus A., scale inspector D & H, h 55 N Main 

" Earle E., dentist 37^ Merchants row, b 14 Deer 

" Edith, domestic 9 Kendall av, b do 

" Edward, retired, b 66 Williams 

" Edward C, treas-mgr Rutland Grocery Co, h 17 Madison 

w Edward H., b 40 Elm 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Johnson EdwardS., express messenger, h E rd to Proctor, C 

Elaine M., hskpr, b 59 Williams 

Emanuel, emp Kinsman & Mills, h II Watkins av 

Emma, hskpr, b 104 Pairview av 

Emma, wid Adam, b E Proctor rd, care W Oberg 

Ethel, b Woodstock rd, R 2 

Frank, foreman V M Marble Co, h 3 Geno, City Park 

Frank, salesman V M Co, h 63 Church 

Frank N., emp H S Co, h 4 Spellman ter 

Franklin B., chauffeur, b 11 Terrill 

Frederick K., emp Rut R R, h 3 Hopkins 

Fritz E., macb, b 17 Cramton av 

George H,, emp H S Co, b 16 Royce 

George W. T h 27 Crescent 

Georgie, wid Edward H., b 99 Plain 

Gerhard, plumber, b 17 Cramton av 

Gordon C + , musician, b 11 Terrill 

Gunberg, emp 137 N Main, b do 

Gustave A., blacksmith, r 17 Cramton av 

Harry M., electrician H S Co, h 13 Kendall av 

Henry, emp Vt M Co, r 30 West 

Hermosa P., emp 2 Edson, b 25 Williams 

Hiram L., machinist, h 6 Hopkins 

Ida, emp 61 S Main, b do 

James R T , emp H S Co, b 16 Royce 

Julia J., shirtmaker, b 29 Williams 

Louis, clerk Ross-Huntress Co, h 71 Harrison av 

Lowell R., emp Rutland News, b 71 Harrison av 

Lucius S + , engineer Rut R R, h 109 S Main 

Madeline, student, b 9 High 

Mae Frances, b 11 Terrill 

Marie W., teacher, b 17 Madison 

Mary, wid Fritz, h 17 Cramton av 

May F. Mrs., h 15 High 

Melvin, emp 340 West, h Woodstock rd, r d 2 

Olga, nurse Worcester, Mass, b 17 Cramton av 

Orel A., lumber 9 High, h do 

Oscar, mach, h 39 Jackson av 

Pearl, b Woodstock rd, R 2 

Peter, retired, h 46 Killington av 

Sedonna B., b 9 High 

Smith, emp H S Co, b 160 West 

Stella, h 89 East 

Steven J., emp Rut R R, b 109 S Main 

Sylvia R>, emp S3 Grove, b II Watkins 
Johnston Loren, painter, h 13 Hopkins 

" Rena E. Mrs., h 20 E Washington 
Joly M. Louise, b 53 Baxter 

Napoleon, grocer 69 Harrison av ,h 53 Baxter 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Joly Rose, elk 69 Harrison av, b 53 Baxter 
Jones Adeline M, elk 59 Center, b 311 West 

w Cleon P,, emp Rut R R, r 13 Hopkins 

" Collins, chauffeur, b 202 S Main 

n Daniel J., machinist Rut R R, h 47 Pine 

n Edwin M,, carpenter, h Cold River rd 

" Ethel L., emp 146 West, b 47 Pine 

" Frances A., elk N E Tel & Tel Co, h 23 Lafayette 
JONES GEORGE F (Jones & Jones), r 123 N Main 

" Gertrude Mrs,, h 204 Columbian av 

" Griffith W., clerk Rut R R, h 32 Lincoln av 

w Howard, emp Rut R R> b 204 Columbian av 

" Hugh W., emp V M Co, h 6S Pine 

" Jennie E, ( wid B, F. T h 129 Robbins 

? ' John L. T emp Albany, N Y, b 68 Pine 
JONES JOSEPH C (Jones & Jones), h 13 Mansfield pi 
JONES LAWRENCE C (Jones & Jones), h 13 Kingslev av 

" Lemuel B. s laborer, h 311 West 

" Mabel, wid Robert, b 87 Temple 

" Marion, student, b 129 Robbins 

" Mary, wid Charles, b 40 Hopkins 

>? May G., wid Harry, between 110-123 Crescent 

w Merritt, emp V M & Co, h 129 Robbins 

" Minnie G., wid H. L., nurse, b 117 Crescent 

M Richard H., auto salesman, h 8 Sheldon pi 

" Robert, auto mech, r 60 Grove 

w Russell, emp Rut R R, b 47 Pine 

" Vaughn F.,, emp Rut R R T b 204 Columbian av 

" Willard, b 124 Oak 

" William L., policeman, b 98 Gibson 

JONES & JONES (Lawrence C, George F and Joseph C Jones), 
attorneys~at-law Baxter Nat Bank bldg, 126 Mer^ 
chants row, see p 364 
JORDAN AUTOMOBILES J E & H W Ridlon, 196 S Main, see p 

" William D f , com trav, h 37 Morse pi 
Jordon Waldo, mach, h 86 State 
Joy George, emp R Mfg Co, b 24 Williams 

" Margaret, wid Austin, b 27 Lincoln av 
Joyce Ermund, emp "Clementwood," b 52 Barrett Hill, C 

" John, emp V M Co, h 52 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

n John, emp V M Co, b 52 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 
Juber John, emp V M Co, h E Proctor rd, C Rutland 
Juckett George, emp L I Wks, h 131 S Main 

" Harold, emp Giirs Bakery, r Hotel St James 

" Howard D M emp Mintzer Bros, r 31 Elm 
Juleff Silas, chauffeur, h 28 Nichols 

KALLIO HIEMA, emp 85 West, r do 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

KANTOR BROS (Charles and Samuel H Kantor), props 

lauTfia i>ui m £^ mg Co ' clothin £ 162-164 West 
KANTOR CHARLES (Kantor Bros), h 103 Grove 

viu^'.^E Kantor Bros, b 102 West 
KANTOR SAMUEL H (Kantor Bros), h 7 Roberts 
Kantosky Evelyn, b 79 Simonds av, C Rutland 
Mary, dom, b 79 Simonds av, C Rutland 
Sigmond emp V M Co, h 79 Simonds av, C Rutland 
-Karas John J M hotelman, h 49 Williams 
i^fT™/? C ° ^tanlvy Karwan), grocer Center Rutland 
Kassap Anna Mrs., h 81 Granger 

Edward, b SI Granger 
Kavanagh Julian H., mail carrier, h 203 Pearl 

—see Cavanaugh 
Kazon Louis (Dick & Kason), h 79 Harrison 
Kazabsky Anthony, printer's roller mkr, b 19 North 
Kearney— see Carney 
Keefe Alexander P., cond Rut R R, h 33 Summer 

James, retired, h 76 Plain 
" James, emp V M Co, b 76 River 
■ Jennie Mm, dom H Cottage, b do 
j? Katherine L, clerk 161 West, b 76 River 
. Michael F, emp R L S P Co, h 76 River 

I atnck, emp Rut R R, h 112 Franklin 

Patrick J., cond T h 151 River 

Patrick J., cond, h 143 Strongs av 
" —see O'Keefe 
Keenan Francis, b Cold River rd 
" Harry, emp 77 Wales, b 202 S Main 
?j John A., h 108 South 
7 ti John P., auto mech, h 10S South 

Wilham H M elk 44 Forest, h 202 S Main 
Kehoe Donald, emp Rut R R, b Gleason rd 

xr -i am ™ P " em P R R sho P s > h Gleason rd, R D 3 
KeirTer Theodore, emp H S Co, h Mussey 
* Theodore Jr., emp V M Co, b Mussey 
Keiley Mary E. t wid Eugene, h 128 Convent av 
._ Mary, emp Rut R R office, b 12S Convent av 
— see Kieley 
Keirstead Florence, cashier C C S Co, b 123 Gibson av 

Helen, elk, b 123 Gibson av 
11 Madge, elk Murdick & Durfey, b 123 Gibson av 
Ruth W>, emp Woolworth's, r 123 Gibson av 
Springer E„ h 123 Gibson av 
Keith Robert L,, moulder, h 24 West 
"Thomas B., blacksmith Rut R R, h 110 Grander 
Kelleher James F., retired, h 112 South 
Kelleway William F. T emp H S Co, h 111 Gibson av 
Kelley Adela U, wid John, h 198 Columbian av 
Ann, wid Thomas, r 51 Kingsley av 


and Dir 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Kelley Bert M,, emp Rut R R, b 198 Columbian av 

Carmie M., pugilist, h 17 Killington 

Catherine, hskpr 5S S Main, b do 

Clayton H., elk 35 Evelyn, b 12 Melrose av 

Dana M,, painter H S Co, h 116 Gibson av 

Hazel G t , b 12 Melrose av 

John H,, emp Rut R R, b S5 Brown 

Joseph, emp Rut R R, h 79 Forest 

Justin T„ emp Rut R R, h 160 Ivy 

Katherine M., teller Rutland Co National Bank and sec 
Howley & Co, b 62 Pleasant 

Leslie H,, emp L & J A Stewart, b 12 Melrose av 

Mary, phone opr, b 121 Baxter 

Nellie, dressmkr, b 12 Royee 

Patrick J., emp 70 Wales, r 45 Washington 

Patrick % Jr., retired, h 5S Wales 

Raymond L>, crop Kut R R, h 19 N Main c West 

Thomas, b 116 Gibson av 

Thomas E,, cond Rut R R, h 85 Brown 

William D., emp Pittsford, Vt, h 93 Strongs av 

William P., agt Met Life Ins Co, h 12 Melrose 

— see Kelly 
Kellogg Elizabeth S„ nurse S4 N Main, b do 

Ellen, phone opr, r Cheney Hill, Pittsford rd, R 1 

Kenneth, farmer, b Cheney Hill, Pittsford rd, R 1 

James T., farmer, h Cheney Hill, Pittsford rd, R 1 

Newton, emp H S Co, b 7S Baxter 
Kelly Annie I,, clerk Ross-Huntress Co, b 29 Meadow 

Bernard Rev. , pastor Holy Innocents Church, h 5S S Main 

Catherine A., h 29 Meadow 

Cornelius J T , salesman, h 34 Kendall av 

George F h , retired, b 5 E Washington 

John F., baggage master Rut R R, b 104 South 

John R, sten Rut R R, b 104 South 

John M if student, b 122 Baxter 

Joseph J„ emp H S Co, b 104 South 

Katherine G., r 5S S Main 

Margaret A,, sten, b 122 Baxter 

Margaret M., sten The Tuttle Co, b 86 East 

Martin F>, student, b 104 South 

Mary A. Mrs., h 125 Robbins 

sten T L & Co, b 104 South 
, widjas A, h 30 West 
domestic 37 N Main, b do 
phone opr, b 34 Kendall av 
(Mrs Joseph), b 30 West 

Mary C. 
Mary E. 
Mary J. 
Mary L 

Nellie M. 

William, student, b 86 East 

— see Kelley 

Kemmen Charles, emp RRLR Co, h 127 Granger 
Kempton Laura, wid Henry A., b 12 Melrose av 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Kennedy Daniel H., second hand store 63 Wales, h 148 Library 

79 Edwin D., real estate, h 44 Burnham av 

Hayden J., emp P Mfg Co, h 106 Robbins 

James H., molder, h 41 Pine 
*' Jerome D., student, b 148 Library 
" Margaret A., h 43 Summer 
" Martin, b 10 Cramton av 

i" ¥J?^ el J J em P P Mf £ Co - b 43 Summer 
. Mildred L., bkpr 48 % Center, b 106 Robbins 

„ ^J^ 171 B - tailor S21 A Merchants row, h 106 Robbins 
William H., trainman, b 62 Killington av 
William J., emp V M Co, b 43 Summer 
Kenney Ellen, r 73 S Main 
* George K„ engineer Rut R R, h 19 Melrose av 
^ George W., foreman Rut R R t h 106 Church 
Patrick, retired, b 43 Evergreen av 
—see Kenny, also Kinney 
Kenny George A., emp H S Co, h 184 Granger 

Henry W., emp H S Co, r 177 Lincoln 
Kent Charles P., foreman Rut RR,h6 Highland av 

Charles H., mach, b 6 Highland av 
" Clara, h 15 N Main 
" Clifford S., emp Rut R R, h 149 South 

Duane E com trav E D Keyes & Co, h 39 Morse pi 
Harry W., emp P Mfg Co, h 108 Library 
Helen M., student, b 39 Morse pi 
Mary J. Mrs., b Poor Farm 
" Mary W., b 14 S Main 
KENT PRENTISS H gen agt Conn Gen Life Ins Co, h68 Lincoln 

" Thomas, emp P Mfg Co, h 31 Baxter 
Kenworthy William, emp Rut R R, b 142 Strongs av 
Kenyon Clarence W. f emp W H Williams, h 21 Terrill 
9 J Marion Mrs., h 21 Terrill 

" RoHin W„ contractor and builder 31 North, h do 
Kemgan Anna, elk 17 Center, res W Rutland 

Edward E., elk 66 Merchants row, b 131 Library av 
Prances, dk 17 Center, res W Rutland 
n Gertrude Mrs., sten b 19 Engrem av 

John P f , physician and surgeon, Mead bldg (48-49) ,h 24 
S Main 
" Joseph W„ chief elk Hotel Berwick, r 73 Center 

William V., painter and paperhanger 42 Center, h 131 Li- 
brary av 
w —see Carrigan 
Kershaw William H., emp Kinsman & Mills, h 84 Crescent 
Kerslake Thomas R., eng, h 51 Williams 
JJ Vesta, b 51 Williams 
KEYES ARTHUR H (E D Keyes & Co), h 77 Grove 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


KEYES E D & CO (Erwin E Keyes Prank J Wade, Arthur H 
Keyes and Lorenzo H Sheldon), wholesale groceries, 
35 Evelyn, see un name 




Coffee Roasters 

Importers of Violet Chop Teas 

Lily of Valley— Princess Royal — Del Monte Canned 
Foods, Beaver Vulcanite Roofing 

KEYES ERWIN E (E D Keyes & Co), h S3 Grove 
Kickham Anna S., prop Center Street Dining Room, h 35J^ 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

Kidd James H., foreman H S Co, h 9 Park 

Kidder Roliin R, retired, b 10 Madison 

Kieley George, switchman Rut R R, h 143 Maple 

" Mary R. t teacher, b 143 Maple 

)J — see Keiley 
Kiely John, laborer, h 124 River 

" Margaret, b 124 River 
Kilborn Hiram, emp H S Co, h 29 Clinton av 

" James E, p pur agt and paymaster Rut R R, h 12 North 

" William T., ernp New York ,b 12 North 
Kilburn Edward, emp Proctor, h West, n Cemetery, C Rutland 

" Lou, wid Alvino, dressmaker 115 Crescent, h do 

" Pearl, emp Proctor, b Westn Cemetery, C Rutland 
Kile Y. Thomas, piano tuner, r 23 Cottage 
KILLINGTON NATIONAL BANK Arthur C Hughes cashier 116 Mer- 
chants row, see p 3 
Killary Clifton E., dentist Qumn bldg (15), h 4 E Washington 

M Edward H., cond Rut R R y h 136 Oak 
Killelca Mary A., b 99 Park av 
Kimball Charles L, h 115 East 

" Lester, emp 13 Jackson, h Gilrain av 
Kimberly Anna Mrs., b ISO Baxter 
Kimen Charles, b 127 Granger 

Kinach John (Rutland Window Cleaning Co), 61 Merchants 

Rutland Directory 1924 

J 30 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 




En£ AS 7% We* eSt0n T ' emp Su ^ rise D«^rtn»nt Store, 

iSrh m 2^ow? Co ' h25Kiiii ^° n - 

Florence, empTL & Co, r 1J3 Gibson av 
Fred F emp R Mfg Co, h 50 Allen 
Fred N emp H S Co, b 50 Allen 

rnvf " e T C ^ G rimm Estate, b 50 Allen 
Guy G eng Rut R R, b 25 Howe 
ttarry L., baker, h 107 Wales 
Howard, emp H S Co, h 160^ S Main 
James, emp V M Co, r 45 Washington 
Lawrence W., emp Maynard's, b fi2 Cleveland av 
>' m, S N -' ^rpenter, h 02 Cleveland av 

Mary, wid Peter, h 113 Gibson av 
H Peter, laborer, h 15^ Center 
» K^' em £ Berwick H °tel, b 62 Cleveland av 
T,. R 7 M - • ««P H S Co, h 1 21 Convent av 
Kingsbury Adpra E. Mrs., h 42 Strongs av 
Andrew, lab, b 42 Strongs av 
Henry M., emp R ut R R, b 42 Strongs av 
Kingsley Ellen, wid James, h 42 S Main 
Frances, wid Henry W., h 27 N Main 

» Sfr ;r te f and clk R F C Co > b 16 Nichols 

G H & Co (Inc) accountant, iy 2 Center 
M Harry F clerk Bardwell Hotel, h 27 N Main 

Harvey R., attorney, counselor at law, 7U Center and 
„ judge Probate Court, h 92 Grove d 

h Horace G., b 50 Williams 
„ "ugh J., mail carrier, h I(j Nichols 

James G emp Rut R R, h 16 Kingsley av 

» fefi *! aiTy F} ' e ^ p Han ^craft Shop, b 27 N Main 
Loyal E., stone cutter, h 42^ Center 
Mary E emp Rut R R, b 16 Nichols 

» NeirF^blfs^^ 1 ^ (19) ' b 42 S Main 

kinnIv ?A™ e u N /T, clk 40 o E Center < b do 

K NNEV HEWRVJ " fP^ s I fy& Kinney), lawyers, h 3 Porter av 
KINNEY HENRY J supt C H Grimm Co and grocer 40 E Cener, 

" Luther C, watchman and janitor Library, h 11 Forest 

» JKl d E " ^"^niction foreman, h 73 Cleveland av 
—see Kenny, also Kenney 

ffiSSlf H™ f fi=, C) ' "l^ 8 P r °P rietar y medicines, 103 Wales 
itmse la Henry, fish and oysters 14S West, h 75 Forest 
Julia, b Loretto Home 

KINSLEV w^m^-fft 3* Nat Life Ins C ° of Vt > Mead 

Wdg(l9),h(lNMain, see p 359 
Kinsman Fred E„ foreman machinist L I Wks, h 15 Roberts av 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 



Kinsman Levi R., farmer, h Water Works rd, R 1 

*' Mabel, b Levi R Kinsman's, R 1 

KINSMAN & MILLS (Walter B Mills), monumental works, 245 
West, see p 366 

>? Will H., parcel delivery, h 69 Williams 
Kirby Wallace M,, treas Rutland Sash & Door Co, h IS Mans- 
field pi 
Kirk George L r1 city editor Rut Herald, h 8 E Washington 

" Harry C P com trav, h 55 Morse pi 

n Mabel L., b 55 Morse pi 

" Marguerite, student, b 55 Morse pi 
Kiss Gabriel, mech, h 45}4 Madison 
Kline— see Cline 
Knapp Frank W. t scale inspector H S Co, bio Madison 

w Robert, elec, h 22 Mansfield 
Knapper Guy, emp Castleton, h 38 Center 
Knight Albert E>, carpenter, b 54 Allen 

" Edgar E. t emp Rut R R, b 250 Chase av 

" Edmund E„, h 98 Davis 

" Ferris, h 15S Adams 

11 Fred F., wood wkr, h 41 Summer 

n Leon H., meat cutter 29 Center, h 124 Pearl 

" Lulu H. (Mrs Leon H), mgr 23 Crescent, h 124 Pearl 

• Pauline A. (Higgins & Knight), b 41 Summer 

" Sara £k, student, b 41 Summer 

w Thomas E t , farmer, b 250 Chase av 
Knights Charles, emp Rut R R, r 142 Strongs av 

" of Columbus Home, Merchants row 

" Ernest, laborer, b 56 Cherry 

" George W + , carpenter, h 56 Cherry 

" Irwin, farm laborer, b 19 Curtis av 

" of Pythias, club house, 78 Center 

* Royette, emp R F C Co, h 19 Curtis av 

,? Sherman V., emp 21 Grove, b 56 Cherry 

" Wallace G., painter, h West, C Rutland 

" William, painter, b 56 Cherry 
Knipes George, laborer, h Stratton rd 
Kniskern Bertha, b 16 Meadow 
Knowlson Margaret, r 12 N Main 
Knox Clinton M„ macK b 35 Williams 

" Edward, emp Rut R R, b 463^ Forest 

" Edward M,, machinist, h 46j^ Forest 

" Howard, chef, b 46}^ Forest 

" Raymond, emp Rut News, b 46 J^ Forest 
Koempel John F., com trav, h 39 Jackson av 
Koltonski Alfred H., asst chief Rutland Fire Dept and supt 
Fire Alarm System, b 43 Washington 

" Hannah (Mrs Alfred), opr, b 43 Washington 

" Helen (H H Howe &Co), b 112 Wales 

" Jacques A, T music teacher, h 112 Wales 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 

Koltonski Pauline, sten N E Tel Co, b 1 12 Wales 
Kontoski Zigmond, emp V M Co, h 79 Simmonds av, C Rut- 
Kostic Steve, emp V M Co, h 12 Ripley 
Koutsonikolis Mike, fruit dealer, b 184 West 

" Victor, fruit dealer, h 184 West 
Krall Anna, emp 162 S Main, r do 
Kramer Samuel R., asst supt Rut R R, h 23 N Main 

" Samuel R. Jr., emp Rut R R, b 23 N Main 
Krans Albert, emp Dunn Bros, r 204 S Main 

" Walter C, plumber Dunn Bros, h 137 Maple 
Kravts Frank, emp New Bardwell, h do 
Krunt Helen, emp Bardwell Hotel, b do 
Kruse Ahlert H., h 29 Madison 
Kuflerer William, painter, h 13 Killington av 
Kuzbiski Anthony, emp 19 North, b do 

LABARGE ROBERT, emp Wales St Lunch, b 41 Cleveland 

Labornbard Moses, retired, h 52 West 

" Norma D + ,b 52 West 
La Brake Freeman j\, emp V M Co, b 89 Davis 

" Gertrude L., nurse, b 89 Davis 

* Hayden, emp 102 Merchants Row, b 89 Davis 

" John B., emp Rutland Sash & Door Co, h 89 Davis 

" Ruth H., nurse 89 Davis, b do 
Labshere John H + , emp V M Co, b 75 School 
La Certe Henry emp P Mfg, r 45 Prospect 
LaCoe Henry S., emp W H Williams, res Mendon rd, r No. 2 

" John, salesman Farwell 8c Hayes, res Mendon 
Lacosse Edward, moulder, b 8 Clover 

" Joseph, moulder, h 8 Clover 
LaCross Frank, emp H S Co, h 40 Cleveland av 

" Moses, blacksmith, b 40 Cleveland av 
LaCrosse Arthur, auto mech, h 318 West 

JJ Doris, emp T & L Co, b 40 Cleveland av 

" Ida, student, b 40 Cleveland av 
Ladabouche Alice Mrs., presser Brown's Dye Wks, h 21K 

" George R,, com trav, h 67 H Center 

" Ruth M,,rG7M Center 
Ladd Ernest, emp P M Co, r 142 Strongs av 
La due Samuel, farmhand, h 12 Gilrain av 
La due Hebert C, emp H S Co, h 26 Hopkins 
LaDuke Arthur, emp The Tuttle Co, b 116 Strongs av 

" Fred B., lab, h 116 Strongs av 
Lafoso Giuseppe, emp Rut R R, h 83 Granger 
LaFave— see LeFevere 
LaFay Arthur, emp H S Co, h 15 Forest 

" Edward C, elk, b 52 Cherry 

ig2 4 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


LaFay Mary, wid Edward, b 52 Cherry 

" PhilitK carpenter, h Summer 

» Sarah Mrs', emp Wales, b 52 Cherry 
Lafayette Cecelia C. 

» Israel J., emp P Mfg Co 

" Katherine (Mrs Israel J) 

fe^^aSafcaWfc — * etc, 70 

« Joseph RCLaFond Bros), h 89 Bellevue av 

" loseph W., h 89 South 
» Marie E., elk, b 89 South 

» MnrioTie M., b 89 South 

» RusMLaFond Bros), h 68 Bellevue av 

» Wffiam (LaFond Bros) b 89 South 
LaForest Clyde J., emp H S Co, h U Clover 
LaFrance Charles, la£ b 23 Hopkins 

» Fiona Mrs., emp H H Co, b 61 Forest 

" Jennie, wid Louis, h 23 Hopkins 

» John A., salesman, h 90 Plain 

>' John H., engineer Rut R R, h 97 River 

Lahey James, h 55 Pierpoint av T _ cksotl av 

" Enna, b 258 S Mam q M ■ 

258 S Main 
» Ned F , truckman 26 Curtis av, h do 
Lajoice Alfred, b 139 State 
''Mary, emp 22 Center, b 139 ' ȣ* 
» Prosper, car insp Rut R R, h 139 btate 

Sylvlster J., clerk Lillis, b 51 S Mam 

» Thomas J., h 7 Spellman ter -„_,„„ 

Lamb Anna M., elk 58 Center, b 92 Granger 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

LAMB CHARLES E investment securities Mead Bldg (13) h 9r> 
» WJ Mansfield P ] - see back cover h ^ 

Edward, emp Temple Bros, h 92 Granger 
. Edward Jr., cik, b 92 Granger 
}j Ernest, moulder, h 122 Crescent 

Ernest R., student, b 122 Crescent 
" Florence, r 92 Granger 
^ Kate, teacher, b 409 West 

Mary A. linotype opr Rut News, b 409 West 

Mary P. Mrs., nurse 87 Lafayette, b do 
Lam,re Frank, emp 22 Center, h 40 Ingraham 

^WtoS^S^"* mgf F W W ° o1 ™-*. fa 70 Eh, 

— see Lamanda 
Lamory Joseph, carp, h 143 Woodstock av 
LaMountam Christie L., elk Chas Sterns & Co, b 17 Park 
" Edmund, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 
Jivelyn, wid George, h 17 Park 
Lorraine E., emp Tuttle Co, b 17 Park 
Philip, laborer, h 234 Columbian av 
Wilford, emp H S Co, b 17 Park 
Lamoureux Celia, wid Arthur, h 11 N Main 

Charles, emp R Mfg Co, h 30 Fores'. 
Lamphare Ina M., phone acct, r 55 Elm 
Lamphere Henry A., moulder, h 146 Granger 

Pnscilla, wid John, h 40 Church 
Lamphron Henry, emp Manning Mfg Co, h luy 2 Merchants 

uSS! FlAVDIC^!? ^ m ?\™ ^oiee), h 110 Wales 
LAMI-HBON & LA VOICE ( Mrs Luanda C Lamphron and William 

i Ai'J^r , S rops Pe °P le ' 5 Furniture Exchange, 46 
and 48 Washington 
Lampkins William, h 9 Clover 
Lampman Edwin A., salesman, h 123 Park av 
Lanahan John J., student, b 70 Grove 
n Joseph E., com trav. h 70 Grove 
„ J° se ? h G, emp Rut R R. b 51 Chestnut 
Patrick A., emp Rut R R, h 51 Chestnut av 
Lanan Anna, wid John, h 78 East 

» H arga i et ' ™ a ™ c urist Gryphon bldg (4), b 326 West 
Mary E., clerk, b 326 West 
William T., emp Rut R R. h 326 West 
Lancour Albert, emp E C Bingham, h 65 Baxter 
^ -brank, teamster, h 114 Maple 

" Katherine (Mrs Frank), emp Berwick Hotel, b 114 Maple 
Landers Bert, emp Bristol, Conn, b NO Plain 
Napoleon B., sealer H S Co, h SO Plain 
Joseph, retired, b SO Plain 
Landfere Arthur H, second hand goods 16 Evelyn, h do 
Landon Addie. wid Frank T_, b 19 Roberts 

1924 — -Rutland Directory — 1924 


LANDON CHARLES H (W C Landon & Co), h 10 Bumham av 

" Frank S., upholstering 45 Prospect 

" Gordon, emp 21-23 Evelyn, h 39 Nichols 

" Mary M., student, b 10 Burn ham av 

>' Nellie Mrs., emp T & L Co, b 21}$ Center 
LANDON W C & CO (Charles H Landon and William H Spauld- 
tog, hardware, paints, cutlery, builders' supplies, 
carriages, harnesses, automobiles, etc., 23-29 Evelyn, 
see p S and 9 
Lane Perry T\, foreman Herald, h 29 Baxter 
Langdon Edward H t , machinist T L & Co, h 25 Temple 

n Marcus M., musician, b 33 Cottage 
Langill Henry H., carpenter, h 15 Church 

" Howard W,, b 15 Church 

11 Samuel J., emp Rut R R, h 22 Crescent 
Langlois Adolph E., moulder, b 138 Baxter 

" Alphonse, emp P Mfg Co, h 211 Library av 

|J Clarence N-, violinist, bill Library av 

" David, emp P Mfg Co, hill Library av 
LanziUo Albert, barber 140 Merchants row, b 40 Cleveland av 

■* Alphonso, emp Rut R R, h 110 Post 

w Susannna Mrs., h 116 Post 
' Thomas, emp Rut R R, h 83 Strongs av 
La pan William M., emp Rut R R, h 26 Cottage 
La pari George E., engineer Rut R R, b 17 Elm 

" Henry J, T engineer Rut R R T h 4 Royce 
Laparle Fred, State Armory, h 46 E Center 

" Levi E, 3 emp 34 Evelyn, b 46 E Center 
Lapenna Francis, emp H S Co h b 119 Spruce 

" Frank, emp H S Co, h 119 Spruce 

" Vincenzo, emp H S Co. r 79 Spruce 
Lapierre Ernest O., moulder, fa 146 State 
Lapine Francis D., emp H S Co, b 117 Forest 

" Frank, emp Rut R R, h 117 Forest 

" Joseph, emp Rut R R, h 26 Stratton rd 

" Paul 0., emp Rut R R, b 1 17 Forest 
LaPistole Edward J\, emp H S Co, h 34 Engrem av 

" Flora, inspector T L & Co, b 35 Elm 

" Florence, b 35 Elm 

" Jeanelte, wid Frank, h 35 Elm 

" — see Pistole 
LaPlant Amos, emp Rut R R f h 16 Allen 

" George, mach, b 49 Summer 
LaPlante Dema Mrs, , h 49 Summer 
LaPoint Barney, retired, b 23 Forest 

" Charles, lab, h 23 Forest 

" Eva (Mrs John), emp 27 Lincoln 

71 John, teamster, b 27 Lincoln 
Laporte Catherine, emp C C S, b 92 Library av 

f * Joseph E., sec-treas Nat Fly Paper Co, h 105 Robbins 

Rutland Directory 1924 

136 1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

Laporte Leah M., b 35 Terrill 

J * Rosanna, wid John B., h 35 Terrill 
Laramay Leslie A., b 4 Clover 
Lareau Caroline, wid Edmund C., r 30 Lincoln 
Larkin Maria, b Loretto Home 

" Raymond, b 108 Wales 

" Stephen H., farmer, b 108 Wales 
Larmay Albert, emp P Mfg Co, h 4 Clover 
Larmour Agnes E. Mrs., h 154 Pearl 

" Armorette, student, b 75 North 
LaRock Arthur, trucking and express 153 S Main, h do 

" Grace, emp T L & Co, b 123 Library av 

" Howard, driver, b 153 S Main 

'* Louis, chauffeur, h 15 Forest 

" Rose M. Mis,, h 54 Strongs av 
Laroque Harold, b 55 West 

" William, electrician, b 26 Williams 
LaRose Arminia, wid Noe, h 252 West 

n Eva, sten Rut R R, b 252 West 

' Mary, wid Napoleon, h 206 Columbian av 

" Maud S, Mrs., h 27 Woodstock av 
Larsen Alfred, violin teacher 90 Merchants row, res Burlington 
Larson Carl H. t emp H S Co, h Stratton rd 

" Emil, emp V M Co, h 00 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 
Laselle Harrison J., engineer Rut R R, h 55 Kendall av 
Lash Abraham (Antiseptic Bedding Co), h 79 Baxter 
Lassor A. Henry, lab, b 3(i Water 

" Agnes M., emp N Y City, bill Maple 

| ? Albert C, electrician, h IS Merchants row 

* Cecelia, dom 3< > Water, b dc 

" Ernest J., emp Brigham Furniture Exchange, h 154 Baxter 
LASSOR GEORGE E druggist 66 Merchants row, h 9 Mansfield pi 
seep 371 

l? Godfrey E. T drug clerk 66 Merchants Row, b 9 Mansfield pi 

" Henry J., painter, h 36 Water 

" Israel F., switchman, hill Maple 

** Margaret, nurse, bill Maple 

" Ozias, laborer, h 154 Baxter 

" Pauline, elk 21 Center, bill Maple 

" Rosalie, wid Zebby, h 13S Baxter 

" —see Lessor 
Latour Ethel M., elk, h 51 J^ Merchants row, 
Latrimore Henry G M painter, b 21 Williams 
Launiere George G., barber 55 Merchants Row, h 142 Maple 
Laurie Beatrice (Mrs Wm O), bkpr, b 73 Plain 

" William, molder, b 73 Plain 
LaVallee Albina, wid Joseph, h 27 Lafayette 

'* Alice A., nurse, b 27 Lafayette 

" Bertha, sten, b 27 Lafayette 

" Blanche, teacher Northbridge, Mass, b 27 Lafayette 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 


LaVallee Emma G., hskpr 13 Nichols, b do 
" Florence D., dom 13 Nichols, b do 
" Maria R., bkpr Ross-Huntress Co, b 27 Lafayette 
M Romeo L +] com trav Sawyer & Co, h 47 Baxter 
LAVALLEY LEON H treas W Rutland Trust Co, b IS Roberts av 
" Richard B., emp H S Co, b 28 N Main 
" William A., eng, h IS Roberts av 
La Valley Adolphus D., retired, h 41 Baxter 
" Alfred W. T., painter 41 Baxter, b do 
» Charles J., emp P Mfg Co, h 72 Cleveland av 
" Ida May, wid Harry, h 115 East 
" Leah Mrs., h 63 Crescent 
" M Aurelia, dressmaker 41 Baxter, b do 
" Rosanna M., sten F C Roberts, b 41 Baxter 
" Wilfred, emp H S Co, b 23S S Main 
Lavanchie Marv, dressmaker, r 22 Baxter 
La Vecchia Angelo, h 127 Post 
" Antonio, emp D & H, h 137 Spruce 
*> Nicholas, emp 66j^ Merchants row, b 12; Post 
" Rose, emp M C Mfg Co, b 127 Post 
" Victoria, bkpr 71 Willow, b 127 Post 
LaVenc Victor H., tailor 41 % Merchants row, h 58 Evergreen 

Laventure Louise M. t dressmaker, b 21 Baxter 
" Mary, emp Hotel Berwick, b 38 West 
Lavery Henrv E., emp Landon Garage, h 53 Kendall av 
Lavine John, - mgr V M Co, h 4 Crescent 
" Sylvia L., student, b 4 Crescent 

LA VOICE WILLIAM J (Lamphron & LaVoice), h 110 Wales 
Lavotch Dominick, emp P Mfg Co, h 69 Spruce 
Lawlor Margaret C„ sten Rut R R, b 5 E Washington 
" — see Lalor .- rt , 

LAWRENCE EDWIN W attorney Rut R R and (Lawrence, btat- 
ford & Bloomer), h 17 Washington 
'* Fannie, wid Samuel L. f h 53 Elm 
" Harriette, student, b 17 Washington 
? > Hattie (Mrs William E), dressmaker 41 Crescent, h do 
" Katherine, wid George E„ h 17 Washington 
L Stafford and Asa S Bloomer), attorneys %W% Mer- 
chants row, see p 363 
M Mertie E., b 13 Church 
» Myrtle Mrs., r 13 Church 
" William E., laborer, h 41 Crescent 
Lawson Anna M,, b 109 Crescent 
" Benjaniin T„ salesman E D Keyes & Co, h a E Washington 
?1 Edwin H., chief of police, h 109 Crescent 
** Frank L„ painter, h 104 Gibson av m 

LAWSON G1FFQRD H asst treas Rutland Railway Light & Power 
Co, h 22 Burnham av 

Rutland Directory 1924 



1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Lawson John L<, b 104 Gibson av 

** William C. ( emp Rut R L & P Co, r 23 Cottage 
LAWSON WILLIAM H asst mgr R R L & P Co, b 22 E Center 

" William H. Jr.., student, b 22 E Center 
Lawton Leslie C, cabinet maker, h 28 Easter 
Layden Elwin, emp H S Co, b 52 Allen 

" William H., emp Rut R R, h 52 Allen 

w William H, Jr., emp Rut R R, b 52 Allen 
Leach Casper B., bkpr, h 48 West 

" Kenneth E-, emp Springfield, Mass, b 36 Elm 

T> Luther E„ emp Manning Mfg Co, h 36 Elm 
Leahey Edward, stone cutter, h 31 Royce 

" Edward, student, b 31 Royce 

" Etta (Mrs George), sten, h 42 Pine 

" George, emp A J Novak, h 42 Pine 

" Helen M., student, b 31 Royce 

" Katherine, sten P Mfg Co, h 31 Royce 

" Mary, emp 8 Madison, b 60 Howe 

" Thomas, printer, h 42 Pine 

" Thomas F., emp P Mfg Co, h 60 Howe 

M William J., emp Health Dept N Y City, h S3 Jackson av 

" & Lyons, elec contractors, 40 Church 
LEAHY JAMES P (Webber & Leamy), res W Rutland 
Lear Ellen F. t emp Oriental Tea Room, b 14 J^ Pine 

" George W„ emp Rut R R, h 104 South 

* Margaret Mrs., emp The Tea Room, h U]4 Pine 

'* Parker, emp 92 West, r 14J4 Pearl 

" Roy P., Jr., emp Rut R R, r 14j^ Pine 

" Ruth (Mrs George W), nurse, b 104 South 
Leblanc Celanire, wid Leon, b 123 Baxter 

" Ernest, deputy sheriff and prop Leblanc Garage, h 123 

" Garage, Ernest Leblanc prop, 123 Baxter 
LeBoeuf Florence, nurse, b 34 Elm 

M Joseph K., carpenter, h 34 Elm 
LeClair Charles E., emp Rut R R, h 49 Pine 
LeClerc Dona, carp, h 107 Robbins 

LeDoux Anna, elk Sullivan's Specialty Shop, r 139 Church 
Lee George M., emp Rut RR, h 10 Spellman ter 

TJ George R., emp Schenectady, N Y, b 10 Spellman ter 

" Henry H. T retired, h 00 Williams 

" Jennie A + , sten Rut R R, b 10 Spellman ter 

'' John J,, foreman E J Davis Foundry, h 31 Pine 

'* John J., cond Rut R R, h 37 Evergreen av 

* John M., emp Rut R R, b 10 Spellman ter 

n Joseph W., emp 161 West, b 10 Spellman ter 

w Paul A., emp Rut R R, b 10 Spellman ter 

" Walter P., student, b 10 Spellman ter 
Lefevere Catherine, emp 12 Merchants row, r 117 State 

" Eliza, wid John, h 117 State 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Lefevere Elizabeth, wid Frederick F., prop Star Lunch, h 67 
" Matthew, emp M Mfg Co, b 1 17 State 
" Louis A., printer A J Novak Printing Co, h 29 Royce 
Lefevre Albert, emp Mac's Filling Station, r 117 State 
Lefrancois Cecile R T sten W A Clark, b 1 15 Gibson av 
J1 Charles B., emp P Mfg Co, h 1 15 Gibson av 
w Edmund, emp P Mfg Co, h 122 Forest 
" Leo R., emp 50 Center, b 115 Gibson av 
" Oliver J. (Lefrancois & Chamberland Auto Supply), res 

W Rutland ^ u 

" & Chamberland (Oliver J Lefrancois and Edward Chamber- 
land), auto supplies, 33 Strongs av 
Le Francois Arthur, lab, r 43 Forest 
Lehr Charles, elec, b SG Forest 
" Elizabeth E., student, b 86 Forest 
" Ellen (Mrs Frank), emp W E Grace, h 86 Forest 
" Francis X., emp Rut R R, h 115 Library av 
» Frank L., moulder, h 86 Forest 
" Frederick W-, machinist H S Co, h 118 Gibson av 
" Leo, elk Rut R R, b 13 Royce 
" Robert, electrician, b 86 Forest 
Lemieux Marie, wid Peter, h 49 E Center 
Lemmo Gaetano, emp Rut R R, h 48 Forest 
LENOX THE Charles S Fales prop, 66 Wales, see p 356 
Leonard Agnes C, clerk C Rutland, b 24 Cramton av 
" Anne E., prop Anne Leonard's Hat Shop, r 12 Spellman ter 
" Arthur H., emp Rut R R, b 24 Cramton av 
" Celia E., sten Rut R R, b 19 Engrem av 
,7 Charles, emp Dunn Bros, r 60 Church 
" John W., engineer Rut R R, h 39 Ellington av 
" Leon F., carpenter, h Mill Village . 

" Mattie E + , wid W'illard C, h N Main, Mill Village 
" Michael, flagman, h 24 Cramton av 
" Napoleon, retired, b 123 Baxter 
M Ray E., emp V M Co, b 51 Pierpoint av 
» Rov H., emp 161 West, r 13 Church 
» William T., emp Rut R R, h 82 Brown 
Leonard's Anne Hat Shop, Anne Leonard prop, BardweU 

Hotel bldg, 136 Merchants row 
Lertola Adolpho, marble cutter, h 78 Sirnonds, C Rutland 
" Helen, wid Peter, emp T L & Co, h 34 Water 
" Julia L, emp T & L Co, b 7S Simonds av, C Rutland 
'* Mario, emp V M Co, b 34 Water 
" William, emp V M Co, b 34 Water 
Leslie John O., electrician, h 10 Clinton av 
Lesperance John F., machinist, h 204 Lincoln av 
Lessard Albert J., trucking 43 Grant, b do 
" John, moulder, h 43 Grant 
Lessor M. Charlotte, elk N E Tel Co, b 117 East 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Director v — 1924 

1024 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Lessor Napoleon J., retired* h 117 East 
" Pauline, emp H H Howe & Co, b 111 Maple 

" —see Lassor 

Lester Henry E. Jr., farmer N Grove St rd, R 1 
" Milo, farmer Pittsford rd, h Mill Village, R 1 
' Walter, farmer, h Pittsford rd above Milll Village, R 1 

Lethbridge Henry, fireman, h 51 H Merchants Row {7) 

Letters Nelson S., emp Western Union Tel Co, h 73 Pine 

Levins Alonzo, painter, h 62 Williams 

" Harry A., trav salesman, h 56 Morse pi 

Levins Nellie, b Loretto Home 

Levy Joseph, elk 9 Center, r 17 Cottage 

Lewis Arthur, emp Rut R R, b 25 Howe 

n Carl, emp Rut R R, h 25 Lincoln av 

" Charles, emp H S Co, h 36 East 

" Clarence P., emp V M Co, b 135 State 

" Frank A., emp internal revenue, h Woodstock av 

" Ottie W. t emp N E Tel & Tel Co, h 11 ^ Lincoln av 

" Theodore W M b 33 Lincoln av 

" Wilbur T-, emp Am Ry Ex Co, h 50 East 
LTieureux Celina, wid Flavien, b 13 Elm 
Libby Julia Mrs., h E Pittsford, R 1 
Liberty Ernestine, wid Arthur, h 114 South 

" Fletcher, H S Co, b m l A Baxter 

" Lewis F,, emp P Mfg Co, h 69^ Baxter 
Lignell Carl 0., emp V M Co, b 1(33 West 
Lillie David A. (Lillie & Edmunds), h 159 Grove 

n Ruth D., student, b 109 Oak 

" W. Scott, emp H S Co, h 109 Oak 

" & Edwards (David A Lillie and Linus D Edwards), props 
Central Creamery, 137 West 
Lillis James A, (J A Lillis Clothing Co), h 49 Morse pi 

" James A. Clothing Co, S3 Merchants row 
Limberg Anna, wid Andrew, h 64 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

?J George, emp V M Co, b 04 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

n Hjalmar, emp V M Co, b 04 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 
Limo Gaetano, emp M Mfg Co, h 4S Forest 
Lincoln Arthur , mech, h SO Strongs av 

LINCOLN IRON WORKS (Inc), I I Beinhower v^pres-mgr, 255 
West, store house 9 and 11 Baxter, see p 10 

" Nellie W>, wid James PI, h 153 S Main 

99 Martha F., b 172 Granger 

" William, elec, r 9S Strongs 
Lind J. Peter, emp V M Co, h 109 Fairview av 
Luiehan — see Lanahan 
Linnell Ralph W. Rev., pastor Advent Christian Church, h 60 

Liqued Harry W + , emp P O, b 114 East 

" William E t| emp H S Co, h 1 14 East 
Liston — see Lyston 

Litchfield Fred G,, emp H S Co, b 16 N Main 

" Helen A., wid H. G., b 61 Ives av 

" Helen V. (Mrs Roy S), emp Rut R R, h 41 Burnham av 

" Roy S., emp Swift & Co, h 41 Burnham av 
Little Orin J., emp Standard Oil Co, h 22 E Washington 
Littlefield Chauncey M., telegrapher Rut R R f h 16 Pine 

" Ida, student, r 16 Pine 
Littler Harry P., lab, b 167 N Main 

" William, emp H S Co, b 167 N Main 
Livingston Charles E,, moulder H S Co t h 157 Porter pi 

" Mary M>, Franco-American Hygienic toilet articles, Spark- 
lene, Racine hose and feet and house wear 25H Cen- 
ter, h do 
Ljungh — see Young 

Ljunguist Gust, cabinet maker and antiques 365 West, h do 
Lloyd Bemice, sten Dorsey & Kinney, b 320 West 

" Beula, wid Edward J., h 7 Marble av 

" Harry, laborer, h 12 Clover 

" Michael, emp S L Co, h 320 West 

" Patrick J., laborer, b 101 Wales 

' Richard, h l}4 Merchants Row 

" Richard, b 130 Strongs av 

?? Walter J,, emp Robinson Coal Co, h 158 South 
Lobdell Horace G + , farmer, h S Main ext 

' Lawrence J., emp R F C Co, h 88 Library av 

" Marjorie M + , student, b SS Library 
Lockerby Linton E., emp Rut R R, h 14 Royce 
Logan Genevieve S (Mrs Merrill S), h 106 Strongs av 

" Merrill S t , printer, h 106 Strongs av 
Loganbrae Kennells, Arthur W Farnsworth prop, 29 North 
Lombardi Filervie, emp 17 Meadow, r 16 Meadow 
Lombardo Fred, emp 17 Meadow, h 16 do 
Longeran Mamie, emp Bardwell Hotel, b do 
Lonergan Thomas, emp V M Co, h 37 East 
Long Bridget I., nurse 50 Hazel, b do 

" Dennis, retired, h 50 Hazel 
Longe Adelbert J,, h 11 Clinton av 

" Irene E., teacher, b II Clinton av 

" Theodore J., elk, b 11 Clinton av 
Longland Sarah, wid James, r 9 Temple 
Longley Arthur L t , emp Roundhouse, h 95 Crescent 
Loomis George B,, trav salesman, h 23 Temple 
Lopez Bessie (Mrs Raymond), dressmaker 102 Wales, h do 

" Raymond, emp Troy, N Y, h 102 Wales 
Lord Carl B., lab, r 99 Park av 

" Eaton E., emp W C Landon & Co, h 149 S Main 

" Jennie M., b 63 Chestnut av 

" Luther E„ retired, h 17 Park 

" Sarah, r 120 State 
Lorette Charles H,, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1024— Rutland Directory— 1924 

C Pifidd), con- 



grocer West rt V 

Lorette Charles F„ h 33 Summer 

" F"^^ u , e f caretak ' er West, C Rutland 

& Fifield (Prosper Lorette and Norman 
., ™ , tractor s and builders, 14 Lafayette 
» Frank, emp H S Co, h 113 Robbins 

beorge, emp Miller Auto Sales Co, h 109 Maple 
George D emp V M Co, b West, C Rutland 
Margaret C, phone opr, b 33 Summer 
Mary, wid Peter, b 48 West 
Prosper (Lorette & Fifield), h 48 West 
Loretto Home, Sister Bernardine matron, 59 Meadow 
Lormon Amorette, sten, b 75 North 
Loseby Charles, emp P Mfg Co, h 65 E Washington ext 
m Charles Jr., emp M Mfg Co, b 65 E Washington ext 
t y J£-\ student > H5E Washington ext 

Louras Nicholaos C„ prop Louras Shoe shining Parlors, h 130 
1 Shoe Shining Parlors, Nicholaos Louras prop, 20 Center 
and 66)^ Merchants row 
Lousseau John, h 73 Baxter 
Loveday Thomas, emp Rut R R, h 15 James 

° V £^r d ? rank M x em V V M Co > b 33 Cottage 
Ho] lis I supt Evergreen Cemetery and groc 
w M Co, h West, C Rutland 

Louisa B (Mrs Hollis J), postmistress C Rutland, h West, 
C Rutland 
LoveJett Lena, wid Moses, h 9 Hopkins 
Lomse, cashier 41 Center, b 9 Hopkins 
Margaret, phone opr, b 9 Hopkins 

»n ^St^S ^' ™*P L F Bre *™er, b 43 Grant av 
' Cecil M dfc Fred Stafford, b 43 Grant av 
Julia M., wid William H., fa 43 Grant av 
Raymond M., b 43 Grant av 
Levering Mabeh wid Jonas, h 10 Meadow 
Lovett Arthur, student, r 99 Baxter 

J + Donald, emp Rut Herald, b 99 Baxter 
„ Jasper, emp Herman Vaughn, h 172 Ash 

John H., marble worker, h 99 Baxter 
„ w^ red A. emp C C S Co, b 99 Baxter 

William E train dispatcher Rut R R, h 46 Lincoln av 
Wmifred E., b 90 Baxter 
Lowell Harry mgr Cloverdale Co, res W Rutland 

Mary, wid Oliver, b Seabury 
Loya Peter, emp Rut R R, b 11 7 Forest 
Loyzelle Alphonse R, linotype opr Rut Herald, h 100 River 

Clarence, emp Rut RR )T 144 Library av 
" Edward J., emp Rut RR ( h 54 Cherry 
?j Tirana M., wid Peter, h 144 Forest 
„ E T£mk J" em P H S Co, h 144 Library av 
George, emp citv, h 144 Library av 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Loyzelle George, emp Rutland R R, b 144 Library av 

" Louis, meat cutter, b 144 Forest 

" — see Wozzelle 
Lucarina Carl, student, b 72 Simmons av, C Rutland 

J Geno, student, b 72 Simmons av, C Rutland 

" Pilade, emp V M Co, h 72 Simmons av, C Rutland 
Lucas Harry J,, fireman Rut R R, h 19 Forest 
Luce Bert A t , h 135 State 

" Roy E., emp 10 Woodstock av, b do 
Lull Adice F. Mrs., opr H H & Co, h 9 Terrill 

" Orlo, emp Wallingford, b 9 Terrill 
Lund Herman, emp 123 Post, h 53H Prospect 
Luridburg Fred, emp V M Co, h 57 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

M Marion, nurse Rutland Hospital, b do 
Lundin Albert H + , carpenter, h Bellevue av 
Lunt Francis B,, salesman, h 54 Chestnut 

*' John, painter -5 Meadow, h do 
Lyman Arthur, asst supt V M Co, h 9 Roberts av 

" Chester L., emp T L & Co, r 10 Chaplin av 

" Grace, wid Daniel S tl h 10 Chaplin av 

" Marv Pond, wid Charles, b 27 S Main 

" Mary T., student, b 27 S Main 
Lynch Bridget, wid Patrick, b 40 Meadow 

" Bridget (Mrs James C), h 179 Granger 

" Edwin D. T mechanic, b 40 Water 

n Francis P., baker, b 46 Water 
' Fred P., emp city water wks, b 202 Mussey 

** Irene, emp Rut R R, res Clarendon rd 

>? John, laborer, b 19 Wales 

" John J., emp R F C Co, b 179 Granger 
* Margaret A., emp R F C Co, b 202 Mussey 

" Margaret E t , emp Port Henry N Y, b 46 Water 

" Maria, b Loretto Home 

" Marion, b Strongs av 

'' Mary, emp Turtle's, b 4S S Main 

M Mary Agnes, r 43 Grove 

" Mary P., emp W E Grace, r 202 Mussey 

" Mary K,, emp Glens Falls, N Y, b 46 Water 

" Michael F + , retired, h 202 Mussey 
1 Patrick J., emp D A Barker, b 106 Strongs av 

" Robert 1\, elk, b 46 Water 

" Thomas, b 202 Mussy 

** Thomas P., emp Rut R R, h 46 Water 

" William P., emp Rut R R, h 12S Convent av 
Lyon Edward, collector Internal Revenue, h 30 Church 

" Radcliflte W +1 emp V M Co, b SI Pierpoint 
Lyons Harry J., emp R R L & P Co, h 21 1 Pearl 

" John F,, grocer 272 S Main c Cold River rd, h 24 Royce 

,J Julia C, b 19 Royce 

" Marv, b 25 East 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 


Lyons Mary 1\, sten Rut R R, h 19 Royce 

" Perry E., b 211 Pearl 

" Philip H., v-pres Rutland Grocery Co, h 87 S Main 

" Richard D., emp Tuttle Co, b 211 Pearl 

« Robert E + , clerk Rut R R, b 25 East 
Lyston Celestine A., sten F H Burnham, b 100 Franklin 

" Ella C, h 100 Franklin 

" Ellen G„ milliner, b 71 Forest 

" Geraldine M tT teacher, b 71 Forest 

" James P., bkpr Rut RR,h71 Forest 

" Margaret K., emp 26 Merchants row, b 100 Franklin 

" Theresa A., hskpr, h 71 Forest 

MABURY EDGAR C., asst eng fire dept, h 72 Plain 
MAC'S FILLING STATIONS Arthur W McKee prop, lunch room, 
West c Cottage and Strongs av, beside City Hall, see 
p 356 
Maccabee Earl P., student, b 143 Adams 

9t Fred H., carpenter, h 145 Adams 
Mace H, Seward, merchant, b 39 Nichols 

'* U. Vincent, train master Rut R R, h 39 Nichols 
MacClelland Julia A. Mrs., b 46 Chestnut av 
MacFarlane Edna M., emp 191 Grove, b do 

" John, emp Rut R R, b 7S Brown 

" Louese, wid John, teacher, b 78 Brown 
MacGillivray Florence H., wid George, h 37A Kendall av 

" Ruth E„ student, b 37 A Kendall av 
MacGregor George B., emp D & H, h 37 Burnham av 
MacGuire — see McGuire 
Machine Composition Co (A J Novak and P J Franzoni), 

typesetters, Bardwell House blk, Washington 
Maclvor James E., cabinet mkr, h 48 Union 

" Jessica M., b 48 Union 

" Rena A,, dressmkr 4S}4 Center, b 48 Union 

" William E., emp Rut R R, b 4S Union 
Mack Alonzo B., foreman Rut R R, h 54 Edgerton 

" Bessie, b 34 Evergreen av 

}% Frank W M emp Burditt Bros, h 132 Library 

" Gordon, salesman 35 Evelyn, b 54 Edgerton 

" Robert, emp U S Govt, b 144 River 

" Sarah H +J b 13 Church 
MacKearney Fred P,, steamfitter, h 124 Convent 

" William, emp W W Ward & Sons, h 124 Convent 
MacKeen Inez, wid Kenneth, r 3SJ^ Center 
Mackin John E,, agt Peerless Casualty Co, Gryphon bldg, res 

Macomber Howard M„ elk P O, h 6fi Church 
MacPherson John S>, emp Rut R R, h 57 Morse pi 

" Samuel, emp Davis Foundry, h 33 Baxter 
Macre Giuseppi, emp Rut R R, r G2 River 


Macy Joseph H., blacksmith, h 55 Cleveland av 
Madison Alice, wid Burt, h 126 State 
» Cecil E elk, r 126 State 
Maffia Anthony J., baker , 1 i 74 Travers pi 
Magio Antonio, emp H S Co, h68Rij« 
Mahan Arthur J., chemist h 67 Woodstock av 
Mahar Mildred, student b 91 Jatonav 
Maher Beatrice, clerk 118 Strongs av, b 2 Clover 

" Bernice R., sten, b 91 Jackson av 

>• Gertrude A., sten 24 Wales, b 91 Jackson av 

JJ Toseoh A,, carpenter, b 2 Clover 

» E D.; moulder H S Co, h 91 Jackson av 

» Rinaldo, b 2 Clover 

» Theodore, auto mech, b 91 Jackson av 

" Tuffield, moulder, h 2 Clover . 

Mahoney Barbara, wid Dennis h 20 Washington 

» Elizabeth L„ phone opr b 80 River 

» John B., emp N Jersey, b SO ^ 

" Katherine E., emp 26 Center^ b SO River 

" Margaret, emp Burlington, b 80 Kiver 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

Mahoney Michael, engineer Rut RR,^ 
» Thomas D., machinist P Mfg Co i .80 River 
Maigne Oscar J., printer's roler mkr y|^* on 
Mailhiot Catherine, wid Charles E., h 47 B Wasmngw 
"Charles P., shoe maker, b 47 E Washington 
» Francis E., cigarmaker.h 40 Grant av 
» Katherine. elk, b 47 E Washington 

Mainolfi Frank, carp, h 31fi West , s 2 S Main 

Main Street Cash Store (O'Rourke & Norton K props, 
» Street Garage, H F Crowley prop, 9 Spellman tor 
Mainville Raymond, mech, b 132 Maple 
Mairs Asa R, janitor, h .\ N^kwackett 
Malek Michael J., tinsmith >h .West C Rutland 
Mallory Jesse L engineer Rut R ft «Lgf* 
Malmgren Charles, emp H S Co, b 92 First 
'» Harold emp H S Co. b 92 First 
» Florence, emp H S Co, b 92 First 
» Nelson A., foreman H S Co kHjJ 
Malone Edward, emp P Mfg Co. h 138 ^ at * 
» James J., emp 73 Merchants row. b 132 btate 
" Margaret E., shirt opr, b 132 State 
Maloney Alice C, nurse R Hosp. h do 
" Maria, b 108 Robbins 
" Nattie. student, b 11 Center 
" — see Moloney 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Manchester Marble Co T Inc., wholesale marble, 117 West 
Mandigo John, auto mech, h 24 Cramton av 

" Richard T\, emp H S Co, h 16 Royce 
Manfreda Anthony P, s student, b 107 Franklin 

" Elizabeth, b 107 Franklin 

' Lucy, bkpr Rut Herald, b 107 Franklin 

> Nicholas R. p student, b 107 Franklin 

" Raymond J., student, r 107 Franklin 

" Vito, bootblack R R station, h 107 Franklin 
Mangan Anna L, h 15 Royce 

" Augustine J., engineer, h 42 Summer 

" Basil F., tel opr, b 299 West 

" Bernard J., fireman Rut R R, h S3 Brown 

" Ellen B„ bkpr T P Mangan, b 15 Royce 

" Eugene M M janitor City hall, h 7 Royce 

M Harold P. T elk, h 123 Library av 

" James S.> h S4 River 

" Jennie J., b 84 River 

" John, mech, b 225 State 

" John E., bkpr, h 197 Mussey 

M Kate, wid Michael P., h 7 Royce 

" Katherine Mrs., h 299 West 

" Katy (Mrs Michael H), maid 10 E Center, b do 

" Mary, phone opr, b 225 State 

" Mary A,, wid Frank S, h 49 S Main 

* Michael H., stone cutter, h 10 E Center 

" Nellie E., hskpr, b 15 Rovce 

" Nellie E,, hskpr, b 84 River 

" Patrick A., policeman, h 128 Baxter 

' Patrick H. T druggist emp McCIlelen's, h 123 Library av 

" Raymond P., emp Rut R R, h 79 Brown 

" Roy M., machinist, b 70 Baxter 

" Thomas, eng, b 91 S Main 

" Thomas A,, emp W W Ward & Son, h 127 Robbins 

" Thomas F. T h 198 State 

" Thomas Jr., student, b 198 State 

" Thomas L., engineer, h 40 Allen 

M Thomas P., groceries, meat, etc., 56 Strongs av, h 100 do 

" William, student, b 225 State 

l? William P., engineer Rut R R T h S3 Brown 

" William S M h 225 State 
Mango Vincenzo, lab, h 76 South 

Manley Howard H,, mgr dry goods dept C C S Co, h 147 Ad- 

w William W, s plumber Dunn Bros, h 140 Oak 
Manning Arthur W.. janitor, h 163 West 

1924 — Rutland Dj recto ry— 1 924 



** Arthur J h , retired, h 19 Jackson av 

Bessie E., b 217 Lincoln av 
" Catherine, wid Earl V., h SG Baxter 
" Claude R, v-pres Manning Mfg Co, b 107 Park av 

Manning Edward, pres Manning Mfg Co, h 82 Baxter 
" Fred E„ emp Rut R R, h 217 Lincoln av 
MANNING H A CO directory and map publishers, home number- 
ing contractors, 3S Parker Bldg, Schenectady, N Y 
and 33 Lyman, Springfield, Mass 
" Mfg Co, (Inc), creamery and milk plant machinery, ap- 
paratus and supplies, Cleveland av c Park av 
" Nathan L., carpenter, b 19 Jackson av 
" Roy A. t treas Manning Mfg Co, b 82 Baxter 
Manville Raymond, emp 74 River, b 132 Maple 
Maple Grove Farm, Robert Temple prop, Creek rd 
" Tree Sugar Co of Vermond, mfr Vermont maple sugar and 

syrup, Cleveland av 
Maranville Charles H,, h 6 Av A 
" Frank B., elk, b 113 Library 
" J, Bert, foreman Rut R R, h 90 Gibson av 
" James P,, emp Rut R R 3 b 90 Gibson av 
" Jay, emp Rut Mfg Co, b 90 Gibson av 
" Joseph J., emp W U Tel Co, b 90 Gibson av * 
Maratti Andrea, emp H S Co, h 43 Forest 
MARBLE CITY BAKERY Placede Duval, prop, 57 West, see un 

Marble City Bakery 

Placede Duval, Prop. 




Phone 80&-W 

57 West St. RUTLAND, VT* 

MARBLE SAVINGS BANKTHE 100 Merchants Row, cWest, seep6 
Marceau Emma R,, sten Clement Nat Bank, b 126 Library av 

" Joseph E., gen storekeeper Rut R R, h 21 Elm 
Marceill Amos, teamster, h 56 Terrill 
Marcelle Mildred E M dom 40 Crescent, b do 
Marchand George, emp Rut R R, r 102 West 

" Irene, phone opr P b 33 Nichols 

" Lena, emp N E Tel & Tel Co, b 33 Nichols 

" Peter, h 33 Nichols 

Marchessault Adolph, moulder, h 33 Madison 
Marcotte Henry, plumber, b 2ti Lafayette 
Marinello Beauty Parlor, Higgins & Knight props, 243^ Cei> 

Marks Charles (Ducharme & Marks), b 160 Pearl 

" Earle D„ cashier Rut freight office, h K>0 Pearl 

" Viola, wid Carlton G., h 82 Davis 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Maroney Patrick, emp R R shops, h 21 Crampton av 
Marotta Michele, retired, h 7 Pine 
Marotti Andrea, emp H S Co, h 43 Forest 

" Angelina Mrs,, b 43 Forest 
Marotto Louis, emp H S Co, h 73 Travers pi 
Marro Charles, retired, h 2fj6 West 

" Nicoio, grocer 266 West, h do 
MARSDEN ARTHUR 8 pres Marsden Electric Co, res Manchester 

MARSDEN ELECTRIC CO (Inc), jobbers and retailers of radio ap- 
paratus, 67 Center 
MARSDEN NORMAN H sec-treas Marsden Electric Co, h 60 

Marseilles Ellen, emp ,53 Pierpoint av, b 1 54 River 
Marsh George R., emp H S Co, h 108 Gibson av 

" Laura, wid Robert, hill Gibson av 
Marshall Andrew, emp H S Co, h 100 Granger 
MARSHALL ARDIAN C sec Lincoln Iron Works, h 116 Lincoln av 

" Anna L t , wid Benjamin W, h 34 Cottage 

n Bert W. Jr., emp H S Co, h 40 Kendall av 

" George G., physician Gryphon blk (2-3) , h SG N Main 

" Isabelle, student, b 86 N Main 

" Virginia C, student, b 86 N Main 
Martel Edward, emp Rut R R, b 130 State 

fi Genie, dressmaker 3S Crescent, b do 

" Grace Mrs. , waitress Hotel Berwick, h 57 Grove 

" Harold, elk Rut R R, b 57 Grove 

" Henry, painter, h 110 Wales 
Martell Joseph, b City Farm 
Mar tell o Dominic, laborer, h 58 River 
MARTIN CHARLES N (Martin & Walker) 

" Darrell E +> ladies' clothiers and furs 122 West 

n Edward, marble wkr, h 160 State 

'* Ernest A,, emp Country Club, h do 

" Francis J., student, b 98 S Main 

" Frank E t , emp Whiting Milk Co, h 10S Bellevue av 

" George H. Jr., emp Rut R R, h US Gibson av 
MARTIN GEORGE R veterinary surgeon, hospital rear 31 Pine, h 
61 Evergreen, office phone 248-W, res phone 24S-R, 
see p 370 

" Henry, emp Rut R R, h 25 Ellington av 

" John IL, retired, b 61 Evergreen 

" John W. Jr., laborer, h 17 Hopkins 

" Lewis F. t carp, h 17 Lincoln av 

" Louis, machinist P Mfg Co, h 27 Cottage 

" Mary H., b 60 Church 

" Mary, wid George, h 148 Granger 

" Olive, wid Louis, b 147 Forest 

** Ora, painter, h 42 Church 

" Patrick rL t emp Rut R R, h 160 State 

1924 — -Rutland Directory— 1924 


59 West 

h 60 Church 


Martin Ruth E., teacher, b 108 Bellevue av 

" William A. t emp R R L & P Co, b 59 Edgerton 

" William H>, moulder Rut R R, h 9S S Main 
MARTIN & WALKER props Hotel St James, 59 West 
Mason Albert W„ emp Mrs Davis Mill Village, b do 

" Alexander C, sec-treas Vt Accident Ins Co, h 143 Grove 

" Charles, emp H S Co, b 34 J^ Summer 

" Flora, emp Mill Village, b do 

' 1 George, emp Davis Feed Co, h 523^ Center 

w Joel, farmer, b Davis Mill Village 

** Mary E„ wid Charles E, b 44 Washington 

* ? Mary E., domestic 14 Pine, b do 

" William, chauffeur 2S4 West, b Av A 
Masonic Temple, O C Badger supt, 51 Washington 

S C Dorsey Agency Inc, Mead bldg (15-16) 
Massey Amelia, wid F. X., h 25 Lincoln av 

" Mary L,, b 25 Lincoln av 

Mathews Grace V, Mrs., emp T L & Co, h 174 Baxter 
Matot Joseph, emp H S Co, b 27 West 

■■ Walter C. (Rutland Confectionery Co), h 27 West 
Matt Isaiah, machinist, h 112 Woodstock av 
Matte Edward J., barber, r 23 Pine 
Matteo Dominick, emp H S Co, h 71 Spruce 
Matthews Aaron C„ paymaster H S Co, h 62 Forest 

w Catherine, student, b 62 Forest 
MATTHEWS CHARLES A prop Rutland Machine and Automobile 
Co, h 130 Lincoln av, see un name 



Rutland Machine and Auto Co. 

107-109 West St. 

Phone 757 


Matthews Emma B M bkpr, b 13 Elm 

" Helen, student, b 62 Forest 

H Lawrence W., ins agt, b 192 Lincoln av 

" Levi E + , carpenter, h 41 Hazel 
Mattison Cecil E., elk Rut R R, r State 

" Harry A., reporter Herald and Vt Co, Fish & Game War- 
den, h 189 Lincoln av 
Maughan Anna R>, teacher, h East Proctor rd, C Rutland 

" Eleanor T., teacher, b East Proctor rd, C Rutland 
Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — -1924 


Maughan Kate E., b East Proctor rd, C Rutland 

" William, retired, h East Proctor rd T C Rutland 
Maurice Clayton H., trav auditor Rut R R, li 47 West 
Maxham Carl H + , student, b 254 S Main 

" Charles B., contractor and builder 254 S Main, h do 
Maxwell Ellen M. (Mrs John M), asst City Clerk, b 36 Hazel 

" John M + , salesman, r 3(5 Hazel 

IJ Margaret L., nurse 17 Kingsley av f b do 
MAXWELL SALES & SERVICE Flanders Motor Co, 8 Elm 
May Jennie, wid Alonzo, h 457 West 
Mayer Bruno t emp V M Co, b 379 West 

n Joseph, emp V M Co, h 379 West 
Maynard Lottie, wid Stewart, b G4 Williams 
Mayo Isaac A., caretaker, h W Proctor rd, C Rutland 

" Joyce E., emp 10 Kingsley av, b do 
Mazon Wawrzeniec, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 
Mazzarello Pasquaie, emp H S Co, h 22 Meadow 

11 Thomas, barber, b 22 Meadow 
Mazinkas Nate, emp T L & Co, r 24 Cottage 
Mazzulo Carlo, emp Rut R R, h 12 Meadow 
Mazzullo John, emp H S Co, h 76 Travers pi 
McBride Agnes, emp Rut R R, b 96 S Main 

" Catherine, emp C C S Co, b 96 S Main 

'" Gertrude E., sten R F C Co, b 96 S Main 

'" Mary, hair dresser, b 9G S Main 

,? Raphael, b 96 S Main 

" William F,, baggageman Rut R R, h 96 S Main 
McCabe Agnes, emp Altamomt Spgs, Fla, b 44 Engrem av 

" Susie, elk F B Howard, res W Rutland 
McCammon Grace L., wid Robert (The Handicraft Shop), h 
4 Morse pi 

11 Grace L & Co (Frank M Wilson and Grace L McCammon), 
props The Handicraft Shop, 96 Merchants row 

* Robert L.. emp Rut R R, r S9 Center 
McCannic George P., emp RRL&PCo,h45 Hazel 
McCarthy Anna M., emp 60 Center, b 90 Brown 

" Arthur S. t emp Rut R R, h 203 Mussey 

" Catherine, wid John, h 90 Brown 

" Daniel, emp Rut R R, b 27 Engrem av 

71 Emma, dressmaker 116 Franklin, h do 

JJ Eugene J., marble finisher, b 102 West 
Florence, emp G M Marble Co, b 22 Nichols 
James H., com trav, b 44 Prospect 
Mary A., shampooing and manicuring Gryphon blk (4), b 

116 Franklin 
Mary E., h 44 Prospect 
Sarah E,, emp 60 Center, b 90 Brown 
McCarty Denton Jr„ elk E G McClallen & Co, b 44 Pme 

" Denton ML, railway mail elk, h 44 Pine 
McCavet Anna E., teacher, b 16 Killington av 



McCavet Cecelia F + , emp 22 Grove, b 16 Killington av 

" Ellen, wid John, fa 16 Killington av 

,T Joseph P., emp H S Co, b 16 Killington av 

" Mary V., teacher, b 16 Killington av 

MC CLALLEN EDWARD G (E G McClallen & Co), h 42 Morse pi 
MC CLALLEN E G & CO Edward G McClallen prop, druggists, 62 
Merchants row 

" Mary E., student, b 42 Morse pi 
McClellan Julia, wid John, r 46 Chestnut 
McClintock Edward P., supt R Mfg Co, h 10S State 

" Ellen, elk Hortonia Power Co, r 10S State 
McCloskey Catherine, wid William G +J h 302 West 

" Catherine M., bkpr Howe's Ice Cream Co, b 302 West 

w Hugh P., foreman Howe's Ice Cream Co, h 8 Chaplin av 

" James, emp 16 Wales, b 302 West 

" John G. F emp Newark, N J, b 302 West 
McCloy Mary E., wid George C, h 96 State 
McClure Arthur M. f agt magazines, h 29 Church 

** Charles, emp D & H, h 71 South 

" Margaret, student, b 71 South 
McClusky James, emp Bachand's Baker, b West 
McCorrnack Anna S,bW Proctor rd, C Rutland 

" Bridget D., hskpr 92 Grove, b do 

" Frances M., elk Rut R R, b 57 Cleveland av 

" Frances, wid Nicholas, b 130 Convent av 

" Margaret, teacher, b 57 Cleveland av 

" Margaret J., wid Edward, h 57 Cleveland av 

J> May E,, teacher, h W Proctor rd, C Rutland 

JT Mary, wid Charles, emp 103 Wales, b Granger 

" Mary C M student, b 130 Convent av 
McCormick M t Irene, asst supt Evergreen Cemetery , res W 

MC COTTER HAROLD G (Troy Shirt Store), b 49 S Main 
McCue Beatrice, hskpr Lake Sunapee, h 71 Harrison av 

" D. J., Dennis J McCue prop, monumental works, r 149 

M Dennis J. (D J McCue), h 149 Granger 

" Gerald B. y marble wkr 149 Granger, r do 

" Leo, emp Badlands, b 12 Royce 

" — see McHugh 

McCuen Charles A., com trav, h 232 State 
McCullough Harold A +T emp Rut R R, h E Proctor rd, C Rut- 

" John J., emp Rut R R, h 100 Fairview 
McDeavitt Anna, teacher, b 135 Baxter 

" Anna, wid James, h 135 Baxter 

JI Bros, Matthew E McDeavitt, meat cart, 135 Baxter 

" Francis E., butcher, h Seabury 

" John B-, grocer 135 Rabbins, h 50 Cleveland 

* Mary H., b 135 Baxter 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

McDeavitt Matthew E* (McDeavitt Bros), b 135 Baxter 
McDermott Agnes, b 38 Cleveland 
" Harold R, emp Rut R R, b 21 Church 
" John C., b 38 Cleveland av 
" Mary, wid Thomas, h 3S Cleveland av 
" Thomas Jr., b 3$ Cleveland av 
McDevitt Andrew G + , carpenter, h 7 Porter 

" Catherine, wid Matthew, h 65 School 

" Edna I., emp Rut R R, b 65 School 

w George, r 49 Grove 

" Margaret F., emp H H & Co, b 65 School 

" Marv, sten N E Tel & Tel Co, r 65 School 

** Stuart J., agt Met Life Ins Co, b 65 School 

91 Thomas, emp Rut R R, r 65 School 
McDonald Ann, wid Bernard, b 110 Granger 

" Dennis P + , emp 37 Center, h 1 10 Woodstock av 

" Halsey, lab, h 16 Allen 

" Jennie A. s b 15 Baxter 

w Mary, wid Stephen, h 103 Forest 

" Otis J., emp freight house, h 202 S Main 

" Patrick, caretaker C Rut School, b West, C Rutland 

" Patrick H., moulder, b 15 Baxter 

" Peter A., melter, b 15 Baxter 

J> Thomas F., machinist, h 16 Baxter 
McDonough Irene E-, emp R F C Co, r 40 Engrem av 

« James A., moulder, h 7 Clover 

** Jeremiah J,, moulder, h 40 Engrem av 

" Katherinc A., ft 112 S Main 

w Margaret, elk The Surprise, b 105 S Mam 

v Marion E„ sten, b 40 Engrem av 

" Michael P., emp V M Co, h 13 Engrem av 

" Patrick A,, agt, h 304 West 

? * Patrick F + , supt mails P O, b 112 S Mam 

" Patrick P., emp Rut R R, h 20 Jackson av 

M Sarah A., emp Pond Mfg Co, b 7 Clover 

" Sarah E. t b 304 West 

McDowell John T.. emp H S Co, h 16 Church 

?J Mary C, student, b 16 Church 

McFarren Charles W„, emp Rut R R, h 76 Williams 

" Gordon, opr H H Co, b 76 Williams 

" Harold, clerk, b 76 Williams 

" Mary, wid James, b 80 River 

" Pauline E,, b 76 Williams 

McGarritv John E., emp Burlington, b 127 Robbms 

" Martin, emp P Mfg Co, h 127 Robbins 
M Walter, r 127 Robbins 

McGarry Genevieve M., bkpr, b 13 Killington av 
» John CL grocer 13 Killington av and 16S Granger, h 13 

Kir.mgton av 
" John P., emp V M Co, h 97 South 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


McGarry Paul R., student, b 97 South 

11 Raymond J., emp V M Co, b 97 South 

" Thomas F., emp P Mfg Co, h 24 West 
MC GARRY WILLIAM J sales mgr P Mfg Co, h 87 N Main 
McGinley Alice, elk Surprise Department Store, b 13 Clover 
McGinn Michael J., retired, h IS E Washington 
McGinness — see McGuiness 
McGinnis Annie E,, clerk 135 Robbins, b 39 Cleveland av 

" Charles D., elk, h 151 River 

" Ellen, wid William, nurse, h 39 Cleveland av 

M James M., meat cutter, h 48 Forest 

w Mary E + , bkpr Charles Sterns & Co, b 151 River 

99 Nellie, musician, b 30 West 

* William, plumber, h S7 Granger 
" — see McGuinness 

McGowan Thomas B. t engineer, b 106 S Main 

McGregor — see MacGregor 

McGuinness Edward J., mach, b 29 Forest 

" James A., com trav, b 29 Forest 

'■ James R>, emp Duffy Coal Co, h 29 Forest 
McGuire Anna F>, nurse 121 Harrington, b do 

J Anna H., emp T L & Co, h 113 Forest 

'* Clayton, restaurant Strongs av, h 42 Summer 

99 Harry J., emp J E Stearns, h 113 Forest 

■ ? James A., emp V M Co, h 121 Harrington av 

'* John B tT chauffeur, b 121 Harrington av 

9 Katherine, emp TL& Co, b 113 Forest 

w Lena Mrs., h 117 Robbins 

9 Mable (Mrs Harry), elk 12 Terrill, h 113 Forest 

*' Mary A,, domestic, r 35 Washington 

" Mary E„ sten, b 121 Hanington av 

JJ OwenE.,b 149 South 
McGuirk Alice, wid John, h 363 West 

" Charles W,, foreman Rut R R shops h 91 East 

" Charles T., emp L I Wks, b 363 West 

" George P., stone cutter, b 363 West 

H George P., emp P Mfg Co, b 89 Eas t 
9 Harry C, machinist Rut R R shops, b 91 East 

" Katherine, wid James, h 89 East 

91 Lawrence, b 50 Killington av 

" Nellie A., clerk C C S Co, b 89 East 

" Patrick, laborer, b 50 Killington av 

n : Thomas A., coremkr, b 8 Vernon 
McGurgan Lauretta, b 9S Forest 

95 Philip, emp M Mfg Co, h 9S Forest 

** William, emp M Mfg Co, b 98 Forest 
McHugh Bernard H., auto salesman, h 92 Library av 

* Emily Mrs., h 66 Allen 
JJ — see McCue 

Mcintosh William E., mgr Swift & Co, h 142 Grove 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Mclntyre Clara, h 60 N Main 

" Howard, student, b 60 N Main 

" James W., emp H S Co, h 98 Forest 

" John, emp Baker's Seed House, h 124 Gibson av 

" Joseph, janitor Park st school, h 69 Plain 

" Katherine L., h 123 Convent av 

" LucianH.,h60NMain 
MC KAY THOMAS W mgr Grand and Strand Theatres, h 32 Ken- 
dall av 
McKean Frank, meat cutter, h 32 Baxter 

" Mary C, emp Sullivan's Specialty Shop, b 108 East 
MC KEE ARTHUR W prop Mac's Filling Stations, r 17J4 Cottage 

" Lloyd, emp Mac's Filling Station, r 17 Cottage 

" Mary, teacher, r 76 S Main 

McKeegan Catherine, wid Dennis, boarding house 3 Kissane 
pi, h do 

" Mary, b 3 Kissane pi 
McKeogh Ada E., bkpr Miller Auto Sales Co, b 56 Cleveland 

" Catherine E., wid Michael, h 54 Morse pi 

" Katherine C, teacher, b 56 Cleveland av 

" Mary E , b 54 Morse pi 

* William J., foreman bindery The Tuttle Co, h 56 Cleveland 

McKerryher Wesley A., h 123 Maple 

McKirryher Delford M. (McKirryher & Granger), h 105 Park 

" Eva, wid Charles W., b 105 Park 

99 Harland, b 8 Freeman av 

" Irving C, painter H S Co, h 8 Freeman av 

" Irving L. Jr., r 8 Freeman av 

" Leland, b 8 Freeman av 

" & Granger (Delford M McKirryher and Thomas J Granger) , 
painters, paperhangers and decorators, 8 Kissane pi 
McKittrick Katherine, nurse Rutland Hospital, b do 
McLaughlin Anna, phone opr, b 86 Woodstock av 

" Anna M., phone opr, b 86 Woodstock av 

" Anna, wid Michael F., h 15 Clover 

99 Helen, emp Pond Mfg Co, b 15 Clover 

" Helen R., cashier Met Life Ins Co, b 17 Hopkins 

" Henry J., emp Keyes & Co, h 191 Granger 

* Howard J., student, b 118 Library 
" James E., gardener, h 87 Plain 

" James T., city foreman, b 15 Clover 

" John P., engineer, h 86 Woodstock av 

" John T. f emp N E Tel Co, h 41 Kingsley av 

" Joseph, emp D A Barker, b 118 Library av 

" Katherine, b 439 West 

" Lawrence J., emp P A Barker, b 118 Library 

" Lizzie, teacher, b 439 West 

McLaughlin Martin, emp N Y City, h 439 West 

" Mary A., b Loretto Home 

99 Mary E.,b 87 Plain 

" Matthew, foreman Rut Mfg Co, h 100 Meadow 

99 Michael F., quarryman, h 118 Library av 

Michael H., plumbing, steam and hot water heating and 
Red Cross Stoves and Ranges, 9 Evelyn, h 35 Ha^i 
' Michael J., machinist L I Wks, h 62 Lafayette 

" Michael M., b 86 Woodstock av 

" Patrick H. marble wkr, b 87 Plain 

" Patrick J., retired, h 72 Lafayette 

* Patrick J. Jr., emp L I Wks, b 72 Lafayette 

" Regina, bkpr Rutland Evening News, r 15 Church 

" Winnifred M., b 72 Lafayette 
McLeod Carrie, wid Daniel A., h 1 Geno av 

1 Delmar B., emp L I Wks, b 1 Geno av 

99 Elva E., sten, b 1 Geno av 

" Margaret Mrs., emp 108 Wales, b do 
McMahon Agnes Mrs., h 130 Strongs av 

" Fanny, wid Patrick, b 114 Robbins 

" Florence, teacher b 60 Cleveland av 

99 Genieve, music teacher, b 60 Cleveland av 

" George, b 60 Cleveland av 

" Martin J., h 60 Cleveland av 

" Mary A., bkpr, h 34^ Summer 

" Thomas J., emp B M Co, h 70 Baxter 

9 William, emp P Mfg Co, b 33 Killington av - 

' William, clerk, b 130 Strongs av 

99 William C, chauffeur, h 114 Robbins 
McMaster Charles J., student, b 14 Pine 

" George J., claim agt Rut R R, h 14 Pine 
McMinn Thomas W., mgr grocery dept C C S Co, h 25 Wood- 
stock av 
McNally Bessie, emp T L & Co, b* 233 State 
McNamara Bridget, wid Daniel, r 48 Allen 

99 Gertrude, emp 16 Merchants Row, res W Rutland 
McNaughton Benjamin, emp Rut R R, h 53 Forest 

99 Donald, retired, b 53 Forest 

99 Samuel, emp R R, b 53 Forest 

99 William, emp Rut R R, b 53 "Forest 
McNiff Catherine, r 1 Grove 
McNolty Emeline, h 11 Evelyn 

99 Harold, emp P Mfg Co, h 107 Granger 

" Joshua W., emp H S Co, b 11 Evelyn 
- " L. Francis, emp H S Co, h 260 West 
McNorton Samuel, emp Rut R R, h 3 Geno av Citv Park 
McNulty Leonard P., lab, h 260 West 
McQuirk Arthur R., dist sales mgr, r 463^ Center 
" Thomas, coremkr, b 79 East 
McRae Jennie, wid William, cook, r 13 Forest 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

McTierney Fred B„ h 20 Washington 

Mead Charles J., emp H S Co. h 3 Marble av 

" Community House owned and operated by the Congre- 
gational Church for the whole community. Board 
of Governors, Pres, M S Sawyer; trcas,CHLandon; 
see, Louise Paige; dir of Boys* Work, Maurice E 
Walbridge; dir of girls' work, Dorothy S Sawyer 

" Farm, Edmund F Sargent mgr, S Main ext 
' George G, painter and vulcanizer, b 163 Grove 

,1 John W., student, h 238 S Main 

" Lauta, R N, Crescent Place Sanitarium and Convalescent 
Home, r Crescent pi 

" Lizzie B. H., wid George C, h 163 Grove 

" Mary E,, wid John H, b 3 Marble av 
Meader Ida S., emp T L & Co, b 46 Watkins av 
Mecier Dolphus 0. T carpenter, h 112 Library av 

'* Dolphus Jr., sten 35 Evelyn, b 112 Library av 
Medlin William, barber, r 66 Wales 
Meehan John, emp Rut R R T b 116 S Main 

" Kate, emp 29 N Main, h 74 Harrison av 

*' Michael, retired, h 116 S Main 

" Michael F., b 1 16 S Main 
Meilleur Arthur, emp H S Co, h 21 Baxter 

" William, h 146 Maple 
Melcady Helen, elk 57 West, r Main, W Rutland 
Meld on Eleanor J + , teacher, h IS Lincoln av 

" Patrick M + , lawyer Herald Bldg (5-6), h 14 S Main 
Melen Anna, sten Rut RR,b 155 Woodstock av 

M Godfrey G., moulder, h 14 Jackson av 

" Helen Mrs., opr H H & Co, b 14 Jackson av 

** Oscar, emp H S Co, h 155 Woodstock av 

" Oscar Jr., emp W H Williams, b 155 Woodstock av 

n Van, auto mech, h 50 Woodstock av 

" Walter, emp Rut R R, b 155 Woodstock av 
Mel lice John, emp Rut R R, h James 
Mellow Barbara, phone opr, b 65 Crescent 

" Bertha H + , wid Frank E>, h 65 Crescent 

" Edith S., phone opr, b 65 Crescent 

" Frank M., barber 74 N Main, h do 
Menard Arthur J., railway postal elk. h 38 Crescent 
Menduni Armando (Altrui & Menduni), h 1 Evergreen 

" John, emp P Mfg Co, h 1 Evergreen 

** Pellegrino, emp H S Co, h 51 Howe 
Mener Burriel, emp Howe Scale Co, b 12 Church 
Menten Charles H., emp L & J Steward, h 74 Park 

" James H., student, b 74 Park 
MENUT J GARDNER gen mgr R R L & P Co, h 43 Crescent 

" R, B., emp R R L & P Co, h 35 Evergreen av 
Merchand George, emp V M Co, h 14 Engrem av 

" — -see Marchand 



Mercure Arsene, harness sliop 2 Wales, h 48 Roberts av 
Merling Earl R M emp V M Co, r 151 River 
Merriam Margaret, wid E T M t , stamping and art needle work, 
53 Merchants row T h 1 2 3^ Cottage 

H Frank, teamster, h 129 State 

w Ruby F., r 48 Roberts av 
Merrill Edward D t , canvasser, r 27 Lincoln av 

99 Ernest L„ mech, h 137 Oak 

w James A. t lawyer Gryphon bldg (11), h 2 Aiken pi 

" L. Idelle, emp 56 Center, b 2 S Main 

" Laura C. Mrs., h 2 S Main 

** Nellie D. Mrs,, opr, b 54 Pleasant 
Merritt Alice J, h 7 Ehn 

" Edward S, T painter, h 110 Maple 

f * Harry B., brakeman, h 118 Forest 

" Jessie L., b 7 Elm 
MERRY F CHARLES (Earle & Merry), h 12 Kingsley av 
Met calf Zenaide, wid Robert, h 3S9 West 
Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev Geo E Price pastor. West n 

METROPOLITAN LIFE INS CO Horace A Palmer mgr, Mead bldg 

(27), seep 360 
METZGER BROS (Charles A and William E Metzger), mfrs awn- 
ings, tents and flags, shades, etc, 00 Center cor Wales, 
see p 367 
METZGER CHARLES A (Metzger Bros), h 90 Center 

'' Charles R, student, b 90 Center 

" Fritz R,, student, b 90 Center 

" William A, T student, r 90 Center 
METZGER WILLIAM E (Metzger Bros), b 33 Elm 
Midway Lunch, J C Reesman prop, Merchants row 
Miello Frank, emp Rut R R, h 75 Travers pi 
Mikos George, emp 59 Merchants Row, r 12 Cottage 
M1K0S WILLIAM G prop New York Ice Cream Parlor, h 12 Cot- 
Miles Edward, laborer, b 130 State 

** Frederick M. T laborer, h 16 Meadow 

" James R., emp Freight Depot, h 69 Wales 

" Irving R., student, b 130 State 

hT Orrin, b 16 Meadow 

" Robert, lab, b 130 State 

" Thomas J., emp Rut Gas Co, h 130 State 
Millard George E., student, b 51 Edgerton 

** William B <1 empR Mfg Co, h 51 Edgerton 
MILLER AUTO SALES CO (Inc), 27-31 Wales c Willow, see back 

? Charles M, , trainman Rut R R, h 27 Meadow 

,J Edward J, , elk Surprise Store, b 55 West 

" Florence E,, student, b 27 Meadow 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — JUTLAND DrRECTOKY — 1024 

MILLER GARFIELD H v-pres Miller Auto Sales Co, res White 
River Junction 

» Hazel, wid Roy, b 31 North 
MILLER HENRY R (Miller Auto Sales Co), res White River 

MILLER ISAAC (Charles Sterns & Co), h 24 North 

" Mary W., nurse Rutland Hospital, b do 

" Norman, emp Rut R R, h 93 North 
Mills Clara, wid Whipple, h 117 Gibson av 

" Hazel, student, b So Crescent 

" Jennie S. Mrs., opr, b 85 Crescent 

" Robert M., emp Kinsman & Mills, r 17 Cottage 
MILLS WALTER B (Kinsman & Mills), h 48 Crescent 
Minard C. Albert, electrician, h 133 Holly 

" Lee E., emp P Mfg Co and taxidermist, h 46 Howe 
Miner Angelina, wid W , P., hskpr 13 E Center, b do 

" Cassie B., sten Vt Accident Ins Co, h 26 Engrem av 

" Catherine E., emp Brunswick Shop, b 3S Nichols 

" Charlotte M., b 3S Nichols 

" Helen A., sten, b 70 Library 

M Levi F., welding, h Chestnut 70 Library av 

*' Melina, wid Louis A., h 38 Nichols 
Minette Louis H,, emp Kinsman & Mills, h 113 State 
Minogue Agnes, elk, b 47 Cleveland av 

" Margaret J., emp T L & Co, b 47 Cleveland av 

■ f Matthew, mason, h 47 Cleveland av 
Minott Maude, wid Ray, b 6 East 

MINTZER BROS (Harry and Joseph S Mintzer), flour, feed, tires, 
accessories and builders' supplies, 60 Strongs av, see 
MINTZER HARRY (Mintzer Bros), b 66 N Main 

" Hilda F., student, b 66 N Main 

n Jacob B,, junk dealer 123 Robbins, h do 
MINTZER JOSEPH S (Mintzer Bros), prop Rutland Waste & Met- 
al Co, h 66 N Main 
Mitchell Anna S., b Old Ladies' Home 

" Bertram W., mach, h 13S>£ West 

" Howard F., asst mgr The Playhouse, h 76 Williams 

" Mattie, b 30 Elm 
Moher Mary J., teacher, b 157 Granger 

H Robert, h 157 Granger 
Moloney Alice C. t nurse 81 Forest, b do 

" Annie, wid Thomas W., h 194 Columbian av 

" Annie, teacher, b 194 Columbian av 

": Charlotte, musician, b 194 Columbian av 

" John F>, emp Rut R R, h 81 Forest 

" John F., b 44 Kingsley av 
' Margaret J., student, b 194 Columbian av 

J Philip G., student, b 194 Columbian av 

' Thomas, emp N Y City, b 194 Columbian av 

15 — see Maloney 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 



Monahan Alice A., nurse, b 97 Spruce 
J ' Catherine A., sten 7 Center, r 69 Baxter 

* Charles T + , emp Rut R R, r 38 Cottage 

" Edward R., emp Surprise Store, b 102 West 

* $ Eileen J., elk Woolworth's, b 97 Spruce 

" Mary Mrs., h West, C Rutland 

" Mary D., sten Surprise Store, r 69 Baxter 

" Mary E., nurse, b 97 Spruce 

" John A t , emp V M Co, h 97 Spruce 

" Owen, retired, h 95 Franklin 

" Thomas E., emp Rut R R, h 69 Baxter 

" Thomas J., emp Vt Marble Co, r 97 Spruce 
Monette Geraldine M k , bkpr, b 10 Sheldon pi 

?? Horace M„ blacksmith 10 Terrill, h 31 Terrill 

M Joseph H., practical horseshoeing and general repairing 10 
Terrill, h 10 Sheldon pi 

** Phiiomene G,, violinist, b 10 Sheldon pi 
Montelle Joseph, lab, b 116 South 

" Pasquale, laborer, h 116 South 

Montgomery Hugh, supt motive power Rut R R, h 18 Madison 
Moody Earl K, emp Rut R R, b 46 Terrill 
Moon Frank, h 23 Killington av 

* Katherine M., bkpr, b 23 Killington av 
Mooney Andrew, emp P Mfg Co, h 31 Hopkins 

* Charles A., mach P Mfg Co, h 31 Hopkins 
J Lawrence, r 4 Sheldon pi 

" Raymond R., emp R F C Co, b 25 Royce 

" Richard, blacksmith, h 25 Royce 
Moore Alfred A., foreman Davis Feed Co, h 118 Post 

n Arthur W„ real estate agt and fire ins 31 Church, h do 

" Catherine C. b 312 West 

" Catherine D. (Mrs Lewis N), bkpr Nichols, Barney & 
Daley, h 52J4 Center 

11 Charles, stone carver, h 21 Hopkins 

9 Edgar B., auto service, h 10 Elm 

" Elton E., clerk Sawyer & Co, h 73 North 

" Emma, wid Herbert W M h 40 Pine 

'* Harry D M trucking and moving 147 Pearl, h do 

" Herbert C + , painter, b 40 Pine 

" Jay J,, mach Rut M & T Co, h 40 Burnham av 

1 Lewis N., porter Berwick Hotel, h 52 }4 Center 

S1 Mamie, wid Elmer, b 73 North 

" Orra (Mrs Arthur W), h 31 Church 

" ReitaH., elk, b 73 North 

" Thomas, emp Temple Bros, h 312 West 
Moquin Ernest, baker Moquin's Bakery, b 21 Mansfield 

" Fred, prop Moquin's Bakery, h 21 Mansfield 
Moquin *s Bakery, Fred Moquin prop, 1-5 Strongs av 
Moran Anna A. t b 122 Baxter 
Moreau William J,, steam heating, h 63 Crescent 

Directory 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 



Morehouse Bertha V., student b West opp P O. C Rutland 
" Pred A., machinist, h 20 N Mam i?„Hand 

» WUliam E., emp Burdick Bros, h West, opp P O. C Rutland 

Morgan Carl H., laborer, h 84 Plain 
" Carrie, wid Charles, b 84 Plain 

" David L., Col retired, h 93 Park av Colttm bian 

» Elizabeth, wid Mathew A.,empTL&U,D-n v,o lw 

» Mary, opr H H Co, b 16 i Pine 
» William L, emp Rut R R, h 52 Hazel 
Morgans^ John, emp P Mfg?o, h 66 Wood av 
» Marian M., student, b 06 Woodav av 

Moriarty Anna M., bkpr 5 Evelyn, b 14 Evergreen av 
» Anna, wid Thomas, b 132 Strongs av 
» Catherine, emp 162 S Main b do 
'• Charles, emp H S Co, b 14 Evergreen av 
" Edward, emp Depot restaurant r 17 ^tUge 
Edward W„ plumber Adams & Noe, b 1* cvergrec 

£S££m3% • sss b 14 Evergreen av 

" Marv, wid John, h 14 Evergreen av 
» Max! emp H S Co, h 132 Strongs av 
»' Stella, b 14 Evergreen av 
Moroney Agnes, b 10 Cramton av 
» Anna, bkpr H H Co, b 10 Cramton av 
" Charles f, emp city, b 10 Cramton av 
» George T.. auto salesman, b 10 Cramton av 
» Irene, teacher, b 10 Cramton av 

Morphy Luis G., lab, h 5 Kendall av 

Morris Agnes, hlllS Mam 
» Benjamin, laborer, b 8 Clm«* _ fc 

" Bernard J., emp Rutland Fire Dept, h 41 Hast 
» Cassius, lab, h 124 Strongs av 
» Catherine C, elk, b 41 East a f aV ette 

MORRIS CHARLES B agt Prod UiSjOj h 3o Lafayette 
» Charles P., draftsman, bill S Main 
» Clayton T., emp Davis Foundry b 124 Strongs av 
» Henry F., emp Standard Oil Co b 111 S Main 
» lohn H„ barber 49 Strongs av, b 111 S Mam 
» Katherine C. emp C C S Co, b 41 East 
" Mary A., h 11 Cottage 
" Thomas F . prop The Elmore, h do 

» Eleanor C, bkpr Rut R R> h 119 Library av 

Morrison Fred J M emp H S Co, h 122 Maple 

" John A., emp The Tut tie Co, r 160 West 

v Mary M. r hskpr New Bard well, r 119 Library av 

* William H., emp L I Wks t h 79 School 
Morrisy Bernard, emp H S Co. b 90 River 
Morrisey John J, t machinist L I Wks, h 90 River 
Morse Alan E., b S Porter 

" Celia E, Mrs., h S Porter 

" Charles E., clerk Ross-Huntress Co, h 89 Maple 

" Charles E. Jr., U S N, b S9 Maple 

M Charles S., agt Met Life Ins Co, h 87 Library av 

" Cleo D., h 39 Kings! ey av 

" Dorothy May, emp Dr Godfrey, b 8 Porter 

" Edmund R., treas V M Co, h 81 S Main 

" Faye. wid Earl, dressmaker 82 Davis, b do 
MORSE GEORGE E (Fenton, Wing & Morse), h 61 S Main 

w Glenn S., carp 53 Edgerton, h do 

w Grace M,, clerk Rut R R, b 8 Porter 

n Henry, emp Rut R R, h 98 Brown 

* J J t Raymond, emp Rutland Confectionery Co, b 56 Church 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

Morse John J,, salesman, h 35 Summer 

' Marion G., bkpr W C Landon & Co, b 12 Spellman ter 

11 Robert G,, agt Met Life Ins Co, h 17 E Washington 

>J Thelma H>, phone opr, b 35 Summer 

■* Thomas D., com trav, r 6 Kissane pi 

" Walter E., emp Rut Fire dept sta 1, r do 
Morton Cecil P., emp Staco Milling Co, h 39 S Main 

" James O., emp 18 Merchants row, h 57 Church 

*' Jennie N. Mrs., clothing and fancy goods cleaned* 11 Elm, 
Mosher Harry, emp R R L & P Co, b 162 State 
Moss Ernest CL, millwright, h 15 Terrill 

" Ethel, emp Worcester, Mass T b 15 Terrill 

" Mabel M M b 15 Terrill 

" Viola M., student, b 15 Terrill 

Mossey George J., conf and fruit 72 West, b 166 N Main 
Mott Ellsworth W., shipping clerk Rut R R, h 276 West 
Moulden John, emp H S Co, h 17 Terrill 
Moult on Frank H., h 96 Davis 

" George A., emp H S Co, h 40 Hopkins 

" Henry G., mech ? b 40 Hopkins 

» Herbert E. , emp C C S Co, h 49 Allen 

" Leon G + , emp Standard Oil Co, h 50 Baxter 

M Leslie, emp H S Co, r 42 Allen 

" Reta, emp W E Grace, r Library c Baxter 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1024 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

Moult on William C,, carpenter, h 42 Allen 

Mound John, h 23 Jackson av «. 

MOWER & STRONG CO., INC., 6 Union St, Windsor, Vt., see 

page 298 
Mowrey Frank H., watchmaker Merchants row, h 28 Madison 
Moynihan John H M emp T L & Co, h 61 Pleasant 
M William E., emp H S Co, h 90 River 
Mt. St. Joseph's Convent, Convent av 
Mulcahy James L., h 49 Pierpoint av 
" Michael B„ h 55 Pierpoint av 
Mulhearn Thomas P., emp Rut R R, h 109 South 
Mullaly Edward, emp Rut R R, b 15 Pine 
" James, engineer Rut R R, h 15 Pine 
w Mary L. T b 15 Pine 
Mullee Anna, wid Martin, h 108 East 
Mullen John J., emp Rut R R, r 112 Granger 
" Mary, nurse Rut Hosp, r do 

" William J+ f emp Depot Restaurant, h 112 Granger 
Muffin Anna P., wid Harry, b 90 River 
*' Anna K, emp Burlington, b 97 Baxter 
" Catherine, bkpr 15 Wales, b 117 Robbins 
M Francis j\, emp Rut R R T h 127 River 
" James C, laborer, h 97 Baxter 

" Mary I., bkpr Chas E Davis Foundry Co, b 11/ Robbins 
" Michaei, retired, h 27 Royce 
** Michael W., emp city, h 125 Robbins 
Mulqueen Daniel, boilerrnaker, h SI South 
" Edward J., fireman Rut R R T h 120 State 
" George, emp Rut R R, b 81 South 
,J Harold, emp 76 West, r 120 State 
" Winifred, b 120 State 
Mumford Agnes, wid Thomas W., h 129 Holly 
n Catherine Mrs., b Loretto Home 
» Ernest E.. emp R R L & P Co, h 166 Granger 
" J Donald, pharmacist 102 Merchants row, res W Rutland 
" Mary A., clerk C C S Co, b 10 Engrem av 
" M Colletta, teacher, b 129 Holly 
** Nellie F., elk 51 Merchants row. res 129 Holly 
" Reta, phone opr, b 129 Holly 
Munger David, carp, h 40 Strongs a v 
" James S., carpenter, h 33 Terrill 
w Palmer J., carp, h 98 Plain 

MUNS0N ELLEN T cashier Prudential Life Ins Co, bNelsMunson 
" Mildred, b Nels Munson 
» Nels, h East Proctor rd, C Rutland 

Murdick Clarence H, (The Murdick-Durkee Co), h 16 Wash- 
" Durkee Co The, groceries 63 Merchants row 
Murphy Agnes E M emp Washington D C, b 76 Brown 
" Bros (Daniel A and Michael J), marble and granite monu- 
ments, mfrs and dealers, rear 42 Cleveland av 

1 9 24 — R u t l a x d Dire c t o r y — ! 924 


Murphy Burt T. t patrolman, h 124 Walnut 

,J Catherine F>, bkpr Robinson Coal Co, b SI Crescent 

" Daniel, emp N E Tel & Tel Co, r 160 State 

" Daniel A. (Murphy Bros), h 29 Burnham 

J> Daniel A. Jr., student, b 29 Burnham av 

" Dennis F., emp Rut R R, h 24 Nichols 

" Ella, bkpr Adams & Noe, b 81 Crescent 

" Etta T. T bkpr Clement National Bank, res Pittsford rd, R 1 

" Frances E., phone opr> b 51 Pierpoint av 

" Gerald, com trav, b 120 Robbins 

" Grace M t , sten, b 94 Library av 

!| Hannah, sten Clement Nat Bank, res Pittsford rd, R 1 

,J Jeremiah, clerk T b S7 Meadow 

M Joanna, sten Washington D C, b 76 Brown 

M John, farmer, h Pittsford rd, R 1 
1 Margaret S,, wid Jeremiah, h 94 Library av 

" Martin A., retired, h SI Crescent 

" Mary F., bkpr 55 Center, b 81 Crescent 

'* Michael J, {Murphy Bros), h 120 Robbins 

w Nellie A,, dressmaker CO Chestnut av, b do 

" Philip J,, elk Rut R R, b 51 Pierpoint av 

" Thomas, laborer, b Pittsford rd T R 1 
1 Thomas J t1 emp Rut Transfer Co, b 1 Ross 

" Timothy J tT boilermaker, h 76 Brown 

w Walter T., emp R F C Co, h 34 Curtis av 

" William J. t reporter Rutland News, h 32 J4 Summer 
Murray Arthur A., photographer 92 South, h do 

" Doris G., elk, b 41 Kendall av 

IJ Florence M., emp Berwick Hotel News stand, b 88 Center 

" George D., engineer, h 138 West 

M Hugh, retired, h 93 Strongs av 

" H. Russell, prop Murray Printing Co, h 41 Kendall 
MURRAY JOHN C (Murray'sUsed Car Exchange), r 86 State 

" L T Delia, h 29 Elm 

'' Mary J,, wid James, h 86 State 

J? Mary L., wid George, r 8S Center 
MURRAY PAUL L (Murray's Used Car Exchange), b 86 State 

1 Printing Co, H Russell Murray prop, 36 Wales 

1 Royal H., electrician, h 3 Merchants Row 

1 Walter, emp 35 Center, h 65 East 

" William H., emp Kinsman & Mills, b 51 Pierpoint av 
MURRAY'S USED CAR EXCHANGE (P L & J C .Murray), used cars 

5 Merchants Row, see p 340 
Muscatello Jennie, opr H H Co, b 21 Meadow 

" RafFaele, marble worker, h 21 Meadow 
Musella Gennara, emp V M Co, h 292 West 

" Rarlaele, emp HSCo,h 292 West 
Musetti Daniel, barber 138 West, h 298 West 
Mussey Prances E., wid James B, h 125 Church 

" Gertrude A. t clerk Chalmers, b 125 Church 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


dist mgr, Mead bldg (25) t phone 9S3-W, see p 361 
MY SHOE SHOP Orner Eclair prop, 85 State, see p 348 
Myatt James N., emp H S Co, h 71 Pine 

" Mary Mrs-, emp T L & Co, h 146 State 

" Oliver, meat cutter, r 33 Pine 

" Royal E„ U S N, r 146 State 
Myers Delia, wid Dana, h 27 Hopkins 

* Gertrude M.. asst Dr Pond, b 27 Hopkins 

" Grace, b 37 Baxter 

M Harold L + , emp H S Co, h 2 Moultrop av 

" Nelson, emp H S Co, h 66 East 

" Steven A., emp H S Co, h 100 River 
Myette Fred, motorman, h 97 Forest 
Myhre Helga, emp 21 Cottage, b do 

" Margaret N. T emp 26 Court, b do 
Mylott Bernard J\, bricklayer, b 17 Watkins av 

" Ellen Z., teacher, b 17 Watkins av 

" Francis W + , forester, b 99 South 

" Harold S., laborer, h 19 James 

" Helen M., bkpr 35 Merchants row, b 99 South 

" Mary E., wid John, h 17 Watkins av 

V Nellie, wid George E., h 99 South 

» William F. f b 99 South 
Mytych John, emp H S Co, h W Proctor rd, C Rutland 

NALLEO MARGARET, elk, b 27 Killington av 

" Mary E., student, b 27 Killington av 

** Thomas, carpenter, h 27 Killington av 

" Thomas Jr., emp Springfield, Mass, b 27 Killington av 
Napolitano Raftaele, emp Rut R R. h fi5 River 
Narcisco Francesco, Italian groceries, h 316 West 
Nash Emma, wid Trefl, hskpr 46 Pine, b do 

" Oliver L., lab, b 71 Wood av 
NASH SALES & SERVICE W T Gosselin dist, 34 Burnham av, see 

Nason Bemiea, elk, b 19 Park 

" Cecil A., plumber, b 19 Park 
NASON CLINTON H grocer 122 Granger, hdo, see p 355 

" Herbert, h 10 Madison 

" Louis I., emp H S Co, h 19 Park 

NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE CO F H Burnham, spec agt and ad- 
juster, Rutland County Bank Bldg 
NATIONAL LIFE ENS CO OF VT Earle S Kinsley, gen agt Mead 
bldg (19-20), see p 359 

" Pulp Wood Corp, telephone poles and pulp wood, 117 West 

Nat Bank bldg, 75 Merchants row 
Navin Charles, student, r West, C Rutland 

" John K, auto mech, b Thos Navin 

1924 — Rutland Directory — -1924 


Navin Louis, emp The Tuttle Co, b West, C Rutland 

* Thomas H., emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 
" William E., chief elk Rut R R, h West, C Rutland 

Naylon Julia T. } sten G H Grimm Co, b 165 Granger 

" Mary F., clerk Chas Sterns & Co, h 165 Granger 

" M. Alice, b 165 Granger 
Naylor Mary Mrs., hskpr, h 58 River 

" Raymond, emp Rut R R, b S7 Maple 
Nealon Madeline, emp Bardwell Hotel, b do 
Needham Cordelia, wid Joseph B,, b 93 Maple 

" George C, R., gardener, lab, b 12 Church 

" Louis C, farmer, h 2S6 N Main 
NefT Lillian, teacher, r 76 S Main 
Neil Merritt S,, road patrolman, h 2S6 Woodstock av 

" Vivian, maid 3 Porter, b do 
Nelson Edward S., emp The Surprise, res W Rutland 

J * Eleanor, dom 52 Church, b do 

" Emil, emp V M Co, h 47 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

" Esther, b 30 Elm 

*' Jacobine, wid Peter, h West cor E Proctor rd, C Rutland 

M Oscar B., retired, h 47 S Main 

" Sophia, wid Fred, h 26 Elm 
Nemera Frank, shoe repairing 36 Wales, h 138j^ West 
Nestasio Beatrice A., student, b 16 Terrill 

" Lena B, emp Glens Falls, N Y, b 16 Terrill 

" Roscoe J., emp H S Co, b 16 Terrill 

New England Telephone & Telegraph Co, local office Mead 
bldg (12) and Marble St, W Rutland, div office 4th 
& 5th floors, Gryphon bldg 
New Leon V., r 56 Allen 
Newcomb Mary D„ bkpr C Sterns & Co, b 122 State 

* Winnifred, wid Matthew, h 122 State 
Newell Lucy, wid Edgar, h 55 Summer 

" Mary A,, waitress, b 55 Summer 

NEWMAN ABRAHMAN horse and automobile dealer 14 Chaplin 

av, h 12 Hopkins, see p 7 and 365 
" Lena L., student, b 12 Hopkins 

Newton Charles E., 76 Strongs av, h do 
" Edith M,, emp W Rutland, h 162 Adams 
" Sarah, wid John, h 398 West 
" Walter P. Jr., emp Boston, b 43 North 
" Walter P., machinist Rut R R, h 43 North 

NEW YORK CLOTHING CO Kant or Bros props, clothing, men's 
furnishings , shoes, 162-164 West, see next page 


Directory Publishers 
33 Lyman St. Springfield, Mass. 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

New York Clothing Co. 

Men's and Boys' Outfitters 
at Reasonable Prices 

Shoes for all the Family 
162-164-166 West St, RUTLAND, VT. 

NEW YORK ICE CREAM PARLOR W G Mikos prop, confectionery, 
fruits, and ice cream, 59 Merchants Row, see under 


New York Ice Cream Parlor 

W. G. MIKOS, Prop. 



Specializing in Ice Cream 

Phone 861-M 

59 Merchants Row 


NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO James B Howley, spec rep, 
Mead Bldg (6), see un name 

New York Life Insurance Company 


Mead Bldg, Room 6 Phone 141S-M 


Special Representative 

Ney Susie, wid Frank, h 3 Geno av, City Park 

NICHOLS, BARNEY fit DALEY (W W Nichols, J A Eamey and John 
M Daley), clothing, footwear and baggage, 10S Mer- 
chants row, see next page 

1924 — Jutland Director y — 1924 


Wallace W. Nichols—John A, Barney — John M, Daley 


Clothing and Footwear 
Trunks and Bags 

Teh 1045-M 
108 Merchants Row, 16 Center St. 


Chapman), hardware, etc, 43-45 Center, see un name 

Nichols-Chapman Hardware Co. 

(Wallace W, Nichols and Walter F. Chapman) 


Phone 1002- W 

43-45 Center St_ 


NICHOLS ERNEST R (Baird & Nichols), and representative 
Strout Farm Agency, b 149 Adams 
George, emp Rut F C Co, h 9 Chaplin av 
George W., trainman Rut R R, h Gl Meadow 
Harold J., train dispatcher Rut R R, h 75 North 
Helen E., carpenter Smith Lumber Co, h 159 State 
John W., emp M Mfg Co, h 104 Park av 
Kenneth W., student, b 104 Park av 
Lee, student, b 52 Prospect 
Lettie, b Old Ladies' Home 
Pearl L. s sten Kinsman & Mills, b 9 Chaplin av 
NICHOLS WALLACE W (Nichols, Barney & Daley), (Nichols- 
Chapman Hardware Co) , and pres State Mutual Pire 
Ins Co, real estate and investments, h 52 Prospect 
Nicholson Beth, elk Rut R R, b 42 Crescent 
" Frank S., sec Rut Fair Assn, h 42 Crescent 
NICKLAW NORMAN J mgr The Bardwell Hotel and prop Bard well 

Garage, h 110 State 
Niebrsydowski John, blacksmith, h 10S South 
Nielsen Eyner G., tracer, h off Crescent, City Park 
" Magnus, h 52 Edgerton 

Niles Arthur E_, emp Rut R R, h 19 Jackson av 
" Dwight A., b 119 Maple 
J? Edna M., student, b 19 Jackson av 
" Wilfred, carp and artist, h 99 Willow 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

Nims Eliza J. Mrs., h 27 Woodstock av 

Noble John E., emp E C Bingham, h 70 Harrington av 

" Samuel A., retired, h 103 Park av 

n William A., emp Rut R R f h 103 Wales 
Noe Inez M TJ student, b 107 Fairview 

" Irvin H\ T emp Rut R R, h 6 Geno 
NOE I HARVEY (Adams & Noe), h 107 Fairview av, City Park 

M Mary, wid Joseph, r 6 Geno 
Noiseaux Mary, emp Fly Paper Mfg Co, b 2 Cottage 

" Edward, emp A J Novak Ptg Co, b 2 Cottage 

" Emanuel J., r 149 Forest 

" Frank E., mach, b 2 Cottage 

" Joseph E, T mach, h 65 Pierpoint 
Nolan J. Griffin, carp, b 49 S Main 
Noonan Charles, emp H H Howe, h IS Pine 

" Mary A., domestic, b 31 West 

" Thomas B,, bkpr Rut R R, b 31 West 

?J Timothy, stationary eng T h 31 West 

L Richmond, dist agt, 79 }4 Merchants row 
Norton Aileen C, sten M Mfg Co, b 30 N Main 

" Charles H. (O'Ronrke & Norton), b 30 N Main 

" Conant S. t moulder, h 157 Porter pi 

" Ernest J., elk 27 Melrose av, b 34 West 

n J + Frederick, student, b 30 N Main 

" Jesse, emp R Mfg Co, b G2 Maple 

n John L. (Norton^Beane Tire and Rubber Co), b 30 N Main 

n John W., emp Wilson Clothing Co, h 30 N Main 

" Mary E M sten, b 30 N Main 

" Mary J., wid Patrick, h 1C Evelyn 

" Roy H., ice cream dealer 11 Wales, h 3S Eellevue av 
NORTON THOMAS A dentist Grvphon Bldg, b 30 N Main, office 
hrs 9-12 a. m. s and l-5p.m, tel S97-M, res tel 134-W, 
see p 309 

** & Beane (John L Norton and Raymond R Beane), 
vulcanizing and battery service, 77 Wales 
Nott Emeroy L t , wid Harris, h 2 S Main 

" Nellie, emp 37 Prospect, b 2 S Main 

71 Walter S., student, r 10 Pine 

>' Williard H., emp V M Co, h 10 Pine 
Notte Dominick, lab, b 137 Spruce 

" John, lab, h 63 Howe 
Notti— see Knotti 
Nourse Charles E., emp PI S Co, h 126 Convent 

" J. Walter, mail carrier, b 126 Convent av 

" Paul B„ emp Motor Sales Co. h S5 East 

" Ralph G., cond Rut R R, h 94 Gibson av 
K0VAK A J PRINTING CO Albert J Novak prop, commercial 
printers. Bardwell House blk, Washington, see p 372 
NOVAK ALBERT J prop A J Novak Printing Co and (Machine 
Composition Co), h S Spellman ter 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 



NOVAK CHARLES E lawyer and state's attorney and counselor- 

row, fa 2% S Mam, see p 362 
Grace M., nurse, b 85 East 

William S., dentist 6 Qumn blk, h 56 S Main 

s SKSSPi S™ y - J Novak prop - ffiiIk - CTeam ** 

groceries, 6 S Mam 

NOVES CHARLES 6 contractor and builder Center, h 155 Adams 
see p o&l 

» S?? E " ^v'J 1 Mendon rd above Mill Village R 1 
George, emp H S Co, h 14 Clover 8 ' 

Harry A., emp N E Tel Co, h 50 E Center 
' Helen P., emp 62 Water, b do 

8SS r A ^nter, £ b yd 218 Woodstock av, R 1 

Katie T., wid Hiram, h 9 Spellman ter 

Mary E wid Frederick, opr, h 35 Strongs av 
» S°l° r P " ^ Baltimore, b 155 Adams 

Walter emp Davis Foundry, h 49 Cleveland av 
Nugent Alice L., hskpr, b 7S River 
» ST* J:» «»P Newark, N J, b 78 River 

Edward M., eng Rut R R, h 78 River 

» 5", 5 ta " student . b 202 Columbian av 

Helen M., teacher, b 84 River 

John E., carp, h 202 Columbian av 

M. Irene, teacher, b 202 Columbian av 

Maurice A., tracer, b 202 Columbian av 
" Michael, emp H S Co, h 78 River 

Thomas H., student, b 202 Columbian av 

» w??*? H " nurse - b 202 Columbian av 
xt « " Herbert, plumber, b 202 Columbian av 
Nutter Roy C, fa 89 Library av 

m 7^ en t A - (Mrs Roy C >- sec - r S9 Library av 
*?8ft3 iffiS* H S C °' h 5G Church 
" SS?. G - ^" p Proctor ' b 204 Adams 

William N., mach foreman P Mfg Co, fa 129 Lincoln av 

OAKLAND ARTHUR, emp R R L & P Cc h 9i t?,^ 
0AKMAN CYRUS | *fiSS55^^fflJSBB^ 

chants Row, h do, see p 352 PP Mer " 

» rw g t B " foren } a " R Mfg Co, b 6 Court 
„ £' Walter - emp R Mfg Cok, h 6 Court 
» S 130 ' auto salesman, b 32 Wales 

Wdham P., emp The Tattle Co, r 27 Cottage 
nt teS %&?*" mech H S Co, h 52 Roberts av 
Oberg Albert emp V M Co, h Proctor rd 
O Boyle Charles M., steamfitter, h 60 Forest 

*bSo&T&j£? Quinn bIdg (5)> res Castleton 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

O'Brien Elizabeth, hskpr, b 123 Library 

** Ernest H, t lawyer Quinn bldg (13-14), b 14 Mansfield pi 

" Harold I., physical instructor RHS,b Brock House 

,J Harry, emp Rut R R, h 123 Library av 

" James, r 17 Church 

" John J. , h 70 East 

" John J. s 2nd, moulder, h 48 Allen 

11 Mary, hskpr 34 Evergreen av, b do 

" Mary A +> elk 190 West, b 4S Allen 

" Patrick, student, r 48 Allen 

" Robert J., emp RL&PCo.r 56 Grove 

n Thomas, painter, h 80 Brown 

" Walter T., emp freight office, h 13 Royce 

" William S., r 56 Grove 

Dorsey Agencv Inc, Mead Bldg (15-16) 
O'Connell J, Edward, moulder P Mfg Co, h 143 Grove 

" James P., b 136 South 

w Lillian, wid Patrick, hskpr 274 West, h do 

" Mary, wid John, h 13 Evergreen av 

" Mary, wid Michael, h 136 South 

» Thomas A., emp H S Co, b 136 South 

" — see Connell 
O'Connor Esther, nurse 9 Elm, b do 

" Margaret, wid Thomas, b 191 State 

" Mary A., student, b 52 Allen 

" Michael C, car inspector R R, h 52 Allen 
Odell George H., retired, r 17 Cottage 

n Harley E + , elk 1 Strongs, b 126 State 
Odgen William W., h 36 Morse pi 
O'Donnell Lillian, wid George W\, b 45 Hazel 

" Michael, emp G M M Co, h 159 State 
O'Grady Dennis L. (O'Grady & Culliney), h 45 Bellevue av 

v & Culliney (Dennis L O'Grady and James L Culliney), 
stock brokers, Mead bldg (31) 

fi James E,, emp Herald, b 91 S Main 
O'Keefe Ellen, wid David O., h 10 S Main 

n — see Keefe 

Old Ladies* Home, Harriet N Gibson, matron, 77 N Main 
0LDSM0BILE SALES AND SERVICE Miller Auto Sales Co, 27 Wales 
Oles William (Rutland Window Cleaning Co), r 61 Merchants 

Olney Carl W., com trav, b 23 E Center 

" Clyde P., b 20 Royce 

" Elizabeth, wid Daniel E +t h 20 Royce 

" E. Lewis, h 23 E Center 

OLNEY ROSAMOND I prop The Elite Baby Shop, b 20 Royce 
Olson August, elk, h 89 Harrison av 

** Axel, emp Proctor, h 63 Pierpoint av 

11 Charles j\, elk, h 69 School 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 


Rutland Directory 1924 

Olson John A. , student, b fi9 School 
M Oscar, emp V M Co, h 75 Simonds av, C RutlarH 

ONeJCeceha, dk, b 113 State 
* John, h 41 Howe 

„ John Jr emp Rut R R, b 41 Howe 
» r, &Ty ' hsk P r ' b 141 State 
>, ~l ary ' b Loretto Home 

O'lSTf F W mach . ini5t H S Co, h 113 State 

One^C.fJ^ ^ meS H) ' opr ' h 33 Eta * 
Uney Catherine Mrs., waitress Prouse's, b 38 Pine 
Charles, student, b 61 Lafayette 

■ Gregory, lab, b 24 Ellington av 

» r e u Ty J' laborer . b 20 Engrera av 

Jonn C carpenter Rut R R, h 61 Lafavette 
n ■ Leo ™ rd M-, janitor, h 24 Kulington av 
Omon Maud A„ b 59 Howe ^ 

„ Mary A. wid Carlos L, h 59 Howe 
Or^S t A - emp Rut R R > h W» West 

» fcr^ ^P Rut R R > r 19 p me 
Mildred C, student, b 1S4 S Main 

» WM nna E -'^ Ekp /' h 9 En * rein ** 
" ChaSe^f m' P p Ha f °^ T C ° nn - b 25 Bax ^ 
" Daniel F i™ rT^ S N °W h U N M ™ 
" Dan S r'\? P Clarend0 ". y t. h 191 Granger 
Uamel J., p,ano salesman, h 25 Baxter 

" STr kfStf** Rut R R - h 77 Po ^t 

*<wmmam a ^|^ & o'***,,. b 9 Engrem 

" —see Rourke 
X sbor " Cornelius A., emp H S Co, h 149 N Main 
Osgood Kmgsley, b Lee £ Osgood '" 

rkiiff-T.'' farmer > h two miles above Mill Villas P I 
Oskoski Peter, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland ' 
O Shea Dennis E, , retired, h SO South 

;; jfeV&S*"* D & H > h 29 *"***» * 

» &' T* P f. rQcto ^ Vt, b SO South 
Ostil?, 7 I bo ? rdin £ house 33 Lincoln av, h do 
Ustiguy Ermine, student, b fi2 Elm 

" Rober?B i^p 011 , ?°4% Co ^ b 62 Elm 
■K-ooert B., emp Rut R R, b 62 Elm 


^24— Rutland Directory— 1924 

Ott Norma*, emp Rut * * * **23j 
Owens Hugh J., driver, h 66A Church 
" Lola, r 49 Summer 

Ozeboust Stephen, emp R Hosp, b do 

PACKARD HAZEL K., b 187 Woodstock av 

» H^my, teamster, h 275 S Mam 

» HoraS 0.. emr > H S I Co, % 371 Wert 

« Orrin R., emp Rut R R, b 172 Umrcn 

» Scott, student b''Clementwood 

» William, supt "Brookside , h Um«JJ 
Padolecchia Araldo, emp V U <&£&* WeSt 
Page Bessie C, phone opr, b <3 Crescent 

"Florence M.. sten. b 73 Crescent 

»> Lena, maid 87 N Mam, b do 

" Emmett P., emp Rut R R, b *'« onu 
■» Fred A ^RutRR^ North Washin gton 

» John N., sec Chas B u ^f * °™ g 43 p ro s P ect 
» Louisa E., sec Community Ho^b« rr P 
» Loville, wid Norman A, b 43 Prospect 
» —see Page „ . 294 West 

Palermo Marchione, emp Rut R K, n ^* 
» Tom, h 294 West - 41 Hazel 

palmer Charles A., emp Rut R K. b 41 ria* 

"Clayton, mach, b 210 S Mam 

» Dwight H., emp Rut R R, h 41 A Baxter 

» Emma Mrs., h 210 S Mam 
i^fflS&TSSSSSS^ A lus Co of New York, 

» Viola S. H., student, b 7 S Mam 
Palluotto Pasquale, emp Davis T™™** 

Pantas John, W^ S £S 40 cinter, h 17** Cottage 
" Lotus, prop The 1<rmtl ^ CT R fil? : ver u 129 South 

Paolucci rfMj MffSSBS' 

" Giovanni, emp Ho w n ^u ^ 

» Lena, opr, b 129 South 

" Philip, b 129 South Tut He Co h 68 Pine 

* SgS M.JW John h 64 Wuhams 
» Nelson, mason, h 60 Cherry 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


PAPPAS GEORGE L prop Rutland Soda Spa, h 20 Pine 

Paqttette Jerome J., blacksmith, r 102 West 

Parent Edward, driver Moquin's Bakery, h 128 Convent av 

13 Moses, emp city, h 114 Robbins 
Park Fred W., emp Rut R R, h 152 West 
Parker Clara M. t wid John, h 37 Lafayette 

" Clement A., div cable foreman N E Tel Co, h 7K Center 

» David, emp R F C Co, h 239 S Main 

" Dorothy, emp Merchants row, b 36 Plain 

n Edwin J., emp H S Co, h 16 Roberts av 

" E. W. t salesman J B Ford & Co, res Maiden, Mass 

n George F,, div foreman N E Tel Co, h 44 Edgerton 

" George PL, emp R F C Co, h 140 S Main 

** G. Reed, emp C C Co, h 140 S Main 

'* Gladys M., shirt opr, b 196 Mussey 

" Harry H., salesman, h 41 Cottage 

} - Henry S T prop Brock House, h do 
PARKER HENRY S (Parker & Tossing), and hardware and furni- 
ture, 73 Merchants row, h 66 S Main 

}J Herbert S., emp Turtle's, r 51 Chestnut av 

" John E., livery stable rear S4 West, h OS Allen 

" John E. Jr., laborer, b 9S Allen 

w John G., student, b 37 S Main 

" Leon L_, woodworker, h 196 Mussey 

" Leonard U, elk, h 202 S Main 

" Marcellus G., elk H S Parker, b 66 Main 

w Margaret F., student, b Brock House 

w Mary I., shirt opr, t 196 Mussey 

,J Merle L, engineer Rut R R, h 24 E Washington 

f * Nellie, wid William J., h 96 Gibson av 

" Rebecca T. Mrs., b 10 Roberts av 

" Rose, b 98 Allen 

" Samuel F., div supt traffic N E Tel Co, h 37 S Main 

" Sidney M N emp H S Co, h 36 Plain 
PARKER & TOSSING (Henry S Parker and Charles R Tossing), 

undertakers 73 Merchants row, see top next page 
Parkinson Fred J., teamster, b 31 Church 

" Lillian W, student, b 31 Church 

n MaryL +t h31 Church 
Parkhurst Nellie, wid Charles A,, b Old Ladies Home 

?J Harold G., student, b 37 Burnham ay 
Parks Ralph, laborer, h 107 East 
Parmenter Alice, wid Frederick E<, h 48 Roberts av 

* Alice M., b 48 Roberts av 

w Byron, watchman, h 125 Park av 

" Florence, sten Rut R R, b 4S Roberts av 

" Guy, lab, h Mill Village R I 

" Ruth R., sten H S Sawyer Co, b 4S Roberts av 
Parris Margaret H.> wid John J, h 60 Grove 
Parry Julia, b Old Ladies Home 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1024 


73 fflzttitantti a&oto 

Day Call 728 
Night calls 986-M or 622-W 

Parsons Allie W„ emp H S Co, h SS Plain 

" Bert, boilermkr, b 1 Evergreen av 

" Leona Mrs., opr, b 1S9 Pearl 
Pastula Michael, farmer, h E Proctor rd, C Rutland 
Patch Anna P>, hemmer, b 103 Gibson av 

>? Delia, wid George O., h 103 Gibson av 
PATCH FRED R pres F R Patch Mfg Co, h 137 N Main 
PATCH F R MFG CO (Inc), foundry and machine shop, specialists 
in stone and marble working machinery, 60 Howe, 
see p 11 

5 George M emp Rut R R, b 103 Gibson av 

,? Harold, mech, h 9 Clover 

" Lowell H., student, b 26 N Main 

J1 Roswell, lab, b 103 Gibson av 

'■ Thomas H., lab, h 39 East 

" Will E., fanner cor S Main, Cold River rd, h do 

" William W., emp H S Co, b 103 Gibson av 
Patnod Parley P., teamster J P Squire & Co, h 158 River 
Patnode Alexander, moulder, h 17 Ellington av 
Patrick Walter H., painter, h 3 N Main 

" William A,, h 75 Williams 
Patterson Harold, lab, b 46 Howe 
Paul Arthur W„ tel opr W Rutland, b C Rutland 

" Charles, emp C C S Co, h 141 Grove 
PAUL D0MINICK C (Paul C Dorninick & Co), h 35 Howe 
PAUL D0M1NJCK & CO (D C Paul), merchant tailors, 54 Center, 
see back cover 

?1 Dorothy, bkpr 20 Merchants row, b 30 Baxter 

w E. Theodore, emp V M Co, b West, n Cemetery, C Rutland 

M Lena, emp T L & Co, b 129 South 

J> Margaret Mrs,, h West n Cemetery, C Rutland 

M Mary, wid Felix, emp T L & Co, h 30 Baxter 
Pavlucci Anthony, lab, b 129 South 

" Rose, emp H H & Co, b 129 South 
Payne Albert, gardener ' 'Clement wood", h do 

" Florence B,, emp dom 92 Center, b do 
Peabody Charles E., retired, b 76 Jackson av 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 


Pearsons Earl F,, student, b 47 Terrill 
Samuel T., trav salesman, h 47 Terrill 

K2S?^.^ ch 92 West > r 14 Woodstock 

PECK GEO BGE W JR REV pastor First Baptist Church, h 59 Pleas- 

» George W, , 3rd, student, b 59 Pleasant 

Margaret, student, b 59 Pleasant 
„ £* ]and R - ^P R "t R R, h 37 Lincoln av 
Sidney, emp Rut R R, h 16 Stratton rd 
Pecor Joseph C, mason, h 150 Woodstock av 

Henry, painter, h 96 South 
Peddo Ambrose, b 85 Granger 
n John, emp H S Co, h S5 Granger 
Mingle, b 85 Granger 
Pedone Ambrose, lab, b So Granger 
' Dorninick, shoe shiner, b 85 Granger 
Ignazzio, emp H S Co, h 85 Granger 
Peer Clayton E., policeman, h 149 Pearl 

Howard, emp Mac's Filling Station, r 77 North 
Lester A., emp Fire Clay Co, b 77 North 
Lester, gas mkr, h 77 North 
Percy, chauffeur, r 77 North 
Peerless Casualty Co, Gryphon bldg, 2nd floor (12K) 
PfJkfy Delia S., mach opr, b 30K Howe 
Edward, elk, h B5}4 Killington av 
Frank, emp M Mfg Co, h S Pine 
Frank L., grocer 24 Terrill, h do 
. George W., carpenter, h 105 Forest 
Hebert a, emp H S Co, h fflU Howe 
Herbert L., emp H S Co, h 112 Wales 
13 IsadoreB., b 30^ Howe 
" Olive, wid William, hskpr, b 30K Howe 
Reginald, lab, b Mill Village, R 1 
Pellegrinelh Caesar, emp 11 Meadow, h 206 Columbian av 

Guido, emp Pittsfield, Mass, b 206 Columbian av 
Pelhstn Almo, emp Adams & Noe, h 132 State 
Pel ton Lewis, machinist, h 30 Elm 
" Paul C, musician, b 196 Columbian av 
Penders John E., marble worker, h 75 Forest 

Sadie, hskpr, b 75 Forest 
" Wilfred, elk C C S Co, b 75 Forest 
ESS?.^ 011 CharIe ^ W., buyer The Tuttle Co, h 89 Park av 
Agency Inc, Mead bldg (15-16} 

EfwBv uKmu 22* Gal ™ t{ ? n Anny, h 32 -34 Merchants row 
PENNY MALCOLM MRS capt Salvation Army, h 32-34 Merchants 

Penta John, emp Rut R R p h 200 Columbian av 
Arthur, student, b 200 Columbian av 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

PEOPLE'S COAL CO E L Fullam pres,-gen mgr, yard and office 
Scale av, branch Merchants row and 16 Center, see 
back cover 


Washington, see un name 


America's Best Range Heaters, Pipeless Furnaces 


People's , Furniture Exchange 

46 Washington St* 


PEOPLE'S TRANSFER Walter E Jasmin & Son props, Express, 

144 Woodstock av 
Peppin George, emp Moquin's Bakery, r 24 West 
Percey Fred H<, eng Rut R R, h 47 Baxter 
Percival George H.» h 23 Temple 
Perkins Amy L., b 242 S Main 

PERKINS ANSON M prop Crescent Place Sanitarium and Con- 
valescent Home, h Crescent pi 
PERKINS ARTHUR W pres Rut Fire Clay Co, h 242 S Main 

" Charles, farmer, h 256 N Main 
PERKINS CHARLES F treas Rut File Clay Co, h 253 S Main 
PERKINS CLEON A advertising mgr Rut F C Co, h 241 S Main 

" Cornelia, wid Clarence O., h 45 N Main 

" Craig S„ student, r 242 S Main 

" Dossie Mrs,, shirt opr, h 10 Lincoln 

" Edgar T., farmer, h 261 N Main 
PERKINS FLORENCE R (Mrs Anson M), matron Crescent PI 
Sanitarium and Convalescent Home, h do 

" Frank J,, carpenter, h 1SS Lincoln av 

" Glenn H., student, h 1S9 N Main 

" Harley W., contractor 1S9 N Main, b do 

'' Herbert C conductor Rut R R, h 49 North 

" Jeremiah A, Sr., laborer, h 167 Spruce 

" Jeremiah A. Jr., baker 161 West, b 147 Granger 

" Mary E., b 50 West 

M Melvin, student, r 256 N Main 

" Ralph H., clerk Rut R R freight house, h 42 East 

" Rena, teacher, b 256 N Main 

" Vera A., agt Farm Bureau, b 242 S Main 
Perron Plenry, emp William Abraham Coal Co, r 57 Strongs av 

J3 Joseph, emp Newman's stable, h 100 Curtis av 
Perrone Bernice Mrs,, b 30 Stratton rd 

" Frank, emp D & H, h 30S West 

1924 — Rutland Director y— 1 924 


Perry Charles F., carp, h 119 Maple 

" Doris, student, b 119 Maple 

w D wight E. f emp H S Co, h bd}4 Summer 
' Edward J., emp W C Landon & Co 3 b 105 Robbing 

n Francis W. , train des patch er Rut R R, h 1 1 Chaplin av 

" Mary E. f hskpr 40 Forest, b do 

n Otelia (Mrs Edward J), bkpr T b 105 Robbins 

n Paul, mech, h 55 Killington av 

" Stanley, student, b 74A Harrington av 
Persico Frank, emp Davis Foundry, h 6S Plain 
Persons C. Frank, emp Howley & Co, h 153 S Main 
Per yea Ernest P-, farmer, b 170 Woodstock av 

" Henry P., retired, h 170 Woodstock av 

" Mary, b 170 Woodstock av 

? Nellie (Mrs John), r 17 Highland av 

" William H., 2nd, painter, b 170 Woodstock av 
Peryer Andrew, laborer, h 123 Temple 

" Herbert A + , emp 26 Merchants row, b 123 Temple 

99 John, teamster, h 1 Newton 

n Joseph, lab, h Water Works rd, R 1 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

Peryer Mary Mrs., b 106 Church 
Petersen John, emp Rut R R T h 22 Hopkins 

99 Katherine, wid Peter, h 118 Robbins 
PetriJle Anthony, emp Rut R R T h 63 Pine 
Pettingill Myron P.. b 46 Howe 
Petty Clarence, emp Mac's Filling Station, b 11 Lincoln 

99 Raymond, emp Mac's Filling Station, r 11 Lincoln 

" Rupert, emp Fire Clay Co, h 19 Curtis av 
Pexton Bertha, bkpr Smith Lumber Co, b 17 Chaplin av 

" Charlotte, wid John, h 17 Chaplin av 
Pfenning John J., emp P Mfg Co, h 49 East 
Phair Jennie Mrs,, b 135 Holly 
Phalen Frank, emp Rut R R, h 97 South 

99 Patrick W., retired, b 10 S Main 
Phelps William H., emp 44 Forest, h 25 Baxter 
Philbrick Alonzo, machinist, h Woodstock rd, R 1 

" William W., b 143 Adams 

Phil hurt William P., engineer, h 42 Cleveland av 
Phillips Augusta, wid Albert S., b SS Plain 

" Anastatia, peddler, h 90 Maple 

* Burt, emp RFC Co, h 259 Chase av 

* Charles F M h 80 Crescent 

19 Charles W., emp Rut R R, h 91 Crescent 
J Edith G., student, b 91 Crescent 
J? Edith M,b 80 Crescent 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Phillips Florence XL, b 80 Crescent 

" Frachine, b 90 Maple 

" Frank C, com teacher High School, r 45 Prospect 

" Gladys R., sten Baxter National Bank, b 64 Lincoln av 

" Herbert M., emp P Mfg Co, h 64 Lincoln av 

rj Jennie B. Mrs., r 73 Grove 

" John, student, b 90 Maple 

" Levi W„ emp Rut RR,h 205 Church 

" Lewis, emp H S Co, r 102 Gibson av 
PHILLIPS L0RA B prop Miss Phillips' Hat & Gift Shop, b 44 

' Milly (Mrs Robert A), dressmkr, h 118 Library av 
PHILLIPS' MISS HAT & GIFT SHOP Lora B Phillips, prop, 56 Cen- 
ter, see un name 

Miss Phillips' 

Hat and Gift Shop 

Opposite Berwick Hotel 
Trimmed Hats and Gifts Unusual— Pottery— Basket* 
Glass — Greeting Cards 

56 Center St. RUTLAND, VT. 

Phillips Robert A., painter, h 118 Library av 
" Robert A, jr., r 118 Library av 
"' Sarah M. T wid Charles, h 44 Crescent 
" Walter M., emp Hotel Berwick, b SO Crescent 

Pbipps Aileen, b 57 Allen 
* Lillian A., clerk C C S Co, r 57 Allen 
' Stephen, emp H S Co, r 57 Allen 
" William O,, emp R R L & P Co, h 57 Allen 

Piccini Harry, emp Proctor, h 260 West 

Pichette Louis, emp 57 West, r 48 Woodstock 

Picord Henry, painter, h 96 South 

Picucci Michael, emp L I Wks, h 36 Meadow 

Pidgeon Alma, emp 76 S Main, r do 

Pier Elmer, emp R R P & L Co, h 41 Cleveland av 

Pierce Alvah H., h 147 S Main 
" Alvah J + , b 147 S Main 
' Carl H. T piano tuner, h 87 State 
" Carrie E., b 40 East 
,J Carroll H., piano tuner, r S7 State 
H Clara, wid Cornelius C„ h SO Church 
" Damarius, wid Edwin, h 40 East 
" Dana G., clerk 24 Center, b 33 Washington 

" Earl, driver, b 35 Summer 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


PIERCE FRANK supt Lincoln Iron Works, h 80 Church 

" George H„ emp W C Landon & Co, r 10 Elm 

n Marion R. Mrs., b 35 Summer 

* Mary R., b 16 Madison 

" Sarah R t , wid Henry, h 16 Madison 
Pietrotiagela Antonio, mill wright, b 131 S Main 

" Joseph, laborer, h 131 S Main 
Pike Dana E., emp D A Barker, b 45}^ Center 

" J« Harry, emp Worcester Mass, b 45K Center 

M Lilla M., wid Erastus, h 45 J^ Center 

" Milford L., laborer, h Woodstock av c Gleason rd, R 1 

" Nellie J., emp H H & Co, r 44 Pine 

" R< Harley, carpenter, b 45 J^ Center 

PIKE ROGERS general insurance Quinn bldg (3-4), h 42 Terrill, 
office phone 146-0, res phone 1014-M, see p 359 and 
back bone 

" William G., carpenter, h 134 Crescent 
Pillon Anna, sten Fred A Fields & Son, b 64 Plains 

" James A,, baggageman Rut R R, h 64 Plain 

** Mary, emp Rut Conf Co, b 64 Plain 
Pilon Eli, emp Rut R R, h 204 S Main 
Pineles Henry, emp N E Tel & Tel Co, h 30 Washington 
Pinney Chester S., electrician, h 38 Williams 

w Clarence E>, emp Smith Lumber Co, h 117 Gibson av 
PINNEY HAROLD A violin maker and leader Finney's Novelty 

Orchestra 117 Gibson av, b do, see p 364 
PINNEY'S NOVELTY ORCHESTRA Harold A Pinney mgr, music 

for all occasions, 117 Gibson av, see p 364 
Pippin Charles E., lab, b 37 Howe 

" Harold, lab, b 37 Howe 
Piscopo Patsy, shoemaker 109 State, h 111 do 
Pistole Annie G, Mrs t , h 51 Prospect 

J * Florence, emp Shirt factory, b 35 Elm 

?l Jeanette Mrs., b 35 Elm 

" —see LaPistole 
Pitaniello Carmine, emp H S Co, h 10 Forest 
Pitcher Anna A. (Mrs Claude), elk 33 Center, h 10 Nichols 
PITCHER CLAUDE custom tailor and ladies 1 ready-to-wear 33 
Center, h 10 Nichols, see un name 


33 Center St. RUTLAND, VT. 


Phone 776-M 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — -Rutland Directory — 1924 

Pitcher Josephine E., wid A. D., b 8 E Church 
Pitman Ernest J +T lab, b 141 Holly 

" Harry, emp 92 Center, h IS E Washington 

" James, mason, h 141 Holly 
Pitts Eenjamin P., clerk Rut R R, h 155 State 

* Bert K.., emp V M Co, h 16 Baxter 

'* Marcia, wid Benjamin, b 155 State 
Pittsford Power Co, J Gardner Menut gen mgr, 26-28 Center 
Pizanelli Geno, emp V M Co and shoes 143 State, h do 
Place Claude A., printer Tuttle Co, b 135 Holly 

" George, lab, h Cold River rd 
Piatt Frederick Mrs., h 64 N Main 
Playhouse The, Thomas A Boyle mgr T 30-32 Center 
Pltega Anthony, emp Proctor, b West, C Rutland 

" John, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 

" Stanley, student, b West, C Rutland 
Ploch John, emp V M Co, h S3 West, C Rutland 
Ploof Cecil, b 47 Lincoln av 

'* David E., carpenter, h 47 Lincoln av 

" Maud A., nurse 47 Lincoln av, b do 

" Rachel V., teacher, b 47 Lincoln av 

" Stanley, emp Rut R R, b 47 Lincoln av 
Plue Freeman E., salesman L I Wis, h 113 Oak 
Plumley Aliza Mrs,, b 59 Edgerton 

" Delia M t , wid Albert C, h 59 Edgerton 

JT Floyd J >f emp L 1 Wks, b 59 Edgerton 

fI Jennie, wid Chauncey O., hskpr 11 Lincoln av, b do 

" John W. s emp R Mfg Co, b 4 Olmstead pi 

n Mabel M. f b 59 Edgerton 

' Roy Jr., elk Rut R R, b 62 Cleveland av 

n Roy St n elk Rut R R, h 4 Olmstead pi 

" Rena, teacher, b 53 Chestnut av 
Plummer Charles, retired, h 64 Pine 
Plunkett Henry A. P lumber dealer, h 178 Grove 
Pockette Fred, emp Rutland Mfg Co, h off City Park 

" Henry, grocer 190 Crescent, h do 

" Joseph H. ( chauffeur, b 190 Crescent 
Poirer Ella Mrs., hskpr 63 Cherry, b do 
Pokrywka Carl, farmer, h 16 Ripley 
Poland Ernest emp P Mfg Co h 107 Robbins 
Polistri Almo, plumber, h 132 State 
Pollard Leon P., emp H S Co, h 29 Hopkins 
Polzelle Carmine, emp 141 State, h 262 West 
Pomeroy Carl A., emp Rutland Motor Sales Co, b 9 Kingsley 

J Louise, wid Edward, prop Glen wood House, r do 
Pomykala Stanley, emp V M Co, h 69 Simonds, C Rutland 
Pond John, fanner Pittsford rd 3 r I 
" Martha, wid Henry, b 15 Park 
51 William R. Jr., student, b 239 Grove 

1 924 — -RtlTLAN D Dl RECTORY 1 924 


POND WILLIAM R dentist Mead bldg (3-4), h 239 Grove; office 
his 9-12 a. rm, 1:30-5 p> m,, phones: office, 552-W, 
res 552-R, see p 371 
" Manufacturing Co, medical specialties, 29 S Main 

Poore Alton E. t h 70 Bellevue 

P0OBE CLARENCE J (Auto Specialty Co of New England), h 13 

POO BE JOHN E (Auto Specialty Co of New England), b 13 Pine 

Poquett Mitchell W., emp Rut R R, h 44 Jackson av 

Poreau Ruth Mrs + , nurse, b 26 West 

Poronto Irene, wid Edward D., h 24 S Main 

Port Henry Light Heat and Power Co (Inc), Gryphon bldg 

Porter Cecil, r 57 Strongs av 

?J Daniel 0,, train despatcher Rut R R, h 144 Grove 

" Edward L. , auto tops and covers and upholstering 147 
Crescent, h do 

" Frank H., h 47 Strongs av 

1 Harold, emp P Mfg Co, b 57 Strongs av 

" Harry M., trucking, r 168 Porter pi 

'* Irene R. s student, r 27 Park 

>■ James J., emp H S Co, h 110 East 

" Marcus, trucking 27 Park, h do 

" Myrtle B., emp 141 Grove 
Post Harry JC, elk Rut R R, b 49 West 

* James E,, retired, h 49 West 
Post Office, IT S Station A, U S Government Bldg, Court cor 

Center, Main Office, Gryphon Block, West 
POSTAL TELEGRAPH-CABLE CO Mrs Annie E Briggs mgr, 30 

Potarti Pas quale, fruit wholesaler 141 West, h 116 South 
Potartti Patrick, grocer 46 West, b 116 South 
Potter Carson C, farmer, h Cold River rd 

'* Fred A., emp McDevitt, h 151 Pearl 

" Gladys, mill opr, r 151 Pearl 

M Irene M tT emp Burditt Bros, r 40 Pine 

" James D., emp Rut R R, b 45 Temple 

" John, emp Proctor, Vt, b 54 Chestnut av 

" Leon, emp 20 Merchants row, h 143 First 
Pouliet Peter E., com trav, b 100 Franklin 
Poulin Alphonzine, wid Charles N>, h 44 Elm 

" Arthur J., sten Rut Herald, b 50 Church 

" Ernest J., emp Standard Oil Co, h 107 Robbins 
Poutre Lucille, emp 76 S Main, r do 
Powell Burt, signs and auto painting 12 Noyes av, h 64 Pine 

" Charles, laborer, b 7 Vernon 

? * Imogene, cashier Strand Theatre, r 64 Pine 

" Ruth, emp N Y City, b 64 Pine 

tt Stuart, emp Sparks, Ncv, r 64 Pine 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1 924 — R u t l A n d Dire cto r y— 1 9 24 

POWEfiS BRADFORD C physician and surgeon, Gryphon bldg 
(218), h 204 N Main, office hrs 10:00 am to 4 p m and 
7-S p m, office tel 395-W, res 395-R, see p 372 

" Bridget (Mrs Francis K) , nurse, r 78 Jackson av 

" Cassius, com trav, b St James Hotel 

" Eugene B . , carpenter, h 82 East 

'* Francis K. P moulder, h 78 Jackson av 

" Kathleen JVL, student, b 78 Jackson av 

** Margaret, student, b 78 Jackson av 

w Robert, emp Boston Mass, r 78 Jackson av 

" Wilbur H., driver, h 50 River 
Pratico Anthony, barber shop 118 Merchants row, h 137 Post 

" Catherine, wid Pasquale, h 137 Post 

" Demetrio, emp H S Co, h 3 Evelyn 

" Natale, emp H S Co, h 164 Spruce 

" Philip, moulder, h 116 South 
Pratt Agnes A., emp T L SCo, b 71 School 

** Albert L t , foreman carpenter H S Co, h 127 Holly 

" Amanda M., b 71 School 

" Arthur H., emp Rut R R, h 24 Pine 

** Earl H., student, b 208 Pearl 

** Elizabeth L., dom, b 6 Church 

** Florence, emp Adams & Noe, b 2 1 Pine 

'* Frank J., emp Western Union Tel, b S Church 

" George W., gen inspector Rut R R, h 39 Burnham av 

V Harold R +1 lineman N E Tel Co, h 14 Sheldon pi 

'" Ida, wid Mimor, t Old Ladies Home 

"** Jennie (Mrs Merritt), opr H H & Co, h 208 Pearl 

'* Jessie B«, r 175 Grove 

" Josephine L,, wid Henry C, b 24 Pine 

w Margaret, wid Alexander, h 71 School 

w Martha T M student, b 39 Burnham av 

'» Merritt H., mech, h 208 Pearl 

* Rayford L„ h 30 Curtis av 

" Roy L M moulder, h 79 School 

M William V., carpenter, h 21 Pine 
Freedom Charles, emp P Mfg Co, h 44 Lincoln av 

" Francis Jl, emp Montpelier, h 44 Lincoln av 

" Harold C, student, b 4 Lincoln av 
Premo Elizabeth G., wid Antoine, h 134 Church 
Prentiss Alice M. Mrs,, b 43 Summer 

" Charles, emp Miller Auto Sales Co, r 5 Kendall av 
Prescau Peter, car repairer, h 29 Pine 
Presper Joseph A. t teamster, h 172J^j Baxter 
Preston Frank C, emp Rut R R, h 24 S Main 

" Harry A., emp Rut R R, b 23S S Main 

** Kenneth, ins agt, b 39 Burnham av 

" Louis, b 57K Grove 

" Mary (Mrs Frank), cashier Depot Restaurant, h 24 S Main 

" Paul, auto salesman, r 34 Cottage 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


Presto *i Prevey — see Previc 
Previe Bertha E., bkpr, b 95 Forest 
» Cecelia, bkpr C C S Co, b 95 Forest 
■* Charles, emp P Mfg Co, b 95 Forest 
" Florence J., phone opr, b 95 Forest 
" John B,, carpenter, h 95 Forest 
Preville Annie, emp 4 S Main, b off City Park 

" Eve, elk CCS Co, b 137 Geno, City Park 

M Henry, painter, h 137 Geno, City Park 

H Oliver, carpenter Rut R R, h ofi City Park 

" Rachel, emp Glens Falls, N Y, b 137 Geno, City Park 
Prevost Florence A. Mrs., b 124 N Main 
Price George E, Rev., pastor M E Church and sec Chamber of 

Commerce, h 59 Elm 
Prieur William F. f chauffeur 2(5 Washington, b do 
Prior Charles H., emp N E Tel Co, h 90 Woodstock av 

" Henry M„ emp H S Co, h 167 N Main 
Pritchard Edward, emp Rut R R, r IS Church 

'* Edward R., emp H S Co, h 1S2 Granger 

?J Robert, emp H S Co, h 177 Lincoln av 

" Robert T., teamster, h 101 Willow 
Proctor John A., emp Rut R R, h 119 Church 

" Lawrence, mach T r 163 West 
Proulx Charles Sr + , b Mendon Vt, R 2 

" Dallas, sten L I Wks, h Mendon Vt, R 2 

w Eliza, r Mendon Vt, r 2 

PROUSE ARTHUR A prop Prouse's Lunch and Depot Lunch, h 
80 E Center 

* Charles J., emp 22 Center, h 11 Engrem av 
PROUSE'S LUNCH Arthur A Prouse prop* 22 Center, see uq 

Prouse's Lunch 


Rutland's Best Eating Place 

Famous for the Excellence of its Cuisine and Service 

Table d'hote and a la Carte 

Depot Lunch, at Rutland Railroad Station Under 
Same Management 

22 Center St. 

Phone 8242 


Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Provan Andrew J., engineer, h 74 Church 

Provident Mutual Life Ins Co of Philadelphia, Gryphon bldg 

Provo Fred J., blacksmith, Mill Village, R 1 

Provost J . Emile, emp R R L & P Co, b 50 Pine 

" Julia E., clerk Surprise, h 50 Pine 

" Louis A., emp Rut R R, b 50 Pine 

" Louis N., toolmaker P Mfg Co, h 17 Pine 

" Mary L., bkpr 22 Center, b 53 Prospect 

" Philomene L M wid Louis, h 50 Pine 

n R. Leona, b 50 Pine 
Prozzo John, b 53 Union 

H Michael, emp Rut R R, h 53 Union 

" Pasquale, molder, h 56 Union 

supt,Mead bldg (50), see un name and front cover 

The Prudential Insurance Co. 

Incorporated Under the Laws of the State of New Jersey 
HOME OFFICE:— Newark, N. J., Forrest F. Dryden, Pres. 
RUTLAND OFFICE:— Mead Building, 
W. R. Williams, Asst. Supt. 
R, G. Williams, Agt. O. A. Nyren, Agt. 

R. D. Flagg, Agt. G. R. Merrill, Agt. 

J. J. Dennin, Agt. C. B. Morris, Agt. 

Cashier, Miss Ellen Munson 
Tel. 401-M 
Room 50, Mead Building RUTLAND, VT. 

Przybyto Louis, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 
Ptock John, emp V M Co, b 8 Simonds av, C Rutland 
Puckridge Henry B., clerk Rut R R, h 58 Chestnut av 

n Matilda, wid W. H., b 58 Chestnut av 
Pulling Fred, emp Gas Co, h 241 State 
Purcell Catherine, teacher, b 224 State 

n Francis M., sten Tuttle Co, b 38 Evergreen av 

" James, b St James Hotel 

" Mary, wid Edward, b 451 West 

" Patrick, marble boxer V M Co, h 224 State 
Purdy Charles E., mgr Union News Co, h 71 Church 

" Eliza, wid Homer, b 71 Church 

" Elizabeth, b 71 Church 

" Ellery R., emp Rut R R, h 22 Madison 
Putnam George H., carp, h 89 Vernon 

" John, carp, h 126 River 
Pye Robert, plumber, h 121 Temple 
Pytlak Pamine, b West, C Rutland 

QUALITY FEED STORE, Mrs Jennie Blake, prop 127 State 
Quebec David G., prop D G Quebec Cigar Co, b 62 Pleasant 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Rutland Directory 1924 

Quebec D. G. Cigar Co, David G Quebec prop, wholesale cigar 
and tobacco house, 109 Wales 

* William J., salesman, b 49 S Main 
Quick John A., h 99 Park av 

Quigley Charles T., trav salesman, h 88 Center 
" Francis E., physician 96 Park av, h do 
" John B., emp Rut R R, h 44 Baxter 
11 Mary V., asst treas and elk National Pulp Wood Corp, b 88 

" Ruth E., student, b 88 Center 

* R. Irene, dental hygienist, Dr W R Pond, b 88 Center 
" Thomas A., retired, h 48 Baxter 

n William J., emp Rutland News, r Hotel Elmore 

" William Paul, carp, h 24 Church 
Quilter Margaret, dressmaker 115 Robbins, b do 

" Mary, dressmaker 115 Robbins, h do 
Quinn Clarence E., emp Rut R R, h 77 S Main 

" James H., chef, h 50 Summer 
Quirk Alice, emp H H & Co, h 75 North 

" John, farmer, h Mill Village, R 1 

?> Margaret, wid James, hskpr, b 109 Franklin 

RAB1D0U A ALFRED (Vermont Oil & Gas Co), h 21 Wat- 
kins av 
Racine Hermas, carpenter, h 9 Killington av 
Radigan Harold P., student, b 123 Robbins 

" Joseph, emp Rutland Herald, r 123 Robbins 

" William H., elk 27 Center, h 123 Robbins 

" William H. Jr., student, b 123 Robbins 
Rafferty Ellen, wid John, h 104 Strongs av 

" Mary A., emp Pond Mfg Co, r 104 Strongs av 
Ragosta John, h 260 West 

RA60STA JOSEPH (Guiseppi), conf and prop Italian American 
Ticket Agency, 184 West, h 36 Strongs av, see p 364 
Raiche Anna, nurse Rut Hosp, r do 
Rainville Arthur N., compositor Herald, h 89 Library av 

" Katherine, bkpr Rut Grocery Co, r 89 Library av 
Raleigh Bernice, sten 43 Merchants row, b 85 Evergreen av 

" Catherine, nurse, b 85 Evergreen av 

" Gertrude, nurse New York City, b 85 Evergreen av 

" John P., mach, h 85 Evergreen av 

" John P., emp L & J A Steward, h 47 S Main 

" Kathryn A,, waitress, b 225 State 

" Margaret L, sten F H Burnham, b 89 Brown 

" Richard M., mach, h 89 Brown 
Ramberg John A., Sprld Vt, h 102 Fairview 
Ramp Anna May, sten W S Fenton, b 17 Temple 

" Demyre J., railway mail clerk, h 17 Temple 

" Demyre J. I*., emp 14 Merchants row, b 17 Temple 
Ranberg Charles J., emp Landon & Co, h 132 Fairview, City 


1024 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

1024— Rutland Directory— 1924 


Randall Albert Mrs., nurse 17 Cottage, b do 

"' Clarence H., emp Rut Mfg Co, h 37 Grant av 

" Warren H., mgr A & P Tea Co, b 40 Cottage 
Ranger Elwin C ;l clerk PO,hl Nickwackett 

" Emma L r , wid Charles, b 1 Nickwackett 

" Fred R., teamster, h 34 Pine 

** Harley, farmer, h Mendon, R 1 

11 James, farmer, h Mendon, R 2 

7 Mildred E., student, b 1 Nickwackett 

w Serril R«, farmer, h Mendon, R 2 

'* William J., farmer, h 1S7 Woodstock av 
Ransom Albert, farmer, h E Pittsford rd, R 1 
RANSOM CLAIR N prop West Street Market, b 125 Pearl 

" E. C, farmer, h Chittenden rd r R 1 

w Mae E., b 125 Pearl 

99 William H„ emp West Street Market, h 125 Pearl 
Rautio Matt, carp, b 78 Cleveland 
Ravenna Alma, b 3S3 West 

" Amelia, elk 12 Merchants row, b 3S3 West 

" Bernardo, emp V M Co, h 383 West 

J * Flora, emp 12 Merchants Row, r West, C Rutland 

? * Geno B., student, b West, C Rutland 

Jt Gino H„ emp N Y City, b 383 West 

" Ida, elk 12 Merchants row, b 383 West 

" Maurice, emp N Y City, h 231 State 

M Menio, emp N Y City, b 231 State 

" Nelda (Mrs Umberto), grocer 447 West, h do 

M Umberto, emp V M Co, h West 
Raymond A, S., h S4 State 

" Andrew H., emp 210 West, h 263 West 

" Clement, emp Rut R R, r 66 Wales 

" Clinton A., student, b 19 High 

n Edward B . , farmer, b Woodstock rd, R 2 

n Elizina, wid Louis C, h 89 Crescent 

" Frank, farmer, h Woodstock rd, R 2 

w Frank, emp S P Curtis & Son, h 42 Allen 

* Fred, emp H S Co. b 131 Strongs av 

" Guy L., carpenter, b 89 Crescent 

" John H., clerk P O, h 31 High 

>' Katherine H. Mrs., b 133 Grove 

** Moses, farmer, h 19 High 

M Salina, wid Frederick, h 218 State 

" Sarah J. Mrs., h 32 Williams 

" Thaddeus A., emp Rut R R, h 23 Terrill 
Rayncs Clarence L t , emp Rut R R, h 73 Jackson av 
Rea Florence E. Mrs., b 30 Elm 
Ready Agnes FL, bkpr, b 176 S Main 
Reagan John, emp V M Co, r 102 West 
Reardon Bridget, wid William, b 92 Brown 

" Edward S.. emp Rut R R. h 127 River 



Reardon James A., grocer 101 River, fa 99 River 
» James E., emp N E Tel & Tel Co, h 123 River 
" John C, compositor, h 65 Forest 
" John R, emp P Mfg Co, b 92 Brown 
" Joseph F,, emp P Mfg Co, b 117 River 
" Martin, com trav, r 6 Spellman ter 
" Timothy A,, supt P Mfg Co, h 117 River 
» William, lab, h 92 Forest 
M William J., student, b 117 River 
J? —see Riordan 
Red Cross Rooms, City ball bldg 
Redington Clarence M., emp P Mfg Co, h 47 Water 
REED ALBERT S prop Reed's Electric Shop, h 24 S Main 
" Charles A., mason, b 127 Pearl 
" Cloys P., clerk 50 Center, h 47 West 
" Eliza, emp D A Barker, r Pine 
" Harry, floorman, r 66 Wales 
" Lettie, wid C. D., h 42 Pine 
Lige, emp Barker's, r 31 Pine 
Lina Mrs,, b 11 Elm 
" Lucius S„b 119 Pearl 
97 Lucy, emp The Tuttle Co, b 106 Park av 
" Mary, wid Gideon, b 10 West 
" Myrtle E., opr, b 127 Pearl 
7 * Nathaniel B M mason, h 127 Pearl 
" Reginald H., emp R R L & P Co, b 105 Park av 
" Roswell W. t emp Rut R R, h 14 N Main 
* Roy, mach Rut R R, b 8 Sheldon 
" Walter, chef Wales Street Lunch, r Hotel St James 
» Zuzelle, emp H H Co, b 127 Pearl 
" —see Reid 
REED'S ELECTRIC SHOP Albert S Reed, prop, elec supplies, etc, 

42 Center, see p 352 
Reedy Agnes, sten, b 176 S Main 
" James J., salesman, b 48 Woodstock ay 
" John P., chief engineer sta 1 , b 75 S Main 
" GeorgeM., mgr (>7Center, Woodstock av 
" Madaline, elk, b 48 Woodstock av 
** Mamie, exrip 75 S Main 
" Margaret, wid Michael, h 75 S Main 
" Thomas P., b 75 S Main 
Reesman James C„ salesman 60 Strongs av, b do 
Reeves Horace W„ emp Rut R R, b Lenox House 
Regan Charles, elk, h 33 Nichols 
" George F., emp Rut R R, b 33 Nichols 
" Helen, emp The Tuttle Co, b 43 Evergreen av 
" James S., teamster, h 134 Strongs av 
Regula Catherine, student, b SO Simonds av, C Rutland 
yt Mary, b 80 Simonds av, C Rutland 
" Peter, emp VM Co, h 80 Simonds av, C Rutland 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Jutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Jutland Directory — -1924 


Reid Edward C„ tel opr WU, r 9 Deer 

" Ronald, emp Rut L & P Co, b 63 Crescent 
Reill Charles, elk, r Rice av 
Reilly Bridget, wid Roger, h West opp Falls, C Rutland 

" Elizabeth, emp C C S Co, b 29 Royce 

97 John, emp Rut R R, h 29 Royce 

93 Katherine L, student, b West, C Rutland 

" Maria A., student, b West, C Rutland 

97 Mary, elk, b 121 River 

99 Mary A,, cashier C Sterns & Co, b West opp Palls, C Rut- 

J Michael J., engineer Rut R R, b Cleveland av 

* Patrick I., emp V M Co, h 445 West 

» Peter W., emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 

rt Raymond A., emp Bardwell Hotel, b 29 Royce 

99 Sibyl L, student, b 121 River 

n Steven G,, emp V M Co, b 121 River 

n Thomas P., emp city, h 121 River 

99 William P., emp Rut R R, b S Porter 
Remington Chester E, emp Rutland Sash and Door Mfg Co, 
h Kingsley ct 

" Fred H., mgr Rutland Sash and Door Mfg Co, h 17 Melrose 

n Wallace E,, contractor 129 Strongs av, b 17 Melrose av 

w Wendell N„ emp Rut Sash and Door Mfg Co, b 17 Melrose 

RENAUD JOSEPH E bakery 29 Merchants row t h 62 Elm, seep 339 
REO SALES AND SERVICE W H Williams, Inc 92 West, see p 

Reovere Frank, sboemkr, b 36 Strongs av 
Resseguie Elbert A t , painter and second hand store 107 State, 

h 27 Pine 
Reynolds Ban-on W., emp N E Tel & Tel Co, h 23 Kingsley 

99 Clarence, Leo, laborer, h 160 Baxter 

" Clarence F„ emp Rut R R, h 41 A Baxter 

99 E. Ellsworth, photographer 24J^> Center, h do 

" Fred, florist, b 73 Park 

97 Harold, lineman R R L & P Co, h 52 Pine 

" James, cooper and emp R Mfg Co, h 144 Baxter 

99 Marv, wid James, b 21 Crampton av 

>* W. Edward, h 177 Lincoln av 

9f William H., emp Herald, b 144 Baxter 
Riberdy Joseph C, brakeman Rut R R, h 167 S Main 
Ribolini Umberto, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 
Ricci Angelo, student, b 7 Pine 

" Charles, b 43 Howe 

" Louis, laborer, h 193 West 

97 Ludovico, musician, h 7 Pine 

* Michael, emp Rut R R, b 43 Howe 
79 Vito, emp Rut R R, h 43 Howe 

Rice Eandce, b 99 Evergreen av 
" Ella, wid Michael F., h 51 Pierpoint av 
" Francis A,, b 5 City Park 
77 Francis L,, emp city, b 121 River 
77 Frank W + , florist and gardener, Rice av, h do 
99 Gardner F., laborer, b 2 Rice av 
" Harry E. T machinist, h 61 School 
" Hopton C, paperhanger 99 Evergreen av, h do 
" James A., student, b 61 Forest 
w John J., laborer, h 5 Geno, City Park 
77 Lea, b 99 Evergreen av 
" Louis H„ emp Rut R R, h 121 River 
77 Michael, brakeman, h 67 Grove 
97 Patrick, emp Bardwell Hotel, r do 
99 Patrick, emp W Rutland, h 13 River 
" Rosa Mrs,, n 46 Hazel 
" Thomas J., mach, h 71 Baxter 
" Walter P., mach, b 2 Rice av 
Rich Carroll C, photographer, b 24 High 
w Charles W., painter, h 24 High 
" Philip L + , mail carrier, b 24 High 
Richard Clement, chauffeur, h 47 Allen 
99 Elmer, b 141 Lincoln 
" Laura, wid Frank, h 26 Lincoln av 
Richards Anna L. Mrs., h 121 Robbins 
" Edmond M., student, b US State 
77 Eugene, engineer D & H, h 49 West 
99 Fred, emp Prouse's Restaurant, h 118 State 
# Joseph, emp 21 Grove, b 118 State 
99 Raymond L., emp Rut R R T h 121 Robbins 
77 Veda, nurse 121 Robbins, b do 
'* Vernon, b 121 Robbins 
Richardson Addie, wid George, b 107 Lincoln av 
** Albert, auto mech, h 1 Evergreen av 
" John P M b 39 Kingsley av 
" Mary Mrs., h SI Crescent 
Ri chert Naomi, nurse Rutland Hospital, b do 
RICHMOND ROLLIN L dist agt Northwestern Mutual Life Ins Co 

7$ii Merchants row and v-pres West Rutland Trust 

Co, h Kingsley ct, see p 360 
Rickel Arthur G., emp R R L & P Co, r 1 16 Park av 
Rideout Agnes Mrs,, h 41 Grant av 
RIDLON HUGH W (J E & H W Ridlon), res Cuttingsville 
RIDLON J E & H W (John E and Hugh W Ridlon), automobile 

dealers and garage 196 S Main, see p 341 
RLDLOH JOHK E ( J E & H W Ridlon), h 47 Bellevue av 
" Sarah Janes Mrs t1 h 19 Pine 
Rielle Charles, emp 12 Merchants row, r 1 Rice av 
99 Sarah, wid Frank A., emp IS Merchants row, h 1 Rice av 
99 — seeReille 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

Riker Alpheus P. Mrs., librarian Baxter Memorial Library, b 

44 S Main 
Riley Carrie B. Mrs. t hskpr T b 42 Williams 

" Elizabeth, wid F,S.,b 12 Kingsley av 

" Mary, wid James T tf b 6 Spellman ter 

" Mary A. Mrs., b 9 East 

}f Wilfred , carp 13 Jackson, h 11 Killington av 

5> William Jr., emp A J Novak Printing Co, b Lenox House 

** —see Reilly 
Riordan Elizabeth R., asst hskpr St Peter's rectory, b do 

" Esther, b 102 Granger 

** Henry, emp Burlington, b 73 Plain 

99 Leo, elk Rut R R 5 b 73 Plain 

' Loretta, elk N E Tel & Tel Co, b 73 Plain 

* Margaret C M hskpr St Peter's rectory, b do 

" Patrick 0„ machinist, h 73 Plain 

" —see Rear don 
Ristrow Edna, wid Rollin, b 17 West 

" Ella Mrs,, emp 129 Strongs av, h 17 West 
Ritchie Ellsworth J + , farmer, h Mill Village, R 1 

" Eugene , car insp Rut R R, h 44 Union 

" Sarah Mrs. , b Loretto Home 
Riter John W„, elk Rut R R, h 130 Convent av 
Rivers Charles, lab, h West, C Rutland 

M Elmer J., emp S P Curtis & Son, h 36 Baxter 

" Harold C, postal clerk, h 14 Roberts av 

" John, marblewkr, r 6 Kissane pi 

" John W., mach, h 126K Strongs av 
Riverside Reformatorv, Lena C Ross matron, 167 State 
Rivet Albert T., elk, r 61 Cherry 

" Feactora, h 61 Cherry 

if Toussaint, pain ter , h 61 Cherry 
Rizzica Louis, emp 87 South, h 93 Meadow 
Roach Beatrice, emp 190 West, r 122 Robbins 

" David, emp St Ry Co, b 33 Baxter 

" Kathleen, b 33 Baxter 

' Thomas, master mechanic St Ry, h 33 Baxter 
Robert Isadore, mach, h 3 Dana 
Roberts Agnes, wid John, emp 167 State, b do 

" Alfred, carpenter, h 121 Park av 

" Alpha, b 121 Park av 

" Anna E„ emp Troy, N Y, b 74 School 

n Anthony, emp H S Co, h 139 Baxter 

' Christopher R,, railway mail clerk, h 23 Woodstock av 

" Edith M.> bkpr Dunn Bros, b 122 Park av 

J! Elivira L„ student, b 122 Park av 

" Ellen R., wid John C, b IS S Main 

" Ellis J., emp H S Co, h 23 Church 

" Emma M. (Mrs Joseph), cooking, h 2G Elm 

57 William R<, h 80 Crescent 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


ROBERTS FRED C gen agt State Mutual Life of Worcester Mass, 

Gryphon bldg (A), h 58 Ives av, see p 361 
n Harold, emp T L & Co, lb 74 School 
" John L, emp N Y, h 260 Lincoln av 
" Mary, wid Robert H,, h 122 Park av 
" Mesach J., stationary engineer, h 74 School 
" Reginald J., emp Marble Mill, b 26 Elm 

* Russell, emp T L & Co, b 74 School 
Robertson James, 191 Crescent 

" Robert A., v-pres Manchester Marble Co, res Boston Mass 
Robeertson John PL, mach, r 40 Church 
Robie Margaret, sten, b 2 Spellman ter 
Robillard Leon S., treas Robillard & Westin Shoe Co, h 57 Elm 

** Mary, wid Andrew, b 57 Elm 

" &Westin Shoe Co (Inc), 58 Merchants Row 
Robinson Alice G., clerk Ross-Huntress Co, b 68 Church 

" Charles Henry, emp Rut Mfg Co, b 34 Church 

" Charles L„ elk Rut R R, h 42 Williams 

" Clifford A., h 59 Grove 
ROBINSON EDWARD elk, treas-mgr Robinson Coal Co, h 78 

S Main 
ROBINSON F P COAL CO (Inc), coal and wood 287 West, see p 

* Fred M., elk C Sterns & Co, b 44 S Main 

w John H., machinist L & J A Steward, h 34 Church 

" Laird C, h 10 Roberts av 

,J Lee K. T mach, b 3B Williams 

" Margaret, wid Simeon, b 68 Church 

ROBINSON MARY wid Frank P (Robinson Coal Co), b Brock 

' Napoleon L., emp V M Co, h E Proctor rd, C Rutland 

1 William, hostler rear 94 West, b 68 Cmirch 

'* William, retired, b 130 Lincoln av 

" William T., b 36 Williams 

" Winfred W„ emp Rut R R, h 34 Summer 
Roche Beatrice, bkpr, b 122 Robbins 
Rockwell Carlton, emp Rut Grocery Co, r 142 Strongs av 
Roculet — see Roucoulet 
Roddy Jennie, opr H H & Co, b 122 State 
Rogers Albert, emp Rut R R, h 23 Kendall av 

" Edward, emp V M Co, h Wells Hill, C Rutland 

" Edward J., physician, Gryphon bldg (222-224), 5Q}£ Mer 
chants Row, res Pittsford 

" Fannie, wid Marshall W. T b 162 Adams 

" George, laborer, h 11 Evelyn 

'* George A. Jr., emp 67 Merchants row, r 11 Evelyn 

'* James H. T train despatcher, h 110 Baxter 

n Julia, hskpr, b 11 Evelyn 

H Lena Mrs,, b 110 Baxter 

M Margaret, phone opr, b 41 Crescent 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 

Rogers Mary E. Mrs., h 15 Royce 

* Oiena, sten V M Co, b Wells Hill, C Rutland 
** Roland X, laborer, b 11 Evelyn 

* Susan I., wid William P, b 42 Crescent 
w William, emp Windsor, b 11 Evelyn 

Rogosta Giovanni, emp Davis Foundry, h 49 Howe 

Rollins Eugene H.. mach, h 1G Roberts av 

Romano Angelina (Mrs Charles), emp T L & Co, b C Rutland 

" Carmine, r 91 First 

*' Catherina, wid Frank, b 49 E Washington 

" Dominick, emp P Mfg Co, h 147 Granger 

* Giosofatto, prop Romano's Electric Shoe Shop, h 49 E 


n James, shoemaker, b 78 J^ Strongs av 

99 John, emp Rut R R, h 34 Meadow 

n John B., emp Rut R R, h 91 First 

n Nicholas R, prop Roman's Bakery, h 17 Meadow 

** Pasquale, lab, h 20 Meadow 
Romanovs Electric Shoe Shop, Giosofatto Romano prop, 65 

Romprey Alma, nurse, h 62 West 
Rondeau Edward 1\, baker 29 Merchants row, b 49 Baxter 

* Royal, plumber Dunn Bros, h 75 Harrison av 
Selena, emp 9 Grove, h 75 Harrison 

Rooney Agnes B., wid Lawrence, h 1 Court 

" Bridget A., b 77 Forest 

" Bridget E., b 12 N Main 

n James P r , lumberman, b 12 N Main 

>? John C, farmer, b 12 N Main 

1 Martin E., lumberman, b 12 N Main 

" Michael F,, lumber mfr, h 12 N Main 

" Philip, emp V M Co, h 463 West 

'* Richard L., student, b 1 Court 

" William, emp V M Co, b 463 West 
Root Carrol E M mgr Joseph Root groceries, r 86 S Main 
ROOT HENRY G sec-treas H L Winter (Inc), and rep The Old 
Colony Trust Co, Boston Mass, h 56 Ives 

:J Edward A., sales mgr Reo Auto Co, h 73 Pine 

5) Joseph, conf and cigars 38 Strongs av, h 86 S Main 

" Joseph E M chauffeur, r S6 S Main 

' Lenora, wid Edward L,, h 50 Crescent 
ROOT WILLIAM A v-pres H L Winter, res Bennington Vt 
Rosario Lemo, laborer, h 77 Spruce 
Rose Frank H., retired, h 58 Temple 
Rosen Louis, gen store West, C Rutland, h do 
JRosmussan Carl, b 12 Nichols 
Ross Adeline R., b IS S Main 

n Carroll G v emp Chicago, b 104 N Main 
ROSS CHARLES E sec-treas Ross-Huntress Co and v-pres The 
Marble Savings Bank, h IS S Main 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Ross Claude, emp Rut R R, h 42 Howe 

" Dorothy, b 19 Baxter 

" E, Rudolph, dentist Gryphon bldg (8). b 34 Elm 

w Earle R., dentist Gryphon blk, b 34 Elm 
ROSS EDWARD V treas The Howe Scale Co, h SS Church 

Ji Fremont, baker 1 Strongs av, b 19 Baxter 

" George H., clerk P O, b 23 West 

" H. Isabelle, wid Geo W., h 29 Church 

" Harold W., asst supt V M Co, h West, C Rutland 

" Harry O., emp H S Co, h 77 Park 

" Helen S. {Mrs Edward V), Christian Science practitioner, 
88 Church, h do 

" Henry H., grand sec Masons of Vermont, b IS S Main 
ROSS-HUNTRESS CO (Inc), dry goods, carpets, ready-to-wear 
furs, etc, 50-54 Merchants row, see p 349 

? James, emp Rut R R, h 129 Post 

" John W. Mrs., b 44 S Main 

M Lillian, clerk, b 95 State 

f} Lillian E., nurse, b 16 Church 

" Louis, emp Rut R R, h 121 Spruce 

" Lena C. , supt Vermont State Prison & House of Correction 

for Women, h 1 67 State 
1 Malcolm, student, b 104 N Main 
1 Marjorie A., student, b So West, C Rutland 
? May L., wid Charles, h 19 Baxter 

9 * Nelson, emp Rut Herald, h 96 South 

" Nicholas, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 

'* Robert W + , emp Am Ry Ex Co, h 42 Chestnut av 

" Wallace A. , truckman 55 Howe, h do 

" William D., emp V M Co, h 16 Church 

" William H,, emp Rut R R, h 57 Howe 

" Willis M., elk in chge P O, h 104 N Main 
Rossiter Frederick H., eng Rut R R, h 62 Pine 
Rotelli Mariano, emp city, h 51 J4 Chaffee 
Rothlis Bernice, teacher, b 387 West 

n Julia, wid Fred, h 387 West 
Rothman Edward, r 22 Madison 
Rouch Beatrice, bkpr, b 122 Robbins 
Roucoulet Louis, machinist, h 52 Cherry 
Round Bernice E., wid Miles N., h 46 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

" George, emp Saratoga Spgs, N Y f b 46 Barrett Hill, C Rut- 

" George A,, trav agt Squire & Co, h 59 Evergreen av 

" Malcolm, emp Rut R R, b 46 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 

" Robert, emp V M Co, h 149 Forest 
Rounds Hugh H., emp V M Co, h 145 Granger 

" Margaret, wid Joseph, r 145 Granger 

" Rena Mrs t , emp 102 West, h 145 Granger 
Rourke — see 'Rourke 
Rousseau Albert L., emp H S Co, h 10 Clover 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Rousseau Anna Mae, student, b 10 Clover 

" Ciena, wid Alfred E., h 251 Horton 

99 Delphine KL, b 251 Horton 

" Edmond, emp H S Co, r 251 Horton 

99 Flavien A., emp P Mfg Co, h 251 Horton 

" Jerome, emp H S Co, h 167 S Main 

M Lena, emp R F C Co, b 251 Horton 

99 Louis E., moulder, h 251 Horton 
Roussil Adolphus, machinist 100 Cleveland av, h 95 South 

" Aristide, carpenter, h 77 Cleveland av 

" Theodore O., emp 100 Cleveland av, b 95 South 
Routier Arthur J., emp Manning Mfg Co, h 73 Cleveland av 

" Edmund C, letter carrier, h 205 State 

" Eliza M., wid Edmund, h 43 Baxter 

99 Ernest E., b 205 State 

" Joseph, emp Manning Mfg Co, b 43 Baxter 

99 Josephine, b 43 Baxter 

" Madeline, b 43 Baxter 

" Margaret C, teacher, b 205 State 

99 Richard R., Boston Mass, b 205 State 

" William E., emp Nashua N H, b 205 State 
Rowe Arietta (Mrs Harry), emp Senecal's Studio, b 38J/2 Cot- 

" Arnold W., emp G A Davis, h Mill Village, R 1 

" Doris, phone opr N E T & T Co, b 53 S Main 

" Harry, driver, h 383^ Cottage av 

" Mildred E., phone opr, b 151 Adams 

" Richard, painter C L Stewart, h 39 S Main 

" Ruel S., painter H S Co, h 151 Adams 

" William A., emp Rut R R, h 22 Kendall av 
Rowell Came, wid John S., emp Rut Hospital, r 55 West 

The Mead bldg (15-16) 

Inc, Mead Bldg (15-16) 
Royce Ellen C. W. Mrs., h 133 Grove 

93 Richard H., asst City eng, h 133 Grove 
Ruane Anna F., emp 12 Merchants row, b 194 S Main 

99 George C, sales and exchange stable 194 S Main, h do 
Ruchleau Maud E., emp Strand Theatrer b 18 Elm 

" Octave C, elk, h IS Elm 
Rudin Alfred, b 25 Watkins av 

" Andrew G., emp V M Co, h 25 Watkins av 

" Esther E., bkpr Rutland Savings Bank, r 25 Watkins av 

" Harry R., teacher, b 25 Watkins av 
Ruggles John L., retired, h 78 Brown 
Rule Agnes H., teacher, h 16 Woodstock av 
Rumrill Frank, emp V M Co, b Mrs Jones, West, C Rutland 
Rushleau Dennis, lab, b 58 River 

" Katherine Mrs., h 16 Terrill 

Putfmestef College 

Vermont's leading and largest school 
of business training. We teach Short- 
hand, Typewriting, Filing, Dicta- 
phone, Office Training, Bookkeeping, 
Penmanship, Spelling, Arithmetic, 
Adding Machine, Common Sense, etc. 
We have been established here for 
more than 30 years, and a multitude of 
successful young men and women can 
testify to the thorough training re- 
ceived in this school. Day and night 
sessions. Students enter any time. 
Ask for information. 

L. J. EGELSTGN, Prin. 

Rutland Directory 1924 




Only Evening 

Newspaper in 

Rutland County 


20 Grove Street - Rutland, Vt. 
Telephone 20 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


R 1 

Russell Alice, wid Walter, h 150 Woodstock av 
" Almon H., retired, b 20 N Main 
" Ernest H., auto salesman, h 10 E Washington 
" Fred C, retired, b 87 Maple 
" George P., elk 73 Merchants row, r 23 Cottage 
" Gordon, salesman, r Hotel St James 
" Harry, emp Rut R R, h 90 Woodstock av 
'* Harry L., mail carrier, b 46 Roberts av 
" John T., student, b 10 E Washington 
" Lyman A., student, b 46 Roberts 
n Mildred, elk, b 150 Woodstock av 
" Raymond F., milk dealer, h N Main, Mill Village, 
Russo Anthony, laborer, h 76 School 

" Peter L. f b 76 School 
Rustedt George, physician 71 Grove, h do 
" Mabel A., b 71 Grove 
" Mary I., sten Keyes & Co, b 71 Grove 
Rutkokski William, marble worker, h 28 Ripley 
RUTLAND BUSINESS COLLEGE L J Egelston principal, cor Mer- 
chants row and West, Quinn bldg, see insert opp 
99 Chamber of Commerce, Dr George E Price, sec, Mead bldg 

RUTLAND CITY AUTOMOBILE CO dist Ford, Lincoln andFordson, 
sales 134 Merchants Row, Service 53 Washington, 
see p 341 
City Band, r Rut Savings Bank bldg 
City, Board of Assessors, City Hall bldg (13) 
City, Clerk's Office, City Hall bldg (2) 
City, Council Chamber, City Hall bldg (9) 
City, Court Rooms, City Hall bldg (6) 
City Engineer, supt of streets and Commissioner of Public 

Works, office, City Hall bldg (12) 
City Farm, 218 Woodstock av 
City Fire Dept, station No. 1, City Hall bldg (8) 
City Fire Dept, station No. 2, Center 
City Hall, Washington, jet Merchants row and Strongs av 
City Judge's Office, City Hall bldg (7) 
City Mayor's Office, City Hall bldg (13) 
City Police Dept, City Hall bldg (3) 
City Water Dept, basement City Hall bldg 
City Supt of Water Works Office, City Hall bldg (12) 
City Supt of Schools, City Hall bldg (14) 
City Treasurer's Office, City Hall bldg (4) 
Confectionery Co (Ernest A Dexter, Walter C Matat and 
G Arthur Brown), wholesale confectionery, 21 Cen- 
County Fair and Agricultural Soc, Sec, F S Nicholson, 7 

Countv Farm Bureau, E M Blondin agt, Mead bldg 
Rutland Directory 1924 


1024 — Rutland Directory — 1024 

Rutland County Jail, r 73 Center 


75 Merchants row, see p 5 

284 West, seep 361 
RUTLAND FIRE CLAY CO (Inc), office and works 91 Curtis av, 

see p 36S 
" Free Library, Memorial Hall, 151 West 
" Grocery Co (Inc), Edward C Johnson mgr, 43 Strongs av 
RUTLAND HERALD THE Herald and Globe Association, pubs 

110-112 Merchants row, see p 14 
RUTLAND HOSPITAL Pearl A Churchill supt, 46 Nichols, see p 

RUTLAND HOTEL ASSOCIATION Bardwell Hotel, 132-142 Mer^ 

chants Row 
, prop 107 W est, see u n name 

Rutland Machine and Auto Co. 



107-109 West St. 

Phone 757 


Rutland Mfg Co (Inc), E P McCHntock t supt, mfrs refrigerator 
and lumber, West and 9 Forest 
" Memorial Armory, custodian Major L F Wing, armorers 
M C WilUams and Fred LaParle, 15 West 
RUTLAND MOTOR SALES (Inc), Ruth Capeless, treas, salesroom, 
West c Wales service station, 106 Cleveland av, see 
p 340 
RUTLAND NEWS CO (Inc). publishers The Rutland News 36-3S 
Merchants row, see insert on back of Rut Bus Col* 
lege insert 
RUTLAND NEWS THE Rutland News Co pubs, Donald G Babbitt, 

editor, 36-38 Merchants row 
" Police Station, City Hall 
" Post Office, Gryphon blk, West 
" Railroad Co, general offices in Clement bldg, local freight 

office, Strongs av 
ter, waitingroom, 114 Merchants row 
" Restaurant, Demosthenes Corsones prop, 57 Merchants 


1924— Rutland Directory— 1024 


RUTLAND RUG WORKS L A Crowther prop, rug weavers and car- 
pet cleaners, 76 West, see p 368 
J! Sash & Door Co (Inc), mfrs doors, sash and house finish 
127 Strongs av *,«,** 

RUTLAND SAVINGS RANK Charles A Simpson, treas, 104-106 

row, c Center, see p 4 
" Shoe Shine Parlor and Billiard Room, Mike Phillips prop, 
36 Center s _ 

RUTLAND SODA SPA George L Pappas prop, confectionery and 
retail ice cream dealer and mir, 15 Center, see un 
name ^^^^^^^^^^^ 

When You are in Rutland 


The Rutland Soda Spa 

15 Center St. 

The Very Place to Stop and Have 
A Soda, A Sundae, or Lunch, And Don't Forget 

Our Candy 

Rutland Directory 1924 


rear 17 Merchats row, seee p 340 
RUTLAND TALLOW CO J D Ryan mgr, 59 Strongs av 
RUTLAND TRUST CO Arthur C Hughes treas, 116 Merchants row, 
see p 3 
" Typewriter Exchange, Lloyd K Beaulac prop, typewriters, 

supplies and repairs, Gryphon bldg (4) 
RUTLAND WASTE AND METAL CO Joseph Mintzer prop, 246 West 
" Window Cleaning Co (William Oles and John Kmach), 61 

Merchants row 
" Woman's Club, 25}i Center 
Ryan Anna L„ emp T L & Co, b 77 Meadow 
" Charlotte, maid 1 Olmsted pi, r do 
" Delia, wid Matthew, h 107 River 
" Dennis G., farmer, b 101 Baxter 
" Edward, polisher, h 31 Burnham av 
" Edward, emp P Mfg Co, h 116 Granger 
" Edward H., taxicab service 33 Field av, h do 
n Edward J., emp Rut R R, r 116 Granger 
Elizabeth, ernp T L & Co, r 107 River 
George, engineer Rut R R, b 21 Baxter 
Gregory, b 107 River 

Harry R., phvsician S2Ms Merchants row, h 51 Prospect 
James H., emp Rut R R T h 164 State 
Jeremiah, salesman, h E Proctor rd, C Rutland 
John D + , mgr Rut Tallow Co, h 88 S Mam 
John H„ grocer 44 Forest, h 69 do 



1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Ryan John J\, laborer, b 49^ Chaffee 
1 John W., b 11G Granger 

Joseph J., U S A T b 77 Meadow 

Josephine M., wid Richard, h 186 State 

Marcella, nurse Rut Hosp, r do 

Margaret, sten Hartford, Conn, b 101 Baxter 

Margaret, wid Thomas, b 49j^ Chaffee 

Margaret G., forelady T L & Co, b 77 Meadow 

Maria, wid John, h 21 Baxter 

Mary A., wid Michael P., b 32 Evelyn 

Mary C, b 101 Baxter 

Mary E. r h 77 Meadow 

Mary L., chief opr N E Tel Co, b 31 Burrtham av 

Mary McCue Mrs., emp Hotel Berwick, r do 

Michael E. r lunch 30 Evelyn, h 32 do 

Michael P., foreman Rut R R p h 49 Williams 

Minnie, b 129 Maple 

Nora, emp T L & Co, b 129 Maple 

Nora, emp 77 Grove, b do 

Olin J., emp Rut R R, h 44 Forest 

Patrick H., blacksmith S Terrill & Son, h 99 South 

Patrick J„ emp Rutland Mfg Co, h 101 Baxter 

Roger, clerk 44 Merchants row, h 34 Evergreen av 

Ruth, elk, b E Proctor rd, C Rutland 

Sadie A., elk Rut R R, b 31 Burnham av 

Sara E., official sten County Court, h 129 Maple 

Teresa, emp T L & Co, b 77 Meadow 

Thomas P., emp Rut R R T b 116 Granger 

Timothy M t , farmer, b 101 Baxter 

William, b 116 Granger 

William J., moulder, h 172 Baxter 

William C, emp Syracuse, N Y, b 101 Baxter 

SABATASO JOSEPH, shoes and shoe repairing and 

Naples Shoe Store, 36 Strongs av, h 1 do 
Sabin Charles D., chief clerk Rut R R, h 39 Crescent 

' Duel H. t auto mechanic, h 63 Church 

" George A., teller Baxter Nat Bank, h 46 Summer 
Sabourin Charles E.,emp Rut St Ry, b James 

* Frederick, emp Rut R R, b James 4 

" Johanna, wid Fred E., b James 6 

" Joseph, emp Rut R R, b James S 

" Lucy A + , masseuse 61 Meadow, h do 10 

» Nellie, h 61 Meadow 11 

" Edward, emp Rut R R, b James 2 

SJ Francis R, student, b James 3 

" Frederick J., emp Rut RR,b James 5 

" Joseph A., emp Rut R R, b James 7 

n Josie, wid Frederick, h James 8 
Sacco Philomena Mrs., b 77 Travers pi 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Sacco James 

Sacred Heart of Mary Church French R C, Rev L Albert 

Vezina, pastor. Lincoln av 
Saflord Don C, emp 99 Wales, r do 
Sage Edward M„ brakeman, b 451 West 

" Virginia, student, b 45 S Main 

" Willard C, trav salesman, h 45 S Main 
Salmonson Gustave, emp Y M Co, h 7 Ripley, C Rutland 
SALTER CLARA A (C A & M Z Salter), h 14 Sheldon pi 
SALTER C A AND M Z (Clara A and Marjorie Z Salter), milliners 
4 S Main, see un name 

C. A. & IVL Z. Salter 

Coats, Sweaters, Skirts 

Blouses and Accessories, Novelties and Gifts 

4 South Main St. 

Phone S67-W 


Salter Eileen, phone opr, b Mansfield pi 

SALTER MARJORIE Z (C A & M Z Salter), b 14 Sheldon pi 

'■ Orrm F. P fireman City Hospital, h 14 Sheldon pi 
SALVATION ARMY Capt M Penny, 34 Merchants row, see p 347 
Sammis Mortimer, emp P Mfg Co, b 30 Elm 
Sammon Josephine, h 273 West 

" William Jr., marble wkr, b 273 West 

*' William J., marble cutter, h 117 Robbins 
SAMPSON & MURD0CK CO directory publishers, 377 Broadway, 

Boston, 11, Mass., see p 324 
Sanders Marion A., wid Frank, emp Tuttle bindery, b 61 Elm 

" Marvin, emp Rut R R, h 114 Strongs av 

" Mary L T , wid Andrew L., h 67 Grove 
Sanderson Carl W + , emp Rutland Sash & Door Co, h 98 East 

" Martin, boiler maker, h 152 Woodstock av 
Sanford Albert H., grocer 13 Jackson, h 24 Stratton rd 

11 Malissa, wid John A,, b 70 Elm 

" Walter Mrs., h 50 E Washington 

" Walter H., emp Rut R R. h IS Nichols 
Sangrigali Vincenzo, moulder, h SO Franklin 
Santware Almeda, wid Nelson, b 72 Stratton rd 

" Edward, carpenter, h 87 Temple 

' Francis, emp G H Grimm Co, b 76 Stratton rd 

" Isadore, laborer, h 20 Baxter 

,? Nelson Jr + , laborer, h 76 Stratton rd 

" William, laborer, b 76 Stratton rd 
Santwire Frederick, emp 340 West, h West n Falls, C Rutland 
Sapienski Stefan, emp V M Co Simonds av, c West, C Rutland 
Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Sapinska Stephen, emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 
SARGAR GEORGE prop Standard Restaurant, h Pine c State 
Sargent Carrie B., elk, b 2 Spellman ter 

" Cecil W., driver, b 31 Howe 

" Edmund P., mgr Mead Farm, h do 

" Frances E., wid George D, h Chittenden rd, R 1 

11 Fred, farmer, b Chittenden rd, R 1 

" George H., farmer, h Woodstock rd, R 2 

" George W., farmer, h Woodstock rd, R 2 

,? Linus W., electrician, h E Pittsford, R 1 

" Nancy Mrs., b 89 Willow 

99 Theodore, farmer, h S Main ext 

' William A., prin Longfellow School, h 74 A Harrington av 

" William E., farmer, h Chittenden rd 

" Willis H„ emp H S Co, h 2 Spellman ter 
Sario Sam, emp V M Co, h 26 Ripley, C Rutland 
Saunders Bernard E., tree surgeon, h 20 E Washington 
Savage Fred W., emp Rut R R, h 168 N Main 

" Frederick W. Jr., emp V Garage, b 168 N Main 

" Howard W., lab, b 131 S Main 

" Louis P., lab, b 131 S Main 
Savard Emile C, painting cont 75 Harrison av, h do 
Sawyer Charles, emp V M Co, b 149 Pearl 

'' Dorothy, director of woman's activities Community House, 
b 17 E Center 

" Edward J., emp Rut R R, h 57 Forest 

" Ellen A. Mrs., h 43 Summer 

" Fred H., elk Sawyer & Co, b 93 North 

" George, farmer, h Woodstock av, Mendon, R D 1 
SAIVYER H A & CO (Inc), jobbers in stationery, blank books, 
wrapping paper, woodenware, etc, 124 Merchants 

99 Henry S., student, b 61 Pierpoint av 

" John B., emp V M Co, h West, C Rutland 

" Louie, b West, C Rutland 
SAWYER MILES S pres-treas H A Sawyer & Co and v-pres 
Clement Nat Bank, h 17 E Center 

" Raymond, emp V M Co, b West, C Rutland 

" Sarah Mrs., r Old Ladie's Home 
Sayles Adeline A. Mrs., nurse 29 Williams, h do 
Scales Chester, emp Rut R R, h 114^ Merchants row 

" Nathaniel, emp Rut R R, b 23 Elm 
Scanlon Francis J., emp Rut R R, h 82 South 
Scarivillo Salvatore, emp H S Co, h 82 Franklin 
Schafleedo Frongo, laborer, h 79 Spruce 
Schmitt Charles, student, b 79 Davis 

" George, baker 23 Center, h 79 Davis 
Schollar Georgia (Mrs Walter H), emp Rut R R, r 119 State 

99 Walter H., carp, h 119 State 
School Street Garage, J E Lanahan prop, 70 School 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Rutland D 

Schreiber Augusta, wid John, h 43 Washington 
Schryer George F., milk dealer 25 High, h do 

" Marian, emp N E Tel Co, b 25 High 
Schryver Addie B., teacher, b 28 E Washington 

" Jessica M., emp Chas Sterns & Co, b 28 E Washington 

" Sarah, wid William H., h 28 E Washington 
Schulze George J., tailor S Hirschfeld, h 124 Oak 
Schwarzkopf Anton, com trav, h 95 Crescent 
Scofield Charles E., emp silo plant, h 157 Ivy 

" Edgar H., plumber, h 162 Porter pi 
SCOTT CHARLES W dist mgr The Mutual Life Ins Co, Mead 
Bldg (25), h 34 Lafayette, res phone 1402-X office 
phone 933-W, see p 361 

" Cytina, emp 40 Cottage, b do 

" Harland, emp H S Co, h 37 Plain 

" Madge L., div cashier N E Tel Co, b 178 Grove 

w Mildred N., sten Mutual Life Ins Co, h 34 Lafayette 

" Walter J., dentist 82^ Merchants row, h 30 Madison 
Scoville George W., h 33 Watkins av 

99 John H. f elk 36 Church, h 11 Pine 

" Norman H., emp V M Co, h 33 Watkins av 
Scribner Ellen, wid George, r 145 Strongs av 
Scudder Ernest L., carp, b 38 Williams 
Scully Alice, student, b 46 Jackson av 

" James E., com trav, 46 Jackson av 
Sears George, emp P Mfg Co, h 124 State 

" Lottie, wid M. D., r 54 Prospect 

" Rose B., elk C S Co, b 129 Lincoln av 
Secci Ardino J., prop White Cross Barber Shop, h 51 Howe 
Sedileau Agnes, sten Rut Savings Bank, b 47 S Main 
Seeley Delia L., elk Ross-Huntress Co, b 64 Grove 

" Ralph H., physician 9 Court, h 54 Prospect 
SefE Joseph E., letter carrier, h 46 Cleveland av 

" Lewis H., marble wkr, h 116 Maple 
Segale John, emp Rutland Fruit Market, r 145 Stale 

99 Joseph, prop Rutland Fruit Market, h 23 Pine 

" Joseph, emp Merchants Row, h 6 Pine 

" Louis, emp H S Co., b 6 Pine 
SELF SERVICE SHOE STORE, H W Bell, mgr, 37 Merchants 

Row, see back cover 
Selleck D. Lewis, foreman Smith Lumber Co, h 166 Granger 

" Jennie L., wid Andrew, b 46 Summer 

" Robert E., emp P Mfg Co, h 17 Kendall av 
SELLECK VERA G (Mrs Robert E), sec Eitapence & Co, h 17 

Kendall av 
Selva Anna, emp T & L Co, b W Rutland rd, C Rutland 

" Michael, emp H S Co, h W Rutland rd, C Rutland 

" William, marble worker, h 71 Simonds av, C Rutland 

Senecal Ernest W., prop Senecal's Studio, h 52 Edgerton 

Senecal's Studio, Ernest W Senecal prop, photographers 26J^ 

, no/l Center 
rectory 1 924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Seniecle Edward E,empW Rutland, b 35 Watkins av 

Walter W., mach P Mfg Co, h 35 Watkins av 
Senif John P., auto mechanic, h 194 S Main 
Seventh Day Advent Church, 99 Y 2 Center 
Severance Doris, student, b Cold River rd 
" Earl &, emp R M & A Co, b Cold River rd 

George M., garment cutter, h Cold River rd 
" Mildred G. t b Cold River rd 
Seward Alice R, b 14 Elm 

" Beulah, wid Ernest E., nurse, b "Ciementwood" 
" Charles, mail carrier, h 45 Grant av (5) 
" Clarence H., b 25 Lafayette 
n Clarence I. (Jack), b 27 Elm 
" Frank, carp, h 149 State 
* Floyd, student, b Gleason rd 
' Francis J., salesman, b 10 Woodstock av 
" Fred I., laborer, h 182 Woodstock av 
9 George W., farmer, b 182 Woodstock av 
" Henry E., h 27 Elm 
" Henry E. Jr., emp city, h 1 19 S Main 
? H E Sons (Herbert H and Hubert F Seward), groceries and 

meats, 15 Wales 
' Herbert H. (H E Seward Sons), h 25 Lafayette 
" Hubert F. (H E Seward Sons), h 14 Elm 
" Ira F., emp V M Co, h 135 Church 
7 Lena, nurse 182 Woodstock av, b do 
" Mary E., teacher, b 182 Woodstock av 
n Raymond S., baggagem aster, b 10 Woodstock av 
' Walter W,, teaming, h Gleason rd, R 2 
" William H., retired, h 34 N Main 
" William L., station baggagemaster, h 30 Elm 
Sexton Maria, wid D. B., h 33 Woodstock av 
Shackett Charles J. M M emp H S Co, b 161 Granger 
Shakespeare William, cond Rut R R, h 110 Park av 
Shanahan Anne T., wid John, h 105 Granger 
" Catharine M., emp 52 Prospect, b 105 Granger 
w James E<, cond Rut R R, h 100 Forest 
" Hugh M., emp V V Co, h 16 N Main 
" John T\, student, b 100 Forest 
" Joseph, student, b 16 N Main 
Shangraw Walter P. (Shangraw's Pharmacy), h 57 Prospect 
JT William B. (Shangraw's Pharmacy), b 14 Roberts av 
- 1 —see Gingras 
Shangraw's Pharmacy (William B and Walter F Shangraw) 
58 Center /f 

Shannon John, emp city, h 117 Granger 

" John Jr., moulder, b 117 Granger 
Sharfman Albert B., b 160 West 
Sharp Isa belle Mrs., b 94 State 
" William N,, farmer Sc milk dealer, h Rutland, R 1 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Sharrow Earl D„ elk Rut R R, h 1 Geno av 
" George E,, fireman, b 1S9 Park 
" John, emp Gas Works, h 1S9 Park 

Shattuck Anna, nurse 91 Center, r do 
n Eudora L,, nurse 91 Center, b do 

Shaw Carrie L<, wid Tully D, h 9 Kingsley av 
" Dorothy M., emp Chalmers, b 26 Jackson av 

SHAW EDMUND P asst cashier Clement Nat Bank, h 10 Kingsley 
> 9 Edward W«, h 9 Chaplin av 
99 Francis B., elk, b 26 Jackson av 
" Harry C, editor Keene N H, h 26 Jackson 
" Hazen H>, letter carrier, b 134 Church 
' Raymond R, emp Burlington Vt, b 9 Kingsley av 
}f William, plumber, h 159 Phillips av 

Shays Catherine D. Mrs,, h 113 Temple 

Shea Dennis J,, foreman V M Co, h 46 Hazel 

Shedd Clarence A., milk dealer, h 4-53 West 
" Frank D., farmer Boardman Hill, W Rut, P O, C Rutland 
" Frank R., emp V M Co, h off 459^ West 
" Harry G*, prohibition agent, h E Proctor rd, C Rutland 
" Helen Mrs., elk Clement Nat Bank, h E Proctor rd, C Rut- 
" Herbert H., student, b 455 West 
" Jennie M. (Mrs Frank D), h 455 West 
7 - Mary K, supt Rutland Hosp, b do 

Sheehan Edward L, emp Rut RR,b 161 Spring 
" Henry, roofer, b 13 Chaplin av 
? Lawrence, brakeman Rut R R, h 20 Jackson av 
4 Michael W., emp H S Co, h 13 Chaplin av 
" Raymond, emp P 0, b 44 Engrem av 
" William L, elk, b 161 Spruce 

Sheldon Charles P F , farmer, h Killington av, R 2 
" Ernest W-, carpenter, h 6S Plain 
1 Hattie R f Mrs,, domestic, h 16 Evelyn 
f7 Lillian, r 10 Evelyn 

SHELDON LORENZO H(ED Keyes & Co), h 62 Ives av 

Shelvey Edward F„ b "The Maples," Ripley rd 
" George F t , emp W W Ward & Son, h 87 Harrison av 
" John T. ( groceries, meats, etc, 87 River, h "The Maples" 

Ripley rd 
" John W., emp 71 Wales, b 87 Harrison av 
** Mary, dental asst 13J^ Center, b S7 Harrison av 

Sheppard Richard, tel opr, h 1 Nickwackett 

Shequin Mary, hskpr 30 Washington, b do 

Sherbert George Jr., b 93 Plain 
" George M„ foreman Rut R R, h 93 Plain 

SHERBURNE HERM0N K osteopathic physician; chronic diseases 
a specialty; office Mead bldg (17-18), tel 899-M, h 
40 Crescent; office hrs 9-12 a. rm, 1:30-4 p m., see p 

Rutland Directory 1924 37 ° 


1 924-— Rutland Directory— 1924 

Sherburne Hermon IC Jr., student Wisconsin, b 40 Crescent 
SHERBURNE MARY B (Mrs Hermon) osteopathic physician 
Mead bldg (17-18) r tel S99-M, h 40 Crescent, tel 609- 
M, office hrs 9-12 a.m.,1 :30-4 p. m,, see p 370 
Sheridan John rl, city fireman sta No. 2, h 20 E Center 

" Mary Mrs., emp Hotel Berwick, b 57 Allen 

" Mary C, student, b 20 E Center 

'' Robert, emp H S Co, h 35 Cleveland av 

" Thomas, r 108 Wales 
Sherlock Owen, stone cutter, h 22 Hopkins 
Sherman Charles H., emp L I Wks, h 163 N Main 

" Fred, mason, h ISO Baxter 

" -Mildred, nurse, b 69 Forest 

" Ned, emp Rut R R, h G9 Forest 

" Virginia, sten, b 103 N Main 

" W. Howard, elk Rut R R L & P Co, b 69 Forest 
Sherwood Donald B., r 95 Grove 

" Isabelle B., student, b 95 Grove 

n Matie, wid Clinton L., h 95 Grove 
Shillinger Nettie PL, wid John G, h 22 Roberts av 
Shinney Alice G. T bkpr 117 West, b 20 Church 

" Catherine T., sten W C Landon & Co, b 71 Baxter 

5 ' Catherine, wid John J., h 20 Church 

JJ John, emp V M Co, b 66 Wales 

" Katherine, student, r 20 Church 

w Margaret C, phone opr, b 20 Church 

" Martin A,, marble wkr, h 71 Baxter 

" Patrick, plumber, b 20 Church 
Shipley Walter, com trav, h 78 East 
Shippee Julian T,, retired, h 212 S Main 
Shippy Allie, emp Connecticut, b 1 Evelyn 

" Elmer, emp H S Co, r 108 Wales 

'• Eugene, emp Rut R R, b 1 Evelyn 

M Jennie, emp Masonic Temple, b 1 Evelyn 

" Lester D., emp Rut R R, h 45 Temple 

55 Walter W., emp H S Co, r 108 Wales 
Shora Leon E., emp R Mfg Co, h 49 Forest 
Shorey Ernest M., emp Rut R R, h 6 Charles 
Shorkey Delia, hskpr, b S7 Baxter 
Shorley Richard M,, emp Rut R R, h 43 Kendall 
Shortsleeve George, emp 31 Jackson, h 30 Rowe 

?J Henry J., mail porter Rut R R, h 15 Meadow 

» John a, lab, h 7S Allen 

f * Louis, mach H S Co, h 126 Forest 

" Madeline, opr H H Co, b 78 Allen 

" Peter, emp Mac's Filling Station, r 126 Forest 

" William, lab, b 30 Howe 
Shouldice Maria, wid Dennis, h 220 Mussey 

" William C, elk P Mfg Co, h 96 Forest 
Shutick Stella, emp Bardweli Hotel, h do 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Signer Oswald, emp V M Co, li West, C Rutland 

Silliman George S., pathologist of Rut Hospital, h 31 N Mam 

Simiele Antonio, emp D & H t h G2 River 

" Dominic, lab, b 62 River 

Simonds Margaret, wid Andrew J,, h 25 Jackson av 
" William T., timekeeper, h 23 Jackson av 
Simonette Louis, farmer, h S Main ext t ^^ 

SIMPSON CHARLES A treas Rutland Savings Bank, h 70 Library 
" Harry H. T eng, h 140 Grove 
w James, b 109 Forest 

" James W., chief elk Auditor Rut R R, h 47 Morse pi 
" John, carpenter, b 109 Forest 
M Julia, opr T L & Co, b 109 Forest 
" Katherine, emp T L & Co, b 109 Forest 
JJ Margaret, emp T L & Co, b 109 Forest 
> T Nellie, h 109 Forest 

Singer Sewing Machine Co, R L Webb mgr, 55 Center 
Sister Bernardine, matron Loretto Home, b do 
Sisters of St Joseph's Convent, Convent av cor Meadow 
Sjostrom Carrie, emp 25 Washington, r 149 N Main 
" Ernest, r 149 N Main 
H Evelyn, r 145 N Main 
" John, r 145 N Main 
Skeels Aida P., teacher, b 117 Park av 
" Ellen, wid Watson H„ h 117 Park av 
" Mabelle C, artist 117 Park av, b do 
" Martha, wid Eldrick, b 18 Melrose av 
" Minnie Mrs,, h 18 Melrose av 
" William N., contracting painter, paperhanger and musician 

18 Melrose av, h do 
Slack Minnie M, Mrs., h 6 Pine 
Slader Arthur R. (A R Slader & Son) , h 45 Lincoln av 
" A R & Son (Arthur R and Forrest A), optometrists and 

opticians, 24^ Center 
" Ethel F., elk, b 45 Lincoln av 
" Forrest A. (A R Slader & Son), r 9 Royce 
Slater Jacob, shoe dealer 142 West, h 139 Grove 
Slattery Patrick E,, engineer Rut R R T h 1 Ross 
Sleeper Annie M., gowns Mead bldg (33-4) , h do 
Small Walter L. , emp Rut R R, h 1 54 R iver 
Smallev George E., meats, groceries 98 Strongs av, h do 
Smart D. Francis, elk, b SO Harrison av 
" Fred, lab, h 80 Harrison av 
Smith A, Clark, elk Rut R R, b 49 S Main 
" Alice M. Mrs., emp Rut R R, b 126 Convent av 
" Amos A., eng Rut R R, h 130 Strongs av 
w Anna (Mrs John F) , matron County Jail, h 73 Center 
" Anna L , sten and private kindergarten, 33 Church, b do 
" Arthur H., architect Gryphon blk (8). agt Wright & Young, 
h 62 Church 

Rutland Directory 1924 



1024 — Rutland Directory— J 924 

Smith Bessie (Mrs Eugene J), bkpr, b 157 State 

SMITH BURTON F treas Smith Lumber Co, hill Church 

>? Charles E,, h 19 Baxter 

SMITH CHARLES M treas Maple Tree Sugar Co and pres Marble 
Savings Bank, h 88 Park 

'' Clinton B., emp 127 Strongs av, h 100 N Main 

?J DeWitt, emp Rutland Co Nat Bank, b 21 Church 
SMITH EARL B sec Smith Lumber Co, h 53 Chestnut av 
1 Edward H., emp W S Smith Co, h 25 Engrem av 

" Edwin C, mgr 25 Center, h 20 Mansfield pi 

" Ellen, wid Geo W., h 170 N Main 

" Ellen F. Mrs,, nurse, b 5 Kingsley av 

" Elliot W., mason, h 143 First 
? Elwin N., emp V M Co, h 13 Crescent 

" Emma J., wid Milford, b 06 Grove 

" E. Per Lee, prop Smith Wall Paper Co, h 57 N Main 
' Esme A. C, special agt N E Tel Co, b 62 Church 

" Eugene J., machinist L I Wks, h 157 State 

" Prank H., elk Rut R R, b 96 State 

" Frank W + , emp Schenectady N Y, h 54 Church 

" Fred G TJ emp R R L & P Co, b 91 State 
SMITH FRED 6 pres Smith Lumber Co, h 53 Chestnut av 

f? Fred H., mgr Dunn Bros, h 33 Church 

" Fred L t , com trav, r 24 Kendall av 

" Frederick, emp Rut R R, h 195 Woodstock av 

" Garett, farmer, h 35 Stratton rd 

" George P., emp L I Wks, b Q8 Forest 

" Harry T., coremaker, b 49 Williams 

" H. Weston, student, b 100 N Main 

" Harry P,, barber, b 10 Baxter 

1 Hazel, bkpr, b W Proctor rd, C Rutland 

M Heather M., teacher, b 02 Church 

" Helen (Mrs Frank W), elk F B Howard, h 54 Church 

" Helen J., sec-treas W S Smith Co, b 3 E Washington 

" Helen L., student, b 68 Woodstock av 
SMITH HENRY G pres Clement Nat Bank, h 29 S Main 

35 Hurbert D< (W S Smith Co), h 40 Meadow 

" Hugh B., b 68 Woodstock av 

" James P., bkpr The Bardwell Hotel, b 33 Church 

w Jay W., foreman V M Co, h 197 N Main 

" Jessie E + , b 33 Church 

" John, emp V M Co, b West, C Rutland 

" John F., deputy sheriff and jailor, h 73 Center 

,J John P., emp L I Wks, h 68 Forest 

J> Joseph, janitor, b 8 Pine 

" Joseph E., painter, b 40 Cottage 

" Lorna M-, student, b 62 Church 

SMITH LUMBER CO (Inc), lumber and building materials and 
agts for Akron sewer pipe, 321 West, see p 366 
■ M James, supt Temple Bros shop, h 5 Royce 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Smith Mary A. T b 3 E Washington 

" Mary R., b 68 Forest 
SMITH MERWIN C emp 37 Strongs av, r 68 Woodstock av 

" Milford K M student, b 66 Grove 

" Myra, wid Frank O,, b 54 Church 

" Nellie J. T b E Washington 

" Philip W., grocer 113 East, h do 

SMITH RAY ERNEST physician and surgeon 66 Grove, h do, office 
hrs 7-9 a, m + , 12-2:30 p. m., 5-8 p. m., none on Thurs, 
tel 840, see p 369 
SMITH ROBERT D cashier Rutland County Nat Bank, h 67 Lin- 
coln av 
SMITH R0LLIN B John S Young, h 68 Woodstock av 

>* Sarah H,» wid William W, b 30 Madison 

" Stella, emp Hotel Berwick, r do 

" Wall Paper Co, prop E Per Lee Smith, wall paper, paints 

and varnishes, 50 Center 
SMITH WARREN E gen mgr Smith Lumber Co, h 78 Church 

19 Weston H., student, b 100 N Main 

" William, lab, b 62 Water 

" William L., emp Davis Foundry, b 39 Grant av 

" William H., watchman, h 79 East 

" William S., pres W S Smith Co, h 3 E Washington 

?T W S Co (Inc), shoes 81 Merchants row and 25 Center 
Smyrski Antonio, marble wkr, h 14 Ripley 

,J Antonio, emp V M Co, b IS Ripley 

V John, b 14 Ripley 

n Ludwig, marble worker, h IS Ripley 

* Stanley H., emp Detroit Mich, r 18 Ripley, C Rutland 
Smvth Bridget V,, milliner 18 Merchants row, b 3S Kendall av 

n Emily M,, sten Rut R R, b 38 Kendall av 

* f Jennie M t , emp Burlington, b 38 Kendall av 

" John A., emp Rut R R, b 38 Kendall av 

" Mary, wid Daniel, h 38 Kendall av 

n Mary W., clerk The Surprise, b 38 Kendall av 
Snee Andrew B., mach, h 55 Summer 

" Hazel Mrs., r 55 Summer 
Snvder Francis, emp The Tuttle Co, h 36^ Baxter 

" Fred A,, emp Rut Herald, h 63 Baxter 

*' Gertrude, emp Hotel Bardwell, r do 

>J Henry J., stock clerk The Tuttle Co, h 36K Baxter 

M Marie E., elk, b 63 Baxter 

u Newell A., emp P Mfg Co, b 63 Baxter 
Socia Robert, emp Brattleboro, h 142 Crescent 
Sofia Anthonie, laborer, h 43 Forest 
Solar Archie, b 44 1 West 

" Carmelia, b 231 State 

" Henry E., emp V M Co, h 231 State 

" Joseph, emp V M Co, h 441 West 
Sonander Andrew, emp H S Co, h 58 Lincoln av 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Souha Abraham machinist P Mfg Co, h 56 Water 
Delia Mrs., dom, h 43 Kendall av 
Harley A., cond Rut R R, fa 43 Water 
|| Minnie, h 62 Water 

Mui-ton emp Swift & Co, h Marble av 

O Zi ^f- 6I ? P G H Grimm Co > h S1 Stratton rd 
» S 8 ??,.^*' dressmak er 69 Williams, r do 
W. Rhoda Mrs. teacher, r 69 Williams 

bpafford J- Marsh, car acct Rut R R, h 30 Cottage 
n Nan Mrs., opr H H & Co. b Cold River rd 

c t%b' emp Rut R R - h Cold R^er rd 

bparks William A., moulder, h head Woodstock av. R 1 

Spaulding Alice Mrs., h 7 Aiken pi 

Carlos O., emp Rutland Herald, b 40 East 

Cecil elec 3S Grove, b 10 E Washington 

t. Mane, phone opr, b 10 E Washington 
' Prank P., emp H S Co, h 77 Park 

Gail, student, b 182 S Main 

George A., teamster, h 10 E Washington 

Harry, supt Mead bldg, b Brock House 
" t John, h 10 Elm 

" RiC u ard ^ B -' emp W C Land on & Co, h 30 E Center 
Kobert C., emp Smith Lumber Co, h 182 S Main 
«».. R °£!£ 2r student - b 182 S Main 
» w-n NG " ILUAM J H ( W C Landon & Co), h 19 E Center 
William R., wood dealer, h S2 Church 
Spence J C, v-pres Chas E Davis Foundry, res Worcester 

IV J a SS 

Spencer Charles, r 76 S Main 

Charles D. ( emp Rut R R, h 53 Pierpoint av 

Cbarles P.. retired, b Brock House 
SPENCER CHARLES W furniture and undertaker 40 Merchants 
rQ w, h 55 Elm, see un name 


Funeral Director— Licensed Embalmer 
Up-To-Date Funeral Equipment and Chapel 

Personal and Prompt Service Any Hour, Any Distance 
Complete Home Furnisher 

Established 1895 

Phones, Store, 170— Res. 88 

40 Merchants Row RUTLAND, V T. 

Spencer Earl S., emp H S Co, h 1 1 Park 

*Dcu milk C ' emp H S Co < h Jackson av 

SPENCER FRED C cashier Baxter National Bank, h 25 E Center 

Raymond B., student, b 55 Elm 

Rollin M., grocer 139 Pearl, h do 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


Spicer Albert J. T concrete contractor 233 State, h do 

" Gladys M t , student, b 233 State 
Spino Vito T einp H S Co, h 307 West 
Spoon Charles K£., horse trainer, h 29 Madison 
Sprague Lorenzo J.,h7 Chaplin av 

" Louis K,, carp C C S Co, h 103 Fairviewav, City Park 

J * Maria (Mrs Lorenzo J), laundress, r 7 Chaplin av 
Squire John P <fe Co (J R Bates mgr), wholesale meats, Cleve- 
land av 

" Mary Mrs., b 160 Granger 
Squires Arlene P. , student, b 50 Williams 

" Charles W,, b 43 Grant 

" Frank D., electrician, h 166 State 

" Helen B. T b 87 West, C Rutland 
SQUIRES LINDLEY S lawyer 25^ Center, h 29 Woodstock, see 
p 363 

" Susan, wid William, h 87 West, C Rutland 
Stack Julia, b Loretto Home 
Stacy Joseph, laborer, r S3 S Main 
Stafford Adelaide S. f wid Fred, h 43 N Main 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

STAFFORD BERT L (Lawrence, Stafford & Bloomer), h 98 N 

13 Charles, h 33 Cottage 

w Dorothy, emp Boston, b 43 N Main 

" Fannie R Mrs., b 40 Williams 

" Fred O., gen freight and passenger agt Rut R R, h 62 
Chestnut av 

" Fred W, t wholesale fruit 32 Evelyn, h 43 N Main 

1 Harold E>, asst teller Baxter Nat Bank, h 15 Woodstock av 

" Jay H., marble grader, h 16 Cramton av 

' Libbie J., wid Ira E, nurse 92 Maple, h do 

' Percy R,, salesman, h 40 Williams 

" Sarah A,, b G2 Chestnut av 
Stalker Howard, sawyer, h 252 Horton 
Standard Oil Co of N Y, F J Hogg special agt, 145 Post 
STANDARD RESTAURANT George Sargar, prop, 68 Merchants 

row, see p 356 
Standish Lloyd P., emp Rut R R, h 10 Jackson av 
Stanley John J. T emp V M Co, h 67 Baxter 

" John J., irs agt, h 21 Killington av 
Stannard Delia G., wid Howard E, b 19 Wales 
Stanzione John, lab, h 47 Yi Howe 
Stapleton Katherin, nurse 143 Woodstock av, b do 

" William B., emp H S Co, h 143 Woodstock av 
Star Lunch Room Mrs Elizabeth Lefevere prop, 174 West 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Auto Ambulance Service 
Phone 247 -R Night and Day 

Starks Agnes M. 3 wid Edwin N, h 46 Baxter 

" Lillian L., b 46 Baxter 

Starr William P., retired, h W Proctor rd, C Rutland 
Startari Guy, lab, b S4 Granger 

Startori Silvano, emp Winchester N H, h 84 Granger 
STATE MUTUAL FPRE INSURANCE CO (Inc), Mead bldg (13-14), 

see p 359 
C Roberts, gen agt, Gryphon bldg, see p 361 

" Trust Co, C H Harrison treas, Clement Bank bldg 
Statham George K. Rev,, dist supt Methodist Church, East- 
ern dist, h 54 Crescent 

" Henry G. ? student, b 54 Crescent 

■' Jeanette (Mrs George), teacher, h 54 Crescent 
Staves George A., b 11 Highland av 

! * Lewis, b 1 1 Highland av 

" Louis R., emp city, h 11 Highland av 

yi Riford L., elk Rut R R, b 11 Highland 
St Arnold Armena, nurse Rutland Hospital, b do 
St Charles Anna, b 86 S Main 

" Earl, electrician, b SO S Main 

" Eugene, h S6 S Main 

?J Florence, hskpr, b 86 3 Main 

M Paul, b 86 S Main 
St Clair Joseph N., emp Rut R R, h 93 Crescent 
Stearns Arremus R., upholsterer 66 Grove, h 32 West 

" Frederick C, adv mgr Rutland News, h 57^ Prospect 

" Henrietta L, student, b 32 West 

J ' Howard C, live stock, h Park 
STEARNS JOHN B undertaking 62^ Merchants row, h 32 West, 
see top of page 

7J Lucy, wid Myron, b Park 

" Mabel, student, b 32 West 

M Robert, eng Rut R R, h 51 J^ Merchants Row (1) 
Stebbins John, chef Berwick Hotel, b 6-5 Baxter 

" Kenneth F., eng Manning Mfg Co, h 119 Walnut 

" Peter, teamster, h 65 Baxter 
Steele Alice C, emp 21 Church, b do 
Steeles Robert, b 52 Cherry 
STERNS ARTHUR E (Chas Stems & Co), h 210 N Main 

" Bertha, wid Charles, h 42 Pleasant 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 


Sterns Blanche C, student, b 42 Pleasant 
STERNS CHARLES & CO (Isaac Miller and Arthur E Sterns), dry 
goods, cloaks, suits, furs, millinery, carpets, draper- 
ies, 74-76-7S Merchants row 
" Frances, r 42 Pleasant 

" Regina D., b 42 Pleasant . _ 

Stevens Arthur, emp V M Co, fa E Proctor rd, C Rutland 

* Clarence H., emp H S Co, h 33 Grant av 
" Edythe, dressmkr 7 High, b do 

» Frank H„ emp Rut R R, h 3 Geno av, City Park 

* Frank jL f engineering dept Rut R R, h 69 Ives av 
** John, baker, h 50 Woodstock av 

» Louie, wid Henry, h 16 N Mam ^ , ^ ^ _ t1 „ _ .* 
STEVENS MURRELL A (Bixby & Stevens), h 140 Bellevue av, tel 
" Myra, wid Eli, h 7 High 

* Percy B ., emp Rut R R, h 26 Curtis av 
Stevenson Catherine, h 58 Forest 

" Ellen A., emp L F Brehmer, b 5S Forest 
Steward Alden A., h 50 Pleasant 
?l Frances, wid John, h 99 Plain 

* George H., pres-treas L & J A Steward, h 56 Pleasant 
" L & J A (Inc), tin can and machinery mfrs, 70 Park 
" Maria E,, teacher, b 56 Pleasant 

" Thomas, student, b 56 Pleasant 
Stewart Archibald Jr., h 35 Baxter 

" Carroll L, h 27 Lincoln av 

" Frederick S., emp H S Co, b 137 Library av 

!• James B„ emp Rut RR,h 91 Plain 

" James P., b 91 Plain 

w Katherine M M b 91 Plain 

» Mary, elk R F C Co, r 91 Plain 

" Nellie, wid Thomas M,, h 202 S Mam 

" Thomas E., emp Rut R R, b IS Hopkins 
Stickney Addie &, wid Joseph, b 108 N Mam 

" Bert IL, lawyer Quinn bldg (5), h 168 Grove 

" Eva J., pub sten 11 Lincoln av, r do 

?s William, surgeon 37 N Main, h do . 

» William B. (X, attorney at law, h 37 N Mam 
STICKNEY WILLIAM L carpenter, lumber dealer and slating con- 
tractor, 10S N Main, h do, see p 353 
Stillson Gertrude B. Mrs., h 125 River 

" Marion, opr, b 62 Pine ^ 

Stimson Lois B. f developing and printing 39M Center, n do 
St John Elvia B., wid Reuben, h 40 Cottage 

" Rose, opr H H Co, h 26 Lincoln av 
St Lawrence Irene, emp 3 Marble av, b do 

" Bertha E., dom 125 Burnham av t b do 

» Leo, elk, b 122 N Main 

St Louis Frank G., emp H S Co, h 109 Oak 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

St Mary's School, Killington av 
Stockvell Sidney R, carp, h West C Rutland 
btone Addie, emp 46 Crescent, b do 
£ Etta Mrs., b 41 Pine 

Irene, emp Berwick Hotel, b 87 Maple 

Jeremiah, moulder H S Co, h 90 Jackson av 

Jesse opr H H Co, h 32^ Summer 
. Leo H emp rlre dept, r 87 Maple 
* Mary A., wid Henry, b 25H Center 

barah, nurse, r 41 Pine 
Stoodley Eugene %, emp Keyes & Co, h 248 Church 
btoolnre Grace, music teacher 90 Merchants row, r 27 Cottar 
Stonns Maryon, student, r 78 Center cottage 

Thomas, emp Knights of Pythias Club House, h do 
Stott George S ; , chief elk Rut R R, h is Kingsley av 
8 S^Wu.felfS.S Jutland, h 37 Grant av 
ST PAUL imjVDWMT CHURCH Rev Andrew J To rsM pastor, 

It rZ^Z$:S^llS>, h m*m av, r 2 

Peter li?adrlw ' ^ J M Br ° Wn PaSt ° r ' C ° nvent av cor 
St Peter's Rectory, Convent av cor Meadow 
» wfw ine A+ ^ i Valter W > ■ emp T L Co, b i 07 Lincoln 

»y&£3^ T^mas VTMcKay mgr, 73 Wales, see p 365 

Theatre bldg, 73, 75, 77 Wales l 

Stratton Amos S M lab, b 109 Temple 
£ Bertha Mrs., h 10 Clinton av 
„ S! ram A- emp Dunn Bros, h 18 Tremont 

Hiram H., retired, h 73 Stratton rd 
j? Myron H, mason, h 109 Temple 

» fc°P ? \ |l t^P*? Bros ' h 7S Oration rd 
Walter B., lab, b 109 Temple 

Streeter Belle Mrs., dressmaker Ross-Huntress Co, r 10 

Merchants row 

" I- L, retired, r 102 West 

Stringham Edward W. f emp V M Co, b 136 Maple 

» T&?V P Ev f ^ reen Cemetery, h West c E Proctor rd 
1 nomas J., watchman, h 136 Maple 
Strobell Carl P., h 215 Grove 
™«^ Hattie > wid Henry, h 106 Park av 

J! RE E r A xf ARM * GENCV E R Nichols, 21 Wales 
btrubbe J. Henry W. t com tray, h 32 High 

Reginald, student, b 32 High 
Stuart— see Steward, also Stewart 
» U ^Tr Post ^cik Echols, Barney & Daley, h 38 State 
» *?T. C ^ eTnp Vt Gara ^ Co, h 31 East 
Robert P., emp Cambridge N Y, r SS State 
Sullivan Agnes, bkpr, b 88 Allen 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Sullivan Anna V., emp R R L & P Co, b 51 Killington ay 

" Arthur B., emp N Y City, b 11 Royce 

,? Catherine M., phone opr, b 51 Killington av 

*> Daniel J + , emp Rut R R, h SS Alien 

" Dennis, trainman D & H R R, h 46 Elm 

11 Elizabeth, sten Rut R R, b 40 Woodstock av 

" Frank D., elec, h 43 Evergreen av 

" Fred W., letter carrier, h 40 Woodstock av 

w George P., mail carrier, r 60 Grove 

" Hugh, emp Surprise, r 44 Engrem av 

" Hugh L,, emp depot, b 66 A Church 
SULLIVAN JENNE D wid A. A., prop Sullivan Specialty Shop, h 
139 Church 

* T John H. s mail carrier, b 11 Royce 

" Joseph M., r 44 Engrem ay 

*' Leo, construction wkr, r SS Allen 

J Mary F r , emp Greenfield Mass, b 53 Killington av 

7t Mary E., wid John, hoi Killington av 

** Michael H., emp hre dept, h 44 Engrem av 

" Patrick F., real estate 11 Royce, h do 

■ J Richard, elk, b 51 Killington av 

" Timothy R., emp Rut R R, h 20 Royce 
SULLIVAN SPECIALTY SHOP Mrs Jenne D Sullivan prop, dresses 
and underwear etc, Hulett bldg 90 Merchants row, 
see un name 

Sullivan Specialty Shop 

Dresses * Blouses - Skirts 


Phone 470 

Hulett Bldg. 


Sullivan William, moulder, h 59 Howe 

Sumner Joseph, emp William Abraham Coal Co, b 65 Prospect 
Sunshine Bottling Works, Louis Rizzico prop, 93 Meadow 

mgrs, 69-71 Merchants row 
Sussman Lew K., peddler, h 203 State 
Sutton Clara E., wid Rev George S, h 12J^ Church 
Svendsen George S., tailor Lillis 1 , hi 66 State 
Swan Bert H„ carp, h 16 N Main 

" H + E. (Lie), Edward Barrett mgr, grocers, 35 Center 
Sweeney Mary H, nurse Rut Hospital, b do 

" William E., engineer Rut R R, h 87 Forest 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Sweuson Dorothy B., teacher, b 167 S Main 
" Gladys L, sten W C Landon, b 167 S Main 
Swift Charles H tT physician and surgeon 48 H Center, h 52 
Roberts av 
" Herbert W., emp Rut R R, h 112 State 
" 8c Co, W E Mcintosh mgr, wholesale meats Merchants 
Swinnerton Frederick G., lawyer 49 N Main, b do 
Swords Francis, salesman, h 10 Woodstock av 

M Raymond, asst baggage master, h 10 Woodstock av 
Swyer Carl, complete house furnishing 154 West, h 18 Roberts 

Sylvester Philip A., r 103 S Main 

TAFT A. LOUIE, emp Middiebury, h 40 Summer 

" Celia (Mrs Louie), emp W E Grace, h 40 Summer 

" Raymond, emp R Mfg Co, b 162 Adams 
Taggard Dayton B + , lab, b 77 River 

" George H, b 77 River 

" James W + , lab, b 77 River 

" Jess E., lab, b 77 River 

w Maude E. t elk, b 77 River 

" Melvina, wid George, hskpr, h 77 River 
Taggart Alfred D., emp H S Co, h 117 State 

" Claude, yd boss William Abraham Co, h 67 River 

" Howard, emp K S Co, b 117 State 
Tait John F., mach H S Co, h SS Davis 
Tanner Frank Z. T emp Rut R R, b 77 Williams 
Tappan George W., elk II S Co, h 52 Morse pi 
Tarbell William H., carp, h 41 Grant av 
Tarble German F., cont and paperhanger 10 High, h do 
Tarnoskae John, emp V M Co. h West, C Rutland 
Tatrault Arthur, painter, b 7$ Harrison av 

ft Harriet, wid Jacob, dom, h 78 Harrison av 

" Paul, b 7S Harrison av 
Tatro Ray A,, emp Adams & Noe, h 74 Brown 
TAUBER UPTON & CO (Inc), Louis Goldberg mgr, shirt mfrs, 

office and factory Cleveland av, see p 368 
Taveniere Henry, emp V M Co, b 379 West 
Taylor Albert L., in bus N Y City, h 173 Grove 

" Albert R. s emp Wm Abraham Co, h 19 Wales 

" Alfred H. P painter, h 92 Forest 

* Andrew, emp WilHam Abraham Co, b 19 Wales 

" Earie B., salesman W C Landon 8c Co, h 134 Robbins 

w Ethan H., elk P 0, h 28 Crescent 

" Fred A., lab, h 101 Forest 

n Fred W + , student, b 173 Grove 

M Grover C, emp Rut RR,h 39 Water 

" Harold L., b 11 Noyes av 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


Taylor Isabelle, elk, r 101 Forest 

James H,, elevator opr, 68 b Church 

James L M emp E D Keyes 8c Co T b 11 Noyes av 

John, emp Boston Mass. r 19 Wales 

John D., retired, b 275 West 

Kenneth, gas fitter, b 399 West 

Kerry, emp V M Co, h City Park off Crescent 

Mary E,, wid Joseph H, h 68 Church 

Mary G.> wid Henry 0, h 11 Noyes av 

Mildred I., emp 13 Center, b 109 Gibson av 

Robert C, lab, b 19 Wales 

Rupert, emp Rut R R, h 106 Forest 

William, emp H S Co, h 14 Madison 
TEA SHOP THE prop Grace H Ormsby, 26^4 Center, see un name 


"Home Cooking a Specialty" 


Phone 1&47-W 

25 1-2 Center St. 


Teaehout Katie, wid Llewlyn, h 61 Cleveland av 
Teakle Charles £L, elk 102" Merchants row, b 30 Washington 
Teer Fred, mach P Mfg Co p h 124 Gibson av 
Telander Annie, wid Theo T h 104 Fairview, City Park 
" Ellen, emp T L & Co, b 104 Fairview, City Park 
77 Oscar H., driver, b 104 Fairview, City Park 
Temple Bros The Inc., granite and marble workers 360 West, 
junction of Columbian av 
** Cornelia, wid Hiram A., b 44 Pine 
n Edith G., b 71 Crescent 
" Edward L., retired, h 71 Crescent 
" Edward Clarence, b 71 Crescent 
" John C, pres The Temple Bros, h I E Washington 
" John R t , draftsman Temple Bros, h 2 E Washington 
" Robert D,, prop Maple Grove Farm, h Creek rd south 
" Ruth C, bkpr, b 38 Cottage 
" Ruth W., teacher, h 105 Center 
" Wayne N + , treas Temple Bros, h 82 N Main 
Tennian Malina (Mrs Edward), cook, h 44 Church 
Terenzini Anthony, emp Manning Mfg Co, b West opp P 0, 
C Rutland 
n Caesar, h West opp P 0, C Rutland 
? ' Caesar J., sten, b West opp P 0, C Rutland 
■ ' Fred, printer A J Novak Printing Co, h GO Bellevue av 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Terenzini Hamlet, emp V M Co, bCTerenzini,C Rutland 

" Richard, agt Met Life Ins Co, b Caesar Terensini, West, 
opp PO.C Rutland 
Teroungo William J,, carp, h VI Y2 Cottage (4) 
Terrill Samuel & Son, William S Terrill prop, wagon makers 
and blacksmiths, West c Wales 

" Street Garage, Herbert W Fish prop, 6 Terrill 

" Susan E.,h 14 East 

" S. Wayne, emp Samuel Terrill & Son, b 28 East 

35 William S., prop Samuel Terrill & Son, h 28 East 

?J — see Tyrrell 
Teseoni Ernest, emp Proctor, h 40 Water 

" Nellie J, 3 emp 59 Merchants row, b 40 Water 
Thayer Royal D., painter Rut R R, h 55 Edgerton 
Thielman Jacob, farmer, h Gleason rd 
Thiemel Leon R<, lab, b 31 Elm 
Thomas Doris M., emp Rut R R office, b 119 Pearl 

" Flora A. Mrs., millinery 32 Merchants row, b 119 Pearl 

" Emma (Mrs Franklin), hskpr 20 Lafayette, b do 

" Franklin, elec, b 26 Lafayette 
THOMAS GEORGE W contracting painter, paperhanger and de- 
corator 118 Park, h do, see p 352 

n Grant, emp R E Light Co, h 79 Meadow 

" Julia, wid Harvey, h 35 Evergreen av 

" Orin A_, farmer, h Pittsford rd, Mill Village, r 1 

99 Ruth Mrs., emp 22 Center, r 35 Williams 
Thompson Arthur C, asst passenger agt, h 97 Grove av 

ji Bernard, elk Nichols-Chapman Hdw Co, b 73 School 

" Charles H., engineer Rut RR,h 99 Forest 

" Chester A., designer, h West, C Rutland 

" Frances H., student, b 97 Grove 

" Frank , mach H S Co, h 53 Evergreen av 

" Grace A + , elk N E Tel Co, b 99 Forest 

" John T., emp Rut R R, h 28 Killington av 

" Joseph B. 5 foreman Davis Foundry, h 73 School 

f * Leroy W., lineman, b 100 N Main 

" Pearl, emp Poultney, b 73 School 

« Theodore A., h 129 Robbins 
Thomson Anna, student, b 75 Killington av 

P J. E. Mrs., h 99 Wales 

JJ John W\, emp H A Sawyer & Co, h 75 Killington av 

" Mary Mrs,, b 75 Killington av 

" Mary E M nurse 75 Killington av, b do 

** Mildred, b 78 Grove 

?J Milton W., engineer, h 78 Grove 
Thornton Frank W., night watchman, r 142 Strongs av 

" Jerry, retired, h 22 Jackson av 

" Mary (Mrs Jerry), emp 45 N Main, h 22 Jackson av 
Thrall Charlotte E., student, b 99 Gibson av 

" Durward S + , emp Geneva N Y f b 99 Gibson av 

Thrall George C, jfanner, h 140 N Main 
" Grant L., student, b 99 Gibson av 
" Luther G +> emp P Mfg Co, h 99 Gibson av 
" Marion A,, student, b 99 Gibson av 
Thull Pierre, chef Prouse's, h 145 Library av 
h Thurston Robert, emp Rut R R, r 38 Cottage 
Tice Marion, b 9 Terrill 
" Ruth, b 9 Terrill 
" Urban, blacksmith, h 9 Terrill 
" William U., emp W H Williams, b 9 Terrill 
Tidd Charles W., elk N E Tel & Tel Co, h 79 Cleveland av 
Tiff Charles, h 220 Mussey 
Tighe John, emp Proctor, h 37 Summer 
" Katherine E., maid, h 30 Forrest 
" Patrick, emp Rut R R, h 29 Grant av 
" Patrick F., emp 3SH Center, h 6 Hopkins 
Tillotson Frznk J., emp 22 Center, h 32 Church 
n Kenneth J., physician Boston, b 32 Church 
Timbers Edward C, emp Am Ry Ex Co, r 17 Church 
" Harold, plumber 52 Center, b HSJ^ Merchants row 
Todd Fannie M + , nurse 23 Church, h do 

w Hattie M., wid James, dom, b 12J^ Cottage 
TodrirT Albert, emp Pittsfleld N J, b IS Church 
" Arthur, emp Rut R R, b 18 Church 
;I Joseph S., lab, h 138 Strongs av 
" Josephine, wid S. S., h 18 Church 
55 Peter, emp H S Co, h 10 Clover 
*' Solomon, painter, h 16 Evelyn 
Toohey Clara M. elk, b 96 Strongs av 
" John H., railway mail elk, b 90 Strongs av 
" Michael, farmer, h Maple Grove Farm, Creek rd 
* Thomas E„ h 23 Royce 
" Thomas F. , retired, h 96 Strongs av 
Toomey Agnes M,, bkpr, b 44 Allen 
" Charles E., pharmacist 45 Merchants row, b 44 Allen 
" John J., emp Rut R R, b 44 Allen 
w Mamie E>, emp H H Co, b 44 Allen 
" Mary, wid Michael J., h 44 Allen 
" Michael J., prop Berwick House Barber Shop, h 19 Engrem 

Torkelson L Amanda, stenBurdittBros, b 50 Barrett Hill, C 
" Ida, wid Nels, h 50 Barrett Hill C Rutland 
n Elmer N., elk Rut R R, b 50 Barrett Hill, C Rutland 
T0RSLEFF ANDREW J REV pastor St Paul's Universalist Church, 

b 102 Church 
Torvinene Alexander, carp, h 78 Cleveland av 
T0SI 0RESTE (Campbell & Tosi), h 46 Forest 
Tossing Addison D., elk Grand Union Tea Co, h 49 Chestnut 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 

TOSSING WUIAM R y^pres H A Sawyer & Co, r Bardwell Hotel 
Tower Earl T„, public acct 145 Adams, r do 
" Ella J.,b 46 Roberts av 
" E. Vera, student, b 59 Prospect 
H George G., foreman H S Co, h 59 Prospect 

Harold G., teller Clement Nat Bank, h 32 Lincoln av 
Lena, emp 52 Roberts av, b do 
Towers Charles H., emp 102 Merchants row, b 11 Cottage 
Townsend Guy B. T fanner, b Stratton rd, c Killington av 
n Sr-lv 01 ' student > b Stratton rd, c Kiilington av 

William W., physician and surgeon U S Med Reserve, 
Gryphon bldg (222-224), hStrattonrdcKillingtonav, 
res phone 20-3 Pittsford 
TOY W J prop Oriental Restaurant 15H Center, res Burlington 

Tracy Alice M +1 bkpr 37 Center, b 76 Baxter 
" Edward L., student, b 76 Baxter 
* Francis, supt of Water Works, h 76 Baxter 
James E., State editor Rutland Herald, h 17 N Main 
James J,, elk Rut R R, b 76 Baxter 
Trapeni Domenic, emp H S Co h 69 Plain 
" Dominick, emp city, h 127 Post 
Travanelli — see Taverelli 
Travers Henry M., elec 20 Merchants row, b 24 Highland av 

Martin, lab, h 24 Highland av 
Traynor Joseph, moulder P Mfg Co, h 114 Franklin 

» if -7f ence J*' emp V M Co > h 57 BarT ett Hill, C Rutland 
Mildred K., elk 33 Merchants row, b 149 Forest 
Patrick, emp P Mfg Co, h 149 Forest 
F Pauline Mrs,, phone opr, b 149 Forest 
" William, emp P Mfg Co, b 210 Columbian 
Tree Donald J., freight elk Rut R R, b 59 Baxter 

James B., stone cutter, h 59 Baxter 
" John W., mach, b 39 Cleveland av 
Marie, phone opr, b 25 Jackson av 
" William P., emp Am Ry Exp Co, b 39 Cleveland av 
Treftny Evalina, nurse 45 Morse pi, r do 
Trinci Umbert, marble wkr, h West nr Cemetery, C Rutland 
Trinity Episcopal Church, rector Rev Morgan Ashley, West 

c Church 
Tripodi Joseph, shoemkr, h 13 Forest 
Trorabetta Frank W., h 87 West 
Trombley George, chauffeur, h 322 West 
" Peter J., mach, h 260 S Main 
Tronsgo Joseph, b City Farm 
Tronzo Herbert, h 46 Vernon 

TROY SHIRT STORE H G McCotter, shirts and men's furnish- 
ings, 140 West, sec next page 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


"Where Those of Taste Find All That's Best" 
For the Latest Styles and Largest Selection of 




140 West St, RUTLAND, VT. 

Tel. 1064-W. 
"The Little Shop Around the Corner" 

Truddeau Helena, sten T L & Co, b 39 Baxter 

" Joseph, emp city, h 29 Pine 

" Joseph E., emp Kinsman & Mills, h 39 Baxter 

" Marie, emp Manchester N H, b 39 Baxter 
Trudel Drug Co The, Lucien J Trudel prop, 47 Center 

" Lucien J., prop The Trudel Drug Co, h 171 N Main 
Trudell Albert E + , emp Rut R R, h 64 East 
Trudo Frank A +1 emp H S Co, h 161 Granger 
True Frank L., com trav, h 42 Elm 
Trueman Herbert A., draftsman P Mfg Co, h 76 Grove 
Tuggey James R., elk Rut R R, b 45 Howe 

u Mary O., cashier C C S Co, b 45 Howe 

" Robert R„ eng Rut R R, h 45 Howe 
Tuliper Gertrude, opr, b 19 Forest 
Tully Agnes P., emp 44 Merchants row, b 45 Engrem av 

" Anna, cashier F N Co, b 8 Hopkins 

" Anna C, emp Hartford, b 45 Engrem av 

" George F,, emp Rut R R, h 10 Hopkins 

" Irene M., b S Hopkins 

'" Joseph J + , emp W Rutland, b 45 Engrem av 

" Margaret P, r emp 43 Central, b 45 Engrem av 

" Margaret M., sten H S Co, b 8 Hopkins 
f Mary A., wid Thomas, h 8 Hopkins 

1 Mary J. y wid John F, h 45 Engrem av 

" Mary Rose, teacher, b 45 Engrem av 
Turner Charles, retired, h 94 Church 

" Elizabeth H., wid Alfred, b 9 West 

n Eva Mrs., emp Hotel Berwick, h 25 j4 Center 

** Frank A., emp RFC Co, h 34 Curtis av 

" James H., grocer, h 103 Forest 

" Lucy, maid, b 103 Forest 

" Theodore, mach, h Cold River rd 
TUTTLE COMPANY THE (INC), publishers, printers, binders 
wholesale and retail booksellers, stationery and paper 
dealers, 11 and 13 Center, see back cover 

** Bernice R., emp The Tuttle Company, b 2 Nickwackett 

'" Charles E.. see The Tuttle Company, h 30 S Main 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1$24 — JUTLAND DlH ECTOR Y — 1924 

Tuttle Doris 0., student, b 2 Nickwackett 

'* Egbert C, pres-treas The Tuttle Co and sec Rutland Hos- 
pital, h 2 Nickwackett 

n Egbert C, T 2nd, student, b 27 Court 

" John N., bkpr H S Co, h 149 S Main 

" Law Print, W S Tuttle prop, 2 Edson 

" Rachel M., student, b 27 Court 

yi Riford R., v-pres The Tuttle Company, b 2 Nickwacket 

n William S., prop Tuttle Law Print, h 27 Court 
Twigg Frances D. t wid David B, h 04 Chestnut av 
Tye Lula M M asst sec Chamber of Commerce, b 27 Crescent 
Tygert Howard P., Mac's Pilling Station, b 117 State 
Tyler Charles, lab, b 113 Temple 
Tyrrell Charles K, emp V M Co, h 52 Kendall av 
TYRRELL FRED T (Tyrrell & Co), h 50 West 
TYRRELL NED & (Tyrrell & Co), h IS Crescent 
TYRRELL & CO (Fred T and Ned S Tyrrell), jewelers 72 Mer- 
chants row, see un name 



72 Merchants Row RUTLAND, VT- 

Phone 932- W 

Tyrell— see Terrill 

Tyter Ellen, b Loretto Home 

UDART JOHN, emp City, h 129 Temple 
Umberto Julius, emp V M Co, b 447 West 
Union News Co, Chas E Purdy mgr, Union Station 
United States Army Reserve Corps, U S Court and P OBldg 
UNITED CIGAR STORE George E Lassor, 66 Merchants Row 
UNITED STATES CASUALTY CO R L Richmond agt, 79 Y% Mer- 
chants row 
" States District Court Room, U S Court & P O Bldg 
" States Court and Post Office Building, c Court and Center 
" States Department of Agriculture, E N Blondin agt, Mead 

bldg (37-38) 
" States Federal Prohibition Office, Bert S Hyland dirctor 
U S Court and P O Bldg 
Son, agts 45)^ Merchants row 

1924 — RUTLAND DIRECTORY — 1924 


United States Internal Revenue Service, local deputy collec- 
tors, W L Clark and Edward Lyon, U S Court and 
P Bldg 
" States Marshal's office, U S Court and P O Bldg, Esther 

E Anderson, chief office deputy 
" States Post Office Station A., U S Government bldg; Main 

Office Gryphon blk, West 
" Talking Machine Co, Frank S Nicholson mgr, 7 Center 
Upton Kermit R., emp L I Wks, b 27 Baxter 
73 Richard P + , mach R R shops, h 27 Baxter 
Utley Everett, emp Newport N H, b 103 Lincoln av 
" George W., emp Newport N H, h 21 Williams 
n Margaret L., wid Myron, b 21 Williams 

VACCARIELLO FRANK, emp H S Co t h 274 West 
Vail Anna, wid Thomas, b 1 LS Robbins 
VAIL ELECTRIC CO (Inc), 20 Merchants row, see p 352 
VAIL J FRANK treas Vail Electric Co, h 118 Robbins 
Valente Arcangelo, retired, b 1S9K West 

" John, soft drinks 197 West, h 1S9H do 

" Lena Mrs., b 129 Post 

" Louis, retired, b 16 Meadow 

" Margaret, emp M City Mfg Co, b 305 West 

" Michael, emp Rut R R s h 125 Post 

" Nazareno, emp H S Co, h 305 West 

n Rocci, emp 65 Center, b 16 Meadow 
Valenty Nick, grocer, h 7S Travers pi 
Valiquette David, emp H S Co, h 145 Second 

JJ David L„ emp P Mfg Co, h 1 12 Plain 

* Edward A., h 68 Church 

" George J., retired, r Berwick Hotel 

" Joseph ne A., nurse 6S Church, b do 

" Mary D., wid Maxime, h 86 Library av 

M Max D., student, b S6 Library av 

" Mildred E M emp Rut R R, b 86 Library av 

" Rose, wid Joseph, emp T L & Co, b 120 Maple 
Van Auken Burt, emp Standard Oil Co, h 60 Pine 
Van Burton Ethel Mrs., b Spellman ter 
Van Holten Garrett, chauffeur, b 41 Grant av 
Vargas Joseph H., moulder, h 104 Franklin 
Varnev Edgar W., emp R R L & P Co, r 108 Wales 
Varricchione Felix, lab, h 123 S Main 
Vasseur Clarence, emp Manning Mfg Co, b 55 Summer 

7 * Edmund J., janitor, h S7 Jackson av 

" Henry, emp Burditt Bros, b 49 Summer 
VASSEUR INEZ C asst treas The S C Dorsev Agency, b 92 South 

" John H., emp P Mfg Co. r 02 South 
Vaughan Addie A., wid Wallace W., h 36 Summer 

" Clifford L., div plant supt N E Tel & Tel, h 6 E Washington 

" Fred E., elk 148 West, h Kingsley ct 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Vaughan Herman W., in business N Y City and pres Rutland 

Chamber of Commerce, h 191 Grove 
Vaughn Alvah S., mach, h 8 Vernon av 
Veillet Albert, h 142 Maple 

VEUE AUTOMOBILES- J E& H W BIDLON 196 S Main, seep 341 
Veno G. Joseph, moulder, b 12 Elm 
Venuta Arthur B., barber shop 266 West, h 264 do 
Vermont Accident Ins Co (Inc), A C Mason sec-treas, Quinn 

blk (10, 12, 12^, 14) 
VERMONT GARAGE CO (Inc), Freeman O Eddy shop foreman, 74 

River, see p 343 
v-pres; E L West, gen mgr; G HLawton, assttreas, 
26-28 Center 
Marble Co, marble quarries and gen merchandise, C Rut- 
land, W Rutland and Proctor, offices Proctor 
' Marble Co Club, Emmanuel Lorette caretaker, h West C 

agts, on back of fire card and p 360 
VERMONT OIL & GAS CO A A Rabidou mgr, 66 Strongs av, see 
State Prison and House of Correction for women, Lena C 
Ross supt, 167 State 
Vernon Edward, carp, h 65 Prospect 

" Rose, shirt opr, b 65 Prospect 
Vero Joseph, emp E J Davis Foundry, h 12 Meadow 
Vestin Olof P., shoemaker 4 Wales, h 105 Robbins 
Vetta Teresa, b Loretto Home 
Vezina L. Albert Rev., pastor Sacred Heart Church of Mary, 

h 13 Nichols 
Viele Mary C. Mrs., emp H H Co, h 36 Pine 
Vigonili Joseph, h 36 Meadow 
Vincent Daniel, emp V M Co, h 6 Pine 
" Eliza, wid Joseph O., b 34 West 
" Joseph, b 1 Noyes av 
" Louis, emp Burdick Bros, h 1 Noyes av 
Vinehart William, baker, b 4 Spellman ter 
Vitagliano Costantino, emp H S Co, h 116 Post 
' Genneroso, moulder H S Co, h 77 Granger 
?J Salvatore, emp H S Co, h 77 Travers pi 
Vitello James, shoe repairing 133 West, h 191 West 
Vizzell John, shoe repairer, b 36 Strongs av 
Von Dette Louise, wid Adolphus, b 35 Kendall av 
Vondette Allen, caretaker Calvary Cemetery, h 101 Forest 
" Lottie, r 18 Pine 
" Olena, elk, b 18 Pine 
" William, chef, h 18 Pine 
Vosburg Elmer E., linotype opr, h 73 Pine 
" Russell G., auto salesman, h 17 Royce 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Vose Verne, emp frt house Rut R R, h 37 Burnham av 
Voss Margaret Mrs., hskpr 94 Church, b do 

WADDELL ANNA, dom ''Clementwood'', b Clement wood ' ' 

C Rutland 
WADE FRANK J (E D Keyes & Co), h 11 Washington 
" Franklin, salesman, b 11 Washington 
" Harold C, elk, b 121 Granger 
" Lena, hskpr 234 Columbian av, h do 
" Miner P., emp H S Co, b 121 Granger 
" William, emp H S Co, h 121 Granger 
Waite Benjamin, h 234 S Main 
" Edna B., b 260 S Main 

" G. Burr, grocer 36 Church, h 42 Chestnut av 
" George M., retired, h 12 Elm 
" Henry, emp P Mfg Co, b 75 Cleveland av 
" Kenneth W., elk, b 12 Deer 
" Mabel M., teacher, b 75 Cleveland av 
" S. Frank, mach P Mfg Co, h 75 Cleveland av 
" Viola M\, b 12 Deer 

" Wallace EL, emp C E Davis Foundry Co, h 12 Deer 
Walback Matilda, wid August, b E Proctor rd, C Rutland 
Walbridge Maurice, teacher, h 99 Center 
Walcott — see Wolcott 

Waldorf Bakery, John Gill prop, 55 Strongs av 
WALES STREET LUNCH Noel L Ducharme prop, 40 Wales, see p 

Walker Carl, emp H S Co, r 32 High 
Carlotta, b 97 Center 
Charles H., salesman, h 97 Center 
Doris, emp Wm Abraham Coal Co, r 122 Granger 
Dwight, emp 11 Meadow, h 32 Elm 
Edward J., elec, h 35 Woodstock av 
Eleanor, emp R R L & P Co, b 43 Lincoln av 
Elizabeth C, b 30 Madison 
Elmer, emp Rut R R, b 240 Church 
Fred L., moulder Davis Foundry, h 61 Cleveland av 
Julia H., wid Lewis A., b 24 N Main 
Kenneth C, tel opr Rut R R, b 8 Deer 
WALKER MYRTIE (Mrs Arthur), (Martin & Walker), h 59 West 
Paul R., tel opr Rut R R, b 8 Deer 
Rufus J., emp Rut R R, h 9 Deer 
Rufus R., com trav, h 8 Deer 
Victor H., emp Rut R R, h 278 S Main 
Wall William E., dental mech, h 30 Summer 
Wallace Mabel B. Mrs., emp Rut R R office, b Hotel St James 
Wallbank Ernest W., foreman, h 15 North 
Wallett Frank S., emp Rut R R, h 86 Brown 
" Fred, lab, h 16 Evelyn 
" John H., emp P Mfg Co, h 140 Allen 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — -1924 


Wallett Moses, driver, b 16 Evelyn 

" Tuffield, retired, b 73 Meadow 

" William B. t brakeman Rut R R, fa 73 Meadow 
Walsh Agnes M + , bkpr 117 West, b 121 River 

3? Albert C, emp R R L & P Co, h 88 Allen 

" Betty, b 113 Church 

'' Catherine M., wid Michael R, h 102 Forest 

" Daniel M +1 elk Rut R R t b 25 Engrem av 
WALSH EDMUND J auto accessories etc, 35 Strongs av, h 98 
Killington av, see p 343 

" Elizabeth M. f b 37 Barter 

' Prances, b 25 Engrem 

* Francis J., elec, h Charles 

k * James D,, sub letter carrier and agt Met Life Ins Co, h 25 

* James P., emp H S Co, h 67 Baxter 
" James M.,h 67 Baxter 

7 Jennie C. Mrs., teacher, b 21 Mansfield pi 

rt John A., supt A & P Co, fa 54 S Main 

" John E., mgr and treas John Dunn & Co, h 3 Court 

w John P., emp P Mfg Co, b 25 Engrem 

" John J. T emp Manning Mfg Co, h 21 Mansfield pi 

7 Katherine M., teacher, b 102 Forest 

" Lucy A* emp H H Co, b 37 Ellington av 

1 Martin, h 183 Granger 

" Mary J., wid William H, h 37 Baxter 

M Miles C, r Charles 

" Nellie, wid James, b 12 N Main 

" Thomas W., emp J Dunn & Co, h 3 Court 

" William, b 37 Baxter 

" —see Welch 
Walters Arlie E. T emp Proctor Vt, h 30 Crescent 

ff Olive A., student, b 30 Crescent 

" Viola L, elk, b 30 Crescent 
Wands Henrv S., foreman Am Rv Ex Co, h 46 Elm 

" Walter F +J farmer, h 67 Field av 

" Willard P., emp Rut R R, h North ext 
Ward Anna Mrs., clkTuttle Print Co, b 3 Deer 
WARD ARTHUR F prop Ward Motor Trucking, h 77 Jackson av 

" Arthur, emp Rut R R, r 45 Washington 

5J Barbara, r 5 Evergreen av 

" Butler L,, driver, h 3 Deer 

w Calvin, carp, r 33 Cottage 

" Charles H., painter, h 93 Baxter 

" George F<, student, b 93 Baxter 

,? Helen, r 9S River 

" John W + , h 92 Plain 

'' Julia, wid William H„ b 50 Kingsley av 

" Lawrence, student, b 92 Plain 

"• Mary, wid James, h 9S River 


WARD MOTOR TRUCKING Arthur F Ward prop, 57 Jackson av, 

see p 340 
WARD OLIVER D (W W Ward & Son), b 37 Cottage 

" William B., lab, h 92 Plain 
WARD WILLIAM W (W W Ward & Son), b 37 Cottage 
WARD W W & SON (William W Ward and Oliver D Ward), 
plumbers, heating and sheet metal work, 69 Center, 
see bottom edge 
War dwell Charles H., editor Evening News, b 63 Grove 

" Georgiana, wid Charles S + , h 33 Elm 
Warner Ella, wid Jason, b 22 Crescent 

* Frank L., emp V M Co, h 45 Grant av (6) 

" Jennie M., elk C C S Co, h 39 Forest 

" Roy, emp H S Co, h 46 Strongs av 
Warren Abigail, wid Frederick, b 68 Harrington av 

" Alice, emp Hotel Bardwell, r do 

" Alice M., b 68 Harrington av 

" Alvin A,, emp Rut St Ry, h 68 Harrington av 

" Collins P., motorman, h 136 Strongs av 

" Edna (Mrs Silas C), music teacher 27 Crescent, h do 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

Warren George H, express messenger, h 35 Williams 

" George W>, emp R R L & P Co, h 101 Gibson av 

" Gertrude, opr T L & Co, b 21 Baxter 

M Martha A. Mrs., h 44 Pine 

" Martha M., wid Z. C, b 72 East 

fy Minnie, emp Hotel Bardwell, r do 

" Myron E t , baggagemaster, h 14 East 

" Silas C, policeman, h 27 Crescent 
Wasick Albert, emp Rut Hosp, b do 
Waterman Mary A., wid Fay C, h 138 Maple 

" Roswell W., emp Rut Mfg Co, h 71 Bellevue av 
Watkins Claude E. T emp Albany, b 26 Nichols 

" Donald R. } elk Rut R R, r 21 Church 

" Edward S., com trav, h 26 Nichols 

" Eliza M + Mrs., r 21 Church 

" Harlin C, emp H S Co, h 21 Church 

*' Mary P., music teacher 96 Church, b do 

" Robert T., emp S Elm, r 21 Church 
Watson Archie W,, emp R Mfg Co, h 152 Adams 

n Clarence, emp Standard Oil Co, b 22 Woodstock av 

" Fred, cashier Am Ry Ex Co, h 22 Woodstock av 
Watterlond Anna C, b 43 Evergreen av 

" Oscar, emp R R L & P Co, h 17 Evergreen av 

7J Peter, retired, r 17 Evergreen av 
Watterlund Ada Mrs., r 150 S Main 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 

WATTERLUND CARL W electrician 53 Wales, h 17 Pine, see p 351 

" Gus, emp Rut R R, b 150 S Main 
Watters Henry W., emp H S Co, h 54 Union 
Weatherbee — see Wetherbee 
Weaver Myrton E., elk 27 Melrose av, h 34 West 
Webb Andrew J., emp 118 Main, b 40 Kendall av 

" Elias J., emp L I Wks b 84 Granger 

" George H., b 58 Crescent 

" John, lab r 78 Granger 

" Katherine, wid John, h 78 Granger 

n Robert L., mgr Singer Sewing Mach Co, res W Rutland 
Webber Christopher A., student, b 26 S Main 
WEBBER MARVELLE C (Webber & Leamy), fa 26 S Main 

" Payson R., student, b 26 S Main 
WEBBER & LEAMY (Marvelle C Webber and James P Leamy), 

lawyers 24^ Center, see p 363 
Webster Arthur E., emp H S Co, h 6 Allen 

" Charles B., emp Rut R R Co, h 138MS West 

" Clayton H., teamster and sand dealer 278 S Main, h do 

" Cyril, emp P Mfg Co, b 278 S Main 

" Dora F., supervisor Rutland Hospital, b do 

" Ida M., b 9 Temple 

" Joseph, elk H S Co, h 38 Elm 

M Minnie Mrs,, h 6 Allen 

?? Vincent C, eng 340 West, h 7 Deer 
Weeks John, lab, h 270 S Main 

" Marion, phone opr, b 27 West 

" Stanley, emp 12 Merchants row, r 128 State 
Weidman Elmer, emp Depot, h 31 Elm 
Weinle Clarence, emp Grimms, b 181 Adams 

" George, emp H S Co, h 181 Adams 

'• George W., emp Manning Mfg Co, h 156 Pearl 

" Howard E., student, b 156 Pearl 

" Lawrence, emp M Mfg Co, b 156 Pearl 

" Marjorie, emp T L & Co, b Columbian av 

" Peter, h 54 Strongs av 

" Walter A., b 181 Adams 
WEINLE WIEGAND P mgr Handley Bros and v-pres Handley 

Baking Co, h 50 Strongs av 
Weir Alexander, emp W C Landon Co, r 66A Church 

" Evalyn, asst Dr C F Ball, b 84 Grove 

" Lora C, wid Walter F., forelady T L & Co, h 41 Crescent 

3? Robert, veterinary surgeon 84 Grove, h do 
Weiss Abram, emp S Hirschfield, h 128 Library av 

" Henry, elk 17 Center, b 128 Library av 

" John H., b 128 Library av 

" Philip, emp 24 Center, r 128 Library 
Welch Bernard J. (D G Quebec Cigar Co), b 5 Spellman ter 

" Catherine, wid Harry, h 53 Jackson av 

" Charles E., chauffeur, b 21 Lafayette 


e — „- PROMPT T>FI IVFPY — — — 

West Side Structural Co. 


Telephone Watervliet>4 
Telephone Watervliet-5 

Beams r Columns^;. Trusses^ 

'. *;. •■- •• 

-Girders, Etc. 


Iron Stairs* Fire Escapes, Railings 
Gates, Fences and Miscellaneous 




TROY, N.'-Y. 
P. O. Box 554, Troy, N. Y. 
Office and Works, Railroad Avenue and 19th St. 
Opposite D* & H* Depot 




Rutland Directory 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Welch Earl R + , Dist Highway Com, h 14 N Main 

" Edward D,, cond, h 5 Spellman ter 

" Francis E., prop Bardwell Hotel news stand, h 80 East 

" Frank C, milk dealer 21 Lafayette, h do 

M George E., emp Rut R R, h 37 Williams 

" John, coal 210 West, h S3 Forest 

n John E t , b 83 Forest 

J? John J., emp R R L & P Co, h 64 Allen 

" Mabel A., phone opr, b 21 Lafayette 

? * Mary E., emp 210 West, b 15 Pine 

n — see Walsh, also Welsh 
Wells Alba L., elk C C S Co, h 23 Marble av 

J} Stephen, student, b 23 Marble av 
Wellwood John C, emp Am Ry Ex Co, h 14 Cottage 
Welsh — see Welch, also Walsh 
Wescott Carrie D., elk Ross-Huntress Co, h 47 Summer 

" Harrison, emp D A Barker, h 96 Willow 
West Charles H., postmaster Rutland Post Office, h 21 Cottage 
WEST RUTLAND TRUST CO Leon H Lavelley treas, opp P O, W 

WEST SIDE STRUCTURAL CO iron workers 19th and Railroad av, 

Watervliet, N Y, see insert opp 
WEST STREET MARKET Clair N Ransom prop, 96 West, see p 

" William D. s emp Sawyer & Co, h 95 South 

Union sta, depot 
Westin Axel J. (Robillard & Westin), h 59 Crescent 

" —see Vestin 
Wetmore John, carp, h 14 Church 
Wettleston John W. T., night editor Rutland Herald, h 22 

Jackson pi 
Whalen Anna Mrs., emp 17 Grove, h 51 H Merchants row 

" James B,, com trav f b 29 Pine 

" Thomas J., ticket agt, b 108 Robbins 
Whay Holley E*, court sten, b Baxter Estate 

' William, caretaker Baxter Estate, h do 
Wheatlcy Ernest M., emp P Mfg Co 5 h 126 Crescent 
Wheat on Adelaide L., wid Edward, b Old Ladies* Home 
Wheeler Edwin C, caretaker, h Pittsford rd, Mill Village, R 1 

" Elizabeth, wid Jaynes, h 49 N Main 

n Emmitt, chauffeur, b 21 Kendall av 

" Frank H., steward, b 45 Park 

,J George M., emp Manning Mfg Co, h 75 Williams 
' Mary, emp 18 E Center, b do 

" Mary, sten, b 45 Park 

" Mary, maid 17 Washington, r do 

• J May, wid Fred, h 45 Park 

" Marcellus E,, trustee Marble Savings Bank, h 55 Pleasant 

99 Murray J, B., b 49 N Main 





1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 


Wheeler Nathaniel emp 102 Merchants Row, b 17 Elm 

" Robert, student, b 45 Park 

n Walter, emp Fire Clay Co, b 45 Park 
Whipple Mary E., wid R. S., b 60 Church 
Whitaker Euel J.» fireman Rut R R, h 44 Cleveland av 
Whitcomb Dorothy M«, phone opr. b 17 Crescent 

"S Eugene G. , retired, h 47 Kendall av 

"* Guy W, , com trav, b 47 Kendall av 

"|Harold, emp Rut RR,b 113 Oak 

"| Horace L., painter, h 25 H Center 

'*§ Jennie W. Mrs., b S7 Library ay 

" Laura V. {Mrs William W), emp Rut Nat Bank, h 87 Lib- 
rary av 

" Myrtle, wid Varnum, elk, h 17 Crescent 

" Philip G, trav salesman, h 61 Picrpoint av 

n William J + , elec, h 204 Lincoln av 

" William W., exnp Rut R R, h 87 Library av 
White Adna B., emp W Rut, b 21 Kendall 

" Albert A. t mason, h 12^ Church 

" Allen W., carp and teamster 112 Robbins, h do 

f * Amanda M t Mrs,, b 47 Kendall av 

" Anna L. , phone opr, b 78 East 

" Aurora D., wid Denison M, h Crescent pi 

" Carl L., emp Adams & Noe T b 7 Kendall av 

?l Cross Barber Shop, Ardino J Seed prop, 138 West 
WHITE CUPBOARD FOOD SHOP Emery Forkas, prop, 66 William, 


see un name 

White Cupboard Food Shop 

Emery Forkas, Prop. 

Bread, Rolls, Pies and Pastry 

Real Boston Baked Beans and Steamed Brown Bread 
Every Week End 
You'll Say They Are Delicious 

Phone 1506-M 
66 William St. RUTLAND, VT. 

White Earl, emp Vt Garage Co, b 36 East 

" Elizabeth P., sten R R L & P Co, r 37 S Main 

" Elwin J., eng Rut R R, h 14 Crescent 
WHITE FRANK D lawyer Gryphon bldg (11) and pres Holmes 
Iron Co, h 2 Washington 

" Harry G., farmer, h Chittenden rd, r 1 

" John G, retired, h 6 East 

" Joseph N. T elec, b 54 Strongs av 

" Leon G., brakeman Rut R R t h 31 Elm 

" Lizzie, wid Edward, hskpr, h 37 S Main 

White Madeline R., student,h 14 Crescent 

" Mabel J., student, r 14 Madison 

" Margaret, maid 33 West, b do 

n Percival J,, b 14 Crescent 

99 Plinny P., emp Rut R R, b 60 State 

' Rome, mach t h 4S Strongs av 

" Russell E., emp Adams & Noe, b 7 Kendall av 

M Samuel Charles, student, b 37 S Main 
WHITE TRUCK SALES & SERVICE (Flanders Motor Co), S Elm 

" William H., emp Am Ry Ex Co, h 14 Woodstock av 

" William J., emp Rut RR ( h 240 Church 
Whitehouse Cafe. Duchannc & Marks props, 43 Washington 
Whitford Clara, supervisor 6S Elm, b do 
Whiting Milk Companies, successor to C Brigham Co, Moul- 

trop av 
Whitlock Franklin T\ T special agt Provident Mutual Life Ins 

Co of Philadelphia, h 218 State 
Whitman Elizabeth H., wid Elmer, h 66 East 

" Harold, b 66 East 

" Kyle E., b 66 East 
Whitmarsh Alberta B., student, b 70 Church 

" Dora A. Mrs., b 70 Church 
Whitney Earle L., salesman, h 8S Grove 

" Hugh T., emp H S Co, b 17 Park 

*? Julius L, emp R R L & P Co, h 67 North 

Marion, wid Warren H. t emp W E Grace, h 43 Kendall av 

** Quincy, emp G E Hunt, h 133 Church 
Whittemore Charlana G Mrs., b 82 Crescent 

1 Charles E., pressman Rut News, h S9 Harrison av 

'* Eugene M, t emp M Mfg Co, h m l A Baxter 

' Reginald C, emp Rut Evening News, b 89 Harrison av 

" William E., elk, r 17 Church 
Whittier Harry B., city elk, h 9 West 

57 Henry, printer, b 17 Watkins av 
Wicks Clinton P., teamster, h Woodstock rd, R 2 

" Luther A., farmer, h Mendon, R 2 
Wiggins Erwin E„ eng Rut R R, h 39 Kendall av 

" Harry B., eng Rut R R, h 49 Temple 
Wilcox Corban G, gardener, h 120 State 

" Pansy, b 120 State 
Wilder Ernest, b 256 S Main 

" Montie C, emp P Mfg Co, h 256 S Main 
Wiley Frank B., mach, h 26 Burnham av 

,J Julia, wid Lucius, emp 152 Adams, b do 
Wilhelm Otto, emp Rut R R, r 87 State 
Wilkins John D. t emp H S Co, h 17 Jackson av 

" Lloyd P., emp H S Co, h 51 Kingsley av 

5 Marion E., second asst Rut Library, r 51 Kingsley 

" Mary R, wid Henry, b 55 N Main 

" Verna, r 55 West 

Rutland Directory 1924 



1924 — -Rutland Directory— 1924 

Wilkinson Anna E., student, b 55 West 

" Benjamin, einp R R P & L Co, h 133 State 

ft Charles W„ lab, h 191 Granger 

" Frank A., emp Rut R R, h 55 West 

" George A., salesman, h 55 Edgerton 

" Melvin, r 119 State 

" William J., emp Rut R R, b 34 N Main 
Willard Albert H. T mach, h 6 East 

Automobile Co), 107 West 

* Charles A,, moulder P Mfg Co, h 29 Burnham av 

" Charles L., student, b 29 Burnham av 
WILLARD EGBERT R prop Rutland Spring & Welding Works, h 
50 West 

" Elizabeth, b 50 West 

n Llewellyn A., mach P Mfg Co, h 124 N Main 

?J Paul 5., student, b 142 N Main 
Willcox Julius A>, superior judge, h 141 Holly 
Willett Nelson, trucking 112 Forest, h do 

" Theodore M., emp H S Co, h 9 Park 
Williams Arthur, emp 49 Center, b 119 River 

" Caroline Mrs,, h Mendon line rd, R 2 

" Carlos J., carp, h 3 62 Ash 
WILLIAMS BATTERY SHOP (Raymond F and Robert J Williams), 
23 Wales, see un name 

Williams Battery Shop 

R. F. Williams, Prop, 


We Re-charge and Repair All Types of Storage Batteries 


Phone 429-M 

23 Wales St, 


Williams Doris, b 5 7 3^ Grove 
" Frank W., supt Hah\ Hartwell & Co, h 66 Edgerton 
" Hazel R + , sec H L Hindley, b 11 Temple 
" James, emp P Mfg Co, h 130 River 
" John H., gen mgr Swift & Co T h 11 Temple 
" John W + , emp 26 Center, h 90 Strongs av 
" J. Howard, com trav, b 11 Temple 
" Mary Mrs., r 17 Royce 
" Mary E., student, b 30 Cottage 
,f Milton C,, armorer Rutland Memorial Armory, h 160 

J Moses, b City Farm 
" Ned, r Town Farm 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Williams Percy M., dentist Gryphon bldg (6), h 36 Cottage 
WILLIAMS RAYMOND F (Williams Battery Shop), h hiy 2 Grove 

n Robert E. t r 31 Church 
WILLIAMS ROBERT J (Williams Battery Shop), h 57^ Grove 

M Robert P., student, b 36 Cottage 

" Rolla, emp 6 S Main, h do 

" Roy C, painter, h 60 Strongs av 
WILLIAMS WILLIAM H treas-mgr W H Williams Inc, h 66 Ives 

WILLIAMS W H (Inc), Garage and Reo Sales and Service, 92 

West, see p 344 
WILLIAMS WILLIAM R asst supt Prudential Ins Co, h 14 Nichols, 

see front cover & res dir 
Willingham Russell, emp Rut R R, b 110 Wales 
Willis Belle, b 95 Crescent 
1 Charles P., lumberman and cont, h 58 Crescent 

\ Clayton, foreman V M Co, h Woodstock rd, r 2 

" John, emp H S Co, h 13S Strongs av 

'* Raymond H., b 13S Strongs av 
Wills on Carrie H., h 163 Grove 

" Earl V. K,, salesman, h 48 Kingsley av 
WILLSON SAMUEL M coal, wholesale, office Mead bldg (42), and 

v-pres Killington Nat Bank, h 91 Grove 
Wilson Bernard, printer, b 110 Granger 
WILSON CARLET0N (Wilson Clothing Co), fa IS E Center 

" Clarence, emp R R P & L Co, b 105 State 

" Clifford B, T elk 19 Center, r 56 West 

WILSON CLOTHING CO (Carleton and Frank M Wilson), cloth- 
iers, shoes, etc, Mead bldg, 94 Merchants row and 
3-25 Center, see center lines 

J Doris M T , sten Quinn Bldg (3-4), b 117 Lincoln av 

" Ethel, emp New Bardwell, r 57}4 Grove 
WILSON FRANK M (Wilson Clothing Co), and (The Handicraft 
Shop),h 10 E Center 

" Fred A,, mach, h 21 Baxter 

n Fred J., prop Wilson's Tirs Repair Shop, h 165 State 

" George, carp, h 12S State 

" Henry, student, b 117 Lincoln av 

" J. Arthur, chief police Rut RR,h 199 State 

7 X Harry, emp Strand Theatre, b 110 Granger 

** John, retired, h 41 Park 

" John F., dentist 13 H Center (3-6), h 117 Lincoln av 

" Margaret A,, emp 114 S Main, b do 

w Minnie E., wid Levi, variety store 55 Merchants row, h 28 

" Nathan G., musician, h 165 State 

" Ruby, bkpr Howley & Co, b 28 Pine 

p Sidney, lab, h 126 State 

T Thomas J., cook Berwick Hotel, h 29 Grant av 

" Orchestra, N G Wilson, leader , 105 State 

Rutland Directory 1924 



1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

Wilson's Tire Repair Shop, Fred J Wilson prop, 165 State 
Wilton Carl A., special agt John Hancock Mutual Life Ins Co, 

h 95 Grove 
Wiltsie Edward, com trav, b 117 Park av 
Winchester Aola E., student, b 4S Kingsley 

" Amey A., wid Frank E, h 4S Kingsley av 

" Horace E + , h 48 Kingsley av 
* " Lila E,, teacher, b 48 Kingsley av 
Winett Edward, emp Proctor, h 162 State 
Wing David E., emp Rut R R, h 10 Nichols 
WING LEONARD (Fenton, Wing & Morse), city judge, h 5 

Kingsley av 
Winkley J. Charles, lab, h 135 Pearl 
Winship Alice, wid William, h 31 Cleveland 
WINTER HARRY L pres H L Winter, res Burlington 
WINTER H L (Inc), farm mortgages, Mead bldg (45) 
Winters Thomas, emp 9 Evelyn, h fi5 Wales 
Wisell Emma, h 205 N Church 

" Ford A., motonnan, h 14 Chaplin av 

" John O., auto mcch, h 152 West 
Wolcott George E,, carp, h 90 Library av 
WOLK HYMAN H dept mgr Surprise Dept Store, h 23 Melrose av 
Wong Kew Leung, mgr 15J^ Center, r do 
Wood Adeline M,, nurse, b 120 Lincoln av 

" Dorothv, b 103 S Main 

" Elbridge H T Jr., emp P Mfg Co, h 90 Allen 

w Evelvn H. Mrs., h 47 Grant (3) 

" Frederick N., elk Rut R R, h 24 S Main 

M George E T , h Killington av 
J George E., farmer, h 166 Adams 

" Lena Mrs,, b 1 Evergreen av 

}} Leonie H., wid Edgar H., h 50 Kendall av 

** Lydia Mrs., h 103 S Main 

" Myra D. Mrs., h 11 Lincoln av 

" Percival P., grocer 27 Melrose c Lincoln av» h 114 Lincoln 

?J Percy E., elk Geo E. Chalmers, b 11 Lincoln av 

" Romeine E,, lab, h Woodstock rd, r 2 
Woodard Abbie Mrs., b 10 Merchants row 

" Carrie, emp 91 Grove, b do 

" George A., emp Rut R R, h 122 Gibson av 

" Hugh A., trav salesman, h 122 Gibson av 
Woodbury Eliza, wid Cray ton A., h 109 Maple 

" Emma, wid James, b 15 Dana 

- William J., architect, h 28 Woodstock av 
Woodfall Colin B., chief elk Rut R R, h 137 Lincoln av 
Woodfin Caroline F., wid John N, h 45 Pleasant 
WOODFIN HOWARD F pres Lincoln Iron Works, h 47 Pleasant 
Woods Adeline M., nurse 120 Lincoln av f b do 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Woods Amos, emp Manning Mfg Co, b 38^ Center 
n Bert C + , barber, h 1 Evergreen av 
WOODS CARTER R dentist Gryphon blk (1), office hrs 9-12 a. m. 
1-5 p.m., and by appointment, office phone 1G-Y, res 
phone 31Q-W, h 46 Crescent, see p 369 
' Frederick E t , emp William A Sparks, res Mendon 
'* Grace C, corsetiere 40 Summer, b do 
** Harry M., emp Rut R R, h 38 Baxter 

* Mabel H,, teacher, b 40 Summer 

? Marcia A., wid Walter E, b 38 Baxter 
" Mary E. Mrs., h 40 Summer 

* Nelson, emp V M Co, b 1 Evergreen av 
" Stephen A., fanner, h 87 Temple 

Woodward Abbie F. T b 137 Grove 

J? Adrian T., h 11 Jackson av 

" Norman, emp R Mfg Co, b 143 Adams 
Wooley George B,, janitor Clement Nat Bank, h IS Pine 
Woolworth F W Co, Milton J Feather mgr, 5 and 10 cent store 

92 Merchants row 
Worcester Charles R., emp P M Co, r 06 Wales 
Wright Ada B., elk N E Tel Co, b 28 Elm 

" Austin J., b 7 Deer 

" Belle L,. wid H. Clinton, h 39 Pine 

WRIGHT EARL S asst treas The Marble Savings Bank, and treas 
Rutland Hospital, h 54 N Main 

" Jane L,, bkpr H S Parker, b 91 S Main 

?J John A., emp M Mfg Co, h 83 Baxter 

* f Lizzie C, wid Merton, h 28 Elm 

" Lorette, wid Charles E., h 157 State 

?s Orline M., student, b 83 Baxter 

" & Young (Wright Estate and George H Young), props, 
Gryphon bldg, A H Smith agt, S Gryphon bid 
Wyman Lizzie, wid Milton, h 47 West 
Wynn Anna M., tailoress, h 58 Pine 
Wynne Mary C, elk D E Martin, b 12 Pine 

w Thomas B., elk, h 12 Pine 


" Fred J., lab, b 3 Kissane pi 

" Louis, emp L I Wks, b 3 Kissane pi 
Yarrington Horace E., foreman H S Co, h 54 Church 

" Herbert H., dentist Gryphon bldg (5), h 52 Church 
Yenco Ernest S., elk Q5}/% River, h do 

" Saveris IL, grocer 65J^ River, h do 
York Freeman, h 120 Library av 
Young Agnes, wid Adolphus, h 39 Grant av 

" Alma, hskpr 60 Williams, b do 

' Charles, retired, h 90 South 

37 Charles H., cont 194 Crescent, h do 

** Charles M., cont, h Post rd, R 1 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Young Charles W. ( carp, h 194 City Park 

" Edward C +J cigars 56 Terrill, h do 

" Ellen G., student, b 1 Hopkins 

" Ethel V., sten Killington Nat Bank, b 29 Forest 

" Ethel U r b 130 Woodstock av 

" Frank L., farmer, h Post rd, R 1 
YOUNG FRED A blacksmith and welding 277 West, h 59 Williams, 
see p 343 

" Freda, student, b 1 94 City Park 

" George H. (Wright & Young), res Brandon 

" Geo L & Co, G L Young Estate, US Strongs av 

'' Harold G., letter carrier, b 92 Woodstock av 

" Helen, student, h 1 Hopkins 

YOUNG JOHN S fruit deaaler wholesale, 37 Strongs av, res Troy 
N Y, see un name 


R- B. Smith, Mgr, 

Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables 

Strawberries and Fresh Vegetables in Season 
Phone 971-R 

37 Strongs Ave* 


Young Mabel E., sten The Marble Savings Bank, r 29 Forest 
J Margaret, wid Jesse, b 1 Hopkins 
M. Charles, cont and builder above Mill Village T h do, R 1 
Mildred, student, b 29 Forest 
Nelson, moulder, h 25 E Washington 
Nelson P., carp, h Gleason rd, R 2 
Nina M t| elk, b 194 City Park 
Olive A,, sten, b 7 Geno av, City Park 
Pauline A., elk, b 59 Williams 
Rita, elk Rut Hospital, b 92 Woodstock av 
Rudolph V. (Ljungh), elk Wilson Clothing Co, h 29 Forest 
Sam, student, b Post rd, R 1 
Wallace A., lab, h 18 Pine 

Walter C, emp Creamery Package, h 4 Geno, City Park 
William A,, carp 127 Strongs av, h 92 Woodstock av 
— see Ljungh 

ZAKSZEWSKI JOHN, emp V M Co, b 74 Simonds av, C 

" Michael, emp V M Co, h 74 Simonds av, C Rutland 
Zambon Gina, b 127 South 

" Peter, lab, h 127 South 

1924 — -Rutland Directory — 1924 


Zanichelli Carlo, emp V M Co, b 43 Forest 

Zarecki Goldie Mrs. t b 8 Church 

Zego Stanley, marble wkr, h Johnson rd, C Rutland 

Zingali Antonio, lab, h 131 Spruce 

Zingalli Basil, lab, h 80 Franklin 

" Joseph, emp Rut R R, h 78 Franklin 
Zoe Joseph, lab, h 44 Strongs av 
Zygo Julia, rndd 117 Park, h do 

" Stanley, polisher, h West, C Rutland 

Keep at 

Classified Advertising 

Don't give up ! There 
is a home for you at a 
reasonable figure. 

Sensible persistency in 
advertising is bound to 
find the very right place. 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Street Guide and House Directory 

Copyright 1924 by H* A. Manning Co. 

Containing a full list of streets and roads T with the buildings, dwellings 
and stores located theron. Where the houses are not numbered and where 
streets connect a dash is inserted indicating whether on the right or left 
side of the street; where the street crosses we have inserted two dashes. 

Left Right 

North from 67 North to Field av 
143 Fred H. Maccabee 

145 Mrs. Frank H. Da vine 

147 Howard H. Manlcy 

148 Fred Beau champ 
149 Emery F. Baird' 

151 Ruel S. Rowe 

152 Archie W. Watson 

156 Ray Taft 
155 Charles G. Noyes 

160 Milton C, Williams 

162 Edith M. Newton 

168 Leslie Baird 

— — Cement bridge 
172 William A. Frair 

177 Mrs. Nellie Himes 

1SI George Weinle 

ISO Charles A. Flanders 

191 Delphis Frappier 
195 William H. Elliott 

197 George A. Elliott 

— — Vernon av crosses 
204 Leslie G. Gray 

— — Field Av. 

East from 44 No, Main 

1 George W* Branchaud 

2 James A. Merrill 

7 "Mrs. Alice Spaulding 

East from 180 S Main 

3 William R. Graham 

6 Mrs. Minnie Webster 
Arthur E. Webster 

— — Rut, R. R. crosses 

Rut R. L. & P, Co, re- 
pair shops 
16 Amos Laplante 

Halsey McDonald 
40 Thomas J. Mangan 

Left Right 

42 William Moulton 
Byron Bat ease 
John Wallett 
44 Mrs. Mary Toomey 
rear 44 Julius Bride 
47 Arthur Greenwood 

Clement Richards 
48 John J. O'Brien 2d. 
49 Henry Childs 

Herbert Moulton 
50 Fred King 
52 William Layden 
M. C O'Connor 
54 Albert E. Knight 
55 Gordon Aekley 

56 Edward H. Foley 
Leon V. New 
57 William O. Phipps 

— Mussey street begins 

64 John J. Welch 

65 Paul A. Christensen 
m Mrs. Emily McHugh 
6S Robert F. Burke 

Sarah Burke, nurse 
72 Patrick j. Howard 
78 John Shortsleeve 
88 Daniel J. Sullivan 
96 Elbridge H. Wood, Jr. 
9S -Robert G. Hesse 
— — Stratton Road 

North from 128 Walnut 

152 Mrs. Sarah N. Gillis 
162 Carlos J, Williams 
172 Jasper Lovett 

South from 12 Jackson Av 

6 Charles H, Maranville 

South from 20 Jackson Av 

— Alfred F. Duclo 

1924 — -Rutland Directory — 1924 


South from Jackson Av 
Left Right 

— H. Milton Davison 

North from 255 West beyond Wal- 
1 Edward G, Baxter, whole- 

sale lumber 
9-11 Lincoln Iron Wks, store 

14 Arthur Beau champ 
15 Thomas F. McDonald 

16 Bert R. Pitts 
17 J. A. Black 

15 Rov Abbott 

19 Charles E. Smith 

J. P. Foster 
20 Isadore Santware 
21 Mrs. Fred A, Wilson 

Mrs. Maria Ryan 
22 Clarence Baird 
23 Louis A. Durivage 

24 James Badger 
25 B. I. O'Rourke 

W. H, Phelps 
— — State Street crosses 
27 Richard P. Upton 

29 Perry T. Lane 

30 Heman Jackson 

— Mrs. Mary Paul 
31 Dennis Bump 

Thomas Kent 
32 Patrick Canney 
Frank McKean 
33 Thomas Roach 

Samuel MacPherson 
34 Lee L. Chase 
35 Archibald Stewart, Jr. 

Robert P. Bibby 
John L + Cooney 
36 Elmer J. Rivers 
36#Frank E. Coro 
Henry J. Snyder 
37 Earl Xrsberger 

Mrs. Mary J. Walsh 
58 Harry M. Woods 
Damase J. LaFlamrne 
39 John Delphia 

Joseph E. Trudeatt 
41 Adolphus D. Lavalley 

40 James J, Calvi 
41 A Clarence F. Reynolds 

D wight H. Palmer 
42 Vacant 

— Robbins street ends 

43 Mrs. Eliza M. Routier 

44 John B, Quigley 
45 Frank Dupuis 

46 Mrs, Agnes M. Starks 
47 Fred H. Percey 

Left Right 

Hugo Fregoni 
48 Thomas A. Quigley 
50 Edmund Elkey 
49 Leon G. Moulton 

51 Edward Rondeau 

Romeo Lavalley 
53 Wilfred A. Frenier 

Napoleon Joly 
— Maple street ends 
55 Luke A. Hudson 

57 William R. Derrick 

59 James B. Tree 

60 Peter Allard 
61 Margaret Crane 

62 John O. Abare 
Mrs. Delia Soulia 
63 Fred A, Snyder 

64 Americo Cacciatori, grocer 
65 Peter Stebbins 

Albert Lancour 
67 John Joseph Stanley 

James Walsh 

— — Library av crosses 

69 Thomas E. Monahan 

William G. Hurley 
$9J4 Eugene M. Whittemore 

Lewis F. Liberty 
70 Dewey W. Houston 

Thomas J. McMahon 
71 Martin A, Shinney 

Thomas J. Rice 
72 Mrs- Philineese Grander 

Claude Bowley 
73 Andrew P. Dahlgren 

John Lousseau 

76 Francis Tracy 
Michael Reilly 

77 Adolphe Depan 
Louis Cash 

79 Abraham Lash 

Bernard A- Hurley 

7S Mrs. Ella C. Fay 

SO Chester F. Blake 
81 John J, Barrett 

82 Edward Manning 
83 John A- Wright 

S5 Howard Dominv 

87 Cyril A. Brunefle 

SG Mrs. Catherine Manning 

— — Park avenue crosses 
93 Frank R Canary 

Charles H. Ward 
90 Robert B + Bird 
95 Joseph A, Chapleau 

9/ James C. Mullin 

99 John H t Lovett 
101 Patrick J t Ryan 

— — Crescent street crosses 
110 Henry J, Rogers 

122 Mrs. Mary E. Kelly 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— -Rutland Directory — 1924 

Left. Right 

— Oak street ends 

1 23 Em est LeB lane , garag e 

128 Patrick A, Mangan 

135 Mrs. Anna McDeavitt 

136 Ardin W. Emery 

— Walnut street ends 
138 Mrs. Rosalie Lassor 

130 Anthony Roberts 

141 Dr, Thomas J. Hagan 

143 James J. Dervin 

144 James Reynolds 
154 Ozias Lassor 
160 Clarence L, Reynolds 
162 Lawrence E. Flanders 
108 James C Flanders 
172 William J. Ryan 
172KToseph Prcspre 
174 Walter E. Hack 
ISO Fred Sherman 
176 Eugene Hack 

From 42 Woodstock avenue to 
North street 
37 Leonard A. Anderson 

James A. Cullinery 
38 Mrs, Lucy P. Clark 

— Roy H> Norton 
41 Albert L, Davis 
43 Walter K. Durkee 

44 John W. Hoag 
45 Dennis L. O'Grady 

47 John E. Ridlon 

50 Lacv W. Bump 
53 RoHin A. Burditt 

55 Wayne E, Davis 

57 Neil D. Bradley 

60 Fred TerenzW 
61 William O. Cutler 

64 Edward Geno 

66 Francis P. Howard 

65 Joseph R. Lafond 
70 Alton E. Poore 

71 Roswell W. Waterman 

— — Temple street crosses 

— Newton street begins 
00 James E. Havward 

102 Frank J. Butterfly 
103 Fernando E + Catoa&i 

106 Orison M. Humphrey 
108 Frank E, Martin 

— — High street crosses 

— Jeiferson street begins 
134 Louis Guertin 

— North street 

140 Murrell A. Stevens 
140 Winfield L. Bixby 

From 100 Franklin to 109 South 
74 Ray Tatro 

Left Right 

Mrs. Nancy Creed 
76 William F. Burke 

Timothy J. Murphy 
78 John L. Ruggles 

79 Charles Bunch 
R. P. Mangan 
80 John R. Holland 

Thomas O'Brien 
81 Patrick Flynn 
Bessie C. Flynn 
82 Daniel Callahan 

William Leonard 
83 William Mangan 
Bernard Mangan 
84 Mary Callahan 

Fred Avey 
85 Thomas E. Kelley 
86 Frank S. Wallet 

Mrs. Catherine Higgins 
87 T. Edward Crowley 
89 Richard M + Raleigh 
90 Mrs. Catherine McCarthy 

92 Mrs. Bridget Reardon 

— — River street crosses 
98 Henry Morse 

101 Arthur Burke 
102 James C. Hughes 

— — * South street 

West from 57 No. Main to 60 Elm 

— — Nichols street crosses 
22 Giftord H, Lawson 

23 Edward A. Chalmers 
24 Mrs. Irene R. Conner 

25 Preston D t Forbush 
26 Frank B. Wiley 

Austin J, Hubbard 

27 C. Wesley Holland 

29 Charles A. Willard 

Daniel A, Murphy 

31 Mary L. Ryan 

— — Lincoln avenue crossess 
35 Oliver L. Cady 

Andrew Catozzi 
36 Ernest Crandall 

37 Verne Vose 

George B. MacGregor 
3S William L. Gosselin 

39 George W. Pratt 
40 Mrs, Marion E. Green 

41 John Dempsey 
Roy S, Litchfield 
44 Edwin D. Kennedy 

Tyler W. Earle 
Earle & Merry, contractors 

— — Elm street crosses 


From Clement Road to Kelley 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


East from 43 Merchants Row 
Left Right 

Rutland Savings Bank 
3-5 Wilson Clothing Co. 

7 The United Talking Maeh, 

7K H t R, Kingsley, lawyer 

7}4 G. H. Kingsley & Co., 

7)4 Clement A. Parker 

9 Lewis Abraham, cigar mfr. 

Tuttle Caverly Blk. 

11-13 The Tuttle Co. t printers, 

13K John F. Wilson, dentist 

Bixby & Stevens, dentists 
15 Rutland Soda Spa, con- 

15K Oriental Restaurant 
Farrell & Co., tailors 
Peter King 
Walter A. Lawrence 
Store room 
16 Nichols, Barney & Daley, 
17 F. L, Center Co., variety 

IS Howley Bros tt stationery 
19 ClausonShoe Co 

20 Louras Shoe Shining Par- 
21 H t H. Howe & Co., co 

Rutland Confectioney Co, 
21 }i Charles L. Howe, lawyer 
M. E. Hartney, dressmk 
Mrs. Hattie Hewett 
Mrs. Bridget Colhns 
Mrs. Alice Ladabouehe 
22 Prouse's Restaurant 
23 The Cloverdale Co 

24 R M, Bradley, pianos 
24^ Webber Be Leamy, lawyers, 
E. Ellsworth Reynolds , 

Ross H. Butterfield, den- 

Marin ello Beauty Parlor 
A. R. Slader& Son, opto* 
25 W. S. Smith Co., shoes 

25tf The Tea Shop 

Mary M- Livingston, 

ladies' furnishings 
SenecaPs Studio, photo- 

Left Right 

Mrs. Eva Turner 
Lindley S< Squires, lawyer 
Horace L t Whitcomb 
26-28 Rutland Railway, Light 
& Power Co. 
27-29 John Dunn & Co., grocer 
30-32 The Playhouse 
Postal Telegraph 
31 Louis Cereghino, con- 

33 Claude Pitcher, tailor, and 

ladies' ready to wear 
35H Center Street Dining 
34 Charles T. Brown, op- 
34K Vacant 
35 H. E. Swan Market 

36-40 Howley Block 

36 Rutland Shoe Shine Par- 
lors and billiard room 
37 Billings & Davis, hard- 

38 Josie Hoy, millinery 
3Sj4 Arthur N, Brown 

Dennis J, Canty, under- 
38tf William G. Hitchcock 
Geo W. Green 
39-41 Badlands Block 
39 Cola J. Cleveland, opt- 

Z%}4 The Fashion Shop 

Lois B. Simson, develop- 
ing and printing 
L & A. W. Farnsworth, 
40 The Fruitland 
41 Badlam's Grocery 

42 A. S. Reed Electric Co, 
42tf Winfred F. Howland 
Loyal E. Kingsley 
43-45 Nichols Chapman Hard- 
ware Co. 
44 John J. Gome a, barber 
44K V of F Wars Club Rooms 
45^ Mrs, Lilla M. Pike 
46 Vacant 
4G# Vacant 
46^ Vacant 
47 Trudel Drug Co. 

48 Edward C. Bingham, 

4B}4 Rose Marie Beauty Par- 
4S}£ Rena A, Maclvor, dress- 
Real Silk Hosiery Mills 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

Left Right 

49 Berwick House Barber 

50 Smith Wall Paper Co. 
BQ}& Richard C. Carrick, chiro- 
51-55 Hotel Berwick 

52 Eitapence & Co., plumb- 
b2}4 Lewis N. Moore 
George F + Mason 
54 Dominick C. Paul, tailor 
55 Singer Sewing Machine 

Baker's Flower Shop 
56 Hat and Gift Shop 
57 A Sc P Tea Co. 

58 Shangraw's Pharmacy, 

Wales street crosses 

59 P. Anthony & Son, fruits 

60 Metzgcr Bros., awning 
61 Gee Kee, laundry 

63 Sullivan Garofano, tailor 

65 Romano's Electric Quick 

67 Marsden Electric Co. 

67 J£ Walter Hinckley 

George R, Ladabouche 
69 W. W, Ward & Son, 

69K Vacant 
71 Hudson Huntoon, con- 

71>£ Thomas Carlos, signs 

73 John F. Smith 

rear 73 Rutland county jail 

78 Knights of Pythias Hall 
Jay A + Dow 
79 Oscar J. Gilchrist, phy- 

First Baptist Church 
County Court House 
— — Court street crosses 

V. S, Court & P. O. build- 
86 Community House 
S& Charles T. Quigley 
89 Robert L. McCammon 

90 Charles A. Metzger 
91 Mary J, Collins 

S2 Geo. E. L t Badlam 
93 Robert C. Gilmore 

Nickwackett street begins 
City Fire station No. 2 
— High School 
97 Charles H. Walker 

Lucy Cheney 
99 Herbert A. Francisco 

Maurice Walbridge 

Left Right 

99K Seventh Day Advent 

103 Mrs. Ella + Hollister 

105 Ruth W, Temple 

Vincent Mace 

— — S Main street crosses 


From 49 Forest to Meadow 
49 }£ Thomas Fallon 
61 $£ Mariano Rotelli 

East from 210 S Main to R. R. 
5 Charles W. Jennings 

7 Lorenzo J, Sprague 

S Carl Anderson 
Hugh McClosky 
9 George Nichols 

Edward W. Shaw 
10 Horace Hinckley 
Mrs. Grace Lyman 
11 Francis W. Perry 

13 Michael W. Sheehan 

Robert G uy ette 
14 Ford Wtsell 
R. T. Brown 
16 — IS Abraham Newman, garage 
17 Mrs. Charlotte Pexton 

— — Rutland Railroad crosses 

East from opposite 35 Lafayette 

South from 16 Curtis avenue 
250 Edgar E. Knight 

259 Burt Phillips 

From 48 Forest Southeast to Frank- 
50 A & P Grocers 

Angelo De Lauri 
52 Louis Roucoulet 

Joseph Elkcy 
Robert Beaudry 
54 Edward J. Loyzelle 

56 George W. Knights 

58 Matthew Flynn 

59 Nicholas J. Howley 
60 Nelson Papineau 

61 Toussaint Rivet 
63 Charles R. Brown 
64 John Henry 

— — Franklin street crosses 

From 69 Williams North to 64 Lib- 
rary Avenue 

42 G. Burr Waite 

1 02 4 R U T LAND D I RE CTGR Y — - 1 9 24 


Left Right 

Robert W. Ross 
46 Emma S + Cook 

Mrs. Julia A + MacClelland 
48 Mrs. Rachael H. Abra- 
49 William A. Graham 

Addison D. Tossing 
50 Vacant 
51 Patrick A. Lanahan 

52 Evan R. Hughes 
Lucy A. Edgerton 
53 Earl B. Smith 

Fred G. Smith 
54 Francis B. Lunt 
Verne Vose 
57 John B. Eastman 

58 Henry B. Puckridge 
59 Raymond R. Bragg 

60 Mrs, Mary T. Lyman 
62 Fred G> Stafford 
63 Edwin D. Burditt 

64 Mrs. Francis B. Twigg 
— — Library avenue 

North from 63 West beyond North 
— Trinity Epis. Church 
— Church Street School 
6 Ethel Nutting 
8 Mrs. Addle Blossom 
10 Mrs* Emma L Gates 
12 Mrs. Mary Goolidge 
12#Mrs. Clara E r Sutton 
Albert A. White 
13 Mrs. Frank E. Handley 

Charles F, Fish 
Raymond F h Burke 
14 George Hier (rear) 
John Wetmore 
Fred Burdeau 
15 Henry H, Langill 

Mrs. Katherme Daley 
16 John T. McDowell 
William D. Ross 
17 John R. Bates 

18 Mrs, Josephine Todriff 
20 Mrs. Katherine Shinney 
Frank Bishop 
21 Eric G. Ecklund 

Harlin C. Watkins 
22 Fred 0. Bake 
23 Ellis J. Roberts 

Fannie M. Todd 
24 William P. Quigley 
25 Rollm D. Baldwin 

Russel Hyland 
26 Royal H. Murray 
29 Arthur M. McClure 

Mrs. H. Isabelle Ross 
30 Dennis J, Carroll, physician 

Left Right 
31 Arthur Moore 

Mrs* Mary Parkinson 
32 Bert A, Frost 
Frank J. Tillotson 
33 Fred H. Smith 

34 John H, Robinson 
Willis James 
35 Will L. Davis 

36 G. Burr Waite, grocery 
George Elkey 
38 A & P Tea Store 

40 Mrs. Priscilla M. Lam* 

Charles H. Allen 
Myron Ackley 
Ora Martin 
44 Edward j. Tennian 

Charles Beebe 
46 Margaret M. Estes r grocer 
— ■ — Williams street 

50 Otis A, Edson 
51 Alfred J. Boynton 

52 Herbert H. Yarrington 
54 Horace E. Yarrington 

Frank W. Smith 
56 Alvin S. Nutting 
J. Ray Morse 
57 James O. Morton 

Raymond A. Hughes 
58 Marcellus S. Goodwin 
60 Darrel E. Martin 
62 Arthur H. Smith 
63 Prank Johnson 

65 Herbert C. Durkee 

Duel H. Sabin 
64 Pearl Holland 
66 Howard M. Macomber 
66AHugh J. Owens 
67 Bradford C. Powers, M. 

68 Mis. Mary E. Taylor 
Edward A. Valiquette 
69 Nicholas J. Delehanty 

70 Maurice H. Collins 
71 Charles E, Purdy 

74 Andrew J. Pro van 

— Kendall avenue ends 

— Library avenue begins 
78 Warren E. Smith 

SO Frank Pierce 

Mrs, Clara Pierce 

82 William R. Spaulding 
Charles V. H. Coan 

— Robert avenue ends 
88 Edward V. Ross 

Mrs. Helen S. B. Ross, 

Rutland Directory 1924 


lf>24 — Rutland Director y— 1 924 

Left Right 

92 Wm. H, Gr inn ell, phy- 
94 Charles Turner 
96 Charles L. Howe 
— Kingsley avenue ends 
102 Frank H. Everett, phy- 
106 George W. Kenney 
113 Lawrence C. Howard 

— — Crescent street crosses 
117 Samuel L. Harris 

Mrs, Mary Harrison 
119 John A, Proctor 

— Wood avenue begins 
125 David Marshall 

Mrs, Francis E. Mussey 
320 George E. Hunt, florist 

132 Mrs, Nora Burke 
133 Quincy Whitney 

George E. Hunt 
134 Mrs. Antoine Premo 
135 Ira F. Seward 

Darius J. Filatrault 
130 Alvin M. Graves 
137 Almo B. Franzoni 

138 Harry D. Holden 
139 Mis, Jenne Sullivan 

151 M. Scott Gooding 

— — North street crosses 
172 Albert W. Billado 

— — Vernon avenue crosses 
205 Levi W. Phillips 

Emma J. Wisell 
207 Mrs. Ella Adams 

210 Usebe Bashaw 

— — Field avenue crosses 
240 William J. White 

243 Mrs. Alma D. Holden 

248 Eugene &. Stoodley 
253 Abraham Duclo 

— — Clement Lake or Patch 


Continuation of Crescent from 194 

across river 
180 John Gallipo 

182 Harrison Bussell 

184 Walter W. Brown 

186 Linddl E. Abbott 

189 John Sh arrow 

190 Henry Pockett, grocer 

191 Earl D. Sharrow 

192 Charles H. Young 
194 Aristide Franzoni 

From Cold Storage Plant to Oak 

6 Maple Tree Sugar Co, of 
19 J. P. Squires & Co., meats 

Left Right 

— Tatiber, Lipton & Co., 

shirt mfrs. 

— Gas Tank 

— — State street cross ess 

29 Mrs. Mary Conway, grocer 

31 Mrs, Alice Winship 

35 Sidney W. Fenson 

Robert Sheridan 
37 Pearl C, Blow 

38 Mrs. Mary McDermott 

Mrs. Ellen McGinnis 
40 Frank Lacrosse 

Mrs, Margaret Gilman 
41 Francis J. Don Leavy 

Elmer Pier 
42 Murphy Bros. Marble 
Works (rear) 
William P. Philburt 
George Oilman 
43 Patrick J. Connors 

44 Buel J. Whitaker 

Mrs. Mary Gilioli 
46 Joseph E. SefT 
47 Matthew Minogue 

James C. Dervin 
49 Chester Ingatis 

Walter Noyes 
50 John F. Cannon 
John McDavitt 
55 Joseph H. Macy 

J. Sherman Benedict 
56 William J, McKeogh 
57 Mrs. Margaret J. Mc- 

59 Alex, Alexander 

60 Martin J. McMahon 
61 Fred L. Walker 

C. Llewellyn Teachout 
62 Roy Plumley Jr. 
Louis King 

— Library avenue ends 
63 James M. Colomb 

08 Rollin P. Hungny 

70 J, A, Johnson 

72 Charles J. La Valley 
73 Arthur J. Routier 

Raymond E. Kinney 
75 Frank Waite 

76 William A. Cole 
77 Aristide Roussil 

78 Alexander Torvinen 
79 Eugene Benham 

80 Harvey N. Fosburg 
81 E. A. Gosselin 

82 James Dwyer 

90 George Dikeman 

— Rutland Motor Sales Co 

— Manning Mfg Co. 

— Park avenue ends 

— — Crescent street crosses 

Hi24— Rutland Directory — 1924 


Left Right 

100 J. H. Frenier & Son, 
Frenier's Supply Co, 

East from 100 North Main to Davis 

10 Mrs. Bertha Stratton 
John O. Leslie 

11 Adelbert J. Longe 
27 Vernon E. Fifield 

Mrs. Flora Barnes 
29 Hiram N. Kilborn 

— — Davis street 

West from 116 S Main to Strongs 

2 Tuffield Maher 

4 Albert Laramay 

Peter Elkey 
6 Charles W. Grey 

7 James A. McDonough 
Fred Duragon 
Lawrence Sheeban 
8 Joseph Lacosse 

9 Harold Patch 
William Lamplrin 
10 Peter Todriff 

Albert L. Rousseau 
11 George A. Jennings 
Clifton Jennings 
12 Harry Lloyd 

13 Alice - McGinley 
14 George Noyes 

15 Mrs, Annie McLaughlin 

— — Strongs avenue 


East from 270 S Main 

— Napoleon M. Bun- 

— Will E. Patch 
Perley Spafford 

— — Rutland R, R. crosses 

— Eddy Ice Co., ice dealers 

— O. A. Ferguson 

— George M. Severance 
Wallace A. Amidon 
K. C. Potter 

— Roy E. Bullock 

— — Small wooden bridge 

— Vacant 
Reynold Donohue 

— Tvler Hart, milk dealer 

— Winslow R. Eddy 

— Edward Dezero 

— George Place 

— Mrs. Nellie Hubbard 

— Raymond C. Buck 

— — City line 

Southwest from State opp House of 

Correction to West 
Left Right 

John E. Dervin, grocer 
Kate G. Darby 

194 Mrs. Anna Moloney 
196 Royal E. Bentley 

195 Mrs. Adela L. Kelley 
200 John Penta 

Thomas S, Groonel 
202 John E. Nugent 

James Barron 
204 Mrs. Gertrude Jones 

206 Caesar Pellegrinelli 

Mrs. Mary LaRose 
208 James E. Canning 
210 Vacant 

215 Bernard Higgins 
217 James C. Gillespie 
Paul Higgins 
Arthur J. Courcelle 
— Evergreen avenue begins 
230 Charles J. Council 

232 George Charron 

234 Philip La Mountain 

Joseph Brown 
233 Frank Flory 
235 Rocky Flory 
243 Lazarro Flory 

From KilUngton avenue to Freeman 

From 69 Forest to Meadow 
121 Roy M. King 

123 Katherine L, Mclntyre 

124 Frank P. McGarvey 
Henry F. Fagan 
125 Ernest Ellis 

126 Charles E. Nourse 
127 Louis F. Culver 

128 Edward Parent 

Mrs. Mary E. Keiley 
129 Convent school 

130 JohnW. Ritcr 
132 Mary A. Cawley 
— Convent 

St. Peter's R. Q Church 
Rev. John M. Browo 
Meadow street 

West from Dana to Marble 
Lewis S. Glynn 

North from 87 West to Williams 
2 John B, Noiseux 
5 Lewis A F Heidel, physician 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 

Left Right 

7 Henry L. Borden 

8 Christian Scientist Church 
11 Mary A. Morris 

12 Louis T. Anes 

Demosthenes Corsones 
12#Mrs. Margaret Merriara 
14 Edgar C Paige 
15 David A. Barker 

16 Harold W. Congdon 
17 Frederick H, Huffmire 

18 William M. Angier 
21 Charles H. West 

22 Harry B, Holmes 
23 Ambrose C, Higgins 

24 Mrs. Maria C. Fitzgerald 
26 Henry A. Ferguson 
27 Louis Martin 

27 Delore Geno 

28 John Beaulac 

Lloyd K. Beaulac 
30 J. Marsh SpafTord 
— Byron K. Houston, con- 
31 Schuyler W. Hammond, 

33 Mrs. Martha Langdon 

34 Mrs. Anna Marshall 
30 Percy M, Williams, den- 
37 William W. Ward 

38 Mrs. Margaret Estes 
38KHarry H, Rowe 
40 William Estes 
41 Harry Parker, rooming 


— — Williams street 

Now part of S Main 

South from 40 West to Washington 
1 Mrs. Agnes B + Rooney 
3 Mrs. Elizabeth C. Dunn 
b Edson P. Gilson 
6 Frank B. Howard 

6 G. Walter Oakman 

— Congregational Church 

9 Ralph H. Seeley, phy- 
Mrs. Mabel Caverly 
U. S. Court & P. 0. build- 

— — Center street crosses 

23 Rev. Edward C. Boynton 
26 George L. R. French 

27 William S. Tultle 

— — Washington street 

From 575 West to 241 State 
5 Mrs. Maty Cole 

Left Right 

7 Louis W. Cole 

10 Michael J. Moroney 
11 Leonard H. Colburn 

16 Jay H. Stafford 
17 Mrs. Mary Johnson 

21 Patrick Maroney 

24 Michael Leonard 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 















John Mandigo 
John E. Capeless 
William Dansro 

from 109 N Main to City Park 

A. Peter Andrews 

John Lavine 
9 Vacant 
1 1 Purly W. Freeman 

John Brims 
13 Elwain N, Smith 

Elwin J. White 

Frank R. Blanchard 
17 Clinton W. Allen 

Herbert G. Ducharme 

Ned S. Tyrrell 

Walter Belding 
19 Carleton E. Allen 

Charles C. Hewitt 
21 Charles Burton 

Samuel D. Langill 
25 Asa F. Beane 
27 Silas C, Warren 

Badlam's Grocery 

Ethan H. Taylor 

Arlie E< Walters 
31 Fred G, Bucklin 
33 Wm, H + Fillmore 

Edward C. Hinckley 
— Lincoln avenue crosses 
37 Clarence R. Channell 

Mrs t Mat tie Butler 

Arthur J. Menard 
39 James T t Bentley 

Charles D. Sabin 

H. K. Sherburne, phy- 
41 Mrs, Lora Weir 

William E, Lawrence 

Mrs. Hattie Lawrence 


Frank S. Nicholson 
43 J. Gardner Menut 

Mrs. Sarah Phillips 
45 Russell D. Flagg 

Carter R. Woods 

Walter B, Mills 

Mrs. Lenora Root 

Mrs. Alta Cahee 

Rev, George K. Statham 

Crescent pi Sanitarium 
and Convalescent Home 

Anson M, Perkins 

Left Rtsrht 

— — Church street crosses 
57 Pearl E. Daniels 

58 Axel J, Westin 

— — Church street crosses 
59 Myron B. Ackley 

63 William J. Moreau 

Mrs, Philemon Bachand 
Mrs. Leah Laval ley 
65 Edwin G Smith 

Mrs. Bertha Mellow 
67 George M. Hascall 
68 Charles A, Holden 

71 Fern D. Haselton 
Edward Lowe Temple 
72 Charles H. Harrison 

73 Benjamin V. Jerry 

Mrs, Mattie A, Stevens 
74 Mark L, Beardsley 

75 Mrs. Elizabeth Cobb 
Mrs. Anna E^elston 
— Pearl street begins 
78 Fred E. Brewer 

Arthur Granger 
SO William R.Roberts 

Charles F, Phillips 
81 Martin A. Murphy 
Mrs, Philip H. Howell 
Mrs. Mary Richardson 
82 Ear! L. Gleason 

John Gleason 
83 Welford H. Handley 

54 William H. Kershaw 
85 Owen M. Humphrey 

Mrs. Margaret Griffin 
86 Mrs. Harriet B. S. Foyles 

55 A. Bingham Johnson, re- 

pair shop 
89 Mrs t Elzina Raymond 

91 Charles W. Phillips 
Lincoln S. Bailey 

92 Henry Gardner 
James Alwill 

93 Joseph N. St. Clair 

95 Anton Schwarzkopf 

Edward Foster 

Arthur Longley 

97 Vacant 

Burke Bros, grocers 

— — Grove street crosses 

107 Arthur A. Briggs 

109 Edwin H. Lawson 

110 Asher Burditt 

111 Frank Q. Hickey 

Otis L. Bishop 
113 Charles Hayles 
115 Mrs. Lou Kilbum 
117 Harry E. Flanders 
116 Thomas j . Granger 

122 Kirk W. Adams 

Ernest B. Lamb 
123 Samuel Fineberg 

Left Right 

124 Geo, N. Henrichon 

126 Ernest M. Whcatley 

132 J. Camille Frechette 

134 William G. Pike 

142 Robert Soda 

Ralph Bean 
147 Edward L, Porter 

— — Baxter street crosses 

— — City Park (see City Park) 

— — Geno street (see City 

— — Fairview street (see City 

From 96 Harrington avenue north 
to Woodstock avenue 

East from 241 S Main to Stratton 

— Chase avenue begins 
19 Royette Knights 

20 Guy Drink water 

Raford Pratt 
26 Percy B. Stevens 

Ned F. Laird 

— Horton street begins 
34 Walter T. Murphy 

Frank A. Turner 
91 Rut. Fire Clay Co. 

— — Rutland R. R. crosses 
97 Arthur W. Burns 

100 Edward Bowen 
Joseph Perron 

— — Stratton Road crosses 

West from 220 South Main 
3 Isadore Robert 

5 Arthur Foster 

14 Jesse H. Hinckley 
Arthur W, Eddy 
15 Patrick Halcv 

20 Percy Hinckley 

North from 25 Temple to 20 Clinton 
79 Geo. Sehmitt 

85 Agnes E. Gilson 

82 Mrs, Viola Marks 

Albert V, Heath 
86 Mrs. Sarah Dagg 
88 John F. Tait 
89 John B. LaBrake 

96 Frank Moulton 

Wesley T. Dupaw 
98 Edmund E. Knight 
— — Clinton avenue crosses 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

From 67 Woodstock avenue to 57 

Left Right 

3 Charles P. Hill 
Butler L. Ward 

7 Edmond E. Blakely 

Vincent C. Webster 

8 Rufus R. Walker 
9 Rufus Walker, Jr. 

11 Alien C.Foye 

12 Wallace W. Waite 
14 Earle E. Johnson 

16 Charles H. Brown 
— — Temple street 


Across Otter Creek from West End 

of River to Otter Creek Road 

From Woodstock Avenue to 39 
Jackson Avenue 
2 Arthur G- Hewitt 

4 Llewellyn J. Egelston 
6 John C. White 

Albert N. Willard 

9 Fred G. Jasmin, truckman 
10 Vernon D. Bates 

1 1 Daisy Col ton 

13 Frank E. Barnes 
Joseph T. Guta wilier 

.14 Myron E. Warren 

Susan E. Terrill 

17 Mrs, Ella Carpentier 
21 Nora Anthony 

23 Timothy E. Howley 
25 Herbert W. Fish 
Robert E. Lyons 
28 William S. Terrill 

— — Terrill street crosses 
31 Henry B. Carpenter 

Paul 'Sturtevant 
35 James E. Creed 
36 Charles Lewis 

William Burke 
37 Thomas Lonergan 
39 Thomas H. Patch 
40 Mrs. Damarius Pierce 

Nellie E. Clark 
41 Bernard J. Morris 
42 Walter F. Eaton 

Ralph H. Perkins 
Dana School 

— — E. Center street crosses 
43 Peter Corcoran 

47 Mrs. Winfred Corcoran 

49 John J. Pfenning 
52 Mrs. Aseline J. Holmer 

53 Wilbur T. Lewis 
54 John H, Grimes 

58 Mrs. Anna L. Clark 

Left Right 

61 Horace J, Gates 
62 Julia E. Clark 

Clarence N. Hinckley 
64 Albert E. Trudell 

65 Walter Murray 
66 Nelson M. Myers 

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Whit- 
70 John J. O'Brien 

72 Mrs. Martha M, Warren 

— — E Washington street 

74 George M. Costello 

78 John E. Lanan 

Walter Shippley 
7& Horace Brown 
William H. Smith 

— — Spellman Terrace begins 
80 Francis Welch 

82 Eugene B. Power 

84 Wilfred E. Bean 

85 PaulB. Nourse 
86 Catherine Kelly 

89 Mrs. Katherine McGutrk 
Stella Johnson 
00 James F. Fagan 

William T. Pagan 
91 Charles W. McGuirk 

— — KiHington av crosses 
08 William H. Emery 

Carl Sanderson 
98 William H. Emery 

myi Charles Duffy 
100 Joseph E. Forcier 

Joseph Barrett 
104 Patrick H. Conlin 

107 Ralph S. Parks 

William J. Driscoll 
108 Mrs. Anna Mullee 

S. Russell Hall 

— — Engrem avenue crosses 
109 Edward J. LaPistole 

110 Mrs. Martha Halpin 

James J. Porter 
113 Phillip W. Smith 
114 William E. Ltqued 

115 Charles Kimball 
116 J. Fred Fuller 

117 Naooleon J. Lessor 
118 Milo F. Eastman 

Mrs. Luvia C. Gibbs 

— — Jackson avenue crosses 

East from 18 S Main to Lafayette 

8 Arthur A, Prouse 
10 Frank M. Wilson 
13 Herbert R. Barney 

15 Frederick S T Chaffee 

1924 — Hut land Directory— 1924 



Left Right 
17 Miles S. Sawyer 

18 Carleton 0. C. Wilson 
19 William H. Spaulding 

20 Mrs, Margaret Lalor 
2Z Rensselaer W. Goodrich 

22 William H. Lawson 

23 E. Lewis Olney 

24 Fredericka Field Jr. 
25 Fred C. Spencer 

27 Patrick J. Daly 

28 Louis E. Campbell 

30 Richard B. Spaulding 

— — East street crosses 

— Dana School 

38 Leslie C. Lawson 

40 Henry J. Kinney 

Henry J. Kinney, grocer 

46 Fred Laparle 
47 Edward L. Earle 

48 Solomon Carpenter 
49 Mrs. Marie Lemieux 

Harry Dyer 

50 Harry A. Noyes 
51 Raymond E. Hyland 

52 Charles H. Brislin 

54 Bert S. Hyland 

— — Lafayette street crosses 

East from 34 S Main to Lafayette 


1 John C. Temple 

2 John R. Temple 

3 Win. S. Smith 

4 Clifton E. Killary 

5 Benjamin T. Lawson 

6 Clifford L. Vauglin 

5 Geo, L. Kirk 

9 Michael J. Clifford 

10 Ernest H. Russell 
George A h Spaulding 
11 John J, Carbine 

12 Edward T. De Rose 
Sarah Belknap 
15 Frank J, Brown 

16 Evan Q. Griffith 
17 Robert G. Morse 

Emmett L, Pagan 
IS Michael J. McGinn 
Harry Pitman 
lSJ^Robert H. Bdlville 
19 Charles R. Boyden 

20 Bernard Saunders 
Mrs. Rena Johnson 
21 Frank C. Hayward 

22£Orin J. Little 
J^Allen A. French 
24£Merle I. Parker 
Bridget Han ley 

25 Nelson Young 

Left Right 

Tames Barrett 
27 Bartley J. Costello 

28 Mrs. Sarah Schryver 
29 Ralph A. S, Barton 

Edgar S. Beardsley 
30 Mrs. Adelaide Davis 
— — East street crosses 

42 John B. Corcoran 
43 Harry E. Cheney 

44 Merrill E, Creed 
46 Martin L. Connoly 
47 Mrs. Catherine Mailhiot 

48 Thomas W. Harte 
49 Giosofatto Romano 

Louis D. Goldberg 
50 Mrs. Walter Sanford 
51 Mrs. Sarah Barrett 

Albert H, Barnes 

57 Charles E. Davis 

65 Charles Loseby 

East from 10 East street to Stratton 

42 John L. Dupont 

Edward W. Curtis 
44 George F. Parker 
45 Joseph O. Bess 

51 William B. Millard 

53 Ernest W. Senccal 
52AMagnus Nielson 

53 Glen S. Morse 

54 Alonzo B. Mack 

55 George A. Wilkinson 

Frederick D. Baize 
56 Parker W. Avery 

58 William J. Considine 
59 Mrs. Delia M. Plumley 
65 Jason A. Billado 

66 Frank Williams 

67 Niels W. Christiansen 

73 Leland H. F:sh 

From 102 West to Willow 
— Grant! Theatre 
3 Vacant 

2 Tuttle Law Print 
4-8 Storehouse 

East from 16 Stratton Road 

North from 65 West to Kendall Av 
7 Alice J. Merritt 

8 Clayton E, Flanders 
Flanders Motors Co. 
9 Emma F. Butterfield 

10 Edgar B. Moore 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Left Right 

John Spaulding 
11 Mrs* Jennie N, Morton, 

12 George M, Waite 
123^Mrs. Jane Green 
13 Henry H, Branchaud 

Emma Mathews 

14 Hubert P. Seward 
Earl Barringer 

15 Mrs. Nancy Hale 

Michael H. Crosby 
16 William 0. Gleason 
17 Henrv Laparl 

15 Octave C. Ruchleau 
Leon Hugney 

19 Charles Brown 

— Grant avenue ends 
21 Joseph E. Marceau 

23 Joseph E. Dumas 

25 John Flvnn 

Mary Griffith 
26 Vacant 

Lena Abair 
27 Henry P. Seward 

28 Ellas L. Jangraw 

Mrs. Lizzie C. Wright 
29 L. Delia Murray 

James Eastman 
30 Mattie Mitchell 

M. Leonard Barnes 

Cecil Goodrich 

Lewis Pelton 

William L, Seward 

Mortimer Sam mis 

Mrs t Florence E. Rea 

Esther Nelson 
31 Albert Congdon 

Leon G. White 

Matteo Campbell 
32 Ernest A. Coole 

Dwight Walker 
33 Mrs. Georgiana Wardwell 

James H. 1 Neill 

34 Joseph K. LeBoeuf 
Chester D. Hayes 

35 Dora Baker 

Mrs* Jeanctte La Pistole 
36 Luther E. Leach 
37 Thomas S. Gilson, truck- 


35 Joseph Webster 
Edward H* Haskin 

40 Mrs. Addle Branchaud 
Burton V* Fan- 
Edward Johnson 

42 Frank L. True 
— — Williams street crosses 

44 Mrs + Alphonaine Poulin 
Ralpr Fessler 

46 Henry S. Wands 

Left Right 

Dennis Sullivan 
48 Frank Flagg 
50 Harry J. Dorion 

52 Frank R. Bourquin 
— Burnham avenue ends 
53 Mrs, Mary J. French 

Mrs, Fannie Lawrence 
55 Charles W. Spencer 

57 Leon S- Robillard 

Owen S. Gates 
59 Rev. George E. Price 

60 Mrs, Victoria Gossehn 

62 Nazaire D, Ostiguy 
Joseph E. Ren and 
61 Archer D. Hayward 

63 O ctave G . E ♦ Chambe rlan d 

6S Mrs. Anna E, Dunn 
70 Mrs. Helen Farmer 
Charles D. Lamonda 

— — Kendall avenue crosse i 

North from 196 State 
4 Thomas Momm*v 

East from 78 S Main beyond East 
9 Anna E. O'Rourke 

10 Dennis J. Canty 
1 1 Charles J. Prouse 

12 Michael J. Duskett 
13 Michael P. McDonough 

14 George J. Merchant 
Charles Cassin 
2 5 Edward Gee 

George H, Cassavaw 
16 Mrs. Nettie L, Bennett 
17 William E. Morris 

Dana J, Baker 
19 Michael J, Toomey 

Arthur Courcell 
20 Henry Oney 
Leonard Day 
Mrs. Margaret Bain 
21 Ernest A. Dexter 

22 William E. Harrison 
23 Ulric Dupre 

Leonard Fave 
24 Frank W. Fuller 
25 James D. Walsh 

26 Cassie B* Miner 
27 Frank J. Daly 

34 Adams B. Fulton 
Edward J. LaPi stale 

— — East street crosses 
39 John J< Harrison 

40 Jeremiah J. McDonough 

Robert M. Higgins 
44 Michael H. Sullivan 
45 Mrs. Mary Tully 

1<)24 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


From 164 West to Merchants Row 
Left Right 

1 Patrick H. Carmody, bar- 
Jennie Shippey 
3 Demetrio Pratico 
Clifford Bros., undertakers 
9M.H. McLaughlin, plum- 
10 Day Bottling Works 

1 1 Austin Bardwell 
George Rogers 
Emeline McNolty 
11 Charles Alexander 

Reuben Barrett 
12 Frank W. Dignan, restau- 

13 George F. Dikeman's Gar- 
14 W. C. Landon & Co., store 

15-21 Burditt Bros., grain, etc. 
16 . Joseph Ferguson (1) 
Andrew C. Berg (2) 
Mrs. Mary J. Norton (9) 
Arthur Landfere 
Mrs. Hattie E. Sheldon 

Soloman Todrif (9) 
James Gordon (5) 
Fred Wallett 
Charles Cocklin 
18-22 W, C. Landon's Garage 

24 Vacant 
23-29 W. C. Landon & Co. 
30 Michael E. Ryan, lunch 

32 Michael E. Ryan 

34 Consolidated Auto Sales 

Thomas Butler, auto re- 
36 F. W. SatTord, wholesale 

38 S. P. Curtis & Son, grain, 

35 E. D. Keyes & Co, whoie^ 
sale grocers 
42 George E. Chalmers, sta- 

— — Rutland R. R. office 

Clement National Bank 

North from near 266 Columbian av 
1 Bert a Woods 

John Menduni 
Albert Richardson 
9 Frank Blaise 

Leslie Guynut 

Left Right 

12 Arthur J, Courcelle, green- 
13 Sarah Carroll 

Nora E. Crowley 
Mary Q 'Council 
14 Mrs. Mary Moriarity 
17 Oscar Watteriond 

John W. Hogan 
21 Mrs. Teresa Barrett 

Arthur Oakland 

— — State Street crosses 
34 Roger Ryan 

35 Mrs. Julia Thomas 

Arthur J. Alwill 
37 John J. Lee 

38 Margcret M, Conniff 
43 Frank Sullivan 

Patrick J. Dolan 
45 Adams & Densmore 

Arthur L. Adams 
49 Charles P, Cooper 

53 Prank Thompson 

55 Arthur C + G rover 

58 Victor K LaVene 
59 George A. Round 

61 George R* Martin 

S5 John R Raleigh 

99 Hapten C. Rice 

98 A. Gust Aronson 

100 John McCullough 
99 Dwight H, Buxton 

102 John Runberg 
103 Louis K t Sprague 

104 Mrs. Anna Telander 
105 Rolhn S. Blue 

107 J, Harvey Noe 

109 J. Peter Lind 

111 C. Edwin Franszen 

113 Karl J. Ericson 

West from 256 N Main to Grove 
31 James A. Bl an chard 

— — Lincoln avenue crosses 
33 Edward H. Ryan, taxi- 
cab service 

— — Church street crosses 

— Adams street ends 
61 Henry E. Gero 

67 Walter F. Wands 
73 George E. Holcomb 

— Pearl street ends 
Henry W- Clement 

— — Grove street crosses 

West of 143 Granger 

91 John B t Romano 
92 Neson A, Malmgren 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Jutland Directory — 1924 

From 226 West to Park 
Left Right 

9 Rutland Mfg. Co., re* 
11 Luther C, Kinney 
13 Carmine Fitaniello 

Joseph Tripodi 
15 Louis LaRock 
Arthur LaFay 
19 Hairy J. Lucas 
23 Charles La Point 
27 Hall, Hartweli Co., shirt 

29 James R. McGuinness 
Rudolph V. Young 
30 Kathern Tighe 

Charles Lamoureux 

— Union street ends 

31 Joseph Bellomo, grocer 
T. A. Campbell 

— School street ends 

33 Carmine Abatielle, shoe 

35 Foti Joseph, grocer 
Joseph Foti 
Jennie Dwyer 
3 7 Nath an G el von , meat mar- 
38 Henry J. Hostler 

39 Jennie M. Warner 
40 Mrs. Cylinda Grandey 

41 Edward Q Hopkins 
43 Joseph Foti 
Andrea Marotti 
Antonio Sofio 
44 J. H. Ryan, grocer 

Olin J. Ryan 
46 Oresti Tosi 

4&H Edward M. Knox 
£& James McGinnis 

Gaetano Lemma 

— Cherry street begins 

— Chaffee street begins 
49 William Frcier 

Wilfred Berg 
Leon Shora 
53 Benjamin McNaughton 
55 William Emrick 
Arthur LaFrancois 
56 William O. Farreli 

57 Charles Delphia 
Edward Sawyer 
58 Catherine Stevenson 

59 Louis Eclinger 
60 Charles M. O'Boyle 

61 C. W. Backus 
i — Rice avenue begins 
62 Aaron C. Matthews 

63 Mrs. Josephine Alison 
65 John C. Reardon 
66 Patrick A. Howiey 

Left Right 

68 John P. Smith 

69 John H t Ryan 
Ned E, Sherman 

— Convent avenue begins 
70 LaFond Bros, grocers 

Daniel J t Healy 
71 Theresa A. Lyston 
72 Dennis J, Healy 

— Franklin street ends 
73 John W. Hanley 

75 Henry Kinsella 

John E. Fenders 
77 Daniel J. O'Rourke 
79 Joseph Kelley 
81 John P. Moloney 
82 John Daley 

83 form Welch 
85 Mrs, Elizabeth C, Grimes 
86 Frank L. Lehr 

Frank W. Dig nan 
87 William E. Sweeney 
Thomas J + Donovan 
88 Joseph A. Cline 

90 Henry Carrick, marble 

Richard C, Carrick 

— — River street crosses 
92 William B. Reardon 

Alfred Taylor 
94 Patrick Cannon 

95 John B. Pre vie 
96 William C. Shouldice 

Michael J, Grady 
97 Henry C, Francis 
98 James W. Mclntyre 

Philip McGurgan 
99 Charles H. Thompson 
100 James E. Shanahan 

101 Allen Vondette 
Fred A. Taylor 
102 Mrs. Katheruie M. Walsh 

George Drew 

— — South street crosses 
103 Mrs, Mary McDonald 

James H> Turner 
104 Simeon Chamberland 

105 George Pelkey 
106 Mrs. Mary Chamberland 

Rupert J, Taylor 

109 Nellie Simpson 
110 Edmund Chamberland 

111 Marc L. Desmarais 
112 Nelson Willett, trucking 

113 Anna H. McGuire 

117 Frank Lapine 
Nellie Bernell 
118 John Franzoni 

118 Harry B. Mcrritt 

119 James K. Graham 
12CJ Raymond J, Carroll 

122 Edmond LaFrancois 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 251 

Left Right 

124 Philip & Dashner 

126 Louis Shortsleeve 

144 Emma M. Loyzelle 

— Plain street ends 

145 John E. Halliday 
J 47 Lyman Grossman 
149 Patrick Travnor 
159 Alfred H. Taylor 
164 Mrs, Belle Crowe 

West from Junction Spruce Av and 

Furnace to 77 Forest 
78 John Di Lorenzo 

Joseph Zingalli 

Dominick Caruso 
80 Vincenzo Sangrigali 

Basile Zingalli 
82 Vacant 

— Granger street begins 
Si> Antonio Alberio 

88 Miltim A. Haddad 

Giuseppe Gariano 
90 Margaret Collins 

92 Fred A. Dupray 

94 Mrs. Ann Harty 

95 Owen Monahan 
Mrs. Helen Foley 

99 Ruffus Eno 

— Cherry street ends 
100 Ella C, Lyston 

— Brown street begins 
104 Joseph H. Vargas 

Oliver S, Baker 

James Albano 
107 Vito Manfreda 
108 Daniel Hefferman 

Mrs t Julia Hanley 
109 Mrs. Nellie Gallagher 

Mrs, Quirk 
112 Patrick J, Keefe 

Mrs. Margaret Carter 
114 Joseph De Rosier 

Joseph Traynor 
116 Emma McCarthy 

— — Forest street crosses 

East from 6 Stratton Road 
1 George Cox 

2 Mrs. Mary Tuggey 
3 Forest H t Flanders 

6 George Bergeron 
8 Irving McKtrryher 

1 Mrs. Carrie McLeod 
Earl Shorrow 
3 Samuel McNorton 
Frank Johnson 

Left Right 

Mrs. Susie Ney 
5 Mrs. Sarah Carrier 
John J t Rice 
4 Walter a Young 

Frank Bean 
6 Irvin Noe 

Frank H + Stevens 
137 Henry Prevelle 

West from 181 Granger to Forest 
90 J. Bert Maranville 

94 Charles A. Congdon 

Ralph G. Nourse 
95 Walter A. Clark 
96 Mrs. Nellie Parker 

George Frank 
97 Harry J. Adams 
98 Mrs. Jennie E. Jones. 

Walter J. Gouchoe 
99 Luther G. Thrall 
100 I. Lynford Amidon 

Walter C, Hall 
101 George W, Warren 
102 Wm. Grossman 

Thomas F. Fox 
103 Mrs. Delia Patch 
104 Franklin L, Lawson 

105 Harry L. Blanchard 
107 Amos D. Dawson 
Harry L. Hooker 
108 George R. Marsh 

John Hollis 
109 Charles Congdon 
111 Mrs, Elva M. Aldrich 
W. F. Kellewav 


113 Mrs. Mary King 

Charles B. LeFancois 

Jerry 0. Jenne 
115 George H. Martin 
116 Dana M t Kelley 

117 Clarence E. Pinney 
Mrs. Clara Mills 
118 Fred W. Lehr 

George E. Martin 
119 Jerry Crist 
122 George A. Woodard 

Hugh A, Woodard 
123 Springer E, Keirstead 
124 John Mclntyre 

Fred Tcer 

— — Forest street crosses 

East from 28 Stratton Road 

— Lester Kimball 
12 Samuel Laduc 

Head of Woodstock Avenue to City 

James Kehoe 

Rutland D rectory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory— U|24 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Left Right 

Nelson Young 
Guy Brooks 
Harley B. Hassam 
Fuller Harold 
Walter M. Seward 
City line 

South from 86 FrankUn to 81 Park 

72 Joseph Ciom 

75 Qrazio Curao 
77 Genneroso Vjta^iano 
78 Mrs. Katherine Webb 

79 Frank Altrui 
81 Anna Kassap 
g3 Giuseppe Lafoso 
84 jasper Caceoappi 

Silvano Startan 
85 John Feldo 
86 Thomas Cummmgs 

g7 William McGinms 
92 Edward Lamb 

S3 Dominick Barone 

Joseph Barone 
95 Michael J . Hockley 
98 Mrs, Mary Farrell 

inn Daniel Baskey 

Andrew Marshall 
102 Cornelius Hoy 

103 Nelson Babbitt 

107 Harold McNolty 
109 Charles H. Enfield 
HO Charles J* Daley 

Thomas B. Keith 
_ — Biver Street crosses 
112 William J- Mullen 

William Fox 
113 Mts. Elizabeth Gutewfller 
110 Edward Ryan 

Margaret Fagan 
117 John Shannon 
121 William Wade 
Bridget Griffin 
122 Clinton H, Nason, grocer 

Clinton H. Nason 
126 Daniel F; Cline 

127 Charles Kemmen 
128 Jerome M. Avery 

_ — South street crosses 
141 Frank D. Foley 
Eli G. Bi an chard 
— First street starts 
143 Edward J. Burke 
145 George Fox 
Hugh Rounds 
146 Henry A. Lamphere 

Generoso Corso 
]47 Domenick Romano 
Jerry Perkins 







Left Right **„**« 

148 Mrs. Mary Martin 

149 Joseph C. Baker 
Dennis J. McCue 
Thomas Burke 
MeCue & Co,, marble 
works (rear) 
_ -^ Railroad crossing 
157 Robert Moher 

David Humphreys 
161 Frank Trudo 

Napoleon Gosselm 
Bessie B. Emerson 
165 Mary F. Naylon 
Ernest E. Mumford 
D. Lewis Selleck 
J C. McGarry, grocer 
Charles Wilkinson 
Pans B. Lincoln 
— Plain street crosses 
179 Mrs- Bridget Lynch 
Ernest H. Javery 

Gibson avenue begins 

Ralph Clementi 
183 Arthur C. Bdlman 
Martin Walsh 
George A. Kenny 
191 Mrs, Fisher 

Daniel F-O'Rourke 
Henry McLaughlin 

Park street begins 

West from Nichols to 18 Elm 
29 Thomas J. Wilson 

Patrick Tighe 
33 Clarence H. Stevens 
Edward E. Eno 
__ — Lincoln avenue crosses 
37 Dion St. Germain 

Clarence H. Randall 
39 Mrs. Agnes Young 
Mrs. Nellie Blakelv 
Francis E. Mailluot 
Joseph G, Germon 
41 William H. Tarbell 
Mrs. Agnes Rideout 
Garret G. Van Holien 
43 Mrs. Julta Lovell 
Albert D. Lessard 
45-47 Francis Baldwin 

William H. Dunn [l) 
Mrs. Evelyn H. Wood (3) 
Vacant (4) 
Charles Seward (5) 
Frank L. Warner (6) 
Wilfred Elkey (7) 
Vacant (8) 
— — Ehu street 



Numbers from 1 to 52 inclusive 
changed to Merchants Row 

North from State to City Line 
Left Right 
55 Adams & Noe 

Carlos H. At well 
56 Byron F. Everest 
Anthony J Daley. 
57 Mrs. Grace Martel 

57^ Robert J. Williams 
Charles H. Cutler 
59 Harrie A. Amsden 

Clifford Robinson 
60 Mrs- Margaret H. Parris 
63 Bert A. Adams 

Mrs. Kitty W. Clark 
64 Emmett R T Grirmell 
Newton N . Haseltine 
W. G. Hodsdon, physician 
66 Ray Ernest Smith, phy- 
67 Mrs. Mary Sanders 

William Early 
Michael Rice 
68 Mrs. LiKsie Mound 
69 Mrs. Delia Gibson 

Jesse Cooper 
70 Joseph E. Lanahan 
71 Geo. Rusted t, physician 

— Williams street ends 
73 Mrs. Kate P. Bryant 

74 Samuel J. Gibbs 
75 Edith Bates 

76 Herbert A. Tmeman 
77 Arthur H. Keyes 

75 Milton W. Thomson 
82 George M. Bradley 

Emerson Gill 
83 Envin E. Keyes 

— Maple street begins 

84 Dr. Robert Weir, veteri- 
88 Earle L. Whitney 
Charles T. Brown 
90 Mrs. Martha E. Cook 
James Collins 
91 Samuel M. Willson 

92 Mrs. Elizabeth Higgins 
93 Miner H. Hilliard 

94 Mrs. Carrie L. W. Gary 
95 Mrs. Matie Sherwood 

Carl A. Wilton 
97 Arthur C, Thompson 

H. H. Baxter Memorial 

— — Library avenue crosses 
101 Etta Franklin 

103 Charles Kantor 

Baxter Estate 
H. William Wbay 

— Football Grounds 

— Park avenue begins 
133 Mrs. Ellen C. W. Royce 

Left Right 

137 Mrs. Henry A. Harman 

137 Guy K. Hakins 

139 Jacob Slater 

140 William Bursy 
Harry H. Simpson 
141 Levi N. Huntoon 

Charles Paul 

— — Crescent street crosses 
142 William E. Mcintosh 

143 Alexander C, Mason 

Edward O'Connell 
144 Daniel O. Porter 

— Oak street begins 
159 David A. Lillie 

Leon A. Growth er 
163 Mrs. Lizzie B. H. Mead 

Carrie H. Wilson 
164 George N. Cox 
165 Antoine 0. Jerry 

168 Bert H. Stickney 

— Walnut street begins 
172 Andrew T. Huntington 

173 Albert L. Taylor 

— North street ends 
175 Arthur G. Baker 

176 Horace A. Colburn 
177 Walter S. Fenton 

178 Henry A. Plunkett 
179 Henry C. Farrar 

181 Edwin P. Currier 

Michael C. DeWitt 

— Linden street begins 
188 George C. Cobb 

191 Herman W. Vaughan 

201 Mrs- Gustave H. Grimm 

— Locust street begins 
212 Dr. Clarence F. Ball 
214 Clarence A. Brown 

215 Carl P. Strobell 

226 Mrs. Hattie Hilliard 
239 William R. Pond 

— Vernon street begins 
247 John T. Fitzgerald 

— Field avenue begins 
Herbert A. Gillam 
Rutland Country Club 

East from reservoir to Stratton Road 

— — Lafayette street crosses 
66 Fred M. Curtis 

OS Alvin A. Warren 
70 John E. Nobel 
74A William Sargent 
76 Hermon E. Dole 
76A Elwood F, Ireland 
92 Almon S. Bishop 
121 James A. McGuire 

St. Joseph Cemetery 

— — Stratton road crosses 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

From 123 Library Av to Park av 
Left Right 
69 Napoleon Joly T grocer 

71 Louis Johnson 

Margaret M. Carrigan 
74 Katie Meehan 

George E P Blanchard 
75 Emile C. Savard 

Royal Rondeau 
77 Vacant 

Charles V. Houston 
78 Mrs, Harriet Tatrault 
Mrs. Virginia Cross 
79 Meyer Fi simian 

Louis Kazan 
SO Fred Smart 
81 Harry E. Hinckley 

Alfred Hinckley 
84 Thomas C. Elworth 
87 George Shelvey 

Benjamin Wilkinson 
8D Charles Whittemore 

Gus Olson 
— — Park avenue crosses 


North from 231 State to Pine Hill 

35 Michael H, McLaughlin 

38 Augustave Anderson 
41 Levi E. Matthews 

43 Mrs. John Jakowlow 

44 un construction 

45 George P + McCannic 

46 Mrs. Rosa Rice 
Dennis J, Shea 

50 Dennis Long 

John P. Carney 
52 William I. Morgan 
85 Patrick R. Carroll 

East from 122 N Main to Bellevue 
7 Lynn B. Brigham 

Mrs. Myra Stevens 
9 Vacant 

O. A* Johnson, lumber 
10 German F. Tarble 
George C. Ackley 
12 Edward A. Beayon 
Myland Packard 
13 Frank S. Hastings 

15 Mrs. May F. Johnson 

Jay Dow 
19 Moses H. Raymond 

20 John Frazier 
23 Vacant 

24 Charles W + Rich 
25 George F, Schryer 

Left Right 

28 Clarence H. Adams 
29 George M. Goddard 

31 John H. Raymond 

32 J. Henry W, Strubbe 
34 Quincy M. Baker 

Chauncey W. Hastings 

— — Bellevue avenue 

North from 51 Temple to Bellevue 
6 Charles F. Kent 

11 Lewis R. Staves 

22 Warren J. Crossman 
24 Martin M t Travers 


From llfi Oak north 
127 Albert L. Pratt 

John H. Davenport 
129 Mrs. Agnes Mumford 

133 C, Albert Minard 

Clarence R. Garron 

134 Rowland N. Owens 

135 Frank L. Haseltine 

Kenneth Conrad 

— — Walnut street crosses 
137 Raymond C. Bridges 
139 Edward C, Bingham 

142 James Pitman 

— — Linden street crosses 

Harold Gardner 
161 Leslie Crane 

West from 99 S Main to Railroad 
1 Michael Gilram 
3 Frederick K. Johnson 
5 Frank J. Gilrain 
6 George Adams 

Hiram L, Johnson 
Patrick R Tighe 
8 Mrs, Mary A + Tully 

9 Wilfred Bousquet 
Mary Donovan 
Mrs. Lena Lovelett 
10 George F. Tully 

12 Abraham Newman 
Harry Dunn 

13 Vacant 


Harry Gregory 
15 Mrs. Julia Dickson 

17 Henry P. Battles 
John W. Martin Jr. 

18 Fred Alexander 
20 John Petersen 

21 Charles Moore 
22 Owen Sherlock 

Edward C. Duggan 

23 Mrs. Jennie LaFrance 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1024 


Left Right 

25 Milo Bassett 
26 Herbert Ladue 

Fred Fredette 
27 Mrs, Delia Myers 

Dante Bartalena, grocer 

29 J + Hay den Durant 
Leon Pollard 

30 John James Brown 

31 Charles A, Mooney 

— — Strongs avenue crosses 
40 George A. Moulton 

— — Rutland railroad 

South from 26 Curtis avenue to Cold 
River Road 

251 Mrs. Elena Rousseau 
Louis E. Rousseau 
252 Nelson Burr 

Howard P. Stalker 
260 Julius M. Crossman 

Rov Femstermaker 
— Cold River Road 

Southeast from 19 Forest to Frank- 
25 Edward King 

27 Edward A. Goyette 

29 James W. Greaves 

30 Ben Corey 
George Shortsleeve 

30^Herbert Pelkey 
31 Mrs. Rose Gonyea 

32 Benjamin T, Coppins 
33 Charles lannetti 

35 Domenick C. Paul 

— — Union street crosses 
37 Mrs. Elmira Chevalier 

39 Mrs. Bridget Crosby 

40 Pasquale PaUuoto 
41 John T Neil 

42 Claude Ross 
43 Vito Ricci 

45 Robert R. Tuggey 

46 Lee E, Minard 
47 Louis Garoefano 

47}£ John Stanzione 
49 Giovanni Rogosta 

Raphael Cioffi 
51 Ardino J. Seed 

Pellegrino Menduni 
55 Wallace A. Ross, truck- 

57 William Ross 

59 Mrs, Mary A. Onion 

William Sullivan 
61 Domenico Cilia 

Liberty Ciccone 
40-60 R. R. Patch Mfg Co. 

Left Right 

60 Thomas F. Leahy 
62-64 Vacant 
63 John Notte 

— ■ — Franklin street crosses 

From Woodstock Avenue to Temple 

56 Henry G. Root 
58 Fred Roberts 

61 Frederick C. Ives, builder 

62 Lorenzo H t Sheldon 
66 William H. Williams 
67 Lathrop H, Baldwin 

6S James C. Dunn 
69 Frank R. Stevens 

From 17 Moultrop Avenue South 

157 Charles E. Scofield 
160 Justin T. Kelley 

East from 90 S Main to Stratton 

2 C, Eugene Cooley 

Edward L* Burke 
4 John D. Haugh 
Frank C. Spencer 
5 George A, Heath 

Charles F, Howard 
7 Walter J. Barrett 

10 Lloyd R Standish 
11 Adrian T, Woodward 

— Avenue A begins 
12 William A. Bashaw 

13 Albert Sanford, grocer 

14 Edward Jeannotte 
Godfrey G + Melen 
15 Alonzo E. Carruth 

16 John B. Haney 
17 Arthur J. Doody 

John D, Wilkins 
19 Arthur E. Niles 

Arthur J. Manning 
20 John Doolan 

Lawrence Sheehan 
21 George W. Cowen 

22 Jerry Thornton 

John W. T T Wettleson 
23 John Mound 

William T t Simonds 

— Avenue B begins 

25 Mrs. Margaret Simon ds 

26 Harry C. Shaw 
27 Frank B. Fuller 

28 George Fresell 
29 Josephine Fuller 

39 Oscar Johnson 

John T. Koempel 
— East street ends 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

Left Right. 

42 Alice Dexter 

44 Mitchell W. Poquett 

40 James E. Scully 

47 Charles Clark 

49 Lionel E. Fish 

— Avenue C begins 
52 James M. Hinchey 

53 Mrs. Catherine Welch 

57 Ward Motor Trucking 

59 Mrs. Ida M. Cady 

65 Charles P, Axelson 

71 Richard Herrmann 

73 Clarence L. Raynes 

76 Thomas L. Bennett 
77 George Austin 

Arthur F. Ward 

78 Frances K. Powers 
SI Charles W. Aronson 

83 William J. Lahey 

84 Frank L. Pelky 
87 Edmund J. Vasseur 

Robert E. Da vine 

88 Vivian C. Fuller 

90 Jeremiah Stone 
91 Odilion D. Meier 

Clyde IL Forquites 

— — Stratton Road crosses 

South from South 

John Mellice 
Harold Mylott 
15 Thomas Loveday 

South from 146 Woodstock 

Extension of Curtis Avenue to Men* 
don Town Line 

Creed , Eddy & Copps, 

ice dealers 
William Dassino 
Charles Dansro 
Nelson S. Washburn 

South from Dorr Bridge to Town 

West from 71 N Main to 70 Church 

5 Luis G. Morphy 
7 Harry L. Hall " 
9 Charles K Ellwood 
11 Herbert R. Grower 

— Nichols street ends 
13 Harry M. Johnson 

Charles H. Edinge.r 

Left Right 

15 Mrs. Julia M, Buskey 
William B t Battles 

17 Robert E. Selleck 
Mrs* Clara Gleason 
18 Edward E. Coyne 

Frank H. Hart 
19 Vacant 

21 Elizabeth B. Austin 
22 William A- Rowe 

23 Albert Rogers 
Harry Lowell 
24 Edgar H. Horton 

Fred L. Smith 
26 John R. Canney 

27 Eugene A. Dodge 
John B. Donkm 

— — Lincoln avenue crosses 
32 Thomas W. McKay 
34 Vacant 

Cornelius J. Kelly 
36 Vacant 

38 Mrs- Mary Smyth 

35 Jesse P, Aines 
Edward Gero 
37 Mrs. Jane S + Holden 

Mrs, Florence H. Masgil 
39 Erwin E. Wiggins 
41 H t Russell Murray 
43 Richard M. Shorley 
40 Bert W. Marshall 

Mrs, Marion Whitney 

— Elm street ends 
45 William E. Grace 

47 Eugene G, Whitcomb 
48 Vacant 

49 F. Herbert Cook 
50 Mrs. Leonie H. Wood 

Louis W. Fuller 

51 Vacant 
52 Charles H, Tyrrell 

Mrs. Catherine E. Brown 

53 Henry E. Lavery 

55 Harrison J. Laselle 

— — Church street crosses 

East from 66 South Main to City 

7 Wilfred Bartlett 

9 Hernias Racine 

U Vacant 

Wilfred Riley 
13 John C. McGarry, grocer 

John C. McGarry 
William Kufferer 
St Mary's School 

16 Mrs. Ellen MeCavet 
17 Alexander Patuode 

Marcus Carr 

Cornie Kelley 

IS Leroy E. Hyde 

1924^-Rtjtland Directory— 1924 


Left Right 
19 Narcisse J. Bousquett 

20 Frank E. Crawford 
21 John J. Stanley 

Elmer Eaton 
23 Frank Moon 

24 Leonard M. Oney 
25 Henry Martin 

Charles King 
26 Charles A. Butterfly 
27 Thomas Nallen 

28 John Thompson 
29 Dennis E. O'Shea. Jr. 

31 Telesphore Bousquet 

Albert Bousquet 
32 Delmer Borah 
33 Charles P. Dooley 

34 House under const, 
36 Vacant 
37 Thomas Burke 

Herbert W. Brown 
39 John Leonard 

— — East street crosses 
46 Ernest F. Anderson 
48 Thomas Corcoran 

Edward Connor 
50 Lawrence McGulrk 
51 Mrs. Mary E, Sullivan 

52 Mrs. Julia Bailey 
53 Mrs, Elizabeth M< Bolin 

Mrs, Margaret Carrington 
55 Paul Perry 

Roger Clarino 
55 ^ Vacant 
61 Hudson Huntoon 

62 Mrs. Bridget Barrett 

— Lafayette street begins 
75 John W. Thomson 

7S Raymond H, Gragen 
87 Adolf Frankiewicz 

90 Frank Bean 
96 James Fitzsimmons 
97 Adeloris P. Desmarais 

98 Edmund J t Walsh 
102 C. E. Benham 
130 Frank Farwcll 
131 William Sharp 

139 Charles Beedleson 

— — Stratton Road crosses 

— Charles T. Sheldon 
George E. Wood 
Edward Guyette 
Oliver St + Peter 
Amidats Desmans 

— John P. Eddy 

— — Gleason Road crosses 

West from 102 N Main to 96 Church 
1 Edwin E + Bergstrom. 
3 Edward E, Allen 

Left Right 

5 Otis G, Beale 
Leonard F # Wing 

7 Henry E. De Gree 
9 Tully D. Shaw 
Carl A. Pomeroy 
10 Edmund P. Shaw 

13 Lawrence C + Jones 
12 F. Charles Merry 

14 Frederick H. Bumham 

15 Edward J. Dennis 
17 John J. Gray 
ITALloyd E. Aldrich 
16 James G. Kingsley 

18 George E. Stott 

19 Vacant 
23 Barron W + Reynolds 

— — Lincoln avenue crosses 
39 Cleo D. Morse 

41 John T. McLaughlin 

43 Nicholas Flory 
44 Frank L, Bigelow 

45 Percy W« Adams 
46 Harding O. Coolidge 

46J4 Mary Bracken 

47 William H t Botsford 
48 Horace E. Winchester 

Earl V. K. Willsori 

49 Ashbel G. Coolidge 
50 Almarion Bradford 

51 Lloyd P. WUkins 
52 Albert J, Bissell 

— — Church, street crosses 

From 73 Pine 

— under construction 

— Chester H. Remington 

— Fred E. Vaughan 

North from 141 West 
3 Mrs. Catherine McKeegan 

4 Vacant 

5 Leslie Durkee 

6 Ira E. Graves 
Public Library 

5 McKirryher & Granger 

South from 54 Woodstock Avenue 
to 61 Killington Avenue 
14 Norman C. Fifield, con- 

15 Louis G. Columbus 
16 Thomas H. Hascall 

17 George J, Hayles 
19 Roy T« Jasmin 
21 Frank C. Welch 
23 Francis A, Jones 
24 Roy C. Davis 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

Left Right 

25 Herbert H, Seward 
26 Otis Dumas 

27 Mrs. Albina La Vallee 

— TerriU street ends 
35 Charles B. Morris 
37 Clara M. Parker 

— East Center street ends 
61 John C. Oney 

— Bast Washington street 

62 Michael J. McLaughlin 

72 Patrick J. McLaughlin 

S3 Linus D. Edmunds 
85 Frederick C. Gee 
87 Mrs. Mary F. Lamb 
*— — Killington avenue crosses 

From 70 Church West to 70 Cleve- 
land Avenue 
70 Charles A. Simpson 

— Chestnut avenue ends 
72 Ray Hazel tine 

Conrad Brown 

— — Grove street crosses 
85 Charles W. Buswell 

86 Mary 0. Valiquette 

87 Cleo Brown 

William W. Whitcomb 
88 Lawrence J, Lobedell 

89 Roy Nutter 

Arthur N. RainvilJe 
90 George E. Wolcott 

92 Bernard H. McHugh 

93 James D, Gallagher 
Charles H + Hunt 
94 Mrs. Margaret Murphy 

— — Ptne street crosses 
107 Clovis Hevey 

108 Harry Kent 

John* Duffy 

109 Fred Brear 

110 Gardner Haradon 

111 John Burke 

Alphonse Langlois 
112 Dolphis G, Metier, Jr. 

Raymond W. Goodspeed 
113 Frank Maranville 
Steve Frankiewicz 
Glenn Howland 
Mrs. Cordelia A. Flanders 
115 Lewis Avery 
Francis X. Lehr 
116 Mrs* Anna Bashaw 

118 Michiel McLaughlin 

Robert A. Phillips 
lift Aimer J. Hier 
Eleanor Morrison 
120 Freeman York 

121 John T\ Hurley, upholster- 

Left Right 

122 Margaret Bradshaw 

123 Patrick H. Mangan 

Harry O'Brien 
— Harrison avenue begins 
120 Lawrence T. Bartlett 

128 Abram Weiss 

129 Vacant 

James Conway 
131 William Kerrigan 
132 Frank Mack 

133 Orange Goodyear 

Mrs. Margaret Garrin 
135 Joseph Horridge 
137 Mrs. Frances H. Bishop 
139 Cyril Brunelle, grocer 

— — Baxter street crosses 
141 Frederick G. Francis 

142 Mrs. Bridget Duffy 

144 Frank Loyzelle 

George Loyzelle 
145 Pierre Thull 
146 Frank R. Dominy 

Joseph Dumauchiel 
148 Daniel H. Kennedy 

— — Cleveland avenue crosses 

North from 39 West to City Line 
10 Mrs. Mary S, Curran 
Mrs. Dessie Perkins 
Frank Barker 
11 Mary L Fisk 

Eva J. Stickney, public 

Mrs. Myra D, Wood 
lU/i Ottie W. Lewis 
13 Mrs. George H. Cleave- 

Ira Earle 

Sacred Heart R< C. Church 
15 Mrs. Harriet Blanchard 

Henry L. Doty 
17 Richard H, Davis 

Lewis Martin 
18 Eleanor J t Meldon 

— — Grant avenue crosses 
25 Mrs- Amelia Massey 

Carl Lewis 
Thomas J, Byrne 
26 Em ile E. Carboneau 
Mrs. Laura Richard. 
27 Carroll L. Stewart 

30 Seneca Flanders 
Charles J. Benedict 
31 Michael E. Burke 

32 Griffith W- Jones 
Harold G. Tower 
33 Nellie O'Shea, boarding 

35 Thomas H. Carrigan 

Nicholas Donohue 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 


Left Right 

36 John J* Canty 
37 Roland R. Peck 


38 John J. Canty, monu- 
mental works 

^~ Williams street crosses 

43 John J. Gomez 

42 Vacant 

44 Charles Preedom 
45 Arthur R- Sladcr 

47 David E. Ploof 

49 William F. Crosby 

46 William E. Lovetts 

— Burnham av crosses 

57 Frank C. Andrus 

58 Andrew Sonander 
59 Lafayette Allen 

60 Herbert A. Durgy 
64 Mrs. Kate L. Alford 

Henry C. Phillips 

— — Kendall av crosses 
67 Robert D. Smith 

€8 Prentiss H. Kent 
69 John M. Copley 

__ — Roberts av crosses 
71 Fred G. Haskins 

McRae F. Haskins, music 
79 Samuel Frank 

81 George H- Emery 

— — Kingsley av crosses 

— — Crescent street crosses 
105 John A. Craig, contractor 
107 William St, Peter 

112 Abraham Lincoln School 
— Melrose avenue ends 
114 Percival P: Wood 
115 Edward R. Jillson 

Harry H. Glanville 
116 Ardian C. Marshall 
117 John F. Wilson 

US George M, Haskins 
120 Mrs. Anna E, Butler 

— — North street crosses 
129 William N + Nutting 

130 Charles A. Matthews 
131 Elbrirlge H. Eaton 

136 Cola J. Cleveland 
137 Colin B. Woodfall 

139K Campbell Garage 
141 William E. Campbell 

143 Winfred B. Gage, chiro- 


170 Mrs. William B. Butler 

172 Elbert J Ford 
177 Vacant 

Henry Kenney 

W. Erlward Reynolds 

184 Charles E. Bedore 
187 Cecil W. Campbell 

183 Frank J. Perkins 

Left Right 

189 Harry S. Mattison 

191 Frederick F. Gifford 

192 Lawrence Matthews 
— Vernon avenue crosses 

200 Joseph Hamel 
203 Warren L* Huntoon 

204 John Lesperance 

William J- Whitcomb 

212 Rufus J, Blanchard 

216 Daniel W. Eddy 
217 Fred E. Manning 

330 John P. Gleason 
— — Field avenue crosses 
241 David Brown 

2,54 Frank K« Davison 
25o Percy Holden 

259 Carrol Brown 

260 John L. Roberts 
— North Main street crosses 

From 181 Grove to Ash 

From 201 Grove to Ash 

West from 69 Main to Strongs 

8 Albert W. Edson 

10 Herbert Nason 

12 Thomas Horan 

14 William Taylor 

— Morse Place ends 
1 o Frank W + Knapp 

William R- Gilbert 
16 Mrs. Sarah R. Pierce 

17 Edward C. Johnson 
Harry E, Burton 
18 Hugh Montgomery 

— Pleasant street ends 
20 Homer L + Hoag 

22 Wilson E. Aldnch 

24 Edward Dana 

26 Harold B. Fowler 

Ellery Purely 
28 Frederick C. Atherton 

Frank H. Mowrey 
29 Ablet H. Enise 
Charles Spoon 
30 Walter J. Scott 

31 Mrs. Mary Callahan 
33 Adolph Marchessault 
35 Henry Bride 
— Madison Street school 

_ — prospect street crosses 
45 Adam's Grocery 
451£Gabriel Kiss 

William C. Baker 
— Strongs avenue crosses 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1 924 — R utl and Directory — 1 924 

East from 14 S Main. 
Left Right 

7 Dennis Holland 

9 George E. Lassor 

10 Charles B. Costello 
11 Albert W. Gorton 

13 Joseph CX Jones 

14 Ernest H. O'Brien 
Left Right 

15 Wallace M. Kirby 
19 Seymour Billings 

SO Charles E t Lamb 

21 Fred Moquin 

John J, Walsh 
22 John FL Gaynor 

Robert Knapp 
24 Ezra J. Benson 


West from 83 Grove to Baxter 
87 Henry Freddette 
Thomas J. Granger 
90 Charles Morse 

Mrs. Henrietta Batchclder 
91 Guy Houston 

Mrs* Minnie Hay ward 
92 Mrs. Libbie J. Stafford, 

— : Summer street ends 
93 Omeron H + Coolidge 
95 Harold C. Howe 

Mrs. Lena M. Howe 
99 M. Preston Alexander 

Earl C. Hooker 
103 Claude J. Fogg 
— — Pine street crosses 
109 George Lorette 

Mrs. Eli&a Woodbury 
110 E. S. Merritt 

111 Israel F. Lassor 
112 Frederick L. Anoe 

114 Frank Lancour 

115 Vacant 
116 Lewis H. Seff 

119 C. L. Perry 
120 Mrs. Emma L. Harrington 

Albert Fredette 
122 Fred Morrison 

123 Wesley A- McKerryher 
125 Timothy Halpin 
126 John E, Bruce 

129 Timothy E. Conklin 
Sara E. Ryan 
130 James Canary 

Mrs. Mary Howe 
131 George Gauthier 
Joseph Blanchard 
132 Arthur Gendrew 

Left Right 

133 William H. Hayward 
136 Thomas J, Stringhara 

137 Walter Krans 

Mrs, Azilda Durivage 
138 Patrick Eushell 

Mrs, Mary Waterman 
141 Adolphus Gouchoe 
142 George G + Launiere 

Albert Viellet 
143 George Kieley 
146 William Meilleur 

George L, Papineau 
Louis N. Geno, contractor 
— Baxter street 

From 237 S Main West 
3 Charles Mead 
16 Eugene F, Butterfly 

7 Mrs. Beula Lloyd 
22 Montie C Wilder 

19 Alba L. Wells 

25 Mrs. Winnie Harrison 

From 272 West to Southeast Corner 
of Catholic Cemetery 

3 Frank H. Button 

5 John Lunt, painter 
6 Mrs. Catherine Carbine 

7 James E. Gemo 
8 Carlo Garofano 

10 Jerome J. Courcelle 
Mrs, Layering 

11 Campbell & Tosi, marble 

w T orks 

12 Joseph Vera 
Carlo Mazzulo 

— — Traverse place 

15 Henry J. Short sleeve 
16 Eugene Cox 

Airi Baijoni 
Frederick M. Miles 
17 Romano's Bakery 
17 Nicholas P. Roman 
19 Mrs. Peter Cantono T gro- 

20 Giovanni Paolucci 
21 Raffaele Muscatello 

22 Pasquale Masaarello 

John Demasi 
26 Dominick Crosta 

Philip Crosta 
27 Charles M. Miller 
School street ends 
29 Catherine A. Kelly 
30 Joseph Jennings 

James Calistro 
31 Mrs. Julia A. Daley 
Mary J. Durick 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 


Left Right 
32 Louis Altabelle 

Tony Altabelle 
33 Edward A, Bums 
34 Lawrence Altabell 

Ablla Cochinella 
30 Mike Picucci 

Joe Vigonili 
3g Margaret Gravelle 

George Dolan 
40 Hubert D. Smith 

42 John Calvano 

St. Peter's Convent 

— St. Peter's R + C, Church 
■ — Loretto Home 

Convent avenue ends 

Rev, J t M. Brown 
61 George W* Nichols 

Nellie Sabourin 

Lucy A. Sabourin , mas- 
65 Earle E. Barker 
73 William B t Wallett 
77 Mary E. Ryan 

— — River street crosses 
79 Mrs. Bridget Connor 

Thomas Grant 
83 Dennis B, Flanagan 
87 Patrick Gilrain 

88 Nellie Conlin 

91 Henry J. Flynn 

92 Henry F. Cleary 

— — South street crosses 
93 Antonio Eizzaro 

Louis Rizzaica 
100 Matthew McLaughlin 

Catholic Cemetery 

West from 121 N Main to 114 Lin- 
coln avenue 

12 William P t Kelley 

16 Julius M. Everleth 

17 Fred H. Remington 
18 William N, Skeels 

19 George K. Kenney 
21 C, Minnie Gorton 
23 Hyman H. Wolk 
27 Percival P. Wood, grocer 

— Lincoln avenue school 

— — Lincoln avenue crosses 

North from Killington Avenue Road 
to Mendou Road 

Extension of Woodstock Avenue to 

From State south to Washington 
1 Vacant 

Left Right 
l 1 ^ Mrs. Kathryn Copps 
Warren Cullen 
Richard Lloyd 

2 James M, Hamilton , phy- 


3 Royal H + Murray 

5-7 Murray's Used Auto Ex- 
Jack Crowley (6-7) 
9-13 Cyrus E. Qakman, elec 

Ci JHt. 

10 James E. Carrigan 
11 Cyrus E. Oakman 

15 Carrie A. Breckenridge, 


17 rear Rutland Spring & 

Welding Works 

18 John Butler t painter and 

William Bruten 
Albert C, Lassor 

19 Cash Registers 
20 Vail Electric Co + 

21 Knights of Columbus Hall 

24 Grove Street Garage 
28 Samuel P. Curtis 
29 J. E. Renaud, baker 

31 Mrs, Pearl Corpron, dress- 

32 Flora Thomas, millinery 
33 Atlantic & Pacific Tea 

34 Salvation Army 
35 Foley Laundry 

36-38 Rutland News 
37 Self Service Shoe Store 

39 Boston Fruit Market 

40 C. W* Spencer, furniture 

41 Sam Fineberg, shoes 

41 M Victor H, LaVene, tailor 

42 IngaH's Cigar Store 

43 Duffy Bros Market (1) 

44-46 Cahee House Furnishing 

45 Marble Savings Bank 

50^54 Ross-Huntress ,dry goods 
— — West street crosses 
51 Beauchamp & O'Rourke, 

51 )& Landon Block 

S. C. Farren, tailor 


Robert Steams (!) 

Mrs. L. Bishop (2) 

Mrs. Anna Whalen (5) 

Henry J. Leth bridge (7) 

Mrs. Emma Edgerton 

George W. Baldwin, 

Mrs. Lillian Champhri 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Director y— l 924 

1024— Rutland Directory — 1924 


Left Right 

53 Margaret Mcrriam, art 


ft* feJ^JS^k 8 ^ jeweler 

55 The Elite Baby Shop 

Mis. JVL E, Wilson, var- 
iety store 

mu r ^ & ,P°- cl0 ^rs 
m l A Uryphon Comer Bide 
(2nd floor) ^ 

Bradford C, Powers, phy- 
sician (218) 
Edward J. Rogers, physi- 
cian (215) y 

™ ^^SP 3 ^ insurance 
W. W. Townsend, physi- 

cian (222-224) 

si* \ Ba11, P 1 ^ 1 * 01 * 11 (222- 

State Mutual Life Ins. Co, 

(A) 3rd floor 
George M. Goddard, law- 
yer (319-320) 
Frederick S. Briggs, phy- 
sician (315-316) 
Madeline E. Durivage 

Winired B. Gage, chiro- 

Thomas A. Norton, den- 
tist (321-323) 
N. E. Telephone & Tele- 
graph Co. Division 
Offices (15-20), 5th floor 
Mortoma Power Co (19) 
Port Henry Light & Heat 
& Power Co. (19) 
CD Rutland Restaurant 
58 Robillard & Westin, shoes 
59 New York lee Cream Par- 


*i m £; H - Co °lidge & Co. 

61 William R Bosford, law- 

Joseph C. Homes 
Peter Atlard, barber 

fii AS^tJ' Dun ^on 

61 Odd Fellows Hall 

Rutland Window Clean- 
ing Co, 
62 McClallen E. G. & Co 
62J£ John B. Steams 
*a 7 he ^urdick-Durkee Co. 
64 Anes & Braves, confection- 

65 ** 5 uim Bros i hardware 
bo" George E. Lassor, drugs 

fifii^ J 7 "**** S? gar Store 

663i Louras Shoe Shining Par- 
^7 William E. Grace, furs 





Left Right 
6?K Bacon Barber Shop 

Charles lanetti, tailor 
Loyal Order rf Moose Hall 
Dunn Hall 
*n J} g Standard Restaurant 
e9 ~ 7 L Surprise Dept Store 
70 Vacant 

**& ! yrr * 11 & Co - jewelers 
T2 X A Frank H.Duffy, real estate 
Roderick E t Gravel 
Henry S. Parker, hardware 
Parker & Tossing, under* 

Charles Sterns & Co., de- 
partment store 
Rutland County National 

Bank Bldg 
National Surety Co, o£ 

N. Y. 
F. H. Burnham, insurance 
Dr. E. Hinds 
Boy Scouts 
Rutland County National 

George E. Chalmers, s£a 

Walter A. Clark, insurance 
Clark & Adams, real estate 
Rollin L. Richmond, in- 
Rutland Railroad Claim 

on fi^FS Baclcoil r tailor 
i SU iU B ' Howard, jeweler 

W. s. Smith 8c Co., shoes 
W & *£• Hascall, china store 
S3 ^ 2- 5" Kennedy, tailor 
W, J. Scott, dentist 
H- R. Ryan, physician 
Urehmer's Music Store 
Philip Brehmer, pianos 

and piano tuning 
Lawrence, Stafford & 

Bloomer, lawyers 
G. A. R p Hall 
Apollo Hall 
James A, Lillis Clothin* 

Clement & Sons, bankers 
side door 
— Center street begins 

The American Express Co, 
Western Union Telegraph 

Rutland Railroad Station 
Vita Manfreda, bootblack 
Depot Lunch 
Union News Stand 

Rutland Railroad Baggage 

Left Rfeht 

Swift & Co,, wholesale 
86 Carbine Costello Co. 
SB Combination Cash Store 
90 Sullivan Specialty Shop 
Alfred Larsen T violin tea- 
cher Grace Stoolftre, music 

Alfred D. Barter 
Louis F. Brehmer, photo- 
J, Joseph Corley, dentist 
02 F. W. Woolworth Co. 
94 Wilson Clothing Co. 
96 The Handicraft Shop 
98 Mead Building 
Vacant (1-2) 

W. R. Pond, dentist (3-4) 
Stephen C, Dorsey Agency 

Inc., insurance 
Fleischmann Yeast Co. 


Dorsey & Kinney, lawyers 
(7 J) 

C. H. Cutler, barber (9) 

N. E, Tel & Tel Co, 

Justus L. Hoadley, in- 
surance (13-14) 

State Mutual Fire Insur- 
ance Co, (13-14) 

Charles E. Lamb, insur- 
ance (13) 

Stephen C. Dorsey, insur- 
ance (15—16) 

H. K. Sherburne, osteo- 
path (17-18) 

National Life Ins. Co. (10) 

Mary B. Sherburne, osteo- 
path (17-18) 

Grace L. Bos worth, den- 
tist (24) 

M. P. Alexander, dental 
laboratory (24) 

Arthur C. G rover, civil 
engineer (25) 
98 Mutual Life Ins. Co t of 
N. Y. (25) 

Metropolitan Life Ins. Co, 

O'Grady & Culliney, brok- 
ers (31-32) 

Annie M. Sleeper, gowns 

Rutland Chamber of Com- 
merce (35) 

Rutland County Fa, 
Bureau (37-3S) 

U. S. Department of 
Agriculture (37-38) 

Left Right 

New England Telephone 
& , Telegraph Co, op- 
erating room (39-41) 
Brown & Garrett, real es- 
tate (44) 
H. L. Winter, farm mort> 

gage (45) 
Conn. General Life Ins. 

Co. (46-47) 
John P. Kerrigan, physi- 
cian (48) 
Prudential Insurance Co. 

S. M. Willson, coal, (42) 
Edward B, Jenney, den- 
tist (52) 
Fenton r Wing & Morse, 
lawyers (53-56) 
100 Marble Savings Bank 
102 Abraham Cut Rate Drug 
104-106 Rutland Savings Bank 
106^ Me Hour Billiard Room 
Fred A. Field & Sons, real 

estate and insurance 
Canado American Hall 
Rutland Lodge of Odd 

Elks Club Rooms 
Rutland City Band Rooms 
108 Nichols, Barney & Daley, 

110 Rutland Herald 
112 T. H. Browne, lawyer 
P. M. Meldon, lawyer 

P. W. Clement 
114 G. Icolari, conL 

Rutland Railway Light Sc 
Power Co. waiting room 
114M Vacant 

Chester Scales 
Mrs. Lillian Barler 
116 KiLlington National Bank 

Rutland Trust Co. 
118 Anthony Pratico, barber 
118H Holland House 
120 Vacant 

122 Brunswick Shop, pianos 
and phonographs 

124 H. A, Sawyer & Co., job- 

126 Jones & Jones t lawyers 

125 Baxter National Bank 
Baxter Hall 

130 Joseph Colodinato, bil- 
134 Rutland City Auto Co. 
136 Anne Leonard's Hat Shop 

Rutland Di ectory 1924 


1924— ^Rutland Directory — 1024 

Left Right 

138 John Ferraro, tailor 

140 Baniwell House Barber 

142 Bardwell Hotel 

In the Section of N Main Street that 
runs beyond the City Line 

South from Washington to 16 Madi- 
36 Wm. Odgen Brudeman 

37 Mrs, Louise J. Garley 

39 Duane E t Kent 
40 John J. Hunt 

42 Edward G. McClallen 

43 Mrs. Anna Canty 
44 Grace L. McCammon 

46 Charles Cook 

47 James W. Simpson 
48 Guy Aldrich 

49 Tames A. Lillis 
50 Irvin M. Frost 

51 Mrs, Angie Guild 
52 Mrs, Theresa Burke 

George Tappan 

53 Eames R. Hopkins 
54 Mrs. Catherine McKeogb 

55 Harry C, Kirk 
56 Harry Levins 

57 John S. McPherson 

— — Madison street crosses 

West from 1E3 South Main 
Harold Myers 
Whiting Milk Co. 

South from 64 Allen to Curtis Aa 
196 Leon L. Parker 

199 John E t Mangan 
202 Michael F. Lynch 

203 Arthur McCarthy 
214 Victor Forcier 

Theodore Keiffer 
217 Ellery j. Barrett 
218 Milton Eurr 

220 Mrs. Maria Shouldice 

Charles Tiff 

— — Curtis avenue crosses 

East from Bellevue to Highland Av 
1 John Peryer 

£outh from 92 Center to Washing- 
1 El win C. Ranger 

Left Right 

Richard A. Sheppard 
lli Hariev E. Atwater 

2 Egbert C. Tuttle 
3 Asa R. Mairs 

— — Washington street crosses 

North from 27 West to Kendall Av 
10 David E. Wing 
George W« Bush 
12 William Gennet 
13 Rev t L Albert Vezina 

— French Ca tholic Church 
14 William R. Williams 

16 Hugh J, Kjngsley 

18 Daniel E. Doolan 

Walter H. Sanford 
20 Arthur Crowley 

Mrs. Anna Considine 
22 Mrs. Katherine E, Flan- 

24 Dennis F. Murphy 
26 Edward S. Watkins 

— Grant avenue begins 
28 Silas Juliff 

29 Augustin G. Goyette 
32 James Farrell 
Almon J. Burdick 
33 Peter Marchand 

George Regan 
38 Mrs. M.clina Miner 
39 Gordon Landon 

41 U, Vincent Mace 

46 Rut, Hospital 

— Williams street begins 
50 Edwin P. Bassett 

52 George N. E. Burditt 

— — Bumham av crosses 

— — Kendall avenue crosses 

From Head of West North to City 

1 Vacant 

3 Vacant 

Walter H. Patrick 
5 Vacant 

7 Vacant 

9 Wesley L. Archer 

11 Mrs. Celia Lamoureux 

11 Charles Q'Rourke 

12 Michael F. Rooney 
13 Walter F. Chapman 

14 Roswell Reed 
Earl Welch 
15 Fred Lafley 

Clara Kent 
16 Hymen Bell 
Hugh Shanahan 
17 James E. Tracy 

1924. — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Rutland Directory 1924 

Left Right 
19 Raymond L, Kelley 

20 Fred A- Morehouse 

William E. Amblo 

Clarence Fagan 

Mrs, Anna James 

Samuel Kramer 
24 Winthrop L. Davis 

Irvin I. Beinhower 
26 Walter F. Burbank 

Mrs. Frances Kingsley 

Henry F. Field 
30 Chris Braves 

John W. Norton 
34 William H. Seward 

— Woodstock av begins 
George SiUiman 
William D. Hulett 
William Stickney, surgeon 
William B. C, Stickney 
Mrs. Adelaide S. Stafford 
Fred W. Stafford 

44 Perley R, Eaton 

— Aiken place begins 
Mrs, Cornelia Perkins 

48 Charles M, Johnson 

Fred'k G. Swinnerton 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. 
54 Earl & Wright 

Cyrus A. Johnson 

E. Per lee Smith 
58 Mrs* Mary Currier 

Bumham av begins 
GO Lucian H. Mclntyre 
64 Mrs. Frederick Piatt 

E. Fred Hassey 
66 Joseph S. Mintzer 
70 William F. Burditt 

Kendall av begins 

Earl S. Kinsely 

— Temple street begins 
74 Frank M t Mellow 

Anna E. Farrell 
Albert V- Heath, grocer 
Old Ladies* Home 
Roberts av begins 

78 Arthur C. Hughes 

82 Wayne N. Temple 

84 Merald W. Cook 
Mrs. Mary E. Allen 
WUbert E. Burditt 

86 Dr. George G. Marshall 
William J. McGarry 
Kingsley av begins 

94 Philip H. Brehmer 

98 Bert L. Stafford 

100 Clinton B t Smith 

Leroy Thompson 

— Clinton av begins 
104 Willis M. Ross 
106 Howard L, Hindley 













Left Right 

108 William L. Stickney 
109 Vacant 

Claude Capron 

— Crescent street begins 
112 Mrs. Nellie E. Dickerman 

Edward Holleran 
114 G t Holmes 
116 Loren J* Johnson 

Bertram Brehmer 

— High street begins 
122 Steven Dumas 

123 Clarence L. Dyex 

123 George F. Jones 

124 Llewellyn A. Willard 

— Melrose av begins 
137 Fred R. Patch 

— Horni street begins 
140 George C. Thrall 

Herbert Cooper 
— - — North street ext begins 
141 Harley M. Chatterton 

145 Herbert A. In galls 

148 Andrus B. Engrem 
149 Cornelius A, Osbora 


157 J e ny Harvey 

158 Wm, Gossehn, garage 
163 Charles H. Sherman 

166 Aivin Arnold 
167 Henry M. Prior 

168 Fred 'Savage 
169 Annie L. Farrell 

M. A. Farrell 

170 Mrs. Ellen Smith 
171 Lucien J. Trudell 

186 Mrs, Frank V. Dunldee 
189 Harley W. Perkins 

197 John W. Blanchard 

Jay W. Smith 

198 Fayette E. Clark 
Orel P. Flint 

202 Charles W. Amblo 

204 Bradford C. Powers, M. D. 

— Vernon avenue begins 
207 Vacant 

510 Arthur E. Stems 
212 Arthur A. Houston 
228 Walter Adams 

— Field avenue begins 
256 Charles Perkins 

261 Charles P. Beebe 

262 Eben W. Bishop 
Fred S. Bishop 

268 Robert J, Huntoon 

2&G Frederick Clark 
Louis Needham 
Lincoln avenue ends 

— — City line 

— — Mill village 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1Q24 

1 ft24 — Rutland Directory— 1 1)24 


West from 141 N Main to 72 Grove 

Left Right 

— — Main crosses 

9 Robert F. Blake 
II Mrs. Grace M. Hart 
Clifford B, Hewett 
12 James E, Kilbom 

14 Louisa M, Herrick 
15 Ernest W, Wallbank 
17 George B. Gowen 

15 Mrs. Martha Bucklin 
10 Oscar J. Maigne 

24 Isaac Miller 

29 Arthur W. Farnsworth 
30 George Cassidy 

— — Lincoln avenue crosses 
31 Rollin W + Kenyon 

32 John E. Holmes 

34 David C. Colburn 

41 Allen C + Aldrich 
43 Walter P. Newton 
45 WiEiam R. Farr 

— — Church street crosses 
47 Fred A. Paige 

Samuel R. Hewes 
49 Herbert C. Perkins 
52 James N. Foster 
60 Harry M. Gleason 

Fred A h Gleason 

— Adams street begins 
67 Julius L Whitney 

73 Elton E, Moore 

— — Pearl street crosses 
75 Alice Quirk 

Harold J. Nichols 
77 Lester Peer 

Charles Gove 
79 Samuel F. Bradford 

— Wooden bridge 
85 Mrs, Mattie Cox 

86 David Brown, dry Glean- 

ing & dyeing 
87 Herbert W. Cox 
91 Noah D, Heath 
93 Edmund B. Channel! 
93 Norman Miner 

— — Grove street crosses 

Willard Wands 

From 131 State to Robbing 
1 Louis Vincent 

2 Louis Cota 
10 Richard Burton 
Edward A. Burton 
11 William Cummings 

Mrs* Mary Taylor 
Marble City Garage 
William E. Hinckley 

Left Right 

12 Burt Powell, paint shop 

From 166 Grove to 123 Baxter 
109 W. Scott Lillie 

Frank G. St. Louis 
— Holly street begins 
118 Charles R. Cheney 

120 Vacant 

122 George Fernandez 

123 Eugene Benham 
124 George J, Schul&e 

129 Martin J. Callahan 
134 Henry C. Brislin 

136 Edward H. Killary 

137 Ernest Merrill 
138 Leo Canty 

139 Elisha C. Harrington 
140 William W. Mauley 

From Spell man Terrace south 
4 Roy Plumlcy 

George N. Harman 

From Grove opp Baxter Residence 
to 84 Baxter street 
85 Robert Hoyle 

Mrs. Frances M, Cardelle 
89 Charles W. Pennington 

Howard Bromley 
93 Col. David L, Morgan 
— Pine street ends 

96 Dr. F. E. Quigley 

97 Charles A, Fuller 
99 John A, Quick 
100 Mrs. Maria Badlam 

Willis Edmunds 
103 Samuel A, Noble 
104 John A. Cummings 

John Nichols 
105 Delford M, McKirryher 
106 Raymond D. Beals 

Mrs. Hattie Strong 
107 James E + Clifford 
Claude Manning 
110 William Shakespeare 

Burt A. Crittendon 
111 Mrs. Laura B, Cramton 
113 Lyman Grossmen 
Mrs. Jennie Calver 
114 George Cameron 

Harvey H. Fish 
116 Arthur Rickel 

George W, Thomas, paint- 
117 Arthur J. Garrett 
Mrs, EUen Skeeles 

Left Right 

119 Mrs. Julia A. Fuller 
121 Alfred Roberts 
Fred G. Hepburn 
122 Vacant 

Mrs. Mary Roberts 

— Harrison avenue ends 
123 Edwin A + Lamproan 

Alfred M. Fratscher 
125 Byron Parmenter 
Earl M. Allard 

— — Baxter street crosses 

— Manning Mfg Co, 

— Cleveland avenue 

West from South Main near Fair 

9 James H, Kidd 

William D, Aldrich 
H Theodore Willett 
Earl S + Spencer 

— Agri Fair Grounds 
15 John H. Durant 

Edwin J t Farnham 
17>£Edmund Courcelle 

Paul Eitapence 
17 Luther E. Lord 

Mrs, Evelyn La Mountain 
19 Louis I. Mason 

21 George W* Du Bray 
23 Richard Douglas 

— Porter pi begins 
27 Marcus Porter 

— Park street school 
37 Joseph Cox 

Clarence J. Cole 
41 Walton O* Clifford 

John Wilson 
45 Mrs* May Wheeler 

John P + Hinchey 
51 Jesse L. Mallory 

— — Railroad crossing 

70 L. & J, A. Steward, can 

and machinery mfrs. 
71 Sawmill 
73 Harold A* Davidson 
74 Charles H, Menton 

77 Harry O. Ross 

Frank Spaulding 
SI John S. Harrington 

— Granger street ends 
SS Charles M. Smith 

99 Harvey W. Hatch 

— Forest street ends 
117 Mrs. Sarah Baker 
121 Baker seed house 

Howard C. Steams 

North from 75 Crescent to Field 

119 Mrs. Flora A. Thomas 

Left Right 

Mrs. Emma J. Brooks 
121 Carl Barton 

124 Leon H. Knight 

— Wood avenue ends 
125 William H, Ransom 

126 Charles H. Granger 

127 Nathaniel B. Reed 

135 Thomas F. Holland 

J. Charles Winkley 

136 Reuben P. Bingham 

Leo Crosby 

139 Rollin M. Spencer 

— — North street crosses 
147 Harry D. Moore 
149 Clayton E t Peer 
151 Fred A. Potter 

154 Mrs- Agnes E. Larmour 

156 George W, Weinle 

158 Rachel A. Banister 
160 Earle D. Marks 

— Wooden bridge 

189 Addison H. Cutting 

198 George J. Frappier 

203 Julian PL Kavanaugh 

204 Samuel G. Havward 
208 Merritt H. Pratt 

211 Harry J. Lyons 

— — Vernon avenue crosses 

— — Field avenue crosses 

(Changed to Porter pi) 
From 23 Park North 

Con ant S, Norton 

157 Chas. E. Livingston 

159 William Shaw 
160 Frank Benson 
162 Edgar H. Soofieid 
168 Harry M. Porter 

North from 191 State 
3 Anson B. Hatch 

49 James L. Mulcahey 

John Fredette 
51 Mrs. Ella Rice 

53 Charles D. Spencer 

55 James Lahey 

Michael B. Mulcahy 
57 Frank Fortier 

William A. Castle 
61 Philip G. Whitcomb 

63 Axel Olson 

Erwin L, Hewitt 
65 Joseph Noiseux 

From Forest near Howe to Park Av 
G. H. Grimm, Est., fac- 

— — Tunnel 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1024 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Left Right 

— — West street crosses 
5 Pellegrino Bove 

6 Daniel A, Vincent 
Frank Bruzza 
Mrs. Minme M. Slack 
7 Michael Marotta 

Louis Bove 
Ludovico Ricti 
8 Mrs. Rose Gardner 
Frank Pelkey 
9 Mrs, Margaret E, Graves, 

Clarence J. Corey 
10 Willard H, Nott 
William J, Grandy 
11 John H. Scovilk 

12 Thomas V. Wynne 
John Barker 
13 Clarence J, Poore 

13 Auto Specialty Co. of New 


14 George J. McMaster 
14j^lda M. LaValley 

Mrs. Margaret Lear 
15 Stephen Cragin 

James MuUalv 
16 Alfred Blandiard 

Chauncey M. Littlefield 
17 Carl Watterlund 

Louis N k Provost 

15 Charles Noonan 
Wallace A. Young 
George Wooley 
William Vondette 

19 Mrs. Sarah Jane Rid] on 

20 George L, Pappas 

21 William Pratt 

23 Joseph Segala 

24 Arthur H, Pratt 
Mrs. Anna Jackson 

— : — State street crosses 
27 Elbert A. Resseguie 

George Dougherty 
28 Charles H, Colvin 

Mrs. Minnie Wilson 
— Pine street school 
29 Peter Preseau 

Joseph Trudeau 
31 John J. Lee 

r31 George R, Martin, vet- 

erinary hospital 
33 John J. Butler 

Mrs. Bessie Dodge 
33}^ Roswell Dodge 
34 Thomas Gonyea 
Fred R. Ranger 
36 Mrs, Mary C. Viele 
37 Charles J. Burke 

Mrs* Matilda Brothers 

Left Right 

38 Mrs. Esther Derwin 

Joseph A, Garon 

39 Mrs. Belle L. Wright 

40 Mrs. Emma Moore 

Guy A. Fletcher 

41 John E. Barrett 

James EL Kennedy 
— Robbins street begins 
42 Thomas J. Leahey 
Ashley J, Carpenter 
44 Denton M. McCarty 
Mrs. Martha Warren 
45 Ellen Bacon 

Mrs, Annie Crowley 
Mark Casey 
46 Peter Eamon 
Albro L. Frost 
47 Mrs. Alice Brouseau 

Daniel J. Jones 
48 Charles E. Gouchoe 
49 John C. Clifford 

Charles E- LcOair 
50 Mrs t Philomene Provost 
52 Arthur S. Cutting 

Harold Reynolds 

— — Maple street crosses 
55 George E. Aldrich 

58 Anna Wyn 
60 G. Arthur Brown 
61 Alvin A. Heath 

Clara Hartley 

62 Frederick H. Rossiter 
Mrs. Edith Baird 

63 Anthony Petrille 
Mrs. Maude Fawcett 

— — Library avenue crosses 

64 Bert Powell 
Charles Plummer 

67 George F, Grey 

68 Arthur G. Papineau 

William C, Cannon 

Hugh W, Jones 
69 Jolin H. Handley 

71 Fred E. Dow 

73 Elmer E. Vosburgh 

Edward Root 

Francis J- Fallon 

Joseph P. Feeley 

Louisa Hitchcock 

From beyond Bennington & Rut- 
land R R* tracks to Forest 
36 Sidney M t Parker 

37 Harland Scott 

— — Benm & Rut R. R. crosses 
61 Lippi Ettore 

62 Mrs. Nellie Crowley 

64 James A. Pillon 

65 Frank Persico 
Ernest W. Sheldon 

Left Right 

69 Domenic Trapeni 

Joseph Mclntvre 
72 Edgar C. Mabury 

William Hinchey 
— Spnice street ends 
73 Patrick O. Riordan 
76 James Keefe 

77 Vacant 
78 Mrs. Lucy Hill 

William C. Fortin 
79 Freeman O- Eddy 
George E. Hope 
SO Napoleon B. Landers 

84 Carl H, Morgan 

86 George W. Bell 

— — > Granger street crosses 

87 James E. McLaughlin 

88 AHie W. Parsons 
90 Elliot H. Brown 

John A. LaFrance 
91 James B + Stewart 
92 John W. Ward 

William B. Ward 
93 George M. Sherbert 
94 Edward J . Briggs 

98 Charles H. Green 

Palmer J. Munger 
99 Mrs. Frances Steward 
103 Clayton A + Cook 
112 Mrs. Sophie A. Buckey 

David L. VaUquette 

South from 26 Washington to 

42 Mrs, Bertha Sterns 

43 Charles P + Harris 
45 Mrs. Caroline Woodfin 
47 Howard F. Woodfin 

48 Vacant 

50 LeonG. Bagley 

54 Ernest L. Fullam 

Helen Smith 
55 Marcellus E. Wheeler 

56 George H. Steward 

59 Rev. George W. Peck, Jr, 
61 John H, Moynihan 

62 Patrick F. Howley 

— — Madison street crosses 

From 108 Woodstock Av north to 

3 Clayton H, Kinney 
7 Andrew G. MeDevitt 
William G. Hyland 
S Mrs. Celia B. Morse 

South from 58 River Street 
116 Alphonso Lanzillo 

Left Right 

C. Vitagliano 
118 Alfred A. Moore 

120 Davis Feed Co. 

Texas Oil Co., tanks 
123 C r E, Davis Foundry Co. 

125 Samuel Aurello 

Michael Valente 
127 Angelo Lavecchia 

Domenick Trapani 
129 Charles Biszaro 

James Ross 
— Keyes T storehouse 

M. E. Wheeler's store- 
137 Mrs, Catherine Pratico 
— South street begins 
145 Standard Oil Co. Station 

South from 36 Washington to 
Strongs Av 
35 Vacant 
37 Carl B. Hinsman 
40 Elmer Demeritt 

Henry D. Canty 
41 Frederick A + Field 
43 Loville Paige 
44 Mary E. McCarthy 

45 Frank W. Chapman 

Frank S. Landon, up- 
48 John A, Barney 

Donald G. Babbitt 
50 Fred M. Butler 

51 Dr. Harry R. Ryan 

Thomas H. Browne 

George S. Gallagher 

Mrs. Annie G. Pistole 

52 Wallace W. Nichols 

53 Arthur K. Candlish 

Mrs. Mary Candlish, 
53HCharles Foye 
Herman Lund 
54 Ralph H. Seeley, physi- 

55 Harry Head 

Mrs. Flora E. Hall 
57 Albert Dodson 
Walter Shaugraw 
58 James H, Eitapence 

59 George G. Tower 
John M. Carmody 
— — Madison Street crosses 
65 Vacant 

Edward Vernan 
66 Charles Dyer 

70 John B. Dyer 

Rutland Directory 1924 



1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

Left Right 

Mrs. Margaret Gilmour 

— — Strongs avenue crosses 

From 69 Forest west 

1 Mrs. Sarah Riclle 
2 Frank W + Rice 

South from West Street at City 

7 Gustave Salmonson 
11 Giacomo Delloliveo 
12 Steve Kostie 

13 Peter Beauregard 

14 Anthony Smyrski 
15 Vacant 

16 Carl Pokrywka 

17 Paul Grabowski 

15 Ludwig Smyrski 
20 John Tamowski 

Martin Brutz 
21 Achille lanni 

— V. M T Go's, mill 

— — - Iron bridge 
26 Paul Jaskot 

27 Steve Czochur 
28 William Rutkowski 

From 61 Strongs Av to Dorr Bridge 
46 Arthur Guyette 

60 Wilbur H, Powers 

Iron bridge 

Ice house 
58 Dominic Martello 

John Ferraro 

— Post street begins 

61 Mrs, Bridget Dougherty 
62 Antonio Simiele 

Salvatore Calodonato 

64 William L. Gillam 

66 Vacant 

Rafael Napolitano 
66 Joseph Corso 

66KSavirio U, Yenco, grocer 
Savirio U. Yenco 

67 Claude Taggart 

65 Antonio Magio 
70 Cristie Fucci 


— — Spruce street crosses 
72-74 Vermont Garage Co, 
76 Michael F. Keefe 

77 Dayton Taggard 
Charles L. Fox 
78 Edward Nugent 

79 Mrs. Nellie Daley 
80 Michael Mahoney 

84 James S. Mangan 

Left Right 

Lizzie E. Coolidge 
— — Granger street crosses 
86 Frank Reovere r shoe re- 


87 John T t Shelvey, grocer 


John J. Morrissey 

William E, Moynihan 


R, Cioffi 


Roscoe S. Eggleston 

95 Thomas L, Howley 

Mrs, B, Sheehan 

97 John H. LaFrance 


Mrs. Mary Ward 

99 James A. Reardon 


Steven Myers 

Alphonse H. Loyzelle 

101 James A. Reardon > gro- 


— - Brown street crosses 

103 John C. Cannon 

107 Mrs. Delia Ryan 


Patrick R. Hogan 




— Forest street crosses 


Michael J. Foley 

117 Timothy A. Rear don 

119 Edward J. Burke 


Harry V. Cady 

121 Thomas P. Reilly 

Leo H, Rice 

123 James Reardon 


John KUby 

125 Mrs. Gertmde B. Stillson 


Eugene Ashe 

327 Edward S. Reardon 

Frank Mullen 


George E, Carey 

129 Patrick J. Foster 


— St. Peter's School 


James Williams 

John G. Collins 


James T t Flanagan 


— Meadow street crosses 


Mrs. Alice Hogan 


John W. Gleason 

151 Charles D. McGinnis 

Patrick J. Keefe 


Walter L, Small 


Perley P. Patnod 

Athletic field 


— Railroad crossing 


— Dorr's bridge 



7 Samuel H. Kan tor 


Guy H. Fuller 

Ford Flagg 

9 Arthur Lyman 


Laird C. Robinson 

11 Justus R. Hoadley 

1924 — Rutland Directory — -1924 


Left Right 
12 William A. Goddard 

13 Ernest S. Crowther 
14 William B. Shangraw 

Mrs, Minnie Billings 
15 Fred E + Kinsman 
16 Edwin j. Parker 

Eugene I-L Rollins 
18 Carl Swyer 

William A. Lavalley 
19 Richard W. Bolden 
22 Mrs, Nettie H t Shillinger 

— — Lincoln av crosses 
41 Edgar H. Aldrich 

44 Stephen C. Dorsey 

45 Henry R. Adams 
46 Harry L. Russell 

Alfred J. Chandler 
47 George W, Fiske, physi- 
48 Arsene Mercure 

Mrs. Alice Parmenter 
49 Lewis Abraham 

Mrs. Esther Abraham, 
50 Vacant 

51 Abe Dick 

Harry H + Griffin 
52 Charles Swift, physician 

Peter M. Date 

— — Church street crosses 

Prom 41 Pine street to Baxter 
105 Olof P. Vestm 

Joseph E. LaPorte 
106 William B, Kennedy 

107 Ernest Poland 
John Beado 
108 Mrs. Anna M. Crowley 

109 P, Joseph Franzoni 
Edway W. Fuller 
112 Allen W, White 

113 Frank Lorette 
David Laliberte 
1 14 Moses Parent 

William C. McMahon 
115 Mary Quilter, dressmaker 
John E, Davis 
116 Clyde H. Baker 

117 William J. Saramon 
Mrs, Lena McGuire 
118 Frank J. Vail 

Mrs. Katherine Peterson 
120 Michael Halpin 

Michael J. Murphy 
121 John W + Richards 
Ray L, Richards 
122 Edward H, ClaTk 

123 Jacob B. Mintzer, junk 

William H. Radigan 
125 Michael W. Mullin 

Left Right 

Mrs. Mary A, Kelly 
127 Martin McGarrity 

Thomas A. Mangan 
129 Jennie Jones 

Theodore Thompson 

— Noyes avenue ends 
132 Adolphus Bach and 
134 Earle B T Taylor 

135 John B, McDevitt 

— — Baxter street crosses 

From 112 Woodstock Av south to 
Harrington Ay 

1 Patrick E, Slattery 
22 Charles J. Consi dine 

West from 79 S Main to 71 Strongs 

1 Joseph F t Cronan 
3 Frank H. Duffy 
5 M. James Smith 
John a Flynn 

4 Henry J. Laparl 

6 Charles H, Barton 

7 Mrs. Kate Mangan 
Mrs. Ann Clark 

5 Vacant 

9 Helen Connor 
Forrest A, Slader 
10 Vacant 

11 Patrick F. Sullivan 
12 Luther D. Hewitt 

13 T. O'Brien 

David C + Collins 
14 Linton E. Lockerby 

14a Erwin L. Hubbard 
15 Anna Mangan 

Mrs. Mary E, Rogers 
16 Richard T. Mandlgo 

17 Russell G + Vosburg 
Oscar M. Barton 
18 Vacant 

19 Julia Lyons 
20 Mrs. Elizabeth Olney 

Timothy Sullivan 
21 Mrs. Jennie Clifford 
23 Thomas E. Toohey 
John Fleming 
24 Edward Davine 

John F. Lyons 
25 Mrs. Cornie G. Coddin 

Richard Mooney 
27 Michael Mullin 

Richard W. Farrell 
29 John Reilly 

Louis Lefever 
31 Edward Leahey 

Patrick McDonough 
33 Emanuel Cristelli 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — -Rutland Directory — 1924 


Left Right 

— — Strongs avenue crosses 

West from 97 Strongs Av to Rail- 

Peoples Coal Co. 
Howe Scale Company 

— — Rutland railroad 

From 33 Forest to 26 Meadow 
61 Charles H. Center 

Harry E. Rice 
63 Patrick T. Hurley 

65 Mrs. Catherine McDevitt 

67 Mrs. Elizabeth Lcfevere 

69 Charles J. Olson 

70 Antiseptic Bedding Co. 
School street garage 
71 Charles McClure 

72 Thomas L. Butler 
73 Joseph B, Thompson 

74 Mesach J, Roberts 
William M. Blanchard 
75 Mrs. Mary Dougan 

76 Anthony "Russo 
77 George H. Haddad 

Alphonse Cioffi 
79 Roy L, Pratt 

— — Meadow street crosses 

From 92 First to R R tracks 
Left Right 

143 Elliot W. Smith 

Leon Potter 
145 David Valfquette 

North from 21 Terrill 

4 Thomas J. Creed 
6 Frank C. Spencer 

7 Frank E, Bixby 

5 Richard PL Jones 
10 Joseph H« Monette 
14 Orin F t Salter 

Harold R. Pratt 
Robert G, Hubbard 

From head of West south to City 

2 South Main street cash 

Charles E. Novak 
Mrs. Emory L. Nott 
Mrs- Laura C, Merrill 
John W. Cairns 
Public Park 
4 C. A. & M, Z. Salter, 


Left Right 

6 Harry L Novak, creamery 

Rolla Williams 
7 Horace A. Palmer 
9 George P. Brown 
10 Mrs, Ellen O'Keefe 

11 Ezekiei Eddy 

— Mansfield place begins 
14 Patrick M, Meldon 

16 George T. Chaffee 

18 Charles E. Ross 

— East Center st begins 
34 Sycamore apartments 

Edward A. Blondis 
Mrs. Irene Poronto 

Margaret Minogue 
Frederick N. Wood 
John P. Kerrigan, physi- 
Edward Gerry 
Frank Preston 

— Center street ends 

— High School 

26 Marvelle C. Webber 

27 Vacant 

Mrs. Mary P. Lyman 
28 William F. Glass 

30 Charles E. Tuttle 

29 Henry G. Smith 
— East Washington street 

— Washington street begins 
36 George W + Baldwin 

37 Samuel F. Parker 
Edward F. White 
39 Cecil P. Morton 
Richard Rowe 
40 Lee S, Houghton 

B. C. Godfrey 
41 Mrs. Margaret Ballou 
42 Mrs. Nellie Kingsley 

Arthur Bacon 
43 James H. Dunn 
Thomas Dunn 
44 Frank H + Baldwin 

— ■ SpeUman Terrace ends 

45 Willard Sage 
47 John P. Raleigh 
Oscar B, Nelson 
48 James Fenton 

49 Mrs. Mary A. Mangan 
John C. Fenton 
60 Mrs. Susan Anderson 

51 Mrs, Annie Copps 
John Crowley 
52 James P. Gilrain 

53 George L. Gibson 
Dennis Conway 
Willis Cook 
54 John A. Walsh 

66 William S> Novak 

Left Right 

Alfred Eisner 
58 Rev. Bernard Kelly 

00 Church of Holy Innocents 

^ Kttlington av begins 

61 Edmund R. Morse 

— Madison street begins 
66 Henry S. Parker 

73 Mrs* Margaret Lalor 
75 Mrs. Margaret Reedy 

John Hopkins 
76 Brock House t hotel 

H. S. Parker 

— Engrem a? begins 
77 Clarence Quinn 

Walter W. Burr 

— Royce street begins 
78 Ellie Bouton 

Hugh H« Hanrahan, phy- 
E, D. Robinson 
83 Mrs. Bertha M. Balch 
85 Charles Wliitton 
86 Vacant 

Eugene St, Charles 
87 Philip H. Lyons 
88 Stephen C + Farren 

89 Emile Chamberlain 
88 John D. Ryan 

— — Jackson av begins 
91 Mrs. Nellie Jerome 
93 Vacant 

— — Hopkins av begins 
96 Wm. F. McBride 
98 William Martin 

100 Thomas Brohan 

102 Marv Conlin 

103 Mrs.' Lydia Wood 
105 Marcel Cote 
Mary Fredette 
106 William F. French 

107 Vacant 

Leon Delorme 

L. D. Hutehins 

108 Samuel Bacon 

109 Lucius S. Johnson 
110 Merritt H. Crawford 

111 Agnes Morris 

— Clover street begins 
112 Katherine McDonough 

Adolphus A* Courcelle 
114 Joseph A. Courcelle 

116 Michael Meehan 

117 William Alexander 

119 Henrv E. Seward, Jr. 

121 Charles Chaffe 

123 Vacant 

125 Vacant 

127 Onofrio Cioffi 

131 Joseph Pietrodangelo 
George Juckett 
138 Edward D. Copps 

Left Right 

1*0 George H. Parker 

G, Reed Parker 
142 John B. German 

145 Joseph Collins 

George Barnes 

— — Strongs av ends 
147 Alvah H. Pierce 
149 John N. Tuttle 

Eaton E. Lord 
150 Caleb P. BurTum 

— Moultrop av begins 
153 Mrs. Nellie W, Lincoln 

Frank Person 
Arthur LaRock 
159 Albert A. Burr, grocer 
160 James N. Myath 

Harry Blanch ard 
160 J£ Howard King 
162 Newman K + Chaffee 

167 Joseph C Riberdy 
Jerome Rousseau 

— — Rut R. R. crosses 

— Park street begins 

— Fair Grounds 

176 Fred W. Havward, roofer 

Fred W + Hayward 
180 Chauncey S. Greene 

— AHen street begins 
182 Robert C. Spaulding 
184 Hariey I. Ormsby 
188 Rolland H, Adams 

194 John R Senif 

George C. Ruanc 
196 J. E. & H. W. Ridloa Gar- 

202 Mrs, Nellie Stewart 

Albert Decker 


Otis J. McDonald 

Charles P. Anderson 

204 Archie D, Carr 

EH Pilon 
206 Warren Dean 

— Chaplin av begins 
210 Lawrence Palmer 

P. Luke Carpenter 
212 Clarence A. Howard 

Julian Shippey 

— — Iron bridge 

— Dana av begins 

234 William J. Cleveland 

Benjamin Waite 
235 William H. Flanigan 

— Marble av begins 
238 Wilfred La Valley 

John Mead 
Joseph W. Desjadon 
Howard Bartholomew 
239 Herbert M. Eddy 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1U24 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

UI24— Rutland Directory— 1924 


Left Right 

David Parker 

— Curtis av begins 
240 Edward Center 

341 Roy Butterfly 

CI eon Perkins 
242 Arthur W. Perkins 

253 Charles F. Perkins 

Walter F, Amidon 
254 Charles B. Maxham 

256 Charles M. Bixby 

Montie Wilder 
268 G. E. Laird & Son, black- 

25SX Walter S. Dunning 
258 George E. Laird 

258K Bert Phillips 
260 Peter J, Trombley 

Carl Laird 
264 John Weeks 

270 Sanford Benell 

272 John F. Lyons, grocer 

— — City line &lRr*3 

— Cold River rd begins 
John H, Brown, black- 

— District School 
275 Henry Packard 

278 Clayton H. Webster 

Victor Walker 

— Louis Simonette 

— Theodore Sargent 

— Francis W.Brown 

— William Bo wen 
Walter Cramton 

— Horace G. Lobdell 

From 137 Post to Ball Park 

— — Spruce street crosses 
76 Vineenzo Mangro 
78 Michael Fox 

80 Dennis O'Shea 

81 Daniel Mulqueen 
82 Francis J. Scanlon 

— — Granger street crosses 
89 Joseph LaFond 

90 Charles Young 

91 Owen Gilhooley 
92 Arthur A. Murray 

95 William D, West 
Adolphus Roussil 
90 Nelson Ross 

Henry Pecor 
97 Frank Phalen 

John P, McGarry 
99 Patrick Ryan 

Mrs. Nellie Mylott 
100 Andrew M. Ducharme 

Noel L. Ducharme 
104 John W. Brislin, Sr. 

George Lear 

Left Right 

Joseph J. KeUey 

105 Edward J. Hannon 
Thomas Battles 

— Brown street ends 
108 John P, Kecnan 

John A. Keenan 
109 John C. Bruten 

Thomas P. Mulhearn 
112 James F. Kelleher 

113 John C. Dolan 
114 Mrs. Emma Henrichon 

Mrs. Ernestine Liberty 
116 Pasquale Mon telle 

Philip Pratico 
118 Charles Francis 

— — Forest street crosses 
125 Mrs. Anna Foster 

126 Frederick N. Brock 

127 Peter Zambon 

129 Frank Paolucri 
132 Gertrude A. Foley 

133 Luigi Christiana 
134 William Barrett 

135 Edmond Cooney 
136 Mrs. Mary O'Connell 

137 Joseph Coloutti 
142 John Cain 

— : — Meadow street crosses 
149 Clifford S. Kent 

151 Peter Dalto 
158 Salvatore Gallo 

Walter J, Lloyd 
168 John Niebraydowski 

West from 44 S Main to 86 East 
2 Willis Sargent 

4 Frederick A. Field, Jr. 

Frank N. Johnson 
6 Thomas H. Howley 

— Olmstead Place begins 
5 Edward D. Welch 

Robert C. Arnoll 

7 Thomas J. Lalor 

8 Albert J. Novak 

9 Katie T. Noyes 
10 George M. Lee 

12 Charles E. Morse 

14 John W. Brislin, Jr. 

16 Harry J* Novak 

Main street garage 

— — South Main street crosses 

From Franklin street to 69 Plain 

69 DuTi-imick LavoLch 

71 Domini co Panarello 

71 }4 Nicolo De Erico 
77 Lemo Rosario 

79 Frongo Schaffeedo 

SI Vacant 

Left Right 

Abraham Coal Co. pocket 
g3 Giuseppe Caggagi 

Rut,. R. R. round house 
97 John A. Monahan 

0,9 Wallace L. Eastman 

_- — River street crosses 

116 William Dwyer 
217 Patrick J. Connors 

IIS C. E. Davis, foundry 
119 Frank Lapenna 

John De Francisco 
121 Louis Ross 

129 Anthony DiUioso 

Benedict Farino 

— South street crosses 

131 Antonio Zingali 

131 Nicolo Ciccone 

133 Mrs, Addie Grossman 

135 Fritz De Vincent 

137 Antonio Laveeehia 

Dominic Notte 
Standard CHI Co. barn 

— — Railroad crossing 
159 Daniel A. Bruten 
161 William J. Cahill 

164 Natale Practice 
165 Louis Fucci 

John Camrada 
167 Jeremiah A, Perkins, Sr. 

168 Patrick A. Caten 

— r— Plain street crosses 

West from 61 Grove to Cramton av 
83 Adams & Noe, storeroom 
S4 Vacant 

Irving W. Colburn 
A. S. Raymond 
85 My Shoe Shop, Omer Be- 
lair T shoe repairer 
86 Halsey Hatch 

Mrs. Mary Murray 

Mrs. Wilbur Dowd 

87 Andrew C. Gravelle 

Mrs. Nellie Gravelle, mill- 
88 Foster E. Sturtevant 

89 Charles H. Hubbard 
91 Betsey 1. Gould, millinery 
91 ^Charles W. Hutchins 
92 Mrs. Eva Corliss 

93 Frank A. Gonyea, auto 

— Summer street begins 
94 Frank Fredette, Jr. 

95 Louis Bove, grocer 
Amelia Bashaw 
96 Louis Cereghino 

Mrs. Mary E, McCloy 
97 Brown Bros,, grocers 
97>^Guiseppe Icolari 

Left Right 

99 CarksColvin 
— Pine street crosses 
107 Elbet A. Resseguie, second 
hand store 
108 Edward P. McClintock 

109 Patsy Piscopo, shoe re- 
111 Patsy Piscopo 
112 Herbert Swift 

Mrs. Jennie Bird 
113 Thomas F, O'Neil 
Louis Minette 
1 3 6 Norm an J . Nicklaw 

Charles H. Congdon 
117 Mrs. Eliza Lefevere 
Alfred D. Taggart 
US Fred Richard 

Mrs. Julia Ward 
119 Walter H. Schollar 
Judson T, Ballard 
120 Edward J. Mulqueen 

Corban G. Wilcox 
121 Barker L. Cramton 
122 Winifred Newcomb 

124 George Sears 

Edward Harrison 
125 Stephen J. Conner 
126 Arthur Abram 

Sidney Wilson 
Mrs. Alice Madison 
127 Henry F, Daley 
127 Quality Feed Store 
128 Joseph D. Duore 

William E, Dickerson 
Geo, Wilcox 
129 Badlands Grocery 

Frank Merriam 
131 Edwin H, Barton 
130 Nicholas Louas 

Charles M. Cobb 
Thomas J, Miles 
131 Guy Hebert 
132 Edward W, Malone 

Almo Polistri 
Charles Hutchins 
133 B. H. Wilkinson 
135 Bert Luce 
138 Alfred Galarneau 

Arthur C. Bartlett 
139 Prosper Lajoke 
141 W. J. Curtis 

Fred J. Galarneau 
142 James Freeman 

143 Geno Pizanelli, shoes 
Daniel Houston 
144 Michael J. Gorman 

146 Ernest Lapierre 

John L. Holmes 
149 Mrs. Ida Costa, fruits and 
gen store 

Rutland Directory 1924 


192^-Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1024 


Left Right 

Mrs, Ida Costa 

— — Baxter street crosses 
155 Benjamin F t Pitts 

Peter H. Gould 
157 Mrs. Lorette E. Wright 
Michael G'DonneU 
1 ,18 Mrs. Maria S. Babbitt 

159 Grace Elanchard 
Helon E. Nichols 
160 Patrick IL Martin 

Edward Martin 

— — Cleveland av crosses 
161 Mrs, Marv Conway 

162 Mrs. Helen Dunton 

Edward Wimette 
163 William Clifford 
164 George R. EUwood 

James H. Ryan 

166 Fred J. Wilson 
Nathan G. Wilson 
Wilson's Tire Repair Shop 
Wilson's Orchestra 

— Water street begins 

— Pierpoint av begins 
166 George Svendsen 

Frank D. Squires 

167 Vt, State Prison & House 

of Correction for Women 
ISO Henry F. Crowley 

Michael Dugan 
182 John H, Dugan 

184 Townsend E. Butler 

Daniel Dwyer 
186 Mrs. Josephine M, Ryan 

William C. Hogan 
188 Frank Bashaw 

Irving Brown 

— Columbian av starts 
191 John S. Dorsey 

Joseph W, Donnelly 
195 John p. Clifford 
195 Louis A t Clifford 
198 Thomas F. Mangan 

199 J. Arthur Wilson 
-— Emmett av begins 
202 Vacant 

203 Lew K* Sussman 

John Howley 
205 Edmund C. Routicr 

John Davis 
207 Patrick IL Carmody 

George Fortier 
209 William J. Hamilton 

Patrick H t Brown 
211 Geo. W. Batehelder 
216 Patrick J, Capeless 

— - — Evergreen av crosses 
217 Alex Catozzi 
James Moriarty 
218 Franklin Whttlock 

Mrs. Salina Raymond 

Left Right 

234 Patrick Purcell 

225 William S. Mangan 

— Hazel street begins 
231 Henry E, Solari 

Maurice Ravenna 
232 Vacant 

Harold W. Austin 
233 Albert J. Spicer 
234 John Jakowlow 

238 Henry Gennette 

241 Fred Pulling 

— Cramton av ends 

— Watkins av ends 


North from Cold River Road to 19S 
Woodstock Avenue 

Mrs. Charlotte Daniel 
William Borsino 
John Knipes 
George Knipes 

— — Keenan Road crosses 

Walter M. Blanchard 

— Allen street ends 
2 William Gokey 

4 Lawrence Beaudry 

Milan Dfnsmore 
Frank Douglas 
8 William Gilman 

— Freeman av begins 
12 William Foster 

Geo. Flanders 

Moses Coltey 
14 William H» Fairbanks 
16 Kenneth Sidney Peck 
18 Charles Gould 
24 Albert H. Saniord 
26 Joseph Lapine 

— Gilrain avenue begins 
30 H. H, Harrington 

32 George P. Gilman 
34 Carl H. Larson 
36 Peter Gordon 

— Jackson av ends 
37 Gareth Smith 

— — KUlington av crosses 

— William W. Townsend, 


— Frank Arthur 

— John P t Fitzgerald, Jr. 
40 Franklin Dumas 

— Harrington av ends 

— St. Joseph's Cemetery 
76 Nelson Santware, Jr. 
72 George A. Brown 

73 Hiram H + Stratton 

77 Frank Horvath 

78 Ray H. Stratton 
81 Walter C. Soulia 

91 Emerson P. Burnham, 


Left Right 

94 David R. Candlish 
Isolation Hospital 

— — Woodstock avenue crosses 

From Corner Merchants Row and 
Washington St to S Main 

City Fire Station No. 1 

— Rut. R. R. repair shop 

— Rutland R. R. freight 

— ' D, & H, freight office 

— Rut. R. R. chief enineer's 

1—5 Moquin's Bakery, 

— Wales street ends 
32 Vacant 

33 Lefrancois & Chamberland 

auto supply 
35 Edward J. Walsh, auto 
Mrs. Mary Noyes 
Anthony Bellows, barber 
36 Joseph Sebastaso, shoe 

Serrafi no Caligiure 
Joseph Root, confection- 
Davis & Amery, meats and 
provi sions, wholesale 
Louis Ferraro 
37 John S, Young 
38 Samuel L. HufTmire 

Gilbert Haekett 
40 David M linger 

42 Andora Kingsbury 

44 Joseph Doner 

43-45 Rutland Grocery Co. 
41 Gordon's Lunch Cart 
46 Ray Warner 

Joseph Root 
48 Rome White 

50 Weingard Weinle 

Marcus Beattie 
49 John H. M orris r barber 
M Peter Weinle 

Mrs* Rose M. LaRock 
55 Waldorf Bakery 
John Gill 
56 Thomas P + Mangan, gro- 


— River street ends 

— Madison street ends 
57 Frank H. Porter 

59 Rutland Tallow Co t 
60 Madison block 

Mintzer Bros, flour and 

Roy Williams 

Left Right 
64 Louis Fast, shoe repairing 

66 Vacant 

James C + Recsman 

— Prospect street ends 
70 Vacant 

— Royce street ends 

76 Newton Cash Market 

78 Vacant 

7SJ^ James Romano 

80 Rafty Abatietf, shoe re- 

83 Thomas LanziUo 

86 Mrs, Henry Elkey 

Arthur E. Lincoln 
Mrs. Sarah J. Denning 

90 Michael B. Haney 

John W. Williams 
M. Louise Haney , nurse 

— — Hopkins street crosses 
93 William D. Kelley 

Hugh Murray 
96 Thomas F. Toohey 

— Scale avenue begins 
98 George E. Smalley, grocer 

99 Howe Scale Company 
100 Thomas P. Mangan 

104 Clarence Graves 

Mrs. Ellen Raff arty 
106 W. P. Lynch 

Mary S. Logan 
112 J^ny Cunningham 

114 Marvin Sanders 

116 Fred E. LaDuke 

— Clover street ends 

118 George L. Young estate 

Albert W. Ellis 
120 Vacant 

122 Moses % Clark 

William I. Johnson 
124 Cassius Morris 

John V, Doner 
126 William H. Howe 

John Rivers 
127 Rutland Sash and Doo 

Mfg, Co, 
129 Vacant 

Vermont Evaporator Co- 
130 Amos A. Smith 

Mrs. Agnes McMahon 
131 Frank Raymond 

Nathan Blumberg, junk 
132 Max Moriarty 

134 James S. Regan 

134 V£ Albert Amery 

Collins Warren 
138 Joseph Todriff 

138 Eunice Hess 

138 John Willis 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rittland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Left Right 

138 Fred Decker 

John R. Derby 
141 John M, Connors 

144 Glenwood Cash Grocery 

142 The Glenwood House 

143 Patrick J. Keefe 
143 Russell E. Brown 

144 W. D. Aldrich 

145 Joseph Collins 
George H. Barnes 

— — South Main street crosses 

ST. JAMES STREET (see James 


South from 170 Woodstock Avenue 
168 George T. Courcelle 
St. Joseph's Cemetery 

From 91 State to Maple 

30 Clayton L, McGuire 

William E. Wall 
32 Mrs. Harriet Campbell 
Edward J. Foster 
32 ^William J. Murphy 
Jesse Stone 
33 Alexander F. Keefe 

Charles F + Lorette 

34 Winfred W. Robinson 
34^Mary A. McMahon 

35 Charles Mason 

John J. Morse 
36 Mrs. Adda Vaughan 

Edward Downs 
37 Frank A. Gonyea 

John Tighe 

35 Bertrand Bigelow 
40 A. Louie Taft 

Mrs, Mary E* Woods 
41 Fred F, Knight 

James B. Howley 
42 Augustine J. Mangan 

Emma S. Cook 
43 Margaret A P Kennedy 

Mrs. Ellen A. Sawyer 
46 George A, Sabin 

Mrs, Mary A, Dervin 
47 Carrie D, Wescott 

Edward Branch 
49 Mrs. Dema LaPlante 

Louis J. Carle 
50 James Quirin 

Edward A. Bowen 
51 Mrs, Jane Howe 

Orley C. Badger 
52 Fred A. Eastman 

Waldo A + Bowen 
55 Andrew Snee 

Mrs. Lucy Newell 

Left Right 
55^ D wight E. Perry 
57 Henry A. Cramton 

James Foster 

East from 70 N Main to Woodstock 

9 Louis F. Brehmer 

II John H. Williams 

17 Demyre J. Ramp 

23 George B. Loomis 

George H. Percival 
25 Edward H. Langdon 

— Davis street begins 
33 William M. Dunn 

G. Howard Cameron 

— — Bellevue av crosses 
41 Timothy Dwyer 

45 Lester D. Shippy 
49 Harry B, Wiggins 

51 Harper L. Frost 

— — Highland av begins 
58 Frank H. Rose 

64 Lisam Geno 

— — Deer street ends 
65 George A t Ellwood 
87 Edward Sautware 

Stephen A + Woods 

— — Porter street ends 
105 Antonio Garofano 
107 George Cormey 
109 Myron H. Stratton 
113 Catherine D. Shays 
121 Robert Pye 

123 Vacant 

Andrew Peryer 
129 John TJdart 

— — Woodstock avenue 

East from 1 South Main 
6-S Terrilt street garage 
9 Almon J, Burdick, auto 
Urban Tice 
Mrs. Alice F, Lull 
10 Joseph H. Monette, black- 
Mrs, Ida E. Bassett 
Edward M. Gallaher 
11 Charles S. Johnson 

12 Harold H Danforth, gro- 
15 Ernest C t Moss 

16 Mrs. Katherine Rushleau 
17 John M oulden 
IS Edmund Grenjer 
20 Charles L, Horton 
21 Mrs, Marion Kenyon 

— Sheldon place begins 
23 Thaddeus A, Raymond 

Left Right 

24 Frank L, Pelkey 

Frank L. Pelkey, grocer 
27 Edward J. Conner 

29 GelasCharron 

31 George E. Higgins 

33 James S, Munger 

35 Mrs. Rosanna Laporte 

George L. Durivage 

— — East street crosses 
42 Roger S. Pike 

46 Edward C. Day 
47 Samuel T. Pearsons 

54 Wilfred J. Courcelle 
56 Edward C. Young 
Amos Marceill 

— — Lafayette street crosses 

East from 12 Meadow 

77 Salvatore Vitagliano 
Philomena Sacco 
78 Charles Cantono 

Nickolas Valenty 
Peter Cantono 
Pasquale Gallo 
75 Frank Miello 
76 John Maszulo 

Saverio Morro 
73 Louis Marotto 
74 Carmine A. Battiello 

Orrin W. Cobb 

From 92 Woodstock ave north to 

9 Louis NL Gagnon 

16 Charles G, Daniels 
IS Hiram A, Stratton 

Uliiorr STREET 
From Furnace west to 33 Forest 
42 George H. Dean 

43 John Barbagallo 
44 Eugene Ritchie 

47 Pasquelle Garafano 
Fred Derby 
48 James Maclvor 

T — — - Howe street crosses 
53 Mrs, Sadie Haddad 
Michael Proszo 
54 Mrs. Jennie Cowee 

Harry Waters 
55 Philip J. Crosby 
$6 Joseph Fondano 

Pasquelle Prozzo 
— — Forest street crosses 

From 200 N Main to 239 Grove 

Left Right 

7 Mrs. Ella A. Jacobs 
8 Mrs. Mary Hope 

10 Jeremiah J, Guinness 

— • — Lincoln avenue crosses 
46 Mrs. Tern Tronzo 

4S Charles H. Griggs 

"T* — Church street crosses 

— — Adams street crosses 

— — Pearl street crosses 
85 William Hesse 

Walter J, Billings 
86 Flovd E. Bump 

87 William Hesse Jr. 
88 Milton B t Bums 

S9 George H. Putnam 

— — Grove street crosses 

South from 70 West to Strongs 

2 Arsene Mercure, harness- 

4 Olof P. Vestin, shoe re- 

8 Robert H Bellville 

11 Frank V. McDowell 

R + H Norton, Ice Cream 

12 Vacant 

15 H E, Seward & Sons, 
16 Bachand's Home Bakery 

Arthur P. Bachand 
17 Hector A. Goyette, barber 
19 Mrs. Annie George 
Albert R. Taylor 
Mrs. Jennie L. Bridge 
Mrs. Elba Blossom 
Bob Roberts 
Mrs. Annie George 

Clayton Forquites 
\f acanfc 
20 W. J, Hanley, lunch 

21 Baird & Nichols, new & 

second hand furniture 
23 Williams* Battery Shop 

— — Willow street begins 
31 Miller Auto Sales Co. 

32 John E. Gomez 

John Oney 
34 Vacant 

Murray The Printer 
Hotel Berwick 
37 James I-L Dunn, billiards 
36 Frank Nemera, shoe re- 

39 Dick & Kazon, apron mfrs. 
40 Wales Street Lunch 

44 Dennis J. Anthony 

— — Center street crosses 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Left Right 

51 Eagles' Hall 
53 Carl W. Watterlund, elec- 
55 Howard A. Adams, auto 

radiator repairing 
57 Thomas J. Carlos, signs 
58 Patrick J. Kelley 

59 Patrick Denning, auto 

63 White Market 
65 Arthur L. Emerson 
Thomas W. Winters 
66 Charles S. Fales 

Lenox House The 
67 James Connolly, plumber 
68 Emmanuel Celentano 

69 James R. Miles 
70 Mrs. A. P. Foley, second 

hand store 
71 Henry E. DeGree, vul- 
73 Strand Theatre Bldg 

— — Strand Theatre 
74 John B. Warner 

75 — 77 Norton & Beane vulcaniz- 

— — Washington st crosses 
93 Harry Hewey 

Theodore Horbin 
Thomas J. Burke 
Carlos G. Johnson 
97 Thomas Cline 
99 Mrs. J. E. Thomson 
Spencer Firkey 
102 Raymond Lopez 

Mrs. Catherine Dolan 
103 The Kinox Co. 

William A. Nobel 
107 Harry King 
108 Mrs. Rose Allen 

108A Central Tire Co. 

109 D. G. Quebec Cigar Co. 
110 William J. LaVoice 

Floyd H. Taylor 
112 Jacques A. Koltonski 

Herbert Pelkey 

— — Strongs avenue 

West from 167 Grove to Baxter 

119 Vacant 
124 Burt T. Murphy 

128 Mrs. Laura Collins 

132 Iver W. Fitzgerald 

Guy Farr 

West from 33 South Main to Mer- 
chants Row 

2 Frank D. White 

8 Vacant 

Left Right 


— Morse Place begins 

11 Frank J. Wade 

15 Mrs. Miriam B. Dunton 

— Nickwackett st ends 
16 Clarence H. Murdick 

17 Mrs. Katherine Lawrence 
Edwin W. Lawrence 
18 Charles A. Ellison 

Edward E. Ellison 
20 Mrs. Barbara Mahoney 

George "W. Donahue 
22 Mrs. Emma Harwood 

23 Vacant 

— Pleasant street ends 
25 George T. Jarvis 

26 Frank C. Dunn 

— Court street ends 
30 William Abraham 

— Prospect street begins 
31 Henry O. Carpenter 
33 Norris M. Bradley 

Fred S. Abbott 
35 Henry W. Clement 
37 Archie Hayward 
39 Herbert E. Curtis 

40 Mrs. Susie Cootey 

41 John N. Paige 
43 Mrs. Augusta Schreiber 
William Clark 

44 Mrs. Mary P. Clark 

45 Mrs. Mary Foley 

— — Wales street crosses 

46 People's Furniture Ex- 

48 Ducharme & Marks, 

(White House Cafe) 
51 Masonic Temple 

Bardwell Garage 
52 G. W. Fish, plumber 

A. J. Novak Printing Co. 

Machine Composition Co. 

City Hall 

First Floor 

Chief of Police (1) 

City Clerk (2) 

Police Headquarters (3) 

City Treasurer (4) 

Janitor (5) 
Second Floor 

City Court Rooms (6) 

City Judge (7) 

Fire dept. (8) 

Council Chamber (9) 

Board of School Com- 
missioners (11) 

City Eng., Supt. of Sts., 
Supt. of Water Wks. 

Mayor, Board of Assessors 

Left Right 

Supt. of Schools (14) 
Street & Water dept. 
. — Vacant 
— Merchants Row crosses 

From State near Bridge north to 
Library Avenue 

32 Emelio Franzone 

34 Mrs. Helen Lertola 

36 Henry J. Lassor 
37 Vacant 

38 Adolphus Fregosi 
39 Grover C. Taylor 

40 Ernest Tesconi 

42 Thomas C. Cassidy 
43 Harley A. Soulia 

44 Fred C. Conant 

46 Thomas F. Lynch 
47 Clarence Redington 

52 Mrs. Hattie Burroughs 
Edward A. Dunbar 

56 Abraham Soulia 

62 Leon Cummings 
Minnie Soulia 


East from Mill Village to Mendon 

North from 371 West 
11 Emanuel Johnson 

12 George J. Brown 
16 Patrick Crowley 
17 Mrs. Mary E. Mylott 

18 Watkins Avenue School 
21 A. Alfred Rabidou 

25 Andrew G. Rudin 

33 George W. Scoville 

Norman H. Scoville 
John C. Anderson 

— — State street crosses 
35 Walter W. Seniecle 
45 Lloyd R. Fish 

46 Mrs. Lucy A. Harris 
50 John Blicharz 
Head Bertha Billings 

West from 1 North Main to Center 

— Public Park 
1 Vacant 

3 Mrs. Josie Bean 

Walter J. Blossom 
5 Vacant 

7 Mrs. Alice Casey 
9 Harry B. Whittier 

Left Right 

15 Rutland Memorial Ar- 

17 Lillian M. Cummings 

Mrs. Ella Ristrow 



19 Alberic H. Bellerose, phy- 


23 James Brown 


Robert Keith 

Thomas McGarry 


Martin L. Gleason 

Mrs. Mary E. Candlish 

(rear) Martin L. Gleason, garage 

— Nichols street begins 

27 Walter C. Matot 

29 Jack S. Harrison 


Mrs. Mary Kelly 

31 Guy Fish 

Timothy Noonan 


John B. Stearns 

33 George E. Chalmers 

— Lincoln avenue begins 


Mrs. Mary Fisher 

Myron E. Weaver 


Robert C. Boynton 

— Court street begins 

39 J. Henry Frenier 

43 Mrs. Alice Gale 

47 Clayton H. Maurice 

Cloys P. Reed 


Prosper Lorette 

Casper Leach 

49 James E. Post 

Eugene Richards 


Fred T. Tyrrell 

Egbert Willard 

51 Samuel Fishman 


Alfred D. Baxter 

Moses Lombard 

— Elm street begins 

55 George W. Eaton 

Frank A. Wilkinson 


Carrie E. Griswold 


Christian Advent Church 

57 Marble City Bakery 

59 Hotel St. James 

Martin Walker 


Rev. R. W. Linnell 


Louis I, Nason 

61 R.afIaelo Abatiell, shoe 



Alma Romprey 

Mert D. Maney 

— Church street begins 


Wales street begins 

Rutland Motor Co. 


Samuel Terrill & Son, 



George Mossey 

Trinity Epis, Church 


Rutland Rug Works 

Rutland D rectory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 4924 


Left Right 
80 Vacant 

S2 Vacant 

85 Rev* Morgan Ashley 
87 Robert E. Burke 
Frank W. Trombetta 
92 Will I am H . Williams, aut o- 

96 West street market 

96^ George H. Ducharme 

J. E. Parker, liverv stable 
98 B P C. Bracken '& Co +J 

102 The Elmore Hotel 

Thomas F. Morris 
— Cottage street begins 
— Ed son street begins 

Mac's Filling Station, 
lunch cart 
107-109 Rutland Machine & 

Automobile Co. 
112 Grand Theatre 

St* Paul's Univ Church 
114 Grand Union Tea Co. 

117 Mrs. Johanna C. Chase 
National Pulpwood Corp, 
Manchester Marble Co. 
116 Gryphon Block 

1.1ft Post Office 

122 D. E. Martin, clothing 

Second Floor 
Carter R. Woods (1), den- 
G. G. Marshall, physician 

Mary A. McCarthy (4), 

Herbert H, Yarrington, 

(5-7), dentist 
Percy M + Williams (6) 

Bradford C. Godfrey, den- 

dist (6) 
Henry L. Crab an, phy- 
sician (11-12) 
S. W. Hammond (940), 

John Hancock Mutual Life 

Ins, Co. 
Peerless Casualty Co, 

Third Floor 

A. H. Smith (8), architect 
Wright & Young (8) 
W. S. Fenton (6-7), law- 

James A. Merrill (ll) r 

Frank D. White (11), law- 

Left Right 

Henry W. Clement, ac- 
Gladys A, Farwell, public 
sten (9) 
123 Ross-Huntress Co. 
125 Quinn Building 

Edward Dana (1), lawyer 
Roger S. Pike, insurance 

B. H. Stickney (4-5), law- 

WilliamS. Novak (6), den- 
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co, 
Raymond G. Bridges, in- 
Vermont Accident In- 
surance Co. (12) 
Ernest H. O'Brien (13-14), 

Clifton E. Killary, dentist 

Vacant (17) 

Railway Clerks' Head- 
quarters (16) 
Rut. Business College 
— Grove street begins 
— Merchants Row begins 

131 Marble Savings Bank 

(under const) 
133 James Vitello, shoe repair- 
137 Central Creamery 
138 White Cross Barber shop 

Horton's Cash Market 
George Murray 
138K Charles B. Webster 
Frank Nemera 
Bertram W. Mitchell 
139 Elec. Shoe Rep. Co. 
140 Troy Shirt Store 

141 Pasquale Potarti, fruits 
142 Jacob Slater, shoes 

144 Benjamin Cota 

146 Abraham's Cut Rate Drug 

148 John De Francesco, barber 

Henry Kinsella, fish 
150 Rutland Produce Co. 

152 Fred W. Park 

John Wisell 
154 Carl Swyer, furniture 

158 Vacant 

— Kissane Place begins 
151 Free Libray 
160 The Hamilton Hotel 

161 Handley Baking Co. 
162 Kantor Bros, shoes 

163 Arthur W. Manning 

Left Right 

Mrs. Frances W, Grover 
164 Kantor Bros., clothing 

— Evelyn street ends 
165 Charles H. Barber 
167 Vacant 

— r Methodist Church 
172 Electric Shoe Repairing 

174 Star Lunch 

175 Mrs. Anna Duffy 
176 Horan*s Laundry 

176)4 Patrick H + Hogan 
1 78- 180 Brigham Furniture Ex- 
182 Italian Hall 

Victor Koutsonikolis 

184 Italian American Ticket 

Victor Koutsonikolis, 


185 William A. Onion 

— — Pine street crosses 

189 Pellegrino Bove, grocer 
ISQMJohn Valente 
190 Hugh Duffy Coal Co. coal 

191 James Vitello 
193 Louis Ricci 

Thomas Winters 
197 Pasquale Cappabianca, 
West street cemetery 
210 John Welch, coal 

245 Kinsman & Mills, mon- 
umental works 
-e- — D & H. R. R. crosses 

— — Rut R, R, crosses 
— Forest street begins 

Holmes Iron Co t 
24£ Rut. Waste & Metal Co. 

248 Fred C. Foster, grocer 

George Foster, grocer 
252 Mrs, Armina LaRose 

255 Lincoln Iron Works 
257 Joseph Cioffi, grocer 
260 Leonard McNulty 

Mrs. Hilma Hagan 

Salvatore Cioffi 
262 Vacant 

Carmine Polzella 

Nobio Breattis 
263 Andrew Raymond 
264 Albert Barker 

Mrs. Agnes Anziano 

Aral do Padolecchia 

Arthur B. Venuta 
265 Joseph Coltey, Jr. 
266 Nicolo Marro, grocer 

Charles Marro 

Left Right 

Arthur Venuta, barber 
Salvatore Ippolito 
267 Nathan Gelvan 

— Meadow street begins 
26$ Joseph Garolfano 

272 John D. Barrett 

273 Josephine Sammon 
274 Felix Varrecchione 

Frank Vaeeariello 
275 Mrs. Eva Baraby 
276 Pasquale De Blasio 

277 F. A. Young, blacksmith 

— — Covered bridge 

— Lane to State street 

284 Rut. Family Wet Wash 

287 F, P. Robinson Coal Co. 
288 Mrs. Christina B elf ore 

290 Joseph Amorili 

Tony Boloma 
292 RafTele Mnsella 

Garmara Musella 
294 Tom Palermo 

296 Antonio Cium 

297 Napoleon Crapo 
298 Salvatore Ippolito 

Daniel Musetti 
299 Mrs, Katherine Mangan 

Arthur C. Brink 
301 John A. Fassett 
302 Mrs. Catherine McCloskey 

303 Frank Intelisino 
304 Patrick A. McDonough 

305 Nazerene Valente 
307 Dominic Delli Veneri 
Vito Spina 
308 Frank Pierrone 

Patricks Copps 
311 Lemuel B. Jones 
312 Thomas Moore 

316 Franzesco Narcisco, grocer 

Francesco Narcisco 
31S Arthur LaCrosse 

Louis Elkey 
320 Michael Lloyd 

321 Smith Lumber Co. 
322 George H. Trombley 

Gerald E. Belden 
326 William T. Lanan 

332 Mrs. Elizabeth Dugan 

— Cemetery 

340 Creamery Package Mfg. 

360 The Temple Bros. 

— — D, & H. R. R, crosses 

— — Rut. R, R, crosses 

363 George W. Batchelder r 
Mrs. Alice McGuirk 

Rutland D rectory 1 924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1024 

Left Right 

365 Gust S. Ljungquist, an- 
tique shop 

— Watkins av begins 
371 Thomas Courcelle 

Horace O. Packard 
373 Hugh Hughes 
375 Patrick W, Hulihan 
375 William H. Clifford 

— Crainton av begins 
379 Joseph Mayer 

383 Bernardo Ravenna 
3S5 Mrs. Mary Harriott 
387 Mrs. Julia Rothlis 
389 Mrs. Zenaide Mctcalf 
389 Luigi lanni 
393 John Harris 

398 Mrs. Sarah Newton 

399 Alfredo Franceschi 

Joseph Coltey 
407 John Burke 
409 Mary A. Lamb 
411 Alfred Ohio 
415 Italian Aid Society 

420 Ignac Jagodzinski 

433 Harry Piccini 
435 Patrick G. Dwyer 
439 Martin McLaughlin 
441 Joseph Solari 
445 Patrick J. Reilly 

446 Alexander Franzoni 

447 Umbcrto Ravenna 

— Ripley street begins 
451 Edward Sage 

453 Clarence Shedd 

455 Mrs. Jennie M. Shedd 

457 Mrs. Jennie May 

457JiAlbert B. Bixby 
459 John Fusco 

459KFrank P. Shedd 
461 Louis Fusco, billiards 

Lawrence Fusco 
463 Philip Rooney 
— Evergreeti Cemetery 

— — City line 


From mckols to 70 Grove 

21 George W + Utley 

24 Norman F. Bruce 

25 Alvin A, Johnson 

26 Winsor A. Brown 

William LaRoque 

29 John W. Bowen 

Mrs, Adeline A- Sayles 
32 Mrs. Ellen Holbrook 

Mrs. Sarah J- Raymond 

— . — Lincoln avenue crosses 
35 George H. Warren 

37 Jack W. Abraham 

George E. Welch 

38 Lee K. Robinson 

Left Right 

Chester S, Pinney 
40 Percy R. Stafford 

41 Herbert R. Hall 
Mrs. Flora Barber 
42 Charles L. Robinson 

44 John N. Burdick 

46 Mrs. Adelaide Balcom 

48 Jerome Gosselin 

— — Elm street crosses 
49 John J, Kerns 

Michael P. Ryan 

Mrs. Emma C. Bailey 
50 Joseph Euno 

Walter H. Curtis 
51 Mrs. Laura F. Hirschfeld 

Thomas R. Kerslake 
54 Foster E + Archer 

Ella Hay ward 

— — Church street crosses 
59 Fred J + Johnson 

Fred Young 
60 Annie W. Farmer 

Henry H* Lee 
62 Edwin C, Baker 

Alonzo Levins 

— Chestnut av begins 

64 Mrs* Myrtle Paptneau 

Mrs- Etta Blair 
66 Emrey Forkas 

— Cottage street ends 
69 William H« Kinsman 
71 Peter Bove 

71^ijay G. Brown 
75 William A. Patrick 
George M. Wheeler 
76 Charles W. McFarren 

Howard F, Mitchell 
77 Llewellyn Handran 
79 Dana E. Horton 

— — Grove street crosses 

West from 27 Wales 

Miller Auto Sales Co. 
75 A. Alexander, fruits 
John Conirl, livery 
81-85 Farwell & Hayes 

87 Jimmie's Lunch, lunch 
88 Vacant 

89 Frank G, Alexander 
Edward J. Bruten 
92 Badlam's Grocery store 

93 Vacant 
94 Howe's Ice Cream Co., 

96 Harrison Wescott 

99 Howard Band 
101 Robert T. Pritchard 
102 David A. Barker, livery 

1924 — Rutland Dikectoiiy— 1024 



Left Right 

Combination Cash Store 

West from 121 Church to 124 Pearl 
63 Perley C. Davis 
65 Frederick H. Hier 
66 John Morganson 

70 Oscar Lagerberg 

72 Kitt D, Hudson 

71 Walter G. Cheney 
73 William C. Clark 

— — Pearl street crosses 

East from 30 N Main beyond City 

12 Carleton I. Hendee 
14 George W. Peck 
15 Aimer J. Gardner 

Harold E. Stafford 
16 Agnes H. Rule 
17 Robt. V. N. Davis 

18 Vacant 

Mrs. Harriet Hitchcock 
20 Mrs. Marion Bossa 
22 Fred Watson 
23 Christopher R. Roberts 

25 Thomas W, McMinn 
k M Clara J. Squier 
27 Mrs, Maud S. La Rose 

Mrs. Eliza J. Nims 
William Woodbury 
28 Mrs. James S. Clark 
29 Mrs. Grace Brousseau 

Pindley S. Squires 
Louis Bessette 

— East street begins 

33 Mrs. Clara P. Ormsby 

Mrs. Maria Sexton 

34 Ross H. Butterfield 

35 Edward J. Walker 

Merrill S. Logan 


36 Walter E. Elder 
40 Clarence Davis 

Fred W. Sullivan 
44 George Chapman 

William Fewkes 
48 Mrs. Catherine Brislin 

Placede Duvel 

— Bellevue av 
50 Van Melen 

John Stevens 
51 Thomas C. Canty 

54 James Duffy 

— Lafayette street ends 
62 John M, Fagan 

— Deer street begins 

Left R.ght 
67 Arthur J. Mahan 

68 Rollin B. Smith 
69 Hugo F. Brugmann 

71 Edward S. Abbott 

86 John P. McLaughlin 
90 Charles H. Prior 

Harry Russell 
92 William A. Young 

— Tremont intersects 

— Porter street begins 

— Ross street begins 
110 Dennis P. McDonald 
112 Isaiah Matt 

115 Gilman L. Estabrook 

124 Michael J. Cain 
127 Walter E, Jasmin 

129 John Udart 

130 Charles W. Young 
134 Mrs, Lucy Hart 
143 Joseph Lamery 

William B. Stapleton 
144 W. E. Jasmin & Son, gro- 
Roll a M. Jasmin 
I44i^Fred Delphia 
146 Harry C. Jasmin 

— Temple street ends 
150 Mrs. Alice Russell 

Joseph C. Pecor 
151 Charles S. Fuller 

Murton Soulia 
152 Morris W. Dickerman 
Martin Sanderson 
155 Oscar Mellen 

157 John J. Bostrom 

164 George M, Jasmin 

— St. John street begins 
170 Henry P. Peryea 

177 Frank E. Alexander 

1S2 Fred I. Seward 

184 Edward J. Bell 

186 Merritt S. Neil 
187 William Ranger 

195 Frederick Smith 

— Stratton road ends 
218 City Farm 

John J. Hickey 
Frank A. Lewis 

— Gleason Road begins 
Milford L. Pike 
Henry H. Noyes 

— —City limits 


Baxter Bank Building, 128 Mer- 
chants row 

Bardwell Hotel Block, 132-142 
Merchants row 

Berwick Hotel Block, 51 Center 

Burditt Block, 15 Evelyn 

Buxton Block, Merchants row 




1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Cahee Block, 44-46 Merchants row 
Chaffee Block, 24 >£ Center 
Clement Building, 32 Yi Merchants 

Colonial Block, West near Grove 
Cramton Block, 25-27 Merchants 

City Hall Building, Strongs avenue 

and Washington 
Court House Building, Center, cor- 
ner Court 
City Fire Station No. 1, City Hall 

City Fire Station No. 2 f Nickwack- 

ett, corner Center 
Dunn Block, 14 Merchants row 
Grand Theatre Block, 112 West 
Gryphon Block, 116 West 
Gryphon Building, 56 H Merchants 

Hamilton Hotel Block, 164 West 
Hulett Block, 29 Merchants row 
Hale Block, 15-21 Wales 
Herald Building, 110 Merchants row 
Howley Block, 30-40 Center 
High School Building, Center c 

South Main 
Keyes Block, 35 Evelyn, opposite 

Landon Block, 2)4 Merchants row 
Marble Block, 24 Merchants row 
Masonic Temple, Washington, op- 
posite City Hall 
Mclntyre Block, 25-29 Center 
Mead Building, 98 Merchants row 
Metager Block, 60 Center 
Morgan Block, West, opp M E, 

Public Library Building, West c 
Kissane pi 

Quinn Block, 125 West 

Rutland Savings Sank Building, 
45K Merchants row 

Sawyer Block, 57-59 Merchants 

Strand Theate Building, 73 Wales 

Spencer & Canty Block, 16 Grove 

Tuttle-Caverly Block, 9-11-13 Cen- 

Tuttle and Chase Block, 23 Mer- 
chants row 

U. S. Court and Post Office, Build- 
ing, Center, corner Court 

Verder Block, 131 West 

Wales Block, 51 Wales 

Apollo Hall, 45^ Merchants row 
Baxter Hall, Baxter Bank Building 
Canado-American Hall, Rutland 

Savings Bank Building 
Dunn Hall, $7*4 Merchants row 
Eagles Hall, 73 Wales 
Elks Hall, 106J^ Merchants row 
G, A. R. Hall, 10GH Merchants 

KaHington Lodge L 0. O, F. Hall, 

Buxton Block 
Rutland Lodge L <X O. F^ 106?^ 

Merchants row 
Knights of Pythias, Center 
Masonic Hall, Washington 
Salvation Army Hall, 32-34 Mer- 
chants row 
Woodmen's Hall, Merchants row 


Directory Publishers 
33 Lyman St. Springfield, Mass. 

Rutland Miscellaneous Directory 

(See Proctor and West Rutland for Miscellaneous 
of those towns) 


City Election Held First Tuesday in March 


James C. Dunn 

Pres, Lucien J. Trudel, C. P. Coop* 
er, D, J. Bruten, F. H. Burnham, 
T. J. Creed, Dr. R + E t Smith, C + 
W. Spencer, John J. Harrison, R, 
S> Pike, Charles R. Cheney 



B.W1 i:tier 

Will L.Davis 

Leonard F. Wing 

Mrs. Dorothy F. Aldrich 

Clayton H. Kinney 

Joseph P. Feeley 


Joseph P. Feeley 


Fred C. Roberts 

E, H. Lawson 

Charles B, Costdlo 

Joseph P. Feeley 

Francis Tracy 

John J. Hickey 

Charles G. Noyes 

Lindley S. Squires, George T. Mor- 

Joseph P. Feeley, Daniel J, Brut en 

Harry B. Whittier 


Albert L. Pratt 



Chaales D« Noyes 


Harry B. Whittier 

Eugene M. Mangan 

Andrus B. Engrem, Caleb Buffum 

Charles H. Landon ♦ Charles M. 
Smith, Henry F. Field 

William Littler, Helen M. Foye, 
Henry A. Cramton 


Fred C. Atherton, Henry B. Car- 
penter, John B* Dyer 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


Geo. G. Marshall, M. D., W, G, 
Hodsdon, M, D., George Rustedt, 
M. D., Health Officer, Fred Beau- 

Robt. D. Smith, William T. Si- 
mends, Horace A. Colburn 

William W, Fairchild 

Moderator and clerk, William Mau- 
ghan; treas, William Maughau; 
selectmen, H. E. Dyer, H. W. 
Ross, N.M. Burr; auditors, G. A. 
Davis; a P. Stockwell, W. E. 
Navin; constables, 1st H« M. 
Clark, 2nd James Harmon; col- 
lector, J as, Hannon; listers, Wal- 
ter Lester, Carl Anderson, Edwin 
Sargent; road commissioner, M, 

B. Fish; school directors, P. W. 
Reilly, James D. Kellogg, Mrs* 
Grant Boardman; town agent, 

C. P. Beebe; grand jurors, John 
Pond, N. L. Robinson, E. W. 

Chief Engineer and Fire Marshal, 
John P. Reedy; First Assistant En- 
gineer and Supt. Fire Alarm System, 
Alfred H. Koltonski; Second Assist- 
ant Engineer, Edgar C, Mabury; 
Steamer Engineer, A. R. Pellistri 

Permanent Firemen 
Ralph R. Bean 
John H.Sheridan 
Michael H. Sullivan 
Walter E.Morse 
W. K. Donovan 
Leo H, Stone 
Edward C. Duggan 
Bernard J. Morris 

Call Firemen 
James T, Cocklin 
Joseph A, Courcelle 
T. H. Driscoll 
Henry Hostler 
T. F. Reedy 
D. J. Brown 
John J. O'Brien 
Charles W, Pennington 
Royal Rondeau 
G. T. Shelvey 
A. C. Pillistri 

Chief of Police 
E. H. Lawson 

Regular Police Officers 
Thomas C. Elworth, Patrick H. 
Conlin, Silas C. Warren, Timo- 
thy Dwyer, Thomas C. Canty, 
Patrick Mangan, Burt T, Mur- 
phy, Timothy Dwyer 

Special Policemen 
L« T. Barber, Charles Benincasa, 
George Kieley, Nicholas C. Baker, 
Henry P, Brow, William J- Bor- 
den, Arthur A- Briggs, John W. 
Brislin, Patrick Bushell, Eugene 
Butterfly, Jeremiah Canty, Rich- 
ard C. Capeless, James M. Co- 
lomb, M. J. Considme, John F. 
Cragin, Charles G. Daniels, Paul 
DePalma, Stephen Dumas, Ar- 
thur L. Emerson, Byron F. Ev- 
erest, Patrick H, Farrell, Timo- 
thy Halpin, Michael Hinckley, 
John E. Lanan, Ernest LeBlanc, 
Charles E. Leclair, Eugene M. 
Mangan, H. A. Mattison, Thom- 
as F. O'Neil, Orrin R. Packard, 
Anthony Petri llo, John P. Reedy, 
Pascal C. Ricci, Albert Scoville, 
H. E. Yarrington 


Charles H. West 

Assistant Postmaster 
Nora E, Crowley 


Edwin P. Bassett, Willis M. Ross, 
George W. Donahue, George M. 
Fernandez, Patrick F. McDon- 
ough, Chas. A. Ellison, George H. 
Ross, Harry W. Liqued, John H. 
Raymond, Agnes B. Crowley, 
John H, Sullivan 

Office open 7 a. m. to 8:00 p.. m.; 
holidays till 10 a. m. Money 
orders, 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Reg- 
istry 8 a, m-8 p. m, 

Hugh J. Kingsley, Fred Sullivan, 
T. Edward Crowley, Franklin B. 
Fuller, Clarence L. Dye, John W. 
Nourse, Harry L. Russell, Ed- 
mund C. Routier, George P. Sul- 
livan , Julian H. Kavanaugh, Haz- 
en H. Shaw, J. C. Frechette, El- 
win C. Ranger, Edward N, How- 

Rutland Di 

Special Delivery Messenger 
J- J. Tally 


No. 1, Frederick H. Huff mire; No. 
2, Charles R. Seward 

Mrs, Louisa B. Loveland 


Rutland Free Library — Memorial 
Hall. Open from 9 a. m. to 5 
p. m. daily except Sunday and 
from 7 to 9 p s m. Monday, Tues- 
day, Friday and Saturday even- 
ings in winter, and Tuesday and 
Saturday evenings in summer. 
Pres, Mrs. Charles H, West; v- 
prcs, Mrs. C. A. Gale, Mrs, W. 
Hulett; sec, Mrs. 0. H. Coolidge, 
treas, Miss Ellen B h Cramton; 
Librarian, Miss Lucy D, Cheney, 
1st asst, Miss Minnie C. Gorton, 
2nd asst, Miss Marion Wilkins 

Baxter Memorial Library — Grove 
cor Library a v. Librarian, Mrs. 
A. P, Riker 

Free Directory Library — 35 Mead 
bldg., H. A. Manning Co., props. 


Commissioners — See City Govern- 

Evergreen Cemetery — West St, C 
Rutland. Pres., E. C. Tut tie; 
v-pres., F. R. Patch; treas,, F< A. 
Field; sec., E. C. Johnson; supt., 
H. 1. Loveland; asst. supt., M. 
Irene McCormjck; trustees, H. 0. 
Carpenter, A. G. Coolidge 

WEST Street Cemetery— W near 

Calvary (R. C.) Cemetery — Mea- 
dow St. 

French Catholic Cemetery — Har- 
rington av 

R. C. Cemetery — West St. opp 
Columbian av 

Rutland Hospital— Supt., Pearl A. 
Churchill R. N.; pres, Henry F. 
Field; v-pres., George T. Chaffee; 
sec., E. C. Tuttle; treas, Earl S. 

School Commissioners— Walter 
Fen ton (pres), Ellen B. Cramton, 
(elk), Bert A. Adams, Berenice 

Tuttle, Dr. W. G, Hodsdon, 
Wallace W. Nichols, Harvey R. 
Kingsley, Chas, E. Davis, George 
E. Harman, Frank W. Dignan 

Superintendent of Schools— Wil- 
liam W. Fairchild; office, City 

The Board of School Commissioners 
meets on the first Monday of each 
month at City Hall at 7:30 p. rcu 

High School 
Center Street Building 

Elementary Schools 
Dana School, Longfellow Building, 
Abraham Lincoln Building, L. G. 
Kingsley Building, Watkins Ave- 
nue Building, Park Street Building 
Madison Street Building 


Advent Christian — 58 West, Pastor 
Rev, R. W. Linnell. Services, 
10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. June 1 
to Oct. I; 7:30 p. m. Sunday 
school 12; Young People's service, 
G":30 p, m. Prayer meeting, 
Thursday, 7 :30p,m. 

First Baptist Church — Center, near 
Court House. Pastor, George 
W. Peck, Jr. Services, Sunday, 
10:45 a. m, r 4:30 p, m. Sunday 
school, 12:10 p. m.; prayer meet- 
ing, Thursday, 7:30 p. m.; Young 
People's meeting, Sunday, 6 p. m. 

Congregational Church — Pastor, 
Edward C. Boynton, Court. Ser- 
vices at 10:45 a. m, and 4:30 p. m. 
Sunday School, 9:30—12 m. Dec. 
to May . Thursday 7:30p.m. 

Mill Village Cliapel— Mill Village. 

Trinity Episcopal Church — Cor 
West and Church. Rector, Rev, 
Morgan Ashley. Holy Com- 
munion at 7:30 a, m. every Sun- 
day morning; morning service 
10:45 a. m.; Church School, 9:30; 
evening service, 7 :30 p. m, Octo- 
ber to June. Sunday school 
supt,, the rector. 

Methodist— 171 West, Pastor, Rev. 
George E. Price. Services, 10:45 
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; 
prayer meeting, Thursday, 7:30 
p. m.; Ep worth League, Sunday, 
6:15 p. rn.; Sunday school, 12 m. 

Church of the Holy Innocents (R, 
C.) — S. Main, cor. Killington av. 
Pastor, Rev. Bernard Kelly. 
Masses at 8:30 and 10:30 a. m., 
Sept, 1 to July 1 ; 8 and 10 a. m. 

ectory 1924 



1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 

July 1 to Sept. 1. B en edict ion, 

Satred Heart of Mary (St, C,) 
(Freneh)— Lincoln av Pastor L. 
Albert Veniza. Mass at 7:3fl and 
£':30 a. m. June 1 to Sept. 1 and 
8:00 a. m. Sept 1 to June 1; cat* 
echism t Sept- June 2-30p. m.; ves- 
pers at 

St- Peter's (R. C.) — Convent av, 
cor. M eado w. Pastor, Rev . J - 
M. Brown; Mass at 7, 9 and 
10:30 a, m.; devotion, 7 p. m, in 
summer and 4 p a m. in winter, 
Sunday school 3 p.m. 

Krst Church of Christ Scientist— 8 
Cottage. McRae F. Haskins, 
first reader. Service5 T Sunday, 
10:45 a, m., Wednesday, 7:30 p. 
ife,, reading rooms in Church 
edifice open from 10 a. m. to 5 p. 

Salvation Army — Capt. Malcolm 
Penny, Citadel 32-34 Merchants 

Seventh Bay Advent Church— 99 K 

Center. Services, Saturday, Sab- 
bath School, 1 p. m. ; Church ser- 
vice 2 p. m. prayer meeting, Fri- 
day 7 :30 p. m . No regular pastor 

St. Paul Universal ist Church — 115 
West. Services, 10:45. am.; 
Sunday school 9:30.; Y. P, C, U. 
meeting Sundays, 6:30 p.m. 

Swedish Congregational Church | 
T^rraetf Hill. Services, Sunday 
10:30 a. m. and 7 :30 p. m. ; Thurs- 
day, 7:30 p.m. 

American Red Cross 
Rutland Branch—Chairman, Mrs. 
John G. SchiKinger; v-pres., Mrs. 
J, A. Merrill; sec, Florence Mont- 
gomery; tress., Mrs. Mabel Cav- 

Ancient Order Hibernians 
Rutland Division— pres., P. j, Mc- 

Devitt ; sec, Edward Harmon, 

Meets 2nd Tuesdays in Apollo 

Ladies' Auxiliary No, 1 — pres., Mrs* 

Wm. Dwyer; rec. sec, Mrs. Ella 

Rice; treas. f Mrs. John Kelky 
Ledies 1 Auxiliary No, 6 — rec sec*, 

Mrs. Patrick Hurley; treas., Mrs. 

Wm, Hurley 
St, Peter's Hibernian Benevolent — 

pres., P, A, Cat en; v-pres., John 

Dempseyjhn sec, J. D. Walsh; 

rec sec, D, A, Eaten; treas,, M.J. 


B, P* O, Elks 
Rutland Lodge No. 346— E. R., 
Wilford H, Handley; sec, John 
j. CodcHn; treas,, E. H. Lawson. 
Meets second and fourth Thurs- 
days, Savings Bank Block 

Boy Scouts of America 
Rutland Co, Council, scout exe, R, 
N. Berry; Rut, Co. Nat. Bank 
bldg,, pres, Wm. R, Pond ; treas, 
Archibald Stewart; sec, Fred A, 
Field Jr, 

Canado-American Club 
Pres., Napoleon Jolly; v-pres., Geo, 
Courcelle; treas., J, B. Germain; 
tin. sec, W. J. Germain; cor, sec, 
Aimee Provost. Meets first and 
third Saturdays, Canado-Ameri- 
cain hall 

Rutland City Band— pres., Frank 
M. Wilson; v-pres., Carl E. Hins- 
man, O. J, Maigne; sec, W, N, 
Skiels; treas,, Raymond H, 

Catholic Order of Foresters 
Rev. Charles Boylan Court, Wo, 194 
— C. R., J. C, Cocklin. Meets 
first and third Wednesdavs in 
Apollo Hall 
Court St, Herbert, No* 481— C. R., 
T. C. Frechette; V. C, R, r E. C, 
Routier; rec sec, N. D. Ostiguy- 
fin, sec, O, G, E. Chamberland; 
treas., Louis A. Provost. Meets 
second and fourth Wednesdays, 
Canado-Americain Hall 

D, A. R, 

Ann Story Chapter — Meets 19th of 
each month, October to June. 
Rooms, Memorial Hall; regent, 
Bertha P. Egelston; vice-regent, 
Jennie K. Melden; rec, sec, El- 
vira Nourse; cor. sec, Cornelia 
Perkins; treas., Hat tic P. Hilliard 

Fraternal Order of Eagles 
Rutland Aerie, No. 1001 — pres,, H, 
J, Hostler; sec, C. D. McGmnis; 
treas,, John H, Ryan. Meets 
alternate Tuesdays at 8:15 p. ra, 
in the Eagles' Hall, Richardson 
Green Mountain Sisters Lodge B, 
of L, E.— pres., Elizabeth O'Shea; 
v-x^res., Mrs, Walter Small; sec, 
Mary McCarthy; treas, t Elisa- 
beth O'Shea 

Rutland Directory 1924 

1924 — Jutland Directory— 1924 


G, A, R, 

Roberts Post, No, 14 — Meets sec- 
ond Tuesdays at G, A, R, Hall at 

Veterans of Foreign Wars 
Martin A. Rowe Post— F, E, Bow- 
ker, Jr., com; R, H. Royce, adj. 
Meets 2nd Monday, 42}4 Center 

United Spanish War Veterans 
Camp Harold S, Foyles— Meets 

montmy on call 
St. Dominick, No. 965 Catholic Or- 
der of Foresters — R. S., John 
Loso; P. S., Napoleon Loso; sec, 
Domonic McGarry. Meets 1st 
and 3rd Thursdays of each month 

Independent Order of Foresters 
Court Baxter, No. 3966— Meets 
first and third Fridays, Apollo 


Independent Order of Odd Fellows 
Beaver Lodge, No. 47, Proctor— 
rec sec, P. S. Eckley, Meets 
every Tuesday, Odd Fellows Hall 

Kiliington Lodge, No. 29— N. G., 
C. A. Howard; V, G., N. A. Mal- 
gneren ; sec . , E . R . Ji 1 1 son , M eets 
every Monday at 7:30 p, m„ I, O, 
O, F.Hall, Buxton Blcok 

Rutland Lodge, No. 61 1. O. O, F.— 
N. G., Frank B. Fuller; V. G., F. 
R, Knight; sec, W. T. Lewis. 
Meets every Tuesday evening at 
8 o'clock in Savings Bank Blk 

Good Will Lodge, No. 12, D, of R.— 
N. G., Mrs. Alice Plumley; sec, 
Mrs. Gladys Burns, Meets first 
and third Wednesdays in I. O. O. 
F. Hall, Buxton Block 

Otter Creek Encampment, No, 7 — 
C F. p Leigh Hunt; S. W„A. A. 
Briggs; A, A,, Moore, scribe; treas 
E. J. Smith. Meets Rutland 
Savings Bank Bldg, second and 
fourth Fridays at S p. m. 

Anchor Rebekah Lodge, No 44^- 
sec, Ruth Erickson, Meets 2nd 
and 4th Wednesdays 

Rutland Mont Fortres, No 4, In- 
stituted June 1923— pres, Delia 
Mandigo; sec Almina Day; treas, 
Mary Dodge, meets 1st and 3rd 
Thurs. in Savings Bank bldg. 

Interstate Poultry and Pet Stock 

Sec-treas., F. 3. Chaffee. Mead 
bldg (54) 

Knights of Columbus 
Rutland Council, 6o. 232— G. K,, 
H. I, O'Brien; D. G. K> G, F, 
Maroney; fin sec, D, J, Canty; 
treas., William E. Grace, Meets 
second and fourth Wednesdays in 
K. of C. Home 
Catholic Daughters of America- 
Meets first and third Wednesdays, 
W, R, C. Hall 

Knights of Pythias 
Vermont Lodge, No, 1— C, C, Rich- 
ard B. Spaulding; rec, sec, H. 
Milton Davison. Meets every 
Wednesday except July and Aug- 
Enights of Pythias Club House — 
C, C„ Edward J. Dennis: C. M„ 
H. C, Charles West, 78 Cen- 

Ladies of the Maccabees 
RutEand Hive, No. 4r— Com., Grace 
Gould Smith; record keeper, Nel- 
lie Ward; treas., Mrs, Michael 
Rosen. Meets W. R. C. Hall 
first and thirdFridays at 7,30 
Marble City Hive, No. —Com 
Grace Smith, Rutland; sec, Mrs. 
Carrie Doolan. Meets first and 
second Wednesdays of each month 
at I. O. 0. F. Hall 

Loretto Home — Meadow r Sister 
Bemad ine, Matron 

L, O. O. M, 

Rutland Lodge No. 1122— sec, Fred 
j« Galarneau; treas., Dennis J. 
Healey. Meets each Friday 
evening, Moose Hall 


The Rutland Masonic Association- 
Masonic Temple, Washington 
street. Trustees: Geo. E. Badlam, 
pres., E. V, Ross, treas; Samuel 
T, Bradlev, clerk 

KilHngton Commandery, No 6, 
Enights Templar— Em. Com., 
Dr, H, R, Bulterfield; Gen., 
Edward W. Curtis;capt gen, Fred 
A. Field; S. W., Fred T. Tyrell; J. 
W.J, E, Marcean; prelate, A. W, t 
Farns worth; treas,, John N. 
Paige; recorder, E, $. Curtis: S. 
B. T F. C. Atherton, Meets first 
Tuesday of each month, 7:30 p. 
m,, at Masonic Temple 

Davenport Chapter, No 17, R- A, 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


M.— E. H. P. p R. L. Earle; treas., 
John N. Paige; sec, E, S. Curtis 
Meets second Monday of each 
month, 7:30 p.m. 

Davenport Council, No* 12, R, and 
S, M— Sec, Edward S. Curtis. 
Meets second Monday, S p. m. 

Center Lodge* No, 34, F, & A, M,— 
W. M., Ray L, Kdley ; S. W„ Roy 
L. Litchfield ;sec,,M. Scott Good- 
ing; treas., George M. Haskell. 
Meets first Thursday 

Hiram Lodge, No, 101 F. & A. M— 
Sec. r John W. Bishop, W, Rut- 

Rutland Lodge, No 79, F. and A. 
— W> M., Myron E h Weaver; S. 
W., R- Q Spaulding; J, W„ R. W, 
Bolster; treas., Edward C. John- 
son; sec., Edward S. Curtis; Meets 
first Wednesday of each month, 
Masonic Temple. Annual meet- 
ing in April 

Sutherland Falls Lodge, No. 108, 
F. and A. M. — Meets first Mon- 
day of month, Proctor , Vt. 

A. A, O. N. of Mystic Shrine, Cairo 
Temple— Pot en tats, Roger S. 
Pike; Recorder, Edward S, Curtis 

Delta Lodge of Perfection A. A. S, 
R. — Regular meetings second Fri- 
day is every other month begin- 
ning with January 

Orion Grotto, M. 6. V. P . E, R, — 
Monarch A, C. Mason; sec, E. S. 
Curtis. Meets at call of the 

Phyllis Chapter, No, 56, O. E. S.— 
Matron, Mrs. Josie M. Church; 
sec., Mrs. Lillian Smith- Meets 
first Friday in each month, Bux- 
ton blk 

Mead Community House — pros,, 
M. S. Sawyer; treas., C. H. Lan- 
don; sec ? Louise Paige; Dir of 
Boy's Work, Maurice E. Wal- 
bridge; Dir of Girl's Work, Doro- 
thy S. Sawyer. Owned and op- 
erated by the Congregational 


American Legion Rutland Post No, 
31— Com., Freeman Plue; adj., 
Earl Tower. Meets second Mon- 
day each month at Rutland Mem- 
orial Armory 

Company "A'\ 172nd Infantry 
(1st Vt) f Cbim, Capt. G. Cecil 
Ackley; 1st. lieut,, Charles E. 
Novak; 2nd lieut,, Paul C. Sturte- 

vanl. Drill Tuesday evening, 

First Battalion Headquarters 172nd 
Infantry (1st Vt), Com., Maj, 
Leonard F. Win**; Bn Adj. 1st 
licut Thomas J. Creed; 2nd lieut, 
George F. Jones. Drill Wednes- 
day evening 

Medical Company, 1 72nd Infantry 
(1st Vt.) t Com,, Capt. Earle E, 
Johnson; Ray Ernest Smith, State 
Surgeon ;Major Thomas J. Hagan, 
regimental surgeon; 1st Lt, Char- 
les H. Swift. Drill Wednesday 
evening weekly 

United Spanish War Veterans, 
Camp, Harold S. Foyles, com- 
mander, James M. Hamilton; adj, 
W, R. Tossing 

Sons of Veterans — Corn,, Archie 
Watson; senior v-com,, James 
Reedy; junior v-com., Israel Las- 
sor; sec-, Francis Jangraw; treas, 
Cyril Brunelle 

American Legion Auxiliary Post No. 
31— Com., Mrs. Maude Handley; 
sec. Miss Beatrice LaFond 

Modern Woodmen of America 
Rutland Camp, No. 8185 — Clerk, 
Henry S. Wands* Meets second 
and fourth Wednesdays, I. 0, 
F. Hall 

New England Order of Protection 
Marble Lodge, No. 110— War- 
den, M. W. Shoehan; fin. sec M 
Anna Conlin; rec. sec. Katherine 
D wy er ; treas. , W i lliam Taylor. 
Meets second and fourth Fridays 
in Apollo Hall 

Woman's Relief Corps — Sec, Mrs. 
Izora Lascor. 

Old Ladies* Home 
77 North Main, Harriet N. Gibson, 

Patriarchs Militant, I. O, O. F,— 
Capt., L. E. Minard; lieut, C. H, 
Brown; ensign, Dana Kelley; elk, 
A, A, Moore; accountant, A, D, 

Patrons of Husbandry 
Killington Pomona Grange, No, li 
— Meets quarterly, third Friday, 
second month of each quarter. 

Marble Valley Grange, No, 426— 

West Rutland. Meets Town 
Hall first and third Fridays 

Rutland Valley Grange, No- 314— 
Sec, E. J. Roberts. Meets at 
Odd Fellows Hall, second and 
fourth Saturday 

Royal Arcanum 
Pico Council, No, 1607— Sec, W, 
M. Ross 

Rutland County Fair and Agricul- 
tural Society 
Pres- treas., Will L. Davis; sec., F. 
S. Nicholson 

Rotary Club of Rutland — pres,, O. 
D. Ward; v-prcs., B. L. Stafford; 
sec, Harold Howe ; treas. , R . 
Smith. Meets Berwick Hotel 
12:15 Mondays, except 1st Tues- 
day after the first Monday meets 
at 6:1 5 

Rutland County Farm Bureau 
Pres., L. K. Osgood; v-pres., B, C. 
Buxton; sec, G. A. Davis; treas., 
A. V, Allen; Co. Agri, Agt., E. N. 
Blonden; Boys 1 and Girls' Club 
leader, Edwin E. Bergstrom, 
Mead bldg (37-33) 

Rutland County Fish and Game 

Pres,, T, W. McKay; v-pres., F. S, 
Nicholson; treas,, G. A, Sabin; 
sec., F. Smith, Meetings quar- 

Rutland Country Club 
Pres,, Steve Dorey, N Grove 

Rutland Woman's Club 
Pres,, Berenice R. Tuttle; sec, Mrs. 
William W. Fairchild ; treas., Mrs. 
F. H. Everett; cor sec, Mrs. Fred 
W. Stafford. Regular meetings 
every second Tuesday at 3 p. m. r 
Parish House 

L*Union St. Jean Baptists 


Council No* 20 — Pres,, Joseph H. 

Monette; sec, N. D. Ostiguy; 

treas., A. J. Courcelle. Meets 

first and third Wednesdays, Cana- 

do- American! Hall 
La Garde D'Honneur— Capt., Lu- 

cien Trudel; 1st Lieut,, John A. 

LaFrance; 2nd Lieut, Jerome Gos- 

selin. Meets in Canado-Ameri- 
cain Hall 

United Order of the Golden Cross 
Rutland Command ery, No. 694 — 
Meets first and third Thursdays 
in Mead Bldg, room 

Labor Organizations 

Central Trades and Labor Council 
— Meets second Thursday in 
Owls' Hall 

Bricklayers and Masons Union — 
Meets first and third Sundays at 
3 p. m., W. R. C. Hall 

Railroad Merchanics— Meets first 
Monday at Apollo Hall 

Sympathy Division, No. 119, Grand 
International Auxiliary to the Bro- 
therhood of Locomotive Engineers 

Killington Lodge, No. 297, Brother- 
hood of Railroad Trainmen — 
Meets second and fourth Sundays 
G. A. R. hall 

Carpenters and Joiners Union — 
Meets second and fourth Wed- 
nesdays at Apollo Hall 

Cigar Makers Union, Local No. 264 
— Meets first Monday of each 
month in Moose Hall 

Iron Mould eTs Union t No. 266 — 
Meets second and fourth Thurs- 
days at Apollo Hall 

Musicians Association Local 267, 
A, F. of M. — Rooms Rutland Sav- 
ings Bank Bldg 

Journeymen Barbers Union* Local 
Ho. 213— Sec, R. W. FarrelL 
Meets third Monday 44 Center 

Marble City Lodge, No. 363, Bro- 
therhood of Locomotive Firemen 
— Sec, A. F. Burke. Meets sec- 
ond and fourth Sundays in Apollo 
Hall at 2 p.m. 

Painters and Decorators Union, 
Local No. 28 — Meets second and 
last Tuesday at Woodmen's Hall, 
at 7:30 p.m. 

Rutland Typographical Union No, 
326— Meets second Saturday each 
month I. 0. T F. Hall 

Scale Workers Protective Union 
No. 7592 — Meets third Thursdays 
in Eagle Hall 

United Commercial Travelers, Mar- 
ble City Council, No. 461— Grif- 
fith W, Jones. Meets every third 
Saturday in Savings Bank Bldg 

Rutland and Chittenden — Leaves 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

Rutland at 2 p. m.; returning 
leaves Chittenden 10 a. m, 

Rutland and Pittsfield— 20 miles, 
J. W. Whitcomb, Chittenden, 
prop. Leaves Pittsfield 6;30 a. 
m.; Chittenden 10 a. in,; arrives 
Rutland 12 m. Leaves Rutland 
on arrival of 2 p. m. mail; due 
Chittenden 5 p. m. ; due Pittsfield 
6:30 p. m.; daily except Sundays 

Rutland and Bridgewater — 24 miles. 
Ernest H. Neil, Sherburne, prop. 
Leaves Bridgewater 7:30 a. m.; 
leaves Rutland at 2 p.m.; due 
Bridgewater 8 p. m. 

County Governemnt 
County Officers— George N. Har- 
man, county clerk; Henry R. 
Adams, sheriff; Charles E. Novak, 
state's attorn ey ; H en ry F Fi elds , 
county treasurer ; Charles R. Hol- 
den, high bailiff s James A. Merrill, 
Bert L. Stafford, John S. Buttles, 
commissioners of jail delivery; 
John H> Davenport, probation 
officer; Sara B. Ryan, stenograph- 
ic reporter 
Deputy Sheriffs—Darwin E, Bel- 
den, Benson; J, W. Fish, Castle- 
ton; Fred A, Tarbell, Chittenden; 
James S. Murdock, Middletown 
Springs; Ernest LeBlanc, Rut- 
land; Clayton E. Willis, Mendon; 
Edward F. Bartlett, West Rut- 
land; Ernest D. Belden, Fair 
Haven; Lewis C. Bump, Brandon; 
Roy W, Bresee, Brandon; John 
F, Smith, Rutland; David A. Bar- 
leer, Rutland; Carl A. Beach, 
Castleton; John H. Policy, Fan- 
Haven; Casper L t Leach, Pawlet; 
Ernest L. Breed, Pittsford;Chas< 
E. Rogers, Poultney; John E, 
Davis, Sherburne; Patrick H. 
Patten, W. Rutland 

County Road Commissioners— AJ- 
no R, Franzoni, Rutland; Ruth 
M, Adams, Rutland; Carl Fish, 
Mt. Holley; John W. Brown, 
Pittsfield Harlcy L. Thomson, 
Pawlet; John E. Davis, Sherburne 
Frank E. Allen, Fair Haven 


Executive Department, from August 
3, 1923 to 1925; Calvin Coolidge 
Mass, President, salary $75,000; 
Charles E. Hughes, New York, 
acting v-president, SI 2,000 and 
Secretary of State; Andrew W, 

Mellon, Pennsylvania, Secretary 
of Treasury; Harran Fiske Stone, 
New York; Attorney General; 
Curtiss D, Wilbur, Secretary 
of the Navy; Hubert Work, 
Colorado; Secretary of the In- 
terior; Henry C. Wallace, Iowa, 
Secretary of Agriculture; Herbert 
C- Hoover, California, Secretary 
of Commerce; James J. Davis, 
Pennsylvania, Secretary of Labor; 
Harry S. New, Indiana, Post- 
master General; John W. Weeks, 
Massachusetts, Secretary of War, 

Redfield Proctor, Proctor 

Lieut. Governor 
Frederick Billings, Woodstock 

Secretary of Civil and Military 

John C, Sherburne, Randolph 

Thomas JL Cave, Montpelier 

Secretary of State 
Aaron H, Grout, Newport 

Auditor of Accounts 
Benjamin Gates, Montpelier 

Attorney General 
Frank C. Archibald, Manchester 

United States Supreme, chief justice 
William Howard Taft; asso. jus* 
tices, Joseph McKenna, Califor- 
nia; Oliver W* Holmes, Massa- 
chusetts; Mahlon Pitney, New 
Jersey; James C, McReynolds, 
Tennessee; John H, Clark, Ohio; 
Louis D. Br andeis, Massachusetts; 
Willis Van Devanter, Wyoming; 
William R. Day, Ohio; salary 
S12,500; reporter, Ernest Knaebel, 
New York; elk, James D. Maher, 
Washington, D, C; marshal, 
Frank K. Green, Kentucky 

Chief Justice— John H. Watson 
Montpelier; Associate Justices, 
George M, Powers, Morris ville; 
William H, Taylor, Hardwick; 
Fred M. Butler, Rutland, Leigh- 

1924— Jutland Directory- — 1924 


ton P. Slack, St. johnsbury, clerk, 
Joseph G. Fratini, Montpelier 

General terms at Montpelier, Janu- 
ary, February, May, October, 
November. Special terms at 
Brattleboro, February, at St. 
Johnsbury, April, at Rutland, 

Bar Examiners — E + H, Deavitt, 
Montpelier; Robert E> Healy, 
Bennington; Homer L t Skeels, 
Ludlow; Charles I. Button, Mid- 
dlebury ; F. G. Fleetwood, Mor- 
risville; A. L. Graves, St, Johns- 

Reporter of Decision — Charles A. 
Shields, St. Johnsbury 


Chief Judge—Frank L, Fish, Ver- 

Assistant Judges— Frank D, Thomp- 
son, Barton; Harrie B. Chase, 
Brattleboro; Warner A. Graham, 
Bellows Falls j Sherman R. Moul- 
ton, Burlington; Julius A. Will- 
cox, Rutland 


Clerk— Henry Conlin, Winooski 

District Judge — Harland B. Howe, 

Burlington; district attorney, 

Harry B« Amey, Burlington; asst 

dist att. Allan Martin, Burling- 
ton; deputy clerk District Court, 
Evangeline C. Turgeon, Burling- 
ton; marshal, A. W, Harvey, 
Chestr; deputy clerks, A. Mryl 
Blakely and Austin H . Kerin, Bur- 
lington, office deputy Henry 
Lawson, Montpelier; chief office 
deputy marshal, Esther E, E, 
Anderson. Rutland; fee deputies, 
H. B. Eglinton, Island Pond; 
Thomas Reeves, Burling ton ; John 
H. Dugan, Rutland; Arthnr H. 
Fuller, Newport 


Assistant Judges — Hon. Edwin Hor- 
ton, Chittenden; Hon Samuel R. 
Hitchcock, Fair Haven. 


Judge, Harvey R, Kingsley, register, 
Alice L< Dexter. Office in Court 
House, Probate Court open 

Judge— Leonard F. Wing; clerk, 
Dorothy F. Aldrich 

See City Court 

Thousands of People Use the Only Com- 
plete Section of the Directory— 
the So-Called Advertis- 
ing Department 


Directory Publishers 
33 Lyman St. Springfield, Mass. 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Rutland Business Directory 

* Indicates by Special Arrangement 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


Clement, Henry W-, Gryphon bldg, 


Albany, N. Y, p see p 339 

35 State, Albany, N. Y. H see p 338 

Steams bldg., Springfield, Mass. 

see p 338 
SYKES K. R., 100 North, Pittsfield, 

Mass, sec p 338 
Kinsley G H & Co., 114 Center 

DUNN BROS., 65 Merchants row, 

see p 353 
LANDON, W, C. & CO., 21-23 

Evelyn, seep S-9 
WARE CO*, 43-45 Center, see res 


CAMPBELL & TOSI t 11 Meadow, 
see p 366 

HULIHAN BROS-, West, C Rut- 
land, see res dir 

WARE CO., 43-45 Center, see res 


BARKER D. A., 102 Willow, see p 


Hurley John T., 121 Library a v 

BAIRD & NICHOLS, 21 Wales, see 

res dir 
LjuTisouist Gust T 365 West 



HOUSE, Main c Center 

Dick & Kazon, 24 Wales 


Smith Arthur FL t Gryphon bldg (8) 

ELITE BABY SHOP, 6 Merchants 

row, see p 348 
Handicraft Shop, 96 Merchants row 

Merchants row 



av, sec p 363 


(See Lawyers) 

Merchants row, see p 363 

DORSEY & KINNEY, Mead bldg, 
(7-8), see p 362 

big (50-57) see p 3(34 

FENTON WALTER S-, Mead bids. 

phon bldg (319), see p 362 

Howe Chas. L., 21 K Center 

JONES & JONES, 126 Merchants 
row, see p 364 

Kinsley H. R. r 1}4 Center 

BLOOMER, 82 Merchants row, 
see p 363 

NOVAK CHAS. E., 75 Merchants 
niw, see p 362 

ter, see p 363 

WEBBER & LEAMY, 24 K Center, 
see p 363 


CHANGE, 5-7 Merchants row, 
see p 340 


21-23 Evelyn, sec p 8-9 
SALES CO., 27 Wales, see bad,' 
co ver 
OR CO*, B Elm, see front cover 

AGE CO., 74 River, see p 343 

CO., 8 Elm, see front cover 

SALES, West c Wales, sec p 340 

CO., sales 134 Merchants row; 
service 53 Washington, see p 341 

INE & AUTO CO., 107-109 West, 
see res dir 

CO*, 27 Wales, see back cover 

SALES, West c Wales, see p 340 

SALES, Wrst c Wales, see p 340 

CO.. 74 River, see p 343 

inn S Main, seep 341 

AUTOMOBILE CO., Sales 134 
Merchants tow, Service 53 Wash- 
ington, see p 341 

Wr j gl r sec res dir 

CO,, 8 Elm, see front cover 

38 Burnham, see p 342 

SALES CO,, 27-31 Wales, see 
back cover 

INE & AUTO CO., 107-109 West, 
see res dir 

21-23 Evelyn, see p 8 & 9 

74 River, seep 343 

92 West, see p 344 

107 West, see res dir 

20 Chaplin av, see p 365 

VELIE, j. E. & S. W. RIDLON, 
196 S Main, see p 341 

MOTOR CO., 8 Elm, see front 

West, see res dir 


Union St., Windsor, Vt. p p 298 


Union St., Windsor, Vt., p 293 


AGE, 13 Evelvn, see p 342 

DEGREE HENRY, 63-G7 Wales, 
see p 344 

ton rear Bard well Hotel 

Lincoln av T see res dir 

Farwell & Hayes, Sl-85 Willow 

see front covc<- 

53 Washington, see p 341 

sec back cover 

GOSSELIN WM, L., 3B Burnham 
av, see p 342 

Grove St. Garage, 26 Merchants row 

LANDON W- G. & CO., 21-23 
Evelyn, see p S & 9 

Leblanc Garage, 123 Baxter 

Main St* Garage, Spell man ter 

Wales, see back cover 

NEWMAN A,, 16-18 Chaplin av, 
see p 7 and 365 

RIDLON J. E. & H. W., 196 S Main 
see p 341 

MOBILE CO., 107-109 West, see 
res dir 

c Wales, seep 340 

Terrill Street Garage, 6-S Terrill 

River, see p 343 

92 West, see p 344 


Unioh St., Windsor, Vt., p 298 

BURDICK ALMON J., 9 Territl, 

see p 343 
Gleason Fred A., 60 North 
Lunt John, 5 Meadow 


Union St., Windsor, Vt, p 29S 


Adams Howard A., 55 Walts 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1!>24 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Mower & Strong Co., Inc. 


Automobile Cylinder Grinding a Specially 
Scored Cylinders Repaired 

Machinists, Pistons, Rings, Pins, Bushings 

and Logan Fly Wheel Gears 

6 Union St. WINDSOR, VT. 

ENGLAND, rear 13 Pine, see p 

BUTLER THOMAS, 34 Evelyn, 
see res dir 

Lincoln av, see res dir 

13 Evelyn, see res dir 

Central Tire Co.. 10S A Wales 

AGE. 13 Evelyn, see p 342 

DEGREE HENRY E., (Vulcanizing 
a^ent Kelly-Sprin gfietd Tires). 
71 Wales, see p 344 

see front cover 

Frenier Supply Co., 100 Cleveland 

Gonvea Frank A. T 93 Stale 
ham, see p 342 
Grove St., Garage, 24 Merchants 

LeFrancois & Chamberland Auto 

Supply, 33 Strongs av 
LANBON W\ C, & CO,, 21-23 

Evelyn, see p 8-9 

Wales, see back cover 

MINTZER BROS,, 60 Strongs av f 

see p 354 
NEWMAN A., 16-1 S Chaplin av, 

sec p 7 & 36o 
Norton Beane, 77 Wales 
RIDLON J. E. & H. W-, 196 S Main, 

see ^341 

CO., 134 Merchants row and 253 

Washington, see p 341 
MOBILE CO., 107 West r see res 


c Wales, see p 340 

WORKS, r 35 Grove, see p 340 

River, sec p 343 

Strongs av, see p 344 
WALSH EDMUND J., 35 Strongs 

av t see p 343 

Jackson av, see p 340 

Wales, see un name 

92 West, see p 344 

Rutland Directory 1924 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


Wilson Tire Repair Shop, 165 State 
YOUNG FRED A., 277 West, see p 

GLEASON M. L,, 26 West, see 
back cover 




WORKS, r 35 Grove, see p 340 

YOUNG FRED A., 277 West, see p 


Denning Patrick, 59 Wales 

see back cover 
Wales, see back cover 



ENGLAND, rear 13 Pine, see p 

DEGREE KENRY, R3-67 Wales, 

see p 344 
MINTZER BROS., 60 Strongs av, 

see p 354 


Porter Edward L. t 147 Crescent 


chants row and 53 Washington, 
see p 341 


School, see un name Indian Mo- 

Wales, see res dir 


Frenier Supply Co., 100-104 Cleve- 
land av 

METZGER BROS , 60 Center, see 
P 367 


Bachand's Home Bakery, 16 Wales 
Breckenridge Mrs, Carrie, 15 Mer- 
chants row 
DelH Veneri, Dominiek, 316 West 
West, see res dir 


see res dir 
M oqum's Bakery, 1 Strongs av 
RENAUD J. E.,'29 Merchants row, 

see p 331) 
Romano's Bakery, 17 Meadow 
Waldorf Bakery, 52 Strongs av 
SHOP, 66 Williams, see res dir 
Grand Theatre Orchestra, West 
TRA, 117 Gibson, see p 364 


Clement & Sons, Clement Bank 

Merchants row, pres, Carl B. 
Kinsman; cashier, Fred C, Spen- 
cer, see p 339 

Merchants row cor Evelyn; pres, 
Henry G + Smith; 1st v-pres, Miles 
S. Sawyer; cashier, Charles H. 
Harrison; asst cashier, Edmund 
P + Shaw, see p 12 

116 Merchants row; pres, E. P. 
Gilson; v-pres S, M. Willson; 
cashier, A. C. Hughes, see p 3 

bldg, 100 Merchants row; pres, 
Charles M. Smith ; v-pres, Charles 
E. Ross; treas, L. H. Baldwin ; 
asst treas, Earl S. Wright, see p 6 

BANK, 75 Merchants row; pres. 
H. F, Field; cashier, Robert D, 
Smith, see p 5 

106 Merchants row cor Center; 
pres, H. O. Carpenter; treas, C. 
A. Simpson; asst treas, Louis E. 
Campbell ; teller, Alvin M. Graves 
see o 4 

chants row, pres, G. T. ChaSee; 
v-pres, W, D. Hulett; treas, A. C. 
Hughes, see p 3 

State Trust Co., office Clement 
Bank, pres P. W. Clement; v-pres 
H. G. Smith; treas, C, H Harri- 

opp P. O., W, Rutland; pres, G, 
C, Robinson; v-pres, R. L. Rich- 
mond; treas, Leon N. La valley, 
see p 13 


Merchants row 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


Barber Supply House, 17 Wales 

Allard Pet or. 61 Merchants row 
Bacon Barber Shop, 67 1 -4 Mer- 
chants row 
Bard well House Barber Shop, 14() 

Merchants row 
Bellonis Antonio, 36 Strongs av 
Berwick House Barber Shop t 49 

Cappabianca Pasquale* 297 State 
Cappolionca Pas quale, 197 West 
Carmody P, H., West cor Evelyn 
Celentano Emmanuel, 68 Wales 
Cutler Charles H., Mead bldg (9) 
DeFrancisco John, 148 West 
Gomea John J,, 44 Center 
Goyette H, A., 17 Wales 
Hogan Patrick H t , 176J^ West 
Mellow Prank M., 74 N Main 
Morris John H., 49 Strongs av 
Pralico Anthony, IIS Main 
Vemitta Arthur B., 266 West 
White Cross Barber Shop, 13S West 


AGE, 13 Evelyn, seep 342 

West, see res dir 


27 Wales, see back cover 

see front cover 

92 West, seep 344 

TOR SALES, West c Wales, see 

Terriil Street Garage, 6-8 TerriU 

West, see res dir 

Wales, see res dir 


Rose Marie Beauty Shop, 48 J^ Cen- 
Maruiello Beauty Parlor, M}4 Cen- 

CHANGE, 46-48 Washington, see 
res dir 

Cappabianca Pasquale, 297 West 
Cappolionca Pasquale, 197 West 
Colodanato Joseph, 130 Merchants 


140 Merchants row 
RAGOSTA JOSEPH, 184 West, see 



TUTLE CO THE, 11, 13'Center, see 
back cover 


Brown John H., 272 S Main 
Laird G, E< & Son, 258 S Main 
Monette Joseph H. T 10 Terriil 
Terriil Samuel & Son, West c Wales 
YOUNG FRED A., 277 West, see p 


Brock House, 76 South Main c Eng* 
rem av 

Elmore The, 102 West 

Glen wood The, 142 Strongs av 

HOLLAND HOUSE, imy t Mer- 
chants row, see p 356 

see p 356 

1 Shea Nellie, 33 Lincoln av 

Parker Harry, 41 Cottage 

HOTEL ST. JAMES, 59 West, see 
p 357 


Merchants row, see res dir 

HOLMES IRON CO., 232 West, see 
p 367 


LAMB CHARLES E,, Mead bldg 

(13), see back cover 
ROOT H, G,, Mead bldg 
WINTER H. L., INC, Mead bldg 



chants row, seep 360 

BURNHAM F. H,, 75 Merchants 

bldg (15), see front cover, and 
front edge 

106i^ Merchants row, see p 360 


GUARANTY CO,, F. A. Field & 
Sons, agt, 106i£ Merchants row, 
seep 360 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 



TUTTLE CO-, THE, 1 L13 Center, 
see back uover 


chants row and 42 Evelyn 
Howley Bros., IS Center 
Tuttle Co., The, 1143 Center 



Evelyn, seep 348 
Sunshine Bottling: Works, 93 Mead- 


Rutland Co. Council, scout exc. R, 
N. Berry, Rut, Co, Nat. Bank 


Cleveland av, see p 368 


HOWE SCALE CO,, Strongs av, 

cor Scale av, see front cover 

West, seep 10 
PATCH F. R. MFG CO.* 60 Howe, 

see p 1 1 


HOLMES IRON CO,, 232 West, 
see p 367 


45 ^Merchants row, see p 360 
O'Grady & Culliney f Mead bldg 



bldg, see p 2 
LANDON W> C. & CO., 23-29 

Evelyn, seep 8-9 
MINTZER BROS., 60 Strongs av, 

see o 354 
WARE CO., 43-45 Center, see res 

Rutland Sash & Door Co,, 127 

Strongs av 
SMITH LUMBER CO,, 321 West, 

see p 366 



Merchants row c West, see insert 
opp name 

School, see res dir 


Ljunguist Gust, 365 West 


Brehmer Louis F., 3 1>2 Merchants 

CLEVELAND C, J., 39 Center 
CHALMERS G, E,, 79 Merchants 

row, and 42 Evelyn 


Steward L. & J. A., 70 Park 

KEYES E. D, CO,, 35 Evelyn, see 


Evelyn, see p 348 


Evelyn, sec p 348 

SHOP, 56 Center, see res dir 


Altrui & Menduni, 38 Howe 
BORAH DELMER F,, 32 Killington 

Burton Charles, 21 Crescent 
BUTLER JOHN, Painter 18 

Merchants row, see p 354 
EARLE & MERRY, 44 Burnharn, 

see p 353 
Pranzoni John, IIS Forest 
Gardner Henry, 92 Crescent 
Geno Louis N\, 146 Maple 
Hatch Anson B,, 3 Picrpoint av 

bldg, see p 2 
Houston Byron K.» 177 Lincoln av 
Houston Guy B. f 91 Maple 
Hun toon Hudson T., 71 Center 
Ives Frederick C, 61 Ives av 
Kenyan Rollin W., 31 North 
Lorette Firield C, 14 Lafayette 
Maxham Charles B. ? 254 S Main 
Morse Glenn S., 53 Edgerton 
NOYES C. G.,1 21 }4 Center, res! 55 

Adamas, see page 351 
Perkins Harley W + ; ISO N Main 
Spicer Albert J., 233 State 
STICKNEY W, L, t 108 N Main, see 

Rutland Directory 1924 


j U24 — Rutland Directory— 1024 


RAIRD & NICHOLS, 21 Wales, see 

CO., 8S Merchants row, see p 349 

CHANGE, 46-48 Washington, see 
p res dir 


Merchants row, see p 349 

chants row, see res dir 

Merchants row 

seep 36$ 


LANDON W. C. & CO., (dealers), 

23-29 Evelvn, see p 8-9 

av, seep / & 365 
Terrill Samuel & Son, 66 West 

Davis Charles E, Foundry Co., 123 


West, seep 10 
PATCH E. R. MFG. CO., 60 

Howe, see p 1 1 

av, see p 7 and 365 


bldg, see p 2 
LATH) ON W. C. & CO., 23-29 

Evelvn, see p 8-9 
SHlTfl LUMBER CO., 321 West, 

see p 366 


Stearns bldg, Springfield, Mass., 
seep 338 


Rutland Chamber of Commerce 
pres, A. S. Reed, v-prcs, P. J. Cos- 
tello; treas, F. H. Barnham; sec, 
Dr. Geo. E. Price; asst sec, L« M* 
Tye; Mead bldg (35-36) 


HascallG. M., 82 Merchants row 
WARE COJ 43-45 Center, see res 
chants, see res dir 


Fams worth Arthur W., 39^ Cen- 

GAGE WINFRED B. Gryphon co, 
bldg (324-326) ; office hrs 1-3 p. mr 
daily ; tel 375-M, see res dir 


Grover F, W. Mrs., 163 West 


Abraham Esther Mrs., 49 Roberts 
Haskins McRae F., 71 Lincoln av 


(For Information see Misce llaneo us) 

Rev. Geo. W. Peck Jr., pastor, 59 

Pleasant, see p 346 

CHURCH, 115 West, see p 345 


(See Tobacconists) 

see res chr 

1NGALLS H. E., 42 Merchants 
row and Hotel Berwick 

chants row, see p 371 

LOR, 59 Merchants row, see. res 


MANNING H. A. CO., 38 Parker 
bldg, Schenectady, N. Y. 


EARLE & MERRY, 44 Burnham av, 

see p 353 
GROVER A. C, office Mead bldg, 

(5), and 55 Evergreen av, back 


Curtis av, see p 368 



Merchants row, see res dir 

1 64 West, see res dir 
SALTER C. A. & M. Z., 4 S 

Main, see res dir 

Merchants row 

80 Merchants row, see res dir 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 


Rutland Directory 1924 



STORE, 69-71 Merchants row 



Merchants row, see res dir 

CO., 88 Merchants row, see p 349 
Howley & Co<, Merchants row 

162-164 West, see res dir 
Liihs James A., Clothing Co., 83 

Merchants row 

108 Merchantsro^vand 10 Center, 

see res dir 

Center, see back cover 

STORE, 69*71 Merchants row 

sec res dir 

Merchants row and 3-5 Center, 

see center lines 


c Spruce, see p 350 
BURDITT BROS., 15 Evelyn 

West , see n 350 
PEOPLE'S COAL CO., Merchants 

row » Scale av and 16 Center, see 

hack cover 

West, seep 350 
Rutland Railway, Light & Power 

Co., (Coke), 26 Center 
WiUson S. M, (wholesale), Mead 

bldg (43) 
Welch John, 210 West 

KEYES E. D. & CO., 35 Evelyn,see 
res dir 

Strongs av, see front cover 

Eardw r ell House blk, see p 372 

ANES & BRAVES, 64 Merchants 

row f see res dir 
Boston Fruit Market, 39 Merchants 

HOWE HEI CO., 21 Center 

see res dir 


(See Grocers) 

ANES & BRAVES, 64 Merchants 
row, see res dir 

Anthony F. & Son, 59 Center 

Boston Fruit Market, 39 Merchants 

c Library, seep 355 

see res dir 

Costa Armando Mrs h , 149 State 

Fagan H. F. & Co., (wholesale), 124 

Fruitland The, 40 Center 

161 West, see res drr 

HOWE H. H. & CO., 21 Center 

INGALLS H. E., 42 Merchants row 
and Hotel Berwick 

chants row, see p 371 

Mussey George, 72 West 

LOR, 59 Merchants row, see res 

Root Joseph, 36 Strongs av 

Rutland Confectionery Co., (whole- 
sale), 21 Center 

see res dir 

Smallev George E., 08 Strongs av 

Stafford Fred W,, 32 Evelyn 

Young Geo, L, & Co., US Strongs 

GROVER A. C, Mead bldg (25), 
and 55 Evergreen, see back cover 

GROVER A. C, Mead bldg (25), 
and 55 Evergreen, see back cover 


(See Carpenters and Builders) 
BINGHAM E, C, (plumbing & 

h eating ) T 48 Center, see p 353 
BUTLER JOHN, (Painting), IS 

Merchants row, sec res dir 

Construction), 11 Meadow, see 

DUNN BROS (Plumbing Cheating) 

65 Merchants row, see p 353 
EARLE & MERRY, 44 Burnham av, 

see p 353 
EITAPENCE & CO., (plumbing & 

heating), 52 Center, see res dir 


1924 — -Rutland Directory -102 1- 

FISH GUV W., (plumbing & heat- 
ing), 52 Washington, see p 351 

Huntoon Hudson T., 71 Center 

JANGRAW ELLAS L. (plumbing), 
28 Elm, see res dir 

NOYES C. G., Center, see p 351 

OAKMAK C. E., (electrical), 43 
Grove, seep 352 

THOMAS GEORGE W., (painting) 
1 16 Park av, seep 352 

VAIL ELECTRIC CO., (electrical), 
20 Merchants row, see p 352 

WARD W. W. & SON, (plumbing, 
heating & ventilating), 69 Center, 
see bottom edge 

trical) , 53 Wales, see p 351 



Strongs av, see front cover 


SAWYER H. A. & CO., 124 Mer- 
chants row* 



Stearns bldg, Springfield Mass, 
seep 338 
SYKES H. R., 100 North St, Pitts- 
field Mass 

Crosby William F. Mrs., 7 Cottage 

(LaCamille), 90 Merchants row, 

see res dir 
Woods Grace C. T 40 Summer 


Central Creamery, 137 West 
Novak's Creamery , 6 S Main 

HUNT GEO. E., 125-133 Church, 
see res dir 

HOWARD F, B, 80 Merchants row 
TYRRELL & CO., 72 Merchants 
row, see res dir 


Creamery Package Mfg. Co,, 340 

Manning Mfg. Co PJ Cleveland Park 


EITAPENCE & CO., 52 Center, see 
res dir 

(See Painters and Faperhangers) 
av, and 693^ Center, see p 352 


Alexander Mahlon P., Mead bldg 

BIXBY& STEVENS, 13^ Center, 

(4) , see p 371 
Eos worth Grace L„ Mead bldg (24) 
Butterfield Ross H., 24^ Center 
Corley J. Joseph, 90 Merchants row 
Godfrey Bradford C, Gryphon bldg 

Jenney Edward B., 7 Mead, bldg 

Johnson Earle E,, 37}^ Merchants 

Killary Clifton E., Quinn bldg (15) 

bldg (321), see p 369 
Novak William S., Quinn bldg (6) 
POND WILLIAM R., Mead bldg 

(3-4), office hrs 9-12 a. m., 1 :30~ 

5 p. m,, tel, office 552- W, res 

552-R, seep 371 
Scott Walter J., 82 K Merchants 

Williams Percy M. T 6 Gryphon bldg 
Wilson John P., 13 ]4 Center (3-6) 
WOODS CARTER R. r Gryphon 

bldg, (1), office hrs. 9-12 and 1-5 

p. m., and by appointment, tel 

office 16-Y, res 319-W, see p 369 
Yarrington Herbert H., Gryphon 

bldg, (5) 


CO, 88 Merchants row, see p 349 

ROSS-HUNTRESS, 50-54 Mer- 
chants row, see p 349 

STERNS CHAS &CO,, 74-78 Mer- 
chants row 


STORE, 69-71 Merchants row 



INC., Greenfield Mass, see p 372 
Worcester Mass, see p 354 



Center, see p 357 

Merchants- row, see p 356 

1024 — Rutland Directory — 1924 



MANNING H. A. CO., 38 Parker 
bids, Schenectady, N, Y, 

Broadway Boston 1 1 , Mass, see 
p 324 


Logansbrac Kennels, 29 North 


Dick & Kaaor, 24 Wales 


Barber Euphemia, 62 Elm 
Battles Anna, 91 Center 
Branchaud Vina Mrs., 33 Lincoln av 
Bixby May Mrs,, 457 l A West 
Carley L, J + Mrs,, 37 Morse pi 
Cook Stella, 49 Williams 
Eaton Elbridge H. Mrs., 131 Lin- 
coln av 
Flannery Catherine L., 22 Nichols 
Fregosa Aspasia E., 38 Water 
Fuller Josephine, 29 Jackson av 
Graves Margaret E. Mrs., 9 Pine 
Hill Janettc, 27 Cottage 
Hogan Elizabeth F., 107 Parkav 
Holden Katherine P. Mrs., 146 Lib- 
rary av 
Hooker Mae Mrs., 107 Gibson av 
TCilbura Lou Mrs., 115 Crescent 
La Valley M. Anrelia, 41 Baxter 
Lawrence Hattie Mrs,, 41 Crescent 
Lopez Bessie Mrs., 102 Wales 
M artel Genie, 38 Crescent 
Morse Faye Mrs., 82 Davis 
Quilt or Mary, 1 1 5 Robbins 
Qui Iter Margaret, 115 Robbins 
Sleeper Annie M 1( Mead bldg, (33- 

Southard May, m Williams 
Spencer Ethel Mrs,, 139 Pearl 
Stevens Edythe, 7 High 


102 Merchants row 

STORE, 146 West 

Merchants row, see res dir 

chants row, see p 371 

MCCLALLEN E. G. & CO., 02 
Merchants row 

Shangraw's Pharmacy, 58 Center 

Trudel Drug Co., 47 Center 


CO., 88 Merchants row, see p 349 

chants row, see p 348 

Handicraft Shop The, 90 Merchants 


Merchants row, see p 349 

Merchants row 

90 Merchants row, see res dir 


Brown's Cleaners And Dyers, 37 

Wales shop 86 North 
Morton J, N. Mrs., 1 1 Elm 
PAUL DOMENICK C., 54 Center 

see back cover 


Allen Edward E., 245 West 


GASMAN CYRUS E., 43 Grove, see 

Center, see p 352 

chants row, see p 352 

sec p 351 


pbon bldg (19), see p 350 

POWER CO., 26^28 Center 

CORPORATION, 26-28 Center 

HOLMES IRON CO,, West cor 
Forest, seep 367 




WARE CO., 43-45 Center, see un 

OAKMAN CYRUS E. t 11 Mer- 
chants row, see p 352 

Center, see p 352 

MOBILE CO., 107-109 West, see 
res dir 

chants row, see p 352 

Wales, see p 351 


chants row, see res dir 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 

chants row, sec un name 

chants row, see res dir 


EARLE & MERRY, 44 Burnham 

av ( see p 353 
GROVER A. C, Mead bldg (25), 

and 55 Evergreen, see back crwer 

bldj?, see p 2 

Stearns bldg, Springfield Mass, 



Inc., Green field Mass, see p 372 

Bridge, Worcester Mass, see p 354 



GRIMM G. H., CO,, Pine, seep 334 

CO., Union Depot 


(See Trucking) 


Delehanty Nicholas J., 37H Mer- 
chants row 

HOWE SCALE CO, THE, Scale av, 

see front cover 

STROUT E. A. FARM, 21 Wales 

WARE CO., 45 Center, see res dir 

ROOT HENRY &., Mead bldg, 


bldg, (45) 


LANDON W, C. & CO., (retail), 23- 
29 Evelyn, seep 84) 

WARE CO., 45 Center, see res dir 


Lincoln av, see res dir 

see front cover 

Strongs av, see p 344 

av, see p 368 

HOLMES IRON CO,, 232 West, 

see p 367 
Railroad av and Nineteenth st., 
Watervliet N Y, see insert opp 


Kinsella Henry, 148 West 

WARE CO., 43-45 Center, see res 



Woolworth F. W. Co., 92 Merchants 

METZGER BROS., 60 Center, see 
p 3i)T 


Baker Seed House, 117 Park, 55 

CourcelleA. J., 1 2 Evergreen av 
HUNT GEORGE E., 127-133 

Church, see res dir 
Rice P. W., 2 Rice av 


BURDITT BROS., 15-21 Evelyn 

CO., (wholesale and retail), 31 

Merchants row, see p 349 
Curtis Samuel P. & Son, 28 Evelyn 
DAVIS FEED CO,, River cor Post, 

see p 354 
JASMIN W. E. & SON, 144 Wood- 

stock av, seep 355 
KEYES E. D. & CO. (wholesale), 35 

Evelyn, see res dir 
MINT23R BROS., GO Strongs av, 

seep 354 
Quality Feed Store, 1 27 State 
Rutland Grocery Co., 43 Strongs 


1924 — Rutland Directory — -1924 


West, seep 366 


Davis Charles E T Foundry Co., 

foundry 118 Spruce, office 126 


West, seep 10 
PATCH F. R, MFG. CO., 60 Howe, 

see p 1 1 


(See Confectionery and Fruits) 


Alexander A., 75 Willow 
Cristelli Emannal, 70 Strongs av 
Koutsomkolis Victor, 184 West 
Portorti Pasquale, 141 West 
YOUNG JOHN S,, 34 Strongs av, 
see res dir 


Canty D. J., 38 J^ Center 

chants row, see res dir 

chants row, see un name 

chants row, see res dir 

see p 348 


BAIRD & NICHOLS, 21 Wales, 
see res dir 

CHANGE, 178 West, see res dir 

Cahee House Furnishing Co., 44-46 
Merchants row 

PARKER HENRY S., 73 Merchants 
row T 

CHANGE, 46-48 Washington, see 
res dir 

SPENCER C. W.,40 Merchants row, 
see res dir 

Swyer Carl, 154 West 


Hurley John T,, 121 Liberty av 


chants row 
PITCHER CLAUDE, 33 Center, see, 

res dir 


(See also Dry Goods) 

chants row 

47 Merchants row and 16 Center, 
see res dir 

Merchants row 

chants row and Center, see center 


(See Automobile Garages) 


JASMIN W. E, & SON, 144 Wood. 

stock av, seep 355 

Strongs av r see p 344 
WALSH EDMUND J., 35 Strongs 

av, seep 343 


WORKS, rear 17 Merchants 

row, seep 340 
YOUNG FRED A., 277 West, see 



CO., 8S Merchants row, see p 349 


SHOP, 56 Center, see res dir 
SALTER C. A. & M. Z., 4 S 

Main, see res dir 

Merchants row 

(See Flour, etc) 
BURDITT BROS., 15-21 Evelyn 


Aldricb. William D., 144 Strongs 

Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co,, 57 Cen- 
ter, 50 Cherry, 38 Church, and 33 
Merchants row 

Bachsnd A. L.,34 Wales 

24 Crescent, 129 State, West and 
45 Madison, see res dir 

Bartalena Dante, 27 Hopkins 

Batchelder George W., 363 West 

Beliomo Joseph, 31 Forest 

Bove Louis, 95 State 

Bove Pellegrino, 1SD West 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Breottio Nobio, 262 West 
Brown Bros,, 97 State 
Brown Horace E, f 45 Madison 

c Library, see p 355 
Burke Bros., 97 Crescent 
Burr Albert A., 159 S Main 
Cacciaton Amerigo, 64 Baxter 
Cantono Emma (Mrs Peter), 19 

Cioffi Joseph, 257 West 
Cloverdale Co. The, 23 Center 
CO,, 31 Merchants row, see p 349 
Conway Mary Mrs., 29 Cleveland 

Cristelli E. p 7D Strong av 
Crowley Anna Mrs., Pine C Robbins 
Danforth Harold H., 12 Terrill 
Dervin John E t , Columbian av c 

DUFFY BROS,, 43 Merchants row, 

see res dir 
Dunn John & Co., 27-29 Center 
Estes Margaret M. Mrs., 46 Church 
Foti Joseph, 35 Forest 
Glenwood Grocery Store, 144 

Strongs av 
Gosselin Eugene, 81 Cleveland av 
Heath A. V., 74 N Main 
JASMIN W E. & SON, 144 Wood- 
stock av, see p 355 
Toly Napoleon, 69 Harrison av 
Karwan & Co., C Rutland 
KEYESE. D- & CO., (wholesale), 

35 Evelyn, see res dir 
Kinney H. J. r 40 E Center 
Lafayette Katherine Mrs*, 24 Terrill 
LaFond Bros., 70 Forest 
Loveland Hollis L, C Rutland 
Lyons John F., 272 S Main c Cold 

River Road 
Mangan Thos. P„ Strongs av c 

MarroNicolo, 2615 West 
McDeavitt John B., 135 Robbins 
McGarry John &, 13 Killington av 

and 168 Granger 
Main Street Cash Store, 2 S Main 
Murdick-Durkee Co., 63 Merchants 

Narcisco Francesco (Italian), 31 

ger seep 355 
Novak H. J., 6 S Main 
Pelkey Frank L., 24 Terrill 
Fockette Henry, 6 City Park 
Portorti Patrick, 4fi West 
Ravenna Nelda Mrs., 447 West 
Reardon James A., 101 River 

Rosen Louis, West c Proctor rd, C 

Rutland Grocery Co., 43 Strongs av 
Rvan John H . , 44 Forest 
Sanford Albert, 13 Jackson av 
Seward H. E + Sons, 15 Wales 
Shelvey John T., 87 River 
Smalley George E . , 98 Strongs av 
Smith Philip W., 113 East 
Spencer Rolltn M„ 139 Pearl 
Swan H. E., Inc., 35 Center 
Turner James H. T 103 Forest 
Vacciatore Amerigo, 64 Baxter 
Valenty Nicholas, 78 Traverse pi 
Waite G, Burr, 36 Church 

SHOP, 66 William, see res dir 
Wood Percival P., Melrose av cor 

Lincoln av 
Yenco Saverio, §h}4 River 
Young Geo. L & Co + , 118 Strongs 


KEYES % B. & CO,, 35 Evelyn, see 
res dir 

Curtis av, see p 36S 


Durivage Cecelia, Gryphon bldg 
Duri vage Mad eline E . , Gryphon 

McCarthy Mary A., Gryphon blvd 



Billings & Davis, 37 Center 

DUNN BROS, , 65 Merchants row, 
see p 353 

LANDON W, C, & CO., 23-29 
Evelyn, seep8-t> 

WARE CO,, 43-45 Center, see res 

PAREER HENRY S„ 73 Merchants 

SMITH LUMBER CO., 321 West, 
see p 366 


BARKER D, A., 102 Willow, see p 

LANDON W, C. & CO., 23-29 

Evelyn, seep 8-9 
Mercure Arsene, 2 Wales 
NEWMAN ABRAHAM, 1 4 Chaplin 

av, sec p 7 and 365 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


WARE CO., 43-45 Center, see res 

SMITH LUMBER CO., 321 West, 
see p 366 

ADAMS & NOE, (water, steam, hot 

air and combination), Grove cor 

State, see front cover 
BINGHAM E, C., 48 Center, see p 

CONNOLY JAMES, 67 Wales, see p 

DUNN BROTHERS, 14 Merchants 

row, seep 353 
EITAPENCE & CO,, 52 Center, 

see res dir 
FISH GUY W., 52 Washington, see 


see res dir 
WARD W. W, & SON. t 69 Center, 

see bottom edge 


av, see p 7 and 365 


HOME, Crescent pi, see res dir 

seep 361 



Merchants row, see p IS 
Brock House The, 76 S Main 
Elmore The, 102 West 
Glenwood The, 142 Strongs av 
HAMILTON THE, 160 West, see p 


chan ts row, see p 356 
HOTEL BERWICK, 51 Center, see 

p 22 
HOTEL ST. JAMES, 59 West, see 


see p 356 

ADAMS & NOE, Grove c State, 

set* front cover 
DUNN BROTHERS, 65 Merchants 

row, see p 355 
chants row. see res dir 


ANES & BRAVES, 64 Merchants 
row, see res dir 

see res dir 

Howe's Ice Cream Co. H 90 Willow 

LOR, 59 Merchants row, see res 

Norton Rov H., 11 Wales 

see res dir 


ANES & BRAVES, 64 Merchants 

row, see res dir 

c Library, see p 355 

sec res dir 
HOWE H. H. &CO., 21 Center 
LASSOR GEO, E. t 66 Merchants 

row, seep 371 


rd and Stratton rd, see p 358 
EDDY ICE CO,, Cold river rd, see p 



Albany N.Y., seep 33H 

35 State, Albany N. Y„ see p 338 

Stearns bldg, Springfield, Mass., 

seep33S ^ a 

SYEES H. R., 100 North, Pittsfield 

Mass., sec p 338 


capital stock £10,000; pres and 
treas, Wm. Abraham; v-pres, R. 

Howard F t Woodfin, treas, Frank 
D. White, mgr Norman J. Nick- 

Cahee House Furnishing Co,, pres 
and treas, P. J, Dolan; v-pres, 
Marion Forbes Seamans; sec T J. A. 
1 Veil wood 

Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad Co. 

CO., pres, AV. D. Hulett; v-pres, 
A. J. Gardner, sec- treas, A. W. 

Davis Charles E. Foundry Co., 
pres t Charles E. Davis; v-pres, J. 
C. Spence; treas, A. W. Ferguson; 
supt, R. F. Blake 

Rutland Directory 1924 



1924— Rutland Directory — 4924 

DAVIS FEED CO., sec-treas, Lloyd 

E. Aldrich 


pres-treas, Stephen C. Dorsey; 

sec, Marjorie F, Casey 
EDDY ICE CO., pres, H. H. Ross; 

sec-mgr, O. A. Ferguson; treas, 

M. R. Ferguson 
EITAPENCE & CO., pres, J. H. 

Eitapence; see, Mrs, Vera G. Sel- 

Far well & Hayes Co., pres, A. D. 

Hayes; treas and gen mgr, W. H. 

Far well 

and nigr W, H. Handley, v-pres, 

W. P. Weinle; treas, Burt S. Hy- 

land; sec, J, H. Handley 
CIATION, pres, P, W. Clement; 

elk, treas and mgr, H, R. Barney 
HOLMES IRON CO., pres, Frank 

D. White; v-pres- treas, John E. 

Holmes; sec f Harry B. Holmes 

F. D. Nims, Boston; treas, J, H. 
Blodgett, Boston ; asst treas, Alice 

F. Fagan 

HOWE SCALE CO THE, pres, Carl 
B. Hinsman; v-pres, gen aj*t, L. 

G. Bagiey; treas, Edward V, Ross 
Howley & Co,, pres-treas, P. F, 

Howley; sec, Katherine Kelley 
Kinox Co. The, pres, H. L. Hoag; 

sec-treas, Robert W. Hoag 
Landon W. O. & Co., pres, C. H. 

Landon, v-pres, W. H> Spaulding, 

treas, C, P. G. Landon; sec, R. B. 


Howard F. Woodfin; v-pres- ragr, 

I, L Bemhower; see, A. C. Mar- 
shall; treas, F, W. Adams ] supt, 

Frank Pierce; 
Manchester Marble Co., pres, P. R. 

Eaton; v-pres, R. A.Robertson; 

treas, GL j. Eaton 
Manning Mfg. Co,, pres, Edward 

Manning; see, Robert Bird; treas, 

Roy A. Manning 
Maple Tree Sugar Co,, of Vermont , 

pres, E, S. Kingsley; treas, 

Charles M, Smith; sec, F. H, 


Arthur B. Marsden; sec- treas, 

Norman H. Marsden 

and treas, Frank C. Dunn; v-pres, 

Garfield H.Miller 
National Pulp wood Corporation 

(lac), pres, P, R, Eaton; v-prcs, 

J, H. Begin; treas, G. J. Eaton; 
asst treas and elk, M. V. Quigley 

WARE CO., pres-treas, W, W T 
Nichols, v pres-see, W, F" Chap- 

PATCH F, R. MFG CO., pres, F, R, 
Patch; v-pres, Geo. T. Chaffee; 
treas, N. K. Chaffee 

PEOPLE'S COAL CO,, pres-gen 
mgr, E, L. Fullam 

Port Henry Light T Heat and Power 
Co., pres, George J, Murphy, 
Boston, Mass; treas, I. W, 
Croweli, Boston, Mass; asst -treas 
Laird C. Robinson 

Robillard & Westin Shoe Co,, pres, 
A, J, Westin; treas, Leon S, Robil- 

M, S. Robinson, pres; Edward D. 
Robinson, elk and treas 

Frank Huntress, Keene, N. H ;see- 
treas, C. E, Ross 

CO., pres, Thomas H. Hoyle; 
clerk & treas, Robert J. Ho vie " 

1883; pres, A. W, Perkins; treas. 
C. F. Perkins; sec, H. W, Clement 

Rutland Grocery Co., pres, Pat- 
rick F. Howley; v-pres, P. H. 
Lyons; treas, E. C. Johnson; 
sec, H.E- Burton 

CIATION, The Bardwell Hotel, 
pres, Howard F. Woodfin; treas, 

F, D. White; sec, Mrs. N. J. 
Nicklaw; mgr, Norman J. Nick- 

Rutland Mfg. Co,, pres, C. B. Hins- 
man; v-pres Leon G. Bagiey; treas 
William H. Flanigan 

E. W. Williams, Bennington, Vt; 
sec-treas, Ruth Capeless 

Donald G. Babbitt 

Rutland Railroad Co., v-pres and 
gen mgr, Geo. T. Jarvis; gen supt, 

G, L. R. French; gen fgt and pass 
agt, F. Stafford ; asst gen fgt agt, 
Geo. Cassidy; asst gen pass agt, 
A. C. Thompson; v-auditor, H, P. 
Gardner; asst supt, S. R. Kramer; 
asst supt, vacant; gen attorney, 
E, W. Lawrence; purchasing agt 
J. E. Kilborn 

POWER CO., pres, W, S. Bar- 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


stow, New York City; asst- treas, 
G. E + Lawson 
Rutland Sash & Door Co., pres, H. 
W. Vaughan; sec-treas, W. M, 
Kir by ; gen mgr, F. H. Remington, 
1 27 Strongs av 
SAWYER H, A. & CO., pres-treas 
M. S. Sawyer; v-pres, W. R, 
Tossing; sec, Nellie A. Donovan 
SMITH LUMBER CO., pres, F. G. 
Smith; treas, Burton F. Smith 
gen mgr, Warren E. Smith 
Smith W. S. & Co, T pres, W. S. 
Smith; sec-treas, Helen 1 Smith 
SURANCE CO., pres, Wallace W. 
Nichols; v-pres, Carl B. Hinsman; 
sec-treas, J, R. Hoadley 
Steward L. & J. A., pres-treas, 

George H. Steward 
Swan H, E,, pres Harry E. Swan, 
Hudson Falls, N, Y., sec, William 
Carpenter. Hudson Falls, N. Y. 
cmple Bros., The, pres, John C. 
Temple; treas, W. N. Temple; elk, 
J. Raymond Temple 
TUTTLE CO., THE, pres and treas, 
Egbert C. Tuttle, v-pres Riford 
C. Tuttle; sec, Charles E. Tuttle 

Gaffney; treas, J. F, Vail 
Vermont Accident Insurance Co., 
pres, Henry C. Farrar; sec-treas, 
Alexander C, Mason 
mgr, I. A. Glover; sec-treas, 
George Beecher; shop foreman- 
Freeman 0. Eddy 
Vermont Marble Co., pres, F. C. 
Patridgc; v-pres, S. A. Howard; 
sec-treas, E. R. Morse 
WILLIAMS W. H,, pres, F. W. 
Williams; treas and mgr, W. H. 
WINTER HARRY L,, pres, Harry 
L. Winter; v-pres, W- A. Root; 
sec-treas, H.G. Root 

School, see res dir 


Stearns bldg, Springfield, Mass, 

see p 33S 
SYKES H. R. t 100 North, Pittsfield 

Mass, seep 338 


ELITE BABY SHOP, 55 Merchants 
row, see p 34S 

Bridges Raymond CL Quinn bid? 

BURNHAM F. H., (Fire), Rut. Co., 

Bank bldg 
CLARK WALTER A., 79# Mer^ 

chants row, seep 360 
Davenprot J, H M 127 Holly 
INC., THE, (gen), Mead bldg (15- 
(16), sec front cover & front edge 
Farrar Henry C, Gryphon bldg 
106^ Merchants row, see p 360 
HOADLEY J. R,, Mead bldg (13- 

ROWLEY JAMES B. ? Mead bldg 

(6), see res dir 
KENT P. H., (Conn Gen Life), 

Mead bldg (46) 

(19), seep 359 
PIKE ROGER S,, Quinn bldg (3-4), 

see p 359 and back bone 
RICHMOND R. L> 79K Mer~ 

chants row, see p 360 
ROBERTS FRED C, Gryphon bldg, 

see p 361 
SCOTT C. W,, Mead bldg (25) , 

see p 361 
WILLIAMS W. R. f (Prudential), 
Mead bldg (50), see front cover 
and res dir 


NEW YORK CITY, S. C. Dorsey 
Agency, Inc. Mead bldg (15-16), 
see front cover & front edge 

INSURANCE CO., Mead bldg 
(46), P. H. Kent, gen agt, seep 

S. C. Dorsey Agency, Inc., The, 
state mgr, Mead bldg (15-16), see 
front cover and front edge 

C. Dorsey, Agency, Inc., The, agt. 
Mead bldg, (15-26), front cover 
and front edge 

Dorsey Agency Inc., Mead bldg, 
(15-16), see front cover and front 

NEWARK, N, J., S. C. Dorsey 
Agency, Inc,, Mead bldg, (15-16), 
see front cover and front edge 

Hancock John, Mutual Life Ins, 
Co., Gryphon bldg (14) 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


CO., F. A. Field & Son, agts, 106^ 
Merchants row, see p 360 

GLOBE, F. A. Field & Son, agt, 
seep 360 


Dorsey Agency, Inc., The, agt 
Mead bldg (15-16) , see front cover 
front cover and front edge 

Horace A. Palmer mgr, (27), see 

NEW YORK, Charles W. Scott, 
dist mgr, Mead bldg (25), see p 

CO., of Vt., Earle S. Kinsley, gen 
agt, Mead bldg (19-20), see p 359 

NEW YORK, F. H. Burnham, 
state agt, 75 Merchants row 

CO., James B, Howley spec 
rep, Mead bldg (6), see res dir 


Milwaukee, R. L. Richmond, 
dist agt, 79 K Merchants row, see 

CITY, S. C. Dorsey Agency, 
Inc., Mead bldg (15 16), see 
front cover and front edge 

Peerless Casualtv Company, Gry- 
phon bldg (isjfi 


S. C. Dorsey Agency, Inc., Mead 

bldg, (15-16), see front cover and 

front edge 
Provident Mutual Life Insurance 

Co., of Philadelphia, Henry C. 

Farrar, gen agt for Vt., Gryphon 


OF AMERICA, W. R. Williams, 

asst supt, Mead bldg (50), see res 

dir and front cover 

NEW YORK, S. C. Dorsey 

Agency, Inc, The,*agt, Mead bldg 

(15-16), see front cover and front 


YORK CITY, S. C. Dorsey, Agen- 

cy, Inc., Mead bldg (15-16), see 
front cover and front edge 

CO., J. R. Hoadley sec, Mead 
bldg, (13-14), seep 359 

ANCE CO., of Worcester, Mass, 
Fred C. Roberts, gen agt for Ver- 
mont, Gryphon cor bldg (A), see 

SYKES H. R., 100 North, Pitts- 
field, Mass, see p 338 

GUARANTY CO., F. A. Field & 
Son, agts, 10Q}4 Merchants row, 
see p 360 

Vermont Accident Insurance Co., 
pr es , Harry C. Farrar ; v-pr es , 
Melvin G. Morse, Hard wick ; 
sec-treas, Alexander C. Mason; 
Quinn blk 

SURANCE CO., Montpelier, Vt. 
F. A. Field & Son, agts 106^ 
Merchants row, see back of fire 
card and p 360 


CAMPBELL & TOSI, (marble), 11 

Meadow, see p 366 

LAMB CHARLES E., Mead bldg 

(13), see back cover 
bldg (45) 


Davis Charles E., Foundry Co., 118 

HOLMES IRON CO., West cor 

Forest, seep 367 
LANDON W. C. & CO., 23-29 

Evelyn, seep 8-9 

West, seep 10 
PATCH F. R. MFG. CO., 60 Howe, 

see p 11 




West, seep 10 


Railroad av and Nineteenth, Wat- 
ervliet, N. Y., see insert opp name 

Hascall & Channell, 84 Merchants 

HOWARD F. B., 80 Merchants row 

chants row, see res dir 


Blumberg Nathan, 131 Strongs av 
Mintzer Jacob B., 123 Rob bins 
CO., 246 West 


Merchants row 


BINGHAM E. C.,48 Center, see p 

WARE CO., 43-45 Center, see res 



Merchants row 
CLEVELAND C. J., 39 Center 
McCLALLEN E. G. & CO., 63 Mer- 
chants row 


PITCHER CLAUDE, 33 Center, see 

res dir 
SALTER C. A. & M. Z., 4 S Main, 

see res dir 

Merchants row 

90 Merchants row, see res dir 

FOLEY LAUNDRY, 35 Merchants 

row, see res dir 
Gee Kee, 61 Center 
Horan's Steam Laundry, 176 West 

LAUNDRY, 284 West, see p361 


Aldrich Dorothy L., Mead bldg 

chants row, see p 363 

Browne Thomas H., Herald bldg 

CROWLEY JACK, Gryphon bldg 

Dana Edward, Quinn bldg (1) 

DORSEY & KINNEY, Mead bldg 
(7-8), seep 362 

FENTON WALTER S., Mead bldg. 

bldg (53-56) 

phon bldg (319), see p 362 

Howe Charles L. t 21 }4 Center 

JONES & JONES, Baxter Bank 
bldg, see p 364 

Kingsley H. R,, 7}4 Center 

BLOOMER, 82K Merchants 
row, see p 363 

Meldon P. M. f Herald bldg (5-6) 

Merrill James A., Gryphon bldg 


chants row, see p 362 

O'Brien Ernest H., Quinn bldg (11- 

ter, see p 363 

Stickney B. H., Quinn bldg (5) 

Stickney William B. C, 37 N Main 

WEBBER & LEAMY, 24^ Center, 
see p 363 

White Frank D., Gryphon bldg (11) 

HOWE SCALE CO., Scale av, see 
front cover 


MINTZER BROS., 60 Strongs av, 
see p 354 


BARKER D. A., 102 Willow, see p 

Parker John E., r 94 West 

GLEASON M. L., 26 West, see 

back cover 

77 Jackson av, see p 340 


Bove Peter, 71 Williams 

bldg see p 2 
Johnson Orel A., 6 High 
Rutland Sash & Door Mfg. Co., 127 

Strongs av 
SMITH LUMBER CO., 321 West, 

see p 366 
STICKNEY W. L., 108 N Main, see 



Gerry j-Edward G., 1 Baxter 


Center Street Dining Room, 35^ 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory— 1024 


Elmore The T 102 West 
Gordon James S, 41 Strongs av 

see p 35ft 

West c Cottage, and Strongs av 

next to City Hall, see p 356 
Midway Lunch, Merchants row 

Center, seep 357 
Ryan Micha el E., 30 Evelyn 
TEA SHOP, THE, 25K Center, see 

res dir 
FROUSE'S LUNCH, 22 Center 

anri Depot Restaurant, see res dir 

Merchants row, see p 356 
Star Lunch Room, 174 West 

Wales, see p 358 


Davis Charles E., Foundry Co., 123 

FRENIER J, H. & SON, 120 Cleve- 
land av, seep 367 

HOLMES IRON CO., 232 West, see 

West, seep 10 

PATCH F. R, MFG CO., 60 Howe, 
see nil 

MOBILE CO., 107-109 West, 
see res dir 


(soft drinks) , 10 Evelyn, see p 348 

WORKS, auto and wagon springs 
rear 17 Merchants row, see p 340 

Sunshine Bottling Works (carbon- 
ated beverages) , 87 South 

MANNING H. A. CO., 38 Parker 
bldg, Schenectady, N. Y, 33 Ly- 
man, Springfield, Mass 


GRIMM G. H. CO., Pine, seep 324 
WARE CO., 43 Center, see res dir 


GRIMM G.H. CO., Pine, seep 324 

Maple Tree Sugar Co,, of Vermont, 
6 Cleveland av 


FRENIER J. H. & CO., 120 Cleve- 
land av, see p 367 

255 West, seep 10 

PATCH F, R. & CO., 60 Howe, see 


CAMPBELL & TOSI, 11 Meadow, 
see p 366 

HULIHAN EROS., West, C Rut- 
land, see res dir 

KINSMAN & MILLS, 245 West, see 

Manchester Marble Co., 117 West 
Murphy Bros., rear 42 Cleveland av 
Vermont Marble Co., C Rutland 

W Rutland t Proctor Village and 

Rutland Valley 


CAMPBELL & TOSI, 11 Meadow, 
see p 366 

land, see res dir 

KINSMAN & MILLS, 245 West, 
see p 366 

Temple Bros., The, 360 West 


LANDON W. C. & CO., 23-29 Eve- 
lyn, seep 8-9 

SMITH LUMBER CO., 321 W T est t 
see p 366 

Sabourin Lucy A., 61 Meadow 


HOME, Crescent pi, see res dir 


Antiseptic Bedding Co., 60 School 


Bachand Alphonse L., 163 Wales 
Batchelder George W., 363 West 
CO., 88 Merchants row, and wil- 
low c Ed son, see p 349 
Davis & Amery , 36 Strongs av 
DUFFY BROS., 43 Merchants row, 
see res dir 

1924 — Rutland Directory—! 924 


Rutland Directory 1924 

Dunn John& Co., 27-29 Center 
Gel von Nathan, 3/ Forest 
HortonCash Market, 138 West 
Main Street Cash Store, 2 S Main 
McDeavitt Bros., 135 Baxter 
Murdick-Durkee, 63 Merchants row 
NASON CLINTON H., 122 Gran- 
ger, see p 355 
Newton Charles E., 76 Strongs av 
Seward H. E> & Sons, 15 Wales 
Smalley George E, , 98 Strongs av 
Squire John P. & Co. T (wholesale) 

19 Cleveland av 
Swift & Co. (wholesale), Merchants 

WEST ST. MARKET, 96 West, see 

p 355 
Young Geo. L. & Co., 118 Strongs 


(See Creameries) 
Avery Lewis, 1 15 Library av 
Novak's Creamery, 6 S Main 
Schryer George F h , 25 High 
Shedd Clarence A., 4,53 West 
Welch Frank C, 21 Lafayette 
Whiting Milk Companies, Moul- 


LANDON W. C. & CO., 23-29 Eve~ 
lyn, seepft-9 

West, see p 10 

WARE CO., 43-45 Center, see res 


Davis Charles E. r Foundry Co,, 123 


Bracken B. C. & Co., 98 West 
ELITE BABY SHOP, (children's 
hats), 55 Merchants row, see p 348 
Fashion Shop The, 39 l A Center 
chants row, see p 348 
Gouchoe Hallie, 141 Maple 
Gould Betsey I. Mrs., 91 State 
Gravelle Nellie F. Mrs., 87 State 
Hoy Josie A., 38 Center 

SHOP, 56 Center, see res dir 

see res dir 
SALTER C. A. & M. 2., 4 S Main, 

see res dir 
Merchants row 


69-71 Merchants row 
Thomas Flora A., 32 Merchants row 

Curtis av, see p 368 

CAMPBELL & TOSI, 11 Meadow, 

seep 366 
Gavat Joseph W., Proctor rd C 

Ru tland 
HULIHAN BROS., West, C Rut- 
land, see res dir 
KINSMAN & MILLS, 245 West, see 

P 3G6 
McCue D. J., rear 1 49 Granger 
Murphy Bros., 42 Cleveland av 
Temple Bros., The, 360 West 



(Indian), School, see res dir 
School, see res dir 

SYKES H. R., 100 North, Pitts- 
fie J 6 Mass, see p 338 

Bentley Ruth R., 39 Crescent 
Brehmer Carrie H. Mrs., 116 N 

Butler Mattie Mrs-, 38 Crescent 
Clifford Catherine A., 9 E Wash- 
Haskins McRae F., 7l Lincoln av 
Himes Ysoult Mrs., (Violin), 177 

Ianni Emma, 389 West 
Larsen Alfred (violin), 90 Merchants 

PINNEY HAROLD A., 117 Gibson 

av, see p 364 
Stoolfire Grace (piano), 70 Mer- 
chants row 
Warren Edna Mrs., 27 Crescent 
Watkins Mary F., 96 Church 


Bradley N. M. T 21 Center 

Brehmer' s Music Store, 82>£ Mer- 
chants row 

Merchants row, opp R. R. station, 
see top edge 

HOWARD F. B., 80 Merchants 

n <w 

PINNEY HAROLD A., 117 Gibson 
av, seep 364 


1924 — Rutland Directory — -1924 

SURANCE CO., Montpelier, F. 
A. Field & Son, agts t 106^ Mer- 
chants row, see back of fire card 


Hulett bldg t see res dir 


Berwick Hotel, see res dir 
Bardwell Hotel News Stand, 71 

Merchants row 
INGALLS H. E., 42 Merchants row, 

and Hotel Berwick 



chants row, see p 14 
Merchants row. see insert back of 
Rut Bus College insert 



SHOP, 56 Center, see res dir 
SALTER C, A. & M. Z. t 4 S Main, 
see res dir 


Baker's Seed House, 1 17 Park 
HUNT GEORGE E., 129 Church, 

see res dir 


Bellville Effie, 23 Melrose av 

Benedict Ruth, SO Lincoln 

Beraell Nellie, 1 17 Forest 

Burke Sarah, 68 Allen 

Capron Gladys M, Mrs., 109 N Main 

Collins Grace C, 17 Cottage 

Collins Kathleen P., 70 Church 

Colton Daisy, 1 1 East 

Downs Sadie, 85 Crescent 

Dwyer Tennie, 35 Forest 

Farrell Anna E., 74 N Main 

Griffin Margaret Mrs. r 85 Crescent 

Harding Alice Mrs*, 47 Summer 

Heath M. Lillian, 61 Pine 

Hoag Florence M,, 44 Bellevue av 

Hoag Josephine Mrs., 44 Bellevue 

Jackson Anna Mrs., 24 Pine 
Kellogg Elisabeth S., 84 N Main 
LaBrake Ruth H., 89 Davis 
Lamb Mary P. Mrs., 87 Lafayette 
Lear Ruth Mrs, J 04 South 
Long Bridget L, 50 Hazel 
Maxwell Margaret L., 17 Kingsley 

McGuire Anna F,, 121 Harrington 

Moloney Alice C, SI Forest 
Novak Grace, 85 East 
O'Connor Esther, 9 Elm 
Ploof Maud A., 47 Lincoln av 
Randall Albert Mrs*, 17 Cottage 
Sayles Adeline JL, 29 Williams 
Seward Lena, 182 Woodstock av 
Shattuck Anna, 91 Center 
Shattuck Eudora L«, 91 Center 
Shedd Mary E., 455 West 
Stafford Libbie J. Mrs., 92 Maple 
Stapleton Katherine, 143 Wood- 
stock av 
Thomson Mary E. T 75 KiUington 

Todd Fannie M + , 23 Church 
Treffny Evalina, 50 Morse pi 
Valiquette Josephine E., 68 Church 
Whitman Christine, 66 East 
Wood Adeline M., 120 Lincoln av 


Wright & Young, 8 Gryphon bldg 


Merchants row 
Rutland Typewriter Exchange, 

Grvphon bldg 
SAWYER H. A. & CO,, 124 

Merchants row 
SYKES H. R., 100 North, Pittsfield, 

Mass, seep 338 


Burditt Bros,, 15-21 Evelvn 

LANDON W. C, & CO., (lubri- 
cating), 23-29 Evelyn, seep 8-9 

Standard Oil Co., 145 Post 

Strongs av, see p 344 


Baxter Alfred D +t 90 Merchants row 
Brown Charles T., 34 Center 
Stader A. R. & Son t 24*^ Center 


Railroad av and Nineteenth, 
Watervliet, N. Y,, see insert opp 


SHERBURNE H. K,, Mead bldg 
(17-18), office hrs, 9-12 a.m. 1:30- 
4 p. m* t office phone S99-M, res 
phone 609-M, see p 370 

1924— Rutland Directory — 4924 



Mead bldg (17-1S) T office hrs, 
9-12 a. m t , and 1:30-4:30 p. m. 
see p 370 

Bo wen Raymond, 260 Horton 
Burdick Almon J., 9 Terrill, see p 

BUTLER JOHN, 18 Merchants row, 

see p 354 
Courcelle Wilfred ]. t 54 Terrill 
Fish Henry G. , 1 14 Park av 
Freeman Purly W. h 11 Crescent 
Kerrigan Wm. V., 42 Center 
LaValley Alfred W„ 41 Baxter 
McKirryher 8c Granger, 8 Kfssane 

Rice Hopton C, 99 Evergreen av 
THOMAS G. W., 09 X Center and 

1 16 Park av, seep 352 


DUNN BROS., 65 Merchants row T 
see p 353 

LANDON W. C. & CO., 23-29 Eve- 

h- lyn av, see p S-9 

MINTZER BROS., 60 Strongs av, 
see p 354 

WARE CO., 43 Center, see res dir 

chants row 

Smith Wall Paper Co., 50 Center 

Park av, see p 352 

SAWYER H, A. & CO., 124 Mer* 
chants row 


CO,, 88 Merchants row, see p 349 


pa^gi : DEALERS 

DUNN BROS., (woodenware), 65 

■ M erch an t s ro w, see p 3 53 
SAWYER H. A. & CO,, (wholesale), 

124 Merchants row 


Bishop Almon S., 92 Harrington av 


Offll (See Musical Mdse) 
Bradley N. M., 21 Center 

Merchants row, opp R- R- station, 

see top edge 

Columbia Grafonolas, United talk- 
ing Machine Co., dists, 7 Center 

chants row 


Inc., Greenfield, Mass, see p 372 

INC., Worcester, Mass, see p 354 


Brehmer Louis F., 31>£ Merchants 

Murray Arthur A., 92 South 
Reynolds E + Ellsworth, 24 K Center 
Senecal's Studio, 25 }4 Center 
Stimson Lois V. (developing), &Q}4 


chants row 
CLEVELAND C. J., 39 Center 


bldg, (222-224); office hrs by 
appointment 11 a. m-3:30 p. m. 
Monday to Friday, 7-&:3G p. m, 
Monday, Wednesday and Sat- 
urday; office phone 16-R, res 
phone, 16-W, see p 369 

BelleroseA. H. T 19West 

Briggs Frederick S., Gryphon bldg 

Carroll Dennis J,, 30 Church 

Crahan H. L. t Gryphon bldg, (11- 
12), 116 West 

Delehanty Nicholas J., 37)4 Mer- 
chants row 

Everett Frank H., 102 Church 

Fagan Clarence E + , 21 N Main 

Fiske George W, t 47 Roberts av 

Gilchrist O. J., 79 Center 

Grinnell William H., 92 Church 

HAMILTON JAS. S., 2 Merchants 
row, office hrs., 1:00-3:00 daily 
and 6 :30 8 :00 Saturday 

Hammond S- W., Gryphon bldg, 

Main, office hrs 1-3 and 7-8 p. m. 
12-1 Sundays only, tel I06-R, see 

Heidel Lewis A., 5 Cottage 

chants row, office hrs,, 1-3 an I 7- 
8-15 p. m., Sunday by appoint- 
ment, phone 145 1-M, res 395- R, 
see p 370 

Hodsdon W. G., 65 Grove 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Kerrigan John P., Mead bld& (4S- 

Marshall G, G., Gryphon bldg (2) 
phon cor bldg; office hrs 8-10 
a. m., 1-3 and 7-8 p. m.; phone 
395^W, res 395-R, see p 372 
Quigley Francis E„ 96 Park av 
Rogers Edward J., Gryphon bldg 

Rustedt George, 71 Grove 
Ryan H. R>, 82*4 Merchants row 
Seelev Ralph H., 9 Court 
office hrs 7-9 a. m.; 12-2.30 p. m., 
5-8 p. m., no office hrs on Thurs- 
day, tel 840, see p 369 
Stickney William, 37 N Main 
Swift Charles H., 48 K Center 


Porter Marcus, 27 Park 


Brehmer Philip H. p Merchants row 


Bradley N. M., 21 Center 


Merchants row opp R. R. station, 
see top edge 

PIANOS, (exclusive dealers), The 
Brunswick Shop, 122 Merchants 
row, see top edge 

CHALMERS GEO. E., 79 Mer- 
chants row and 42 Evelyn 


ADAMS & NOE, Grove corState, 

sec front cover 
BINGHAM E. C, 48 Center, see p 

seep 351 

DUNN BROS,, 14 Merchants row, 
see p 353 

EITAPENCE & CO, INC., 52 Cen- 
ter, seeresdir 

FISH GUY W,, 62 Washington, see 

Hubbard Robert G., 14 Sheldon 

see res dir 

McLaughlin M. H., 9 Evelyn 

WARD W. W. & SON, 69 Center, 
see bottom edge 



seep 351 
DUNN BROS,, 65 Merchants row, 

see p 351 

West, see p 10 

SHOP, 56 Center, see res dir 


Dodge Eugene A., 27 Kendall av 
Murray Printing Co., 36 Wales 

Bard well blk, Washington, see 

TUTTLE CO., THE, 11 and 13 

Center, see back cover 
Tuttle Law Print, 2 Edson 

KinoxCo., 103 Wales 



35 State, Albany, N. Y. t sec p 338 

Stearns bldg, Springfield, Mass., 

seep 338 
SYKES H, R., 100 North, Pittsfield, 

Mass, seep 338 
Tower Earl T., Gryphon bldg 


(Sec Stables) 
see back cover 



bldg (11), see back cover 

Quinn bldg, see insert opp name 
Stickney Eva]., 11 Lincoln av 


CIATION, (Daily Herald), 110- 
111 Merchants row r see p 14 

MANNING H. A. CO., (directories 
and maps), 33 Lyman, Spring- 
field, Mass, and 38 Parker bldg, 
Schenectady, N. Y., see p 371 

News), 36-38 Merchants row, in- 
sert on back of Rut Bus College 

1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 


TUTTLE CO,, THE (Conant's Ver- 
mont, Walton's Register, etc.), 11 
and 13 Center, see back cover 

Broadway, Boston 11, Mass, see 



chants row, see p 352 


chants row, see p 352 

Wales, seep 351 



INGALLS H. E,, 42 Merchants row, 

and Hotel Berwick 

Merchants row, c West, see insert 

opp name 


Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad Co., 

Union Station 
Delaware & Hudson, Strongs av and 

C. Rutland 
Rutland Railroad, Merchants row, 

Proctor and C Rutland 
(See Insurance and Real Estate) 
Bridges R, C, Quinn bldg 
Brown Conrad V., Mead bldg (15) 
Brown & Garrett, Mead bldg, 

Chatterton Harlev M., 141 N Main 
CLARK & ADAM'S, 79 K Merchants 

Duffy Frank H. T 72 K Merchants 


Rutland Savings Bank bldg, see 

Home Farm Agency, 9N Main 
Ives Frederick C. p 61 Ives av 
chants row 

Rutland Mfg. Co., Forest, West, 

and Pine 


(See Lunch Rooms) 
Merchants row, see p 18 

Center Street Dining Room, 35)4 

DEPOT LUNCH, Union Depot 

Evelyn, see res dir 

see p 35S 
Jimmie T s Lunch, 87 Willow 

c Cottage and Strongs av next to 

City Hall, see p356 

Center, seep 357 
PROUSE'S LUNCH, 22 Center, 

see res dir 
Rutland Restaurant, 57 Merchants 


Merchants row, see p 356 
Star Lunch, 174 West 
TEA SHOP THE, 25^ Center, 

see res dir 

Wales, see p 358 
Whitehouse Cafe, 48 Washington 

SALTER a A. & M. Z., 4 S Main, 
see res dir 


(See Plumbers) 

ADAMS & NOE, Grove cor State, 
see front cover 

BINGHAM E C, 48 Center, see p 

DUNN BROS., 65 Merchants row, 
see p 353 

bldg, seee p 2 

KEYES E. D. & CO., 35 Evelyn, see 
res dir 

LANDON W. C. & CO., 23-29 Eve- 
lyn, see p S-9 

MINTZER BROS., 60 Strongs av, 
see p 354 

WARE CO., 43-45 Center, see res 

SMITH LUMBER CO., 321 West, 
see p 366 

WARD W. W. & SO, 69 Center, see 
bottom edge 


see p 36S 


SALVATION ARMY, 34 Merchants 
row, seep 347 

Cleveland av, see p 367 


Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 


HOME, Crescent pl P see res dir 


GRIMM G. H, CO., Pine, seep 324 


bldg, see p 2 
Rutland Sash And Door Co, Inc., 

127 Strongs av 
SMITH LUMBER CO., 321 West, 

see p 366 

Strongs and Scale av, see front 


HARTNEY MARY E, t (dressmak- 
ing and designing), 2 1)4 Center 

Qui mi bldg, see insert opp name 

BAIRD & NICHOLS, 21 Wales, see 

res dir 
CHANGE, 178 West, see res dir 
Foley Mary Mrs., 70 Wales 
Kennedy Daniel H., 63 Wales 
CHANGE, 46-48 Washington, see 
res dir 

LAMB CHARLES E., Mead bldg 
( 13) , see back cover 


BURDITT BROS., 15-21 Evelyn 
LANDON W. C & CO., 23-29 Eve- 
lyn, seep 8-9 
WARE CO., 43-45 Center, see res 


SMITH LUMBER CO., 321 West, 
see p 366 

Singer Sewing Maeliine Co,, The, 
55 Center 


ADAMS & NOE, Grove c State, 

see front cover 
BINGHAM E. C, 48 Center, see p 


CONNOLLY JAMES, 67 Wales, see 

EITAPENCE & CO., 52 Center, see 
res dir 

HOLMES IRON CO., West c For- 
est, seep 367 

WARD W. W. & SON, 69 Center, 
see bottom edge 


Merchants row, opp R. R, station, 
see top edge 

see res dir 


Hall, Hartwell & Co> T 27 Forest 
TAUBER, LIPTON & CO., factory, 
Cleveland av, see p 368 


Clauson Shoe Co. r 19 Center 

CO., 88 Merchants row, see p 349 
chants row, see o 348 

1 62-64 West, see res dir 

Merchants row and 16 Center, see 

res dir 
Pizanelli Geno, 143 State 

CO., (INC), 58 Merchants row 

Merchants row, see back cover 
Slater Joseph, 142 West 
Smith W. S. & Co., 81 Merchants 

row and 25 Center 

Merchants row and 3-5 Center, 

see center lines 


Abatiello Carmine, 33 Forest 

American Shoe Repairing Co*, 80 
Strongs av 

Electric Shoe Repairing Co., 172 

Fast Louis, 64 Strongs av 

chants row, see p 348 

Goodyear Electric Shoe Shop, 61 

MY SHOE SHOP, S5 State, see p 

Nemera Frank, 36 Wales 

Paolucci Frank, 86 River 

Piscopo Patsy, 109 State 

1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 


Reovere Frank 

Romano's Electric Shoe Shop, 65 

Naples Shoe Store, 36 Strongs av 
Slater Jacob, 142 West 
Vitello James, 133 West 

Louras Shoe Shining Parlors, 11# 

Merchants row and 20 Center 
Rutland Shoe Shine Parlor, 36 


Carlos T, j., 71^ Center 
Powell Burt, 12 Noyes av 

SMITH LUMBER CO., 321 West, 

see p 366 
STICKNEY W, L., 108 N Main, see 


TAUBER, LIPTON & CO., factory, 

Cleveland av, see p 368 

see res dir 

90 Merchants row, see res dir 

Coolidge O, H, & Co., 60 Merchants 

ING WORKS, rear 17 Merchants 
row, see p 340 
YOUNG FRED A., 277 West, see p 


BARKER D. A., 102 Willow, see p 

Coniff John, 73 Willow 

lin av, see p 7 and Z65 

Ruano Geo. C, 194 S Main 


chants row 

SAWYER H, A. & CO., (jobbers), 
124 Merchants row 

TUTTLE CO, THE, 11-13 Center, 
see back cover 

HOLMES IRON CO,, 232 West, 
see p 367 


bldg ( 11 ) j see back cover 

Quinn bldg, see insert opp name 


West, seep 10 
PATCH F. R. MFG CO., 60 Howe, 
see p 11 



13 Evelyn, seep 342 

Wales, see res dir 

ADAMS & NOE, 83 State, see front 

BAIRD & NICHOLS, 21 Wales, 

see un name 
BINGHAM E. C, 48 Center, see p 

CHANGE, ITS West, see res dir 

DUNN BROS,, 65 Merchants row 
see p 353 

CHANGE, 46-48 Washington, see 
res dir 

chants row, see res dir 

Curtis av, see p 368 


Rutland Railway, Light & Power 
Co-, offices 26-28 Center; waiting 
room, 114 Merchants row 


HOLMES IRON CO., 232 West, 

see p 367 

Railroad av and Nineteenth, 

Watervliet, N, Y,, see insert opp 



(See Civil Engineers) 

EARLE & MERRY, 44 Burn ham av, 

see p 353 
GROVER A, C, Mead bldg (25), 
and 55 Evergreen, see back cover 

35 State, Albany, N. Y., see p 338 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 

1924— Rutland Directory — 1924 


SYKES H, R., 100 North, Pitts- 
field, Mass, see p 338 
Fan-ell & Co., 15}4 Center 
Farren Stephen C„ 51 }4 Merchants 

Fercaro John, Bardwell Hotel blk 
Garofano Sullivan J., ^Center 
lannetti Charles, 67# Merchants 

Kennedy W. B., 82^ Merchants 

La^e Victor H., 41^ Merchants 

Paul Domenick C. , 54 Center 

see res dir 

METZGER BROS., 60 Center, 

see p 367 


Francis Fred G., ^1 Library a v 

see back cover 
Ryan Edward fL, 33 Field 


Minard Lee E., 46 Howe 

KEYES E. D, & CO,, 35 Evelyn, see 
res dir 

TEA SHOP THE, 25# Crater, 
see res dir 


(See also Grocers) 
Grand Union Tea Ca, 114 West 
KEYES E, D, & CO., (wholesale), 
35 Evelyn, see res dir 

New England Tel. & Tel Co Mead 
bldg (11-12), and Marble, W. 


CO ., 30 Center 
CO., Union station 
METZGER BROS., 60 Center, see 
P 367 


West, seep 365 
Playhouse The, 30-32 Center 
see p 365 


AGENCY, 1 84 West, seep 364 


Stewart L.&J.A., 70 Park 


(See Cigars and Tobacco) 

Abraham Lewis, 9 Center 

HANDLEY BROS., Merchants row 

Quebec D- G. Cigar Co., (whole- 
sale), 109 Wales 

chants row 


Merchants row 


Livingston Mary M. (Franco- 
American), 25^ Center 

BARKER D. A., 102 Willow, see p 

Burnham Emerson P-, 91 Stratton 

Chamberland Edmund, 110 Forest 
Considine Charles J . , 22 Ross 
Considine Michael ]., 121 Harring- 
ton av 
Gallo Salvatorc, 158 South 
GLEASON MARTIN L., (motor), 

26 West, see back cover 
Hamel Joseph, 200 Lincoln av 
Jasmin Fred, 9 East 

Woodstock av, seep 355 
Laird Ned F., 26 Curtis av 
LaRock Arthur, 153 S Mam 
Moore H. D., 147 Pearl 

Porter Marcus, 27 Park 
Ross Wallace A. r 65 Howe 

Jackson av T see p 340 
Willett Nelson, 1 12 Forest 


10S Merchants row and lb cen- 
ter, see res dir ^ A nA 


Merchants row, and 3-4 Uenter 
see center lines 




51 Merchants row, see res dir 

chants row, seep 371 

Machine Composition Co., Bardwell 
House blk 



125 West, see insert opp name 


Cahee House Furnishing Co., 44-46 
Merchants row 

Canty Dennis J. r 38^ Center 

Clifford Bros., 7 Evelyn 

chants row, see res dir 

chants row, see res dir 

STEARNS JOHN B., 62^ Mer- 
chants row, see res dir 


Hurley John T. r 121 Library av] - 

"*S *USED CAks 

CHANGE, 5-7 Merchants row, 
see p 340 

OAKMAN CYRUS E, (electric), 
1 1 Merchants row, see p 352 


Coolidge O. H. & Co., 60 Merchants 

Woolworth F. W. Co., Merchants 



Duval Augustus G., 35 Stratton rd 
MARTIN GEORGE R., rear 31 Pine, 

phone 248-W, see p 370 
Weir Robert, 84 Grove 


Howard F. B., 80 Merchants row 


PINNEY HAROLD A,, 117 Gibson 
av, seep 364 


DEGREE HENRY E., 71 Wales, see 

p 344 
Wilson's Tire Repair Shop, 165 



BARKER D, A., 102 Willow, see p 



GLEASON M., 26 West, see back 


WARE CO., dist, 43-45 Center, 
see res dir 

OAKMAN C. E,, 11 Merchants row, 
see p 352 

Washing Machines, 42 Center, 
seep 352 


246 West 


Durfee Madison A,, 131 West 
Hascall & Channell, 82 Merchants 

HOWARD F, B,, 80 Merchants 

Hubbard Austin J., 53 Merchants 

chants row, see res dir 

WORKS, rear 17 Merchants row, 

see p 340 
HOLMES IRON CO., 232 West, see 

p 367 
YOUNG FRED A., 227 West, see p 



LAUNDRY, 284 West, see p 361 


Terrill Samuel & Son, 32 Evelyn 


Stafford Fred W. P 32 Evelyn 
YOUNG JOHN S., 37 Strongs 
av, see res dir 


(Sec Coal Dealers) 

c Spruce, seep 350 

West, seep 350 
PEOPLE'S COAL CO., Scale av, 

and 47 Merchants row, see back 


287 West, seep 3,50 
Fleischmann Co., The, Mead bldg 


AGE 13 Evelyn, see p 342 

Rutland Directory 1924 

324-336 1924 — Rutland Directory— 1924 

Maple Sugar Making Utensils 

Most sugar makers tell us they get more real profit from their 
sugar orchards than from any other part of the farm. 

The Grimm Evaporators, special coated buckets, covers 

and all other Maple Sugar Making Utensils we 

manufacture are sold on their merits. 

If interested, ask for catalogue. 

G. H. Grimm Co. 

Rutland, Vermont 

We handle Maple Syrup and Sugar 


New England Business Man 

through the 



Since 1S56 this Directory has been the ' 'Business Man's 

It contains a carefully compiled list of over 300,000 indi- 
viduals or firms doing business in the New England States, 
arranged alphabetically by business in each state. 

The Gazetteer Section gives concise information about every 
city, town and P. ft. W New England, their location, popula- 
tion, R. R. and other connections, etc. 

The detailed information in nearly two thousand advertise- 
ments, carefully classified and cross-indexed, is a valuable 
feature of the work. 

Price $10.00 

Sampson & Murdock Co. 


M):M Rutland Directory -1924 


377 Broadway 

Boston 11, Mass. 


HISTORICAL — Reminders of the peaceable Indian tribes who once inhabited this 
section are found in the Indian names applied to lakes, i si rinds and mountains, Rutland is 
replete with historical importance that h is impossifele to even touch upon in a limited article 
such as this must of necessity be. Rutland was settled in 1761 j made a city in IS92. The 
growth has aKvr-^K Ulii steady and the present population is estimated at about 17.0(10. 
As with many other cities, the coming of the railroads brought great changes, The center 
,,f the town was originally located on the high ground through which Main street runs and 
the leading stores of Rutland County were located there. The remains of this trading 
center are still standing at the corner of West and Main streets where the village grocery 
store is still doing business. The m«ire pretentious and quite metropolitan business section 
js now located on lower ground i mile to the west. 

TOPOGRAPHY— Rutland is beautifully* situated in abroad valley between the Green 
Mountain and Tacontc ranges whieh opposite this point reach majestic heights culminating 
in Mt. Killmgton, twelve miles to the east. 4,200 feet, and Bird Mountain, six miles to the 
west, 2,000 feet. There are also many other notable and beautiful mountain peaks in 
plain view a few miles from the city. It is a natural cross-roads of traffic in all directions 
and the only one within many miles. There is abundant room for growth and within a 
few miles there arc lake resorts and mountain drives. Nature has bestowed with a boun- 
tiful band and with the minimum of human effort Rutland can. be made one of the most 
beautiful cities in the country. 

NATURAL RKSOl'RGES — Rutland is surrounded with mountains of wealth. The 
largest marble quanies in the World; the largest slate quarries in the world; fire clay; un- 
de veloped deposits of talc j copper , iron ore, Water power enough to f u r n ish ' 'white coal " 

fnv any and every industrial enterprise that might locate hi this vicinity can be developed. 
The surrounding territory of Rutland ts essentially an agricultural and dairying country. 

TRANSPORTATION -xSince the coming of the steam railroad Rutland has always 
heen important as a railroad center. The headquarters of the Rutland Railroad have al- 
ways been in this city, as well as the repair shops. Lines extend to Bellows Falls with con- 
nections to Boston and Connecticut Valley points and Xew York City, also lines to 
Vrjrk City via Bennington and Troy, X. Y., northern connections to Montreal with a 
western terminus at Ogdensburg, X. Y.> where connections with Great Lake steamers are 
made. The Delaware and Hudson Co, have the terminus of two branches here connecting 
with main lines at Whitehall X. Y., and the Eagle Bridge division from Troy, N. Y< Claren- 
don and Pittsford Railroad from this city to Pittsford* 7 miles. There have been surveys 
ff»r a railroad across state to Mont pel icr which will no doubt, be constructed some time as. 
there is real need for it. Electric railways connect Rutland with West Rutland, Castletun, 
Lake Bomoscen, Fair Haven, Poultney and Granville, a belt line system gives adequate 
service about the city. It is the greatest railroad center in the state. 

INDUSTRY — Rutland has a solid industrial foundation with many old and es- 
tablished manufacturing concerns. The leading products manufactured arc scales, coal 
handling machinery, trucks, letter presses, dairy machinery and apparatus, adding ma- 
chines, marble finishing machinery, stone working machinery, lathes, brass and iron foun- 
dries, wall plaster, planes, sugar makers' machinery and supplies, fire clay products and 
asbestos, car repairing, locomotive repairing, lumber, cement blocks, bricks, building and 
monumental marble, steam boilers, structural steel bridges, awnings, sand pumps, shirts 
and collars, rugs* carpets, mailing boxes, cereal cartons, silos, chair stock, doors, windows, 
women's clothing, cigars, sleighs, carriages, flags, derricks, books, antiseptics, confectionery, 
paper clay. Products of Rutland manufacturers are sent to all parts of the world and manv 
a piece of machinery manufactured here has done its bit in France during the four years' 
war. Industrial labor troubles are unknown in Rutland. It is the greatest manufacturing 
renter in the state. Refer to colored advertisement section for further details. 

FINANCIAL — With nine solid and progressive banking institutions, with capital and 
surplus of $2,000,000 and total deposits of $14,000,000 and annual bank clearings of $54,- 
(KKMKM, Rutland can truly claim an exceptionally strong financial foundation. By con- 
sulting the colored advertisement sections it will be seen that these banks are unusually 
sin mg in deposits and reserve for a city of this size. 

COMMERCIAL— The stores in Rutland are in keeping with its position as trading 
center of 75,000 people in the immediate vicinity. They are progressive, growing with the 
growth of the community. The office buildings are unusually good and are really leaders 
in a modern and greater Rutland, As a wholesale center Rutland dominates for a radius 
of many miles. Up-to-date theaters furnish eufiusements to out-of-town shoppers as well 
as local residents, 

THE FUTURE— Xature made Rutland what it is to date* The cuts in the mountain 
ranges where railroads and highways must traverse were made there for the purpose of 
getting to Rutland. The development of these natural advantages lies tvith the inhabi- 
tants of this region and to properly forecast the future one must know the character of the 
people who must make the future. It has been said by the greatest thinkers that Rutland is 
still undeveloped. Some of the leading men here say they wish they were young again to 
take advantage of the opportunities to develop this rich country; they cannot and it remains 
to be done by the younger generation. Rutland has now arrived at the size where things 
■;!■; be done and the nest twenty years will see great changes in Rutland, There is tioins 
forward rapidly the immense development of the repair department of the Rutland Rail' 
road, the industries are growing, opportunities for new industries were nav^r brighter. The 
Merchant's Association bas made Rutland a well lighted city which impresses the stranger* 
The schools are good and excellent water, coupled with the push of the citizens, will make 
Rutland the greatest city in the state in the years to come. For further details about Rut- 
land write the Rutland Chamber of Commerce, 

Rutland Directory 1924 



Mil* I Rutland Directory— 1924 

Scovell, Wellington & Company 



Practical Cost Methods 

Constructive Accounting 

Tax Returns 


Industrial Engineering 

Telephone Walnut 2300 


New York Syracuse Cleveland 


Washington, D. C, Pittsneld, Mass* Boston, Mass. 
Audits, Systems, Taxes, Investments 


Member of National Association of Certified Public 

Insurance Municipal Corporation 


New York State Audit Co- 
brace M. GALLIEN, C. P, A. 

Auditors, Accountants, Systematizers 
Specialists in State and Federal Income Tax Returns 


Phone Main iH"> 

35 State Street 


1924 -Rutland Directory — 1924 



P9£ ^ 

i +,.^ >-, 

4— l=v 

§ 1 





Capital, $100,000.00 
Surplus & Profit 



Carl B. Hinsman, 
Fred C. Spencer 




Tax Consultants 

35 State Street ALBANY, N. Y. 

Phone Main $M 



I'll one 1087-W 


29 Merchants Row 

Rutland Directory 1924 



MI24- -Ri ti.,\M) Directory 1924 

Murray's Used Car Exchange 



Phono !)77-\V 

5-7 Merchants Row 


Rutland Motor Sales, Inc. 



Philadelphia Battery — Sales and Service 

Office and Sales Rooms, West cor Wales Streets 

Phono 1479 

Service Station, ICG Cleveland Ave. RUTLAND, VT. 

Phono 1261 


E. R. WILLARD, Prop, 



Equipped for Removing and Replacing Truck Tires 

Goodyear Truck Tire Service Station 

Phone 841-M 

Rear 17 Merchants Row RUTLAND, VT, 



Local and Long Distance Moving 
All Goods insured while in transit 
Four Large Trucks Closed Van 


Office and Garage 57 Jackson Avenue 
Tel. Hous* — S7-R— Office 87- W 


1924 Rutland Directory — 1924 






Authorized FORD and 
LINCOLN Sales - d Service 

for Rutland and Vicinity 


Hotel Bardwell Block, 134 Merchants Row 

Telephone [(>() 

J. E. and H. W. RIDLON 


Sales and Service 


Plume sm-M 
196 S. Main St. RUTLAND, VT. 

Rutland Directory 1924 



L924 Rutland Directory -1924 

George F. Dikeman s 





Phone Conn. 

13 Evelyn St. 



Auto Specialty Company of New England 

Automobile Tires and Tubes 
Tire Accessories, Etc. 

We Carry an Extensive Line of Good Tires At All Prices 
And Invite Comparison for Quality and Price 

R W .3 Pin. St. 1 " , " llllM " RUTLAND, VT. 


Sales and Service 

Also General Repairing 


Phone 256-W 

38 Burnham Ave. 


1924- -Rutland Dirj:ctory--1!)24 


Vermont Garage Company, Inc. 

IRA A. GLOVER, Pres. and Mgr. 



Phone 968 

74 River Street 



Automobile Accessories 

Complete line of Ford parts at cut prices 

Day and Night Service 

Phone Conn, 
35 Strongs Ave. RUTLAND, VT. 


Expert Acetylene Welding 
Custom and Factory Made Springs 

Repafirug Automobile Wrecks 

General Blacksmi thing - 

Personal Attention Given All Work 

277 West St. 

Phone 117 R 





Rutland Directory 

9 Terrill St. 


Phones: Shop, 854-M 

Residence j 513-W 




1924 Rutland Directory L024 



REO Motor Cars and Trucks 

Genuine Ford Parts and Service 

Gould Battery Sales and Service 

92 West St. RUTLAND, VT. 


A. A. RABIDOU, Mgr, 
Distributor of 

That Good Gulf Gasoline - Supreme Auto Oils and Greases 

Wholesale and Retail 
Accessories and Supplies - Free Crank Case Service 

Filling Station 
Phone D91-M 66 Strongs Ave. RUTLAND, VT. 


Tire Repairing That Pays 

Vulcanizing in all its Branches Go-Carts Re-Tired 

Kelly-Springfield Hand Made Tires and Tubes 

Guaranteed 5000 to 7500 Miles 

Why Buy Others When You Can Buy Kelly's at Same Price? 

71 Wales Street phone 608 RUTLAND, VT. 


1924 i\i. tlanu Directory L924 


St. Paul's Universalist Church 


MINISTER- A.J. Tombff, 

Residence, 102 Church St, P j tone 389-M 
SUNDAY-9:3( I A M, Sunday School for Juniors. 
10:45 A. M., Morning Worship. 

lT^Y S p n cZ Sch0 ° ] ' Seni ° r CIaSSes 


Boy Scouts, Every Tuesday Evening. 

St £!,1^m' A' 1 "™ 1 * Wednesday Afternoons. 
St. Paul s Men's Club, Second Thursday 

r„_i v r. ^ ., ^Evening 'Except July and August). 
Junior Y. P. C. U. Every Saturday Afternoon. 


The Universal Fatherhood of God 

I he hoal harmony of all souls win. (;„j 

from God. 

Rutland Directory 1924 



1924— Rutland Director? 

L924 Rutland Directory— 1924 


First Baptist Church 


MINISTER-Rev. Geo. W. Peek, Jr. 
Residence, 59j Pleasant St.,!City 
Phone 1 0;>» ,. 
Church Clerk, W. R. Kinsman 
Residenc.SOChe.nutAve ; C, 

SUNDAY-ID:}^ M-Mojn^ship. 

6*0 P.' M- Young Peoples Meeting. 

4*;30 P. M.-Vesper Service. 
THURSDAY— 7:30 P. M— Prayer Service. 

Rutland D 

g>albatum &rm|> 

32-34 Merchants Row RUTLAND, VT. 

Capt. and Mrs. M* Penney in Charge 


Sunday Services 11 A, IVL Sunday School 12 M, Evening 
Service 8 P. M. and Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 
Saturday 8 P. M. 



Instrumental and Vocal Music 






L924 -Rutland Directory — IQ24 




We Use the Goodyear Welt Shoe Repairing and Make 
Old Shoes as Good as New At Reasonable Prices 

Satisfaction Guaranteed Phone Conn. 

85 State St* Just Around the Corner from Grove 






Dry Goods and Furnishings 

Phone 1008-M 

41 Merchants Row RUTLAND, VT. 



Complete Line of Infants* and Children's Apparel up 

to Six Years of Age 

Children's Hats 

Hand Embroidered and Hand Made Babies' Apparel 

55 Merchants Row RUTLAND, VT, 

Day's Bottling Works 


Manufacturer of Pico Club Carbonated Beverages 
and Bottler of Coca-Cola 

Phone I -Mil 

10 Evelyn St. 



Rutland Directory [$24 



Ladies' Outfitters 

Dry Goods, Carpets and Rugs 


Tel. 860 
Cor. Merchants Row and West Sts. 


T»e Latest D , stributws of Merchandise ^ vermwt 

Wholesale and Retail 

Previsions, Flour, Produce, Meatg 

Ladies' R I ^ N ° tions > Shoes Ready-to-wear and Cent,' Furnishing 


Main Office-* *..*i-_. t, " mU 

Manchester Center 

Main Office at Rutland, Vermont 

Rutland Directory 1924 

Rutland, Vt, 
88 Merchants Row 47 r l ll 1 ' 

A.' W. CORTON, S.e. LMT^ "**-• 


L924 Rutland Directory 1924 

The Wm. Abraham Company 

Wholesale and Retail 

Hard and Soft COAL 

Main Office and Yard, Spruce and River Streets 

Branch Office, 102 Merchants Row 

Terms Cash Phono 550 

F. P. Robinson Coal Co*, Inc. 



Phono ,W7 

287 West Street 


Established 1S80 

Hugh Duffy Coal 

Phone 567- W 

190 West Street 



Gryphon Corner Building 


<'0\T RUT0R 


_ __ HUM Ritmn-i, D iHi: t . Tnl>v _ . mi 


Plumbing and Heating 

52 Washington Street 

Phone ( 104- W 


53 Wales St 

Carl W. Watterlund 

Electrical Contractor 

Wiring and AppJ iances 
Radio Supplies 
Agent for American Mazda Lamps 
Phone C44-J 



Contractor and Build 

Office 21 1-2 Center St 

™«* Res -155A damsS 

Fel. (97- W 



Plumbing and Heating 




67 Wales Street HmW ™ 

Rutland Directory 1924 RUTLAND, VT. 



1924 Rutland Directory— 1924 

Reed's Electric Shop 

Uberl S. Reed, Res. Phone 1S93-.1 

Electric and Gas Supplies Fixtures and Appliances 


Conduit Work a Specialty 

Store Phone 013 RimAND> VT . 
42 Center Stree t 

Vail Electric Company, Inc. 

Electrical Work of All Kinds 

Motor Repair Work A Specialty 
Fixtures and Appliances 
Robbins & Myers Motors, Washing Machines, Vacuum 
Rob cleaners, Universal Electric Appliances 




Electrical Contractor 

Electrical Fixtures and Supplies 
keepers, Washers, Appliances 
Hash Lights,, West- 

House Wiring a Specialty 

Phone 594 

U Merchants Row tland yT 

L SY" Suction wa sni-i 


Estimates Cheerfully Given-SatUfaetonGu.™ 
Residence and Shop 116 Park Ave. 

Phone Connections 

Rutland D 

I924r Rutland Directory 1924 




Slating a Specialty 

Also Dealer in 


Slate Sold in Large and Small Quantities 

108 North Main Street 

Teh 935-J 


Tyler W. Earle, C. E. F. Chas. Merry, E. M. 


Engineers, Contractors 

Design and Construction of Hydro Electric 

Developments, Structural Steel, Reinforced 

Concrete, etc. Valuations of Property 

Phone Conn. 
42 Burnham Ave. RUTLAND, VT. 


House Furnishing Specialties 

Agate Iron Ware, Stamped Ware, Glassware, Wooden- 
ware, Tin Plate, Metals, Iron Pipe and Fittings, Etc* 
Hardware, Field Fencing, Barbed Wire, Felt Roofing! 
Brooms, Brushes and Dusters* 

65 Merchants Row 



Plumbing and Heating 

Cornices, Skylights, Slag Roofing, Sheet Metal Work 
Kitchen Ware and Wooden Ware 

48 Center St. 

rectory 1 924 



35 I 

HI24 — Rutland Directory— 1924 



Agents for Giant Cements 

Building Material of every description, including Lehigh, 

Giant, and Iron Clad Cement. Wholesale and retail* 

Feed of every description. Lowest prices. Prompt 

60 Strongs Ave. Phone I860 RUTLAND, VT. 


L. E. ALDRICH, Mgr. 


River, cor. Post St. Phone 209 



Painter and Papcrhanger 

All Work Given Personal Attention 
Estimates Cheerfully Furnished 
Phone 342-3 
18 Merchants How RUTLAND, VT. 

Quality Printing Plates of All Descriptions 

Quality Engraving Co. f Inc. 

Retouchers, Illustrators, Designers, Halftones, Zinc 

Etchings, Color Plates 


Telephone Park B446 
50 Bridge St., cor Foster WORCESTER, MASS. 

( ; [;< )« i : it rES— meats— provisions 

L924 Rutland Directory — -1024 355 

Brunelle's Grocery 




Ice Cream and Soft Drinks 

Phone Connection 

Cor Baxter St. & Library Ave. RUTLAND, VT. 





122 Granger Street RUTLAND, VT. 





Phone 788-M 

144 Woodstock Ave. RUTLAND, VT. 

West Street Market 



C. N. RANSOM, Prop. 

Phone 28-J 
96 West St. RUTLAND, VT. 

Rutland Directory 1924 




i\)24 Rutland Directory L924 

1924 Ri/tland Directory — IU2-I 




Transient and Permanent Accommodations 

Phone 656-M 

66 Wales St. 


Mac's Filling Stations 


Courteous Service Reasonable Prices 
Open Day and Night 
Cor. West and Cottage Sts. and Strongs Ave. next to 

City Hall 


The Holland 

E. F. BROWN, Prop. 



Centrally Located 

Prices Reasonable 

Tel. 641 

118 1-2 Merchants Row 


Standard Restaurant 

Regular Dinner 50 Cents 

Tel. 865-R 
68 Merchants Row RUTLAND, VT 

Caters to the Traveler and Tourist 


Forty Rooms, Newly Renovated, Electric Lighted, Steam 
Heated, Neat, Clean, Comfortable and Homelike, 
Splendid Table. Board and Rooms By Day or Week, 
Special Rates to Theatrical People 
Tel. 610; 8J882-W 
59 West, cor. Church St, RUTLAND, VT, 




Rooms $1.00 and Up Per Day, Rooms by the week. 



Phone 748-M 
160 West Street RUTLAND, VT. 


Phone 1304- YV 

15 1-2 Center St. RUTLAND, VT. 


Will be served from 11 A, M. to 12 P, M. 

A Menu which allows for a wide variety of tastes will be 

It is the Purpose of the Management to Please its Patrons 

Rutland D rectory 1 924 

«• 1 



358 192-1 Rutland Directory — 1924 




Rutland Fire Department 

For Ladies and Gentlemen 

Quality Food Cooked With That Home Flavor At 
Reasonable Prices 

\9L (ii-iivr bor North 

t % W&sbi rujton cor Mer ( -ha n I s Row 

Prompt Courteous Service 

1 3 Chu reh co r C ' re seen t 

43 WeM cot' Kdsori 

20 Wales St. RUTLAND, VT\ 

1 1- Church cor Williams 
16 Maple neajfG-rpve 

] 1 West cor lively ii 

^^M^M __ 

■1-.1 < V'lihrcor W r alos 


17 Baxter eor Maple 

47 Cm le r bor Mere) w n \ s row 


18 State cor 1 > i t i . 

19 Forest re, r West 

fcS Playhouse 

51 Sprue* Prankhii 

Give Us a Trial ! 

2 1 Hospital; Nichols 

58 Ifcdlrorid Y;ird,^irtliKrid 

Noel Ducharme, Prop, 

23 West cor Uneohi av 

53 I'nion corFornace 

Phone 796-M 

£4 WcodstocJt av cor Temple 

54 ^ea^owcorBenool 

40 Wales St. RUTLAND, VT. 

25 Main eor North 

2ft Woodstock a v uea r M&ifl 

£7 Main r or Temple 

5 5 Etail r oa d Ya r d , Son \ i i 1 vn d. 

PL H. Ross, Pres* 0. A. Ferguson, Manager 

c.i I Forest, head of Gowven E-ii 
1 'ievelandav eor Park av 


gS Lin(.oln«vror Vernon 

6S River cor Graftgef 

Pure Ice and Spring Water 

S9 Knst eor Ten-ill 

in River si eOr Meadow 

Service Our Specialty 

:)] Pcirkmr Main 

65 Plam cor Grail 

Wholesale and Retail 

frl Center cor M a in 


71 Stite cor Cleveland av 

Phone 992 

53 ruiiiso\ corHorfon 

73 House of Correction (private) 


: ! 1. M a i n h ea d o F M a d i .so n 
i ii<{ cor Washington 

73 WestC!haffeeLiiti?her¥d 

74 HUitcopp < "t*lnjnKi:tii Miil 


36 1 1 o we Sea 1 c Co (pr i va te) 


!J7 Strongs a v ec f r Madison 

71) CvRut West cor Ripley 


38 jaeksonaveor Ki.i-l 

'.P. ) Si n mgs a v eor C 1 o \ e r S t r i k ■ t 

77 G as Pk n t ( le ve [and a^v (o r i \ 

PI i one 7-H-M 


Rutland Di 

rectory ' 


Organized 1828 


Vermont Mutual 

Fire Insurance 


of Montpelier, Vermont 


A Vermont Company 
for Vermonters 

Premium Notes in Force 
$ 14,508,227.00 

George O. Stratton, President 

Hugh Philips, Vice-President 
Delbert W. Gross, Secretary 

Hermon D. Hopkins, Treasurer 

L924 — ■ Rutland Directory — 192 I 


1 If it's Insurance you want 


Tel. 1460 

Quinn Bldg. (R-3-4) 


National Life Insurance Company 
of Vermont 


19-20 Mead Building 



of Being Insured in the 


Rutland, Vermont 
Lowest Annual Rate of Assessment 

Lowest Loss Ratio 

BECAUSE it REJECTS the more Hazardous Classes of Property 

BECAUSE its EXPENSE of Management is SMALL 
Ask us to give you rates on either the Mutual or Non-participating 

Inquiries Solicited 
Assets for the Protection of Policy-holders 


CARLB, HINSMAN, Vice-President 

J, R. HOADLEY, Secretary-Treasurer 

$ 480,253 53 




Rutland DireMry 1924 



L924 Riti.axd Directory— 1924 

Walter A. Clark 

When ycm think of me think of 




791 Merchants Row, Rutland, Vt, 

R. L. Richmond 


District Agent Northwestern 
Mutual Life Insurance Co, 

79i Merchants Bow, Rutland, Vt, 

Frederick A, Field Frederick A. Field, Jr. 


Established 1894 

Tel. 825 

Over Rutland Savings Bank 


Connecticut General Life Insurance Co. 


Established 1865 

P. H. KENT, General Agent 

Tel. 131 

Room 46, Mead Building 


Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 

i I iic cirp orated hy the State of New York) 

HALEY FISKE, President 
Agents Rutland District 

PEARL M. HOLLAND, Asst. Mfcr. miurD lift ^ 



$H$A&&2* SE Room 27-28-29-30 Mead Bldg. 

W. F. BYRNE, C R inland 
L. MESZAROS, Prwrtor 

Telephone SOfl-lI 


L924r- Rutland Directory- 1021 


District Manager 

The Mutual Life Insurance Company 


Tel. 933- W— House Tel. 1 K)2-X 
Mead Bldg (25) RUTLAND, VT. 


General Agent for Vermont 

State Mutual Life Assurance Company 

Incorporated 1844 


Phone 087-M-859-M 

Gryphon Comer Building RUTLAND, VT, 


No. 46 Nichols Street 
Henry F. Field, Pres. Earl S. Wright, Treas. 

George T. Chaffee, Vice- Pres. 
Miss Pearl A. Churchill, R. N, 

Henry F. Field 
E. E. Keyes 
George T. Chaffee 
Fred A. Field, Jr. 

Earl S. Wright 

E. C. Tuttle, Sec. 
Su pe r i n te nden t 

Egbert C, Tuttle 
O. Carlton Wilson 
H. O. Carpenter 
John S, Dorsey 

284 West Street 

Rutland Directory 1924 

Rutland Family Wet Wash Laundry 

Henry L. Borden— Props. —Herbert L. Borden 




Phone 480 





11)2-1 --RUTLAND DIRECTORY 1924 

Charles E. Novak 


State's Attorney of Rutland County 

Offices— Rutland County National Bank Building 
Office phone 917-W— Res, phone 1848-W 
75 Merchants Row RUTLAND, VT. 

Res Phone L104-M 

Res. Himir L886~R 

Dorsey & Kinney 

Attorneys and Counselors at Law 

Tel. 809- W 

Rooms 7-8 Mead Building 

Merchants Row, cor. Center RUTLAND, VT. 


Directory Publishers 

33 Lyman St. 

Springfield, Mass. 

George M. Goddard 

Attorney at Law 


1924 Rutland Directory —192 I 


Lindley S. Squires 

Attorney at Law 

Practice in All Courts 

25 1-2 Center Street RUTLAND, VT. 

Office Tel . 776-W— Res. 1382-J 

Webber & Lea my 

Counselors at Law 



Office Tel. 721 -R 
Chaffee Building, 24 1-2 Center St. RUTLAND, VT. 

William H. Botsford 

Attorney at Law and Notary Public 

Phone 1054-M House 468-Y 
61 Merchants Row RUTLAND, VT. 

Edwin W. Lawrence B. L. Stafford 

Asa S. Bloomer 

Lawrence, Stafford & Bloomer 

Attorneys and Counselors at Law 

Gryphon Cor. Bldg., Offices (319-320) RUTLAND, VT. 
Office Tel. 897-W— Res. 576-M 

Rutland Directory 1924 

Tel. 7.10 

82 1-2 Merchants Row 




1924 — Rutland Directory — 1924 

Joseph C. Jones Lawrence C* Jones George F. Jones 

Jones & Jones 

Attorneys at Law 

Baxter Bank Building 

Phones: Office 1000— J. C. Jones 1000— L. C, Jones 89-W 
George F. Jones (>7^-M 

126 Merchants Row RUTLAND, VT. 

Walter S> Fenton Leonard F, Wing Dorothy L. Aldrich 
George E. Morse 

Fenton, Wing & Morse 


Phone 1044 
Mead Building (54-57) RUTLAND, VT. 






Representing Italian-American Shipping Corporation, 

and United States Shipping Board Steamships. 

Cigars, Tobacco and Billiards 

Box 434 

184 West St. RUTLAND, VT. 




Repairer of Stringed Instruments of All Kinds 

Have Done Work for the Leading Musicians in the State 

of Vermont, Which is the Guarantee of My Service 

Leader of Pinney's Novelty Orchestra 

Music for All Occasions 

117 Gibson Ave. RUTLAND, VT, 


] 924 — Rutland Di rector y — 1 924 




Heavy Teaming and Trucking 
Funeral Cars and Coaches, Auto Hearse 
Carriage and Harness Repository 
Horse Furnishings 

102 Willow St. 

Tel. 652-R. 


A. Newman 

Sale anil Exchange Stable 

Dealer in 

Tel. 777- W— Res. Tel. 777-J 
14 Chaplin Ave. 


T. W. McKay, Mgr. 
1 wo Links in a long chain of the N. E. Theatres. 

wil ■n 81 i ne88 'I 40 ?^ ke you for ? et y° ur troubles. 
TU u *\?*y s be S 1 ^ to welcome you. 
i Jie best Pictures made, good music, cheerful surround- 

EV k r *u a Tif rn00n and eveni "& at 2:30, 6:30 and 8:30 at 
both Theatres. 

A big show for little money. 

Rutland Directory 1924 



1924 Rutland Diricctury- 1U24 

Smith Lumber Co., Inc. 


All Kinds of Building Material 

Both Retail and Wholesale 

Genasco Sealbac Shingles Metal Lath 

Certainteed Roofings Inside Finish 

Beaver Board Doors and sash 
Plaster Board and all kinds 

Metals Floorings 

Nails Ceilings, 

Plaster & Cement Shingles, Slate, etc. 

Waterproof Cement Hardeners 
Sewer Pipe, Chimney tile and Drain tile, Asphalt strip 


Send us your Inquiries 

Phone 10.5 
321 West St. RUTLAND, VT. 


Thomas A. Campbell and Oreste Tosi, Proprietors 



Office and Works, 11 Meadow St. 



Large stock always on hand 
You are invited to come and see it. 

Branches: Bennington, Vt., Berlin, N. H., Amsterdam, 

N. Y. 
Phone 548 
241-245 West St. RUTLAND, VT. 

Rutland D 



li)24 — Rutland Directory — 1924 



Holmes Iron Company 


Stacks and Tanks 


Light Steel Structural Work 


Sheet Iron Work of All Descriptions 


You cannot break them. The weather has no effect on 
tnem, and they cannot be eaten up. 

Steam and Hot Water Boilers 

Office and Factory 
Corner Forest and West Sts, RUTLAND, VT. 

Tel. 700- W 




For Feeding Sand, Steel or Shot to Stone 
and Marble Sawing Gangs. For Pump- 
:|P ing Sand, Crushed Ores, Pulp, Slimes 
" and Tailings, Etc. 


.Spiral Saild Pump 

rectory 1 92^* 


Manufacturers of 
Store, Cottage, Window and Balcony 
Awnings, Tents, Flags, Store Shades, and 
Fine Holland Shades* Canopies and 
Decorations to let. 

Prices and Estimates Furnished on Ap- 

60 Center St. cor Wales St, 
Phone 836-M 



1924- --Ri:ti-a xn Directory 1024 







Cleveland Ave. 



L. A. Crowther, Prop. 



Made from Old Ingrain- Wool and Brussels Carpets 

We Make a Specialty of Cleaning Carpets and Rugs 

IMione 845- W 


76 West Street 





91 Curtis Avenue 




1924 Rutland Directory- 1924 




OFFICE HOURS -11 A, M. to 3:30 P. M. by appointment 

Monday to Friday 
EVENING HOURS— 7 to 8:30 Monday, Wednesday and 


Office, Gryphon Building Residence, 212 Grove St* 

Phone I6-R Phone 16- W 




OFFICE HOURS: 9 to 12 a, m., 1 to 5 p. m. and by 

Room 1 Gryphon Building 
Residence, 46 Crescent St. 


Phone 16- Y 
Phone 319- W 



Diseases of Women and Children 


OFFICE HOURS— 7 to 9 A* M. t 12 to 2:30, 5 to 8 P. M. 
No office hours Thursday 

Tel. 840 
Office and Residence 66 Grove Street RUTLAND, VT. 

Thomas A* Norton, D. D. S. 


Res. 30 North Main Res. Phone 134-W 

OFFICE HOURS: 9-12 a. m., 1 to 5 p. m. 

Rooms 19-20-21 Gryphon Bldg. Office Phone 897-M 
Cor, Merchants Row & West St. RUTLAND, VT. 

Directory 1924 



370 1924— Rutland Directory— 1924 

1024 — Rutland Directory — 1924 371 


Suite 17-18 Mead Building 
OFFICE HOURS: 9 to 12 a. m M 1 :30 to 4 p. m. 
98 Merchants Row (17-18) Office Phone 899-M 
Residence 40 Crescent St. Phone 609-M 

Wm. R. Pond, D. D. S. 

OFFICE HOURS 9 a. m. to 12 m,, 1 :30 to 5 p. m. 

Office Phone 552-W House Phone S5&-R 
Rooms 3 and 4 Mead Building RUTLAND, VT. 



Graduate of Ontario Veterinary College 

House 61 Evergreen Street Tel. House 248- R 

Hospital, 31 Fine Street Tel. Office 248- W 





Tel. 900 
66 Merchants Row RUTLAND, VT. 



Office and Residence 78 South Main St. 
Hours — 1-3 and 7-8 p. m. week days. 12 to 1 Sundays only 

Phone 106-R 



OFFICE HOURS: 8:30 to 12:00 M. 1:00 to 5:00 P. M. 

Office 13 y 2 Center Street, Phone 97 o- J 

Dr. Bixby's Residence Phone 1132 M 
Dr, Stevens' Residence Phone 1132-W 




Office Hours: 1 to 8 and 7 to 8:15 p. m. 

Sundays by Appointmeni Directory and Map Publishers 

Office, Rutland County National Bank Building 
Phone MB1-M 
Residence, 204 North Main St. 33 Lyman g t- 38 p ar k er Bld£. 
Phone 395-R 
RUTLAND, VT. Springfield, Mass. Schenectady, N. Y. 

Rutland Directory 1924 



11)24- Rutland Directory 1924 

Bradford C. Powers, IVL D. 

X-Ray and Physio Therapeutics, Obstetrics 

Office, Gryphon Building 
Hours; 10 a, m. to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 p. m* and by 
Phones: Office, 395-W, House, 395-R. Residence, 204 North 

Main St.. 
Trained Nurse in Attendance 


Book and Commercial Job Printing 

Rardwell Block 
Phone 1005-M 

Washington Street 


f^/sesign in 
ana (ff£isiraS%m 

V. ^ 



Location and Shipping Facilities Enable Us 
To Give Unusual Prompt Service 

A Trial Will Convince 

1924— West Rutland Directory— 1924 373 

West Rutland Directory 

ABAR DENNIS, ernp V M Co, b Pleasant 
Allen Kenneth G., mgr Albertson Mill, r Rut rd 
Alms Bertha, student, b Adolph Anderson, 126 Pleasant 
American Railway Express, Hollis I Loveland agt, res Rut- 
Anderson Adolph, emp V M Co, h 126 Pleasant 

" August, emp V M Co, h 146 Anderson 

t3 August William, farmer, h Whipple Hollow rd 
* Carl, quarry man, h Causeway 

" Carl, emp T R Dwyer, r Causeway 

" Charlie, emp V M Co, h Durgy Hill 

" David V, emp V M Co, b M Valley Club 

,J Elizabeth, dom, b Adolph Anderson, 126 Pleasant 

w John A, V M Co, emp h 34 Clarendon av 

?J Marie, student, b Adolph Anderson, 126 Pleasant 

" Martin, emp V M Co, b Causeway 

" Ruth, emp Rutland, b 146 Anderson 
8 Walter, emp V M Co, b Adolph Anderson, 120 Pleasant 

" Zigfred, emp V M Co, h Highland av 
Aslin John, emp lime kiln, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., Charles E Kelly mgr, Marble 
Attilo Morelli, emp V M Co, b 20 Ross 

BACZEWSKI FRANK, emp Detroit Mich, h Marble 
Bagdziewicz Alex, emp V M Co, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Baker Eugene, emp V M Co, h 101 New 

" Harry, emp V M Co, h 147 Anderson 

f> Ila, emp Apron factory, b 100 New 

?5 Peter, emp Albany, h Main rd 

" William D., lab, h Main 
Ballard Samuel, farmer, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Ballentine Eugene, emp V M Co, b 94 Highland av 

" Jessie, wid John, h 94 Highland av 
Bania John M. 5 emp V M Co, h Clarendon av 

' Mary, opr, b Harrison av 

J? Thomas, emp V M Co, h Harrison av 
Baran Unufrey, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Baren Michael, emp V M Co, b Harrison av 
Barewicz Stella, teacher, b Marble 
Barnard Delbert J., emp C M Co, h Fish av 
Baron Winoffrey, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Bartelson John, emp V M Co, h 22 Woodwardville av 
Bartlett Arcade, emp H S Co, r 44 Ross 

" Arthur, h Ross 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— West Rutland Directory— 1924 

Bartlett C. Earle, emp V U Co, h 5 Ross 

n Edward F., deputy sheriff, h 6 High 

n Edward F. Jr., emp V M Co, h 40 Main 

" Ethel, emp Apron factory, b 20 Ross 

n George Sr., retired, h 44 Ross 

" Joseph, student, h Ross 

" Lillian M b6 High 

" Louis G. Jr., emp Castleton, b 1 Campbell 

M Louis R, machine runner V M Co, h 4 Ross 

" Mary, wid George Jr., h 46 Ross 

" Raymond, r 4 Ross 

" Theodore, lab, h Ross 
Eassett Wellington F., emp W Rut Creamery, b 3 Clarendon 

Bateman Charles A,, emp Rut RR.h Franklin 

p Gladys I, sten, b 22 Franklin 

" Horace G„ lab, h 22 Franklin 
Battles Bernard INL, emp V M Co, h Main 

" Elizabeth, wid Henry, h 1 Clarendon av 

" Francis D., emp V M Co, b John E Battles, Smith 

" Francis T\, emp V M Co, b 20 Fish av 

" John E., lab, h Pleasant 

" John J M retired, h 26 Woodwardville 

" John L., emp Rut R R, b Pleasant 
1 M. Agnes, emp Rut RR,b John E Battles, Pleasant 

" Mary, h 47 Marble 
Beda Adam, emp V M Co, h Durgy Hill 
Belaire Peter, b Marble 

Bell James, emp V M Co, h cor Chapel and Ross 
Benson Alma W., bkpr V M Co, b 10 High 

" Anna S., b 10 High 

" Eric, emp V M Co, h 10 High 
Berlin Emil, emp V M Co, b 149 Anderson 
Bieda Stanley, emp Davis Foundry, h Durgy Hill 
Buernot John, emp V M Co, b Highland av 
Bioty Joe, marble wkr, h Pleasant 

" Joseph, emp Castleton, h Marble 

" Michael, student, b Marble 

" Peter, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Bishop Earl, emp C M Co, r 76 Clarendon av 

" Frank, emp V M Co 3 h 8 High 

? Lena, b Causeway 
Blake Mary E, Mrs., r Sheldon stop 
Blakey Harley, bkpr, r 10 Smith 
Bliss Charles J., emp C M Co, h Sheldon av 

* Dorothy M., teacher, b Franklin 

? Genevieve, teacher, b Sheldon av 

" James C, student, b Franklin 

" Mary, teacher, r Albertson rd 

" Thomas A., elec and plumber, h Franklin 

1924— West Rutland Directory — 1924 


BLCQMER ASA S S lawyer (Lawrence, Stafford & Bloomer), h 

cor Main and Marble 
Boisseau Alohonse, emp V M Co, h Marble av n Depot 

" Alphonsin, nurse, b Marble 

" George, emp A & P Co, r Marble 

" Laura, dressmaker, b Marble av 
Bpjanowski John, emp V M Co, h Castleton rd 
Bonville Frank, emp C M Co, h Elm av 
BOOT AND SHOE REPAIR SHOP John Grenier prop, Marble opp 
Campbell Livery, see un name 

Boot and Shoe Repair Shop 

AH Kinds Repairing Neatly Done 

Marble St., opp Campbell Livery WEST RUTLAND, VT. 

Borecki Alexander, emp V M Co, b 17S Baxter 
Botka Alex, emp V M Co, r Causeway 
Botkus Joseph, emp V M Co, h Castleton rd 

" Joseph, emp V M Co, h Pleasant (Rebel Hill) 

,? Joseph, lab > h Whipple Hollow Crossing 

" William, lab, b Whipple Hollow Crossing 
Bourassa Alphonse, emp V M Co, h Marble 

" George, emp N Adams Mass, b Elm av 
Bowen Benjamin, emp V M Co, h Ross 

■■ Harry R., mach, h Pleasant 

" Herbert Earl, student, b Ross 

" Willard B., student, b Pleasant 
BOWKER ARTHUR M (Bowker & Son), b Clarendon av 
BOWKER BENJAMIN M (Bowker & Son), h Clarendon av 

" Mary E., oik, b Clarendon av 
BOWKER & SON granite and marble memorial, 49 Clarendon av] 

see next page 
Brennan Delia, hskpr, b Pleasant 

" James, painter, h Pleasant 

* J Jennie, teacher, b Pleasant 
Briggs Fred E., emp Rut R R, h Causeway 

" Myrtle, b Fred E Briggs, Causeway 
Brink John, emp V M Co, h Rutland rd 
Brown Harry C., produce dealer Marble, h Pleasant 

" Mary E., b Pleasant 
Bruc Vincenty, emp V M Co, h 83 New 
Brutowski John, emp V M Co> h 176 Baxter 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — West Rutland Directory — 1924 


Dealers in 

49 Clarendon Ave. 

Phone 39- 11 


Brylowski Stella, emp N Y, b of! Pleasant 

" Walter, emp V M Co, h off Pleasant 
Brzoza William, marble wkr, h Castleton rd 
Burditt Frank, farmer, h 150 Clarendon av 

" Hester, student , r 150 Clarendon av 
Burke Patrick, farmer, Castleton rd, Ira line 
Burns Agnes, student nurse, b 5 Barnes 
" George, emp D & H Co, b Durgy Hill 
" Harriet E., emp Springfield, Vt., b 5 Barnes 
" James, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
n Mary E., teacher, b 5 Barnes 
'* Michael, night watchman, h Durgy Hill 
" Peter F., emp Proctor, h 31 Clarendon av 
" Robert, student, b Durgv Hill 
?J William, emp Rut RR,h Main 
Bursaw Alfred, b Dewey av 
Butka Alex, emp V M Co, r Causeway 
Butler Walter, emp H S Co, h Marble 
Butterfly Ruth Mrs., b 97 Clarendon av 

CAIN EDWARD, student, b Barnes 

Gertrude, teacher, b Barnes 

Katherine, teacher, b P F Cain, Barnes 

Mary, teacher, r Barnes 

Patrick F., emp V M Co, r Barnes 

Paul J., student, r Barnes 

Robert, emp C M Co, h Barnes 

Rose, teacher, b Barnes 

William, student, b Barnes 
Calkins George, emp Rutland, h Causeway 
Cameron John C t , blacksmith Main, h 9 Tim av 
Campagno Tony, emp V M Co, h 82 Baxter 
Campbell Charles H,, farmer, h 33 Main 
Cancelliere James, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Captain Daniel, farmer, h Durgy Hill 
" George, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Carlson Axel A. } mach, h 148 Anderson 

1924 — West Rutland Djrectoky — 1924 


Carlson Charles, emp V M Co, b 116 Pleasant 

? Charles A,, emp V M Co, h 46 Causeway 

" Frank, emp V M Co, h Main 

" Karen E., teacher, b 45 Clarendon av 

" Thomas A. Rev., pastor United Church, h 45 Clarendon av 

" Thomas O., student, b 45 Clarendon av 

" William J., r 46 Causeway 
Carr Maurice, emp V M Co, b M Valley Club 
Carrigan John E,, emp V M Co, h Highland av 
Carroll James, mech, b Castleton rd 

** John, retired, h Castleton rd 

" Mary C, bkpr Holmes Iron Wks, b Castleton rd 
Carter Anna, elk, b Joseph Carter, Pleasant 

iJ Elizabeth, teacher, b Joseph Carter, Pleasant 

" Joseph, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 

" Mary, b Pleasant 
Casey John, h 25 Fish av 

" Mary L, b 25 Fish av 
Cassick John, emp V M Co, h Barnes 

" William, emp V M Co, h Barnes 
Chap Peter, emp V M Co, h 123 Robert 
Choquette Rock, emp V M Co, h Marble 
Chrisciel Thomas, b Barnes 

Christick Boloson, emp V M Co, h 89 Highland av 
Christiano Leonard, emp V M Co, h off Anderson 
Chruscbiel Martin, emp V M Co, h 171 Baxter 

8 Elm , Rutland 
Cichon John, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Cijka Caroline, shirt mkr, b Harrison av 

w Joseph, baker, h Harrison av 
Clarendon Marble Co H , Main cor Clarendon av 
Clark Elsie M,, bkpr, b 10 Clarendon av 

n Wayne S., emp Rut R R, h 10 Clarendon av 

" Worell W., mach apprentice, b 10 Clarendon av 
Cleveland Ernest W., teamster, h 76 Main 
Cline Hubert H + , lab, b Marble 
Cohen David, baker Main, h Clarendon av 
Collins Agnes, emp apron factory, b C Rutland and Elm 

" Elizabeth, b Proctor c Elm 
Congregational Parsonage, 45 Clarendon av 
Connell Thomas, farmer, Clarendon rd 
Cook Herbert P., mach, h Causeway 

" Pheba M, 7 hskpr, b Causeway 
Coombs Charles H., retired, h 2 Main 
Corey Charles C, emp R R Station, h Main 
Costa Lucy (Mrs Thomas), prop West Rutland Fruit Market, 
h 20 Ross 

" Thomas, mgr West Rutland Fruit Market, h 20 Ross 
Costello Katherine, emp N E Tel Co, b Pleasant 

Rutland Directory 1924 



1924 — West Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924— West Rutland Directory— 1924 


Costello Patrick, quarryman, h Pleasant 

M Patrick, student, b Pleasant 

" Thomas, mach, b Pleasant 

n William, emp Cleveland, Ohio, b Pleasant 
Cotter Daniel, emp V M Co, b Albertson rd 
Copps James F. T emp Berwick Hotel, b 217 Main 
Cram ton Charles E. T fanner, b Ira rd, r 1 

" Eva (Mrs Frank), grocery, h Ira rd, r 1 

n Prank H., fanner, h Ira rd, r 1 
Crawford Emma, wid William, b Clarendon av 

w Ralph F., musician, h 13 Smith 
Crowley Daniel, emp V M Co, b 108 New 

r Michael, emp V M Co, b Main 

" Timothy, emp V M Co, h New 
Cruch Bruno, emp V M Co, h 124 Robert 
Cullion John Joseph Rev. pastor St Bridget's Church, h Pleas- 
Cumud Joaseph, emp V M Co, h Albertson rd 
Cwik John, emp V M Co, b Ira rd, r 1 
Cyr Elizabeth, b Main 
Czachor Steve, emp V M Co, h Rutland rd 
Czohur Adam, emp Sunshine Farm, h Durgy Hill 

DANDROW RAYMOND, emp Lime plant, b Monvillis High 

" William J., b Marble 
Daniels Ernest, emp V M Co, h 1 Ross 

99 Lawrence, r 1 Ross 
Da vine Catherine, music teacher, b 217 Main 

" Celestine, student, b 217 Main 

11 Celia F t , emp Surprise Store, b 217 Main 

" Daniel J + , carp, h 217 Main 

** Margaret, teacher, b 217 Main 
Day Dexter, farmer, h Ira rd, r 1 

n Arden W., farmer, b Ira rd, r 1 
DeGagne Joseph, emp V M Co, h Durgy Hill 
Delaware & Hudson R R, H I Loveland, station agt, Marble 
Dellea Angeline (Mrs Michael), grocer, Pleasant, b do 

" Joseph, emp D 8c H, b Pleasant 

" Michael, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Dempsey Elisabeth J t , emp N Y City, b 54 Main 

" John J,, emp V M Co, b Si Main 

" Patrick C, marble wkr, b 54 Main 

" Thomas, retired, h 54 Main 
Denof Martin, emp V M Co, h Quarry R 
Dernier James Mrs., h Ross 

" John (Dernier & LaBelle), b Ed La Belle 

" & LaBelle (John Dernier and Edward LaBelle), confec- 
tionery, tobacco and ice cream, Marble 
Dibella Paul, emp V M Co, h Highland av 
Dimlek William H„ h Marble 

Dona wood Emma, h Ross av 

Dooley Mary, housework, h 102 Main 

Dorsey Elizabeth, wid John, b George Dupee, off Pleasant 

Drapala Thomas, emp Rutland, h Pleasant 

Drapalski Michael, grocer, Pleasant, h do 

Drop Adam, emp C Smith, b Proctor 

" Edward, r Marble 

" Martin, emp V M Co, r Marble 
Drozd John, emp V M Co, h off New 
Drozt Tony, emp V M Co, h Highland av 
Drzewiaczeski Wincenty, emp V M Co, h 171 Baxter 
DuBois — see Woods 

Dudley Josephine G., b Ellen Gorman, Blanchard ar 
Duffek Frank, emp V M Co, b Sheldon Stop 
Duffeney George, emp V M Co, b Main 
Dugits Adam, emp C M Co, h Marble 
Dulski John, emp V M Co, h Rut rd 
Dumphy Edward L h , farmer, h off Whipple Hollow rd 
Duncan Henry, lab, h Clarendon av 
Dtinigan Ellen, h Barnes 

J} Patrick J T , emp Montreal Canada, r Barnes 
Dupee George, emp Rutland, h off Pleasant 

" John, emp Proctor, b off Pleasant 
Dutelle Anna, student, r Campbell av 

" Joseph M., emp Staso Milling Co, h Campbell, c High 
Dwyer Bessie I., emp Washington DC.b Rodger Dwyer 

n Catherine M, r teacher, b Main 

" Clara, emp Rut, b 106 Main 

" Gertrude, teacher, b Main 

" James E>, student, b Main 

" John M T , student, b 106 Main 

ff Margaret V., teacher, b 106 Main 

" Mary, wid Patrick, b 10G Main 

fi Nora, elk, r Main 

" Rodger, retired, h Main 

" Sara, emp Rutland, b Main 

97 Thomas R. , groceries and dry goods, Marble Main, h do 

" Thomas W,, grocer, b 106 Main 

" William R., farmer, h 106 Main 
Dydo John, farmer, h Castleton rd 

" Joseph, farmer, h Castleton 
Dzuibeck Michael, emp V M Co, h 95 Highland av 

EARL RUFUS E., emp Rut R R, h Marble 
Eastman Quarries Co. Inc., of! Clarendon av 
Eddy Warren L 4 , emp S E Smith estate, h Marble 
Enfield Gideon, emp V M Co, h Clarendon 
Erickson Arthur, farmer, b Fish av 

* f Bernard, farmer, b Wood ward ville 

" John, farmer, b Wood ward ville 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— West Rutland Directory— 1924 

Ericson Anton, farmer, h Clark Hill 

' Edward, emp V M Co, b Anderson 

" Harry, farmhand, b Clark Hill 
Eroscak Fritz, emp V M Co b 

FADDEN OSCAR, lab, fa 7 High 

" Robert, painter, b 7 High 
Pagan Joseph L., emp V M Co, h Elm av 
Farrell James N., farmer, h Clark Hill 
Federicko Charles, emp V M Co, h Baxter 

" Victor, emp V M Co, h off Pleasant 
Fellman Boris, elk, b Marble 
Ferliet John, emp V M Co. h Pleasant 
Fields Emery, millwright and marble wkr, h 124 Pleasant 

" Henry, emp V M Co, h Baxter 

" Henry, emp V M Co, h 140 Pleasant 

JJ Joseph, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 

*' Joseph, student, b 189 Baxter 

J Margaret, emp M C M Co, b Baxter 

>J Margaret, emp apron factory, h Pleasant 

" Wilfred, emp W C Smith Co, h Ross 
Fiodorowicz Konstanty, emp V M Co, b Marble 

" Mike, emp V M Co, h Marble 
Firliat John, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Fish Edward S., farmer, h Ira rd, r 1 

" Frank L, cont 12 Clarendon av, h do 

" George WV, h Ira rd, r 1 

99 Harrison W + , farmer, h Ira rd, r 1 

" Russell, farmer, h Ira rd, r 1 
Fitzsirrmons Ellen, wid John, h 24 Woodwardvilie 

" Robert, b 24 Woodwardvilie 
FLANDERS MOTOR CO garage and dist Maxwell, Chalmers, 
Chrysler & White Trucks, 8 Elm, Rutland, see un 




S Elm Street 

Phone 517 


Flasinka Wilhelmina, hskpr Rev. V. Michulka, b Barnes 
Fleming Charles F. , physician and surgeon, office Marble, b 
40 Franklin 

1924— West Rutland Directory— 1924 


Fleming Edward B,, sec Clarendon Marble Co, h FranHin 
" Eliza, b 141 Pleasant 

* Ellen J., wid William J., h 40 Franklin 
f> John P., draftsman, b 40 Franklin 

?? Margaret M., teacher, b 40 Franklin 

JJ Michael, emp V M Co, h 141 Pleasant 
Force Helen, wid Robert, h S Smith 
Fosburgh Mary A., b 19 Blanchard av 

" Merritt D., retired, h 19 Blanchard av 
Foster Meda A., elk, bWH Poster's 

" William 0, 3 emp V M Co, h off 97 Clarendon av 
Fowler Benjamin B M mach, h 12 Blanchard av 

J Mildred E., teacher, b 12 Blanchard av 

" Ruth, student, h Blanchard av 

" Violet L., teacher, b 12 Blanchard av 
Frederick Andrew, emp quarry, h 76 Main 
Fredctte Angeline, emp Whitehall, NY,b Boardman Hill 

' Edmund, emp V M Co, h 3 Ross 

" Edward, emp V M Co, h Thrall av 

" Ernest, emp V M Co, r Pleasant 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

Fredette Fred, emp S E Smith estate, h Pleasant 
" George, emp Newark, N J, b Thrall av 

* Grace, emp Springfield Mass, r Thrall av 

' Laura, emp Apron factory, h Boardman Hill 

" Louis, emp farming, h Boardman Hill 

" Louise, shirt opr, b Pleasant 

" Mable H. Mrs., b Rut rd 
' Nelson, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 

" Paul A., lab, fa Boardman Hill 

M Paul A,, fireman, b Rut rd 

" Wilfred, emp S E Smith, h Marble 
Pregonsee — Fagan 

Promt Joseph, emp V M Co, h 25 Old Church 
Fryzet Vincenty, emp V M Co, h Rut rd 
Fryzi Frank, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Fuller Carrol H., mach, b I0S Main 

M Charles, emp Rutland, b 101 New 

" Edwin B., carp, b Pleasant 

" Duane, carp, h Pleasant 

" Julia A +I wid Nathan, b 13 Smith 

GACEWICZ JOSEPH, emp V M Co, h 199 Albertson rd 
Gadlewski Alice, emp Apron factory, b Grove 
GafFney Francis, mach, b 100 Clarendon av 
" Helen, wid John H., h 100 Clarendon av 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — West Rutland Directory — 1924 

Gag John, emp V M Co, h 36 Long 

Gagnon Wilfred, emp Proctor, h Ross 

Gaines George F., emp Mead's Garage, h Marble 

Galak Anthony, emp Rutland, h 7 Elm 

Gallagher Catherine, b Durgy Hill 

Gallagher Charles, emp Schenectady, NY,b Durgy Hill 

" Dennis F. t h 115 Pleasant 
' Mary A., b Main ext 

" Patrick, emp V M Co, h E Pleasant 

n William H., farmer, h Durgy Hill 

" William H. Jr., emp Whitehall, N Y, b Durgy Hill 
Garbage Joseph, emp V M Co, h off Pleasant 
Gavin Mildred, hskpr, b Patrick Gavin, Durgy Hill 

" Patrick, emp Rutland, h Durgy Hill 
Geno Tab, emp V M Co, h Causeway 
Gerlasky Joseph, h off Pleasant 
Gertowski John, b off Pleasant 

" Julian, emp V M Co, h off Pleasant 
Geryk Vincentie, emp V M Co, h Albertson rd 
Gilfeather Edward R + , foreman V M Co, h Franklin 

n Edward Jr., emp Watervliet, N Y, b Franklin 

" Mildred, teacher, r Castleton rd 

" Patrick, emp V M Co, h Main 

" Rose, sten, b Main 
Gilligan Frances, student, r 16 High 

" Frank W,, quarryman, h 16 High 

" James, retired, h Pleasant 

7 Marion C, sten Webber & Leamy, b Pleasant 

}J Mary, wid Patrick, h Pleasant 

H Peter C + , emp C M Co, h Causeway 

" Winifred, wid Peter J., h 18 High 
Gilmore Anna J., music teacher Rut rd 

" Mary, b William Kilburn, Ira rd, r 1 
Gingras Alvina, teacher, b 42 Ross 

" May, wid Louis, h 42 Ross 
Gleason Edward, farmer, h Boardman Hill 
Godek William, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Godlewski Jan, emp V M Co, h Albertson rd 

" Jan, emp W M Co, h Grove 

M Joseph, emp V M Co, h 200 Albertson rd 

" Steve, emp V M Co, h Castleton rd 

" Wadislaw, emp V M Co, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Godzik Anthony, emp V M Co, h 7 Barnes 

" John, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 

" Joseph, student, b Pleasant 

" Stanislaw, emp V M Co, h 35 Long 
Gola John, emp V M Co, h 47 Long 
Golfin Frank, emp Clarendon, h 11 Barnes 
Goodspeed Agnes, r Causeway 

" Edward, emp V M Co, h 74 Causeway 

1924 — West Rutland Directory — 1024 


Gordon William D., emp V M Co, h Barnes 
Gorham Charity, b off Clarendon rd 

" Charles, farmer, b off Clarendon rd 

" Frank B., farmer, h of! Clarendon rd 

" Frank J., b off Clarendon rd 
Gorman Ellen, wid David, h Blanchard av 

,? Catherine, Hartford, Conn., b Blanchard av 

M John, emp Poultney, b Blanchard av 

M Margaret, emp Rutland, b Blanchard av 
Mary C, sten Landon & Co, b Blanchard av 

" Michael, b Blanchard av 

" Nellie G., emp Hartford, Conn, b Blanchard av 
Gomey Joseph, emp V M Co,h Pleasant 
Gould Edward V., farmer, h Ira rd, r 1 
Graboski Bernard, emp V M Co, h 96 Highland av 

" Eugene, b 90 Highland av 

" Walter, emp V M Co, b 96 Highland av 
Grant Irving W., meat cart, h 15 Clarendon av 
Graves Winifred, carp, b 104 Main 

M Wyman, carp, h 104 Main 
Grazene Anthony, emp V M Co, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Green Julia E., wid Warren, b Pleasant 
Greeno Arthur, emp V M Co, h 1G2 Pleasant 
Grenbo Jennie, student, b 44 Long 

" Samuel, emp V M Co, h 44 Long 

w Vanda, shirt mkr, b 44 Long 
GRENIER JOHN prop Boot and Shoe Repair Shop, h 1 Campbell 

" Sophia, r 1 Campbell av 
Greynup Elliott A., emp Proctor, h Main 
Grodzuiski Harry (Grodzuiski & Yett), h Clarendon 

" & Yett (Harry Grodzinski and George Yett), clothing and 
men's furnishings, Marble 
Grogil Joseph, emp V M Co, h Clarendon rd 
Groonell Cecelia, teacher, b Pleasant 

" George, emp V M Co, b Pleasant 

" Grace, teacher, b Pleasant 

" Michael, b Pleasant 
Gruno Nicholas, millhand, h Campbell av 
Gruzzle Frank, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Grzelewski John, emp Rutland, h 99 Clarendon av 
Guiltinan Joseph B., physician and surgeon 7 Smith, h do 
Guindon Albric, emp V M Co, r 26 Franklin 

" Bertha, emp M City Mfg Co, r 26 Franklin 

" Em ile, polisher V M Co, h 26 Franklin 
Gurdak John, emp V M Co, h 160 Pleasant 
Gus Anna, wid Paul, h Albertson rd 
Gustafson Anna, r Ross 

'* Frank, b Ross 

" Hilma, wid Gustave, h Ross 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— West Rutland Directory— 1924 

Gustafson Inec, emp Apron factory, b Causeway 

M Josephine, wid John, h 187 Baxter 

" William, emp H S Co, b Ross 
Gutonski— see Katonski 
Gwardijak Adam, emp V M Co, h Castleton rd 

" Frank, emp V M Co, h Marble 
Gwuch Albert, emp V M Co, b 40 Long 

HAASE MABLE. wid Augustus, b Clarendon av 
Hackett Charles, marble wkr, h Pleasant 
Hadam John, emp V M Co, h Durgy Hill 
Hadijka Teofil, lab, h Harrison av 
Hajduk Michael, farmer, h Clark Hill 
Hall Edgar, b Mrs Stella Hall, Ross 

" Ida, student, r Ross 

" Nancy L., wid Thomas W-, b 96 Clarendon av 

" Percy F,, emp V M Co, h 124 Clarendon av 

99 Sarah, wid Charles I., b 124 Clarendon av 

*' Stella I., wid Cliarles H., h Ross 
Halpin Alice, teacher, b Alberston rd 
Ham el Marie, emp Apron factory 7 , b 39 Clarendon av 
Hamlin Maxime, emp V U Co, h 106 New 
Hance Fred A., emp V M Co, h Clarendon av 
Hanlev Andrew, emp V M Co, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Harmon Richard G., garage 31 Clarendon av T h do 
Harrington Edgar, farmhand, b Castleton rd 
Harrison John, farmer, b Whipple Hollow rd 

" Patrick, emp C M Co, b Whipple Hollow rd 
Haselton Clifford F + , emp V M Co, b M Valley Club 
Hastbacka— see Gustafson 
Hebert Arthur F., r d earner, h Barnes 
Henderson Hattie M„ R N, b Well's, Rutland rd 

" Henry L., chopper, b Marble 
Hendryk Siewecka, emp V M Co, b 17 Marble 
Herbert John, emp Proctor, h 16 Blanchard av 

" Margaret, elk G W Lamphere. b Clarendon av 

" Sarah, waitress, b 1 Clarendon av 
Hewitt Florence, r Marble 

" James R., driver, b Marble 

M Lizzie, wid Charles, dom Marble, h do 
Higgins Charles R, b Woodwardville 

" Julia, wid William TV-, h Woodwardville 

" Julia V., teacher, b Woodwardville 

" Mary F., mach opr, b Woodwardville 

" William J., h Castleton rd ext 
Hijjek John, emp V M Co, h off New 

M Michael, marble wki\ h Harrison 

Hinchey Frank, prin W Rutland High School, res Rutland 
Hinckley Harry, emp Rutland, h Boardman Hill 
lloadley Leonard J., bakery 71 Main, b do 

1924— West Rutland Directory— 1924 


Hoinski Ignacy, lab, h Marble 
Holodny Max, gen mdse, h Marble 
Holt Eva A., b 24 Clarendon av 

99 Lorenzo P,, retired, h 24 Clarendon av 

" Ross Q T b 24 Clarendon av 
Houston Harry F<, emp C M Co, h Elm 
Howard Mary A. Mrs., h 2 Makin 
Hudson Raymond J\ f mach, h Causeway 
Humphreys Hubert W., prop Morse Drug Store, h Marble 
Huntcinter Carl, emp C M Co, r Blanchard av 

" Charles F., rural mail carrier, h Blanchard av 

99 Henry, chauffeur, r Blanchard av 
Hunter Clyde O., emp V M Co, b 24 Main 

" Harriet, wid Scott, h 24 Main 

99 William %,, emp H S Co, b 24 Main 
Huschel Tom, emp V M Co, h 15 Aibertson rd 

IZZO ALBERT, emp Rutland, b Pleasant 
99 Benedetto, emp D & H Co, h Pleasant 

JACOBS MORRIS J., emp C M Co T b Elm 
" Paul G., chauffeur V M Co, b 2 Elm 
99 Philip, millwright, h Elm 
Jagonski Paul, exnp V M Co, h Rutland rd 
Jakubowski Alex, lab, h 181 Baxter 
79 Frank, emp V M Co, h 17S Baxter 
n Mike, emp V M Co, h rear Marble 
Jarossak Fritz, emp V M Co, h 182 Baxter 
Jelenski John, emp Rutland, h Pleasant 
Johnson Albert, emp V M Co, h Proctor 
* Anna, emp Apron factory, b 183 Baxter 

Anna, wid Axel, h 107 New 
99 Axel Jr„ emp V M Co, r 107 New 
" Beatrice, emp M C M Co, b 183 Baxter 
Carl Anton, emp V M Co, h 183 Baxter 
Edwin, lab, b Rut rd 
Ellen, dom, r 107 New 
Engnai A., emp V M Co, h Barnes 
Gunberg, emp Rutland, b Durgy Hill 
" John O. E +1 emp V M Co, h 148 Anderson 
99 Lillian, emp M C M Co, b 183 Baxter 
Oscar, b Baxter 
Otto, h Whipple Hollow rd 
William, emp V M Co, h 152 Anderson 
Johnston William J., emp V M Co, h 104 New 
JONES FREDERICK L asst-treas West Rutland Trust Co, res 

Castleton, Vt. 
n John S., farmer, h fra rd, r 1 

KALINOWSKI BARNEY, emp V M Co, h off New 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — West Rutland Directory — 1924 

Karninski John, emp V M Co, h Highway av 

" Peter, emp V M Co, h 34 Long 
Kantorski Steve, emp V M Co, h Campbell blk, r Marble 
Kapcio John, emp V M Co, r Pleasant 
Kapitanski Felix, emp V M Co, h 23 Old Church 
Kapusta Walter, emp V M Co, h Whipple Hollow 

" Joseph, emp V M Co, h Marble 
Karpowicz William, emp Proctor, h Clarendon av 
Karwan Stanley, grocer Marble, h do 
Kashuba Elizabeth, emp Apron factory, b Clarendon av 

" Frank, emp V M Co, h Clarendon av 

" Sofia, emp Rutland, b Clarendon av 
Kasik William, emp V K Co, h 11 Barnes 
Kasprzak Catherine, emp Brooklyn, N Y f b 39 Long 

" Joseph, emp V M Co, h 39 Long 
Kaspszak John, emp V M Co, h 97 Highland av 
Kaszuba Charles, baker, h Elm 
Katonski Julius, emp V M Co, h Main 
Kavebonak Charles, emp V M Co, b 17 Marble 
Kaveney Bernard, emp V M Co, h 103 Clarendon av 

? Bridget, wid Patrick, h 15 Fish av 

" William, b 15 Fish av 
Kazik John S., emp Rutland, b 11 Barnes 
Kazuk Mike, marble wkr, h Pleasant 
Kearney Patrick, emp C M Co, h 109 Clarendon av 
Kellenay Fred Mrs., h 32 Clarendon av 

" Winnie, emp Morse Pharmacy, r 32 Clarendon av 
Kelley Anna V., bkpr C Sterns & Co, b 3S Main 

" Michael P., emp V M Co, h 3S Main 

* Patrick J M h Main 
Kelly Charles F., emp V M Co, b 19 Blanchard av 

" George, emp C M Co, b 30 Marble 

' Nora B,, wid Dennis P., millinery 30 Marble, h do 

" Robert, plumber, h 30 Marble 
Kempisti Valentine, shoe repairer Marble, h 205 Main 
Kenney James E,, emp Rutland, h New 

" John H., marble wkr, b Pleasant 

" Michael J., b Pleasant 

J? ; — see Kenny, also Kinney 
Kenny Catherine, emp Springfield , b 109 New 

" Edward, emp V M Co, b 109 New 

" James, emp V M Co, h 109 New 

" John, emp Proctor, b 109 New 

11 Sara, emp Rutland, b 109 New 

" — see Kenney, also Kinney 
Kenzul Frank, emp quarry, h Elm 

Kerrigan Anna C, ernp Rutland, b Patrick F Kerrigan, Pleas- 

,? Frances C, emp Rutland, b Patrick F Kerrigan, Pleasant 

" James, emp Castleton, b Marble 

1924 — West Rutland Directory — 1924 


Kcrrigon Patrick P., watchman, b Pleasant 

" Rose, teacher, b Patrick F Kerrigan, Pleasant 
Kiddeville John, emp V M Co, b 149 Anderson 
Kimberley William H., mach, h 41 Ross 
Kolienewski Boleslaw, emp V M Co, r Albertson rd 
Koschuba Charles, emp Proctor, h Elm av 
Kotomski Steve, emp V M Co, h Castleton rd 
Kourant Hipolit, emp V M Co, h Whipple Hollow rd 

" Julian, emp V M Co, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Krakuwka Thomas, emp V M Co, b 178 Baxter 
Kramaz Frank, elk, h Elm 

n Steve, emp V M Co, h Marble 
Krampo John, emp V M Co, h Long 

** Joseph, emp V M Co, h 38 Long 
Krosula Angeline, wid John, h Pleasant (Rebel Hill) 
Krusciel Martin, emp V M Co, b Castleton rd 

" Thomas, emp V M Co, h Castleton rd 
Krusina Franz, emp V M Co, h 37 Long 
Krystofik Bolislaw, emp V M Co, h Swamp rd 
Kucinski Mike, emp V M Co, h r Albertson rd 

" Mike Jr., emp Whitehall, h Grove 
Kulik John, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Kuliza John, emp V M Co, h Smith 
Kupiec Anthony, retired, h Castleton rd 
Kusina Anthony, emp ¥ M Co, h 24 Old Church 

LABELLE EDWARD (Dernier & LaBelle), h Ross 

* 7 Francis, lab, h Franklin 

y * Joseph M., meats and groceries Marble, h 12 Smith 

" Norbert N>, emp S E Smith Estate, h 10 Main 

" PhiHas, emp V M Co, h 14 High 
Lacz Aleck, emp McCormack's, h Elm 

" John, emp V M Co, h orT Pleasant 
LaFraneois Alexander, mach, h off Pleasant 
f Clarence, emp V M Co, b off Pleasant 

" Donald, h 209 Main 

" Joseph, carp, h off Pleasant 

n Oliver, emp Rut, b off Pleasant 

" Sylva, emp V M Co, b off Pleasant 
Lalor Alma (Mrs John), chief opr N E Tel Co, h Main 
Latnouria Allard, emp V M Co, b Elm 

" Arthur, emp Eastman's Quarry, b Elm 

" Josephine, wid Peter, h Elm av 

" Oliver, emp V M Co, b Elm 
Lamphere Emmett, emp W Rutland Creamery, h 54 Clar- 
endon av 
LAMPHERE GEORGE W prop W Rutland Creamery and grocer 

Main, h 3 Clarendon av, see next page 
Lancour Earl, emp V M Co, h Durgy Hill 
Lanthier Edward, mach, h Main 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — West Rutland Directory — 1924 

1924 — West Rutland Directory — 1924 



General Merchandise 


Main Street 


Lanthier Ernest, emp V M Co, h Main 

" Florida, oh one opr, b Main 

' Francis J., emp Main St Garage, b Main 

*' Frank, blacksmith, h Main 

" Fred emp V M Co, h 45 Main 

n Genevieve, student, b Main 

" Robert J., student, h Main 
Laplaca Christie, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 

" Joe, emp V M Co, h off Pleasant 

>J Maurice, emp V M Co, b Pleasant 
LaQuire Dewey, lab, h Boardman Hill 
Larson Charles, farmer, h Whipple Hollow rd 

n Henry, farmer, b Whipple Hollow rd 

n John, farmer, h Whipple Hollow rd 
LAVALLEY LEON H treas W Rutland Trust Co, res Rutland 
Leamy Catherine, wid James, h Main 

" James P., lawyer, b Main 
Leclere Alphonse, h 42 Main 
Lee Patrick, emp V M Co, h Durgy Hill 

n Victor, emp V M Co, h Highland av 
Lefevere Peter, farmer, h Sheldon av 
LeGage Joseph, emp V M Co T b 81 New rd 

M Sandy, emp V M Co, h off Pleasant 
Leonard Emma, wid Samuel, b Paul Leonard, Marble 

" Leo C, barber Marble, h do 

" Paul, emp V M Co, h 105 New 

" Samuel J., barber Marble, h do 
Levesque — see Bishop 
Levine Benjamin, student, r Proctor 

" Hyman, peddler, h Proctor 

" Leon, second hand dealer, and automobile parts, Marble 
av, h do 

" Rhoda, student, h Proctor 
Levinsky Alex, emp Rutland, h Causeway 
LEVY SAMUEL shoe dealer and repairer Marble, h 9 Smith, see 

next page 
Librizzi Leonardo, emp V M Co, h 95 Baxter 


Dealer in 


We Have Shoes for the Whole Family 
Boots and Shoes Repaired 
We Use Only The Best of Stock— Work Neatly Done. 

Give Us Your Trade 

Lincoln Grace, emp Lyman W Fish, b Ira rd, r 1 

" George W\, carp, h Ira rd, r 1 

" George Jr., farmer, h Ira rd P r 1 

** Grant, farmer, h Ira rd, r 1 
Lindquist Charles, farmer, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Lipka Joseph Rev., asst pastor St Stanislaus' Church, h 

Lipnicki John, emp V M Co, h 174 Baxter 

n John S., marble wkr, h Albertson rd 
Lipuma Charles, emp V M Co, h 173 Baxter 

w Dommick, emp V M Co, b Pleasant 
Logan John, lab, h Woodward ville 
Lonergan Thomas, emp V M Co, h Highland av 
Loukes Agnes M., teacher, b Rut rd 

" Geoxgina, wid Merton, h Rut rd 
Loveland Hollis L, station agt D & H Co, res C Rutland 
Lunz John, emp Rutland, h Pleasant 
Lusciloski Joseph, farmer, h Ira rd, r 1 
Lynch Mary A., h Marble 

MACIAG JACOB, lab, h Castleton rd 
Maciejewski Joseph, emp C M C, h Pleasant 
Mack Edward P., emp V M Co, h Main 

" Herbert E., emp V M Co, b Main 
MacKelsey Edwin C. ( mach, h 54 Clarendon av 
Madey John, emp quarry, h Elm 
Alain Street Garage, Patrick J Phalen prop, Main 
Mann Edward, b 14 High 

" Louise, wid Edward, h Marble 
Marble City Mfg Co. Inc., shirt waist mfrs, Marble 

" Valley Club," Albertson rd 

" Valley Stock Farm, Robt F Mead prop, 52 Clarendon av 
Marchand — see Merchant, also Merchand 
Marcinkowski Joseph > emp V M Co, h Castleton rd 

n Vincent, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Markolf Henry J., retired, h Main 
Martinkoski Joseph, emp C M Co, h Dewey av 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — West Rutland Directory — -1924 

Mason Martha, b William Kilbum, Ira rd, r I 
Mateiounos Stanley, emp V M Co, h Pleasant (Rebel Hill) 
Maureski Rnvmond, emp V M Co, h 213 Main 

Elm, Rutland 
McCabe Benjamin, emp V M Co, h 1 Chapel 

" Edward, retired, h 50 Elm 

" Hattie, elk G E Chalmers, b 50 Elm 

" Susie A., elk 25 Merchants row, b 50 Elm 

Wendall, emp C M Co, h Elm 
McCarthy James K., clk T b 166 Main 

M John J., eng, b 166 Main 

" Julia A., teacher, b 166 Main 

" Michael K, emp V M Co, h 166 Main 
McCormack Patrick, h Ross 

" Patrick P., marble producer, h 41 Clarendon av 
McCormick Anna E., teacher, b Main 

n Anna M., teacher, b 50 Ross 

" Anna, wid Edward, h 50 Ross 

n Edward P M cooper V M Co, h 48 Franklin 

M John, student, h Franklin 

" M. Irene, asst supt Evergreen Cemetery, b 48 Franklin 

" Michael, emp Quarry, h 111 Clarendon av 

" Patrick P., pres Clarendon Marble Co, h Clarendon av 

" Patrick P., retired, h off Pleasant 

" Patrick S., b 50 Ross 

»* Robert L., emp V M Co, h Main 
McDeavitt Charles H., emp V M Co, h Main 

*' James, lab, b Main 

" Margaret C, teacher, b 108 New 

" Mary, wid Patrick A., h 108 New 
McDonald Katherine, teacher, r Chapel 

" Michael F., emp Rut R R, h 90 Clarendon av 

" Rita M M student, b 90 Clarendon av 
McDonough Cecilia, student, r 5 Ross 

" John, J,, foreman V M Co, h 5 Ross 

7 Margaret, teacher, b 5 Ross 

" Mary, teacher, b 5 Ross 
McGarm John E,, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 

w Thomas J,, emp Proctor, b Pleasant 
McGinley Agnes, b 149 Pleasant 

n Edward, emp V M Co, r 149 Pleasant 

" John, emp Y M Co, b Ross 
McLaughlin Edward, h Dewey av, r 1 

" Mary, wid Michael E., h Pleasant 
McMahon Henry, painter, h Chapel 
McNamara Edward, carp, h Main 

" Edward Jr., carp, b Main 

n Gertrude, emp W E Grace, b 39 Marble 

" James T. r emp D & fi Co, h 39 Marble 

1924 — West Rutland Directory — 1924 


McNamara Walter, elk, b Main 
McNeil Agnes, h Pleasant 

* f C, Francis, b Pleasant 

n Catherine, wid Frank, h Pleasant 

" Catherine, emp N Y City, b Pleasant 

" Edward, marble cutter, b Pleasant 

" Frank J., marble Wkr, h 117 Pleasant 

n George, emp V M Co, b 117 Pleasant 
1 Margaret, emp M C M Co, b Pleasant 

" William, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
McPhilomy Charles E., emp Rut R R, b 81 Marble av 

" Mary, wid William, h 81 Marble 
McQuade Mary E., b Castleton rd 

" Peter, emp V M Co, h Castleton rd 

" Rose A. (Rose Marie Beauty Shop), West Rutland 
Mead Farm, Robert F Mead prop, Clarendon av 

fi Harold, student, b Clarendon av 

'* Harriet ML, dietitian, b 15 Clarendon av 

" Janice M., student, b 25 Clarendon av 

" Mabel* wid George F., mgr S E Smith Estate, h 25 Claren- 
don av 
' Richard H T , garage 6 Marble, h 72 Clarendon av 

" Robert P., farmer (Marble Valley Stock Farm), h 52 

Clarendon av 
Mehuron Clark, lab, h Ira rd, r 1. 
Meleady John, soft drinks, Marble b Main 

" Margaret M., emp N E Tel Co, b Main 

" Thomas P., foreman V M Co, h Main 

" Thomas Jr., emp V M Co, b Main 
Merchant Fred, lab, h 209 Main 

" Henry, emp Rut R R, h 208 Main 

" Mary, b 209 Main 

" — see Marchand 
Merithew Edward, farmer, h Ira rd, r 1 

** Hiram, farmer, h Ira rd, r 1 
Merlins Dominick, lab, h 82 New 
Meyers Arthur, junk dealer, h Causeway 
Michalina Siewecka, emp V M Co, b 17 Marble 
Micbulka Valentine Rev., pastor St Stanislaus 1 Church, ti 

Miller Nettie Jeanette, wid Milton, h Marble 
Mills Arthur, farmer, b Whipple Hollow rd 

" Austin A,, farmer h Whipple Hollow rd 
' Carl, emp N Y City, b Whipple Hollow rd 
s Charles, farmer, h Whipple Hollow rd 
* Emma, deaconess, b Whipple Hollow rd 

?> Harley, farmer, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Mil on — see Moylon 

Milos Miak, emp V M Co, h ofl Pleasant 
Monahan Charles, emp Rutland, r Clark Hill 

Rutland Directory 1924 



1924 — West Rutland Directory— 1924 

Monahan Frank, farmer, h Clark Hill 

" Nancy, r Clark Hill 
Montgomery Bert, h 11 Main 

" Charles Lynne, chemist V M Co, h Main 
Monville Arthur, emp Ludlow, b 13 High 

" Clara, emp Apron factory, b Causeway 

" Francis, emp Davis Foundry, b Marble 

" Joseph, quarryman, h 13 High 

* Marie, emp Kazan & Dick, b Marble 

" Mary Mrs., h Marble 

J Maxime, polisher V M Co, h 39 Causeway 

" Rose, shirt opr, r 39 Causeway 
Moody Ernest , h Clarendon av 
Moore Nellie Mrs,, b Waldo W Jenks, Ira rd 
Moran Mary, phone opr, b Pleasant 
1 Mary, wid John, h Pleasant 

" William, emp V M Co, b Pleasant 
Morawski Alex, emp V M Co, h Castleton rd 

" Charles, emp V M Co, b Castleton rd 
Morgan Robert, farmer, b Whipple Hollow rd 

" William, carp, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Morse Drug Store, Plubert W Humphreys prop, 116 Main 
Mosher Ora H., emp R L & P Co, b 76 Main 
Moylon Elizabeth G. f b Clarendon av 

" Frank, emp V M Co, b Clarendon av 

" James, h Fish 

" William, emp N Y City, b Clarendon av 
Mulberry Albert, emp V M Co, h 116 Pleasant 
Mullaney Anna T., teacher, b Durgy Hill 

" James B., student, b Durgy Hill 

" Mary C, teacher, b Durgy Hill 

" Richard T., emp V M Co, b Durgy Hill 

n Thomas, truant officer, h off Pleasant 
Mullin Anna, teacher, b 22 Barnes 

*' Edward J. T undertaker and licensed embalmer 4 Smith, 
h do 

,? Florence E., milliner 9 Merchants row, Rut, b 22 Barnes 

" James, retired, h Smith 

" John R., emp V M Co, h 7 Barnes 

" Patrick F„ retired, h 22 Barnes 
Mumford Catherine, teacher, b 101 Clarendon av 

,f Charles J., monumental wkr, b 24 Blan chard av 

" Dorothy M,, student, b 43 Clarendon av 

J Francis, marblewkr, h 43 Clarendon av 

" George B,, marble wkr, h 101 Clarendon av 

" J. Donald, pharmacist, b 43 Clarendon av 

" James F., marble wkr, h 43 Clarendon av 

" James P., emp V M Co, b 101 Clarendon av 

n Margaret T., elk, b 101 Clarendon av 

n Mary I., student, b 101 Clarendon av 

1924 — West Rutland Directory— 1924 


Mumford Molly E., student, b 43 Clarendon av 

" Pauline A., student, b 101 Clarendon av 
Mungerford Zigfred, emp Hartford Conn, b Anderson 
Mungerson Andrew, emp V M Co, h Anderson 
Murphy John, emp Boston Mass, h 12 Barnes 
Myers Arthur, peddler, h Causeway 

n Louis, bkpr M Mfg Co, b Main 

w Max, grocer Main, h do 
Myhre Herbert, emp V M Co, h 10 Ross 

NELSON AUGUST, retired, h 92 Baxter 

99 Charles A., emp Rutland, h Pleasant 

" Eleanor, emp Rutland, b Pleasant 

" Martin, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 

M Winifred Mrs., sten Mead bldg (45), r 18 High 
New England Tel Co., Marble 
Newton Daisy E,, b 15 Clarendon av 

JJ Nellie, teacher, b 15 Clarendon av 
Niemielita Adam, emp V M Co, b 177 Baxter 
Niemiera Joseph, emp C Rutland, h 39 Ross 
Niemontowski Joseph, emp V M Co, h Albertson rd 
Noble Learned R + , lawyer Main cor Clarendon av, h Main 
Noisseau Paul J., blacksmith > b Mrs May Wheeler, Rut rd 
Nolan Dennis, emp Charles Wetmore, h Causeway 

" Patrick, h Castleton rd 
Novak Peter, emp V M Co, h 40 Long 
Noyes Earl F., emp V M Co, h Blanchard av 

" Eva, wid Harry, h Main 

O'BARA FRANK, emp Castleton, h Harrison av 
O'Brien Catherine, hskpr Rev. J Joseph Cullion, b do 
O'Connor Catherine, b 12 Main 

" Patrick J., emp V M Co, b 12 Main 
Olson August, carp V M Co, h 145 Anderson 

" Ernest, teacher, b 145 Anderson 

" Fritz, emp V M Co, b 145 Anderson 

" Hilma, emp Kason Apron factory, h 145 Anderson 

" Nils, emp V M Co, h near Sherman switch 

99 Swan, emp V M Co, b Rut rd 
O'Neil Bridget, h 7 Barnes 

" John, emp V M Co, b M Valley Club 
O'Rielly Joseph, plumber, b 10 Smith 
O'Rourke EleanorV., b 80 Clarendon av 

** John F., livery Marble, h 44 Main 

" John J,, soft drinks, candy, tobacco and billiard parlor 12 
Marble nr depot, h 5 Smith 

" Margaret A., teacher, b 80 Clarendon av 

" Mary A., wid John, b SO Clarendon av 

11 William J,, farmer, h Dewey av, r 1 
Orzech Albert, lab, h Castleton rd 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— West Rutland Dr rectory— 1924 

Orzel Andrew, elk, r West Rutland 

" Jolm T emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Oseielowski Alex, emp V M Co, r 177 Baxter 

' Sophie, emp McM Co, b Boieshaw Kolionowski, Albert 
son rd 
Oscieowski Konstant, emp V M Co, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Ostifoski John, emp V M Co, h 177 Baxter 
Ostrander Lena, wid Charles A., h 32 Franklin 

? Leslie, emp V M Co, b 32 Franklin 

" Milton, emp V M Co, r 32 Franklin 
Oven William, emp V M Co, b Pleasant 

Long * 

Parker Calvin J., retired, h 17 Smith 

* George, emp George W Lamphere T h 32 Clarendon av 
h ' Harriet, wid Charles A,, h Pleasant 

" John, farmer Ira, h Ira rd, r 1 

n Leo, emp Castleton, h Sheldon av 

" Myron O,, farmer, h Whipple Hollow 
Parkman Earl H., farmer Ira rd, r 1 
Patten Eugene P., emp V M Co, b 24 Barnes 

" James F., emp Burlington, b 24 Barnes 

,J Margaret R., nurse, b 24 Barnes 

" Marion J t , b 24 Barnes 

99 Patrick R, foreman V M Co and sheriff, h 24 Barnes 
Pavievrsa Wadyslaw, emp V M Co, b 200 Albertson rd 
Pawlaczyk Frank, emp V M Co, h Albertson rd 
Pawlusiak John, emp V M Co, h Pleasant (Rebel Hill) 
Pelkey Arthur P>, student, b Causeway 
Perry Clarence C, physician, h 1G Clarendon av 

" Edgar S,, Whipple Hollow rd 

" Walter C +J farmer, h Ira rd, r I 
Peterson Gust, farmer, h Clark Hill rd 
Phalen Anna, emp Washington D C, b 138 Main 

" John H-, emp C M Co, b 138 Main 

* John J., emp J F O'Rourke, h 138 Main 
,? Margaret, teacher, b 13S Main 
97 Mary A., dressmkr 192 Main, h do 
" Patrick J., prop Main Street Garage, b 138 Main 

Piechota John, emp V M Co, h Harrison av 

" Matthew, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Pietryka John, emp McCormack M Co, h Marble 

,J Michael, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Pifko Frank, student, b 19 Marble 

n Jane, b 19 Marble 

n John, meats 17 Marble, h 19 Marble 

" Leocadia, mgr Variety Store, b 19 Marble 

" Pauline (Mrs John), gen mdse 19 Marble, h do 
Pikor John, emp Rutland, h rear Marble 

1924 — West Rutland Directory— 1924 


Piper Charles, emp V M Co, b 10 Smith 

" Cornelia, wid Ward G., h 10 Smith 
PITCHER CLAUDE ladies' ready-to-wear and tailoring 33 Center, 
Rutland, see un name 

Claude Pitcher 

33 Center St. RUTLAND, VT\ 





Phone 776 M 

Plant Calista M., wid Napoleon, h Marble 
Plata Jacque, elk, b Sheldon stop 

" Mary, wid Jacob, h Pleasant 

" Saolomeo Mrs,, h Sheldon stop 
Podlaski Joseph, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Polock Anthony, meat cart, h Highland av 
Pomykata Joseph, emp Rutland, h Elm 
Poremski Kazimir, emp V M Co, h off Pleasant 
Post Sarah R, wid Henry G.,b Marble 
Potter Clark, farmer, h Ira rd, r 1 

" Erwin, lab, h Ira rd, r 1 

" Fayette, fanner, h Ira rd, r 1 

" Fayette C, emp Grimm's, h 28 Clarendon av 
Powers David C, emp V M Co, h Barnes 

97 Edward W., marble wkr, b Pleasant 

" Nellie A., b Barnes 

" Mamie E. T waitress, b Barnes 

" Michael, retired, h Pleasant 
Prenevost Anna, b 33 Marble 

" Joseph Jr., elk, b 33 Marble 

" Leah, wid Joseph, h 33 Marble 

" Philias, grocer 33 Marble, h 34 Clarendon av 
Prit chard William H„ emp C M Co, b Main 
Ptak Joseph, emp V M Co, b 48 Long 

" Paul, emp V M Co, h 4S Long 

Purey Ellary R,, asst principal W Rut High, b 22 Madison 
Putman Purly K., student, b 15 Causeway 
Putnam Burt, emp V M Co, b Causeway 

QUINLAN BRIDGET A., b Brown c Barnes 

Quinn Elizabeth wid Dennis, h 102 Main 
99 James H., fireman, h 12 High 
" Marjorie, emp Apron factory, h 12 High 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — West Rutland Directory — 1924 

Quinn Richard A., b 12 High 
» Robert, emp V M Co, r 12 High 
" Wilbur E., student, r 12 High 

RACHE MARGARET, wid Henry, r Franklin 
Raczka John, lab, r Proctor 

" Zofia, wid Walter, h Proctor 
Rajda Joseph, emp V M Co, h Harrison av 

" Michael, emp V M Co, b Harrison av 
Rasrnussen John, emp V M Co p h 30 Marble 

" Knuie, emp V M Co, b 30 Marble 
Ray Leonard A + , millwright, h Ross 
Razanauskas William, emp V M Co, h Grove 
Reciek Joseph, emp V M Co, b 41 Long 

" Josephine, shirt opr, b 41 Long 

" Steve, emp V M Co, h 41 Long 
Rice William J p grocer 2 Barnes, h 18 do 
ROBfKSON GEORGE C supt V M Co, and pres West Rutland 

Trust Co, h Clarendon av 
Roddy James B., marble and granite dealer 1 Chapel, h do 
Rooney John J t| b 135 Anderson 
Rosen Harry T student, b 95 Elm av 
* Michael R., junk dealer, h Elm av 

p Sara, student, b 95 Elm 
Rosmtus Joseph, bakery Murdock av, h Harrison av 

" Mike, meat market Harrison av, h Harrison av 
Ross Albert, emp VM Co, h Pleasant 

" Carroll B f , physician 14 Main, h 12 do 

" Donald, student, b 12 Main 

n Prank, emp D & H, h Pleasant 

" Reuben W. M summer home Pleasant 

" Stewart, student, b 12 Mam 

Thomas C, gen mdse and town treas Marble, h Marble 
Royce Herbert E., emp V M Co, h 149 Anderson 
Rozell Barrow J,, prop lunch room, Marble, b Marble 
Rudick Joseph, emp V M Co, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Russell Cyrus W, T lab, h Clarendon av 
RUTLAND SODA SPA 15 Center, Rutland, see un name 

1924 — West Rutland Directory— 1024 


When you are in Rutland, visit 


15 Center St. 
The Very Place to Stop and Have a Soda, a Sundae, or 
Lunch and don't forget our Candy 

Ryan Mary A., milliner Barnes, b do 

" Patrick F + , emp Castleton, h Barnes 
Rydzewsk i Alex, emp V M Co, h Castleton rd 

" Steve, lab, h Potters av 
Rytel Anthony, emp V M Co, h 184 Baxter 

SABATINO CHARLIE, emp V M Co, h 186 Baxter 

" Frederick, h 132 Anderson 
Sadowski John, emp Y M Co, h 122 Baxter 

" Floryan, emp quarry, h Main 
Sagi Michael, emp V M Co, h Anderson 
Sankowski Stephen, emp V M Co, h Durgy Hill 
Sargent Clarence D,, wheelwright, h Main 

" Harry F„ h Main 

M Kenneth K t , emp Rutland, b Main 

" Marjorie L., student, b Main 
Satata Frank, emp V M Co, h Elm av 
Satwiecz Anthony, emp V M Co, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Seamaus Eva E,, b 49 Clarendon av 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

Segar Arthur, emp V M Co, h 150 Anderson 

" August, emp V M Co, h 150 Anderson 

" Robert, emp XJ S N, b 150 Anderson 
Segarstrom Axel, emp V M Co, h Highland av 
Selfo Peter, emp V M Co, h 134 Anderson 
Selva John, emp V M Co. h Harrison av 
Serbun Swan, retired, b 148 Anderson av 
Serviss Charles W., new and second hand furniture, h 3 Claren- 
don av 
Sessions William W., retired, h 4 Brown 
Sevigny Albert ine C, emp N E Tel Co, b S Ross 

J? Aurore R., teacher, b S Ross 

" David, emp Eastman's, h 39 Clarendon av 

M Esther E„ student, b 39 Clarendon av 

JJ Gerrraine M., emp Apron factory, b 39 Clarendon av 

" Norbet, student, b 39 Clarendon av 

" Samuel, emp V M Co, h 8 Ross 
Shackett Clifford, carp, b Main 
Shangraw Fred, blacksmith V M Co, h 16 Main 

" Lena, teacher, b 16 Main 

n Walter F. (Shangraw's Pharmacy), Rutland, h 37 Kendell 

* William D., eng V M Co, h Blanchard av 
Shaw Leslie H., supt Town Farm, h do 
Shedd Frank, farmer, h Boardman Hill 
Shelaski Sophia, emp Apron factory, b Clarendon 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — West Rutland Directory — 1924 

Sheldon Martin G,, farmer, h Castleton rd 
Sheloski John, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Shelvey Mary Mrs., hskpr, Reuben Ross, b do 
Shepard Spencer, farmer, h Pleasant 
SieminskI Leo, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Simon Addie, emp Normal School, b 76 Causeway 

" Albert, peddler, h Marble 
Simonds Sadie, hswrk, h top 4 Smith 
Siniecski Philip, emp V M Co, b Harrison av 
Sitek Adam, emp V M Co, h 151 Anderson av 
Siwieki Henry, h Clarendon rd 
Skarzenski Stanley, emp V M Co, h Campbell blk 
Skottet Louis, emp V M Co, b Proctor 
Smatresk Joseph, emp Rutland, h Main 
Smith Cynthia, wld William, h 24 Franklin 

11 George, woodc hopper, b Franklin 

n Hazel E, Mrs., hskpr 50 Causeway, b do 

* Marv L, h 40 Ross 
SMITH S E ESTATE flour, etc, 52 Marble, see un name 

S. E. SMITH Estate 

Hay Grain 

Flour Coal 


Marble St. Phone 29-2 WEST RUTLAND, VT. 

Smith William C. (W C Smith & Co), h Main 

" W C & Co. {Wm C Smith and C M Smith), hardware, 
plumbing and heating, * 'Smith's Corner Jl 
Smyr Walter, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Smyrski William, emp C Rutland, h Pleasant 
Sobotka Paul f emp C Rutland, h Clarendon av 
Socinski Anthony, emp V M Co, h Marble 

" Charles, elk Rutland, b 26 Barnes 

99 Frank, emp V M Co, h 26 Barnes 

n Lucian, student, b 26 Barnes 
Soda John, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Sokolic Wasil, emp V M Co, h Pleasant (Rebel Hill) 
Somers Elmer L., eng, b Rut rd 
Sozinski Stephanie, teacher, b 26 Barnes 

" Teocodia, teacher, b 26 Barnes 
Stacy Philio, emp V M Co, r Charies Nelson, Pleasant 
St Anno Bemad ette, phone opr, b 6 Smith 

" Bertha, student, b fi Smith 

1924—West Rutland Directory — 1924 


St Anno Eva J., phone opr, b ti Smith 

" Waiter, emp quarry, h G Smith 
Stanley Clarence E., eng, h 8 Smith 
St Arnold Armena, nurse, b 105 New 

" Bernadette, phone opr, b 105 New 

" Eva, phone opr, b 105 New 

" Leo, emp Detroit Mich, b 105 New 

" Walter, emp V M Co, h 105 New 
St. Bridget's R C Church, Rev J J Cullion pastor, Pleasant 
St Louis George, carp, h Ross 

" Mary, sten, b 11 Smith 

Stanowski Harry, emp V M Co. h 17 Albertson rd 
Stevenson Chamberlin J., emp V M Co. h Thrall av 
Stocker Frank, farmer, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Stolberg John, emp V M Co, b 107 New 
Stomper Carl, emp V M Co, h 92 Highland 

w George, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 

" Joseph, emp V M Co, b 92 Highland av 

" Leona, teacher, b Pleasant 

** Mike, emp V M Co, r Long 

1 Raymond, emp Riverside N Y, b George Stomper 

TT Steven, emp Proctor, b Pleasant 
Story William B, Jr + , emp V M Co, b Castleton rd 
Strack Almira, groceries 70 Causeway, h do 
Stroberg John, mason, b 107 New 

SULLIVAN SPECIALTY SHOP 31^ Merchants row Rutland, see 
un name 

Sullivan Specialty Shop 




Hulett Bldg. Phone 470 RUTLAND, VT. 

Sunshine Farm, Harry Brown prop, Durgy Hill 
Sutkowski John, emp V M Co, h 45 Long 
Svard Alfred, foreman V M Co, h 29 Clarendon av 
Swedish Lutheran Church, pastor Ragnar Byrenious, High 
Sweeney James, emp V M Co, h IS Barnes 

n William T. T emp Cleveland, Ohio, b Barnes 
Szwaczka Josef, emp V M Co, b Paul Ptak 
Szymanski Thomas, emp V M Co, h Long 

TACIK PRANK, emp Poultney, b 179 Baxter 
Rutland Directory 1924 


1024 — West Rutland Directory — 1924 

Tacik Joseph, emp V M Co, h 179 Baxter 

" Walter, emp V M Co. b 179 Baxter 
Tagg&rt Azel J„ emp C M Co, h Clarendon av 

" Fred, farmer, h Main 

11 Harry, emp C M Co, h Fish av 

" James L,, lab, h Castleton rd 

" William, farmer, h Clarendon rd 
Taylor George, b 28 Woodwardville 

" Robert H„ quarryman, b 28 Woodwardville av 

* Robert, elk J J O'Rourke, h Clarendon rd 
Teelon Henry C + , emp D & H, b 5 Smith 

" Margaret, student, b 5 Smith 

" Peter, elk, h 5 Smith 
Tetko Peter , farmer, Marble 
Thornton Andrew, retired, h 28 Franldin 

" Bessie, emp Rutland, b 2S Franklin 

7i Edward, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 

** Gertrude, b Pleasant 

" Henry, emp V M Co, h Clarendon av 
Thrall Chaney (Mrs Waiter), librarian, h Rut rd 

" Rollin C, auto meeh, b Pleasant 

* Walter C, h Rut rd 

" Wayne, emp P Mfg Co, b Rut rd 

' W. Deland, auto mech, r Pleasant 

" Wiiliam N., student, b Pleasant 
THRALL WILLIAM A sec W Rut Trust Co, h Pleasant 
Tomczyk Joseph, dry goods and groceries Marble, h r Marble 
Towers Martha, wid Thomas, h 20 Main 
Tuohy Bernard, emp V M Co, h 7 Ross 
Turner Andrew, emp V M Co, b Joseph Turner, off Pleasant 

w Joseph, emp V M Co, h ofY Pleasant 
Tyl Edward, emp V M Co, h Clarendon av 
Tyminski Alice, r Clarendon av 

" Julian, sawyer, h 76 Main 

* Kostanty, emp V M Co, r Clarendon av 
" Steven, lab, h Clarendon av 

" Wadislaw, emp V M Co, h Clarendon av 

U. S. POST OFFICE, Earl H Bishop, P M, Marble 

VACARELLO LEO, emp V M Co, b Pleasant 

" Pete, emp V M Co, b Pleasant 
Valach Mat, shoemkr, h Durgy Hill 

?l Samuel, emp V M Co, fa Durgy Hill 
Vallure Alexander, emp C & P R R, h 93 Highland av 
Vermont Marble Co., marble quarries and lime plant, Center 

Rutland, West Rutland and Proctor 
Vido Tony, elk S Levey, h Marble 
Vigneau Arthur, emp Rutland, b 112 Main 

" Francis, emp Rutland, r 112 Main 

1924— West Rutland Directory — L924 


Rutland Directory 1924 

Vigneau Fred X., barber Marble, h 112 Main 
Vincente Frezeau, emp V M Co, h Rut rd 
Vondette Frank D., marble wkr, h 13 Smith 

" Irene, emp Apron factory, b Elm 

" Mary J., wid Poll, h Main 

" Napoleon Jr., polisher, h Causeway 

" William, b Causeway 

WAJCUK MICHAEL, emp V M Co, h off New 
Walchuk John, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Walker Beatrice J. Mrs., h Clarendon rd 

w Charles A., retired, h Proctor c Elm 

" William J., emp Rutland, h 70 Clarendon av 
Wallace Catherine, wid Michael, emp Rutland, h Pleasant 

" Joseph, emp V M Co, h 161 Pleasant 

" Mary, b Pleasant 

" Michael, boilermkr, b Mrs Catherine Wallace, Pleasant 
Wallett William, elec, h 147 Pleasant 
Walsh Catherine, wid Michael, h 90 Clarendon av 

1 Edward, emp V M Co, b John Walsh, Pleasant 

" John, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 

" Leo, emp Pittsneld Mass, b John Walsh, Pleasant 

" Mary A,, b John Walsh (Rebel Hill) 

w Thomas P., mach, b 90 Clarendon av 
Walzick John, emp V M Co, h Clarendon av 
Warrend Eddy L., teamster, h Marble 
Wasik Andrew, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 

'* John, emp V M Co, h Harrison av 
Waters Edward J., emp V M Co, b 143 Anderson 

" Patrick H.. emp V M Co, h Pleasant 

" Patrick H. Jr„ emp V M Co, b Pleasant 

*> Robert T., emp V M Co, h 143 Anderson 

N William A., blacksmith, h 143 Anderson 
Watkins William, lab, h 74 Causeway 
Weaver Eugene C,, farmer, h Ira rd, r 1 
Webb Robert L., mgr Singer Sewing Machine Co, Rutland rd 
Webster Cecil, emp Rutland, h Franklin 
Wedin John, farmer, Whipple Hollow rd 
Weglowskj Albert, emp V M Co, h Campbell blk, rear Marble 

" Joseph, emp V M Co, h Marble 
Werud Jordan, emp V M Co. b 148 Anderson 
West Rutland Fruit Market, Mrs L Costa prop, Main cor 
Clarendon av 

" Rutland Furniture Co, Charles T Serviss prop, Clarendon 
av near jet 

M Rutland High School, Francis Hinchey prin, Main 

?J Rutland Town Farm, 131 Clarendon av 
WEST RUTLAND CREAMERY George W Lamphere prop, Main 
WEST RUTLAND TRUST CO Marble opp P O, see p 13 

" Rutland Waiting Station {Street Ry), Marble cor Barnes 


1924- — West Rutland Directory — -1924 

Wetmore Charles, garage Causeway, h do 

w Ezra J., grainer painter, h Main 

? Philip, emp Proctor, h Castleton rd 

" Philip E >, emp quarry, h 76 Main 
Wheeler Herbert, teamster, h 152 Anderson 

" May M., h Rutland rd 
f Timothy B, t retired, h 26 Clarendon av 
White Elwin H,, jeweler 6 Main, h 4 do 
WHITE TRUCK SALES & SERVICE Flanders Motor Co, 8 Elm, 

Wilceinski Alex, emp V M Co, h Clarendon rd 
Wilk Frank, emp V M Co, h Harrison 
Wilkins Harolp, emp V M Co, h 108 New 
Willewicz Ludwig, emp V M Co, r Clarendon av 
Williams Carrie N. Mrs., emp Wni C Smith, r Main 

" Frank, emp H S Co, h Pleasant 
Williamson K. William , foreman V M Co, h 1 1 Ross 
Wilson Lucretia, wid William, b 22 Franklin 
Wing Daniel, millman. h 9G Clarendon av 

" Harriet B. s teacher, b 96 Clarendon av 
Winshell Salem, farmhand, r Whipple Hollow 
Winslow Howard C, emp V M Co, h Blanchard av 
Wiskoski Edward J., emp V M Co, h Main 
Wissell Louis, lab, r 24 Elm 
Wolinski Jacob, junk Causeway, h do 
Wood Dona, emp V M Co, h 3 Ross 
Woods Anna, emp Rutland, b Marble 

w Edward A., emp V M Co, h Marble 

JJ Trefly, emp V M Co, h Main 

" — -see DuBois 
Wooster Charles L. , emp V M Co, h Castleton rd 

" Eliza, student, b Castleton rd 

" Levi C, b Castleton rd 
Worsochk Adam, emp V M Co, h Elm 
Wosh John, emp V M Co, b Harrison av 
Wozniak Stephania, wid Prank, h off Pleasant 
Wucik Joseph, emp V M Co, h Albertson rd 

YAMORZY FELECIA, student, b Pleasant 

" Felix, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 

'* Roman, student, b Pleasant 
Yandow Felix, emp Rutland, h Pleasant 
Yankowski John, emp V M Co, h 57 New 

" Stephen, emp V M Co, b IS Albertson rd 
1 Volens, emp V M Co, h 18 Albertson rd 
Yett George (Grodzincki 8c Yett), h Clarendon 
Young Elby W,, lab, b 18 Clarendon av 

n Fred A., emp V M Co, h Smith 

" Frederick R., emp V M Co, b 12 Smith 

" James L., emp Postal Telegraph Co, b 12 Smith 

1924 — West Rutland Directory— 1924 


Young Mary M., wid John, h 12 Smith 
" Oscar D., retired, h 18 Clarendon av 

ZAGROBA DUFFELD, marble sawyer, h Marble 

" Joseph, emp V M Co, h rear Marble 

w Paul, emp V M Co, h Grove 
Zakrzewski Mike, farmer, h Clarendon av 

" Tony, lab, h Castleton rd 
Zaparis Thomas, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Zavada Joseph, barber, h Main 

Zawislowski John, emp V M Co, h Campbell blk, r Marble 
Zetrest Peter, emp V M Co, h rear Marble 
Zezeski Aleck, emp V M Co, h Castleton rd 
Zilinski John, emp V M Co, h Clarendon av 
Zoenick Michael, emp New York, h Whipple Hollow rd 
Zolnik Mike, emp V M Co, h Castleton rd 

Putting the Out-of-the-Way 
Business on the Main Street 
For a Few Dollars 

The business that is upstairs in some building or off the beaten 
trail can overcome its location— can put itself on the Main Street of 
Public Attention by advertising in the City Directory, 

Your advertisement entitles you to be listed in heavy type 
under alt of the classifications of your business in the Directory, 
This makes your business STAND OUT, 

Thousands of people consult this buyers guide every year. 

H. A. Manning Co., Publishers 

33 Lyman Street Springfield, Mass. 

Rutland Directory 1924 

404 1924 — West Rutland Directory — 1924 

West Rutland Business Directory 





Rutland, see res dir 
Levine Leon (second hand parts) t 




Rutland, see res dir 
Harmon R. C, 31 Clarendon av 
Mead Richard H., 6 Marble 


Mead Richard H., 6 Marble 


Rutland, see res dir 


ders Motor Co., 8 Elm, Rutland, 
see res dir 

Noble Learned R,, Main cor Clar- 
endon av 


Cohen Davis, Main 
Hoadley Leonard J>, 71 Main 


Marble opp P.O., pres G. C. 
Robinson, treas, Leon H. La* 

Valley, see p 13 


Leonard Samuel J + , Marble 
Vigneau Fred X>, Marble 
Zavada Joseph, Marble 


O'Rourke John J., Marble nr depot 


Cameron John C. t Main 


Dernier & LaBelle, Marble 
Morse Drug Store, 116 Main 


Carlson Thomas A. Rev M 45 Clar- 
endon av 
Cullion John Joseph, Pleasant 
Lipka Joseph, Barnes 
Michulka V. (R. C,), Barnes 


Grodsinski & Yett, Marble 
Levine Leon, Marble 
Tomczyk Joseph, Marble 


SMITH S. E. ESTATE, 52 Marble, 

see res dir 


Dernier & LaBelle, Marble 
Kelley Patrick J. Marble 
LaBelle Joseph M. Marble 
O'Rourke John J,, Marble nr depot 
RUTLAND SODA SPA,, 15 Center, 

Rutland r see res dir 
West Rutland Fruit Market, Maine 

Clarendon av 



Boisseau Laura M., Marble 


Morse Drug Store, 1 16 Main 


Dwyer Thomas R t , Marble 

see res dir 
Levine Leon, Marble 
Tomczyk Joseph, Marble 


American Railway Express, Marble 


Ross Thomas C, Marble 


SMITH S. E. ESTATE, Marble, see 

res dir 


Serviss Charles W., Clarendon 

1924— West Rutland Directory — 1024 



Mttllin Edward J., 4 Smith 



see res dir 


Mead Richard H„ 6 Marble 
Wetmore Charles, Causeway 


Dwyer Thomas R., Marble 

see res dir 
Pifko Pauline Mrs., 19 Marble 
Prenevost Philias, 33 Marble 
Rice William J,, 2 Barnes 
Ross Thomas C», Marble 
Vermont Marble Co t , W Rutland 


Atlantic 8c Pacific Tea Co,, Marble 
Dellea Angelina (Mrs. Michael), 

Dernier & LaBelle, Marble 
Drapalski Michael, h Pleasant 
Dwyer Thomas R., Marble 
Dwyer Thomas W., 106 Main 
Karwan Stanley, Marble 
LaBelle Joseph" M., Marble 

see res dir 
Myers Max, Main 
Pifko Pauline Mrs., 19 Marble 
Ross Thomas C, Marble 
Strack Almira, 70 Causeway 
Tomcy zk Joseph, Marble 
West Rutland Fruit Market, Main 

cor Clarendon av 


Dwyer Thomas R +t Marble 
Smith W. C. & Co., ' 'Smith's Cor- 


Smith W. C. & Co., "Smith's Cor- 


Eastman Quarries Co., pres H. G. 

Smith ; treas, P. W. Clement 

pres, G, C. Robinson, sec. W, A. 

Thrall, treas L. H. Laval ley, see 



White E. H M 4 Main 


Levine Leon, Marble av 
Meyers Arthur, Causewav 
Rosen Michael R., Elmav 
Wolinski Jacob, Causeway 


Rutland, see res dir 

Hulctt Bldg, Rutland, see res dir 


Noble Learned R +r Main cor Claren- 
don av 


O'Rourke John P., Marble 


Demier&LaBelle, Marble 


BOWKER B. M. & SOFT, Clarendon 

av, see res dir 
Clarendon Marble Co,, Main cor 

Clarendon av 
McCormack P. P., 41 Clarendon av 
Roddy James B., 1 Chapel 
Vermont Marble Co., W Rutland 


Serviss Charles W,, Clarendon av 


Grant I. W, (cart), 105 Clarendon 

Pifko Pauline Mrs., 10 Marble 
Rosmus Michael, Harrison a v 


O'Rourke J. J. p Marble 
LEVY S,, Marble, see res dir 


see res dir 


Kelly Nora Mrs., 30 Marble 

Rutland, see res dir 
Ryan Mary A., Barnes 


BOWKER B. M. & SOW, Clarendon 

see res dir 
Mumford Charles J*, Marble 


GUmore Anna J, r Pleasant 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— West Rutland Directory— 1924 


Mead Richard H., fi Marble 


Dwyer Thomas R., Marble 

see res dir 
Morse Drug Store, 116 Main 


Plemmg Charles F., 1 12 Main 
Guiltinan Joseph B. , 4 Smith 
Perry Clarence C., 16 Clarendon av 
Ross Carroll B t| 14 Main 


Smith W + C. & Co., "Smith's Cor- 
ner 1 ' 


Brown Harry G., Marble 


Delaware & Hudson Railroad, W 


Serviss Charles W,, Clarendon av 


Marble City Mfg Co. p Marble 


Dwyer Thomas R., Marble 
LEVY S., Marble, see res dir 
Tomcayk Joseph, Marble 


SHOP, Marble, see res dir 

LEVY S , Marble, see res dir 


Meleady John, Marble 

O Rourfce John J. t Marble nr depot 


33 Center, Rutland, see res d^ 
SmUhW. C + & Co, -Smith's Cor- 

ljr vi tt STOCK FARM 

M alS Stock F ^ » 


Smith W.C.& Co.,' 'Smith's Cor- 
ner ' x 
Vermont Marble Co + , W Rutland 

pitcher claude; eb cftj 

Rutland, see res dir ' 


New England Tel & Tel Co 
Marble nr P.O. "' 


Dernier & LaBelle, Marble 
Dwyer Thomas R, Marble 
O'Rourke John J, Marble nr depot 


MuIIm Edward J,, 4 Smith 


Dwyer Thos, R,, Marble 

West Rutland Miscellaneous Directory 

1924 — -West Rutland Directory — 1024 


Moderator— C. B. Ross 
Selectmen— P. F. MeCormick, W f 

A. Thrall, G.W.Lamphere 
Clerk— Hubert W. Humphreys 
Treasurer— Thomas C. Ross 

Postmaster-^Earl H. Bishop; asst. 
Postmaster, Marion Patten; R. F, 
D. Carriers, Chas. Huntcinter. 
No. 1; Arthur F. Hebert, No. 2, 
Open from 7:20 a. m, to 8:30 p. 

West Rutland Free Library— Main 
Librarian, Mrs. W, C. Thrall 

Crossing Cemetery — Corner Pleas- 
ant and Elm 
Sacred Heart, Main 
St, Bridget, Main 
St. Stanislaus, Main 

West Rutland High School, Village 
School, Hill School, Whipple 

Sacred Heart of Jesus (R C.) 
(French) West Rutland. Pastor 
Rev, L. A. Viseneau. Mass at 
8:30 and 9:30 a. m. alternately 
St. Bridget (R. C.)— West Rutland 
Pastor, Rev, J, J. Cullion, Masses 
at 8:30 andlO;3G a. Hi- 
St, Stanislaus (Polish)— West Rut- 
land. Pastor, Rev. Valentine 
Miehulka, Masses at 8:30 and 
10:30 a. m., except first Sunday 
of month 
United Church—Rev. Thomas A. 
Carlson pastor. Services 10:45 
a. m M 7:00 p. m.; Christian En- 
deavor 6:00 p. m M Sunday School , 
12:15 p.m. 



(See Rutland Miscell aneous) 



Albertson rd north from Marble at 

depot through V M Co, shop 
Anderson west from Pleasant above 

the Church 
Barnes northeast from Main to 

Marble, nr depot 
Baxter west from Pleasant above 

the Church 
Blanchard av west from Clarendon 

Boardman Hill across R. R. tracks 

opp Sheldon stop 
Brown off Barnes to Smith 
Campbell av south from Marble 

across Main to High 
Castleton rd continuation of Main 

at 217 West to Ira line 
Causeway east from jet of Claren- 
don av, Main and Ross 
Chapel south from Main to jet of 

Franklin and High 
Clarendon av south from jet of 

Causeway, Main and Ross 
Dewey av west from Clarendon av, 

south of Woodward ville 

Durgy Hill east from Pleasant 

above the church 
Elm a v north from Causeway 
Fish av east from Clarendon av 

south of Wood ward ville 
Franklin south from Ross at jet of 

High and Chapel 
Grove north from Red School on 

Pleasant st hill 
Harrison av north from near Thrall 

av parallel to Pleasant 
High northwest from Ross at jet of 

Franklin and Chapel to Campbell 

Highland av north from new to 

Long south from New beyond Long- 
Main west from jet of Clarendon av 

Causeway and Ross 
Marble northwest from Main at 

town hall to depot 
McMahon Stop Rutland rd between 

Center Rutland and West Rut- 
New east from Albertson rd to 

Pleasant north from Rutland rd 

near Sheldon Stop to Whipple 

Potter north from Causeway 
Proctor north from Causeway 
Ross southwest from jet of Main, 

Clarendon av and Causeway 
Sheldon av north from Pleasant to 

R. R. track 
Sheldon Stop Rutland rd near 

Sherman Stop Rutland rd between 

Center Rutland and West Rut- 
Smith off Brown to Marble 
Thrall av east from Marble to Pleas- 

Whipple Hollow rd west and north 

from the Albertson rd 
Whipple Hollow Cross Td north 

from Castleton rd to Whipple 

Hollow rd 
Woodwardvttle east from Clarendon 


Copies of this Directory 
for Sale by the Publisher 


Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Proctor Directory— 1924 

Proctor Resident Directory 

ADAMS CECIL, emp V M Co, b 8 West 

Aines William, janitor Ormsbee House, h 12 West 

Alden Dean W>, b 29 Ormsbee av 

" Ruel S., mgr farms V M Co, h 29 Ormsbee av 
Allard Arthur, truck driver V M Co, b 21 West 

" Bessie, b 21 West 

JJ Crayton W,, driver, b 21 West 

7 Ernest, emp Rut R R, b 21 West 

" Raymond, crane opr V M Co, h Meadow 
Allen Kenneth G t , emp V M Co, b Proctor Inn 

" Sinclair T., emp V M Co, h Oak 
Ambrosini Tamante. emp V M Co, h S Green sq 
Anderson Alfred B>, designer V M Co, b 123 North 

,? Anna M. f dom b West 

" Anthony, emp V M Co, b Powers sq 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Gran ville Ludlow 

Anderson Bengt A., emp V M Co, h North 

" Bengt P., emp V M Co, h 26 Patch 

w Carl F. t retired, b Stiles 

" Carl H., emp V M Co, b North 

" Edith, private sec, b 7 Park 

w Eric, carp, b 24 North 

" Ferdinand A., emp V M Co, h Gibbs 

'' Fred, teamster, b 24 North 

" Gust, emp V M Co, h 52 Taylor Hill 

*' Hilma C, wid John, h West 

J? Laura, student, b South 

M Louis, emp V M Co, h South 

" Ruth V., elk V M Co, b South 
Anoe Archie, mach, h 9 William 

" John, emp V M Co, h S William 

n Paul V., b 29 William 

" Raymond R t , emp Clarendon & Pittsford R R, h 14 West 
Armstrong Leonora B t , teacher, b 26 High 
Aronson Agnes M., student, b South 

" Alfred, carver V M Co, h South 

" Alfred, student, b South 

" Esther, teacher, b South 

iJ Fred, emp Ohio, b South 

yr Hzalmar, student, b South 

n John E., emp V M Co, h South 

" Melcher M„ emp V M Co, h 17 Grove 

1h24 — Proctor Directory — 1924 


Aronson Violet, student, b South 
Arvidson Adolph, emp V M Co, h 10 West 
Austin Claude, emp V M Co, h West 

BACCEI ANDREW, emp Florence, h 7 Terrace Hill 

" Caesar, emp V M Co, h 5 Terrace Hill 

" Joseph, student, b 5 Terrace Hill 

7J Rena, b 6 Terrace Hill 
Bailey Howard, emp V M Co, r Proctor Inn 
Bancroft Priscilla, librarian, h 26 South 
Banks John, emp V M Co, b 49 North 
Baratta Fiuravanti, emp V M Co, h 33 North 
Baroni Tony, emp Rut R R, h West 
Barrett Edw T ard J T , marble tracer, h Church 

" John, retired, h Church 
Barron John, emp V M Co, 5 Willow 
Barrv Clarence, emp V M Co, b South 
Bartlett C. E. Mrs., b 2fi High 
B asset t Agnes, nurse maid, b High 
Bauer Frank, emp V M Co, h 9 Market 
Bean Earl L., elk Co-operative Store, h 7 Park 
Beaureguard Peter, marble sawyer V M Co, h 3 Terrace Hill 
Belcher Harold H., student, b Church 

" Henry C, mech eng V M Co, h Church 
Belisle Joseph, emp V M Co, h Church 
Belock Charles, lab, h 27 East 

Benedict Ransom S., elk Co-operative Store, h 17 Pine 
Bengston Amelia, dental asst, b 29 Eden av 

" John, blacksmith V M Co, h 29 Eden av 

" John G., chauffeur, h Pine 

" Theodore, emp V M Co, b Pleasant 
Benson John, emp Y M Co, b 35 Pleasant 
Berggren Charles, emp V M Co, h Gibbs 

" Elvira, nurse, b Gibbs 

?1 Helmar, emp Boston Mass, b Gibbs 
Billings Charles, emp V M Co, b Patch HiU 
Bixler David H„ elk V M Co, h 28 High 
Bjork Mary, wid August, emp V M Co, h Eden av 

" Bernard, emp V M Co, b 3 Patch 
Bjorkman Axel J>, pastor Swedish Lutheran Church, h Gibbs 

" Matilda, wid Gustav, h 19 West 
Bobro Paul, emp V M Co, h 30 East 
Boll Herman, emp V M Co, b 7 McGregor 

M Jennie, b 7 McGregor 

" jerda, elk V M Co, b 7 McGregor 

,? John, emp V M Co, h 7 McGregor 
Bombard Leah M. t emp Co-op Store, r North 
Boni Alexander, emp V M Co, h 49 Taylor Hill 
Bonneau Walter, emp V M Co, h 28 Meadow 

Bouchard Joseph, emp Y M Co, h West 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924— Proctor Directory — 1924 

Bovala George, empYM Co, h 43 East 
Bowman Neilo, chauffeur V M Co, h IS North 

77 Oscar, emp V M Co T h 4 North 
Boyce Earle A., treas Proctor Trust Co. h 27 Ormsbee av 

tJ Guy H. t purchasing agt V M Co and v-pres Proctor Trust 
Co, h Ormsbee av 

v Vaughn, emp Pittsburg Pa, b 11 High 
Bratt Anna, b 1 Meadow 

" August, emp V M Co, h 1 Meadow 
Brennan Grace, b West 

" Patrick H, emp V M Co, h West 

w William, plumber V M Co, b West 
Bresnahan Patrick F., retired, h 14 Grove 

" Paul J., bkpr, b 14 Grove 
Brewster Fred, elec derrick V M Co, b 27 North 
B rod well Ralph, millwright, h Ormsbee av 
Brolin Gus, emp V M Co, b 2 Meadow 

" John W., emp V M Co, h 19 Meadow 
Brooks Anna, teacher, b 10 Church 

" Bertha Mrs,, cook Proctor Hospital, b do 
Bruce Wallace, emp V M Cok h 100 North 
Brunette Aurore, cook, b High 
Bugggni Harry, emp V M Co, h 14 Meadow 
Burgess Charles R,, emp Washington D C, b 15 East 

n Earl, cutter V M Co, b 8 Patch 

" Rolin, stone cutter V M Co, h 8 Patch 
Butler Anna L., teacher, b South 

" Charles P t , lawyer, b South 

M Edward P., ins collections, etc P O bldg, h South 

" Wilfred R., elk Rut R R, b South 
Buttles Robert, emp V M Co, b 22 High 

CAIN ANNA, b West byd Geno Hill 

" Bee Mrs., h Grove 

" Bridget, h South 

" Frank, emp V M Co, h West 

" Lawrence, elk, b West byd Cain 

'* Mary, elk Co-operative Store, b Grove 
Calloway George, emp V M Co, b South 
Canapa Roger, emp V M Co, h 10 Cross 
Capita Frank, emp V M Co, h 24 Tony sq 
Capura Peter, emp V M Co, b 5 Willow 
Caridi Nick, emp V M Co, h G Tony sq 
Carlson Adolph, emp V M Co, h 9 Patch 

" Alfred, emp V M Co, h 13 Pleasant 

" Carl, emp V M Co, b 13 Pleasant 

" Carl B., emp Florence, h South 

" Carl J t , polisher V M Co, h 3 Meadow 

** Carl S., emp V M Co, b Powers 

" Edith A., dom S High, b 13 Pleasant 

1924— Proctor Dikectory — 1Q24 



Carlson Edith L, maid Ormsbee av, b do 

" Ernest, emp V M Co, b 2 High 

" Esther, teacher, b West 

" George, emp V M Co, h Gibbs 

" Gunnar, emp Proctor Hospital, b do 

" Hulda, maid Proctor Hospital, b do 

" John August, h Powers sq 

n Mildred, student, b West 

97 Oscar, emp V M Co, h West 
Carney Catherine, wid Bernard, h South 

'* Isabel, b South 

" Benjamin, emp V M Co, b 44 North 
Cary Bertha, teacher, h Pine 
Casey Mary, dom Mrs Fletcher D Proctor, 
Cassidy Charles, retired, b South 

** William H. Rev., pastor St Dominions, h South 
Cavar Andrew, emp V M Co, h 71 North 

J? Steve, sawyer V M Co, h 16 Patch 
Cavendish House, school and community house for women and 

children, Alice G Kendall director, cooking, High 
Chaehy John, emp V M Co, h 16 Willow 
Champine Frank, marble wkr T h South 

" Roland, emp V M Co, h Stiles 

*' Stanley, emp V M Co, b South 
Chisholm Dorothy, teacher Boston Mass, b 16 High 

" Maud P., h 16 High 

8 Elm, Rutland 
Churchill Fred W., pharmacist Co-operative Store, h Warner 

Cicone Camus, emp V M Co, b 2 Tony sq 
Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad Co 
Collin Henry, emp V M Co, h 2 Warner av 
Collins Jennie M. Mrs., hskpr 2S High, b do 

" Wilfred, mach V M Co, h 39 North 
Comstock Carroll, emp V M Co, b 110 North 
Connor James F. t einp Florence, b West 

" Mary, teacher, b West 

" Thomas, lab, h West 
Co-operative Store, Vermont Marble Co prop, general mdse 1 

Depot Square 
Conroy James, emp V M Co, b South 

" James Edward, foreman V M Co, h 2 Powers 
Coulman Edith K., emp Quincy Mass, b 10 High 

" Olive L„ teacher, b 10 High 

" Thomas W., emp V M Co, h 10 High 
Court Marble Number Nine F< of A,, Church c North 
Crandall Angie, hskpr, b 2 Powers 
Crawford Cass L., emp V M Co, h 24 South 
Creamerv V M Co, 2b North 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Proctor Directory — 1924 

Creer Henry, student, b 18 High 

" John J,, foreman finisher V M Co, h IS High 
Curler Walter, janitor, h Pine 
Curtis Agnes, wid John, h 7 William 

" Cecil, emp V M Co, b 7 William 

?J Herbert, emp V M Co, b 7 William 

" Richard E,, emp V M Co, h 15 Terrace Hill 
Czitovik Szandos, emp V M Co, h 32 East 

DAGGETT GERALDINE, student, b 30 Ormsbee av 

99 Lucille, student! b 30 Ormsbee av 

" Wilfred P., asst foreman V M Co, h30 Ormsbee av 

* Wilfred F., asst foreman V M Co, h 30 Ormsbee av 
Dale James, b South 

" Lizzie, h South 
William, cutter, h South 
Damciek Frank, emp V M Co, h 3 Tony sq 
Danhanowiys John, emp V M Co, li 30 William 
Dzvis George H., gen supt V M Co, h South 
Deleonardis Frank, emp V M Co, h Elm 
Delphia Cushman G,, emp V M Co, h Geno Hill 
Desbrus Anna, maid 47 Ormsbee av, b Church 

" Anna L., b 16 Church 

» Felix, emp V M Co, h 16 Church 
Dickinson Stanley, emp V M Co, b 15 West 
Dimon Helen, sten, r 10 High 
Doane Benjamin, emp V M Co, h 6 Meadow 
Dockler Alfred, emp V M Co, h Gibbs 

» Carl, U S A, b Gibbs 

99 Elmer, elk V M Co, b Gibbs 

** Henry, student, b Gibbs 

" Thicra, teacher, b Gibbs 
Donahue Marian, student, b South 

n William P., clothing and shoes Post Office blk, and stea: - 

ship agency, h 27 South 
Doner Fred A., emp" V M Co, h 11 Market 
Donnelly Henry, retired, b 11 Green sq 

" Henry J., emp V M Co, h West ext 

n Michael Mrs., h West Creek rd 
Douglass Ellen, hskpr Church, b do 
Duchene Arthur, emp V M Co, b Stiles 

w Caraise, emp V M Co, h Stiles 
Duclo Arthur, chauffeur, h 2 South 
Dudley Herbert, emp V M Co, h North 
Duprey Harold W,, elk William P Donahue, b West 

" Lucille, music teacher, b West 

'■ William F,, mach V M Co, h West 
Durkee Alfred, carp, b Grove 
Dutell Charles H., news agt, h Church 

* ? C. Ernest, exchange agt, h West 

1924 — Proctor Directory — 1924 


Dutell James, phone opr, h 1 Pine 

" William, emp Rut R R, h Stiles 
Dutelle Fred, emp V M Co Creamery, h Powers sq 

» James A., P O elk, h 1 Pine 
Dwyer Donald, student, b 5 McGregor 

" James, emp V M Co, b 5 McGregor 

" John F<, emp V M Co, h 5 McGregor 
Dynan Frederick, elk, b 5 William 

" John, emp V M Co, h 5 William 

" Kathleen, b 5 William 

" Mary, bkpr, b 5 William 

EAYRES CHARLES, emp V M Co, h 14 High 
Eckley Frank S., groceries Church, h 3 do 

" Nina M,, teacher Wilmington, b 3 Church 
Eggleston George H., emp V M Co, h Warner av c Ormsbee 

EHe Albert, emp V M Co, b 22 High 
Ellis Jay, emp V M Co, b 49 North 
Ellsbury Rollin, emp V M Co, b Gibbs 
Emery George, emp V M Co, b 49 North 
Erickson Bernie, mach V M Co, h 5 Park 

n Carl J., grader V M Co, h 5 Grove 

" Charles G., emp V M Co, h 3 North 

" Edith, elk V M Co, b 3 North 

M Elmer K., student, b 5 Grove 

" Elof , emp V M Co, h 24 Eden av 

" Erick, emp V M Co, h 35 Meadow 

" Ernest, emp V M Co, b 15 Meadow 

" Harry E., emp V M Co, h 22 Pleasant 

" Herbert, emp V M Co, b 24 Eden av 

" Mildred, emp V M Co office, b Beaver Pond 

** Per, emp V M Co, b Powers 

" Peter, emp V M Co, h 15 Meadow 

" Peter, plumber, h Gibbs 

" Rudolph, student, b 5 Grove 

" Ruth E., sten V M Co, b 5 Grove 

? > Walter, elk Co-operative Store, h Pleasant 

Erlandson Carl R., boxer V M Co, b 19 Pleasant 

" Charles, foreman V M Co, h 19 Pleasant 

" Pauline, teacher Central School, b 19 Pleasant 

Ermakovicz Mike, emp V M Co, h 13 Willow 

Eskelin John, h North 

Evancha Andrew, emp V M Co, b 33 Tony sq 
JJ Charlie, emp V M Co, h 33Tony sq 

FAIGANT HENRY, emp V M Co, h 10 Tony sq 
?J Leo E t , emp V M Co, b 10 Tony sq 
Fairbanks Halstead W., elk Co-operative Store, h 6 High 
Faley Charles, lab, h 2 William 

Rutland Directory 1924 


2924 — Proctor Directory— 1924 

Fanian Leo, amp V M Co, h 34 East 
Farkas Alex, emp V M Co, h 26 Meadow 
Fay Thurborn, student, b 11 High 

w Wallace M. Jr., sec for Gov Proctor, b 11 High 
Felmski Ivan, emp V M Co, h IS Patch 
Ferrari Joseph, emp V M Co, h Geno Hill 
Field George W., retired, b 11 High 
Finstrom Carl, h North 

Fischer Margaret, asst-treas Proctor Trust Co, b South 
Fitzpatrick Margaret, emp Proctor Inn, b do 

?J Martin, emp Fowler, h 17 West 
Flanagan Alice (D W McGarry & Co), h Stiles 

" Edward Jr., b West 

" Ed. M>, emp V M Co, h West 

n John, emp D W McGarry & Co, h Stiles 

" Marion, emp V M Co office, b West 

FLANDERS MOTOR CO garage and dist Maxwell, Chalmers, 
Chrysler and White Truck, 8 Elm, Rutland, see un 

Flanders Motor Company 

Maxwell Chalmers Chrysler 


Auto Supplies, Repairs and Garage Service 

g Elm Street Phone 517 RUTLAND, VT. 

Forro Louis, emp V M Co, h 21 Patch 

n Rosilia, wid Sam, b 21 Patch 

" Theresa, b 21 Patch 
Fortier Antoine, emp V M Co, b 8 William 

" Edward, emp V M Co, b 1 Meadow 

" John, emp V M Co, h 10 William 
Fox Harry, emp Co-operative Store, res Pittsford 
Franzoni Ceccardo, retired, h 31 North 

" Leah P., b 31 North 

" Peter, polisher V M Co, b 31 North 
Frappier Arthur J., emp V M Co, h hh North 

» Diana, dom Hospital Hill, b do 

" Edward, emp V M Co, h Cain 

" Melvina, wid Mitchell, b 37 North 

JJ Michael, emp V M Co, h 37 North 

" Victor, h Cain . ,. * 

Freeborn Angelo C, supt finishing dept, V M Oo, n 
Freden Elsie, elk Proctor Trust Co, b 2 Patch 
Freeden Emil, emp V M Co, h 2 Patch 

" Inez, elk V M Co, b 2 Patch 

** Ruth, student, b 2 Patch 
Fredette Noah, teamster, h 31 Elm 


1924 — Proctor Directory- — 1024 


Fregosi Alfred C, emp V M Co, h 10 Meadow 
Freigang Fred, emp V M Co, h 11 Park 

H Fred, emp V M Co, h Tony rd 

fi Martha, nurse Proctor Hospital, b do 
French Charles E., emp V M Co, h 2 Grove 

" Ruth E T , student, b 2 Grove 

GALE DAVID, adv mgr V M Co, h 44 Ormsbee av 
Gallipo Archie P., emp C&PRR p bl6 Green sq 

,J Henry F t , oilman V M Co store, b 16 Green sq 

*' Joseph, teamster V M Co, b 16 Green sq 

" Sarah, wid Raymond, h 16 Green sq 
Galo George, emp V M Co, h 12 Tony sq 
Garbacs Steve, polisher V M Co, h 13 Patch 
Garron Carl L., b Reynolds 

J? Corneille E., teacher, b Reynolds 

" Edmund, barber P blk, h Reynolds 

" Marie E. f sten, b Reynolds 
Garrow Eugenia, student, b Reynolds 

* Frank, b 24 West 

" Julia, emp V M Co office, b 24 West 
Garvey Harry N., emp V M Co, h 6 Powers 
Gasdick John, h 27 East 
Gates Harold, emp V M Co, b Proctor Inn 
Gatti Louis, emp V M Co, h 30 Meadow 
Geno George, cont, h 21 Cain 
Gianola John, emp V M Co, h 2 Tony sq 
Gibbs Horace S , retired, h S Pine 
Giddings Frank L., mgr Vt Marble Co Creamery, h 10 Church 

iy LeRoy M., elk, b 10 Church 
Gilbert Ovila, emp V M Co, h 16 Cain 

" Ovila Jr., b 16 Cain 
Gilmore Harry F., plumber V M Co, h 4 Warner av 

* Howard, emp V M Co, b South 
Gladski B., emp V M Co, h 10 Willow 
Glasson Donald C, emp town, b 12 High 

w Eliza J + Mrs., h Church 

" Glenn a M., music teacher, b 12 High 

M James T,, mgr photograph shop V M Co, h 12 High 

n Nellie, asst photograph shop V M Co, b Church 

" Philip, student, b 12 High 

Goddard Austin, emp V M Co, h 93 North 
" Carlyle, emp V M Co, h North 

Goss Fred R., stone cutter, h 4 Pine 

Gould Michael, emp V M Co, b 49 North 

Govarch Alex, emp V M Co, h 5 Zadock av 

Goyette Nelson, emp V M Co, h Stiles 

Graham Harriet, elk Depot rd, res C Rutland 

Gray Margaret, emp Ormsbee House, b do 

Greksco Martin, sawyer V M Co, h 28 William 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Proctor Directory— 1924 

Greeno David, emp V M Co, h Center 

" Prosper, teamster, h Center 
Grskszak Andrew, emp V M Co, h 27 Tony sq 
Gurbach Joseph, emp V M Co, h 16 Willow 
Gurboock Vincent, emp V M Co, h 19 Patch 
Gustafson Anders, emp V M Co, h 22 Eden av 

" Anders Jr., emp V M Co, b 22 Eden av 

?> Carl, student, b South 

" Ludvig, emp V M Co, h 18 Meadow 

" Oscar, emp V M Co, h Gibbs 

" Otto, emp V M Co, h 25 Meadow 

" Xlema, wid Andrew, h South 

w Walter, emp V M Co, b South 
Guyette Nelson A,, emp V M Co, h Stiles 

HAASE RICHARD S., emp V M Co,b South 
Hack Raehael, student, b 8 High 

" Thomas H. f physician 8 High, h do 
Hackett Bridget A., wid William, h Gibbs 

" Ella, wid Albert P., fa 22 High 

" Marion C, teacher, b Gibbs 

" W. Paul, student, b Gibbs 
Hadeka Adolph, emp V M Co, h 11 Willow 
Hagan Helen, inspector and mach opr, h 260 West 
Haleba Frank, lab, b 2d East 
Haley James, lab, h 4 McGregor 

w John, meat cutter, h River 
Halgren Carl, emp V M Co, b 24 North 
Hallady W. L., emp V M Co, h Powers sq 
Hallegram Carl, emp V M Co, b 49 North 
Haney Agnes, emp Rutland, b Geno Hill 

" Bernard F. s emp Detroit Mich, b Geno Hill 

* Charles, emp Detroit Mich, b Geno Hill 

w James, h Geno Hill 

" Julia A,, emp Schenectady N Y, Geno Hill 

" Madeline, emp Rutland, b Geno Hill 
Harmon Margaret, teacher Cavendish House, b 11 
Hart Eva M. Mrs,, b Church 
Hartney Christy, h North 
Heft George V., emp V M Co, b 4 West 
Hella Ivan, emp V M Co, h 21 Meadow 

" John, emp V M Co, h 3 Powers sq 

" Oscar, emp V M Co, h 17 Willow 

w Rauha, b 17 Willow 

" Henry Joseph, janitor, h 6 William 
Herrault Antoinette, emp F C Negus, r North 
Hier Fred, b North 
Higbee Elizabeth, wid Wilber, h 5 Higbee av 

?J Ellenor, b 5 Higbee av 

" Paul, emp V M Co, h 9 High 


1924— Proctoh Directory— 1024 


Highter Arthur H., emp V M Co, b Terrace Hill 

" Lewis T emp V M Co, b Terrace Hill 
Hobart Harold S., elk V M Co, b 28 High 
Hobb Frederick, emp V M Co, b 23 South 
Hobbs Wilson H„ emp V M Co, h 6 West 
Hodor Alex, emp V M Co, h 38 Meadow 
Holden Charles E,, town elk, h 24 High 

" Frederika G., b Emily D Proctor 

" Laura B<, sten V M Co, b 24 High 
Holmes William H,, carp, h South 
Holoveski Charles, emp V M Co, h 26 Tony sq 
Hood Charles, bed rubber V M Co, h 7 East 

" Dorothy, elk, b 7 Patch 

" Jerda, emp F C Negus, b 7 East 

" May, nurse, b 7 East 
Hoole Agnes, wid John, dom, h 4 West 
Horan Catherine, wid James, h Geno Hill 
Horbets Alex, emp V M Co, b 2 Styles 
Hortnett Christopher, h North 
Horvath Alex, emp V M Co, h 6 Zadock 

" Charles, emp V M Co, b 25 Patch 

" Edith, emp Co-operative Store, r 2 Willow 

> J George, emp V M Co, h 14 Stiles 

" John, emp V M Co, h Cain 

" Mike, emp V M Co, h 2 Willow 

" Peter emp V M Co, b 1 Zadock av 

" Steve, emp V M Co, h 37 Meadow 
Howard Charles, emp V M Co, b Church 

Howe George W„ supt C & P R R, h 18 Grove 
Hughes Nina, teacher, b South 

Humphrey Albert, farmer, h West 

" Tenney, student, b West 

Hunter Claude I., asst supt V M Co, h Ormsbee av 

" Fremont, janitor Sutherland Club, r do 

Hutchins L. D., elec, h 107 S Mam 

Hutchinson Merle, teacher High School, b High 

IGNOTJR NICHOLAS, architect, b Grove 
Illes Colman, emp V M Co, b 3 Market 
Illinicki Andro, emp V M Co, h 17 Patch 
" Ivan, emp V M Co, h IS Patch 
Itanen Lauri, emp V M Co, b 17 Willow 
I van co Andrew, emp V M Co, b 2 East 

JACOBSON ADLA, wid John, h 57 Taylor Hill 
" Axel, marble tracer V M Co, b 57 Taylor Hill 

James Earl, emp V M Co, h 5 Patch 
" Elizabeth, wid William H., h 5 Patch 

7 ' William H T , student, b 5 Patch 
Janoski Helen B., b West 

Rutland Directory 1924 

4 i s. 

1924— Proctor Directory — 1924 

Janoski Joseph, emp V M Co, h West 

Javery Arthur L,, emp Co-operative Store, b East 

H Arthur, emp V M Co, h IS Patch 
John Tony, lab, h 4 Tony sq 
Johnson Aaron, emp V M Co, b Charles 
" Albert, emp V M Co, b Eden av 
Alfred, emp V M Co, b Eden av 
Andrew G., mill foreman V M Co, h South 
Andrew Jr., emp V M Co, b 26 South 
Anna S., elk V M Co, b 13 East 
August, grader V M Co, h Eden av 
Bernard, emp V M Co, r Gibbs 
Bertha, emp 23 South, r Gibbs 
Charles U., b Gibbs 
Charles W., polisher V M Co, h 13 East 
Edith, b South 
Edwin, b Eden av 
Edwin O., emp V M Co, b 80 North 
Edwin S., emp V M Co, h South 
Eric J., retired, h 72 North 
George 0., elec V M Co, b 21 Eden av 
Gertrude, emp V M Co store, b Gibbs 
Henry, emp V M Co, h 16 Terrace Hill 
Herbert, marble grader V M Co, h South 
Hilma } wid John, h Gibbs 
Ida, wid John J., h 21 Pleasant 
John, emp V M Co, b 21 Pleasant 
John, emp V M Co, b Eden av 
Lillian A., student, b 16 Terrace Hill 
Margaret E., student, b 13 East 
Olaf J., emp V M Co, h SO North 
Oscar Leonard, emp V M Co, h Eden av 
Paula, emp Proctor Inn, r do 
Rudolph, emp Co-operative Store, b South 
Thekla B„ emp V M Co, b SO North 
Waldemar, emp V M Co, b 21 Pleasant 
Joyce Charles C M student, b 5 North 
Eleanor H., student, b 5 North 
Patrick J., emp V M Co, h 5 North 
Robert F., student, b 5 North 

KANERVA JOHN, emp V M Co, h 40 Meadow 
Kanosky Adam, emp V M Co, h 14 Willow 
Kanuisa John, emp V M Co, h 1 Zadock av 

n Louis* emp V M Co, h 12 Stiles 
Kapitan George, emp V M Co, h 29 West 
Kascuba Steve, emp V M Co, h 12 Powers 
Keefe Charles B>, civil eng V M Co, b South 

M Hattie, wid George N., h South 
Kelly James, emp V M Co, h 110 North 

1924— Proctor Directory — 1924 


Kelsey Ella M., maid 24 High, b do 

Kenyon Steve, emp V M Co, h 23 Patch 

Kessei Louis, emp V M Co, h 32 Meadow 

Keswick Mary H., nurse Cavendish House, b 10 Church 

Kimberly Nellie M., maid 2 Higbee av, b do 

" Walter, emp V M Co, b High 
King Ada, wid Nelson, b 8 Pine 

?T Albert, emp V M Co, h Stiles 

" Dennis, carp, b Stiles 

" Edith T., emp V M Co, b 23 North 

" Frank, elk V M Co, b Stiles 

" Gertrude, b Stiles 

" Hazel, teacher, b Cain 

" John, b Cain 

" Joseph, millwright, h Cain 

J Lawrence, emp Bennington, b 23 North 

" Leon T., emp N E Tel & Tel Co, b 23 North 

'* Thomas M., bam boss V M Co, h 23 North 

" Walter, gardener, b Cain 
Kiss Dezso, emp V M Co, b 3 Market 
Kittredge Ernest R,, asst station agt Rut R R, h South 
Ki vista Arvid, emp V M Co, h 17 Meadow 
Kleback August, chauffeur V M Co, b 24 North 
Knicste August, emp V M Co, h North 
Konyud Steve, emp V M Co, h 23 Patch 
Kovacs Alex, emp V M Co, h 2 Stiles 
Kubin Anna, sten V M Co, b Proctor Inn 
Kupferer Gustaf, emp V M Co, h Stiles 

?J Henry M,, student, b Stiles 
Kvando John, emp V M Co, h 10 Tony sq 

LABEAU EUGENE, emp V M Co, b 49 North 

" Frank, emp V M Co, b 49 North 
Lacorex Albert, emp V M Co, b 110 North 
Ladabouche Emile, student, h Powers sq 

93 George E. (Ladabouche & Son) , h Powers sq 

« John W., emp V M Co, h Park 

" Leon G, (Ladabouche & Son), b Powers sq 

M Madeline, b Proctor Inn 

'** Marie C, teacher, b Powers sq 

n Napoleon B., South, h do 

n Walter, lineman, r Powers sq 

" William H H , janitor, h Church 

" & Son (George and Leon G Ladabouche), meats 21 North 
Lajoie Bernadette, emp Ormsbee House, b 20 West 

JT Charles, emp C & P R R, h Green sq 

" Frank, emp Rut R R, b 49 North 

" Frank, mach V M Co, h 20 West 

" Paul, retired, h 24 West 
LaJoie Bernadette, elk V M Co, b 20 West 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Proctor Directory— 1924 

Lapan Eli, emp V M Co, h 82 North 
Larson Alvin, tracer V M Co, b 34 Eden av 

'' Andrew G. f emp V M Co H h 14 Meadow 

n Carl, caretaker, h 12 William 

" Charles, emp V M Co, h South 

* Charles, tracer V M Co, b 34 Eden av 

' Edward, emp V M Co, h 23 Meadow 

1 Edwin, emp V M Co, h Reynolds 

* Emma, student, b 34 Eden av 
" George, emp V M Co, h Stiles 
" Harold, b South 

,? John, emp V M Co, h 34 Eden av 
f Louisa, wid Eric, b 23 Meadow 

11 Mildred, b 34 Eden av 

" Ruth, elk Y M Co, b 34 Eden av 
Laruccia Domenico, tailor P bldg, h West 
La Valley Prank, emp V M Co, b 1 Patch 
Lawton Albert, prin High School, h Pine 
Ledin Olof, emp V M Co, h 125 North 
Leger Samuel, emp V M Co, b 110 North 
Leno Frank, emp V M Co, h Powers 
Lertola Clare Mrs., dom, h 12 West 

" Louis, emp V M Co, b 12 West 

* DIga, b 12 West 

Leves Mike, emp V M Co, b 3 Market 
L T Herault Adjustor J., emp V M Co, h 30 West 

>? Arthur C, emp V M Co, h 16" North 

" Aurore, elk V M Co, b 16 North! 
Linder Carl, emp V M Co, h Eden av 

w Carl Jr., emp Boston Mass, b Eden av 
Lindquist Martin O,, mip V M Co, h 30 Powers 
Ling Marcus E., carver V M Co, h 6 Warner av 
Lionti Angelo, emp V M Co, h Geno Hill 
Listzwan Steven, emp V M Co, h 44 Meadow 
Litch Elwin, emp V M Co, b 49 North 
Livak Mitro, emp V M Co, h 41 East 
Lofquist Fletcher, emp Watervliet, NY,b2 Taylor Hill 

' Idolf, mach V M Co, h 37 Charles 

* Peter J., shoemaker V M Co store, h 2 Taylor Hill 
Long Jimmie, emp V M Co, h 7 Tony sq 

Loomis Myrtle, sten V M Co, b 20 High 
Loquist Hilver, emp V M Co, h Pleasant 
Loraine Frank, emp V M Co, h 15 Patch 
Lord Abbie Mrs,, b Powers sq 
Loso Antoine M., emp V M Co, h ofl Stiles 

" Arthur, emp V M Co, b 10 Stiles 

" Catherine, student, b off Stiles 

" Chaplin C M lather, h Stiles ext 

" Charles, emp V M Co, b 1G Stiles 

" Edward C, emp V M Co, fa 2 North 

1924— Proctor Directory — 1924 


Loso Felix, millman V M Co, h 10 Green sq 

" George, emp V M Co, b off Stiles 

M Henry P., emp V M Co, b 20 Stiles 

" John, emp V M Co, b Stiles ext 

" Joseph E., emp V M Co, h West 

' Mae, emp Cavendish House, b 10 Green sq 

" Napoleon J>, emp V M Co, h 16 Stiles 
Lottinville J. Mrs., b Elm 

Lowell Harry, elk Co-operative Store, b W Rutland 
Loyzell Harry, student, b South 

" Rollin, gardener, h South 
Luciani Tony, h 22 West 
Luckachina Charlie, marble wkr, h Cain 
Lumbra Amasa A., emp V M Co, h South 
Lundberg Albin H., lorder elk, V M Co, b 12 Pine 
Lundin Carl, elk Co-operative Store, h 54 Taylor Hill 

" Harold, student, b 54 Taylor Hill 
Lundquist Eric, emp Y M Co, h South 
Lyivak Mitra, emp V M Co, h Tony sq 
Lyman Arthur, emp V M Co, h 7 Patch 

MAC KENZIE MIRIAM, teacher, h High 
Mackey Florence, maid Emily D Proctor, b do 
Magnuson Agnes, emp Springfield Mass, b 24 North 

" Carl, boarding house 24 North, h do 

" Helen, emp Springfield Vt, b 24 North 

" Hulda, teacher Bellows Falls, b 24 North 
MahafTy David R., rd com, h 43 Warner av 
Maki Fannie, elk V M Co, b 13 Meadow 

" Fred, emp V M Co, h 13 Meadow 
Marchetti Vasco, carver V M Co, h 9 Terrace Hill 
Markham A. Clare, teacher, b South 

'* Gerald, mech, b South 

" J T Edward, asst postmaster, h Gibbs 

" John, station agt Rut R R, h South 

" Mary A., teacher Detroit Mich, b John Markham 
Marrinuzzi James, section hand, h West 
Martin William W + , emp V M Co, h Church 
Mason Charles J., mgr Co-operative Store, h 7 Gibbs 
Mathias Ralph J., car repairer V M Co, b West 
Matot Wendell, emp V M Co, b 49 North 

Elm, Rutland 
Mayo Joyce E., maid 40 Ormsbee av, b do 

" Roy R., emp V M Co, h 7 West 
Mazut Joseph, emp V M Co, h 5 Willow 
McCarthy James E., emp V M Co, h 20 Patch 
McCourt Charles, emp V M Co, b 16 West 

" Elizabeth, wid James, h 16 West 
McDeavitt Bessie, teacher, b South 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — -Proctor Directory — 1924 

McDeavitt John M., h South 

McGarry Dominic W. (D W McGarry & Co), h Stiles 

' D. W. & Co., grocery West cor Cross 
McGregor Grace S., elk V M Co, b South 

JJ Robert ft, mach V M Co, h South 
Mclntier Glenn, emp V M Co, h 11 Patch Hill 

n Ralph, emp V M Co, b Geno Hill 

" Kay, emp V M Co, b Geno Hill 
Mclntyre Norma, student, b South 
McLaughlin Anna, librarian, b South c Grove 

' Earl B., elk Co-operative Store, h Stiles 

" Elizabeth, wid John, h South c Grove 
Mead Alice, b West 

" Charles P., milk dealer, b West 

" Florence, emp Burlington, b West rd 

" W. H., farmer and milk dealer, h West rd 
Meilleur Joseph, emp V M Co, b 20 Stiles 
Mel en Hugo W. f emp V M Co, h 96 North 
Melin Gustav, emp V M Co, h North 

" Oscar, emp V M Co, b North 
Mernet Alex, emp V M Co, h Patch 
Meszaros Louis, ins agt Met Life Ins Co, h 223^ West 
Minette George, b West 

" Olive, dressmkr West, b do 
Minkler Ira, emp E S Eckley, h South 

" Lloyd, b South 
Minolfi James, lab, h 1 Terrace Hill 
Mitchell Emma, wid Stanford, b 40 Ormsbee av 
Mizut Joseph, emp V M Co, h 12 Willow 
Mohn Francis J,, fireman V M Co, h Geno Hill 

" William, emp V M Co, h Curry av 
Molnar Andro, emp V M Co, h 1 Tony sq 
Monahan Edward, emp V M Co, h 12 Cain 

" Joseph, emp V M Co, h 12 Cain 

" Mary, wid William, b Cain 

" Raymond E., U S A, b Cain 
Moore Catherine, nursemaid, b High 

" James, photographer, h 11 Green sq 

" Mary, nurse, b 11 Green sq 

Morgan J. Arthur, emp Co-operative Store, h 16 Meadow 
Morganson Margaret, b South 

* Peter Sr., retired, h South 

" Peter Jr., farmer, b South 

Morris James C, mgr V M Co Grist Mill, h 14 Pine 
Morse Lyle A., chauffeur, h South 
Mulholland Anna, hskpr, b 1 West 

" Pat, emp V M Co, h 1 West 
Mullen Matthew, teamster V M Co, h 3 Terrace Hi 
Mutti Umberto, emp V M Co, h Stiles 
Myhrberg Gunthild C, student, b Gibbs 

1924 — Proctor Directory — 1924 


Myhrberg Gustaf, h Gibbs 

" Hilda C, teacher, b Gibbs 

" Hilve Ingeborg, student, b Gibbs 

37 Hugo, emp V M Co, b Gibbs 

n Ruth H., teacher, b Gibbs 
Myren John R, emp V M Co, h South 

NAGY JOHN, emp V M Co, h 14 Patch 
>f Joseph, emp V M Co, h Eden av 
" Mike, emp V M Co, h Eden av 
Nash William E., painter V M Co, h West 
Nassen Anna, cook G H Eggleston, b do 
Negus Frederick C, confectionery ice cream P O blk, h 17 

Nelson Gunnar, h 28 Pleasant 

" Hannah, wid Gustaf, h West 

" Hans, emp V M Co, h 4 Zadock av 

" Henry, brakeman, b 4 Zadock a^~ 

" John T., emp V M Co, b West 

" Sigler, emp V M Co, h 3 Zadock av 

" Walter, emp V M Co, b 4 Zadock av 
Nemeth Alex, emp V M Co, h 3 Market 
New England Tel Co., James A Dutelle mgr, operating room, 1 

Newton Louise, emp V M Co, b 13 Church 
Nichol Daniel, emp V M Co, h Eden av 
Nicholson Carl, emp V M Co, h 23 Pleasant 

14 Eva Mrs., hskpr 125 North, b do 
Noonan Charles, retired, b West 

" Dennis, h West 

" Edward, emp V M Co, b West 

" Elizabeth, nurse, b West 

" Francis, emp V M Co, h West 

" John, emp V M Co, h West 

" Mary, emp Proctor Inn, b West 

" Nellie (D W McGarry Co), res Florence 

" Thomas, emp V M Co, b Westd 
Noren Alan, emp V M Co, h Taylor Hill 

» Anna, elk, b Taylor Hill 

" Philip, emp Phila Penn, b Taylor Hill 
Northrop Eugene G + , paymaster V M Co, h 2 Higbee av 
Norton Agnes C, b Church 

" Edward L. Mrs., h Church 

" Henry R + , student, b Church 

" Ridley, teacher, r 10 Church 

OBERG WILLIAM, carver V M Co, h 123 North 
O'Connor Clarence, emp V M Co, b 8 Cross 

79 Flora 0, Mrs., h Powers Hill 

" Leo, emp V M Co, b Powers Hill 

Rutland Directory 1924 



1924 — Proctor Directory— 1924 

Ogilbie David, chauffeur V M Co, h 12 Pine 
O'Hare Mary E„ wid Thomas, h 73 North 
OIny Frank J., emp V M Co, b Proctor Inn 
Olson Alan Mrs., h 24 Pleasant 

* Alfred Otto, emp V M Co, h Gibbs Hill 
77 Alice, sten, b South 

" Andrew, h 6 Terrace Hill 

,? Charles B,, b 24 Pleasant 

" Emil, planer V M Co, h Pleasant 

99 Frans, foreman V M Co, h South 

" Hannah, elk Co-operative Store, b 14 North 

" Herbert E., violinist, b 24 Pleasant 

" Hulda, b 24 Pleasant 

>? Jennie, b 24 Pleasant 

" Oscar, emp V M Co, b i> Terrace Hill 

f 1 Peter, retired, h 14 North 
Ormsbee House, Ann Sarcha supt, home and school for crippled 

children, High 
O'Rourke Bridget, milliner P O blk, b 83 West 

77 Francis, emp Boston Mass, b 3 West 

* 7 Julia, dressmkr 83 West, h do 

" Ruth, b 83 West 
Oscarson Carl O., blacksmith, h 74 North 

" Eric, h Pleasant 

O'Shea Mary ? nurse P Hospital, b do 
Ostiguy Edward, gardener, h South 

PAPORICH JOHN, lab, h Cain 
Paquette Joseph, emp Rut R R, h (> Stiles 
Parker Roy, emp V M Co, h Ormsbee av 

* Samuel, emp V M Co, b 49 North 
Parrow John, emp V M Co, b 6 Powers 

Partridge Frank C, lawyer, pres V M Co, h Ormsbee av 
Passani August, carver V M Co, h 1 North 

" lone, elk Co-operative Store, b 1 North 

" Renato J + , student, b 1 North 
Patterson A, Tut tie, emp V M Co, b 16 High 

" Amos R., asst foreman monumental dept V M Co, h 3 High 
Pearson Olaf, foreman V M Co, h 39 Charles 
Pease Edward A + , emp V M Co, h 6 Grove 
Peck Leslie M., emp V M Co, h 12 Meadow 
Pelchat Adelor D., emp V M Co, h off Stiles 

" Anna, emp V M Co, b off Stiles 

" Emile, emp V M Co, b Stiles 

n Felix, emp V M Co, b off Stiles 
Pelkey Eva, bkpr, b 12 Green sq 

n Peter, emp V M Co, h 12 Green sq 
Pellistri Aristie, carver V M Co, h 27 North 

" Harry, mach V M Co, b 27 North 

w Nellie, tel opr, b 27 North 

1924— Proctor Directory — 1924 


Fenders James F + , cigars, etc, West b Cain 

" Margaret, wid Henry, h Cain 

n Nora, b Cain 

" Sadie, b Cain 

" Thomas, b Cain 

Pentek Charles, emp V M Co, h 7 Willow 
Penzenek John, emp Y M Co, h 4 Cross 
Peterson Ada K, t elk Co-operative Store, b 51 Taylor Hill 

" Anna, elk V M Co, b 51 Taylor Hill 

" August Mrs., h 51 Taylor Hill 

" Carl, eng, h 21 Pleasant 

" Cecelia Mrs,, emp 2 Taylor Hill, b do 

" Edwin, repairman, b Stiles 

" Emily, elk V M Co, b 51 Eden av 

" Frans Henning, emp Y M Co, h 35 Eden av 

** Gunthild, b Stiles 

99 Hanning, emp V M Co, h 23 Pleasant 

" Harry A., emp Y M Co, h 4 Meadow 

" John, emp V M Co r b 2 Meadow 

75 John E., foreman Y M Co, h 51 Edenav 

" Lilly, dom, b 23 Pleasant 

" Ludwig, emp V M Co, h 50 Tavlor Hill 

*' Nathaniel C, emp Y M Co, h Oaks 

" Peter O., emp V M Co, h Stiles 
Petho Alex, emp V M Co, b 1 2 Cain 

" Emery, emp Y M Co, b 10 Taylor Hill 

99 Joseph, emp Y M Co, h 10 Taylor Hill 

" Theresa, b 10 Taylor Hill 
Photograph Gallery of Y M Co, upstairs 21 North 
Pinho D„ Manuel, emp Y M Co, h 14 Powers sq 
PITCHER CLAUDE ladies ready-to-wear and tailoring 33 Center, 
Rutland, see un name 


33 Center St, RUTLAND, VT. 




Phone 776-M 

Pocket Earl, emp Y M Co, b Geno Hill 

" Joseph, emp V M Co, h Stiles 
Pockett John, emp Y M Co, h Geno Hill 
Pocuba Stefen, emp Y M Co, h Powers 
Poleske Anna, emp Washington D C, b Geno Hill 

** Eilen N., emp Natick Mass, b Geno Hill 

" Mary, emp Washington D C, b Geno Hill 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Proctor Directory — 1924 

Poloske Adam, emp V M Co, h Geno Hill 
Pomarville Polidore, emp V M Co, h 6 Powers 
Pratt Harry C, asst supt V M Co, h Ormsbee av 
Freedom Fred, marble tracer V M Co, h 11 East 
Prior John J,« emp V M Co, h 53 Taylor Hill 

" William, emp V M Co, b 53 Taylor Hill 
Proctor Emily Button, h Church 

" Minnie E., wid Fletcher D., h South 

" Mortimer R., asst supt V M Co, h Oak 

" Redfield pres, Proctor Trust Co, v-pres Vermont Marble 
Com and Governor of Vermont, h Ormsbee av 

" Hospital, Helen B Wood supt, Ormsbee av 
PROCTOR INN Frank Stall, prop, South 


In the Heart of the Green Mountains 

Transient and Permanent Accommodations 

Homelike and Attractive 

Rates on Request 

Garage Connected 


Phone S060 

South St. RUTLAND, VT. 

Proctor Trust Co., Vermont Marble Co bldg, Proctor Village 

RACINE MORRIS, emp V M Co, b 49 North 
Randall William E., retired, h 12 Pine 
Rankin Aritha B,, nurse P Hospital, b do 
Ratti Amerigo J,, emp V M Co, h East c William 

97 Cesare, emp V M Co, h East 

" Equisti, h North 

" Henry, b North 

lf Hugo, student, b East 
Ravellini Anselmo, emp V M Co, h Geno Hill 
Ready Agnes H., emp Rutland, b West 

" Anna C, elk P O, b West 

* James C, meat cart, b West 

11 John R,, student, b West 

" Michael, emp V M Co, h West 

" William B„ student, b West 
Reiss John, emp V M Co, b 49 North 
Reynolds Ernest, emp V M Co, h 7 Church 
Ringland Hugo, elk V M Co, b 9 High 
Rob bins George S,, caretaker, h Pine 
Roberts George B. Rev + , rector Union Church, h High 
Rocchi Andrew, emp V M Co, h 3 McGregor 

" Hugo, student, b 3 McGregor 

1924 — Proctor Directory — 1924 


Rocchi Irene, elk V M Co, b 3 McGregor 

" MeHa, student, b 3 McGregor 
Rockwell Arthur C, foreman draughtsman V M Co, h 43 

Ormsbee av 
Rockwell Donald M., student, b 49 Ormsbee av 
Roddy Bridget, b 4 Green sq 

J> James J,, emp V M Co, h 4 Green sq 
Rogers Madine j\ T teacher, r 2 Hig bee av 
Rubi Prank, emp V M Co, b 5 Market 
Rudick Joseph, lab, fa Cain 
RUTLAND SODA SPA 15 Center, Rutland, see un name 

When You are in Rutland 

The Rutland Soda Spa 

15 Center St. 

The Very Place to Stop and Have 
A Soda, A Sundae, or Lunch, And Don't Forget 
Our Candy 

SACERIC FRANK, emp V M Co, h Center 
Sagi Frank, emp V M Co, h 29 Meadow 

* John, emp V M Co, h 11 Tony sq 

n Michael, lab, h 79 West 
Salacka Helmi, b 5 Meadow 

" Peter, emp V M Co, h 5 Meadow 

n Willo, emp V M Co, b 5 Meadow 
Salminen Joseph, h Powers 

" Kalle, emp V M Co, b 17 Willow 
Santora Joseph, h 13 Tony sq 
Sarcka Alma, elk V M Co, b South 

" Ann, supt Ormsbee House, h Hugh 

w Axel, emp V M Co, h South 

" Etma, emp Ossining N Y, b South 
Sargeant Adelaide, nurse Proctor Hospital, b do 
Sawyer Joseph, emp V M Co, h Terrace Hill 
Schion Linnea, student, b 3 Taylor Hill 
Schon Axel, emp V M Co, b 17 Willow 

" Carrie, nurse, b 3 Taylor Hill 

" Frederick B„ blacksmith, h 3 Taylor Hill 

" Margaret, phone opr, b 3 Taylor Hill 
Seaver Grace, nurse maid, b High 
Sedergren Algot, emp V M Co, h 7 Meadow 
Senecal Ed., blacksmith, h 26 Elm 
Serri Frances, b 26 North 

" Ralph F + , stone cutter V M Co r h 26 North 

" Serri a, teacher Central School, b 26 North 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Proctor Directory — 1924 

Sey Ada, maid 27 Ormsbee av, b do 
Sgogren Augusta, b 15 Terrace Hill 
Shand John, emp V M Co, h 8 West 

" John Jr., emp V M Co., b 8 West 
Shattell Frank, emp Springfield Mass, b 2 Stiles 

" Moses, emp V M Co, h 2 Stiles 

* Moses Jr., emp V M Co, h Geno Hill 
Sheppard Spencer, emp V M Co, h 110 North 
Sherlock Joseph P., emp V M Co, h 13 Church 
Shostack Mary, wid Michael, hskpr 34 Meadow 
Shrogen Minnie Mrs., h Zadock av 
Sigurd Edhom, emp V M Co, h 21 Patch 
Sincus Mike, emp V M Co, h 3 Willow 
Sisco Carroll, emp V M Co, r Church 
Sjoblom Ernest, emp V M Co, h 9 Church 

" Mabel, student, b 9 Church 
Sjogren Emelia M. Mrs., h 10 Market 
Skoda Charlie, emp V M Co, h 28 Tony sq 

" John, emp V M Co, h 10 Tony sq 
Skrey Olskar, emp V M Co, h 30 Eden av 
Skuba Mike, polisher V M Co, h 36 Tony sq 
Smith Ada, invoice elk V M Co, b Pine 

" Frank, painter, b 49 North 

" Howard V., bkpr, h 25 South 

n Harold Ladd, emp V M Co, h 21 Oak 
Snominen Olga, waitress, b High 
Soderberg Henning, emp V M Co, h Gibbs 
Soini Mike, emp V M Co, b 17 Willow 
Solcmka Andrew, emp V M Co. h 29 East 
Somers George M., dentist P O bldg, h 46 Ormsbee av 
Spargren Maria, emp 5 Higbee av, b do 
Spear Ada, wid Milo, h High 

" George P., emp V M Co, b 20 High 
STALL FRANK prop Proctor's Inn, h South 
Stanley Bridget, wid William, b 2 Green sq 
" Clarence E., emp V M Co, h 13 West 
" Patrick, emp V M Co, h 2 Green sq 
Startup William H., postmaster, h Pine 
Steele Carl, emp 8 High, b do 
" Charles, emp V M Co, h 33 Pleasant 
Stillson Bertha, teacher St Johnsbury, b Pine 

" Henry H., janitor, h Pine 
St Peter Alex, emp V M Co, h 45 East 
19 George, tracer V M Co, h 45 East 
" Wilfred, boxer V M Co, b 45 East 
St Peters George, emp V M Co, h 35 East 
Stratton Gertrude, nurse Ormsbee av, h do 
Strom Charles, emp V M Co, b 45 East 
" Gustave, emp V M Co, b 2 Meadow 
Stromer Adam, emp V M Co, b South 

1924 — Proctor Directory — 1924 


Sule Charles, emp V M Co, h East 

" Sandor, polisher V M Co, h 25 Patch 
SULLIVAN SPECIALTY SHOP 31 Merchants row, Rutland, see un 

Sullivan Specialty Shop 

Dresses - Blouses - Skirts 


Phone 470 

Hulett Bldg. 


Supee Steven, emp V M Co, b Tony sq 
Supek Steve, lab, h 1 Taylor Hill 
Sutherland Club, Depot sq 


Rutland Fair Haven Glens Falls Granville Ludlow 

Swan Edwin, foreman V M Co, h Grove 

" Hilda, maid, b Ormsbee av 
Swanson Carl August, emp V M Co, h Eden av 

" Charles Rev., pastor Swedish Congregational Church, h 11 
Terrace Hill 

" Mary, b 31 Eden av 

" John, shoe repairer, h North 

" Sigrid, elk Co-operative Store, b Green sq 

" Swan, b 13 Terrace Hill 

" Wallie, emp V M Co, h 31 Eden av 
Syrjanen Waldernar, emp V M Co, h 37 Pleasant 

TAMANTI AMBROSINI, emp V M Co, h 8 Green sq 

" Irene, b 8 Green sq 
Tataranovich W., emp V M Co, h North 
Tataronowicz Antone, emp V M Co, h 36 Meadow 
Taylor Benjamin F., marble expert V M Co, h High 

" Mabel, teacher, b High 

" Mildred, music teacher High, b do 

" Richard H., estimator V M Co, h 14 ^ High 
Tenerani Almo, foreman V M Co, b 3 William 
Thibault Albert, emp Florence, b 14 Green sq 

" Clovis M., carp V M Co, b 14 Green sq 

" Toseph A., carp V M Co, h 14 Green sq 

" Peter S., elk, b 14 Green sq 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Proctor Directory — 1924 

Thomas Charles A., emp V M Co, h Powers sq 

" Forest C, shipper V M Co, h 3 Reynolds 
Thompson Claude, b 32 Ormsbee av 
> George Z., supt V M Co, h 32 Ormsbee av 

" Robert, student, b 32 Ormsbee 

" Vernon, emp V M Co, b Proctor Inn 
Tiber Victor, emp V M Co, h 9 Willow 
Tillberg Andrew, emp V M Co, h Powers sq 

» Joel, emp V M Co, h 9 East 
Toffie C. E., emp V M Co, b Proctor Inn 
Tonsell Ethel, emp Proctor Inn, r do 

" Gladys, emp Proctor Inn, r do 
Townsend James P., elk V M Co, h 39 Ormsbee ar 
Tripannier Edward, emp V M Co, h West 
Triveltoni Aldo, emp V M Co, b 12 West 
Trombley Homer, emp V M Co, b 2 Stiles 
Tuner George, emp V M Co, b 1 Willow 
Turner Leon P., emp V M Co, h 104 North 
Tyler Patrick, emp V M Co, b 49 North 

ULRICHSON OTTO, emp V M Co, h Patch 
Undeen Gustav. emp V M Co, h 7 River 

VADNIS JOSEPH, emp V M Co, h 102 North 
Vagner Charles, emp V M Co, b 5 Market 
Vajda Emery, emp V M Co, b 5 West 
Valliere Alexander E., emp V M Co, h 6 Cross 
Valloch Mike, emp V M Co, h Geno Hill 
Varga Louis, lab, h 5 Market 

" Theodore, emp V M Co, h 10 Terrace Hil 
Varvarenecz John, emp V M Co, b 13 Tony sq 
Veazey Lloyd A., bkpr Co-operative Store, b 14^ High 
Vermont Marble Co. (Inc), marble quarries C Rutland, W 
Rutland and Proctor, offices Proctor 

" Marble Co. Creamery, 25 North 
Verta Lula, maid Redfield Proctor, b do 
Vici Joseph, emp V M Co, h 1 Willow 
Vician Paul, emp V M Co, h Tony sq 
Vigneau Louis, emp V M Co, b 18 West 

" Trifley, emp V M Co, h 18 West 

" Trifley jr., b 18 West 
Virta Laurie, b 9 Green sq 

" Martin O., tracer V M Co, b 9 Green sq 

" Mary, emp Proctor House, b 9 Green sq 

" Oscar, emp V M Co, h 9 Green sq 

WAGNER CHARLES, emp V M Co, h 3 Market 

Waldrom Edward, painter, b 49 North 
Wallace Leon, emp V M Co, b 8 West 
Wallach Mike, emp V M Co, h Geno Hill 

1924 — Proctor Directory — 1924 


Wallett Bert, emp V M Co, b McGregor 

" Henrv J., emp V M Co, h 3 Green sq 

" Joseph, mach V M Co, b McGregor 
Wanne Matti, emp V M Co, h 39 Meadow 
Ward John, lab, b 49 North 
Warner Myron C, retired, h Church 

" William, lab, b Church 
Webster Benjamin, teamster V M Co, b 16 Green sq 
Wellman Edward R., emp V M Co, b South 
Welsh Ann, b 10 Cain 

" Catherine A., student, b 10 Cam 

" John L., physician, h 10 Cain 

" Margaret, b 10 Cain 

" Margaret L., student, b 10 Cain 
Wemmet Harry, lab, b 24 North 
Wener Charles O., emp V M Co, h 40 Charles 

" George L., emp V M Co, h 29 Pleasant 

" Greta, dom, b 29 Pleasant 
Westin Severus, elk V M Co, h 3 Park 
Wheeler James A., gardener, h East 


Whittemore Prentice, emp V M Co, h 40 Meadow 

Wickstrom Axel, lab, b 24 North 

Wilcox Ralph, emp V M Co, b 104 North 

Williams Benjamin, emp V M Co, h 47 Ormsbee av 

" John D., chauffeur B F Taylor, h Powers sq 
" Merle, private secretary, r 3 Reynolds 
" Tony, barber 77 North, b Meadow 

Willman Ed, marble wkr, h 1 William 
" Elina, emp V M Co, b 1 William 
" Jennie, emp V M Co, b 1 William 

Wolf Joseph, emp V M Co, b 1 Willow 

Wood Anthony, mach V M Co, h 47 North 
" Helen B., supt Proctor Hospital, b do 
" Priscilla L, hskpr 47 North, b do 

Wright Charles A., emp V M Co, b 49 North 

YIRAK JEROME, dancing teacher, h off Stiles 

Yokubec Andrew, emp V M Co, h 29 East 

Young Agnes, wid Robert, Co-operative Store, b 4 McGregor 

" Charles E., carp, h 49 North 

" Ernest, emp V M Co, b 18 Stiles 

" Flora, sten, b 18 Stiles 

" Frank, b 18 Stiles 

" Frank Jr., emp V M Co, h 18 Stiles 

" George, emp V M Co, b 18 Stiles 

" Mabel, teacher Central School, r 6 Pine 

99 Roy H., emp V M Co, h 8 West 

" Stephen W., emp V M Co, h 49 North 

Rutland Directory 1924 


1924 — Proctor Directory — 1924 

Youngs Arthur, emp V M Co, h 5 Green sq 

ZAMBELLI ANTONIO, emp V M Co, h 8 Terrace Hill 
" Cornelius C, emp V M Co, h 88 North 
" Hercules, elec V M Co, b Pine 
" Minnie, emp Windsor, b 8 Terrace Hill 

Zapponi Julius, stonecutter, h 75 North 

Zecner Rudolph, emp V M Co, h 4 Patch 

Zido George, emp V M Co, h 27 William 

Zsido Joseph, emp V M Co, h 27 William 

Zyza Joseph, emp V M Co, h 42 Meadow 

Zsigmondovics Julius, draughtsman V M Co, h South 

*§* *x* tt* 0S §P HI* Hfh T HI"* *ih Tr* ir 

H. A. MANNING CO., Publishers 

Directory and Map Publishers 

Forty Directory Publications in New York 
and New England States 

33 Lyman St., 
Springfield, Mass. 

434 State St. 
Schenectady, N. Y. 

*y* *w* *$p *¥* *r Hr *§P *i* Tt *1? *i? 

1924 — Proctor Directory — 1924 

Proctor Business Directory 


Rutland Directory 1924 



Flanders Motor Co, 8 Elm, Rut- 
land, see res dir 



Rutland, see res dir 
PROCTOR INN, South, see res dir 

Rutland, see res dir 

Rutland, see res dir 


Proctor Trust Co., pres Redrleld 
Proctor; treas, E A Boyce; v- 
pres, G H Boyce; asst treas, M 
Fischer, Vermont Marble Co 
bldg, Proctor Village 


Garron Edmund, P O bldg 
Monahan Edward, 12 Cain 
Williams Tony, 77 North 


Schon Frederick B., West 


Laruccia Domenico, P O blk 


Donahue William P., P O blk 


Negus Frederick C, P O blk 
Rutland, see res dir 


Vermont Marble Co Creamery, 25 



Somers George M., P O blk 


Co-operative Store, Depot rd 


Minette Olive, West, b do 
O'Rourke Julia, 83 West 


Rutland, see res dir 


Eckley Frank S., Church 
Ladabouche George & Son, North 
McGarry D. W. & Co. 
Zsigmondovics Julius, South 

PROCTOR INN, South, see res dir 


Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad Co 
Vermont Marble Co., pres, Frank C 

Partridge; v-pres, S A Howard; 

Redfield Proctor; asst sec, B 

Williams; treas, E R Morse; asst 

treas, A W Edson 


Butler Edward P., P O blk 



Rutland, see res dir 

Hulett bldg, Rutland, see res dir 


Vermont Marble Co., Proctor 


Ladabouche and Son, 21 North 


O'Rourke Bridget A., P O blk 
Rutland, see res dir 


Hack Thomas H„ 8 High 
Welsh John L., 10 Cain 


Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad Co, 

Rutland Railroad, Proctor 


Donahue William P., P O blk 


1924 — Proctor Directory — 1924 


Hulett Bldg, see res dir 

STABLES (Livery and Sale) 
PROCTOR INN, South, see res dir 


Donahue Wra. P., P O blk 


Laruccia Domenico, P O blk 
Rutland, see res dir 


New England Telephone Co., 1 


Eckley F. S., Church 
Penders James F., West 

Proctor Miscellaneous Directory 


Moderator, G. H. Boyce; Town 
Clerk, C. E. Holden; Treasurer, 
C. E. Holden; Selectmen,Dominic 
W. MeGarry, G. Z. Thomson; H. 
W. Johnson; Listers, W. H. Mead, 

E. B. McLaughlin, Charles B 
Keefe; Auditors, W. M. Fay, J. 

F. Townsend, Mrs. Mildred Ring- 
land ; Grand Jurors, H. A. Ring- 
land, W. P, Donahue; Collector 
and constable, Henry Soderberg 


President, A. R. Patterson, Clerk 
and Treasurer, C. E. Holden, 
Trustees, E. A. Reynolds, H. C. 
Belcher. S. T. Allen 


Postmaster, William H. Startup 

Proctor Free Library — Librarian, 
Anna McLaughlin 


Proctor Hospital — Supt., Helen B. 


Prudential Committee — Mrs. Fred- 
erick C. Negus- (1924) Severus 
Westin, H. C. Pratt (1926) 

Supervisor aM Principal of Schools 

Albert Lawton, High School, High 
School Building; Primary Street 
Building, Central School Build- 


Swedish Lutheran — Proctor and 
West Rutland. Axel D. Bjork- 
man, pastor. Services at 10:30 
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 

St. Dominick's (R. C.)— Proctor 
Pastor, Rev. W. H. Cassidy. 
Mass at 8 and 10 a. m. (winter 
8:30 and 10:30 a. m.), vespers 
at 4:00 p. m. 

Union Church— Proctor. Pastor, 
Rev. George B. Roberts. Ser- 
vices 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 



(See Rutland Miscellaneous) 


Beaver Pond oft Zadock av 
Cain same as Geno Hill 
Charles from Pleasant 
Church from the library near South 

west to West 
Depot Sq, faces Rut R R station 
East east from South to town limit 
Eden east and west to Garden 

of Eden 
Elm from North 
Garden of Eden northwest part of 

town at the end of North 
Geno Hill, west from West near jet 

of Church and West 
Gibbs south from Church between 

High and Taylor Hill 
Green sq off North 
Grove east from River to Park av 
Higbee av northeast from High 
High north and south, on west side 

of town from Church to V M Co 

McGregor west from North 
Market west and south from North 

to Church 
Meadow east and west from North 

to Willow in Garden of Eden 
North from Church into Garden of 

Oak west from Warner av 
Ormsbee av west from Warner av 

Rutland Directory 1924 

1924— Pkoctor Directory — 1924 


Park south from Grove 

Park north T then east, and then 
south from East st to East 

Pine north and south on west side 
of town from Church to V M Co 

Pleasant in Garden of Eden 

Powers sq south off Church at be- 
ginning of Pine 

Reynolds west from South to River 

River south from Reynolds to Grove 

South south from near the library 
to town limits 

Stiles northwest from Church at jet 
of West 

Taylor Hill south from Church ftt 
beginning of North 

Terrace Hill, east side of North 

Tony sq near end of East on hill on 
north side of street 

Warner av north from Grove behind 

West continuation of Church st to 
Center Rutland 

William south from foot of hill he- 
low Tony Square across East, 
then west and then north to East 

Willow south from Meadow 

Zadock av off Stiles 

Thousands of People 

use the only complete section 
of the Directory— the so-called 

Advertising Department. It tells 
more about a concern than their 
names and addresses and their gen- 
eral line of business. 

Don't You Ever See 

the Directory Ads? 











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What are You Doing Now ? 

Rutland Directory 1924 

Dominick CPaul t& c 1£Ha^ < SS2r 





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Room 25, Mead BIdg. 55 Evergreen Ave. 

Phone at Residence 


JgbvlnourcoAlYoull We Buy the Best Coal I 
JBHr find ihefacact. ... ., - „ 

^^\ Tfca-twilljnaKe We Use Coarse Screens 1 

.eum^ People s Coal Co, 

Phone 70S-W 




Investment Securities 
bonds - notes - stocks 

Tel. 420 


Cadillac ? Oldsmohile 
Motor Cars 

Fireproof Storage for 200 Cars 
Exide Batteries - Garage and Service Statibn - Accessories 

27-31 Wales Street - JRntland, Vermont 


1832 92 Years of Service 1924 
Good Printing and Binding 

The Tuttle Company 

Rutland, Vermont write us 



> X 

sa o 

1 3! 



es Si 



ST 1 



Gladys A. Harwell - Public Stenographer 


Rutland Directory 1924